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This is Ready Set Go - with me, Justin Gatlin and my guy Rodney Green. You may know me as the most decorated sprinter of all time, or the guy who beat Usain Bolt in his last race, or the guy that overcame a lifetime ban. Regardless, you’ve never heard my story from ME. I am going to take you through the triumphs, tragedies, and rebirth of my career. Plus, the unparalleled access to the world or sports through my perspective. Ready, Set, Go!
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Kyron McMaster is the Future of the 400M Hurdles and why he’s in the big 3 with Warholm and Dos Santos

Running 48s for fun while working in the islands pouring asphalt to World Champion Silver Medalist. Kyron McMaster is here to stay and take down Karsten Warholm. The sport is growing, and the competition is getting stronger. World Athletics is making all the money, pay the athletes what they’re worth. Make sure to follow:
07/12/202352 minutes 40 seconds
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Sha’Carri Richardson is Faster Than the Everyday man & NFL Speed Vs Track Speed | Ready Set Go

Can college programs build dynasty’s in today’s current climate with coaches transferring schools every year? Is there a real difference between NFL speed and Track speed, or should we just be looking at the two sides the same? How to identify top athletes from a young age, and the differences between boys and girls. Go to and use code "gatlin" for first deposit match up to $100 Make sure to follow: <a hre
30/11/202326 minutes 16 seconds
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The COMEBACK from the Lifetime BAN, The Arrival of Usain Bolt

The last 365 of the ban also came with my firstborn Jace. I had to make the hardest decision to leave my son behind and follow my dream of returning to track and field. Working with legendary Coach Brooks Johnson, his passion drove me to work harder. The return wasn’t easy, no contract and Usain Bolt showing up on the scene. Remember that success comes with a level of sacrifice! Go to and use code "gatlin" for first deposit ma
24/11/20231 hour 6 minutes 39 seconds
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Legendary Coach Vince Anderson and his Sprinting Masterclass

Today we welcome legendary Track and Field Coach, and Justin’s college coach Vince Anderson. With over 30 National titles, and a relationship with track that spans over 50 years, we hear about the importance of training, technique, and mentorship. The ultimate masterclass to running, and instilling confidence in his athletes to reach the greatest results. Go to and use code "gatlin" for first deposit match up to $100</p
17/11/202344 minutes 11 seconds
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What are These Coaches Doing? These Athletes Really be Switching Sides!

Welcome back to Ready Set Go! Do you remember the different clothes you were rocking when you first started in track because we really wore some crazy outfits. Recently, we’ve seen a lot of the sport’s top athletes switching coaches so what can we expect to see from these changes? Also, what are some of the top red flags you should look for with coaches and have you seen those internet coaches that seem to think they know everything? The sport is changing so coaches really need to be changing too to stay with the times. Go to <span class="css-901oao css-16my40
10/11/202332 minutes 57 seconds
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There is Some Serious Beef in the Sport…Who Called Out Usain Bolt?

You already know I have my guy Will Collins back for this one. First off, people are definitely sleeping on how difficult the relay actually is. Think about having to trust someone that you are constantly competing against throughout the year! What is needed to be a good relay team and why has the USA struggled? On this episode, we also take a look at some of the best rivalries we have seen in Track and what they have brought to the sport. Here’s a question for you all, why does it feel like Michael Johnson has beef with everyone? Go to <span class="css-901oao
03/11/202334 minutes 16 seconds
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Gang Wars in Track…Coaches and Athletes Need to Hear This!

I am back for another episode with my man Will Collins from Fast University. Everybody's always talking about the athletes but who are the men and women behind the scenes putting in that work that sometimes get overlooked? On this episode we talk about the vital role a coach plays in an athlete’s career and how the rivalries between different coaches and camps can get heated. What are some good and bad experiences I’ve had with coaches and what are some coaching styles that we believe are effective? Some Coaches really put it all on the line for their athletes and the job just isn’t easy. Go to http
28/10/202357 minutes 24 seconds
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Will Collins and Greg Brown | Fashion, Sponsorship, Building Your Brand and Paying Homage to Track

I’m joined by Track coaches Will Collins and Greg Brown. You already know Will from the last episode so let’s start this one off by hearing Greg’s background and what got him into coaching. These two guys love fashion so let’s break down some of the best uniforms we’ve seen athletes compete in and talk about how fashion is the perfect way for athletes to express themselves on and off the track.   It’s great to see the sponsorship game in track is changing as we are seeing athletes not just being sponsored by the likes of Nike, Adidas and Puma but by major designer brands who are making an increased investment into the space. Also, when it comes to the competition itself, is there a better way to honor some of the greatest athletes?
20/10/20231 hour 43 seconds
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Fast University | Marlon Odom and Will Collins on a New Mentality Towards Track and Field

Today I’m joined by my guys Will Collins and Marlon Odom from Fast University. Both of these guys were born overseas and we discuss how their upbringings have influenced them and their business “Fast University.” How did they first get started in Track and when did they start taking it to the next level? We then talk about their transitions into coaching and some of their beliefs when it comes to coaching different athletes.
12/10/20231 hour 38 minutes 43 seconds
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Geo “La Roca” López | Training with Canelo, Staying Undefeated and Being Compared to Fighters Like Mayweather

On today’s episode we are joined by up and coming boxer Jonathan López aka Geo “La Roca,” and his father. Growing up in a family of fighters, we learn how Geo was first introduced to the sport and what it is like to be trained by his father. Geo is still undefeated and he and his father recount their toughest matches in the ring and explain where he got the name “La Roca.” Catching attention from legends in the sport, Geo talks about what it’s like to train with Canelo, someone he has looked up to from a young age. Keep an eye out for “La Roca” because this knockout artist can’t be stopped.
05/10/202349 minutes 8 seconds
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Gary Evans | Why Track Athletes Need to Be Paid More, Bolt’s Toughest Competitor and His Battle With Adidas

If you are a fan of Track and Field you probably know Gary Evans. Gary is a legend when it comes to coaching and he has worked with some of the top track athletes in the world. He talks about training Xavier Carter, a sprinter that could have been one of the greatest of all-time and how athletes in the sport should be paid more. Also, why are shoe companies trying to force him out of coaching and who are some of the track stars that he has trained? Gary has a lot to say about the sport so you definitely don’t want to miss this one.
28/09/20231 hour 17 minutes 54 seconds
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Deion Sanders, Coco Gauff, World Athletics Championships and What Else is Going on in the Sports World?

Welcome back to Ready Set Go! Let’s talk about what’s going on in the world of sports. Deion Sanders may very well be the greatest athlete of all time but what he is doing as a Coach up in Colorado is truly amazing. Also, that girl Coco Gauff has the makings of being a dominant champion in Tennis. Will she be the greatest female athlete that the sport has ever seen? You already know we can’t do an episode without talking about what’s happening on the track so make sure you tune to hear us break down some key performers from both the World Athletics Championships and the Diamond League.
21/09/202357 minutes 15 seconds
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World Athletics Championships | Our Thoughts on Noah Lyles, Sha’ Carri Richardson, Grant Holloway and more!

We are back for another episode and today we’re talking about the outcomes so far from the World Athletics Championships. Some of the results have been straight up shocking. What’s the pressure like working all year long for just that one moment? We got a new champ in the women’s 100M so shout-out to Sha’Carri Richardson who won in dramatic fashion and on the men’s side, shout-out to Noah Lyles who proved all those haters wrong. Also, makes sure to watch out for Tebogo because he is next up and has potential to be a household name in the sport! Tune-in to hear our thoughts on some of the other top events and us make some predictions for the rest of the championships.
26/08/202349 minutes 29 seconds
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Track Updates, Zharnel Hughes and the Titanic Submarine

We start this one off by giving our thoughts the tragedy of the Titanic Submarine. Let’s also discuss some conspiracy theories that continue to blow our minds and what would it be like to be a billionaire? We then move to to the to track and give a special shout-out to Ta Lou who is definitely a force to be reckoned with following some of her recent performances. Also, did you see the the major upset at the NYC Grand Prix from Zharnel Hughes who set the new British national record? That training with Usain’s coach Glen Mills has really been paying off! Listen in to hear us recap other recent track events and some sprinters you need to keep on eye on.
27/06/202351 minutes 30 seconds
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Fred Kerley, Ferdinand Omanyala and Other Track Athletes to Keep an Eye On

We are back! We had a long weekend of Track & Field so let’s start this one off by talking about the National Scholarship Invitational that I am using as a platform to give back to the sport and create opportunities for young aspiring athletes. Fred Kerley continues to dominate this year but are people sleeping on this kid Ackeem Blake? We then give our thoughts on Ferdinand Omanyala and the fact that he has a target on his back. Who are some of the other runners on the men and women side that we have an eye and who do you need to look out for over the next coming months? Also let’s talk about some of the legends. Great to see guys like Bolt back on the track as an an ambassador for the sport and did you hear Asafa might be looking to get three more sub 10 races to crack 100 total?</
07/06/202353 minutes 43 seconds
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Ja Morant, the NBA and Track & Field Updates

To start this one off, let's give our thoughts on recent track competitions and who has impressed us. We don't know what it is but for some reason it is really hard to run fast in Japan but that man Fred Kerley doesn't seem to have a problem. He and Ferdinand Omanyala are the definitely the two to watch out for. Also did you see Sha'Carri Richardson's dominating win in Nairobi because she was running angry. Let's also give our thoughts on NBA playoffs as a whole, this Ja Morant situation and how it could impact the people around him.
24/05/202338 minutes 24 seconds
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Track & Field, Competition and What's New in Sports

On this episode we are covering not only Track & Field but discussing what is going on in the sports world in general. Let's talk about taunting and showing off on the race track. As a competitor there's nothing more agitating than get showed up by the competition but as a fan, animosity and rivalry between athletes couldn't be more exciting. Who in the Track & Field space has caught our eyes recently? Finally, let's talk about what else is going on in the sports world. The NBA playoffs are in full effect so of course we have to bring up the classic Jordan vs. Lebron debate. Also, is Formula One going to continue this rapid growth?
10/05/20231 hour 8 minutes 53 seconds
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The Evolution of Track & Field

Let’s take this episode to talk about the state of Track & Field because the sport is constantly evolving and these young athletes are killing it. Let’s shout out the future of the sport on the women’s and men’s side. There may be some serious trash talking, rivalry and build up but at the end of the day it’s all about how you show up on race day. This sport is intense and there is always someone looking to take your place.
27/04/20231 hour 3 minutes 22 seconds
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Michael Nelskyla, Jusan Hamilton, Colton Herta and Nick Sanchez

Ready Set Go! What up family? Today we are changing up the guest list a bit and giving you some gems from the business world. You are getting MULTIPLE GUESTS THIS WEEK! The CEO of Save, Michael Nelskyla and Jusan Hamilton, the first Black race director in NASCAR history! But that’s not it, we also have some real SPEED in the mix as well. We are blessed by the presence of Colton Herta, and Nick Sanchez. Both gentlemen are making their way through the asphalt and we get a chance to sit down with them to discuss GREATNESS.
19/04/20231 hour 9 minutes 40 seconds
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Michael Coe | Former NFL Cornerback and Super Bowl Champion With the New York Giants

We are joined by former NFL athlete, Michael Coe. We talk about how he was a multi-sport athlete and his family’s background in sports. Michael speaks on how he first got into track and how this training helped him in football. What was the process like in preparation for the NFL and how did he deal with the injuries he endured while he was being scouted? Nobody truly sees the sacrifice behind the scenes. He recounts the moment he was drafted to the Indianapolis Colts and what it was like playing against his father who was an opposing coach.
12/04/20231 hour 13 minutes 55 seconds
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Luis Puertas | Army Veteran and Paralympian

We have a special episode today. We are joined by army veteran and Paralympian Luis Puertas. He recounts the gruesome story of the bombing that took his legs while he was serving in Baghdad, Iraq. How did he go from a hospital bed to competing? His recovery story is both unbelievable and inspiring. Hear how he began running, his greatest career accomplishments and the challenges he has had to overcome on his journey.
05/04/202347 minutes 23 seconds
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Giving back and pushing Track and Field forward

We just wrapped our Nike Speed Camp and it has us thinking about the people that poured into us. Our passion for Track and Field is what drives us today; it's our responsibility to push the next generation and sport forward.  
29/03/202347 minutes 16 seconds
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My Guys

Today I’m sitting down with my cousin Micah and my best friend Paul. These two mean the world to me and they’ve always had my back. We relive some of our greatest times together and how we all became so close. Let’s hear their perspectives on my ban from competing, my battle against negative media and the darkest times in my life. I leaned on these guys a lot and they never let me down. Listen in to learn things about myself that only my closest friends would know from competing, to partying, to travelling and much more. This is an episode full of laughs, emotion and memories.
06/03/20231 hour 23 minutes 14 seconds
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Mom and Dad

Let's hear from the people who raised me! To start it off, let’s take it back to 2004. The Olympics in Athens, Greece was a crazy time for the family. Hear their experiences as they traveled the world to watch me race. There are so many travel stories that nobody has heard before. What was all the media attention like? How did they react when I broke the world record in Qatar? Let’s hear directly from them what was it like when I made my comeback. I am truly blessed to have their support throughout my life. Once again, shout out to the listeners and of course shout out to the haters. https://www.instagra
27/02/20231 hour 25 minutes 36 seconds
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The Family

This is a special one! I sit down with my mom and dad to talk about my career. Almost 20 years of racing around the world and they were there all the way. Hear my career from their perspective. Y’all know they laughed the first time I came home with a track jersey? Let’s really take it back to my early days from states championships in Pensacola to the college recruitment process. Hear how I chose the University of Tennessee after all the visits and countless letters from other schools. We also discuss when I got the letter in the mail saying I failed a drug test. What a crazy time of confusion for myself and the family. Listen in to some personal stories that nobody but my parents know.
20/02/20231 hour 44 seconds
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Rise Again 

Maybe the most consistent year of my career, 2015! Even when I was ranked #1 - when Bolt came around, you had to be on guard. Going back to Doha in 2015, where I ran away with 1st place and a 9.7. Coming off Doha, people were talking and I put everyone on notice. I was running 9.7s consistently, I was in such a rhythm. From my broken ankle to a strange 2016 Olympics at Rio, dealing with the Zika Virus, it wasn’t a typical Olympic experience. Finally, climbing the mountain one more time, and beating Bolt in his last race! Bringing back the Gold and sitting on top of the throne!  
13/02/20231 hour 13 minutes 59 seconds
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This is the Origin Story

We take it way back this episode, to the events that shaped me, from making my first track team in middle school to single-handedly clinching State Champion with the University of Tennessee. All of these moments were pivotal throughout my climb to the top of the 2004 Olympic podium. The journey was far from smooth but it is one only I can tell. This is the Origin Story.  
06/02/20231 hour 10 minutes 12 seconds
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The Return to Track and Field

The last 365 of the ban also came with my firstborn Jace. I had to make the hardest decision to leave my son behind and follow my dream of returning to track and field. Working with legendary Coach Brooks Johnson, his passion drove me to work harder. The return wasn’t easy, no contract and Usain Bolt showing up on the scene. Remember that success comes with a level of sacrifice!  
30/01/20231 hour 5 minutes 15 seconds
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Fighting For My Life

This is Ready Set Go - with me, Justin Gatlin and my guy Rodney Green!  Day 1 in the courtroom, I relive the feelings, emotions, and what was about to be the uphill battle my family and I would face. I've never felt alone in my career, my parents are my rock, the toughest part was watching them deal with the stress. I had to endure an unorthodox system, I went through three lawyers and a million dollars to prove my case. I went from the “guy” to not wanting to be ME anymore. No matter how hard it got, my love for the sport never wavered. The driving force to compete and be free drove my desire to get back. 4 years later, I was REBORN!
22/01/202341 minutes 11 seconds