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English, Arts, 2 seasons, 41 episodes, 7 hours, 46 minutes
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Read The Return Of The Mighty Man by Helga Dryden FULL story online

📕 The Return Of The Mighty Man ✍ Helga Dryden 📌 START READING👉 🎉Synopsis of The Return Of The Mighty Man by Helga Dryden In the eyes of outsiders, Alvaro Clifford, a man who lived with his wife's family, appeared to be nothing more than a total loser. In the eyes of his wife's family, Alvaro was no better than a servant. Following a devious conspiracy, Alvaro was humiliatingly expelled from the Douglas family. Yet, unbeknownst to all, in that very moment, the birth of an unparalleled man, capable of sending shivers through the world, was set in motion... 📌 START READING👉 ------------------------------------------ Alvaro and Carmela Alvaro and Carmela novel Alvaro Clifford and Carmela Douglas Alvaro Clifford and Carmela Douglas novel The Return Of The Mighty Man The Return Of The Mighty Man novel The Return Of The Mighty Man PDF The Return Of The Mighty Man PDF Download
11/3/202312 minutes, 29 seconds
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Read The Billionaire's Pampered Surrogate novel by Earvin Neill FULL story online

📕 The Billionaire's Pampered Surrogate ✍ Earvin Neill 📌 START READING👉 🎉Synopsis of The Billionaire's Pampered Surrogate by Earvin Neill Melanie sold her virginity and dignity just to save her father from being sent to prison. For ten months, she stayed away as a surrogate for a man she didn't know. Upon her return, she found out that her father committed suicide and the money she sent never got to him. Her wicked stepmother and stepsister threw her out of the house with nothing. Even her fiancée stood against her. Three years later, she returned to find out that her family home was going to be demolished. She tried to stop that from happening by going to the condescending CEO, Matthew. "Are you trying to seduce me?" he asked while his eyes pierced through her soul. Shivering, she replied, "It wasn't intentional." The two of them soon found out that they had a lot to gain from each other. They agreed to a fake marriage for the sake of Matthew's three-year-old daughter. Melanie thought everything would be over once she got what she wanted and also helped him. However, Matthew's daughter had other plans. She requested out of the blue, "Mommy, can you give me a little brother?" Secrets also came to light one after the other. Melanie was left questioning everything that she knew... 📌 START READING👉 ------------------------------------------ Melanie and Matthew Melanie and Matthew novel Melanie Scott and Matthew Collins Melanie Scott and Matthew Collins novel The Billionaire's Pampered Surrogate The Billionaire's Pampered Surrogate novel The Billionaire's Pampered Surrogate PDF The Billionaire's Pampered Surrogate PDF Download
10/31/202312 minutes, 2 seconds
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Read When Love Comes Late novel by Fifine Schwan FULL story online

📕When Love Comes Late 📌Read Now👉 🎉Summary of When Love Comes Late novel by Fifine Schwan. In order to fulfill her grandfather's last wish, Stella Anderson entered into a hasty marriage with an ordinary man she had never met before. However, even after becoming husband and wife on paper, they each led separate lives, barely crossing paths. A year later, Stella returned to Seamarsh City, hoping to finally meet her mysterious husband. To her astonishment, he sent her a text message, unexpectedly pleading for a divorce without ever having met her in person. Gritting her teeth, Stella replied, "So be it. Let’s get a divorce! Following that, Stella made a bold move and joined the Prosperity Group, where she became a public relations officer that worked directly for the company’s CEO, Matthew Clark. The handsome and enigmatic CEO was already bound in matrimony, and was known to be unwaveringly devoted to his wife in private. Unbeknownst to Stella, her mysterious husband was actually her boss, in his alternate identity! Determined to focus on her career, Stella deliberately kept her distance from the CEO, although she couldn't help but notice his deliberate attempts to get close to her. As time went on, her elusive husband had a change of heart. He suddenly refused to proceed with the divorce. When would his alternate identity be uncovered? Amidst a tumultuous blend of deception and profound love, what destiny awaited them? 📌Read Now👉 #romance #bestromances #audiobook #bestromancestory #moboreader #novel #book #story #fiction
8/31/202317 minutes, 52 seconds
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Read A Second Chance With My Billionaire Love by Arny Gallucio FULL story online

📕A Second Chance With My Billionaire Love 📌START READING👉 🎉Synopsis of A Second Chance With My Billionaire Love by Arny Gallucio Rena got into an entanglement with a big shot when she was drunk one night. She needed Waylen's help while he was drawn to her youthful beauty. As such, what was supposed to be a one-night stand progressed into something serious. All was well until Rena discovered that Waylen's heart belonged to another woman. When his first love returned, he stopped coming home, leaving Rena all alone for many nights. She put up with it until she received a check and farewell note one day. Contrary to how Waylen expected her to react, Rena had a smile on her face as she bid him farewell. "It was fun while it lasted, Waylen. May our paths never cross. Have a nice life." But as fate would have it, their paths crossed again. This time, Rena had another man by her side. Waylen's eyes burned with jealousy. He spat, "How the hell did you move on? I thought you loved only me!" "Keyword, loved!" Rena flipped her hair back and retorted, "There are plenty of fish in the sea, Waylen. Besides, you were the one who asked for a breakup. Now, if you want to date me, you have to wait in line." The next day, Rena received a credit alert of billions and a diamond ring. Waylen appeared again, got down on one knee, and uttered, "May I cut in line, Rena? I still want you." 📌START READING👉 #romance #bestromances #audiobook #bestromancestory #moboreader #novel #book #story #fiction #drama #modern #audiobook #audiobooks #audiobooksfreeyourhands
8/26/202312 minutes, 28 seconds
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Read The Almighty Alpha Wins Back His Rejected Mate by Rianon Fisk FULL story online

📕 The Almighty Alpha Wins Back His Rejected Mate 📌 START READING👉 🎉Synopsis of The Almighty Alpha Wins Back His Rejected Mate by Rianon Fisk Life was a bed of roses for Debra, the daughter of Alpha. That was until she had a one-night stand with Caleb Wright. She was sure he was her mate as determined by Moon Goddess. But this hateful man refused to accept her. Weeks passed before Debra discovered that she was pregnant. Her pregnancy brought shame to her and everyone she loved. Not only was she driven out, but her father was also hunted down by usurpers. Fortunately, she survived with the help of the mysterious Thorn Edge Pack. Five years passed and Debra didn't hear anything from Caleb Wright. One day, their paths crossed again. They were both on the same mission—carrying out secret investigations in the dangerous Roz Town for the safety and posterity of their respective packs. Caleb Wright was still cold toward her. But as time went on, he fell head over heels in love with her. He tried to make up for abandoning her, but Debra wasn't having any of it. She was hell-bent on hiding her daughter from him and also making a clean break. What did the future hold for the two as they journeyed in Roz Town? What kind of secrets would they find? Would Caleb Wright win Debra's heart and get to know his lovely daughter? Find out! 📌START READING👉 #romance #bestromances #audiobook #werewolf #werewolfbook #werewolfaudiobook #bestromancestory #moboreader #novel #book #story #fiction #drama #modern #audiobook #audiobooks #audiobooksfreeyourhands
8/25/202320 minutes, 38 seconds
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Read Unconscious Husband: Meet Her Love In Silence by Ken Slaner FULL story online

📚Unconscious Husband: Meet Her Love In Silence 🤙Read Now👉 🎉Summary of Unconscious Husband: Meet Her Love In Silence novel by Ken Slaner Ariana was forced to marry into the Anderson family. As a result of the union, everyone expected her to have a baby with her new husband. However, it turned out that her new husband, Theodore, was actually in a coma! Was Ariana doomed to live a life no different from that of a widow? Unexpectedly, her comatose husband regained consciousness on the day after their wedding! Theodore opened his eyes and looked at her coldly. "Who are you?" "I'm your ... wife," Ariana answered in a trance. Hearing this, Theodore looked extremely upset. "I don’t recall getting married. This marriage doesn’t count. I’ll get my lawyer to handle the divorce procedures." If it weren’t for the fact that his family stopped him from divorcing Ariana, the latter would’ve become an outcast the day after she got married. Later, she conceived a child and wanted to leave in secret, but Theodore caught wind of her plans and disagreed. Ariana looked at him stubbornly. "You don’t even like me. You pick on me all the time. What’s the point of our marriage? I want a divorce!" All of a sudden, Theodore’s arrogance disappeared and he pulled her into a warm embrace. “You’re my wife, and you’re mine now. Don't even think about divorcing me!" 🤙Read Now👉 #romance #bestromances #audiobook #bestromancestory #moboreader #novel #book #story #fiction #drama #modern #exwife
8/24/202320 minutes, 3 seconds
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Read Love Can Build A Bridge novel by Pearle Sanjuan FULL story online

📕Love Can Build A Bridge 📌START READING👉 Characters: Vanessa James and Killian Bates 🎉Synopsis of Love Can Build A Bridge novel by Pearle Sanjuan Vanessa felt like the luckiest woman in the whole world when she finally got married to the man she had been in love with secretly for seven years. If only she knew that she had just set herself up for drags and suffering... The elites barraged her with criticism at every chance they got. It was said that a country girl like her didn't deserve to be with such a distinguished man. Despite everything, Vanessa shut her ears and kept her eyes on Killian. All that mattered was that he was finally hers even though he didn't love her back. Vanessa was a firm believer that love can grow over time. She thought that if she treated Killian right, he would one day fall in love with her. But she received the greatest shocker when Killian continued to ignore her. It was as if she was pouring water into a basket. It wasn't until one day Vanessa realized that she was wasting her precious time. Even before she married Killian, she had it all. Money wasn't a problem for her. She had a pretty face, a killer body, and the charm boys died for. Why then should she continue to waste her youthful years on an emotionless robot? Vanessa filed for divorce and decided that they go their separate ways. It was a welcomed development for Killian until he saw her in the news after the divorce. His docile ex-wife was a whole new person. One moment she was dining with a tech mogul. And the next moment, she was rumored to be dating a fast-rising star. Jealousy engulfed Killian in a trice. He threw his phone to the wall and barked, "Fuck! That's my woman!" When they met again, Killian tried to move to her. But Vanessa just smiled politely and said, "Sir, I don't believe we have met. May I know who you are?" Killian couldn't believe his ears! 📌START READING👉 Official website: #romance #bestromances #audiobook #bestromancestory #moboreader #novel #book #story #fiction #drama #modern #audiobook #audiobooks #audiobooksfreeyourhands
8/15/202317 minutes, 55 seconds
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Read Adorable Twins: Daddy, Stay Away by Marlo Cech FULL story online

📚Adorable Twins: Daddy, Stay Away! 🤙Read Now👉 ✒️Author: Marlo Cech 💑Characters: Melissa and Everett --------------------------- 🎉Adorable Twins: Daddy, Stay Away novel summary Melissa could tolerate being deceived and humiliated, but being framed was a different story. Three years of marriage was less important in her husband’s eyes than a teardrop from his other woman, Arielle.  Finally, on a rainy day, she was ruthlessly abandoned.  Five years later, Melissa showed up with her adorable twins. She became world-famous in the medical field. That was when her ex-husband, Everett, came crawling back, asking her to help cure Arielle...  "Hey, old man, if you want to talk to my Mommy, you have to pass my test first." Melissa's young son, Merrick, raised his chin proudly.  'Old man?' Everett checked himself carefully. Did he look that old?  "Daddy, you really are very old..." Lindsey, Merrick's twin sister, said with a pout. 🤙Read Now👉 --------------------------- Follow Us: #Romance #BestRomances #MoboReader #AdorableTwins #Twins #CuteBaby #ExWife #Scheming #Pregnancy #Sweet #novel #book #story #fiction #goodnovel #webnovel #wattpad
3/1/20238 minutes, 45 seconds