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English, Hobbies, 1 season, 52 episodes, 4 days, 1 hour, 48 minutes
RC Heli Nation is a weekly production, Join Dan, Nick, Rob, Devin and Scott, as they talk about the amazing world of Remote Controlled Helicopters. You will get a chance to hear from manufactures, pro pilots and everyday hobbyist. We do not take ourselves too seriously, but we also take pride in the timely and informative content of RCHN... we just like to laugh a lot when we do it. You will get to hear us poke fun at everybody in the hobby, but mostly we poke fun at each other. Give us a try, I promise you will enjoy it!!!
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RCHNv3 EP52: Change, It Can Be Scary… But Still a Good Thing!

Simply put, one of us is leaving the show.  You’ll have to tune in to find out who.  What does this mean for the podcast?  Good things we think, hang in there while we figure out a new course for the show and thanks for your support!
8/31/20231 hour, 34 minutes, 25 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP51 IRCHA, NATs and Worlds

While we don't have Dan this week, the rest of the gang is all here, including Devin back from his long work project deep in the land of corn.  This week we focus on the largest funfly in the U.S.:  IRCHA and hear all about it from Devin and Rob McLellan's perspective, how was it, pilot count, competitions, vendors...   all the updates. We also had a chance to sit down with US Team Assistant Manager and NATs competitor Brian Byrdsong to catch up on the events leading into IRCHA, and get a behind the scenes view of the US World's Team. All that and more in this week's episode, plus the usual news and shenanigans.
8/25/20232 hours, 22 minutes, 59 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP50 Scale Helicopters with Jon Ellis

This week we had the pleasure of interviewing longtime scale modeller and retired fullscale helicopter pilot Mr Jon Ellis.  We get to learn a little bit about what it takes to get into scale helicopters and what it's like to fly a huge quarter scale model helicopter. There's also the usual news and shenanigans, but we're saving the IRCHA wrap up for next week with some special guests.  We hope you'll enjoy getting a chance to hear from one of America's premiere scale modellers. As always, you can find us on facebook at and do us a favor and leave us a review on itunes, podbean, or your favorite podcatcher and help more folks find us.
8/18/20231 hour, 22 minutes, 21 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP49: Got a Heli You’d Like to Sell?

This week most of the crew are back!  Devin is still somewhere in the middle of the country turning tricks for fivers…  We hope to see him back soon.  This week we are talking about selling and buying used helis.  Some do’s and don’ts of the buying and selling process. Let us Know how you tackle this sometimes difficult task!    Want to support the nation?  Check out Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at  
8/11/20232 hours, 10 minutes, 51 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP 48 How Not to Run With Scissors

This week the crew of Nick, Rob McClellan, Rob Boyd, and Scott catchup on all things heli.  Rob flies so much we're all jealous, Scott's thinking scale, Nick is struggling with Nitro, and Rob continues his steady streak.  So business as usual! The team delivers the news including a new heli release, and then after putting it off for a few weeks we finally get around to having a basic discussion about how to stay safe in the hobby for beginners.  The basics of throttle cuts and hold, battery safety, flying safety, and nitro safety.  A well rounded safety discussion for those new to the hobby. As always thanks for all the support as we approach a full year on the air!
7/28/20232 hours, 2 minutes, 7 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP47: Mctune… is Back!

Rob Mctune joins us this week… I know, I know… Again!  He is hard to get rid of!  Seriously though we are happy to have Rob join us while Devin is away working this summer.  Today we hear all about the Ohio Heli Throwdown!  From the sounds of it, those of us who didn’t make it out to Ohio really missed a good one!  So plan to put it on your calendar next year! 
7/21/20231 hour, 29 minutes, 34 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP46 A New Devin Dawns

A bit of an unusual crew this week...    With Dan, Scott, and Devin all out for various reasons Rob and Nick are joined by a well known fixture in U.S. hobby circles Rob McClellan, AKA Devin's dad, AKA affectionately known as "McTune" for his deep nitro knowledge and skills.  The trio catch up, Nick shares his why you should never swap an FBL out at 6am before you've had a full cup of coffee story, and McTune gets paid to blow stuff up.  There's some news and then we spend the rest of the episode hearing about McTunes long history in the hobby, wiring up helicopters to car batteries and other crazy adventures along the way in the early days of the hobby.  Rob McLellan is a rarity in that he's never taken a break from the hobby and has been in it for over 30 years.  You'll hear us mention talk of a brief safety overview for the beginners...  but we had so much fun chatting we'll push that to another episode. As always, thanks for listening, and thanks for all the emails.  We appreciate your support!  If you haven't already head on over to facebook and like our page at
7/13/20232 hours, 38 minutes, 1 second
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RCHNv3 EP45: Do Your Blades Match the Curtains?

Most all the gang is here this week, Devin is still working the corner in some Midwest state.  Word is, he is doing well out there.  This week we learn that Dan and Scott are NO FLY slackers. Rob and Nick on the other hand are doing it up right, followed up with some blade discussion.  We hope you enjoy this episode. Want to support the nation?  Check out Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
7/6/20231 hour, 20 minutes, 41 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP44: DragonFly… A Recap

Where the hell is Devin at?  Seriously, if you hear from him tell him to send us a message so we at least know he is still alive.   This week Scott is also away handling his business.  Nick, Rob, and Dan this week listen to Nick, as he tells us all about DragonFly.  We get to hear all about his Nitro newbie experience. Want to support the nation?  Check out Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
6/30/20231 hour, 32 minutes, 51 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP43: Nitro… Part… Meh, Who is Counting

Dan and Devin are gone this week.  But that didn’t stop the guys from moving forward with the show!  This week we are talking about the basics of Nitro.  Kenny Hutton, an Amain Pilot joins in on the fun this week to keep Scott in line with his Nitro Knowledge.  As Nick gets deeper into Nitro helis we look  forward to having Kenny on to dig even deeper into the wonderful world of Nitro RC Helis!
6/24/20231 hour, 47 minutes, 53 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP42: What is Flying Your Heli!?!

This week we talk about a post from the hangout that really got some discussion going about auto pilot, self-leveling, bank limits and all that jazz. Tune in to find out what the guys are saying about this stuff.  Please let us know your thoughts either on Facebook or email!  Devin is out this week busy with work, come to think of it we should have taken this opportunity to bust his balls, but we really didn’t…  hmmm. Next time!  Nick got busy with work and was able to join us for the last few minutes of the show.  Want to support the nation?  Check out Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
6/16/20231 hour, 41 minutes, 24 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP41: Nothing Really!

Nick is on vacation with his family so the rest of us decided we would see what happens when we have no adult supervision keeping the show on track.  Just some general banter, what we have been up to and Nick hits us up with some roving reporter news.  Then Rob get a fire lite under his ass and shares his thoughts on the new Mikado Mod!  Want to support the nation?  Check out Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
6/8/20231 hour, 33 minutes, 47 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP40: Balance… It’s Not Just For Blades

For the first time in a several Months the whole gang is here!  It’s the perfect time to talk about work/life/hobby balance.   How do you maintain your sanity when juggling things, you enjoy doing and those things that you simply have to do?  No real concrete answers to this question but it is always interesting to hear how others deal with issues that we all face. Want to support the nation?  Check out Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
6/2/20232 hours, 46 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP39: Funfly Good or Great!

We all have a good time at funflys, right?  I mean we wouldn’t go if we didn’t!  Nothing beats having the chance to hang out with friends you have not seen since the same event last year!  Getting to check out that heli you have been contemplating for the past several months, yeah, we get it.  Have you ever asked yourself what makes a funfly GREAT!  Join the guys this week as they talk about what makes a funfly great or just good! Want to support the nation?  Check out Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
5/19/20231 hour, 27 minutes, 52 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP38: Enzo Albertoni

Whats this?  Dan,  is that you?   Yup, Dan finally decided to dust of his Mic and join the guys for this weeks episode, Tune in to find out what is new with him.  This week we are joined by Enzo Albertoni, Professional RC racer for the past 15 or so years.  We are going to find out why Enzo, after many years has decided to come back to RC helicopters.  What is it about RC helis that Enzo is enjoying?  How do the disciplines compare?  We look forward to following Enzo as he reestablishes his priorities and starts flying Helis… once again! Want to support the nation?  Check out Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
5/12/20232 hours, 21 minutes, 59 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP37 Spring Fling Recap

This week, we focus on hearing about Scott and Devin's experiences at the recent Spring Fling funfly in Virginia.  Devin crashes the flash (again), Scott sets the all time crash record for the same battery pack, plays peek-a-boo with the clouds, and they both spend a rained out Friday learning what deluge means. Nick's out of town this week but joins us for the news, and Dan drops by the funfly to say hi to the boys.  All this and more this week...     As always, thanks for listening!  Find us on facebook and follow us for updates.
5/5/20232 hours, 5 minutes, 39 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP36 The XL Episode! Large Helis, Large Surprises, Large Show!

This week the gang is hard at work to make sure you have something to listen to on the way to the Spring Fling fun fly in Virginia.  We're releasing early to help those of you out with long drives.  We don't always record an extra large episode, but when we do, it's a doosey!  Lots of surprises along the way, some special guests (be sure and listen to the end!) and the usual news and shenanigans. There's still plenty of seriousness in this episode though, the gang chats through all the most popular current offerings in the 550-700 size heli market.  Hear what we think of the helis, and the brands behind them, and get a few heli-history lessons along the way. We've also got our first remote news segment, including a very special guest reporter that you won't want to miss. We also let you take a peek behind the curtain on this one.  We left in a lot of things we might normally take out...   So you get a behind the scenes type feel on this episode too. It's almost too much to write down!  It's the XL Extra Large Episode!
4/26/20233 hours, 32 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Rates, Expo, and Pitch

This week  we dive in and share our approaches to some of the more subjective settings in our flybarless units.  We talk about how we approach rates and agility settings.  What is expo, and how do we each approach it?  Just how much pitch should I run anwyay?  How does my flying style affect these things?  Are all helis the same or do we vary them by helicopter? All this and more this week.  We also learned that Scott Graham finally got his hands dirty?  More on Devin's feet if you listen till the end, some news, Rob's efforts to renovate his kitchen, and even a bit about that which shall not be discussed. As always, thanks for your continued support on locals, as well as all the kind notes we've received as we temporarily navigate things without Dan till he's ready to return.
4/21/20232 hours, 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP34 Maxwell Returns to the Podium

This week Nick Maxwell joins the crew again to talk about his return to the podium.  We catch up with Nick and hear about his time at Rotor Live with the XL Power team, his 1st place performance at the Dubai Masters competition, and then dig into the details of some of the new equipment he's been flying, and even get a bit of a math lesson and chat about servo refresh rates and performance. There's also the usual news, catching up with the guys, and an important debate over who is the biggest "dirt magnet".   As always, thanks for listening, and thanks for all of your support.  We appreciate all the great feedback we've been getting and continuing to keep Dan in your thoughts as he battles his way back.
4/14/20232 hours, 8 minutes, 48 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP33 Tron Helicopter

This week the team gets a unique chance to talk directly with a manufacturer.  Two of the three founders of Tron Helicopters Dario Neuenschwander and Joachim Etter join us to talk about building their brand, how they develop new helicopters, and what's coming from Tron Helicopters in the future.   There's also weekly news, Nick breaks his promise from last week, Devin has an announcement, and Scott inches toward getting his Tron nitro in the air. Be sure and listen all the way to the end for a little behind the scenes action and shenanigans.   As always, thanks for listening, thanks for the messages, and thanks for your support!
4/7/20232 hours, 12 minutes, 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP32 Nitro Part Two: The Build

In the second installment of our Nitro series...  the gang discusses the particulars of building a nitro helicopter.  What extra steps do you need to take?  Where do you use loctite?  How do you attach the pipe?  What do you connect the fuel tubing to, and what's a clunk anyway?  All this and more is answered in this week's episode meant to help get more folks into nitro powered helicopters. There's also the usual updates, news, and an update on Dan's escape to the Carribean.  We recognize that there is more than one way to tackle a nitro build, and that folks will have their own methods too.  Instead of telling us we're wrong, join the conversation on our facebook page and share your nitro tips and tricks at As always...   thanks to all of our listeners for their tremendous support.  An extra special thanks to those of you who have chosen to help support the podcast over at at  
3/31/20232 hours, 2 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP31 The Prodigal Son Returns

In this episode Nick, Devin, and Rob get to chat with a well missed surprise guest, and then delve into the importance of social media to the hobby.  How to leverage social media to stay current in the hobby, while avoiding all the noise and negativity that can come with it.  Do you have to be on Facebook to stay current in the hobby?  Are forums dead?  These questions and more get explored by the gang... Speaking of social media...   after you unfollow all the annoying people, come find us on facebook at and stay up to date on all things in the nation. Still waiting on that second Nitro Episode?  It's coming SOON, REAL SOON!
3/24/20231 hour, 46 minutes, 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP 30 The Big Big News Show

While we planned on recording the second episode in our nitro series, the hobby had other ideas.  So much news was announced this past week at the Rotor Live event in Germany and elsewhere in the hobby that it took us a couple hours to get through it all!  So this week is all about the news, and we'll push the nitro series to another time.  Checkout our facebook page at for a photo of miniature aircraft's new prototype rotor head to help make sense of the world's worst job we've ever done of describing something. Special thanks to all of you supporting the podcast on locals at .  We greatly appreciate you all helping us keep the lights on and deliver new content weekly.   Dan is still out this week, but still on the path to recovery...   we promise he'll be back soon!  Till then thanks for listening.
3/17/20231 hour, 49 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP29 Sean Hall

Join Nick, Scott, Rob & Devin this week as they interview guest Sean Hall from Helidirect.  We hear a little about Sean's background and return to the hobby, and how he became the man behind various brand's marketing efforts.  We find out why the Helidirect team is so large, how to get into content creation, and get to hear some of Sean's ideas to help grow the hobby.  Sean's enthusiasm is infectious... and we think you'll all enjoy this episode. On top of that, we catch up with the crew, get a brief update on Dan, and the usual news including a segment on Scott's thoughts on if upgrading to the Neo Evo FBL is worth it. As always, thanks for listening...  find us on facebook, and thanks for your support on locals!  Look for the next installment in our Nitro series to come soon.  Send your questions you'd like the crew to answer to Nick and he'll get them added to the list.
3/10/20231 hour, 50 minutes
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP 28 Fun Fly Prep

Rob, Scott & Devin get together this week for a short episode on how to get ready for a funfly.  We catch up with the gang, hear a little bit about Devin's trip to the RCHO Chill Out funfly, and learn a little about what it takes to get ready to take on your first funfly.  Dan is still super thankful for all the messages and is doing his best to come back as soon as he can.  He tried to rally for a quick pop in on this one, but just couldn't quite do it yet.  He'll be back soon! As always, all of us at RCHN are very much appreciative of those of you supporting us on locals, and for all of our listeners!  Find us on facebook at, and say hello, or leave us a review on your favorite podcast platform.
3/3/20231 hour
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP27 Auggie & the IRCHA Board Elections

Augusto Arevalo (Auggie) joins Devin, Scott, and Nick to chat about the upcoming IRCHA elections for the open seat on the board.  We learn just how long Auggie has been in the hobby, what his hopes for IRCHA are should he be elected to the board, and get a quick touchbase about what he's been up to over at Xguard RC. There's also an update on Dan, some news, and the usual fowl humour.  There's a few audio glitches in Nick's mic in the interview...   we apologize for those, but they aren't too bad.  Sometimes the hotel internet just doesn't want to cooperate.  
2/23/20231 hour, 35 minutes, 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP26 Nitro Basics

The gang's all here this week...   well...  except for Dan..  his heart just wasn't in it this week.  (Pardon the Pun!) Truthfully Dan has some serious surgery this week so we're all keeping him in our thoughts, and doing what we know he wants us to and cranking out another one.  Due to excessive peer pressure and bullying, Nick buys his first nitro, and has a LOT of questions.  Just what do you buy to make a heli do the smokey and spinny things?  The guys explore all of the things you'll have to acquire to get your first nitro helicopter in the air.  There's also news, shenanigans, and Scott's bicep workout routine involving excessively large lipo batteries.  If you've been thinking about a nitro, this one's for you.  Look for more episodes on this topic in the near future.
2/16/20231 minute, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP25 James Kaddis

James Kaddis drops by and spends an episode with the whole crew.  We catch up, share some news, and then take a turn to the more serious as we discuss overcoming serious challenges, and what really is behind our involvement in the hobby.  Do we fly for the enjoyment of it?  Or are we escaping from something?  The gang delves into this and more with our guest, longtime heli pilot and friend of the podcast, James Kaddis. Check us out on Facebook at, help support the podcast on Locals at, and on our website at  As always thanks for listening!
2/10/20232 hours
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP24 The Return of Jamie Robertson

The gang continues the conversation on competitions with a very special guest.  We visit with Jamie Robertson and hear the amazing story of his return to the competition scene.  Jamie dominated the competition circuit years ago, and after a long break is back in the hobby and on a mission to dominate at Worlds.  We've also got more news, shenanigans, impressions, Devin sings a solo, and lots more on this episode! Check us out on Facebook at, help support the podcast on Locals at, and on our website at  As always thanks for listening!
2/3/20231 hour, 34 minutes
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RCHNv3 EP23: Nick Maxwell

The gang is almost all here this week, and it's a good one!  We catch up with the crew, share some much anticipated news, and Nick Maxwell drops by to share a lot of news of his own.  Maxwell talks about the release of his video, and drops a couple of big bombs on the crew!  He's making some equipment and sponsor moves, developing some new equipment and talks about his plans and practice routine for the upcoming F3C and F3N World Championships.  You definitely don't want to miss this one!
1/27/20232 hours, 6 minutes
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RCHNv3 EP22: What Is In Your Sack?

Time to Sack up!  Pull the zipper and let the world see it!  After you listen to this weeks Episode head over out our Facebook page and post a picture of your tool bag.  What is your list of must haves when you head out to get some much-needed flights?  Dan is playing hooky… AGAIN! We know he is a bit of a loser but the rest of the crew makes up for it.  Got some interesting news and a little surprise blast from the past hidden somewhere in this episode.  Enjoy!!!
1/20/20231 hour, 39 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP21: So You Want to F3C?

This week life intervenes and 3 of the crew are MIA, but undeterred Nick and Rob keep the light on and dig deep into the world of F3C competitions with special guest Sportsman Class Nats Champion Brian Byrdsong. If you are considering giving F3C a try this year this episode is a must listen. Hear how Brian went from beginner F3C pilot to champion in short order. There's also lots of news, dad jokes, some unusual transmitter modifications, and the dulcet tones of Rob Boyd! Want to support the nation?  Check out Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
1/14/20231 hour, 45 minutes, 25 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP20: Happy New Year!

Well, here we are! At the beginning of a new year full of possibilities and exciting times at the field and at Fun Flys!  Did you make any new year’s resolutions?  Did you already break them? This week the guys talk about what they would like to see happing in the coming year for themselves and for each other.  A bit of news and a short discussion about FEAR! Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
1/6/20231 hour, 48 minutes, 4 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP19: Forward to 2023

Ever find yourself wondering what the next year will bring to this amazing hobby?  The crew at RCHN take a stab at what each think the next year has in store!   We also find ourselves the end of another amazing year!  RCHN made its return to the hobby, a couple familiar and a few new voices!  Thanks for the support we have received, and we look forward to many more Episodes as we continue down this Journey.  We take a few moments to talk about some personal highlights from 2022.  We here at RCHN hop that you and yours had an amazing Holiday season!  We also hope that the next year brings you many safe, fun, and exciting flights! Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
12/29/20221 hour, 58 minutes, 54 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP18: Blade Tracking

Blade Tracking! Sometimes it’s a simple issue to fix other times it takes a bit more persistence to get it perfect.  Join the guys this week as they talk about some of the ins and outs of diagnosing and ultimately fixing tracking issues.  We also spend some time on possible causes of vibrations and how you might go about getting some resolution.  Devin is playing hooky this week; seems he decided that work is more important than RCHNv3 this week.  We will work on his priorities, don’t worry. Don’t forget to send us your thoughts on this weeks episode! Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
12/23/20221 hour, 45 minutes, 58 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP17: Autorotation’s, But Why?

Autorotation’s some people love them others, well they practice them just because you never know when you might be able to save yourself from a re-kit.   The gang is all here this week, mostly here anyway Dan is still sick with COVID.  Please stand 6 feet away from the speaker while listening to this episode!  We do the usual what have we been up to this week, and then we pick Scott and Devin’s brain with the ins and outs of learning and perfecting autorotation’s.  You will get to hear thoughts on entry to aerobatic autorotation’s as well,  We hope you enjoy this episode! Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
12/15/20222 hours, 10 minutes, 23 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP16: The Throwaway

Join Devin, Rob, and Nick this week for an impromptu conversation on all things open-source radios.   What’s different about them? Pro? Con? Should you consider one? The guys delve into what will not be the only conversation on the subject.  Mixed in you’ll hear some news, shenanigans, and your weekly dose of Rob’s semi melodic entertainment.  Thanks for listening! Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
12/8/20221 hour, 32 minutes, 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP15: Pinion or Pulley?

The gang is all here this week, and we all hope that you and yours had a fantastic Thanksgiving this year!  Black Friday, Cyber Monday… Did you find and great deals?  This week we take a stab and all things heli gearing.  Motor and pinion selection, Math and apps to help you do the math.  Does battery voltage and cell count come into play?  Some Trouble shooting and few other tidbits.  We have a little bit of news and some senseless babbling about random things.  We hope you enjoy this one. Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
12/2/20222 hours, 9 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP14: Hear Us Out… Then be Pissed!

This week the gang is all here.   We decided to discuss some events that transpired at RCHO.  Now, we don’t suspect that everyone will agree with us, and that’s ok.  Just take a second and listen to what we are saying.  We have some news and frankly not a lot more.  Also, we have heard the request!  We will be doing some more technical topics in the coming weeks.   Hang in there, we are sure you will be interested in those.  If you have any technical questions that you would like the guys to answer or go over and possibly even give you mostly accurate information, send us an email.  Enjoy! Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
11/19/20221 hour, 37 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

RCHNv3 EP13: Its Electric!

We cannot confirm nor deny the events of this past weekend, but we can tell you for sure that Devin and Scott had one hell of a time!  Tune in to find out just what went down at RCHO.  Family friendly or Heli Hedonism?  Maybe a little bit of both.  Nicks had a last-minute call to work so he could not make it.  The news, if you want to call it that might be a bit on the short and possibly not so good side this week.  Sorry Nick… we promise to do better next time! Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
11/11/20221 hour, 38 minutes, 52 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP12: Start Your Engines!

So its late at night the Family is all tucked away in their comfortable beds… PERFECT time to fire up that nitro… in the house!!!  Join the guys this week for a shorter than normal, but still fun episode about nothing in particular this week.  Some good old fashioned sexy-time talk from Devin and Scott.  Dan messing up on step one of his new Kraken build, Rob living out his true Zen and Nick being a F**k!  well maybe not that last one, but he is still finishing up his long business travel excursion.  A bit of news and well not much else.  Hope those of you who are at RCHO are having a great time this weekend! Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
11/5/202255 minutes, 44 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP11: Intrusive Thoughts

Sometimes we just can’t get away from them… Intrusive thoughts.  Join the guys this week for a discussion about mind F**ks.  How do you get through mental barriers that might be keeping you from progressing. Dan talks about unleashing the power of God!?!  I tiny bit of news… sorry Nick!  Speaking of Nick, he is Traveling this week, if you pay close attention you might here him somewhere in this episode.  We would like to take a moment and thank our listeners that have decided to support the show over on locals, check the link below to find out more!  Enjoy!!! Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
10/28/20222 hours, 4 minutes, 17 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP10: V2 To V3 The Story… Sorta

We have been getting a few emails over the past month or so asking if Dan could go over the transition from Version 2 to Version 3.  Well, gather ‘round, grab a beverage and get comfortable as Dan recollects as best as he can the events that led up to V2 coming to an end, some projects that never made it off the ground and the eventual return of RCHN V3.  We got some news, and a few listener emails this week as well.  Speaking of emails, be sure to send any questions or suggestions you might have.  We enjoy hearing from you! Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
10/20/20222 hours, 4 minutes, 45 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP9: Building Rituals

Are you particular about certain aspects of your build?  Do you make sure to clean all your fasteners or use Loctite?  Is it hard to find advice that you trust?  Join the guys this week as they talk about building rituals, just how many corners do we here at RCHN cut.  A bit of news and what we have been up to. Devin and Dan wanted to say thank you for the many happy birthday wishes received by so many of our fantastic listeners.  ENJOY!!! Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
10/14/20222 hours, 35 minutes, 22 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP8: The “C” Word… Not That One, The Other One!

Full house this week Scott Graham is back this time for good!  Join the five of us as we talk about a certain “C” word, and no not the one our friends on the other side of the pond are so fond of.  What is a clone?  One to One interchangeable parts, design concepts, both?  Opinions may vary and that is half the fun when talking about this topic.  Leave a comment on our Facebook page, be sure to tell how right, or how wrong we are. We got some news and the usual what we have been up to this week Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
10/7/20222 hours, 19 minutes, 4 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP7: Scott Graham

Scott Graham joins the show this week!  We take a bit of time to learn about Scotts deep dark past.  Not really, we just learn about his start, and where he hopes it will take him!  Scott also helped with the Race City Rotor Fest, Dan and Nick and many other of our Southeastern friends attended.  Tune in to find out about this amazing event that you MUST attend next year!  Dan talks a bit about his new soXos 7.1 Strike, the guys talk about their week, and of course, some news… that we may or may have not made up!  Enjoy! Visit to find links to various pod catchers so you never miss an episode.  Find us on Facebook at
9/30/20222 hours, 4 minutes, 18 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP6: Not Another IRCHA Discussion!

EP6 is a bit of a long one so grab an adult beverage. We would like to Thank James Kaddis, for coming on this week and helping us wade through some legal documents that talk a little bit about what had been going on at IRCHA.  We know, you probably are getting tired of hearing about.  But we feel its important to understand what has happened in order to help the hobby move forward with, hopefully a renewed sense of how to make things better.  This is the last one, talking about all the back and forth between those that have been on our show.  We will however keep you up to date with new progress as we hear it.   Thanks for taking the time to listen to RC Heli Nation v3. Enjoy!!!
9/22/20222 hours, 15 minutes, 48 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP5: What Gets You Charged?

Join Dan, Nick, Rob and Devin this week as they talk about rumors of carnage!?! OK…Ok it happened but the devil is in the details!!!  What gets you charged? Are you the kind of pilot that lives on the edge and charges at higher than recommended C rates? Or you more on the conservative side, a follow the guidelines kind of pilot.  This week the guys go over Charging cases, how to determine your requirements.   Should you build or buy?  6s, 7s, 8s 12s, 14s or MORE!!! We would like to thank those of you that have joined us over on our local’s page  a big high five to you if you have decided to support our podcast
9/15/20222 hours, 34 minutes, 46 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP4: Nothing to See Here

Join the guys as they talk about… well… nothing in particular.   Devin and Nick give us the lowdown from the Heli Extravaganza this week.  Response to some recent episodes and a little bit of RC heli news.  We here at the Nation would like to thank Frank Moradeillos of for helping Rob out with a 12S lipo for his Align 600E.  Go show Frank and Maniax some love at maniaXusa.  Rob is looking forward to putting some flights in on these packs and filling us in on the details!
9/10/20221 hour, 48 minutes, 3 seconds
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RCHNv3 EP3: Dan Lucente

Dan Lucente, President of IRCHA joins the Nation this week to give us IRCHA’s input on the recent news brought forth by Angel Rojas.  Take a listen and see if there is something you can do to help IRCHA through this tough patch of getting things back in order! Notes Dan L’s email   [email protected] Case Number: Int'l Radio Control Helicopter Ass'n v. Anderson, 1:20-cv-02082-TWP-TAB
9/1/20222 hours, 15 minutes, 52 seconds
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RCHN v3 EP2: Angel Rojas

Welcome to the second episode of hopefully many to come!  This week Angel Rojas Joins the guys to discuss his recently published article “Corruption and Fraud at the IRCHA Board?”  Angel talks about his motivation for writing this article, and the changes he would like to see, specifically at IRCHA, now that this information has been made readily available.  What can we do as hobbyist to ensure that positive change will come about? Follow along as Angel keeps us up to date at
8/25/20222 hours, 3 minutes, 23 seconds
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RCHN v3 EP1: So...How ya Been?

Whats this?!? RCHN is back? Thats right RC Heli Nation is back with a new VERSION 3! Join Dan, Rob Boyd and Nick Wisdom in this, the first Episode of RCHNv3. A little bit of news and a little bit of whats been going on since RCHNv2. Bear with us as we get the feeds sorted out. We are working on a few different feeds for now you can grab the show either directly from our web site or through podbean. We are looking forward to earning your support once again. Heres to another 265 plus episodes of your favorite RC Heli Podcast!
8/18/20221 hour, 26 minutes, 40 seconds