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Raw & Real with Danah & Stacy

English, Social, 6 seasons, 107 episodes, 2 days, 20 hours, 2 minutes
Raw and real conversations about life, faith, and womanhood in our crazy world today.
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S7 Ep 108: It's Women's Month!

Updates from our recent Vietnam trip, our thoughts on biological males insisting to be called women, and what we love about being a woman. (Recorded on March 15, 2024)
3/15/202440 minutes, 43 seconds
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S7 Ep 107: Love scam lessons ~The Prequel~ with Lou Batac

Here's the backstory of the love scam that Lou experienced! How did it even get to scamming? What did we miss? This is one insightful videocast with our bestie, Lou Batac! (Recorded February 24, 2024)
3/2/20241 hour, 5 minutes, 40 seconds
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R and R Podcast: Love scam lessons with Lou Batac

From love bombing to love scamming? Yep, this happened. Lou, our bestie, shares her insights and personal stories after experiencing being conned by a former boyfriend. Ingat, mga swissyyy!!! It's a dangerous dating world out there! (Recorded February 16, 2024)
2/23/20241 hour, 5 minutes
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R and R Podcast: 2023 Recap

Hello, we're back!!!! Muni-muni muna tayo about the past year! (Recorded on Feb. 9, 2024)
2/13/202444 minutes, 52 seconds
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R and R Podcast: The Tea in LGBT with Sass Sasot

A follow-up episode to our previous discussion on Pride Month, with our special guest, Sass Roganda Sasot. (Recorded June 19, 2023)
6/22/20231 hour, 15 minutes, 51 seconds
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R and R Podcast: Honest thoughts on Pride month

Our hot take and unpopular opinion about the Pride Movement. (Recorded June 16, 2023) Note: We see this episode being edited and posted out of context with our strong opinions over the Pride Movement that's taken way out of context. Our views are stated because of what we see in the US media, which our country is heavily influenced by. We are against female erasure and child corruption--an agenda that's being pushed in Western Society. There's a strong divide among the LGBTQ movement clearly because of this. This is were we're coming from, and we understand that this is a dividing issue no matter how careful and vulnerable we are in discussing. But before jumping to conclusions and deeming this hateful, we want to reiterate that disagreement is not hate nor "phobic."
6/17/202332 minutes, 40 seconds
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R and R Podcast: On Cosmo's fake empowerment and feelings

We talk about propaganda and how feelings are not facts. (Recorded June 9, 2023)
6/9/202330 minutes, 8 seconds
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R and R Podcast: On current scandals and our own thoughts of marriage

Gave our two cents on a hot topic surrounding a famous couple's public separation, as well as our own thoughts on marriage. (Recorded June 4, 2023)
6/4/202331 minutes, 20 seconds
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R and R Podcast: Toxic Femininity

Discussions on what toxic femininity is with lots of extra chikahans on the side. (Recorded May 19, 2023)
5/19/202338 minutes, 7 seconds
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R & R Podcast: How to choose your future self

We discuss the process of choosing the future self you've always aspired to become. (Recorded May 10, 2023)
5/11/202337 minutes, 30 seconds
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R and R Podcast: When ideology becomes identity

We discuss the dangers of making the ideologies you believe in your core identity. (Recorded April 28, 2023)
5/4/202330 minutes, 57 seconds
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R and R Podcast: Men as brothers

We talk about the refreshing concept of seeing and treating men as brothers, instead of always seeing them as "prospects." (Recorded April 19, 2023)
4/27/202331 minutes, 3 seconds
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R and R Podcast: Let's talk body image!

We made our mark as body positive advocates, but even our perspective about bodies and body image evolve and change. We talk about it in this episode! (Recorded April 13, 2023)
4/20/202332 minutes, 35 seconds
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R and R Podcast: 2023 updates!

Ok ok we're back... Again. Sorna! 💖 Here's what's been happening and what we want to discuss in future episodes! (Recorded April 10, 2023)
4/13/202331 minutes, 2 seconds
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R and R Podcast: Anxiety during good times

We get raw and real about getting anxious despite being in a good season in our lives. (Recorded on September 23, 2022)
9/23/202231 minutes, 18 seconds
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R and R Podcast: Relationship or religion?

We discuss the traditional practices of our culture during Holy Week, and if this form of sacrifices pleases God. (Recorded April 10, 2020)
4/11/202038 minutes, 38 seconds