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English, Cultural, 1 season, 10 episodes, 2 hours, 53 minutes
This pod is where we vent where we agree to disagree but there's still peace and respect where we can feel safe to have an opinion and can be authentically ourselves this is raw is law. So bring you rawness sit back with your wine water or coffee and lets vent lets keep it raw.
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Gratitude for my fuck ups

Good Sunday guys. My voice isn’t the best this week as I’m not feeling 100 but I had to stay consistent as I promise to myself with this podcast. This weeks vent is about not letting your falls stop you from running. Being thankful for what you have currently and in tune God will bless you with more. I played a clip from my morning walks talks with my self I really hope you guys can relate and this message is felt. Thank you guys always for all the support and feed back I love it. I am so open to have any of you featured on this platform to discuss what ever, hit me up if you are bout it. Have a fabulous week and please remember to repeat your affirmation everyday. Im out with please and love always.
3/5/202320 minutes, 6 seconds
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Forever Young: Adulting isn’t for the weak

Hey my beautiful people knowing you are enjoying your last Sunday of the month. The days go by so quickly making people which means birthday come around fast but I know my listeners are forever young. 😊 Today is a vent about your 20s mind set compare to your 30s. About staying steadfast and not putting so much pressure on yourself. I hope this vent boost your spirits and get my 30+ listeners back in alignment and confident with where they are in life at what ever age. Thank you all for your support and input. Once again out with peace and love.
2/26/202317 minutes, 38 seconds
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Chase him he is the prize

Hey my beautiful people, happy Superbowl 🏈. Today’s topic is a little controversial. Should men be pursued?Are men really the prize? I gave my opinion when it comes to a high valued man. Your feed back is always welcome I love hearing your opinions every week. Please enjoy the episode and at the end I gave an affirmation for this week. Out with peace and love. 🌬💨
2/12/202330 minutes, 43 seconds
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Family and friends support is silent until the results get louder

Hey beautiful people today we chillex and vent about how family and friends won’t support your dreams until strangers start celebrating your journey. This is a topic I wanted to discuss a while now because I know many of us will or already have experience this. After my point of view I’m sure you can come to terms if to cut these people off or give them a pass. Enjoy the listen and please remember I appreciate all your support and fed back. Out with peace and love.
2/6/202329 minutes, 46 seconds
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Flixz Review with Kimmy

One this episode I’m having a chat with my mid week co-host/sister the one and only Kimtonia Lovell about trendy flixs and dropping out honest thoughts about them . Every Wednesday we will be having a vent on different topics like personal experiences, mental health, sex, money and a lot of other shit. What’s better than one opinion? Two. We may agree, we may disagree but whatever ain nothing but love over here.
2/1/202328 minutes, 4 seconds
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Stop lying that situations sucks

Happy Sunday beautiful people☺️ Today we are venting about ptsd after a relationship. How it’s important to take time to get over him/her before moving on to a non committed situationship. Also, I open up a little about my experience. Every episode I am learning about podcasting and very much stepping out side my comfort. I thank you for your feed back and for all the support. Please comment publicly or privately all input is so very important to me. Have a great one🥂 Peace and Love.
1/29/202320 minutes, 22 seconds
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Men you are just as important as women

Hey beautiful people Happy Sunday. Today we are venting about soft life for men. What is soft life? Are men deserving of it? And little on men’s mental health. Hope you enjoy this episode and once again your feed back is much appreciated. Thank you so much for your support and for listening. Peace and Love.
1/15/20237 minutes, 53 seconds
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Hey Happy Sunday. Today we vent about being used and not being misused. Disclaimer: remember atm this pod has no script also I’m working out of my comfort zone so I am accepting all of your input on improvements. Better audio in progress also. Thank you so much for your support and for listening. Peace and love.
1/8/202310 minutes, 12 seconds
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Treacherous Twins

Abundant Nu Season 🌬 breaking in the 2023 season with my second session. Breaking down what are treacherous twins aka twin flames from my experience.
1/2/20234 minutes, 4 seconds
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Fuck it let’s do this intro

Procrastination is the fuck up to your success or is this the perfect timing
12/25/20224 minutes, 28 seconds