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Bringing The Cultures of The World Together Through The Uniqueness of Women. Instagram: @raregirlspod Web:
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E416 Larisa Schmidt

Larisa Schmidt is a Romanian girl, currently flying around the world being a flight attendant for one of the biggest companies, she is 28 years old, and also works as a makeup artist in Dubai. Larisa enjoys good company in her days off, spending time at the beach and trying to connect with nature. Instagram: @schmidtlarisaa
30/11/202322 minutes 16 seconds
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E415 Ola Abbas

Ola Abbas is a real estate agent in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Originally from Syria, she is a mechanical engineer, and her hobbies include cycling, jogging, and enjoying Dubai. Instagram: @ola_r_abbas
29/11/202316 minutes 43 seconds
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E414 Vivien Herrling

Vivien Herrling is born and raised in Germany, her dad is from Latvia, she lived in Manchester for the last 9 months, she loves to travel, her favorite place is Dubai, United Arab Emirates, she wants to live there and she really wants to go to Hawaii next year. Vivi is 31 years old, she is a network marketer in the field of crypto and trading. Besides that, she also teaches a bit of yoga as she is a certified yoga teacher. Vivi is a Scorpio so a water sign so for her a deep connection is important. And she avoids having energy vampires in her life. Vivi helps other women to escape their 9-5 job so that they can finally live to the fullest and travel around the world. Instagram: @investwithvivi
26/11/202324 minutes
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E413 Savera Chauhan

Savera Chauhan is currently waiting to start her course in Canada. She likes playing table tennis, reading, listening to music, going to the gym, and running. Savera is currently not living at a permanent residence because she keeps traveling between three states in India and also Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and will be going to Canada for studies. Savera models and manages social media accounts for a couple of people that she doesn't talk about much. She has a divorced mom who got remarried so she has a step father and two step siblings. She is currently working on her mental health while also trying to keep everything perfect. Instagram: @savera.chauhan_
24/11/202323 minutes 52 seconds
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E412 Sarah Ghanem

Sarah Ghanem is originally from Palestine, moved around a lot from Canada to Jordan and now she is living in Dubai. Sarah is studying Fashion Marketing in Heriot-Watt University. She is personally in love with outdoor activities including kayaking, swimming, hiking, and jet skiing. Instagram: @sarahghanemm__
23/11/202316 minutes 31 seconds
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E411 Ksenia Andrienko

Ksenia Andrienko is a singer, actress and model based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She studied History of Art, she is Mrs Moscow, and the Entrepreneur behind Angel of Roses and the artist behind My LA Dream. Instagram: @xenia___official
22/11/202331 minutes 55 seconds
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E410 Nawal Syed

Nawal Syed is a British Pakistani, born and raised in North London, and moved to Dubai 5 years ago. Nawal is 18 years old currently studing branding and advertising at Middlesex University in Dubai. She is in the real estate industry and currently working on her own modest clothing brand called Veil Vouge Fashion. Instagram: @veilvouge
12/11/202332 minutes 17 seconds
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E409 Ameliya Davydova

Ameliya Davydova is an 18 years old student at University of California, Davis. She is majoring in Psychology with a focus on coaching and relationships, and participating in the Choir Club, the Baking Club and doing volunteer work. And her future goal is to get a PhD in Neuro-Psychology. Ameliya really enjoys singing, reading, going to the Gym and traveling. She is originally from Russia and she lived in Dubai throughout highschool, so she has an interesting range of cultural backgrounds. Instagram: @ameli028
11/11/202324 minutes 22 seconds
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E408 Roza Geremew Mola

Roza Geremew Mola is an Ethiopia model based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Roza is Miss Universal Women Ethiopia 2023, and Miss Glamour Gace Ethiopia 2022. She studied Civil Engineering, Modeling and Fashion Design. She is also actively working in the UAE Real Estate Market. Roza loves to create fashion designs, traveling, music and spending time with her family and friends. Instagram: @rozina_gere
10/11/202323 minutes 58 seconds
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E407 Hiromi Feitoza

Hiromi Feitoza is a Japanese woman living in New Zealand. She is the mum of three beautiful children and also a health coach, a mindfulness coach and a piano teacher. Hiromi is currently taking the Ashtanga 200YTT course to deepen her knowlege of yoga. Her hobbies includes yoga, swimming, playing piano, as well as reading books about health, studying everything related to wellness and learning new languages. Hiromi is a curious person who loves learning new things that she is gets interested in and she really thinks life is all about learning, self-growth and creating harmony for ourselves and others. Instagram: @hiromi_wellness_nz
09/11/202333 minutes 23 seconds
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E406 Amanda Kouzas

Amanda Kouzas lives in Sweden, Gothenburg. She works as a saleswoman and coaching a team in the sale industry. She is coaching the team about building a stronger mindset and self-care. Amanda loves reading and traveling. She goes to the gym 5 times a week, and she does crossfit and yoga a lot. She is all about learning new things about good habits and building a better life for herself. Instagram: @amandakouzas
08/11/202322 minutes 1 second
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E405 Keiko Tatsumi

Keiko Tatsumi is a Japanese woman, the mother of 2 kids who are 5 and 1. Currently, she lives with them in Houston without living with her husband who is studying at Harvard University. Keiko studied about diversity since she was in the college. Actually her life is connected to it. She doesn't currently work, but she has had so many experiences as “a minority” and learned about diversity through living in many places such as in Dubai UAE, Tokyo, New York, and Houston USA. And she worked as Cabin Crew. Keiko hopes to utilize her experience in a future career once her kids are older enough and she has a chance to get back to work. Her hobby is Zumba. She is very much into it. She practices Zumba at least 3 times a week. Instagram: @ms_kotatsu
07/11/202323 minutes 32 seconds
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E404 Fanny Adam

Fanny Adam is a 28 years old primary school teacher. She practices pole dance and will soon participate in a competition (the first one she does in pole dance but she did a lot within her childhood in gymnastic). Fanny loves to explore sports and develop the skills of her body. She also likes the peaceful feeling of travel and going for walks in nature. She loves plants, she has many of them, their are her babies. Of course, she loves her friends and familly. She has the chance to live near them and to enjoy time with them. Fanny lives in Paris since the last 2 years and she is a french girl since forever. Instagram: @ninispoling
06/11/202323 minutes 28 seconds
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E403 Jenny Morales

Jenny Morales is the first girl from Guatemala in this Podcast! Jenny is 20 years old. Currently she is in her last year of Fashion studies in IFA Paris, and living in Paris, France. She loves sports, art, design, reading, music, fashion and photography. Instagram: @jennymoralesc._
20/10/202327 minutes 16 seconds
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E402 Monika Jacak

Monika Jacak is a Road trip Addict and Nature Lover. Originally from Poland, she lives in London for nearly 6 years. Mona does not have hobbies, she has passions. Her passions are Traveling and Dancing. Someone asked her once if she would have to choose between dancing and travelling, which one would she choose? - Her heart stopped beating for a moment because she cannot imagine her life without both of them. Instagram: @uncomplicated_life_
19/10/202340 minutes 44 seconds
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E401 Tun Sandy Lin

Tun Sandy Lin is the first girl from Myanmar in this podcast. Sandy is 21 yrs and because of the current crisis in Myanmar, her academic education is still postponed and pending at 2nd years before graduating as a psychologist. That's why she made the decision to come live in the UAE and relocated to Abu Dhabi alone to explore better opportunities to follow her dreams. Currently Sandy is joining a Private VIP Airline and Aviation as a ground service crew under F&B in Abu Dhabi. Part of her passion is supporting to improve communities with positivity and equality. Instagram: @sandy_iz_treazure
18/10/202329 minutes 55 seconds
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E400 Lina Ammor

Lina Ammor is a Dubai based singer and entertainer from Germany. With a background in Political sciences, Lina is a House vocals & RnB lover, she enjoys driving boats and riding horses, as well as traveling. Instagram: @linaammormusic
15/10/202329 minutes 45 seconds
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E399 Mishie Doll

Mishie Doll is a single 32 years old living in Dubai for more than 8 years now. originally from the Philippines, she is a nurse by profession but she would love to change her career into fashion. She had some freelance experiences before as a model mostly in photoshoots. Mishie loves exploring places and traveling. Lately, she gained an interests in exploring and trying different restaurants. She also loves adventures and outdoor activities. Mishie is a curious person, hence she’ll never get tired of learning different things. Dancing is one of her favorite things to do that she'd like to go back into practicing again. Instagram: @mishielove06
14/10/202326 minutes 1 second
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E398 Nassima Aboufarid

Nassima Aboufarid is a French Moroccan woman, Master in Finance and worked 13 years in a Major oil companies, then changed her field into personal development, coaching, memtoring, meditation and healing. Nassima moved to Dubai in 2022 and opened her conpany at the beginning of the year. She is a curious person, she lives all things related to the mind, consciousness, metaphysic, and ancestral tradition learning from different tribes… And she loves food too. Instagram: @manifestationqueennassima
13/10/202337 minutes 26 seconds
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E397 Sneha Neogi

Sneha Neogi lives in Dubai but she is originally from Kolkata, India. She has a degree in BBA honors with a major in marketing from Christ University, Bangalore. Sneha is a content creator for a marketing agency in Dubai and loves to do it sometimes for her own page as well. Some of her hobbies are Fashion, Makeup, Beauty, Reading, Embroidery, etc. She is also very passionate about women empowerment and mental health. Instagram: @mostlysneh
12/10/202322 minutes 31 seconds
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E396 Donya Mahmoudi

Donya Mahmoudi is a Persian-Cypriot, born and raised in the vibrant city of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Recently, she graduated from high school and will be attending the University of Southern California in Los Angeles, where she will be pursuing Health and Human Sciences with the goal of becoming a pediatric dentist. Donya had the privilege of being featured in Gulf News' Friday Column, which celebrated her academic and personal accomplishments that have brought her to where she stands today. She has been passionately involved in tennis, dance, and piano since the age of 8, each of which has enriched her life in unique ways. To stay fit and productive, Donya has recently embraced kickboxing and weight training, inspired by her fitness-oriented family upbringing. One of her greatest pleasures in life is the opportunity to travel and explore different cultures. Donya has been fortunate to set foot in over 23 countries across
11/10/202320 minutes 59 seconds
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E395 Liliia Gmzn

Liliia Gmzn is a Digital Marleting Enthusiast and currently getting her Masters Degree in International Marketing and Management. Liliia lives in the lovely country of Lithiuania, Vilnius city, but originally she is Ukrainian. She is a gym addict and planning to open her sports studio in the future. Instagram: @_lili_gmz
11/10/202327 minutes 4 seconds
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E394 Cynthia Akum Bih

Cynthia Akum Bih is a Global Activist and a youth ambassador for the One Campaign in Belgium. After completing her bachelors degree in French and English linguistics, and her masters in African studies and globalisation in-between the years 2010-2016 in Cameroon, where she had an amazing childhood, Cynthia decided to further her studies abroad. She is a holder of a masters degree in linguistics and literary studies from Vrije Université de Brussel and is currently rounding up with an advanced masters in African studies and international relations. She has a diploma in project planning and management as well. This came as a result of her passion for politics, justice, equality and her quest for a world that is just and preaches about women empowerment. As hobbies, she loves watching documentaries, reading, swimming, playing the piano, travelling and most importantly, she enjoys spending time with her friends, celebrating with them a
10/10/202334 minutes 32 seconds
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E393 Nana Sato

Nana Sato is originally from Japan. She is a flight attendant based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Nana loves traveling and she is a big foodie. She also loves taking photos of her travels and of food so her instagram is all about the two. Instagram: @bananasugar
08/10/202330 minutes 45 seconds
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E392 Diana Madiy

Diana Madiy is a 22 years old Professional Ballroom & Latin American dancer who accumulated titles such as European champion, World and International finalist, Ukrainian and Asian champion. Originally from Kharkiv, Ukraine, Diana had an opportunity to live in the UK for 2 years, but she is currently living in Dubai, working towards her dream of opening her own dance school. Diana has been dancing professionally for years and has a huge passion for dance. Instagram: @diana__madiy
07/10/202340 minutes 12 seconds
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E391 Esraa Rz

Esraa Rz is from Iran but born and raised in the UAE. Growing up in the UAE has been a significant part of her life and identity. She recently graduated from Zayed University, which was a major milestone for her. Currently, she finds herself on a journey of self-discovery, both in terms of her personal style and her career path. Esraa is passionate about self-expression, particularly through fashion, and she believes that everyone should have the freedom to dress in a way that makes them feel comfortable and confident, without the fear of judgment from others. Additionally, she is deeply into alternative style and wants to express it more without fear. Instagram: @exploregore
03/10/202323 minutes 41 seconds
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E390 Rachel Loise Camaclang

Rachel Loise Camaclang living in dubai for five years and counting, is a Brand and Fashion Model. Rachel loved singing, dancing and acting since she was a kid. She used to do pageantry as well, and she used that as an advantage to be a professional model. Instagram: @rachel.camaclang
03/10/202316 minutes 1 second
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E389 Khanak Waghnani

Khanak Waghnani is a model, an aspiring actress and a business student at Heriot-Watt University in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Originally from Rajasthan, India, some of her hobbies include fitness, gyming, basketball, swimming, dancing and traveling. Khanak also studied theatre and performance with enterprise in University of Leeds, United Kingdom. Instagram: @khanzzzz__
01/10/202324 minutes 38 seconds
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E388 Dina Dobrovolska

Dina Dobrovolska is a Ukrainian girl from Cherkassy living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, for the last 2 years. Dina studied Physical Education and she is currently a personal trainer in Dubai. Dina previously worked in aviation for 3 years so she travelled everywhere. She loves dancing. It's an important part of her life since childhood. Instagram: @dina.dobrofit
30/09/202327 minutes 9 seconds
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E387 Margo Pearl

Margo Pearl is a French 27 years old girl living in Dubai. Originally from Bordeaux, she had a beauty therapist graduation but she works now as a property consultant in the UAE. She enjoys fashion, cooking for those she loves, music and travel. Instagram: @pearldubaii
29/09/202330 minutes 39 seconds
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E386 Arina Seroglazova

Arina Seroglazova is a "corporate girlie" living in Dubai. She has a bachelors of Film. However, she is currently working as an Operations Coordinator and Project Manager at an Investment Holding company where she is handling over 15 projects. Her hobbies include: Reading, music, video games, crystals and self-development. Instagram: @arii_ser
28/09/202326 minutes 54 seconds
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E385 Giovanna Bassani

Giovanna Bassani is a Brazilian make up artist and hair stylist living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her hobbies are going to the gym, watching series, learning from videos and podcasts on youtube, crazy hairstyles, and making other women feel beautiful using make up. Instagram: @geomakeup__011
28/09/202319 minutes 56 seconds
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E384 Seraphina Sasha

Sara Khatib (Seraphina) is a Syrian artist living in the United Arab Emirates, singer-somgwriter since the age of time with a passion for playing instruments, concocting fashion aesthetics and creating crazy make-up art. Currently, she is majoring in audio engineering in Dubai, and she of course enjoys being a socialite every now and again in this city. Instagram: @seraphinadelire
27/09/202333 minutes 23 seconds
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E383 Pamela Batiz (MilaH)

MilaH is a DJ and nomadic artist whose real name is Pamela Batiz, born in Mexico City, currently living and working from Dubai. MilaH at her young age of 21 has managed to get rid of the stereotypes of society, seeking to create a unique creative community and atmosphere for each type of event fusing rhythms and cultures after having traveled to countries in the Middle East, Asia and America in recent years. MilaH is seeking to motivate and encourage more young women who become familiar with the artistic world to express themselves and get out of their comfort zone, to create and find the right relationships and connections which will be key in the future to understand the industry and make a living from their art. Instagram: @milah.dj_
25/09/202350 minutes 3 seconds
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E382 Aya de Quiroz

Aya de Quiroz is a courtside reporter, performance marketer, and VC & Tech head of Marketing who's worked in teams across Singapore, London, Manila, and Dubai. She has worked with the top 3 media companies in the Philippines and has also worked with the likes of Disney, Samsung, and other brands. Instagram: @inthelifeofaya
23/09/202329 minutes 31 seconds
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E381 Luce Emami

Luce Emami is an an Italian Persian Woman and a Certified Nirvana breathing instructor living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her first degree was in Iran as an engineer in the marine sciences field Her second degree, she did in Milano, Italy, in industrial biotechnology She did theatre in quelli di Grock and Factory 32 (Micheal Rodgers acting studio) After her graduation in biotechnology in Italy, she starded to follow her dream as an actress and contemporary art performer in theatre. And she worked in different shows across Italy and also California with noted actors and musicians. Her latest movie “dante la divina commedia” was released at Cinemas in Italy on January 2023. Following her passion and intuitions and her desire to be in the service to other people and being the voice for other women, Luce became a Nirvana instructor which she is developing in Dubai. Nirvana is a system which will help
20/09/202339 minutes 58 seconds
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E380 Ludmila Osipenkova

Ludmila Osipenkova moved to Dubai last year and from April 2023, she quit her commercial career at the peak of it and is getting into a new profession in psychology, which is her passion at the moment. Originally from the South of Russia, but most of her adult life she lived in Moscow, Ludmila is a typical Sagittarius so she is crazy about learning new things, foreign languages and cultures, traveling. She studied French linguistics, financial management and getting her third educational degree now. For over 10 years, she worked in commerce, in supplies and sales with Chinese and Russian markets. Ludmila believes that all changes in our life start from within us, human potential is unlimited and everything is possible, it’s all a matter of following our hearts with positive attitude and commitment. Instagram: @lydmilaosi
15/09/202333 minutes 2 seconds
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E379 Kristina Ognjanovic

Kristina Ognjanovic is a Serbian girl living her American dream for the last 7 years in San Francisco. Like in the song, she can say that she “left her heart in San Francisco” and can call this city her new home. But still never forget where she is coming from and one part of her heart will still belong to Serbia. Studied journalism and for some time worked at the TV station as a news anchor and reporter. And then completely changed her profession once she moved to United States. Now she is a manager at the restaurant that is ranked as “5 best restaurants in the SF” and manages more than 100 employees. Quiet and shy for the people that don’t know her. And very open and outgoing with her closest people. A strong empath lives deep inside her. So she has the opportunity to feel the world's biggest sadness but also biggest happiness. But her zodiac Gemini-queen of duality helps her balan
14/09/202329 minutes 6 seconds
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E378 Marina Savić

Living in Dubai, Marina Savić is a human who supports other humans to Thrive through the Vitality of their hearts on all levels of the mind, body and soul. If she needs to name that, she can say Holistic Vitality Mentor and guide. Her first call was Drama University, she is a graduated actress. From there life led her into sports and fitness. From there into the healing and more holistic approach and work on the human physical existence. This is very shortly explained. Marina doesn't have a particular hobby. But she does have her rituals , things she loves to do. Her whole existence and also her mission through her mentoring is to better humanity, that operates through love,c ompassion, kindness, joy, and emphaty. She she loves helping animals, nature, and people. She respects every life on our planet. So usually during the evening time, she goes around helping cats to survive in Dubai. Helping makes her soul happy. Every act of compassion i
11/09/202334 minutes 41 seconds
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E377 Federica Trovato

Federica Trovato is an Italian tattoo artist, working with traditional magical cultures from around the world, using ancient techniques together with modern ones and creating amulets on skin. Her tattoo sessions are real rituals basically. At the same time, she is also a competitive bodybuilding athlete, trying to figure out the best way to live both her passions. Instagram: @vagantestravagante_ink @fede__trovato
06/09/202323 minutes 53 seconds
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E376 Kamilla Ulmaskulova

Kamilla Ulmaskulova lived her whole life in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, but she is originally from Russia. Kami previously finished studying hospitality when she realized that filmmaking was her passion. Currently a Film student at SAE, her hobbies include acting for short films, modeling for brands and companies, and creating her own small content online. Instagram: @kami.blogs
05/09/202315 minutes 10 seconds
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E375 Emine Başpınar

Emine Başpınar was born and lives in Türkiye. She is a primary school teacher. Emine did her master’s degree in Türkiye. She loves children and sharing with them. She enjoys reading psychology and philosophy books. Working, discovering new cultures and teaching are the things that make her happy. Instagram: @eminebspnr
04/09/202321 minutes 47 seconds
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E374 Ana Vergara Garcés

Ana Vergara Garcés is originally from Cartagena, in Colombia, but she has been living in Argentina for 11 years. Anie is a nurse. She loves reading, cooking, dancing and traveling. She likes animals and doing pole sports and pole dancing. Instagram: @anievergara_12
03/09/202310 minutes 11 seconds
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E373 Cathy Lobendino

Cathy Lobendino is a 26 years old girl born and raised in the Philippines. She came to Dubai to work in an auditing firm as an accountant and lives in Downtown Dubai, United Arab Emirates. As a kid, she always had a passion for singing, pageants and modeling. She likes to be around people, women especially because she feels like she always learns something from them, either about beauty or life itself. Cathy had joined pageants and singing contests back in the Philippines, and she had her fair share of defeats and victories. Which all she is grateful for. And now in Dubai, she has been doing modeling, hosting and fashion. Cathy had great opportunities to work with brands and host some big event alongside having a full time work. Instagram: @jyccthylbndn
29/08/202333 minutes 59 seconds
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E372 Viktoriia Popadiuk

Viktoriia Popadiuk is a 3rd year student at Vinnytsia Pedagogical University studying English and German philology. She comes from a small town in the Vinnytsia region and now she has been living in Germany for a year. Viktoriia has been playing volleyball for 4 years, not professionally, but for her own satisfaction. Sometimes she draws and she loves to read interesting books. She is into psychology, human nature always interested her, so she learns it by herself and for herself. Viktoriia just wants to know herself and other people better, and with her knowledge and skills, she wants to help others get to know themselves better. She is on her journey of happy and joyful life and she is really motivated to help others also live a happy and exiting life. With this podcast, other can share her ideas, open up to others and even if her words are helpful for one person, it already will make her happier. She wi
28/08/202320 minutes 31 seconds
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E371 Miriam Guida

Miriam Guida is an Italian bartender in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She settled in Dubai after traveling a lot in Europe, to cities like Paris, London, Valencia, and Barcelona. Miriam is also a certified personal trainer as well as experienced in pole dancer. She loves to travel and to do photography. Miriam is a good student, she loves to learn and to grow up professionally. Instagram: @miriam.drives
27/08/202336 minutes 43 seconds
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E370 Valeria Rosset

Valeria Rosset is a blogger, actor, fashion model,scriptwriter, producer, and NFT creator living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Originally from Siberia, Russia, she studied Production and Cinematography in Moscow she lived in Indonesia for 3 years and now 4 months the UAE. Instagram: @_greymouse
25/08/202323 minutes 58 seconds
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E369 Winnie Kirabo

Winnie Kirabo is the first woman representing Uganda in this Podcast. She is the co-founder of the Wyne Kirabo brand alongside Gerard Porta. Wyne Kirabo is the 2022 winner of the The Abryanz style and Fashion Awards (ASFAs): Africa's Biggest Fashion Awards & Redcarpet as the best Emerging African fashion designer; listend as one of the "20 young African creatives to know" according to the multi-award winning Nigerian magazine The Africa Report and part of the TFG jury in the Design and Fashion Degree at the University of Girona. Winnie studied Fashion and Textile Design degree at the University of Girona in Spain, after obtaining a diploma in Micro Finance from Kyambogo University in Uganda, and she is currently based in Barcelona. Started in 2019, Wyne Kirabo is the brand where exclusivity, quality and values manage to merge different cultures. And through Wyne Kirabo Social, the brand helps Ugandan girls who cannot go to school thro
24/08/202326 minutes 43 seconds
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E368 Coach K

Coach K is a Performance Coach specialized in the positive connection between Mind, Body & Health. Her promise is she will help you lose 1 kilo a week and keep it off. She is British with Asian heritage living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is a former high ranking corporate executive who worked in the largest advertising agency network globally. One of 10 siblings, Coach K always fixed and rescued people. She is highly intuitive, smart, she thinks on her feet, and is business and people focused. Coach K always found fitness and health shapes her best energy so she created a business out of these principles. She joined the 5AM Club under a year ago and went through a personal and professional transformation, at first losing 10 kilos in 10 weeks. This transformation turned her into a real boss mindset. More confident, self assured, stronger both physically and mentally and now she is helping women to transform i
23/08/202328 minutes 52 seconds
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E367 Helen Andrea Ambrosio Rey

Helen Andrea Ambrosio Rey is from Colombia, she is 29 years old, and currently living in Kuwait, working as a Junior Sous Chef at Roka Kuwait. Andrea studied gastronomy back in Colombia, graduated in 2013 in Gato Dumas. She loves painting, dancing and lately she has been reading a lot. Instagram: @andreaambrosiorey
23/08/202328 minutes 18 seconds
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E366 Aarya Arundas

Aarya Arundas is from Kerala, India. She has completed ny bachelor's degree in Bsc forensic science(HONS). Currenlty she has taken a year break to figure out what is the best for her. Aarya is really passionate about modelling ang acting and she does freelance modeling. Her hobbies include writing poems, dancing, roller skating and creating contents on social media platform and being an influencer. Instagram: @ax.rya
22/08/202320 minutes 43 seconds
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E365 Neda Krstanović

Neda Krstanović is a Serbian girl living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She started her career here in retail sales than moved to managment positions. She was store manager for a watch brand then sales manager for a high end jewelery brand and now just starting a new path, and completely new career in Dubai Real estate. Originally from Serbia, Neda studied journalism so she is definitely someone who likes to try different things in life and not afraid of risks. Instagram: @neda.goodvibes
21/08/202329 minutes 39 seconds
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E364 Božana Kalinić

Božana Kalinić is a 27 years old, currently living in Dubai. Born and raised in Republic of Srpska, Serbian part of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Božana finished school in banking and finance but worked in a fashion company for 5 years as a digital marketing manager, sales assistant, coach for new staff, in accounting, and other roles. She has also worked as a model, bartender, babysitter, massager, hostess, make up artist and had various other jobs, which were her part time jobs aside her main job. She has been working since the age of 17. As her country has limited economic opportunities and she couldn’t see herself there anymore, she realized that she had to find her happiness somewhere else. Božana lived in Switzerland for about 3 years. She has a lot of family and friends there. She speaks Serbian, English and Italian. Currently, she is traveling all over the world because she is working as a flight attendant. Božana is a gym addi
20/08/202328 minutes 56 seconds
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E363 Oumayma Anizi

Oumayma Anizi is originally from Sousse in Tunisia, Oumayma received her degree from Cambridge college of business and more than 15 certifications from IBM. From accountancy to arbitration, Oumayma has become an international consultant in arbitration. She loves to read and write books. Instagram: @oumaymaanizi
20/08/202329 minutes 13 seconds
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E362 Fereshteh Osloub

Fereshteh Osloub is an Iranian clinical psychologist and PhD Researcher living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. She is working at Emirates Airlines, and her hobbies are studying, reading books, cinema, gym, as well as cooking and swimming. Instagram: @fereshtehosloub.psychology
19/08/202319 minutes 26 seconds
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E361 Wendy Chigu

Wendy Chigu is a 23 years old student at the University of Zimbabwe studying a Bachelor of Science, Honours Degree in Mathematics. Wendy is passionate about fitness and helping others become the best versions of themselves physically, mentally and spiritually. She recently started her fitness business and has a page for it on Instagram which is @bodiedbywendy Instagram: @wendy.chigu
19/08/202314 minutes 37 seconds
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E360 Grace David

Grace David is a model living in Dubai and growing her own business. Born and raised in the North of Nigeria, she enjoys running, dancing, and travel. Instagram: @grace_silky
17/08/202318 minutes 16 seconds
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E359 Agnes Mtafya

Agnes Mtafya is the first born in her family with 3 siblings. She lives in Dar es salaam, Tanzania. Agnes loves doing makeups, hanging out with friends, going to cafés. She is also a plus size girl who loves her skin!! Recently graduated university with a bachelors degree in Finance, and she is currently doing her internship. Instagram: @___muttie___
17/08/202319 minutes 22 seconds
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E358 Osmari Corredor

Osmari Corredor is originally from Venezuela, lived since she was 18 Colombia, and currently living for 1.5 years in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Osmari is a bartender, a mixologist, a Top 10 Cointreau 2023, a lover of making hadmade accesories, and a single mother of one boy that is 7 years old. Instagram: @osmaricorredor
16/08/202328 minutes 49 seconds
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E357 Christina Leshchuk

Christina Leshchuk is a 21 years old studying to become a physical therapist and also working as a rehabilitation specialist. Christina was born in the city of Rivne, Ukraine. She played beach volleyball professionally for 7 years and achieved high results. later on, studying at the University, she moved to Lviv. In her free time from work and studying, she studies the English and Korean languages because she likes to listen to K-Pop and to watch Korean dramas. Christina likes to plan her time. She loves to travel and whenever possible she visits different countries and gets to know their culture. No matter the situation, Christina tries to be optimistic and to enjoy life. Instagram: @christina.leshchuk
16/08/202320 minutes 32 seconds
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E356 Aleena Sudheer

Aleena Sudheer is a final year fashion design student from Kerala, India who lived her whole life in Dubai. Her hobbies are drawing, poetry, dancing and sports. She used to play football, basketball and she did athletics in school. Now, she does occasionally model. Instagram: @aleeeeennaaaaa
11/08/202321 minutes 21 seconds
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E355 Syntia Merhi

Syntia Merhi was was born in Romania with a mixed background from Romania and Lebanon. She is currently living in Germany, studying International business in the Netherlands and working as a translator of romanian-german. Instagram: @merhissy
11/08/202321 minutes
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E354 Monika Mažuknaitė

Monika Mažuknaitė is a lithuanian living in Norway for the last 13 years and she calls it her home. Monika has always had a passion for medicine. She got a few degrees in this field and now she found that her real wish - is to become a doctor - no matter how old she could. Age is just a number and bunch of experience. So Monika is ready to get her 4th degree- and she will get degree as a medical doctor. She is starting her journey to MD this September. Monika loves nature, mountains, working out, and to travel. Travels is her hobby and she has already visited around 40 countries. She finds it absolutely amazing to read books and to take classes in self-confidence and self-worth. She feels very grateful to herself myself! She has worked hard to be where she is today. She knows she is capibal to do anything that she wants to and she can become exactly what she desires! Monika strongly believes that we create our lives u
10/08/202318 minutes 16 seconds
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E353 Daniela Orlas

Daniela Orlas is from Medellin, Colombia, a beautiful city in between the mountains. She feels that she cannot include the infinity that she is in a few words, however, she thinks that we are what we love, the good we do and the lessons we learn. Daniela currently lives in Australia, she arrived there when she was twenty years old, learned the language when she came, and worked in hospitality for many years which helped her discover that the greatest purpose in life is to be of service to others. Daniela studies acting, it is her biggest passion to discover what resides in the subconscious of humanity and to tell stories through her body and words. Recently, she quit her job as a waitress to make sure she gives space and time for her passion. Daniela is determined to achieve all her goals with God’s help, on her trip back to Colombia she started to make it happen, now it is the time to try it in Australia. Daniela
09/08/202328 minutes
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E352 Syeda Surriya Fatima

Syeda Surriya Fatima is a Pakistani young poetess and has an immense passion for English literature which is her major in university too. She creatively expresses strong and intense human emotions in her poems which lefts reader in a state of amazement. Her published work has been featured in Euphoria, an anthology by @twspublications. She makes time for cooking, reading and music in her daily life. Moreover, in her university she is involved in dramatics and debates and her drama which she had directed won the competition. Surriya dreams of becoming a successful writer oneday. Instagram: @syedasurriya18
09/08/202320 minutes 6 seconds
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E351 Mariam Mir

Mariam Mir lives in Virginia. She is born and raised in the US. Her parents are originally from Afghanistan. Mariam has a degree in Information Systems from George Mason University. Mariam loves to travel, to try new restaurants and to spend her free time with her loved ones. Instagram: @mariiam.mir
06/08/202327 minutes 32 seconds
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E350 Zlata Hlukhouskaya

Zlata Hlukhouskaya was born and raised in Belarus, a small Eastern european country, and moved to the UAE, to study at NYU Abu Dhabi. She always had trouble describing her interests - she had way too many but still has no idea which one is main. Eventually, she came up with a three-word formula of what matters to her the most: ideas, words, and people. This is how she landed on a psychology major - she wants to help people fix the mess in their heads (aka work as a therapist) and live their authentic lives. Aside from college, Zlata sings, writes songs and performs at the open mics - but she is in general down to be a part of her creative or fun process. She is also quite active on her socials and has a micro-blog on Instagram. And she absolutely can&rsquo;t live without standup comedy and watching funny reels before going to bed - it&rsquo;s a part of her personality at this point. Instagram: <a href="https://www.insta
04/08/202335 minutes 28 seconds
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E349 Diora Holswon

Diora Holswon is&nbsp;a Social Media &amp; marketing specialist. She lives in Belgium and she is completing a bachelor in business and starting her MBA with a specialization in Strategic Business Management Her hobbies include reading, gym, studying, and design. Instagram: @diora_holswon
04/08/202325 minutes 34 seconds
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E348 Rukiya Ahmed

Rukiya Ahmed is&nbsp;originally from Ethiopia and she is living in Dubai. She is working as a fashion and beauty model, and in a beauty lounge &amp; certification. Instagram: @wizruki
03/08/202315 minutes 51 seconds
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E347 Diana Marcela Agudelo Ospina

Diana Marcela Agudelo Ospina is&nbsp;a graphic designer from Medellin, Colombia. She loves photography, animals, she more than 10 animals including 5 dogs and 5 cats in her home, to travel and to find herself in the reality of other contexts and to learn from other cultures and from other people. She loves languages and is interested in learning more them. Instagram: @dianagudelo94
28/07/202325 minutes 25 seconds
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E346 Valeria Astakhovskaia

Valeria Astakhovskaia lives in Dubai and works as a business assistant for a Russian businessman. Originally a Siberian girl from Russia, Valeria is preparing to create her own course for future professional business assistants after 6 years of experience. She finished her education in Law at the best Law University in Russia, Moscow State University. Her hobby is swimming, gym, reading books about psychology, and playing chess. Instagram: @astkhvsk
28/07/202320 minutes 11 seconds
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E345 Geena George

Geena George is&nbsp;a model and content creator from India, Kerala, born and raised in UAE Dubai. Geena always had a passion for make up. Not just any make up: creative unique make up, that's why she started to publish her work by creating content. Now, she is a full time content creatior and influencer as well as a model! From a humble start taking small pictures of herself in the balcony, Geena is now doing runways and professional photo shoots for various great brands. Instagram: @geenageorge
27/07/202324 minutes 13 seconds
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E344 Debangi Choudhury

Debangi Choudhury is from Kolkata, India. She completed her B.Tech in Computer Science and Engineering in the year 2021. Her hobbies include singing, sketching and coding. She is a self-confessed gym freak as well. Instagram: @dee_techx
27/07/202324 minutes 41 seconds
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E343 Eman Najam Azizi

Eman Azizi is&nbsp;a co-author of "Euphoria". She has an immense passion for writing and reading. In addition to that, she holds the position of Editor in Chief at Chaos Corporation, a company that she helped establish alongside her brother and his friends. Simultaneously, she is pursuing a degree&nbsp;in&nbsp;Psychology. Instagram: @emxnazizi
26/07/202321 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

E342 Michelle Palmer

Michelle Palmer is half-American and half-Italian living in Germany. She is a 27 years old mother of an almost 2 years old and currently pregnant. She is married. Instagram: @itsmichellepalmer
25/07/202323 minutes 8 seconds
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E341 iprojectreal

Niky is a Fintech entrepreneur, Founder of "IProjectReal" - a brand to inspire others to become the best version of themselves by leveraging their natural talents and being authentic. With her transformation program she become an MMA practitioner after one year, lost 30 kilograms and reinvented herself. Instagram: @iprojectreal
24/07/202325 minutes 23 seconds
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E340 Panashe Gumbanjera

Panashe Gumbanjera&nbsp;lives in Harare, Zimbabwe. She is a bachelor in tourism and hospitality graduate. She is also a floral designer in-the-making. She loves to create designs and music, swimming, and reading. Instagram: @one_king_nashy
24/07/202314 minutes 32 seconds
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E339 Moureen Richard

Moureen Richard&nbsp;is currently living in Turkey and studying Business Administration. Originally from Tanzania, Moureen enjoys modeling, she loves swimming and trying new restaurants. Most of all, Movies are her greatest company. Instagram: @_ms.richards_
17/07/202328 minutes
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E338 Maria Kova

Maria Kova is&nbsp;a full time artist living in Dubai, UAE. She grew up in Russia and at age 24 moved to South East Asia, mostly Bali, in search of her own new identity and exciting future. Never looked back since then, travelled around the world and for the past 6 years living and thriving in Dubai. Maria always thought of herself as an artist and she loved painting since as far as she could remember. But she didn&rsquo;t pursue an art career until 5 years back. Painting remained her hobby for decades. Reason for it is quite common and trivial especially for a girl from a small Russian town. People said &ldquo;You can never make a living off art&rdquo;, &ldquo;Artists always starve&rdquo; they say, just marry a good man and live a peaceful life. Maria always wanted to be independent and to live a full life. So the more she grew up in age and in self-awareness, she understood that nothing matters more than being yourself. And
17/07/202333 minutes 2 seconds
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E337 Maria José García Vélez

Maria Jos&eacute; Garc&iacute;a V&eacute;lez is&nbsp;from Medell&iacute;n, Colombia and she is 33 years old. She studied industrial design but never practiced it. Maria Jos&eacute; is an actress in progress, it is one of her dreams and passions. On the meantime, she works as an interpreter, she has an alfajores business and she is a sexuality researcher. She really enjoys dance and to train kickboxing. She strongly believes that the most important thing in life is love and gratitude and this is what really leads us to success. Instagram: @maria0989
16/07/202326 minutes 27 seconds
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E336 Alyona Stremetskay

Alyona Stremetskay&nbsp;is from Ukraine, she studied journalism, and used to work in hospitality and customer service in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Her passion is restaurants and trying food from different countries. Her hobbies include reading, studying different languages and playing sports. Instagram: @aliona_stremetskaya
15/07/202317 minutes 31 seconds
Episode Artwork

E335 Rovatiana Diane Rabarijaona

Rovatiana Diane Rabarijaona&nbsp;is the first girl from Madagascar in this Podcast, she is currently living in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Diane studied international hospitality Management and she is currently in the Human Resources department. Diane loves nature, working out and drawing. Instagram: @dianerabarij
11/07/202330 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

E334 Valeriia Nabeeva

Valeriia Nabeeva is&nbsp;a 27 years old girl from Kyrgyzstan, who works as an Information Technology Project Manager in an American IT company and she is very passionate about it. Valeriia loves traveling, playing tennis, skiing, and reading books. Piano is her meditation, not only her hobby. She is married and trying to keep balance in all fields of her life. Instagram: @valeriia_nab
10/07/202318 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

E333 Wadzanai Gute

Wadzanai Gute is&nbsp;the first girl from Zimbabwe in this podcast, and is a second year Software Engineering student at the University of Wollongong Malaysia campus and she likes to spend her time in every possible way with friends and family. Instagram: @_.wadzanai._
08/07/202318 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

E332 Jackline Suleman Chambo

Jackline Suleman Chambo is&nbsp;a 25 years old living in Arusha Tanzania. Jackline is the last child out of 5 amazing women. She completed her bachelor degree in Pharmacy last year (2022) at Jinzhou medical university in China. And she is now doing her internship at Mount Meru Hospital. Other than health care, her hobbies are crocheting, music, reading, journaling and meditating. Jackline has a great interest in psychology and learning human behavior. Instagram: @_jacha7
07/07/202320 minutes 19 seconds
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E331 Natalia Marrugo

Natalia Marrugo is&nbsp;the first Colombian woman in the RareGirls Podcast. Originally from Cartagena, Colombia, she recently embarked on a new chapter in her life by relocating to Dubai, United Arab Emirates. This decision was driven by her strong desire to expand her professional horizons and enhance her English communication skills. Nati is the creator and creative director of Kol&oacute;, a company that advocates for the identity of the Afro-Colombian population through fashion and image. She is a social communicator with a Master's degree in Communication and Audiovisual Education. Over the past few years, Nati has also worked as a journalist, a television host, a motivational speaker, and a brand ambassador for various fashion brands in Colombia. She is passionate about leadership processes, and she thoroughly enjoy exploring different cultures through travel. Instagram: <a href="
04/07/202330 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

E330 Anvita Bhargava

Anvita Bhargava is&nbsp;an Italian &amp; Indian virologist, living and working in Paris, France. Apart from being a scientist, she is also a rocker, a pole dancer and occasionally a poet. Instagram: @rock_n_pole_diaries
02/07/202326 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

E329 Maria Cheremnykh

Maria Cheremnykh&nbsp;was born in Belarus and currently lives in the South Coast of Turkey and is building her life there. Maria is an experienced Marketing leader, who&rsquo;s passionate about developing new ways to engage customers with the products. Always've been drawn to create, Maria is gathering experiences and working to start her own business. Instagram: @m.cheremn
02/07/202321 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

E328 Pauline Pirotte

Pauline Pirotte is&nbsp;a 20 years old French Girl living in Barcelona and studying International Relations. Pauline has lived all her life abroad: Born in Tunisia; And lived in Guadeloupe, Mauritius Island, Bali, Corsica, the United States, and now she is living in Spain. She loves to travel, going to museums, playing beach volleyball, listening to music, journaling, spending time with her loved ones, and she enjoys learning about new cultures and events. Family to her is the most precious thing she has. They have taught her to be herself, to follow her dreams, to fight for everything she wants in life, and to never give up. Pauline is very interested in bringing a change in the American educational system and giving a voice to women all around the world, while fighting for equality and justice. A quote that has changed her and inspires her everyday is from Queen: &ldquo;Don't stop me now&rdquo;. Instagram: <a href="https:/
02/07/202331 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

E327 Mileidy Martell

Mileidy Martell is&nbsp;from Cuba, she studied computer science and was a model, and now lives in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates. Her favorite hobby is dancing Salsa and Bachata and many other dance styles, going to the movie and learning languages. Instagram: @milymm88
01/07/202315 minutes 23 seconds
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E326 Kateryna Kostiuchenko

Kateryna Kostiuchenko is&nbsp;a dance instructor with more than 14 years experience. Originally, she is from Ukraine, but nowadays she lives in Riga, Latvia. In addition to being a teacher and dancer, Kate has a master degree in chemistry. She never worked as a chemist, but she is very grateful for this experience Kate is in love with music, playing the piano a bit, she is interested in philosophy and science, yoga, skying, books and to try more and more new things. Instagram: @Kate_style_
29/06/202326 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

E325 Ligita Kalašnykaitė

Ligita Kala&scaron;nykaitė is&nbsp;an international, Baltic lawyer, one of few Lithuanian girls participating in this Podcast. She graduated Universit&eacute; Montesquieu Bordeaux IV &amp; Mykolas Romeris University EU Law and Governance master studies. She has been awarded as the most accurate employee in her job as well by the Gift of Remembrance of Lithuanian Police for her job tasks. She has been aligning her professional career with personality development, she won the French Song Contest held for International Language Day, she has been playing piano, has been singing in Girls&rsquo; PoP Vocal Group, University&rsquo;s Choir, has been organizing and conducting Music Studio concerts. She is a Bachata and Salsa dancer and is performing in Lady Style dance performances. The idea reflecting her, inspired by T. Robbins: "The happiness is not the purpose of your life, but the growth and personal development is." She lives in Vilnius, Lith
28/06/202331 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

E324 Zeynab Garayeva

Zeynab Garayeva&nbsp;was born in Azerbaijan, she has a Bachelor education is English Philology and then Business Administration at Geneva Business School. Zeynab regularly visits for work to all middle east countries, she is based in Dubai. She is a hotelier and tourism manager. She has sales and marketing, business development and event manager experience in the luxury hotels and travel agencies. She is an organizer and travel planner of big tourist groups. now working as international tourism manager all around middle east countries. Zeynab loves latino dances, especially bachata and salsa, dancing latino since 2014, doing yoga and stretching. She has her own travel company, she opened this company with only a 2000 USD budget in 2007. Then made it grow. Zeynab is a dark coffee lover, an Italian cuisine enjoyer. She is a fan of books and films in the detective genre. She is a classic music lover, she has classical vinyl col
28/06/202318 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

E323 Veniz Angeles

Veniz Angeles is&nbsp;a goal setter type of person, she appreciates everything in life. She is from the Philippines and currently working in Dubai, UAE for 5 years. Veniz loves to travel and loves outdoor activities. She really appreciates arts and is very much into coffee. Instagram: @venizangeles
28/06/202324 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

E322 Emma Saci

Emma Saci is&nbsp;a 20 years old living in Paris, studying cinema in a film school. Emma lived most of her life in Barcelona, Spain. She also lived in South Africa when she was 15: She went there on her own. Emma loves to travel, she needs to escape a lot because she needs to feel free. Emma is a photographer and clipmaker in the French rap industry. She also takes documentary photos during her trips. She loves to create new things, she writes poetry, takes photos, makes videos. And she looove going to concerts, museums, conferences, and festivals&hellip; Emma is also very close to her family. She is a very committed activist regarding the place of women in today&rsquo;s society. She was in a NGO for peace education (She has travelled to Mexico, Brazil and Vietnam with this NGO). Emma wants to change the world, because changes need to be made. &ldquo;If not us, who? If not now, when?&rdquo; Instagram: <a href="
27/06/202318 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

E321 Bermet Talantbek Kyzy

Bermet Talantbek Kyzy is&nbsp;from the beautiful country of Kyrgyzstan, currently living and working in Sharjah, the United Arab Emirates. Bermet is a Turkish University Graduate at the Department of International Relations. Bermet loves dancing, painting, creating handmade jewelry, as well as numerology, psychology and of course traveling. Instagram: @bermettalantbekkyzy
26/06/202320 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

E320 Luna Olivia Fee

Luna Olivia Fee&nbsp;was born in Germany and she currently lives in Much and studying Graphic Design and Photography. Luna is a very passionate creator and artist and since elementary school it was her plan to study Graphic Design. Creating jewelry, big paintings, photoshoots and designs is also a big part of her life and a source of great happiness. Luna is a philosophy lover and she always seeks to spend time with people who give positive energy, since she believes that's the best way for her to feel and let out her positive energy. Energy has always had a strong meaning in her life, because I knew since kindergarten that she had lots of energy. Both psychologically as well as physically, which mainly comes from strong ability to inspire and enthusiasm. That's why Luna found out that martial arts is also one of her passions and soon she discovered for herself that dancing gives her the chance to let out this energy in a similar b
21/06/202324 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

E318 Sara Araujo Lima

Sara Araujo Lima is&nbsp;a Portuguese girl who is living in Z&uuml;rich, Switzerland. Sara worked many years as a secretary in medical offices. And now her hobbies are sport, acrobatics, to go for a walk, dancing and being outside. Her goal is to become a dance teacher in Latin Dance, in particular Bachata and Kizomba. Instagram: @saraliar_
20/06/202321 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

E317 Isabel Lippmann

Isabel Lippmann is&nbsp;a German girl who loves to travel. She lived a year in the US, 6 months in South Korea and now she lives in Japan. When she is not traveling, a good book takes her places she has never been before. She likes to express her creativity in acting, writing, drawing, singing, cooking, and baking. Instagram: @izzy.l13
19/06/202324 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

E316 Julia Bachata

Julia Bachata is&nbsp;a dancer from Vilnius, Lithuania. She has been dancing all her life, starting with ballroom and now bachata dance. Julia grew up in small town Druskininkai, finished high school and school of art there and continued to follow her dreams to big cities. Now she is a bachata teacher in an amazing school Bachatavilnius. Besides dancing, Julia has so many hobbies and passions people never believe when she tells them. She loves gaming, collecting figurines, she has a huge collection of movies, she loves to draw, to paint, she even creates digital drawings and logos. Also, she has a big passion for puzzles, jigsaw puzzles, escape rooms, and exploring abandoned places. Julia is a bit of a nerd and she is achieving her goals in high heels! She likes to say to people : Never give up what you want, do it big, do it good and always in style! Instagram: <a href="
18/06/202323 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

E315 Gloria Staravoitava

Gloria Staravoitava&nbsp;is a girl from Belarus who has been living in Vilnius, Lithuania for the last 1.5 years. Gloria studied customs service and then finished her Master degree in marketing in Belarus. Now she is working as a marketing specialist for an online trading platform. Gloria is very passionate about dancing. Her entire life, she has been looking for a dance style that makes her feel is perfect for her. And this is how she started to dance social dances such as Salsa, Bachata and Kizomba. Last year, she fell in love with bachata and focused mostly on it. Dancing helps her to express the feelings she cannot put into words. Gloria is very empathetic and a sensitive person, so about a year ago after she found out she had depression, she started to practice self-love. Her biggest wish in life is to be happy and she is convinced that every person on the earth deserves that, but happiness starts inside of you.<
17/06/202324 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

E314 Linh Cao

Linh Cao is&nbsp;the first girl from Vietnam in this podcast, a graduate student pursuing a degree in Business Analytics at Drexel University. Her passion lies in unraveling patterns in data, uncovering insights that can streamline business performance, and provide a tangible competitive edge. However, as much as she is fascinated by the power of data, she is equally committed to the ethical aspects of data collection and use, advocating for responsibility and transparency in this digital age. Born and raised in a humble farm village in Vietnam, her thirst for knowledge was insatiable from an early age. Linh firmly believes that education has the power not only to transform individual lives but to uplift entire communities. She considers herself a lifelong learner, and she is always seeking out opportunities to grow both personally and professionally. In her leisure time, her love for learning extends into a deep affection for literature.
16/06/202318 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

E313 Greta Bachata

Greta Bachata is originally from Vilnius, Lithuania, and she now calls Toronto, Canada, her home. For the past 5 years, Greta has been immersed in the captivating world of bachata, moving to the rhythm and expressing her soul through dance. But that's just the beginning! She also had a thrilling career as a cabin crew member, jetting off to mesmerizing destinations and embracing the beauty of diverse cultures across the globe. Greta believes in going beyond the external journey and diving into the depths of her inner world. That's why meditation and staying fit has become an integral part of her life, allowing her to explore the realms of self-discovery and to find peace amidst the chaos. Greta is a soaring dreamer who has taken flight in the world of aviation, having completed a bachelor's degree in aviation management and a master's degree in Entrepreneurship. Instagram: @_grettutii
14/06/202326 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

E312 Tina Dewberry

Tina Dewberry is&nbsp;a Self-Worth Coach and Rapid Transformational Therapy (aka RTT) Practitioner based in Perth, Western Australia. As a mother of 3 sons, with her youngest son having been born with a physical disability &ndash; Spina Bifida - 25 years ago, Tina had to navigate all the heartache and difficulties that came with that. As a consequence of that, she experienced her own physical and mental health issues. Trying to find ways to cope and heal from these challenges, Tina began her own journey in self-development and personal growth. Her exploration into this field began with the work of Louise Hay and Shakti Gawain, training as a workshop leader in Louise Hay&rsquo;s &ldquo;Heal Your Life&rsquo; seminars. She then built on these teachings further with Patricia Crane PhD, discovering the power of positive affirmations. At a later turning point, her strong desire to expand her understanding of the mind, body and spirit connection
14/06/202329 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

E311 Christabel Swai

Christabel Swai was born and raised in Tanzania living now in South Africa. Currently, she is pursuing her Bachelor's degree in Marketing Management. Her hobbies include swimming, adventures and partying. People often describe her as a positive, smiley, party girl. Instagram: @khristinbel
13/06/202317 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

E310 Sveti Anastassiya Minz

Sveti Anastassiya Minz is an opera singer by education, she also studied at the German theater, and won many vocal competitions. Sveti is living in Dubai, she is from Kazakhstan by ethnicity, and German by nationality. In Dubai, she started everything from scratch, now she will work as a music and vocal teacher in a training center. Sveti also write songs, and everything on the way to her goal - Being on a big stage . Sveti wants to perform on the big stage not for the sake of being famous, but because she knows that her work evokes emotions in people, reminding them of the light inside everyone. This is her way of communicating with this world, to remind humanity of what is beautiful. Instagram: @minznastya
12/06/202330 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

E309 Nassra Ameir

Nassra Ameir&nbsp;studied in Malaysia, she lives in Tanzania and currently starting her own brand and planning to go to fashion school for her degree. Nassra does a lot of sports and goes often to the gym for cardio. Instagram: @sunpollux
12/06/202320 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

E308 Aidana Ablyazova

Aidana Ablyazova is&nbsp;was raised in Dubai and attended university in Virginia, USA. She studied business and mostly focused on building her beauty empire. Her hobbies include exploring, traveling and business development. Aidana currently doesn't have a permanent place as she is currently traveling. Mostly Dubai or USA. Her business has allowed her to have a very flexible schedule. Instagram: @byaidana_a
11/06/202319 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

E307 Nurzat Imanbek

Nurzat Imanbek is&nbsp;a girl from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan living in Abu Dhabi, UAE. She is 27 years old and she has graduated from a Turkish University in Bishkek as an Educational Specialist learning multiple languages. Her hobbies include making beautiful videos, traveling, and expressing her vision creatively. Instagram: @nurzatiq
10/06/202322 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

E306 Mane Harutyunyan

Mane Harutyunyan is&nbsp;an enthusiastic, dedicated and ambitious Economics student at NYU Abu Dhabi, with a Minor in Social Research and Public Policy. Coming originally from the mountainous Armenian South, she is dedicated to investing her knowledge and skills in youth development and she enjoys reading books and yoga. Instagram: @manee.har
09/06/202335 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

E305 Diana Osseyran

Diana Osseyran is&nbsp;a mixed girl from Donetsk, Ukraine, and Saida in Lebanon, currently living in France. Diana is a dance lover who enjoys pole dance, Bollywood dance, tribal fusion, and belly dance, she is interested in Chinese and Japanese calligraphy, in doing yoga, and the IT sphere. She has a passion for body movement (Indian dances, oriental dance and pole dance mostly) She is an IT Specialist, a foodie and a student focused on Japanese studies and International business. Instagram: @di_polepassion21 @di_diaries
08/06/202325 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

E304 Nasti Bachata

Nasti Bachata (Anastasija Sema&scaron;ko)&nbsp;is an International Bachata Artist, a Professional Ballet Artist, and the first Lithuanian girl in this podcast. Born in Vilnius, and having finished National M.K. Čiurlionis school of art, at the age of 20 together with 2 amazing partners Nasti opened a dance school and a night club that they keep growing. Even though she grew up in a small city in Eastern Europe, her talent is recognized worldwide, she is often invited to teach dancing not only in Europe but also USA &amp; Asia. Her biggest goal is to become the best version of herself, she likes reading books &amp; analyzing everything around her. Nasti loves nature &amp; quality conversations. Instagram: @nasti.bachata
06/06/202340 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

E302 Daryna Dmytryshena

Daryna Dmytryshena is&nbsp;a Ukrainian girl studying Management at Kozminski University in Warsaw, Poland, and a Junior Business Analyst at Profitia Management Consultants. Daryna has 8 years of professional Swimming experience, she had to stop it due to the other priorities such as studying at university; She loves learning new languages: she currently speak 4 languages fluently (English, Ukrainian, Russian and Polish) and she is learning French at a B1 Level. She was on Erasmus 2021-2022 in the UK at Aston University And she is a coordinator of Kozminski International Society of Bounce Section (they help Erasmus students who come to Kozminski University have their best experience there). Instagram: @dasha_dmytryshena
01/06/202329 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

E303 Anna-Mariia Kucheriava

Anna-Mariia Kucheriava is&nbsp;a 21 years old Ukrainian girl and a political science student in Comenius university in Bratislava, Slovakia. Anna-Mariia likes dancing, playing ukulele, sometimes singing and when she has the right mood, she writes poems. For her, hobbies are the way to be alone and just have a rest from her daily life. Anna-Mariia started 3 months ago sessions with a psychotherapist, which she believes is an important thing for everyone to do. Instagram: @gold_december
01/06/202321 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

E301 Khanzada Mamytova

Khanzada Mamytova is from Kazakhstan, and she has been living in her second home Dubai for almost 10 years. Zara is a Dubai food and Lifestyle blogger, she has 8 years experience in Dubai as a Beauty and Fashion adviser. Zara loves traveling a lot, she has visited more than 19 countries around the world. Zara also has several Make Up artist Certificates from Kazakhstan and Russian Worldwide famous celebrity Make up artists. While she was traveling, Zara was posting a lot of information about the places she has visited on her Instagram. For this reason, Instagram added her in the Category of Travel Blog. Zara is recently happily married, and she is working as a freelance job Customized Resume Maker. Instagram: @zara.mamyt
30/05/202326 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

E300 Lor Hamze

Lor Hamze&nbsp;is a Lebanese woman who has grown up in diaspora, living in Barcelona and Vienna. Lor is now finishing her second year of Dental School in Barcelona, Spain, and loving it. She is passionate about art, music, yoga, mediation and self development. In her free time, she likes to connect with nature, read books, skateboard, be at the beach with friends and try new things and adventures! Instagram: @lxoor
29/05/202329 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

E299 Nonkululeko Nonku

Nonkululeko Nonku&nbsp;is the first South African girl in this podcast. She is a poet, a Student enrolled in a higher certificate in Project Management, and she loves reading, writing poetry, swimming, dancing, and wine tasting. Instagram: @justherwiththelips
28/05/202322 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

E298 Aida Ghazvahanian

Aida Ghazvahanian is&nbsp;a Master of chemical engineering who became a makeup artist and a makeup trainer. Originally from Iran, Aida does her work in Dubai and in Istanbul. She loves cooking, reading books and watching movies. Instagram: @aida_makeupdxb
28/05/202316 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

E297 Alfreda Adote

Alfreda Adote is&nbsp;the first girl from Benin / Togo in this Podcast. Alfreda finished her Bachelor's in International Economics. And she is currently pursuing her Master's Degree in Analytics in Philadelphia, United States. She loves to read, to bake and to binge watch historical shows on Netflix. In her free time, she also loves to work on her personal blog that focuses on life hacks and advice for people who struggle with overthinking and anxiety. Instagram: @kale_adote
28/05/202325 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

E296 Sumeya Mohammed

Sumeya Mohammed is the first Ethiopian girl in this Podcast. Living in Dubai, UAE, Sumeya is a BBA student, a make up artist, and a translator of Arabic, English and Amharic. She loves watching movies and playing tennis. Instagram: @sumi_susu_7
28/05/202320 minutes 17 seconds
Episode Artwork

E295 Sophia Tan

Sophia Tan is a Print Ad Model in Dubai and a student and a brand ambassador for an aesthetic clinic in the Philippines. She loves Volleyball, she did extra roles for Vox Cinemas commercials, she was an extra at Souhila Ben Lachhab music video under Lifestyle Studioz. Pia loves painting, she is selling paintings worldwide on IG at and she is starting to learn the piano. Instagram: @sophiaadrnne
27/05/202312 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

E294 Mayca Fernandes Santos

Mayca Fernandes Santos is&nbsp;a Brazilian girl from S&atilde;o Paulo. She left Brazil in 2011 to study in France, she started doing law and political sciences but didn't really liked French law so she change her university and started a diploma of Foreign Languages. After her Bachelor's Degree, she applied for a Masters' Degree in Translation. After living in France for 11 years, she moved in January 2023 to Dubai, United Arab Emirates to work. Mayca loves traveling, meeting new people, exploring new cultures and place, cooking, going out for drinks or dancing, as well as reading, listening to music, and watching TV shows/movies. Instagram: @maykinhaa
27/05/202325 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

E293 Janaina De Andrade

Janaina De Andrade is a half-German half-Brazilian University student living in Japan. She loves the Japanese culture. Janaina has climbed Mount Fuji, Kilimanjaro and Meru in Tanzania. Janaina loves dancing, going to the gym, watching anime, analyzing films with friends, and playing legend of Zelda on her friends' Nintendo because she doesn't have one. Janaina loves listening to podcasts and to make last minute trips and plans with friends. Instagram: @buttercupkytten
27/05/202332 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

E292 Larissa Racheal Dsouza

Larissa Racheal Dsouza is&nbsp;an explorer of life and a model born in India and raised in Dubai, UAE. She is Miss Global India representative in 2022 and runner up of International Top Model 2021. Larissa loves arts, long-distance running, painting, and dancing. As a result of her being subjected to verbal abuse and bullying in the classroom, her school years were particularly trying. But she went on a journey of self-improvement which allowed her to emerge stronger and more powerful after such difficult experiences. As a woman in a patriarchal society in India, she aims to eliminate the social stigma associated with being a woman by encouraging female education for impoverished children through a crowdsourcing project called Ave Marie project. Instagram: @larissa.dsouza3
25/05/202323 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

E291 Iasmina Radu

Iasmina Radu&nbsp;is a 20 years old girl from Timisoara, Romania and she currently lives in Vienna and studies economics at Vienna University of Economics and Business. Her hobbies are playing tennis, painting and traveling. She really likes going out with friends and to explore the streets of Vienna. Iasmi is definitely a cat person and she loves meeting new people from all over the world. Instagram: @iasmi_ligia
25/05/202320 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

E290 Leila Alieva

Leila Alieva&nbsp;lives in Dubai, feels safe and happy to be a resident in UAE. Leila is a professional dancer, she studied classic choreography. She has been dancing since she was 4 years old and has been a belly dancer for more than 15 years. Originally from Moscow, Russia. Leila is also a graduate engineer concentrator of ores of precious and non-ferrous. Instagram: @alieva_lejla
23/05/202321 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

E289 Mariam Waseem

Mariam Waseem is&nbsp;the first girl from Pakistan in this podcast. She is&nbsp;a Management Information System Bachelor in Işık University, Istanbul, Turkey and the President of Işık University International Students Club. Instagram: @mariamwaseem
21/05/202326 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

E288 Patricia Alexandra Bontescu

Patricia Alexandra Bontescu is&nbsp;an Automation and Computer Engineering student from Timișoara, Romania. Patricia likes to sing. She used to sing traditional Romanian music and she also was into acting she were younger. Patricia likes to read, especially history and modern history books. Patricia is a volunteer for the students organization in her faculty. Instagram: @patriciaalexandra04
20/05/202316 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

E287 Andra Mușat

Andra Mușat is&nbsp;a Romanian girl who is part of an acting group. She loves painting, sometimes she sketches fashion designs, and she went with her acting group to two different theatre festivals where they won two trophies (one for best act and one for special play. Right now, Andra is preparing for her finals and for UNATC, which is a university for acting and cinematography that is hard to get accepted to because the exams are difficult and the admissions are very competitive. Instagram: @andra._musat
19/05/202326 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

E286 Heidi Teresa Marcos

Heidi Teresa Marcos is&nbsp;a Painter, Chef, Jewelry Artist, Bowling player, Lawn Tennis practitioner, Taekwondo athlete, Billiards player , Singer, Makeup Artist, Fashion Art Consultant, Musician, Photography appreciator, and tattoo lover from Ilocos Norte, Philippines. Heidi has a Bachelor's degree in Accounting, she has experience in Restaurant Management, Accounting, and Office Administration. From Supervisor to Manager, business owner in her home country (in the grocery and apartments field), Heidi still desires to explore more talents as freelancer as her passion. Her greatest achievement is having 2 lovely kids and she is very proud of them as a mother. Instagram: @ms_h_unicahija17
18/05/202323 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

E285 LaRudche Laura Rudchenco

LaRudche (Laura Rudchenco)&nbsp;is a Singer, Songwriter, Performer, Comedian, Actress and the number 1 GAGA impersonator. And she is the first Argentinian woman in this Podcast. Larudche was a flight attendant for almost 10 years, resigned and became a full time singer. She is now a published singer, she writes and produces her own songs, she is also a stand up comedian and opened her own comedy night show in Dubai. Larudche has performed in the best venues in Dubai and made a name for herself. Larudche has an original song coming and and a cover of a 1940&rsquo;s jazz coming up in the next weeks. Instagram: @larudche
16/05/202332 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

E284 Ilona Alieksieieva

Ilona Alieksieieva&nbsp;is a Ukrainian girl and a single mother from Kyiv living in Dubai. Ilona is a business development director at a tech startup &amp; Partner at a creative design agency. Instagram: @heyilona
14/05/202325 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

E283 Frida Zee Avwontom

Frida Zee Avwontom is a Cameroonian girl currently learning Dutch and living in the Netherlands. She loves photography, videography, Netflix, listening to music, and other form of entertainment. Instagram: @zee_av
12/05/202320 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

E282 Viktoriia Boichenko

Viktoriia Boichenko is&nbsp;an Erasmus Mundus Master Program "WAVES" scholarship winner from Ukraine now living in Gandia, Spain and studying at UPV, Polytechnic University of Valencia, Campus Gandia. Viktoriia loves Reading fantasy and psychology books; cooking, dancing, and hanging out with friends. Now, she is training with aerial gymnastics on the hoop,and earlier on, she has tried ballroom dancing, swimming, and kickboxing. Viktoriia had an experience with sewing clothes (corsets, underwear, and medieval-style costumes). Her highest personal achievements were getting a driving license, after that getting a scholarship to Erasmus Mundus. The next one is to finish it. Instagram: @vik.boichenko
11/05/202328 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

E281 Nat Isabel

Nat Isabel is an Art Expert &amp; Researcher living in Munich, Germany. Isabel is ancestrally 50% German, 25% Omani, and 25% Congolese. She has a PhD in 2020 in Systems Theory, Cultural Policy, and Museum Management. Isabel published her second book in April 2023 about her Afrogerman history called "Hot Mixed Girl" and she is working on her third book to be published in 2024 by Routledge on Art Advisory and Collection. Isabel has a Management Business founded in 2021 and an Animal rescue and foster organization founded in 2017. She is a dancer enjoying ballet and modern dance. And she works as an art expert and underwriter in fine art &amp; for private clients, in the insurance industry and has worked for galleries, art dealers and auction houses in the past. Instagram: @louisa_isabel_
09/05/202330 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

E280 Brânduşa Brumbea

Br&acirc;nduşa Brumbea is&nbsp;a young metal vocalist and art student from Alba Iulia in Romania. Instagram: @brandusa_brumbea
08/05/202333 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

E279 Karina Zarichanska

Karina Zarichanska is&nbsp;an Ukrainian girl studying at the Institute of International Relations, Taras Shevshenko University, Ukraine. Karina is a bibliophile and a girl interested in poetry. Instagram: @lavendelkaffee
07/05/202318 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

E278 Aidai Ismailova

Aidai Ismailova is&nbsp;a Certified International Makeup trainer and a Make Up artist living in Dubai. Originally from Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan, Aidai loves travel, pets and books. Instagram: @AidaiMUA
06/05/202321 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

E277 Jenni Weaver

Jenni Weaver is a content creator, a podcast host, and an Arthritis &amp; Psoriasis Advocate from Kalama, Washington Sate, USA. Her hobbies are painting, hiking, and content creation. Instagram: @gracefully_jen @My_Spoonie_Sisters
05/05/202321 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

E276 Lizabell Beatus

Lizabell Beatus is a Tanzanian girl studying Psychology in Işık University Istanbul, Turkey. She is very passionate about fashion and modeling. She has built her experience with fashion and photography modeling. Belle is great at baking and has held a charity bake sale for an orphanage in Tanzania. She is a mental health advocate and loves raising awareness on autism. Instagram: @belle.xiv
02/05/202327 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

E275 Brenda Tabot

Brenda Tabot is&nbsp;an Afro-dancer from Cameroon, studying both in 12th grade and in Vancouver Island University, and plans to become a nurse. She is a friendly person with a big personality. She loves playing rugby and getting exposed to exciting new things, and she participated in the Miss Personality Pageant in Canada. Instagram: @brenda.tabotebot
01/05/202323 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

E274 Tatiana Titomay

Tatiana Titomay&nbsp;studied banking, but after she tried to work in a bank, she realized that this is not her thing, and she is drawn to more creative activities. Tatiana was born in a cold country, Russia, and all her life she dreamed of living by the sea. So 6 years ago she left her country and went to explore life in different places. During this time she managed to live in Thailand, Indonesia and now lives in Dubai, the Arab Emirates. During her life abroad she got acquainted with the world of photography, content, modeling and everything related to production for brands, video clips, show business and so on. She fell in love with this business with all her heart and it became not only her hobby, but also her job. Now living in the United Arab Emirates, she continues to do what she loves, and of course she dreams of achieving great heights, big earnings, more interesting acquaintances and projects and improving the quality of
30/04/202328 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

E273 Samman Akbarzada

Samman Akbarzada is a female author from Afghanistan. She loves writing, reading, art, listening to music, and hiking in nature. Her debut novel "Life is a Movie" was published in August 22nd 2021. It is the story of a working child in Kabul Afghanistan and what women face in discriminated societies. Her poetry book "A Glimmer in the Dark" was published in November 17th 2022. Her motto is Give hope, Spread love, and Be kind. Instagram: @sammanwrites
29/04/202327 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

E272 DJ Perry

DJ Perry&nbsp;is an Iranian DJ specializing in Electronic Body Music (EBM), Techno, Electro, Dark Wave and Disco. She loves being a DJ, music, dancing, flow arts, nature, camping, books, yoga, gym, hair coloring and hair treatment. Instagram: @_per_ryy_
28/04/202310 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

E271 Anna Kostenko

Anna Kostenko is&nbsp;a Ukrainian girl from Kyiv, Ukraine, and a student at both Institute of International Relations, Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv and at University of Z&uuml;rich. Anna loves doing make up and drawing, it really helps her to calm down and deal with stress. She is also currently learning digital art. Not yet a professional artist, she is just self-taught. Anna enjoys drawing different cartoon characters. Moreover, she is totally into theater, especially musicals. She thinks there is something really special about seeing the actors perform live on stage. She has previously worked as a volunteer at theaters and theatrical events. As for achievements, Anna has always been one of the top students both at school and at university. At school, she participated in lots of academic competitions and received awards for that. While in high school, she was selected for FLEX 2017-2018 and got a chance to study f
28/04/202333 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

E270 Alina Boiko

Alina Boiko is&nbsp;a language &amp; Literature student at the National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy", a mentor, a teacher, and a blogger from Kyiv, Ukraine. Alina is currently on an exchange student at the best university in Canada, University of Toronto, she works as a teacher with 500+ students in 3 years, and she is the founder of blogs about education with an audience of more than 120K students. Instagram: @baalbie
27/04/202330 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

E269 Chiara Cavenaghi

Chiara Cavenaghi&nbsp;is an Italian Model &amp; Actress based in Milano. She graduated as a Pharmacist, and her hobbies are to help people, travel the world, know other cultures and achieve her goals. Instagram: @kiaracave
27/04/202319 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

E268 Alexa Shell

Alexa Shell is&nbsp;an elementary school teacher and a certified advanced pole fitness instructor from Cleveland, Ohio, the United States. Alexa has a Bachelors Degree in Politics and Women &amp; Gender Studies from Sewanee: The University of the South, a Masters of Science in Elementary Education from Johns Hopkins; and she work as a Primary teacher at a public Montessori School (ages 3-6). She is an Alumna of Teach for America 2018 corps. As a child, Alexa danced for 13 years and rock climbed competitively in high school. After her first year teaching, she decided to get back into fitness that summer and found pole dancing. She found it to be a perfect combination of dance and rock climbing that kept her interest and challenged her both mentally and physically. Alexa is a Certified Beginner through Advanced Pole Fitness Instructor through Ecole de Pole, an international company founded by Justine McLucas in Australia. Alexa teaches two
25/04/202327 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

E267 Remotse Kgwadi

Remotse Kgwadi is a Motswana girl from Botswana working in Disneyland Paris. She loves to dance, to write in order to clear her head, usually in the form of poetry/rap, but also just for herself. Remo also practices yoga, it helps her stay centered and is a great way to destress and let out any unwanted energy. Plus, Remo is a big tea lover. Instagram: @r_cherrybxmb
22/04/202334 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

E266 Anya Prokhorova

Anya Prokhorova&nbsp;is an illustrator and designer featured in Dubai fashion week, she is a model, she loves writing and reading poetry (also very interested in advocating for mental health awareness and self improvement). Anya focuses on self expression through creative medias like drawing, painting and sculpting since her early childhood. Originally from Russia, Anya lives in Dubai, she used to live in the UK, and she has completed her education in Art school, fashion school, and freelances as a fashion illustrator. Instagram: @gotyourteeth
21/04/202325 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

E265 Zhypar Nazylbekova

Zhypar Nazylbekova is the first girl from Kyrgyzstan in this podcast. She lives in Dubai, UAE, and works as a freelance makeup artist and a digital physiologist who loves yoga, going to the gym and jogging every morning 10,000 steps to keep her health and energy. Instagram: @zhypar_nazylbekova
20/04/202329 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

E264 Romina Semprini

Romina Semprini a painter and art student from Alba Iulia, Romania studying at Regina Maria Art School. She loves painting, meditation, and learning other languages. Romina had an art exposition at the National Museum of Union Alba Iulia at 14 years old. She has permanent expositions in 5 restaurants in Alba Iulia. And she has given 2 times to Prince Nicolae of Romania, a member of the Royal Family, paintings as gifts at the age of 13 and 17. Instagram: @sempriniromina_artist
20/04/202331 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

E263 Anna Rohanova

Anna Rohanova is&nbsp;a Ukrainian girl from Donetsk studying a Bachelor of Business Administration at KU Leuven, Belgium. Anna is currently very focused on finishing her degree and also in the process of getting a nutritionist certification. She also plans on getting coach certification because she is in love with sport and in particular lifting weights in the gym. She has been doing it for almost 2 years and she progressed to quite high weights (Her most impressive personal records are 285.5 kg on a leg press and 160 kg on hip thrust). Anna wants to help people get stronger and happier in the future through sports. Instagram: @_impassible_01
19/04/202328 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

E262 Josephine Kiaga

Josephine Kiaga is&nbsp;a Tanzanian-American freelance Film Producer and Co-Owner of Kiagraphy Media Ltd. Living in Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania, she acquired a unique sense of storytelling and was able to explore non-western film making at an early age. After she was awarded with the BTEC Student of the Year for her thought-provoking Creative Media in 2019 ceremony and attended that ceremony in London, it pushed her to go to University in the UK. She completed her BFA in Film Production with a First Class and has now moved on to continue freelancing. She specializes in Short Films, Music Videos, Documentaries and Producing photoshoots for her company. Most recently, she was a Producer for a film commissioned by the US Embassy Tanzania, exploring the taboo of HIV/Aids treatment through an effective, drama short film with some of Tanzania's best. It was educational, daring and women-led, these are the projects that she enjoys being part
16/04/202329 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

E261 Yelyzaveta Shelestova

Yelyzaveta Shelestova is&nbsp;an International Relations student at Taras Shevchenko National University from Kyiv Region, Ukraine, interested in NGOs &amp; Communications. Yelyzaveta is the Head of the Institute of International Relations Debate Club, a Teach For All&rsquo;s Student Advisor alumna, a Member of the Debate Federation of Ukraine, an active worker in the field of NGOs management, a Co-author of Teach For All&rsquo;s eBook &ldquo;What Leadership Do We Need Now?&rdquo;, and the Top student of the year 2022-2023. Instagram: @sh.elliz
16/04/202331 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

E260 Crystal Patton

Crystal Patton is&nbsp;from Nagaland (Northeast) apart of India. Crystal is an Indian girl working in R&amp;D the for National Rural Livelihoods Mission. She is working on promoting green environments such as planting trees and varieties of flowers. Crystal is originally from the Northeast of India, and she had various opportunities representing her district, she won 1st runner up in modeling as well as beauty pageants within her area. Instagram: @crystal_lotha_
15/04/202317 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

E259 Adriana Howie

Adriana Howie is&nbsp;a Jewelry and Gemstones expert living in Dubai, UAE. Originally a double national from Romania and the Republic of Moldova, Adriana loves traveling, exploring new places, driving fast, fishing, deep sea fishing and mountain climbing. Instagram: @adrilifestyle2022
12/04/202328 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

E258 Polina Chalienko

Polina Chalienko is&nbsp;a Ukrainian Flex Alumna '19, an International Baccalaureate graduate in 2022, and currently a student of Business Engineering at U Leuven University in Brussels, Belgium. Originally from the Donetsk region in Ukraine, Polina loves writing poems, the subjects of business, marketing, volunteering, and doing sport. She is a Civic Workshop Alumna &lsquo;19, and a manager and initiator of many charity projects in Ukraine and other countries. Instagram: @_chalenko__
12/04/202326 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

E257 Tasabih Diab

Tasabih Diab is&nbsp;a Sudanese national and Life style creator as well as a business woman with her brand Bronze Beauty living in Dubai. She loves fashion, she does sports &ldquo;skating, boxing, diving, gyming&rdquo; and she loves traveling and exploring new things. Tasabih loves reading books, she is a brand ambassador for Puma, Sivvi, Noon, Stylie, 6th street, as well as part of many other brands like Splash. Instagram: @tasabihdiab
11/04/202319 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

E256 Tetiana Yehorova

Tetiana Yehorova is&nbsp;a Ukrainian girl from Ternopil. She is a member of Girls Leadership Academy 3.0 ( She is currently working as an English teacher and she started her own speaking club to help Ukrainians improve their English speaking skills. Tanya plays the guitar and ukulele, she enjoys volunteering, and traveling. She has visited many cities in Ukraine, as well as traveled to Bulgaria, Italy and Poland multiple times. Tanya loves to spend time and travel with her friends and to try new things. She also attends acting classes at the Ternopil Academic Theater of Taras Shevchenko and she will have a play premiere in May, which is very exciting. Instagram: @g0trena
11/04/202321 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

E255 Amalia Damian

Amalia Damian is a Romanian girl from Alba Iulia. She is an Economy Student at Economic College &ldquo;Dionisie Pop Martian&rdquo;. Amalia is a type 1 diabetic, and she loves horse riding, lifting weights, listening to music, walking, volunteering, learning, painting, traveling and cooking. Instagram: @damianamalia.17
11/04/202325 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

E254 Sema Nalbantoğlu

Sema Nalbantoğlu is a Turkish-Bulgarian woman living in Istanbul who loves traveling, cooking, dancing, trekking, camping, playing piano, and HR management. She works in Recruitment and Training as a HR Executive, and she loves to travel the world, to camp and to take travel photos. Instagram: @sweettravelersemos
10/04/202324 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

E253 Kamila Nazyrova

Kamila Nazyrova is a Ukrainian Pole Dance teacher and competitor, a 1st place in Pole Sport Championship 2020 in Wien, an Xpert certified , a Mom of an amazing girl and a Post-Partum fitness instructor. Kamila has an MBA in International Management, and she lives in Nice, France. Instagram: @campolesport
04/04/202322 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

E252 Dana Kalihina

Dana Kalihina is&nbsp;a Sales Manager from Astana, Kazakhstan. She loves traveling, reading books, dancing, going to yoga classes and trying new and exciting experiences. Instagram: @danakalihina
03/04/202313 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

E251 Maya Sleiman

Maya Sleiman is&nbsp;a Lebanese Belarusian girl studying Biomedical Sciences at King&rsquo;s College London. Maya loves Fashion, Latin Dance, Playing the piano, Reading, Creative writing, Traveling and Blogging. Instagram: @maya.sle
02/04/202321 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

E250 Lea Radojicic

Lea Radojicic is&nbsp;the first Croatian girl in this podcast. Lea is a Level 3 Personal Trainer, a prenatal/postnatal coach, a Level 4 Nutrition Coach, and an ex volleyball player living in Dubai, UAE. Instagram:
31/03/202322 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

E249 Cristina Andrei

Cristina Andrei is&nbsp;a Romanian girl based in Germany who specializes in Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics. She loves books, movies, music, art, sports (such as jogging, hiking, yoga, skiing), traveling, pottery, and boardgames. She also likes volunteering in organizations. Cristina is fascinated with the leadership aspects of any field and she works as one in her professional career in IT. She speaks fluently 2 other non-native languages and is interested to learn 2 more. Instagram: @theromaniangipsy
31/03/202334 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

E248 Philippine de Romrée

Philippine de Romr&eacute;e is&nbsp;a Makeup-Artist and Content Creator from Waterloo, Belgium. Philippine is planning to become a physical coach because she is a sports addict. She loves art, books, inspirational and powerful speeches, as well as creating motivating videos and content. Philippine is a huge nature lover, she finds her peace in long walks, trekking and climbing rocks anywhere she can. Instagram: @philippine_drdv
29/03/202324 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

E247 Raykhona Ismoilova

Raykhona Ismoilova is&nbsp;is from Tashkent Uzbekistan, and she is a student at Vistula University interested in Fashion. Instagram: @rokel22
29/03/202325 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

E246 Sydney Zorn

Sydney Zorn is&nbsp;a Canadian Fashion Model and a student getting her Bachelor's degree in Website Design. Sydney loves spending time with her dog, time with her family, she has a passion for snowmobiling in Canada, and she is a coffee and pastry addict. She is currently learning how to design websites and she is a certified nail and eyelash technician. Instagram: @sydney_zorn
26/03/202328 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

E245 Divya Gunasekara

Divya Gunasekara is&nbsp;the first Sri Lankan girl in this podcast. Divya is an Account Manager living in Dubai, and her hobbies are writing, watching cartoons, reading self-development and motivation books, and meeting new people. Instagram: @divyaa_gunasekara
26/03/202323 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

E244 Lucia Yip

Lucia Yip is&nbsp;a model from Hong Kong studying at Columbia University. Lucia loves modeling, reading, playing piano and the violin. She has a Bachelor&rsquo;s Degree in Public Policy from NYU (class of 2021) and will graduate with her Master&rsquo;s Degree in Social Work in May 2023. Instagram: @luciayip
26/03/202324 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

E243 Alexandra Pogorelova

Alexandra Pogorelova is&nbsp;a Ukrainian living in Dubai since 2015. She is an internationally certified Personal Trainer, a nutritionist and Health Coach. As well as managing a Ladies Only Premium Gym in Dubai. She follows her passion about fitness and healthy lifestyle so in her weekly routine she is a very active person. Alexandra goes to the gym on a daily basis and likes to spend quality time with her friends like playing tennis, going 60+ km cycling weekly, running, doing yoga etc. She likes to explore countries and cities so whenever she can take a couple of free days, she likes to travel somewhere for a short trip. She is very fond of learning new things about health and recent research in medicine so she can deliver even better quality to her clients, and in the past 2 years of her life she did study health coaching and integrative nutrition. In general, studying and learning are a constant part of her life. Ale
25/03/202322 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

E242 Azadeh Gozarnoee

Azadeh Gozarnoee is&nbsp;originally from Tehran, Iran, and she started pole dance 5 years ago and 2.5 years ago high heels dance then some other styles to find her own technical way of expression. Azzy also artistically creates her own looks when going to dance competitions, designing dresses and fashion, she loves rock climbing, which she started 1.5 year ago to break her fear of heights. She also does highlining, gymnastics, ski, and she loves make-up since her childhood so she is now a make-up artist in love with this art. Finally, Azzy loves to be in nature, to travel, and to explore the cultures of the world. Instagram: @Azzyypole @azzyymakeup @azzyyworld
24/03/202325 minutes 24 seconds
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E241 Arina Sokolovskaya

Arina Sokolovskaya is&nbsp;a wardrobe stylist, a model and a top make up artist and make up teacher living in Dubai, UAE. Originally from Minsk, Belarus, Arina organized world international championships and world cups as a hospitality director of events. She has more than 8 years of experience in make-up, including more than 2000 happy clients, more than 200 happy students, and she worked with celebrities, singers and actresses. She has a lot of publications of her works and articles about makeup tendencies and advices in foreign fashion magazines including: Italian Vogue, Canada, Los-Angeles, New York, Paris, and Minsk. Instagram: @arinka_makeup
23/03/202325 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

E240 Anna Mykhailiuk

Anna Mykhailiuk is&nbsp;a Ukrainian FLEX Alumna '17-'19 from Sumy working now as a support Lead in an IT Company. Anna participated in the program &ldquo;Using digital services in education in Ukraine&rdquo; organized by the Ministry of Education of Ukraine aimed to better education in her country, where she shared her experience about studying on the educational platform - Coursera. Anna also previously worked as a Cabin Crew in an international company, and she loves Learning languages, traveling, and exploring new cultures. Instagram: @___anyam___
23/03/202324 minutes 47 seconds
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E239 Shakhrizada Makhmut

Shakhrizada Makhmut is&nbsp;a Kazakh female entrepreneur living in Istanbul, Turkey. She loves pole dance and high heels dance, sports, shooting, and horse riding. Instagram: @shakhrizada.numbers
22/03/202325 minutes 44 seconds
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E238 Enid Mollel

Enid Mollel is the first Tanzanian girl in this Podcast. She recently completed a Bachelor's degree at NYU Abu Dhabi and she is currently taking a gap year. Enid enjoys cooking, painting, writing and producing music. Instagram: @e_n.i_d
21/03/202320 minutes 3 seconds
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E237 Simona Polito

Simona Polito is&nbsp;a heels &amp; pole dancer, and an adult ballerina from Forli, Italy. Simona loves foreign languages, she dedicated herself since she was a little girl to learning them. So she has earned a Bach degree in translation and a Masters degree in teaching Foreign Languages. Her world rotated around learning new ways of approaching foreign languages and knowing different cultures through traveling and living abroad. She became a secondary school teacher and taught in Britain and then Spain. Parallel with this vocation, she has always had a passion for dancing. From ballet to hip hop to latin ballroom, she tried everything. She stopped for a long time and at the age of 30, she got back into dancing until she found her true passion - exotic pole dance. She has been doing this for 3 years now and it helped her re-discover herself, her sensuality and self-love. Dance is her fuel and her source of energy, a channel through which
20/03/202327 minutes 21 seconds
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E236 Taylor Dalton

Taylor Dalton is&nbsp;a dance instructor, Dancer, and Coach from South Carolina, the United States of America. Taylor is multitalented: She is an abstract artist, a soul singer, an anole lizard catcher, and of course an Elite World Athlete with the International Pole Sports Federation (She was twice a national champion). She has also won third place for 2022 Ms. Health &amp; Fitness in HERS Magazine. Taylor is a huge advocate for therapy, as it played a huge part in her overcoming fears for competition. Instagram: @atadtalented
19/03/202333 minutes 18 seconds
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E235 Alina Rabets

Alina Rabets&nbsp;is a model from Minsk, Belarus, living and studying in Poland, and she works in International Business. Alina enjoys volunteering, snow-boarding, ice-skating and traveling. Instagram: @alina_rabets
16/03/202331 minutes 42 seconds
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E234 Elise Santos da Silva

Elise Santos da Silva&nbsp;is an Austrian pole dancer and the founder of Beckaya Lieblingspiece - The exclusive pole wear brand for a stunning look, and she adores spending time with her two daughters. Instagram: @beckaya_lieblingspiece
15/03/202321 minutes 34 seconds
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E233 Nadiia Semenchuk

Nadiia Semenchuk, her friends sometimes call her, Nadin. Because of the war in Ukraine she moved to Canada. Nadin is a dreamer and an optimist in life, a motivator She loves to explore the world, life, and people Nadin can speak three languages: Ukrainian, English, and is learning French. And plans to grow her knowledge German, Spanish or Italian, because it's beautiful Nadin believes that dreams come true. But you need to not only dream, you need to move towards your dreams. And of course, don't be afraid to dream... Nadin loves coffee, chocolate and cheese, and she loves breakfasts Nadin likes yoga and running, she dreams of going to Tibet. She is a good photographer - she likes to open the essence of a person in a photo (planning to open her exhibition in the future) Nadin has extensive experience in marketing, PR, Brand Creation, SMM, and she is a writer She has been doing professional choreography since the age o
14/03/202324 minutes 11 seconds
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E232 Tania Halva

Tania Halva is a Ukrainian singer and vocal mentor living in Dubai. Originally from Ukraine, she loves to sing, writing songs, to dance, to read books, and to learn about human psychology. Instagram: @_halva_music_
13/03/202324 minutes 21 seconds
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E231 Jane Abou Jaoude

Jane Abou Jaoude is the first woman representing Lebanon in this podcast. Jane is a Lebanese fashion model, actress, fitness lover, and influencer living in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates. Jane loves dancing, drifting, sports, acting, modeling, advertising and catwalk. She is a certified beautician with 8 qualifications, does makeup, micro blading, and she advisor for beauty procedures. Instagram: @janeaboujaoude_
12/03/202347 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

E230 Reena Ruparelia

Reena Ruparelia is a Psoriasis Warrior, an ethnically Indian&thinsp;from Canada, a Hope Dealer for the Psoriasis community, focused on Mindfulness and self-acceptance. Reena loves dance, reading, hiking, and practicing yoga and meditation. Instagram: @psoriasis_thoughts
12/03/202328 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

E229 Shraddha Purnaye

Shraddha Purnaye is a passionate art curator and writer, based in Mumbai India. She grew up in Nagpur, a city in Maharashtra and studied hotel management there. Studying hotel management was absolute fun but somewhere she was not happy working in the industry. She was fortunate to get a break and worked in an upcoming art gallery where she discovered her real passion for visual arts. That is when she knew she wants to present Indian artists by creating a platform especially for the emerging talents. With no background in art or entrepreneurship, she took on this path with conviction that she can bring in the change in the Indian art world and in a long run the global way of looking at Indian arts. Over past 12 years she founded 3 arts studios, FindUrArt.Com and She takes pride in Indian traditions, arts and culture and is committed to showcase India&rsquo;s cultural essence in her work as well as in her l
11/03/202327 minutes 8 seconds
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E228 Marika Poveromo

Marika Poveromo is&nbsp;a female Entrepreneur, she is the founder of WE Concierge, a luxury experiences and events fully licensed concierge service in Dubai, Mykonos, and various exotic destinations. Marika is passionate about her work, because by helping others have luxury experiences, she also gets to live an adventurous life full of luxury. She loves being in yachts, eating at the best restaurants because she is a big foodie, working out, traveling, networking as well as being involved in charity work in Dubai and outside. Instagram: @mari.we.concierge
11/03/202324 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

E227 Priyanka Tripathi

Priyanka Tripathi is an Indian girl from Mumbai, currently living in Dubai and working as Cabin Crew. Priyanka loves dancing, going out, and traveling to explore new countries. Instagram: @sugarcoated_008
10/03/202316 minutes 57 seconds
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E226 Leyla Ali

Leyla Ali is&nbsp;a fitness and stretching coach, a massage therapist, and an English teacher living in Dubai. Leyla is in love with medicine. She created a stress management course based on neurobiology and neurophysiology as well as wrote a course on building healthy habits, and she has over 500 hours of psychotherapy. Leyla has a green belt in aikidjitsu ( which is a martial arts). And she loves sports, gym, yoga, and meditation. Originally from Kazakhstan, Leyla is a polyglot who speaks 4 languages fluently and she grew up in a Kazakh village and worked in more than 15 different fields until she found what she genuinely loves. And it is important for her to encourage women to embracing their sexuality and femininity, and to be fully themselves. Instagram: @coach_leylaali
09/03/202330 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

E225 Mira Mir

Mira Mir is&nbsp;a Tatar girl, a Marketing Specialist and a Voice-Over Actress. Her biggest passions in life are music, languages and filming.Currently, she lives in Istanbul, but she considers the whole world to be her home. Mira came from Russia, but her heart belong to Tatar culture, her native language is Tatar. Instagram: @su.anasy
09/03/202324 minutes 6 seconds
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E224 Hayde Esqueda

Hayde Esqueda is&nbsp;the first Mexican girl on this podcast. Hayde is an architect and a model from Aguascalientes, M&eacute;xico She loves to travel and have spent the last 3 years combining her career with her passion for travel, taking different perspectives in different regions of a woman working in an area some may think is male dominated. Hayde is a faithful believer that learning from everything will never be bad, you can learn everything there is to learn. Instagram: @haydeesqueda
08/03/202325 minutes 45 seconds
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E223 Tatyana Gordiyenko

Tatyana Gordiyenko is a Ukrainian Pole Dancer living in Paris, France. She is into arts &amp; entertainment, she created her own dance style and is working at one of the best schools in the world in Paris, Poland Dance. Tatyana has been pole dancing for 12 years, and before that she was studying art and rhytmic gymnastics. Tatyana won many competitions, she won her first award in 2013, and she participated in pole sports and pole arts events, and took second place in world pole dance competition many times. Her goal now is developing the forms and lines and artistic performance. Instagram: @tatyanagordiyenko
08/03/202322 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

E222 Sophia Lim

Sophia Lim is a Malaysian-Chinese girl who grew up in Abu Dhabi, and currently studying BA in Fashion Design &amp; Creation in French Fashion Institute ESMOD Dubai. Sophia is a quilter, a storyteller, an artist, and a costumer. Instagram: @slimsdreamworlds
07/03/202319 minutes 47 seconds
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E221 Krista Fält

Krista F&auml;lt is&nbsp;the first girl from Finland in this podcast. Krista is a Bachelor of business administration, sales &amp; marketing (graduated 2020), right now studying cosmetology. She is working as a beauty advisor at a cosmetic company. Her hobbies include Music, singing &amp; playing guitar: Krista has loved singing since a baby and right now she is working on making covers with a friend who knows how to make music on computer. Krista loves cosmetics and doing makeup, she studies skincare so all things related to beauty are an interest for her. One of her passions is self-development. She has been to therapy over a year now and it&rsquo;s been really helpful for her. It&rsquo;s a great tool for anyone who wants to become a better and a happier person. Krista gained so much confidence and started to know herself and to believe in herself and to know that can do anything she wants because she has got her own back and she is her
06/03/202326 minutes 32 seconds
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E220 Gwen Charbein

Gwen Charbein is&nbsp;a Personal Coach, a Kickboxing &amp; MMA Fighter, a health and fitness coach, and a foodie living in Dubai. Gwen is Belgian and Lebanese, and she loves paddle Boarding, tennis, surfing, MMA, she fought 9 kickboxing fights and one Pro MMA fight. Gwen injured her knee 2 years ago and she is hoping to fight again in September, she loves anything to do with adrenaline. Gwen also has an artistic side. She is a good baker and cook but also loves to get her hands dirty and good with manual labor. Instagram: @gwencharbein
06/03/202324 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

E219 Shefali Sharma

Shefali Sharma is originally from New Delhi, India, and currently living in Dubai. Shefali is very passionate about social media and fast evolving tech innovations. That's why she entered the world of Digital Marketing back in 2013. Shefali has launched E-commerce and lead generation campaigns for real estate, education, healthcare, alcohol, entertainment and many more lines of businesses when business were still novel to the idea of social media, thus giving the first movers advantage to her clients. Shefali is inspired by lifestyle and by fashion. Her hobbies include pilates, conscious healthy living, and spiritually inclines practices such as yoga and meditation. From time to time, she indulges in her love for coffee. Instagram: @iam.she.sharma
05/03/202326 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

E218 Areena Omer

Areena Omer is&nbsp;ethnically Sudanese, raised in the UK, and she moved to Abu Dhabi 8 years ago, and now lives in New York City. Areena enjoys singing, making TikTok&rsquo;s, travel, and learning philosophy. She is interested in popular culture, African resurgence in economics, agriculture, beauty and self care. She works in public relations and communications, as social media strategist and in business development. Instagram: @areena.omer TikTok:&nbsp;@areenaomer
04/03/202327 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

E217 Aliaksandra Khotsim

Aliaksandra Khotsim is&nbsp;a Belarusian girl trying to make the world a better place. She is a manager of kid to kid education (a program which help children to learn English with a native speaker) A few years ago, she finished (a program for teenagers who want to start his own business) And then became a curator of Sasha enjoyed in her life gymnastics, dance, swimming, reading, and singing. Her main focus now is the popularization of the Belarusian language and traditions all around the world. Instagram: @a.khotsim
03/03/202323 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

E216 Kimmy Pareja

Kimmy Pareja lives in Dubai and she is a Freelance Personal Trainer, Fitness Model, Influencer, Brand Ambassador, Entrepreneur/ Co- Founder of the Company Alpha Life - Ecommerce Platform that offers the Alpha Way of Living Including Nutritional Supplements, Wellness Products, Activewear, Bikiniwear and Distributor of Italian Products for HORECA. Originally from Kavite in the Philippines, Kimmy studied Business Management in Human Resources Development Management in Politechnic University of the Philippines in Manila, and she previously worked in Sales/ Customer Service Industry for 9 years since she graduated which includes Cashier- at 17yrs old, Fastfood Manager-at 20yrs old, a Medical Representative/ Call Center Agent at 21 and a Commercial Sales Executive at 22yrs for 8 yrs. Kimmy loves reading motivational books, meditating and visualizing positivity for her future, filming videos and editing as a content creator, hanging out and networking w
01/03/202325 minutes 56 seconds
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E215 Hana Najm

Hana Najm is&nbsp;&nbsp;a Lebanese girl raised in Dubai. She is an animal Rescuer, a taxidermist, a painter, a singer &amp; a guitar player. Hana is Lacto-Vegan, a Freelance Event specialist, and she loves Food, Fun &amp; Fashion. Instagram: @hanadi.najm
01/03/202334 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

E214 Ene Ogaba

Ene Ogaba is a creative girl from Nigeria who loves to socialize and is working in real estate and pursuing her dream life in Abu Dhabi. Instagram: @only_ene
28/02/202319 minutes 29 seconds
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E213 Anna Petrasian

Anna Petrasian&nbsp;is a professional and artistic violinist based in Dubai since 2006. Anna has performed at hundreds of corporate, private and public events, orchestras and five-star hotels. She has had the honor to perform for government events such as National Day events, Graduation events and most importantly events where several distinguished and honored guests were present such as the UAE Sheikhs including HH Sheikh Nahyan bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, HH Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan and several others. Anna also had the privilege to have performed at concerts with world super stars and legendsincluding: Eminem, Richard Clayderman, Andrea Bocelli, Sonu Nigam &amp; many others. Throughout her career, Hanna was featured by UAE&rsquo;s Khaleej Times and New York Magazine LuxeVarie. Instagram: @anna_petrasian Website:&nbsp;<a href="https://anntheviolini
27/02/202323 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

E212 Kira Bucca

Kira Bucca&nbsp;is part of the US Team for pole dancing and holds a world title for Ultra pole (which is basically the biggest tricksters go against each other and throw down the craziest stuff till there is only one winner). Kira is a pole dancer known for her dynamic tricks. She is becoming known as the power spin queen. Kira also runs a socially aware fashion, art, and celebrity magazine @jejunemag They only promote people who give back to the world. She is also a fashion photographer with her own photography page @kirabuccaphotography Instagram: @kirabucca
26/02/202324 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

E211 Altyn Hojadurdyyeva

Altyn Hojadurdyyeva is&nbsp;the very first girl from Turkmenistan in this project, so this is a special episode. Originally from Ashgabat, Altyn has been living in Dubai since 2016, where she started her business, working hard as a female entrepreneur. Altyn opened a beauty salon with her best friend, and in addition to managing their salon, Altyn actively works as a certified make-up artist and a hair stylist. Altyn graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Business Commerce in India, became certified in make-up and studied hair styling in Dubai, and she did volunteer for fashion shows and worked as a freelance make up artist for advertising companies. However, the pandemic caused her to lose a lot of her contacts, but she still works hard to grow her business. Altyn used to love being in the gym but needed to stop for a year, and she loves to travel: She has been to Bali, Turkey, Thailand, Maldives, Georgia, Mozambique, India an
24/02/202323 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

E210 Shauna Quinn

Shauna Quinn is half Kazakh, half Canadian, and she enjoys modelling, photography, video games and sports. Instagram: @shauna.q
22/02/202327 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

E209 Maureen Wanjiku Wanjiru

Maureen&nbsp;(Molly) Wanjiku Wanjiru&nbsp;is the first girl representing Kenya on this podcast. She loves to crochet, and started her crochet business in May 2021 after coming back from 6 months in Afghanistan (@wear_bema). Molly spent 6 months in Afghanistan at the HKIA military base in Kabul just before President Biden ordered the US to pull out from Afghanistan. Currently, Molly is working with her husband at an IT consultancy business in Dubai when she is not holding her yarn. Molly loves hiking, which she does with friends on the weekend, and lately she developed an interest in Turkish series. Recently, Molly started working out, that is her 2023 goal to have a perfectly toned body. Instagram: @shiromollyshiko
21/02/202322 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

E208 Kiki Athanas

Kiki Athanas&nbsp;specializes in working with professional women to free themselves from emotional eating &amp; non-stop thinking about food. Kiki loves wellness, fashion, travel and everything that has to do with aesthetics. She has been living abroad for the past 2 years, and has really loved immersing herself in the new culture of Mexico. Her heart lies in Europe though, and she plans to relocate there soon... Kiki has always loved "health", but now she loves it more from a 'healthy' place. Instagram: @kiki_athanas
21/02/202330 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

E207 Melitina Staniouta

Melitina Staniouta is&nbsp;a rhythmic gymnastics champion, a three-time World all-around bronze medalist, the 2015 European Games all-around bronze medalist, the 2014 European Championships all-around silver medalist, and 2009 Grand Prix Final all-around bronze medalist, an Olympian '12 '16, a struggler with dictatorship in Belarus and refuses to accept the wrongs happening there, a UNHCR Belarus celebrity supporter, and she lived in exile in Kyiv as her second home before war. Instagram: @melitinastaniouta
15/02/202322 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

E206 Lilia Parmigiani

Lilia Parmigiani is&nbsp;an Italian girl living abroad since 2015 and traveling the world. She is currently in Malaysia, and she is an Italian, Spanish, English, French and German simultaneous translator, and working in the web3 crypto space. Instagram: @lillicoop
13/02/202330 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

E205 Soro Khamidova

Soro Khamidova&nbsp;is from Uzbekistan, and currently a second year student of The University of World Economy and Diplomacy, one of the most prestigious universities of Uzbekistan. She works as an English teacher and on an online platform as an English teacher for kids. Soro graduated school with honors and was rewarded with a golden medal. She tries to participate in international events as a volunteer. For example, she took part in UNESCO world conference and was a volunteer-translator. Soro is really active in University's social life and she is a leader of her group. Last year, she had her research paper published in an international conference in New York. Currently, she is learning the Turkish language, and she can speak Russian, English and Tadjik(her native). Her hobby is learning cultures and reading information about countries. She has never been outside her country and she is currently plann
13/02/202329 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

E204 Rajeshwari Yadav

Rajeshwari Yadav&nbsp;is the first woman from India in this podcast, and a Masters of Science in Yoga. Rajeshwari is into fitness, Cooking, and social service. She made her career switch at 36, moving to a new city and making a new stand in Dubai at the peak of the pandemic. Instagram: @rajeshwariy_
12/02/202322 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

E203 Planet Modelster Anyanwu

Planet Modelster Anyanwu is&nbsp;a Fashion Model with tribal mark, and the first Nigerian girl in this Podcast. Planet is now living in Dubai, she is the 3rd Runner Up of BeingShe Universe 2022 (@beingsheofficial), a Women's empowerment network in Dubai. Planet is a crown Queen for Queen of South 2014, Miss Supermodel worldwide Nigeria 2019, and she was featured in movies in Nigeria and Dubai, she has walked for a lot of designers from different fashion shows like Cmac fashion show, Fashion Factor, Arab fashion week, Middleeast fashion week and Amity University fashion show. Her hobbies are reading, being in front of camera, surfing the internet and watching movies. Instagram: @queen_modelster
10/02/202322 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

E202 Khrystyna Ivantsiv

Khrystyna Ivantsiv is an International Relations Student at the Institute of International Relations (IIR), Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (KNU). She is also a Young European Ambassador and a member of the NGO Foundation of Regional Initiatives in Ukraine. Instagram: @khristi_lifelover
09/02/202324 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

E201 Sabina Adilkulova

Sabina Adilkulova is an International fashion model with more than 9 years of modeling experience in Paris, Malaysia, Thailand, Kazakhstan and Dubai Sabina is originally from Almaty, Kazakhstan and she is a coach of catwalk, posing, style, and etiquette. As well as a Teacher, International lawyer, Model and Team leader of Guest relations-at a world wide luxury 5 star hotel. She was involved in various fashion projects such as: Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, Ralph and Russo, Tom Browne, Etro, Haider Ackermann, Akris, Maison Bohemique, VISA Fashion Week, Sauvage Fashion Week, Georgian Fashion Days,, Esentai, Kazakhstan Fashion Institute, and La Moda. And L'Officciel magazine for the French famous photographer Jude Perrin. Sabina has 2 degrees: Pedagogical-Psychology and International Law. She has organized international competitions for designers "Best Dress of Kazakhstan 2014", and the national competition "Mr. Ka
06/02/202327 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

E200 Elena Gusmeroli

Elena Gusmeroli is&nbsp;the first Italian girl on this Podcast, so this is a very special episode. Elena is a psychologist, an international model, a kid's teacher at Università Cattolica, a lover of travel, the founder of the new fashion brand Bella&amp;Studio and a social media influencer with 1 million followers on Instagram. Elena has been on the cover of multiple fashion, fitness and lifestyle magazines including Glamour, Harper's Bazaar, and Women's Fitness, and collaborated with luxury brands such as Moschino, Salvatore Ferragamo, Lamborghini, and Ferrari. Instagram: @helengusmeroli
04/02/202338 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

E199 Alexia Bucur Epurescu

Alexia Bucur Epurescu is a dancer from Alba Iulia in Rom&acirc;nia, and she loves modeling. Alexia is a certified makeup artist and she loves taking care of herself. Her favorite hobby right now is going to the gym. Alexia is a loving person and she really enjoys helping others. Instagram: @alexxiaa_16
03/02/202320 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

E198 Islem ben Hassouna

Islem ben Hassouna is&nbsp;a Tunisian girl, a Computer Science student, and an artist. Islem is a leader in scout girls, a trainer and young researcher in UNICEF, a member of Microsoft club, a member in junior enterprise association. Islem is fond of painting, drawing, dancing, she is interested in astronomy, and she loves dancing. Instagram: @islembenhassouna
02/02/202324 minutes 57 seconds
Episode Artwork

E197 Charley McGarry

Charley McGarry is a Cambridge Alumna, and a Cypriot Irish Hong Kong Chinese, born in Scotland, brought up in Azerbaijan and the United Kingdom. Charley has experience in investment banking, media and publishing across the UK, Dubai and China. And she is a former Ambassador for the London Young Professionals Network, and a current member of 2040 Membership Organization for socially impactful Next Gen Leaders Link:&nbsp; Currently working as a full time strategy consultant for the boutique innovation consultancy OneLeap, Charley is also building a brand as a shuffle dancer and a social media influencer. Her hobbies are primarily shuffle dance, a hobby she started in February 2021, and she is now making it part of her career. Article: https://char
02/02/202328 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

E196 Leyla Kudrat

Leyla Kudrat is&nbsp;a FLEX Exchange Program Alumna of 2020 hosted in Colorado Springs CO, and a full scholarship recipient in Hungary with Stipendium Hungaricum, studying at at University of Debrecen, Hungary. Leyla loves making videos for YouTube and learning Japanese. Yourtube:&nbsp;
01/02/202324 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

E195 Simona Scarlat

Simona Scarlat is&nbsp;from Romania, she works as a Fraud Analyst, and she loves Photography, writings short stories on her blog, she collects vinyls, and adores art. Instagram: @simonet.ska
31/01/202320 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

E194 Cătălina Tartan

Cătălina Tartan was born in the Republic of Moldova, but has been living in Romania for 7 years. Cătălina is finishing her studies at the National College in Iași. She has several hobbies, most of which are associated with art. She is also fascinated with the legal field and wants to be active within it in her future and to become a Judge. Cătălina participated in history competitions, including at the national level, because it is one of her passions. She did volunteering activities, her preferred are social volunteering and festival organization. In 2019, Cătălina went to the Spanish National Competition, because it is one of her favorite foreign language. In total, she speaks 5 languages: Romanian, Russian, French, English and Spanish. Instagram: @catalina_tartan
31/01/202320 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

E193 Irada Gadirova

Irada Gadirova is&nbsp;a Ukrainian girl, and a student of public administration of the city of Kharkiv. Irada is a representative of student self-government at her faculty, and also a member of youth public organizations. She likes to engage in community activities and volunteering. Irada prefers Ukrainian literature, as well as American detectives. She loves dancing, playing the piano and western music. Instagram: @iradag_kh
31/01/202322 minutes 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

E192 Shabnam Mamadnazarbekova

Shabnam Mamadnazarbekova&nbsp;is from Khorog, Tajikistan, studying at American University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan at the psychology department, and working for an insurance company online. When she is not very busy, her hobbies are doing sports and socializing. Instagram: @v1v______
30/01/202326 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

E191 Munisa Giyoeva

Munisa Giyoeva is from Khorog, and now living in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, and is a Pharmaceutical Science student in her last year at Avicenna Tajik State Medical University. Munisa loves reading books and making friends, she is an Active member of American Space Dushanbe, an Active member of AKHP debate club, and she delivered a presentation on Medicinal plants of Tajikistan in Central Asia at a Pharmaceutical conference. Instagram: @mun1skaaa
29/01/202318 minutes 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

E190 Nozanin Homidjonova

Nozanin Homidjonova is&nbsp;from Khujand, Tajikistan. Currently, she is a second year student at Polytechnic Institute of the Tajik Technical University named after M.S Osimi. Her major is Technology and Information Systems in the Economy Nozanin works with the Public Organization "Shams" which provides access to quality education for girls from removed areas of Tajikistan by using modern technologies. Instagram: @noza_like
28/01/202317 minutes 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

E189 Sohee Riboss

Sohee Riboss is&nbsp;from Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and currently lives in M&ouml;nchengladbach, Germany. Sohee finished her Master's degree in International Management at University of Applied Sciences in M&ouml;nchengladbach and currently works as a junior marketing manager. Sohee loves badminton, drawing, dance, playing ukulele, photography, and personal improvement activities. She enjoys nature and long walks, deep conversations with people, music and watching movies. Sohee is a graduate of Westminster University with 1st class honors, an Erasmus exchange scholarship holder, and a German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) scholarship holder. Instagram: @avoriboss
27/01/202319 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

E188 Maria Badanova

Maria Badanova is&nbsp;a Middle Eastern Slavic girl living in Montenegro and studying at the tourist secondary school, but actually would prefer to study literature. Masha also likes drawing, reading and singing. She acted in a theatre for 6 years and she is really passionate about it, although she doesn't do it right now. Masha focuses on her personal growth and on developing and discovering her values throughout the years. Instagram: @___forg
26/01/202315 minutes 1 second
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E187 Feriel Zidane

Feriel Zidane is from Algeria, and she studies in the Mathematical High School, the best school in her country. Feriel is a programmer and a game developer. She is also an artist and an online teacher of English. She really loves learning languages. Instagram: @ferielzidane
25/01/202321 minutes 48 seconds
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E186 Sarah Lee Flageolle

Sarah Lee Flageolle is&nbsp;from Quebec, Canada, currently studying criminology and psychology in University of Ottawa. She works in rehabilitation for individuals with mental disabilities and she has many hobbies such as sports (volleyball/boxing/running/etc) adventures, outdoors, hiking and travelling. Sarah Lee believes that achievements are very broad and subjective but one of her (tangible) achievement would be the acquisition of her IB Diploma from UWCEA, she studied in Tanzania for 2 years. In a more subjective way, she is very proud of the work she has done on herself, her self-love and self-respect. She has improved herself and worked towards being the best version she can be. She is also proud that she is more lenient on herself, she used to have very high expectations that would set her up very easily for disappointment but now she appreciates every little thing she achieves and feels proud of it. Instagram: <a href="https:
24/01/202324 minutes 10 seconds
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E185 Gulbegim Rahimjonova

Gulbegim Rahimjonova is&nbsp;from Khorog, Tajikistan. She received a scholarship to Aga Khan Academdy in Kenya and graduated this year. She took a gap year, working at finance right now and plans to study business administration. Gulbegim enjoys singing, football, and reading. She has been involved in many things and had a uniprep course in Khorog @uniprep , football and environment CAS in Mombasa, Girl Up, Peace Summit, as well as mental health workshops. Instagram: @rahimjonova_gul
23/01/202322 minutes 54 seconds
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E184 Felicia Moiseenco

Felicia Moiseenco is&nbsp;a Moldovan girl studying at &ldquo;Mihai Eminescu&rdquo; college. Felicia likes to read, sing, draw and to listen to music. And she loves foreign languages such as English and Spanish. She participated in a local council named &ldquo;Dacia&rdquo;, where they discussed about local problems and tried to make the life of teenagers and everyone better, by doing charity acts and different concerts to entertain people, and they solved a lot of problems. At her current college, she participated in various seminars for human rights and gender equality. They also engaged with these seminars in different schools and presented their ideas about these topics and had very insightful discussions. Felicia also participated in various events, such as: &rdquo;Ziua Mărului&rdquo; and different competitions about Poetry recital and was part of various student olympics. Instagram: <a href="
22/01/202325 minutes 27 seconds
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E183 Alelei Vargas

Alelei Vargas is&nbsp;originally from the Philippines and currently lives in Dubai. Alelei studied Culinary Arts, worked as service crew in college, chef, admin, personal trainer, and now stretch coach; Her hobbies are sports, crafts, goofing around with her dog, and partying Alelei was able to tap into different industries and has successfully landed a job that she genuinely loves. She believes one of the best achievements one can have is to be happy every single day when going to your workplace. She battled her childhood asthma thru mountain climbing, sports, and now teaching flexibility classes like splits, and others. Instagram: @aleleivargas
21/01/202328 minutes 26 seconds
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E182 Louise Bergdahl

Louise Bergdahl is&nbsp;a Swedish girl, the first girl from Sweden on this podcast. Currently, she lives in Dubai, and works as a sales executive for a Swedish company. Loui grew up in a poor household and worked hard to live her dream life now in Dubai. Instagram: @040.305
20/01/202321 minutes 1 second
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E181 Yulia Manuilova

Yulia Manuilova is&nbsp;a Young European Ambassador and a law student from Kharkiv, Ukraine, currently living in Zaporizhia. At her university, she is a representative of Student Ombudsman. Yulia was an intern at the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine and a deputy's assistant at Kharkiv City Council. She participated in various international conferences, meetings and schools (related to leadership and women's rights). Yulia loves reading books (writers of "lost generation"), watching old movies, riding a bike and doing yoga. And she plays the piano and the guitar. Instagram: @manuylova_yulia
19/01/202324 minutes 49 seconds
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E180 Nilufar Sarbalandova

Nilufar Sarbalandova is&nbsp;from Khorog, Tajikistan but currently lives in Canada. She loves reading books, listening to music and filming and editing videos. Nilufar studied Communications and Media for a year at University of Central Asia in Kyrgyzstan but quit studying as she felt this is not what she wants to do in the future. Currently, she is in Canada, preparing for applying to university to study psychology since this is her childhood dream. At school, Nilufar participated in Olympiads and various school activities as well as in 3 International Exchange Programs such as Summer Exchange Program for Schoolchildren of Shanghai Cooperation member countries in China, Global Encounters in Africa and TechGirls in the U.S. Instagram: @nil_sarbalandova
18/01/202328 minutes 39 seconds
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E179 Arina Tymoshchenkova

Arina Tymoshchenkova is a Ukrainian girl from Mykolaiv. Arina is a dancer with 11 years of dance experience, she enjoys it very much, as well as playing volleyball and acting on the stage. Instagram: @tymoshchenkova
17/01/202318 minutes 6 seconds
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E178 Malohat Rahimshoevna

Malohat Rahimshoevna is from Khorog, Tajikistan, currently studying to be a doctor, Faculty of General Medicine at ATSMU. Malohat is a state volunteer, currently working in private and public clinics with the goal of delving deeper and deeper into the world of medicine. For 1,5 years, she served as a leader of volunteers in NORA Tajikistan. This year became a certified leader by IFMSA (International Federation of Medical Students Association) in India. She considers her family, her education and, of course, volunteering to be the main components of her life. Her favorite creation of nature is people and she is affected by the problems of low-income people. The results obtained and the work done in the field of volunteering and medicine encourage her to continue to be who she is now. Recent conclusion: if there is no strength left, you can just take a break and stay in place for a while, but you can&rsquo;t go back and
16/01/202316 minutes 46 seconds
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E177 Shahnoza Rikamova

Shahnoza Rikamova is from Khorog, but currently lives in Dushanbe, Tajikistan. Shahnoza has a degree in Communications and Media, and currently working in digital marketing. She loves listening to podcasts, drawing, painting, watching anime, spending hours on Behance, and taking long walks. Shahnoza is constantly working to improve herself spiritually, intellectually, and physically. Instagram: @shananurr
15/01/202329 minutes 53 seconds
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E176 Anna Arseienko

Anna Arseienko is&nbsp;a Ukrainian girl, and a Greenheart Alumna, currently a 12th Grade Senior in American school, finishing her education in Texas. Anna was an active participant in American clubs last year, and next year, she will study Business Management. Anna loves singing, drawing, and volunteering. And she received an Honor Medal for raising the Ukrainian flag, she received the award of excellence in drawing (her picture was selected for Rodeo), she took second place in her town Kyiv for participating in the Minor Academy of Ukraine (her topic was &ldquo;Computer Slang&rdquo; in 9th grade), and she was an honored student throughout her high school. Instagram: @annettesmily
14/01/202325 minutes 4 seconds
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E175 Sabina Babaieva

Sabina Babaieva is an International Baccalaureate (IB) student, a Ukrainian girl from Kharkiv Oblast, currently living and studying in Tbilisi, Georgia. Sabina is planning to major in history and politics. And she volunteered as a Board Member on Regional Development in the European Youth Parliament Ukraine. She also traveled as an Erasmus+ scholar to Kosovo and as a member of the EYP to Budapest to discuss neutral conflict resolution and active citizenship. Instagram: @babaievaaa
13/01/202334 minutes 1 second
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E174 Karina Domniț

Karina Domniț is&nbsp;a Certified Model and a content creator from Alba Iulia, Romania. Katrisha loves Writing Poems, Meditating, Cooking Vegetarian, Writing Songs, Traveling, Singing, Skincare, and creating content. She is also a Certified Economic Agent and works at a Consulting Firm in European Funds, she took part in the National Olympic in Accountancy, and constantly progressing and getting Through the difficulties of Life Successfully. Instagram: @katrishaax
12/01/202323 minutes 9 seconds
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E173 Mariem Azzouz

Mariem Azzouz is a Member of the Children's Parliament in Tunisia, and she studies in the Second year of High School, specializing in technology. Mariem loves computer science and writing her thoughts in Arabic. Mariem is a Member of a human rights association for students, a contributor to an environmental project under the auspices of the European Union, a member of the Tunisian Scouts, and she did an ambulance course through the scouts and will take another one under the Red Crescent association. Instagram: @mariem.azz
11/01/20238 minutes 24 seconds
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E000 Why Listen To This Podcast?

This is the official Trailer of the Rare Girls Podcast project.
11/01/20235 minutes 47 seconds
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E171 Wijdane Abdelhakim

Wijdane Abdelhakim is&nbsp;a Moroccan girl living in Sidi Bennour city, and she is a baccalaureate of mathematic and science first year student. Wijdane really enjoys reading, writing poetry, traveling, public speaking and she works in the field of children&rsquo;s rights with UNICEF Wijdane participated in the Arab reading challenge since she was 9, she participated in public speaking contests in French and in English, and won second place in Morocco. Instagram: @wijda_ne02
10/01/202326 minutes 35 seconds
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E170 Fotima Shohzodamuhammadova

Fotima Shohzodamuhammadova is&nbsp;a Tajik girl, married and the mother of a little boy, a graduated of Social Work and has a Master's Degree in Sociology. Moreover, she studied inclusive education in India. Currently, she lives in Jordan and works for an American company named Qudos as a sociologist. On a volunteer basis, providing psychosocial support for different categories of people. She has published more than 10 articles on different topics, including migration, divorce, women's rights and other topics, in the USA, Russia, Tajikistan, and Canada. Instagram:
09/01/202332 minutes 59 seconds
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E169 Romina Mehrabi

Romina Mehrabi is&nbsp;from Tehran, Iran, and currently living in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Romina is a Bachelors of Computer Science (2nd year) student in a UoPeople non-profit online American university. Romina enjoys programming, creating and listening to music, video editing, playing basketball, playing piano, and swimming. Romania ranked in various teenage competitions, including for playing Piano and swimming. She struggled with mental health from the ages of 12 to 18, but finally overcame it, which she considers her proudest achievement. Instagram: @rominaxrose
08/01/202346 minutes 33 seconds
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E168 Milana Platonova

Milana Platonova is from Kryvyi Rih, Ukraine, and currently a third year student in V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. Her subject is International Relations with in-deep learning of Chinese. Milana is an activist and member of the All Ukrainian Social Democracy platform. She is also engaged in the development of the youth sector and together with her team held several events in this area. Instagram: @prezident_mp
07/01/202320 minutes 53 seconds
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E167 Ritedj Trabelsi

Ritedj Trabelsi&nbsp;is a published author with her own book and the first Algerian girl in this project to support women and share the lives and experiences of Unique girls from all over the world. Ritedj is 15 years old, she lives in Algiers, the capital city, and she is a first year student at the best high school in Algeria, the Mathematical High School They accept only the first and the second ranked students in every city. Ritedj is a public speaker, a young journalist, tv host, radio presenter, the youngest TV Presenter in Algeria, presenting two tv programs on public television, and presenting a radio program in the Algerian radio, a writer, and a book lover. Ritedj won the first prize as the best tv host in Arab world during the Festival of Carthage (Tunisia), she won the first prize in the Arab world in Arabic competition (public speaking , poems, grammar ), the second prize in Algeria on Arab reading challenge, and she is t
06/01/202326 minutes 31 seconds
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E166 Chahd Krid

Chahd Krid is a 17 years old Tunisian girl who is a member of the Tunisian child Parliament, the representative of Tunisia in the Arab Child Parliament, the Tunisian Childhood Ambassador for Peace and Solidarity, a Radio Host and a young researcher at UNICEF. Chahd loves reading, volunteering, association work and discovering new cultures. She speaks Arabic, French, English and Italian. Chahd participated in the Arab Girl&rsquo;s Summit and she is very interested in defending Women&rsquo;s rights. Instagram @chahd_krid_
05/01/202318 minutes 51 seconds
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E165 Mouna Derquaoui

Mouna Derquaoui is&nbsp;a Moroccan girl, a member of UNICEF Advisory Committee for Youth and Adolescents, living in Khenifra. She is studying mathematical sciences. she loves reading books, singing, dancing, photography, and watching shows. Mouna is a U Reporter, a program by UNICEF aiming to solve societal problems, she participated in public speaking competitions, and took some mentoring from Y PEER Morocco. Instagram: @mouna.derq
04/01/202312 minutes 45 seconds
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E164 Shahrbonu Shonazarova

Shahrbonu Shonazarova is&nbsp;originally from Tajikistan and now in DP 2 (grade 12 ) at Aga khan academy, Mombasa in Kenya. She was accepted by Aga Khan Academy and began her independent life at the age of 13. Shahrbonu loves visual arts, theatre, football, and reading. She is a residential captain in her school, the lead in the art club, and had the lead role in her school musical "Mamma Mia". Instagram: @bonu_302_04
03/01/202329 minutes 26 seconds
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E163 Yeva Lysyk

Yeva Lysyk is a Ukrainian girl living in Poland. Yeva is an active volunteer in 3 projects, and a mentor in @engstd.time Instagram: @lysyk.yeva
02/01/202310 minutes 41 seconds
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E162 Cosmina Moisescu

Cosmina Moisescu is&nbsp;an Aerospace Engineering student at University Poltehnica of Bucharest. Originally from Curtea de Arges, Romania, Cosmina loves fishing, drawing, archery, visiting abandoned places and spending time with her group of friends and family. Soon, Cosmina will join a flight school to begin her private pilot license module. Cosmina faced a lot of doubt from people when she first started flying at 16 years old, and the odds were against her success, still, she understood that being a pilot is the only thing she wants to do in life. Instagram: @cosmina.moisescu
01/01/202326 minutes 18 seconds
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E161 Katerina Szathmari

Katerina Szathmari is&nbsp;from multiple countries: Romania, Germany, Austria and Hungary, a descendent of the famous photographer Carol Szathmari and an economics student. She is an ENTJ, and her passion is acting. Instagram: @katerina_szathmari
31/12/202227 minutes 30 seconds
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E160 Varvara Blindar

Varvara Blindar is&nbsp;the vice president of the District Youth Council 2023 in Soroca, a Volunteer at the District Youth Council of Soroca in the Republic of Moldova. Besides school, she likes studying human rights, history, developing her digital skills and also trying to include reading in her schedule, which is really busy. She is also organizing intellectual games and quizzes weekly at her school. Varvara has participated in different projects, such as Female Leadership Academy and the Youth Parliament of Moldova. Instagram: @vvblindar
30/12/202231 minutes 37 seconds
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E159 Eliza Dolly

Eliza Dolly is from the Wirral, near Liverpool in the United Kingdom. Eliza loves writing; both journaling and poetry She enjoys art as a way of therapy, hiking, cooking, clubbing, spending time with her younger brothers and studying psychology. Eliza was nominated as woman&rsquo;s officer for her university, Leeds Trinity University. She represented England in a conference supported by the European Union in Mollina, Spain, looking widely at changing institutions and more focussed on peace communication. Eliza also worked in Slovenia, on a project looking at the effect of the pandemic and digital activism- funded by the United Nations to run their own project within the United Kingdom- which they plan to focus on inspiring the youth to be more socially active within their communities. Instagram: @eliza.dolly
29/12/202228 minutes 58 seconds
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E158 Mădălina Spivacencu

Mădălina Spivacencu is&nbsp;a Moldovan girl, she is the Vice President at National Student Council. Mădălina is from H&icirc;rtopul Mic Village, district Criuleni, Republic of Moldova. Mădălina likes to write poems, reading books, playing cheese, doing volunteer work and learning about philosophy, politics, law and psychology. And she received multiple awards in writing competitions. Instagram: @madalina_11
28/12/202212 minutes 28 seconds
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E157 Andreea Gabriela Ciocan

Andreea Gabriela Ciocan lives in Braila and studies at George Valsan theoretical high school, where she is the President of the Student Council. She previously held the position of Vice-President at County level followed by Interim President and currently the Director of the Department of Culture and School Programs of the County Council of Students. Instagram: @andreea_gabrielllaaaa
27/12/202218 minutes 19 seconds
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E156 Natalia Gula

Natalia Gula is&nbsp;from Kotelva, Poltava region, Ukraine. She studies Broadcast Announcing for Television Programs at the Kyiv Theatre, Cinema and Television University. Natasha has changed 5 cities and 3 countries in her 19 years, and after the war, she moved to study Theatre Acting &amp; Drama as an exchange student at the Latvian Academy of Culture in Riga. Instagram: @natasha_gula
26/12/202224 minutes 12 seconds
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E155 Anzhelika Yefimova

Anzhelika Yefimova&nbsp;is a Young European Ambassador and a youth volunteer of the United Nations. Originally from Kherson, Ukraine, she is currently living in Qu&eacute;bec, QC, Canada. Anzhelika is studying to obtain a Master&rsquo;s degree in &ldquo;Odesa law academy", and took part in programs provided by the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (Kyiv, Ukraine), the Central European University (Hungary, Austria), and the Panth&eacute;on-Assas University Paris II (Paris,France). Instagram: @anzhelikayf
25/12/202223 minutes 41 seconds
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E154 Antonia Sorică

Antonia Sorică is originally from Ploiești, Romania. She lived in York, England for 2.5 years, and now re-adapting to life changes as she returns to Romania. Antonia loves writing and plans to study journalism. Instagram: @antoooniaaaaaaa
24/12/202223 minutes 5 seconds
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E153 Doina Elena Simion

Doina Elena Simion is&nbsp;the Events and Community Manager empowering women through Women in Tech Romania @womenintechro Doina graduated in Cybernetics, Statistics and Informatics at Bucharest University of Economic Studies in Romania. She started her career in the IT industry when she was in her master&rsquo;s degree. With more than 7 years of experience in software development, she played several roles within the development team starting as Business Analyst continuing as Scrum Master and Release Manager. Last year she moved from corporate to startup life, and now she is a Product Manager at Ronin, building crowdfunding investment solutions. She says that her new life is more challenging but she thinks that will help her grow exponentially. Instagram: @doina_elena_simion
23/12/202226 minutes 32 seconds
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E152 Mihaela Stratan

Mihaela Stratan is from Călărași, Moldova, currently studying abroad Music and Design. Michelle is a musician, a singer, and she can play 3 instruments: piano, saxophone and drums. Her heart beats for music, she intends to make it her career, and in the last 12 years, she managed to collect numerous prizes at various national and international music competitions, including the UNESCO Prize. Michelle has a diverse number of hobbies including music, policy, science, geography, and traveling. Last summer, she participated in one of the projects created by the Council of Europe in Strasbourg, Youth Action Week: Democracy which was an unforgettable experience for her. Instagram: @mihaela.stratan
22/12/202224 minutes 18 seconds
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E151 Bianca Izabella Raduta

Bianca Izabella Raduta was born in Pitești, Romania. She has been a professional swimmer for 15 years, won multiple Romanian championships, participated in international competitions like the Balkan Junior Games and the European Championship for Senior Athletes, and she won 100s of Medals. Bianca studied Social Psychology for 3 years in the United Kingdom, then moved to Liverpool to finish her Masters in Sport Psychology, because she understands the dynamic of having a deficit in psychology when it comes to Sports achievements. Currently, she is a Trainer in a multi-national company. As she left the UK and is now living in Athens Greece, 4 years ago. Bianca has experience as a translator for the Romanian community in the UK, as a Swimming teacher, an Assistant Teacher helping kids with Autism and ADHD, as a Life-Guard, and she lived for a year in Cyprus. Bianca is a part-time content creator: Because of her skincare problems,
21/12/202238 minutes 38 seconds
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E150 Nilufar Imomdodova

Nilufar Imomdodova is&nbsp;a Psychology and Neuroscience student in Lake Forest College, Illinois and is originally from Tajikistan. Nilufar is a UWC (United World College) alumna in China, Changshu, and an activist aiming to improve the qualify of life in her communities, and her hobbies is protecting homeless animals especially cats. And she is the co-founder of a social project called Varthim that aims at providing high quality resource to help human development in Tajikistan. Instagram: @nil_immddv
20/12/202222 minutes 56 seconds
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E149 Nasiba Nekqadamova

Nasiba Nekqadamova is&nbsp;a FLEX Finalist from Tajikistan, an active volunteer and currently lives in Iowa, the United States, as a FLEX exchange student. Nasiba enjoys political studies, music and psychology. And she worked as a volunteer with the US Embassy at American Space Khorog, in her hometown. Nasiba did an event called "Reggies Sleepout" where she slept outside at the&nbsp;Drake Stadium to raise money to support Iowa homeless youth. Instagram: @29nasiba
19/12/202227 minutes 35 seconds
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E148 Yasamin Rohani

Yasamin Rohani&nbsp;was born in Tehran, Iran, lived in Malaysia and now living in Lisbon, Portugal. Yasamin studies Biology at the Faculty of Science, University of Lisbon but wants to change major because her dream is to become a Doctor. Her favorite hobby is reading, she loves books more than anything, as well as doing sports like badminton and swimming. Instagram: @yasiirohani
18/12/202223 minutes 54 seconds
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E147 Carmen Jorda

Carmen Jorda is&nbsp;an aerospace engineering student at POLITEHNICA University of Bucharest from Bucharest, Romania. Carmen loves fitness and nutrition (she is vegetarian). And she is constantly working on being outside her comfort zone and living an authentic life. Instagram: @alecarmen8
17/12/202235 minutes 59 seconds
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E146 Gulrukhsor Vanjieva

Gulrukhsor Vanjieva is&nbsp;a Social Entrepreneurship student at American University of Central Asia. Originally from Tajikistan, she is currently living in Bishkek, the capital of Kyrgyzstan. Gulya is an English Instructor at Skyeng teaching the English language to teenagers and adults. And she participated in a camp to help prepare schoolchildren for university entrance exams. Gulya loves music, reading books and helping people. And she played Basketball for 5 years. Instagram: @__gulruxsor__
17/12/202222 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

E145 Alice Simtseva

Alice Simtseva is&nbsp;a Ukrainian girl from Mykolaiv living in Vienna, Austria. Alice loves dancing, she has danced for 10 years professionally, reading poetry, playing piano, swimming and boxing. Alice won many competitions in dancing, olympiads in German language and read poetry for a big audience. Instagram: @alicesimtseva
16/12/202226 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

E144 Mohinur Amonulloeva

Mohinur Amonulloeva&nbsp;was born in Tajikistan and currently studying finance at KIMEP university in Kazakhstan. Mohinur likes playing basketball and writing poems. While being at high school, she was accepted to 3 international exchange programs. 1. Cyprus International university summer exchange program in 2017 2. Global Encounters Winter Exchange program in Kenya Mombasa 2019 3. Iacocca International university summer exchange program 2020 Instagram: @a.mohinur.a
15/12/202218 minutes 46 seconds
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E143 Miruna Dumitru

Miruna Dumitru&nbsp;lives in Craiova, Romania and studies biology, chemistry and physics. Miruna loves to cook, to read and she really adores fashion. Miruna wants to be an Entrepreneur and to inspire other women to be themselves and to grow their self-love, so she is every day working hard to become the best version of herself. Instagram: @__mirunaaaa_
15/12/202222 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

E142 Nada Khalidi

Nada Khalidi is&nbsp;a Moroccan girl from Khenifra, and a member of CPAJ, UNICEF. Nada is an activist interested in the education rights of rural girls, and defending women against discrimination and violence. Nada adores volunteering, association work, singing, traveling, discovering new places and exploring new cultures. She also carries a special interest for animals and plans to create her animal-protection NGO in the future. Nada is currently improving her speaking skills in English as well as in Turkish and French languages. Instagram: @nadaa_a5
14/12/20228 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

E141 Dilangez Soibkulova

Dilangez Soibkulova is&nbsp;from Tajikistan and has been living in Warsaw, Poland, for 4 years. Dilangez has her own business, a real estate company in Warsaw and she works with Incruises, the largest cruise company in the world. Dilangez loves to travel and she found a way to help others to travel in a profitable and affordable way. Instagram: @soibqulova_dilya
13/12/202213 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

E140 Patricia Iordache

Patricia Iordache&nbsp;is a student at the National College &ldquo;Carol 1&rdquo; in Craiova, Romania. Her hobbies are dancing, poetry, reading books and psychology. Patricia spends most of her time in dance classes, but she also loves &ldquo;wasting&rdquo; time going out with her friends. She is a social butterfly, she loves partying and meeting new people. Patricia wants to become a choreographer and a dance teacher. Instagram: @patriiixo._
12/12/202235 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

E139 Shamima Mirmastova

Shamima Mirmastova is&nbsp;from Tajikistan, she graduated in Management from Bishkek State University in Kyrgyzstan, and was the AIESEC Local Committee President in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan. Shamima loves drawing, reading books, sports, especially doing stretching 3 times a week, and she loves her cats. Shamima has an online library focused on giving community access to rare and interesting books, and plans to make this an offline project in the future. Instagram: @_shamima.m
11/12/202230 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

E138 Sophie Terstappen

Sophie Terstappen is&nbsp;from Switzerland, but currently doing an exchange in Chicago, the United States. Sophie adores soccer and is very interested in History, especially the history of Chicago. Instagram: @trspnsophie
10/12/202220 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

E137 Nikol Hutsul

Nikol Hutsul is&nbsp;a Ukrainian girl who moved in April to Porto, Portugal. Nikol has a bachelor&rsquo;s degree in English Philology, speciality of Interpretation English/Ukrainian. A year ago, Nikol started her education in programming, and now she is studying Informatics and Computer Engineering at University of Porto. Nikol is a student worker. She works at the company Critical TechWorks, BMW Group. And her hobbies are singing and yoga. Instagram: @nicole.gutsul
09/12/202232 minutes 30 seconds
Episode Artwork

E136 Valeria Vrancea

Valeria Vrancea is a Moldovan girl living in Aarhus, Denmark. She is studying at VIA University College faculty of Global nutrition and health as well as being an eyebrow master. Valeria loves reading books, watching movies and documentaries, and swimming. Valeria moved from Moldova to Denmark independently, she makes her own money and does not need financial help from family, and she is constantly working to grow her success, her emotional maturity and her self-development. Instagram: @valeria_vrancea
08/12/202223 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

E135 Maria-Raluca Olteanu

Maria-Raluca&nbsp;Olteanu is&nbsp;a student of medicine from Bucharest, Romania. Maria-Raluca likes drawing, music, reading and recently the gym. She has taken part in volunteering activities at Curtea de Argeș, as well as a journalism project. Instagram: @mariaraluc
07/12/202229 minutes 12 seconds
Episode Artwork

E134 Valeria Stahi

Valeria Stahi is&nbsp;from Criuleni, in the Republic of Moldova. She studies art, music (specifically piano and guitar) In 2019, she became the ambassador of Global Goals, she volunteered a lot, won art contests and was a participant at the Republican Olympics of english and biology. Instagram: @hazel_scott420
06/12/202226 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

E133 Gabriela Bradu

Gabriela Bradu is&nbsp;from a little village in The Republic of Moldova called &ldquo;Ustia&rdquo;, studying in Criuleni. Gabriela loves reading, it helps her develop herself, recharge her batteries, and learn about other people's experiences. Her favorite book genres are: psychological thriller, history fiction and nonfiction books, &ldquo;self-help books&rdquo;, and Romance novels. This Spring, in May, she will take the Cambridge English exam for the level FSE or CC1. Instagram: @gabriela.bradu
05/12/202223 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

E132 Roberta Mihaela Butu

Roberta Mihaela Butu is&nbsp;a volunteer originally from Galati, Romania. Her hobbies are drawing and reading, and she has experience helping kids. Instagram: @roby.butu
04/12/202218 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

E131 Lâl Cengiz

L&acirc;l Cengiz&nbsp;is a Sociology student in Mimar Sinan G&uuml;zel Sanatlar &Uuml;niversitesi, Istanbul, Turkey. L&acirc;l works towards being a musician and a singer, she plays some instruments like the ukulele, violin, guitar, a little piano and bass. L&acirc;l had an MUN resolution regarding the Western European Refugee Crisis sent to Geneva Conference. Instagram: @benimadimlal
04/12/202232 minutes 3 seconds
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E130 Rimma Holokolosova

Rimma Holokolosova is&nbsp;from a littles town in the east of Ukraine and now living and studying in a gymnasium in Germany. She loves football, drawing and playing the Ukulele. Instagram: @thexrix
03/12/202227 minutes 54 seconds
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E129 Melaniia Cherepanyna

Melaniia Cherepanyna is&nbsp;originally from Kyiv but currently lives in Michigan, the United States, Melaniia is finishing her high school in America and planning to study political science or philosophy, She loves writing, working out, and going out with friends. Instagram: @__ainalem__
02/12/202225 minutes 20 seconds
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E128 Maria Kostenko

Maria Kostenko graduated University in Ukraine where she studied English and Marketing Her hobbies include dancing, photo shootings for fashion brands, and sport She currently works in an office of an international company, but also does other projects as a social media and PR manager, a part of a design project in Berlin, and a delivery company in Kyiv. After the war started, Maria traveled from Kyiv to Berlin alone with only one bag and two telephone numbers of people who live in Berlin which she never knew nor met before She stayed in Berlin almost 6 month before returning to Kyiv to continue living her life and doing her work. Instagram: @kostenkomariaa
01/12/202229 minutes 6 seconds
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E127 Duurenzaya Ganzorig

Duurenzaya Ganzorig is&nbsp;a winner of the Presidential Scholarship living in Ulaanbaatar, the capital city of Mongolia, Currently, she is waiting to study abroad at the University of Bristol, England and her major is computer science and electronics. Duurenzaya loves to listen to music and she combines pics and videos taken by her to create video clips for her favorite songs which helps her to relieve stress and boost her confidence, She also likes to dance, she has been doing ballet since she was 4 years old and when she was 16, she started to teach ballet for children Duurenzaya participated in the Tanzolymp Asia 2018 which is an international ballet competition. Instagram: @duurenena
30/11/202230 minutes 35 seconds
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E126 Anna Bazarna

Anna Bazarna is&nbsp;a Young European Ambassador from Ukraine, and both a student of System Analysis and Financial Markets at Kyiv Polytechnic Institute in Ukraine and living in Paris for her Senior year on &ldquo;Applied Informatics and Business Management&rdquo; at PSL-DAUPHINE, Paris, France, which is the worlds top 26 Universities and French top 1 ranked university. Anna is a GlobalLink Research Internship Mitacs awardee &mdash; an opportunity for students from 17 countries to spend 12 weeks in Canada for doing research. She also was an Erasmus exchange student-intern at one the best engineering schools in France - Ecole des mines de Nancy. Anna is currently working as a Business IT specialist at Grant Thornton company (which is a British audit and financial company). Instagram: @mlle.ania
29/11/202239 minutes 30 seconds
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E125 Irina Elena Bulat

Irina Elena Bulat is&nbsp;a volunteer at Red Cross from Ramnicu Valcea, Romania, and involved in a lot of activities to support her community. Irina is finishing mathematics and computer sciences at her school, and plans to study Medicine after graduation because her passion is Biology and Chemistry, and she loves to help people around her. Irina loves singing a lot, she attended the school choir, she enjoys listening to music, she learned by her own piano songs, and took dance classes in her youth. Her favorite sport is skiing, she has been practicing this sport for almost 10 years. And she also likes playing volleyball, because she trained for 1 year when she was 14 years old. Irina loves traveling, she joined 2 Erasmus projects: One in the Netherlands and one in a small town in Romania. Irina enjoys cycling, watching films in the genres of Romance, drama, adventure, and thriller, playing cards, watching Formula 1, and spend
28/11/202231 minutes
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E124 Anastasiia Psariuk

Anastasiia Psariuk is&nbsp;a Marketing Student at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Ukraine. She is fond of art, singing and ballroom dancing. She has been developing in these fields for 11 years, and has many awards, cups and medals. Anastasiia also does modeling, and loves sports and cooking. And she is beginning to learn about Web Design, Social Media Management, and Interior Design, and could grow her skills higher in these areas. Her current goal is to get a bachelor&rsquo;s degree in marketing in Ukraine, then go to improve her qualifications in the United States. Instagram: @p.s.anasteisha
27/11/202222 minutes 54 seconds
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E123 Vlada Kostoglodova

Vlada Kostoglodova is&nbsp;a high school student of Finance and Law at Lyceum in Kyiv, Ukraine graduating in 2023. Her hobbies are reading, baking and studying foreign languages (currently in addition to English, she studies German and plans to move to Germany to receive her bachelor&rsquo;s degree). Vlada is participating in a non-profit organization as an English tutor for Ukrainian kids and teenagers who want to improve their English knowledge. She is also a mentee in a mentorship program for Ukrainian teens and a participant of a non-profit organization ENGin that matches Ukrainians with a speaking buddy from the USA and that is a great intercultural experience. Instagram: @blumigzeit
26/11/202221 minutes 49 seconds
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E122 Iulia Maria Aldea

Iulia Maria Aldea is&nbsp;from Bucharest, Romania. She studies at 2 Universities: Business Administration at the faculty of business administration in ASE Bucharest &amp; psychology at &ldquo;Titu Maiorescu&rdquo; University Bucharest. Iulia loves socializing, meeting new interesting people and bonding with them, interpreting art, running, dancing, as well as reading Iulia is most proud of the self-development work she has done on herself, healing her childhood wounds and transforming from an anxious shy teenager to a confident young woman. Instagram: @iuliaaaldea
26/11/202224 minutes 16 seconds
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E121 Emilia Colti

Emilia Colti is a National swimming Champion of Romania, a Balkan Medalist and an All-American Student Athlete in the United States. Emilia is from Ploiesti, Romania and currently studying criminal justice at University of Indianapolis in USA In the future, Emilia is interested in working in the fields of crime scene investigation or criminalistics. Instagram: @emypss
25/11/202226 minutes 19 seconds
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E120 Emiliana Sirenko

Emiliana Sirenko is&nbsp;originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, and now lives in Brussels, Belgium. She studies in parallel in 2 schools: Final Grade of Ukrainian school (where she mainly studies sciences, law, mathematics, and Ukrainian language, literature and history) and on IB program in British School of Brussels (BSB) where she studies high level mathematics, computer science, economics, biology, French, english literature, and arts. Instagram: @est_luire
25/11/202228 minutes 42 seconds
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E119 Maria Kourtidou

Maria Kourtidou is from Larissa, Greece where she studies at the Department of International and European Studies Maria is a dancer, she loves painting, and she really adores listening to music. Instagram: @_mariakourtidou_
24/11/202213 minutes 44 seconds
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E118 Marina Karelina

Marina Karelina&nbsp;studies now both in Ukraine and in Switzerland because of the war. In life, she adores singing, she is a Choir singer, and danced for 8 years modern dance, hip hop, contemporary modern and slow ballet. Instagram: @_ccuddliess
24/11/202224 minutes 25 seconds
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E117 Liuba Tanchak

Liuba Tanchak is&nbsp;the President of 48th High School in Kyiv, Ukraine. She is a Ukrainian folk singer, an English language tutor, a volunteer and and an active leader of Sharm (Active District Youth of Shevchenkivski Area, all School Presidents). Since autumn started, she made a video for the International Forum in New York. Instagram: @tanchlove
23/11/202223 minutes 36 seconds
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E116 Ioana-Teodora Dobre

Ioana-Teodora Dobre lives in Pitești, Romania, studying Social Sciences in the top high-school in her town. Ioana-Teodora is crazy about volunteering, teamwork and working with kids, these are things she really loves to do. She also knows how to play the guitar and she was part of a dance team for 9 years. In the past 2 years, Ioana-Teodora participated in a lot of charity projects in her city and also in ecology and mountain sports activities. In the summer of 2022, she spent one month volunteering for an English camp where she worked with hundreds of kids and people from all over the world. This experience changed her perspective about life and its beauties. But these activities are only possible for her because a few years ago she started to learn English after a long period of time when it was her worst nightmare. Instagram: @teo_ioana2.4
22/11/202225 minutes 54 seconds
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E115 Rumiya Imatshoevna

Rumiya Imatshoevna is&nbsp;from Khorog, Tajikistan. She lives in the United States but right now she is back in her home country to work at a mobile clinic (that goes around villages and provide free medical diagnostic) Rumiya studies Biotechnology at the University of Kansas but she wants to become a physician Her hobbies are: people watching, reading and traveling Her biggest achievement is that she has established a PCR laboratory for c-virus testing in her home town. At that time, she was the only specialist then she started teaching others this specialty. Instagram: @r.umiya
21/11/202227 minutes 6 seconds
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E114 Samin Alemi

Samin Alemi is&nbsp;originally from Tehran, the capital of Iran, but she has been living in Malaysia for more than 13 years. Samin is currently studying English Literature in her final year at UPM in Malaysia and working in the field of cinema in her country "Iran". She has a small resume of working as an actress in short movies and working as an assistant director. Her interests are mainly in drama and cinema and she is also working in a theater production in Malaysia right now. Samin's big dream is to become an actress and to have her own production because it was her passion since she was just a little kid. In her free time, she loves to watch movies and play tennis. Instagram: @samin_alemi
20/11/202227 minutes 40 seconds
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E113 Nika Zimon

Nika Zimon is a Future Leaders Exchange Program Alumna of 2017 from Ukraine, and a former FLEX City Representative Dnipro. Nika works in marketing, she loves philosophy and theology, plays the piano, and is involved in various charities. Her focus is discovering and accepting herself and others. Instagram: @nika__zimon
20/11/202238 minutes 37 seconds
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E112 Amanda Niza Gonzalez Mejia

Amanda Niza Gonzalez Mejia is originally from Caracas, Venezuela, but grew up in US in the outskirts of DC, in Arlington, Virginia. During High School, she was the Virginia Student Action Coordinator for Amnesty International, President of the Latin American Student Association and Student Representative for the Equity Team, Co-lead her school's Generation Ratify chapter (which organized multiple county-wide protests), and was a writer/editor for an independent student run publication called The Vanguard. Amanda is currently studying Political Economy at Duke Kunshan University but she is very interested in Behavioral Science. She loves listening to all kinds of music, hanging out with her friends, and working out. She just started college so she is looking to become more involved in extracurricular activities. Instagram: @amandaniiza
19/11/202231 minutes 25 seconds
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E111 Arianna Kerdei

Arianna Kerdei is&nbsp;a Fashion Business student at Instituto Marangoni London. Originally from Chernivtsi, Ukraine, her hobbies are reading fashion and psychology literature. In addition, she was selected as a mentee (participant/student) of the Women@Dior leadership and mentorship program created by Christian Dior couture house in order to empower young ladies. This is definitely one of the most important achievements in her professional field for the last year. Now, she is a student of the 1-year mentorship program as well as working as a Sales Associate in Giorgio Armani. Instagram: @ariannakerdei
18/11/202220 minutes 37 seconds
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E110 Maryna Kalaur

Maryna Kalaur is&nbsp;a Ukrainian model, mini blogger, traveller, and sports girl. Maryna was born in Poltava, Ukraine. She is studying in Poltava National Pedagogical University as well as recently entered Porto University in Portugal to study a Bachelor of Computer Science and Informatics. Maryna's hobbies are running, practicing yoga, coding and reading books. In the last 3 months she read 15 books as a challenge to herself. Maryna spends time studying and practicing coding, she supports the success of girls in the coding field, and she has already finished 2 certification courses for Ukrainian women from SheCodes. About running, she started running 5 months ago and now she can run 10km in the morning which is great progress for a person who hated running 1 year ago. Maryna's credo is: &ldquo;Live in the moment and enjoy every day&rdquo; Instagram: @kalaur_marina</a
17/11/202227 minutes 21 seconds
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E109 Yasemin Özsüt

Yasemin &Ouml;zs&uuml;t&nbsp;is a Senior student of Architecture at Istanbul Kultur University in Turkey Yasemin had multiple hobbies in the past in different fields including tennis, piano, and fitness. Yasemin improves herself by reading books and articles on psychology, philosophy and architecture because these topics fascinate her. Yasemin has been enjoying writing since she was a kid and so she is freelance writing because she has developed this skill. In the Summer of 2022, Yasemin and her friends completely renovated a village school with an organization they founded called Effective Architects @etkinmimarlarr. Apart from that, she loves spending time with the people she loves, discovering new places, enjoying "art", and spending time alone with a good coffee. Instagram: @yaseminozst
16/11/202218 minutes 23 seconds
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E108 Bianca-Maria Iota

Bianca-Maria Iota is&nbsp;&nbsp;a Romanian (Craiova) FLEX Participant '22-'23 in Chicago, IL. Bianca-Maria likes writing, sculpting and reading, and she won prizes in international french creative writing contests. Instagram: @biancaa.iota
15/11/202226 minutes 19 seconds
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E107 Saadia Idhamouch

Saadia Idhamouch is a student of Physics Sciences from Tiznit in Morocco. Saadia loves Traditional and Digital drawing since her childhood, reading books especially fantasy which inspire her to keep writing her own book, playing video games as a stress releaser, watching TV series, movies, and much more. Saadia participated in Digigirlz mentorship as a mentee and started her own business with a team, which helped her turn her own business idea into reality. Saadia also freelances as an artist and graphic designer and she worked with more than 50 clients in around a year. Instagram: @id.yomii
14/11/202224 minutes 44 seconds
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E106 Ganzorig Khulan

Ganzorig Khulan lives in the capital city Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Recently, she was chosen for Mongolian President Scholarship 2022, which is the Top Scholarship in Mongolia, She is currently taking a gap year but she already has accepted an offer from Budapest University of Technology and Economic so she will start studying for a bachelor degree in Civil Engineering starting January 2023. Also, in June, she completed her preparatory course which is required for scholarship holders. Ola is an artistic person. She cannot imagine her life without writing poems, painting, singing and playing instruments. Instagram: @ineedfuckinbreak
13/11/202217 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

E105 Aya Idmbairi

Aya Idmbairi is&nbsp;from Tiznit City, in Morocco, in her final school year of studying physics sciences. In her free time, Aya loves baking and cooking, reading, listening to podcasts and creating her own Podcast episodes @MidnighThoughtsCast, and she loves trying new things and having new experiences. Aya participated in Digigirlz mentorship program as well as succeeded in being in the National Competition in Morocco and later on representing her home country of Morocco in the Arab Girl&rsquo;s summit in Jordan. Instagram: @afk_ayaa
12/11/202228 minutes 59 seconds
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E104 Daria Carp

Daria Carp is&nbsp;is an active volunteer in the city of Criuleni in Moldova and currently studying in a lyc&eacute;e. Her hobbies including reading books in English especially those written by Colleen Hoover, going on long walks by herself in the forest as well as listening to music while doing homework. Instagram: @dashaynx
11/11/202224 minutes 28 seconds
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E103 Elisabeth Röben

Elisabeth R&ouml;ben is&nbsp;from Brussels, Belgium and she has 3 nationalities: Turkish, German &amp; Ecuadorean. Currently, she is an Erasmus Exchange Student in Istanbul, Turkey and originally studying in Belgium at the Royal Institute for Theatre, Cinema and Sound (RITCS). Elisabeth is in her final year of cinematography studies and she desires to study Social Psychology after her graduation. Everything related to psychology interests her a lot. Elisabeth has a strong artistic side to her personality, she loves to draw, to write, to dance, to play the piano among other fun activities that express her creativity. Elisabeth is a traveler, she has traveled to over 40 countries, and she speaks 6 languages fluently. Elisabeth never stays still, she always wants to explore and to achieve more, so she will never stop learning and growing. And she is proud that her personality is kind because everyone around can feel she has good
10/11/202224 minutes 45 seconds
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E102 Andra Magher

Andra Magher is&nbsp;a student at University of Bucharest, Romania studying Business Administration. Andra was born and raised in Bucharest, and her hobbies include creating content for her Tik Tok account and makeup. She really loves to do makeup looks, in particular, Halloween makeup . Andra currently has a wonderful internship for an international company and she is really proud that she is in her second year in college yet already taken important steps in achieving the career she dreamed of since her childhood. Instagram: @mabel.andra
09/11/202231 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

E101 Diana Barascu

Diana Barascu is from Pitesti, Romania. She studies mostly Romanian and English, and her hobbies include traveling, watching movies and fashion. Diana passed every Cambridge exam she has taken, and this year she is taking the The C1 Advanced Exam, Diana got a scholarship last year because she had the best grades in her class, she has travelled to almost all continents and she has recently applied to the Future Leaders Exchange Program (FLEX) hoping she will get selected to study a year in the United States. Instagram: @dianaa.barascuu
08/11/202223 minutes 21 seconds
Episode Artwork

E100 Anastasiia Kharchenko

Anastasiia Kharchenko was born and raised in Kyiv. She finished her Bachelor's degree in Kyiv Mohyla Academy in Management and Business Administration. During the Pandemic, she applied and was accepted for the Work and Travel program to the United Stated (which was a rare achievement at those times) and she spent 3 months in the US working as a hostess in Ocean City, Maryland. During the War in Ukraine, she evacuated and lived in Ireland for 6 months. Also, she has applied to different grants and spent 1 month as an exchange student in Juvaskula University of Applied Sciences in Finland, where she was studying Business and Psychology. After, she was invited for a summer program In Bocconi University in Milan, Italy. Anastasiia attended music school, and singing is one of her hobbies. Instagram: @aanstasii
07/11/202230 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

E099 Olena Lytvyn

Olena Lytvyn is&nbsp;a Marketing student at National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy Olena likes literature, theatre, dancing, and stretching In April 2021, she was the ambassador of the global initiative of the United Nations Children's Fund "The World's Largest Lesson ". she gave a lesson for Ukrainian schoolchildren, where she raised the issue of the consequences of climate change. In May of 2022, Olena met with German students at the Gymnasium Stephaneum House II in the city of Aschersleben and told about the Russian-Ukrainian war. Instagram: @_lena.lytvyn_
06/11/202216 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

E098 Anna Tkach

Anna Tkach is&nbsp;a Bachelor of Marketing student at Kyiv Mohyla Academy in Ukraine. She loves styling people and doing photography. Anna is an experienced gymnast with 10 years of gymnastics practice, and she speaks 4 languages at a competent level including English and German. Instagram: @boboljnk
05/11/202221 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

E097 Pavlina Batzela

Pavlina Batzela is&nbsp;from Larissa in Greece and her goal is to become a psychologist. Her hobbies include listening to music, observing the world, learning about new things, traveling to new cities and seeing how people interact with each other in different situations and cultures. Pavlina really likes reading books about romance, psychology and self-development. And she has won medals in various Sports including Tae kwon do and Gymnastics. Instagram: @_.pavlinakii._
04/11/202220 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

E096 Polina Storozhuk

Polina Storozhuk is&nbsp;&nbsp;a "HMC Projects" scholarship program winner to study for two years in a British independent school who is also a FLEX Finalist 2022. Polina organizes different projects for youth with other teenagers as she is a member of &bdquo;LEAP&rdquo; platform. One of their most recent projects was a plogging event (which is a combination of jogging with picking up litter), where that ran and collected litter in the local park. Polina enjoys reading, volunteering, and to develop herself in every way as well as playing table tennis and volleyball. Polina had to evacuate to Poland due to the war in Ukraine and studied in a Polish school for 4 months. She took part in various competitions there and even won a table tennis championship in Warsaw, where representatives of multiple schools took part. Instagram: @polina_strzhuk
03/11/202221 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

E095 Diana Krizhanovska

Diana Krizhanovska is an English &amp; Polish Philology student at National Pedagogical Drahomanov University, in Kyiv Ukraine. She loves Singing, reading books, Watching series, drawing, and Listening to Music. She took part in singing contests, and received a scholarship to study at her University. Instagram: @irradiant__
02/11/202224 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

E094 Maria Ciocan

Maria Ciocan is from Ramnicu Valcea, Romania, and she recently graduated in 2022 from University College London with a degree in Computer Science. Her hobbies are playing chess (which is actually both a hobby and a side-job, she doesn't play competitively anymore but she teach kids), running, reading and writing. Instagram: @maria2x01
01/11/202227 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

E093 Evelina Kanarska

Evelina Kanarska is&nbsp;a Ukrainian model from from Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Because of the war, she moved to Brussels, Belgium. She is a co-founder of a youth organization &ldquo;MriyDiy Junior&rdquo; that provides business-education for teens and creates social projects for Mykolaiv city. Also, she is a member of the regional youth council of Mykolaiv region; And studies Politics, Math and Business at The British School of Brussels, one of the top-10 best schools in Europe and studying at her Ukrainian school at the same time. Instagram: @eva_kanarska
30/10/202225 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

E092 Olha Perch

Olha Perch was born and raised in Kyiv. Then she moved to Dusseldorf, Germany, because of the war. She currently studies in Fresenius University of Applied sciences Cologne. Olha just completed her Bachelor's degree in Computer Sciences and is now starting her Master's degree in Digital Management. Olha is an extrovert and she loves people, her biggest joy is spending time with them. Also, she likes dancing and sports like yoga and Pilates. Moreover, she fancies writing poetry and expressing herself with the art of words. What is more, she adores photography and video making/editing. Instagram: @olia.perch
28/10/202231 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

E091 Oksana Zavisliak

Oksana Zavisliak is&nbsp;a student in Chortkiv, a small town in Ternopil' region in Ukraine She is really into English, she has always been the best student in her English class, and she also likes learning history, reading and sports. Oksana won various academic contests, olimpiads and certifications. Instagram: @oksana_zavisliak
26/10/202222 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

E090 Andriana Baziuk

Andriana Baziuk is&nbsp;from Uzhhorod, in Ukraine And she studies management and economy in Economic University in Bratislava (EUBA) and additionally she studies history at Uzhhorod National University ( as an external form of education) Most of all, Andriana loves to travel, she reads a lot, and she likes to bake. In her free time, Andriana volunteers a lot (for example, she helped collect parcels for the Ukrainian military, and in the summer she went to help rebuild a school that was destroyed during the Russian occupation). Andriana is also a member of a youth NGO: FRI (Foundation of Regional Initiatives) - there she organizes educational projects for young people. Instagram: @odri2002
24/10/202217 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

E089 Hanane Labzae

Hanane Labzae is&nbsp;a technical student from Morocco specialized in Electrical Sciences. Hanane loves watching series and movies. During the summer, Hanane participated in the DigiGirls Mentorship program which expanded her scientific and digital knowledge. Instagram: @hanane_labzae0
22/10/202222 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

E088 Moni Miller

Moni Miller was born in Iran, and is now studying Interior Architecture at Istanbul K&uuml;lt&uuml;r University. Moni is Vice President of the International Students Club Istanbul K&uuml;lt&uuml;r University #iku, her hobbies include playing pool and traveling, where she visited various countries including Malaysia. Instagram: @mxnira @ikuintclub
20/10/202237 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

E087 Rebeca Drăgaică Ioana

Rebeca Drăgaică Ioana is&nbsp;Romanian, and since she was 3 years old, she has been going to acting and singing classes. She is a polyglot in love with language learning. Rebeca is now a freestyle dancer, focused on improving her dancing skills as this hobby is a big love in her life. Instagram: @rebecaaioanaa
18/10/202229 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

E086 Ioana Margarit

Ioana Margarit is a&nbsp;Romanian FLEX Finalist &lsquo;22-&lsquo;23 in Washington State, USA. Ioana is an active volunteer, and she loves interacting with people, reading and creating jewelry. Instagram: @ioana.margarit
16/10/202226 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

E085 Enkhjin Purevsukh

Enkhjin Purevsukh is&nbsp;Mongolian and she is currently a student at Duke Kunshan University. Her hobbies include writing her feelings in her journal, writing poems, learning new things, reading fairytales for little children, mental health wellness, and dressing up for herself, Enkhjin won 1st place of the Hobby poet, which is her school&rsquo;s competition, An interesting fact about her is: she never seen her parents since the age of 1 years old. Instagram: @enkjen
14/10/202220 minutes 55 seconds
Episode Artwork

E084 Olga Tarasenko

Olga Tarasenko is&nbsp;a psychologist and her my job is to help people find themselves, so they can implement themselves and build a life they always dreamed of for themselves. She is also studying medical psychology in National Medical University, so she will become a doctor. Olga enjoys sport and horse riding. She loves painting and sculpting. But she quit sculpting a long time ago, because she now devotes all of her free time to consulting her clients and developing her projects. Instagram: @olgatarasenko.psy
12/10/202223 minutes 16 seconds
Episode Artwork

E083 Kateryna Ohiienko

Kateryna Ohiienko is&nbsp;a Ukrainian girl currently in Japan, learning the language and discovering the Asian culture. At the same time, she is still a student of a Ukrainian university in Chernihiv, where her major is Ukrainian philology. Kate has a lot of hobbies, but most of all she likes dancing. She has been dancing since she was 3 years old, so it's a hobby that is connected to her whole life. Kate is really curious about learning different languages and cultures and sharing her experiences on her blog. Instagram: @ka_waii._
10/10/202222 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

E082 Veronika Kovalenko

Veronika Kovalenko is&nbsp;a Certified Pole Dance Coach with 14 years of experience and also an Architecture Student in the West of Ukraine. She is now in the 4th year of studying and she has a task to develop a hotel project. Veronika has a lot of hobbies: she loves doing make up, hairstyles, and to learn foreign languages. And since her childhood, she enjoys cooking, especially baking desserts. Instagram: @kovalenko7151
08/10/202217 minutes 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

E081 Dasha Khlud

Dasha Khlud is&nbsp;a student interested in drawing, dancing, cooking and last few months, she started being interested in photography. She also goes to music school, so she plays guitar and piano. Dasha is a very friendly and cheerful person. She likes to go out with friends and to visit different beautiful places. Instagram: @_dashakhlud_
06/10/202219 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

E080 Olga Khrystan

Olga Khrystan is&nbsp;a professional Ballroom Dancer with 7 years of experience and has big goals for her life. She dreams of entering a university in the USA. And now, she is actively engaged in leadership, volunteering and social activism. Olga is from Kyiv, Ukraine, and loves to read books, she took part in the Ukrainian Model UN 2022, she became an ambassador of Cambridge UA among teenagers, she is the Vice President at the school, and she is involved with many projects (including workshops, trainings for younger classes, helping the environment, and others.) Instagram: @olga_hristan
04/10/202213 minutes 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

E079 Alina Mashyka

Alina Mashyka is&nbsp;a social activist and a member of the youth NGO FRI (Foundation for Regional Initiatives) in Ukraine. Alina is an experienced volunteer, who organized her own volunteer projects. And she is passionate about journalism. Her and her team create interesting videos and podcasts. Nowadays, Alina is learning Social Media Management, because creating and growing a blog is an exciting goal for her. Her hobbies include traveling, dancing, singing, and cooking varied cuisines. Alina loves people, communicating with them, and going on social walks with interesting people in her life. Instagram: @alya.mashyka
02/10/202219 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

E078 Viktoriia Tipikina

Viktoriia Tipikina is&nbsp;a Ukrainian girl, from Kyiv, who is enrolled in the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland. Viktoriia is a dancer with 13 years of experience. Dancing is her biggest love, because it makes her feel like she is in another world Viktoriia is also a pianist, which helps her take away all negative emotions. She likes learning foreign languages and to developer herself and see changes in her personality, skills and situations. Viktoriia is an open-minded person who loves trying new things. Instagram: @dokki_ti
30/09/202223 minutes
Episode Artwork

E077 Maria-Diana Dutica

Maria-Diana Dutica is&nbsp;is a Computer Science major at Politehnica University of Bucharest, a Tennis player and an intern at Goldman Sachs. Instagram: @dianamdutica
29/09/202225 minutes 9 seconds
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E076 Anastasiya Pidlisna

Anastasiya Pidlisna is&nbsp;a student at Kyiv National Linguistic University, in Ukraine. During the previous year, Anastasiya was studying International business, but she realized that it&rsquo;s not the purpose of her life. So now, she is studying at another faculty: Majoring in Spanish language and literature, and a minor in foreign languages and translation. She feels it is her purpose in life to study foreign languages. Anastasiya wants to become a philologist and to establish her own language school in the future to teach others. Her hobbies include volunteering, international exchanges, writing, dancing and blogging. Furthermore, she tutors and preparing students for passing the exam of Ukrainian language and literature. In 2019, she organized her own offline project for youth &ldquo;School of success&rdquo;. A few weeks ago, she returned from the international youth exchange &ldquo;Erasmus+&rdquo; in La
28/09/202222 minutes 24 seconds
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E075 Masha Zakharchenko

Masha Zakharchenko is&nbsp;a Marketing student at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Ukraine She is a tactile person who loves creating things with her hands and cooking. Instagram: @mashechik
27/09/202220 minutes 45 seconds
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E074 Anastasiia Kuzmuk

Anastasiia Kuzmuk is&nbsp;a student of two universities - A psychology student at at Kyiv National University of Taras Shevchenko (KNU), but she realized that working as a psychotherapist would be too draining for her. So, this year she entered Lazarski University in Warsow Poland, majoring in International Relations. The best way to describe her that she is a very open minded individual, curious about the world. Anastasiia has always been into politics, she has taken part in various political events for teens, and studied political science in her free time. Currently, she is part of the @saintjavelin organisation that works hard to help and rebuild Ukraine. Instagram: @staec.y Website:&nbsp;
26/09/202234 minutes 44 seconds
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E073 Veronika Koninenko

Veronika Koninenko is&nbsp;a student of Journalism at Ivan Franko National University of Lviv, in Ukraine Veronika works in journalism and she is also very interested in web design because that job can give her the freedom and opportunity to travel more. She has many hobbies, including singing, learning to play the guitar and going to the gym. Instagram: @konik_ol
25/09/202217 minutes 34 seconds
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E072 Anastasiia Smolenska

Anastasiia Smolenska is&nbsp;from Kharkiv, Ukraine, and currently living in the Czech Republic because of the war. Anastasiia is a certified volunteer, she created an online free English school, and is a future interior designer &amp; architect. She loves to play the guitar, and she was a professional dancer for 7 years, dancing modern dance. Instagram: @nastyasmolay
24/09/202219 minutes 11 seconds
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E071 Viktoriia Durytska

Viktoriia Durytska is&nbsp;a student at National Pedagogical Dragomanov University in Kyiv to become a Primary School Teacher and English teacher. Currently, she is in Belgium so she is studying French to explore learning that language. Her hobbies include playing piano and crocheting, especially toys. Viktoriia loves running and writing poems (when she is inspired by something or someone) and texts (for studying or when she is too emotional or to present in some youth projects). She enjoys spending time with her 3 siblings, her family, and friends. Instagram: @miss.teacher16
23/09/202232 minutes 19 seconds
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E070 Ilsiya Khalikova

Ilsiya Khalikova is&nbsp;a citizen of Kazakhstan, studying media &amp; communication arts in Woosong University (Daejeon, South Korea). She likes drawing, filming and dancing. Ilsiya received multiple scholarships to improve her skills in media and communication throughout the years. Instagram: @ilsiyaa_
22/09/202225 minutes 11 seconds
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E069 Valeriia Murynska

Valeriia Murynska is&nbsp;a foreign languages student at Shevchenko National University of Kyiv, Ukraine, learning Italian, French and English. Valeriia just can't live without music: she plays the piano and sings; she is into reading; and organizing events. Valeriia participated in various educational competitions &amp; olympiads, she used to be a class prefect and the President of the Students Government. She is also a tutor, teaching Ukrainian and English Languages. Valeriia dreams of becoming a journalist and having the opportunity to tell the world about how special and amazing Ukraine is. Instagram: @lera_murynska
21/09/202219 minutes 6 seconds
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E068 Diana Dmitriieva

Diana Dmitriieva is a Marketing student at Kyiv National Economic University named after Vadym Hetman (in Ukraine). She also studied for half a year on the Erasmus program &ldquo;Global management&rdquo; in Brussels, Belgium. Her hobbies are dancing and skiing. She has been dancing since she was 5 years old, so she tried a lot of styles. Diana likes skiing, because she really enjoys spending time in the mountains. For her, this is an effective way to relax after studying. Her achievements are that she learned French in just 5 months. And she graduated from a music school and had experience working with children. At the age of 18, she visited 12 countries. Instagram: @__hloya._
20/09/202219 minutes 30 seconds
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E067 Julia Jeff

Julia Jeff is&nbsp;the Co-founder &amp; CEO of KILIN Media. This year, she graduated from Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (KNU) with a degree in Public Relations. Currently, she is a creative entrepreneur and has a content-marketing agency as well as working on launching her fashion-brand. Julia is fascinated by studying entrepreneurship and everything connected with video production and filmmaking. Instagram: @julia.jeff
19/09/202224 minutes 34 seconds
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E066 Diana Shepel

Diana Shepel is&nbsp;a hospitality management student in Spain, Marbella. In the previous years, Diana was professionally engaged in ballroom &amp; latin dancing, she received a master of sports and took 7th place in the European Championship She is originally from Kyiv, Ukraine, and her biggest hobbies are traveling and taking photos. Instagram: @dianashepelll
18/09/202220 minutes 28 seconds
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E065 Ana Maria Matei

Ana Maria Matei is&nbsp;a Romanian citizen living in the UK since she was 19, where she completed a 2 year management apprenticeship. Nowadays, she works as a Regional Planning Manager for one of the biggest giants in the retail market in UK. She covers the entire South-East area of UK and it&rsquo;s a massive achievement since she just turned 22, while most of her other colleagues have worked in the industry for the same amount of years she has been alive! This experience is nerve-racking but also exciting for her as it just proves that no matter what age you are if you work hard enough you can achieve anything. In her personal time, Ana Maria also does brand partnerships and campaigns, mostly modeling on Instagram. Her last project was being a model for a photographer and also her ambassador. Instagram: @anaa_maria_matei
17/09/202237 minutes 15 seconds
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E064 Daiana Olteanu

Daiana Olteanu is&nbsp;a FLEX Alumni Coordinator of Romania, and a third year medical student at Carol Davila University of Medicine and Pharmacy in Bucharest, Romania. During her FLEX exchange year, which is a scholarship funded by the Department of State, she graduated from high-school in Missouri, U.S.A. In her free time from school and work, she volunteers at different events and the Medical Students&rsquo; society. Daiana enjoys trying new things (especially foods), traveling, reading or doing sports and she always finds herself excited for new opportunities and meeting new people. Instagram: @daiana.olteanu
16/09/202228 minutes 14 seconds
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E063 Anastasiia Unhurian

Anastasiia Unhurian is&nbsp;a FLEX Alumna &rsquo;17 from Ukraine in Indiana, United States, who is currently living in Armenia. She graduated with a Bachelor degree in English language and literature, and is keen on reading, cooking, needle felting and sometimes painting pictures by numbers. She is the eldest sister among 4 kids in her family and all of them are brothers, so she had an interesting life growing up with them. Instagram: @a.unhurian
15/09/202224 minutes 19 seconds
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E062 Alina Slobodian

Alina Slobodian is&nbsp;a delegate of Ukraine at the European Youth Parliament (EYP) and a marketing student at Kyiv-Mohyla Academy student, which is the university of her dreams. Alina feels that her vocation is sharing experiences and motivating others to reach their goals. That&rsquo;s why she decided to start teaching Ukrainian language to help last year of school students pass the exam on the highest grades, which is something she really enjoys. Over the last 2 years, Alina was a school President so her and her team were able to bring changes to their school; She cannot imagine her life without being a very active person (taking part in various activities like workshops, lectures, volunteering and other) This summer was her first time as a delegate on the European Youth Parliament National Session. And she is glad to meet so many interesting people from other countries; During May-June, she created her first course for pr
14/09/202226 minutes 39 seconds
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E061 Alina Dorosh

Alina Dorosh is&nbsp;a FLEX Alumna '16 in the United States (Chesapeake, Virgina), where she studied at an American high school and lived with a host family for 10 months. Alina studied Arabic language and literature at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (KNU) and also at Kuwait University, and recently graduated with a Mater&rsquo;s degree. She loves dancing, taking photos, and cooking. Instagram: @alina_ld_
13/09/202229 minutes 48 seconds
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E060 Shino Horie

Shino Horie is&nbsp;a Japanese citizen who used to live in Austria, she speaks German, and plans to start her studies in Germany to become a physiotherapist and a strength and conditioning trainer for professional players. In 2018-2019, she was an exchange student in Colorado, USA. Her hobbies are fitness, working out, doing other sports like puddle boarding, running, hiking, skiing and snowboarding. She also enjoys camping and BBQ with her family. Shino got into fitness when Covid started and now she has a fitness account where she shares her workouts and daily motivation. She is now an affiliate for a brand called Women&rsquo;s Best and an athlete for a brand called Ryderwear. Shino experienced Asian hate and discrimination at a young age. With all the Asian hate that&rsquo;s going on in the world and how people talk about it more openly recently, she strongly hopes that this will not end as a &bdquo;trend&ldquo;. In
12/09/202223 minutes 21 seconds
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E059 Anastasiia Didenko

Anastasiia Didenko is&nbsp;a Flex Alumna 2022 in Ohio and a student of Finance with the minor economics at Walsh University. Her hobbies include reading and learning languages, and she is currently studying Mandarin, German and Latin. Anastasiia graduated both from an American and a Ukrainian high school, she helped raise over USD$25k to help Ukraine, and has multiple interviews with newspapers and news channels. Instagram: @dd_anastasia
11/09/202221 minutes 57 seconds
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E058 Mariia Petrusenko

Mariia Petrusenko is&nbsp;a student at Kingston College, who loves modern dance and drawing canvasses. Originally from the Lugansk region in Ukraine, she is now living in London, England. Instagram: @gorfona
10/09/202219 minutes 17 seconds
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E057 Anastasia Siromakha

Anastasia Siromakha is&nbsp;a polyglot, the head of self-government in her school in Kyiv, Ukraine, and an active person who often organizes valuable events for her peers. Anastasia won various literary competitions and is a person who is curious to try many things in this world. Instagram: @sianastasiss
09/09/202220 minutes 23 seconds
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E056 Julia Borisenko

Julia Borisenko is&nbsp;a handball player who won many competitions with her team, and an active volunteer. Her hobbies include video editing, theater, kayaking and learning English. Julia adores all different kinds of minerals and stones. In the near future, she plans to open her small shop where she will sell jewelry with stones . Julia wants to transfer some of the money she will earn to help the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and support her country at these difficult times. Instagram: @zavadyuchka
08/09/202221 minutes 31 seconds
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E055 Viktoriia Usenko

Viktoriia Usenko is&nbsp;a Germanic languages philology student at National University of "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" in Ukraine. She is a dancer with more than 10 years of experience, and with her modern dance group went to various competitions, including international ones, and won prizes. Viktoriia loves knitting, reading, and wrote a research paper on the Ukrainian language and won a prize. Instagram: @_viktory_usenko_
07/09/202219 minutes 44 seconds
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E054 Olha Kushnirova

Olha Kushnirova is&nbsp;a science student in Poltava. She loves learning languages and speaks Ukrainian, English and German. And currently learning French and Polish. Olha is a regular participant in international student exchange projects. For Example "My World" in Germany in July-August of 2022. Her hobbies are tennis, dancing, drawing, reading and taking photos. Olha adores working with kids and that's the reason why she participates in a large variety of projects that improve her skills in teaching, especially art teaching, such as "Language Summer School of German" and "Seminar BIZ in Kyiv". Instagram: @kuschnirovaa
06/09/202222 minutes 56 seconds
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E053 Viktoriia Burdiad

Viktoriia Burdiad is a FLEX alumna &lsquo;22 from Cherkasy Ukraine to Franklin, Indiana, in the United States, a Franklin Community High School &rsquo;23, an Ukrainian Global University &rsquo;22, a PAX exchange student of February, a PAX Distinguished Leader, a volunteer with 100+ volunteer hours, a German National Olympiad 2020 qualifier, and an activist for Ukraine in the American community. Currently, she is preparing to enroll to a college in spring for international relations/political science field in the US colleges Viltoriia finished an art school in Ukraine, and had exhibits of her works and won a couple of art competitions in Ukraine and in the USA. She also was in Bring Change to Mind Indiana Teen Advisory Board, which focuses on teens mental health and work of mental health clubs in high schools. Instagram: @viktobud
05/09/202224 minutes 2 seconds
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E052 Daria Shcherbak

Daria Shcherbak is&nbsp;a Candidate Master of Sport of gymnastics, champion of Luhansk region and a team member of Luhansk region in Ukraine Dasha has diverse achievements in law olmypiads, chemistry olympiads, and she loves sports and drawing. Currently, she is in Switzerland learning the German language, and a student of cybersecurity at Kharkiv National university of Radio Electronics. Instagram: @ddassh.kaa
04/09/202222 minutes 42 seconds
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E051 Anna Tokar

Anna Tokar is an extraordinarily bright and creative individual from Kyiv, Ukraine. She has used her experience in different life areas and communication skills to inspire teens across Ukraine to improve their lifestyles. A passionate promoter of self-improvement and lifelong learning, Annie recognizes that her generation is rife with mental health issues because of social media and she's also really into exploring and discussing numerous social issues. She uses her social media, networking skills and self-education to uplift her peers and offer a helping hand. This spreads to her gentle promotion of gratefulness, ethical behavior and constant learning throughout life, which she communicates without any sense of forcefulness. Annie is also passionate about learning English that's why she's a part of @thenatashamak's language school, as well as already being an ENGin student for about a year. Her hobbies are pretty diverse, she enjoys
03/09/202225 minutes 35 seconds
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E050 Laura Moskalenko

Laura Moskalenko is&nbsp;a FLEX Semi-Finalist 2022, and a foreign languages student who loves volleyball, dancing, doing makeup, taking photos, listening to music, baking, handiwork, quilling, traveling, editing and making videos. In 2019, she won best delegate at ModelUN at her school and in 2021 she participated in ZaMUN. Laura participated in the 20th international festival-competition of children's and youth journalism "PRESS-SPRING ON THE DNIPR SLOPES". And in 2020, she took part in video work on the topic "What does Azerbaijani multiculturalism mean to me" Instagram: @lauramskl
02/09/202223 minutes 12 seconds
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E049 Anna Shtandenko

Anna Shtandenko is&nbsp;a winner of chemistry, math, and english competitions, a Semi-Finalist of FLEX 2020, and an ENGin student. Her two passions are chemistry and cinematography. She is a quarter-finalist of International Tournament of Young Chemists, and she also published an article about chemistry pollution and filmed a short film about phone addiction. Instagram: @anyashtandenko
01/09/202227 minutes 57 seconds
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E048 Maria Vitrenko

Maria Vitrenko is&nbsp;a Ukrainian who used to live in the USA, and her hobbies include traveling, going to the gym, learning about psychology, and Greek mythology. Her future goals is to become an OB GYN or work in the UN, like her father. Instagram: @xoxo.maria.v
31/08/202230 minutes 1 second
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E047 Oleksandra Samborska

Oleksandra Samborska is&nbsp;a FLEX Alumni Coordinator for American Councils. FLEX (Future Leaders Exchange) Program allows you to spend 10 months living in America and dive deeper into that culture. Sasha is a FLEX alumna, so during her year in 2018 and 2019, she lived in Loveland, Colorado. Currently, she's traveling a lot, creating projects in different countries and trying to support Ukraine as much as possible. Sasha loves dancing, especially hip hop and vogue, and she also enjoy taking part in youth exchanges like Erasmus+ Instagram: @sasha.samborska @flexalumniwestua @flex_alumni
30/08/202223 minutes
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E046 Masha Vysotska

Masha Vysotska is&nbsp;a FLEX Alumna '17 &amp; a senior at Minerva University (USA) concentrating in Brand Management &amp; Scalable Growth Masha enjoys discovering the world, learning behavioral science, doing tarot card readings and approaching life with a slow living mindset Masha is proud to study in the most innovative university in the world and to experience different lifestyles in seven countries during her four-year studies at Minerva; she shares her life in TikTok as well (@mashadventures) Instagram: @masha.vysotska
29/08/202225 minutes 29 seconds
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E045 Ioana Istrate

Ioana Istrate is&nbsp;a student of Natural Sciences, and her hobbies include socializing with friends, reading books, going to the gym and especially playing volleyball. She was accepted to some of the best educational institutions in Romania, and is constantly aiming to get better. Instagram: @ioana_istr25
28/08/202225 minutes 9 seconds
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E044 Katerina Pogrebniak

Katerina Pogrebniak is&nbsp;a Bachelor of International Relations &amp; Social Communications at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University. And also currently studying coaching and psychology. Kate is a polyglot who loves learning foreign languages. She speaks Ukrainian, Russian, English, as well as developing her knowledge of German, French and Turkish. Kate is a dancer with 15 years of experience, including ballet, jazz funk and heels. She loves traveling, exploring other countries and cultures, and she was a productive member of AIESEC in Kyiv. Currently, Kate is a coach-psychologist as well as an English/German tutor, and she is currently in Germany as an active volunteer because her goal is to change people's lives. In the future, Kate wants to represent Ukraine in the international arenas and to use her knowledge of International Relations to support her country. Instagram: <a href="
27/08/202228 minutes 28 seconds
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E043 Sofia Tretiak

Sofia Tretiak is&nbsp;a FLEX Alumna 2021 in Montana, USA. Born in Lviv, Ukraine, her hobbies include video-creation, video-editing, photography, blogging, and singing Sofia also danced for 10 years in the the Ukrainian folk ensemble Last year, she participated in German debates and was able to receive the 3rd place at the national level, and she wrote a scientific research for the Junior Academy of Science which I presented in German Sofia is a volunteer, and currently a finalist of Ukraine Global Scholars program in 2022, which helps her to apply to the top private colleges in the world. Instagram: @sofia.tretiak
26/08/202226 minutes 44 seconds
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E041 Marta Shvets

Marta Shvets is&nbsp;a FLEX Program 2022 semi-finalist in Kyiv, Ukraine. Her Passion and future goal is to immerse herself deeply in learning the Ukrainian language, culture, and literature. Her Main hobbies include reading, writing, learning English, and video editing. Marta took 2nd place at the All Ukrainian Marathon of Ukrainian Language, wrote her first text to the popular Ukrainian feminist magazine &ldquo;Divoche media&rdquo;, and became one of the winners of an essay contest &ldquo;She is Science&rdquo; by &ldquo;STEM is fem&rdquo; community, as well as being an ENGin student. Instagram: @mrtshvets
24/08/202215 minutes 16 seconds
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E040 Vita Shevchuk

Vita Shevchuk is&nbsp;a Finance student at the Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Kyiv as well as an SEO copywriter. Vita loves dance, it is her major hobby, the way she expresses her emotions through moves, and she has been dancing since she was 3 years old. Vita performed at multiple festivals with her dance team, she won many first place medals and certificates. In addition to Dance, Vita loves sports, walking in nature, visiting beautiful caf&eacute;, cooking and taking pictures on film. Her future goals include starting her own business and buying a Corgi. Instagram: @_l_i_p_o_f_r_e_n_i_c_h_k_a_
23/08/202226 minutes 57 seconds
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E039 Nelia Bechkalo

Nelia Bechkalo is a FLEX Aluma 2015 in Dysart, Iowa, a CR Poltava of 2016-2017, and currently studying East European Studies and graduated with a Master's Degree in Translation She adores dancing and performing on the stage in general. Nelia is amazed with all the different cultures and all the similarities and uniqueness we have. Instagram: @neliabechkalo
22/08/202224 minutes 44 seconds
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E038 Yana Balanchuk

Yana Balanchuk is an International Relations student at the National University of Kyiv Mohyla Academy Her hobbies include playing the piano, playing the guitar, singing, photography, sport (especially boxing), discovering the world and learning languages. Her achievements include dozens of awards for playing piano, gathering her music band, and educational achievements. Her Instagram:&nbsp;@yana_balanchuk
19/08/202228 minutes 36 seconds
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E037 Kseniia Bezliudna

Kseniia Bezliudna&nbsp;is a Management student in Lublin, Poland. Born and raised in Ukraine, Kseniia is a self-taught Pianist, and she has a lot of hobbies including swimming, dancing and writing. She often reads about psychology and does yoga. Her Innstagram: @_.flamme.__
17/08/202225 minutes 27 seconds
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E036 Kateryna Mykhailova

Kateryna Mykhailova&nbsp;is a FLEX Alumna '17, a previous FLEX City Representative of Kyiv, and she graduated from the faculty of international relations, and one of the best model UN delegates. Her Instagram: @_katherine_my
15/08/202226 minutes 42 seconds
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E035 Yelena Gromova

Yelena Gromova is&nbsp;a Linguistics &amp; Tourism student in the College of Economics in Montenegro, and a volunteer, helping Ukrainian refugees translate what they need to say as they study abroad. Born in Odessa, Ukraine, Yelena lived 10 years in Monetenegro. Her hobbies include drawing, writing, and protecting the Ukrainian culture and language. Instagram:&nbsp;@gromovskayaaa
12/08/202220 minutes 27 seconds
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E034 Bohdana Batiuk

Bohdana Batiuk is&nbsp;a FLEX Alumna '22 in St. James, Minnesota, born in Lviv, Ukraine, and currently she lives in a small but a very pretty town. She enjoys working with people as a camp counselor for example, as well as helping people, dancing and singing. Instagram: @b.bohdana__
10/08/202220 minutes 55 seconds
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E033 Anastasia Yesilova

Anastasia Yesilova finished the Kyiv Academy of Circus And Variety Arts with 6 years studying vocals. She writes her own songs and shares them with people. She wants to expand her education in this field, and will do advanced studies at a University in Kyiv. In 2014, she won a competition in reading Taras Shevchenko poems, and in 2022, she won the into-Ukrainian musician festival. Anastasia is experienced in organizing theatre shows, poetry events and she studies acting for 5 years. Her second passion is sports, where she is developing the body of her dreams. She runs 6 kilometers everyday, and is active into fitness. So for 4 years, she did classic dance, gymnastics for a year, and for 2 years contemporary, pop and pole dance. Her goal is to inspire Ukrainians to victory over the Russian invasion, and raise their fighting spirits. In her free time, she likes cooking, traveling, meditation, psychology and growing her blog. Instagram:&
08/08/202225 minutes 59 seconds
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E032 Daryna Darii

Daryna Darii is&nbsp;a Finance major at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy in Ukraine. In addition to this, she is a full-time student in EPAM university (specialisation - IT) and a VIP virtual student in Giessen university (specialisation - Economics). Lately, she's working on the creation of projects which aim to help teens&rsquo; development, and the implementation of her own startup ideas, which aims to help Ukraine&rsquo;s development. Her passion is music and travelling, thus when she manages to find free time, she always spends it either playing piano or exploring the world. Her Instagram:&nbsp;@darinochki
04/08/202226 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

E031 Luba Slesarenko

Luba Slesarenko is&nbsp;from Mykolayiv, Ukraine. She is currently studying Physics and Math, and has an extensive experience in participating in various Olympiads and STEM competitions. Luba is a member of Global Talent Mentoring, New Your Academy of Science and Junior Academy of Science of Ukraine. She is currently writing a research paper on &ldquo;Thermonuclear reactors&rdquo; and &ldquo;How does temperature affect musical instruments?&rdquo; Luba is a co-founder of a charity project in my school, a member of TED-Ed Club, where she conducted a Talk about the war in Ukraine. Her hobbies are playing the piano, reading books and listening to podcasts. Her Instagram:&nbsp;@liubas_ Website:&nbsp;
24/07/202228 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

E030 Alina Zabihailo

Alina Zabihailo is&nbsp;from Kyiv, Ukraine. She finished her school last year with the highest marks and took a gap year to apply and study in the United States. She was accepted at 6 colleges and chosen to study at Alfred University this Fall, in New York State. Alina love singing and playing tennis. She is a curious person who loves to learn and try new things. Her Instagram:&nbsp;@momentsource
23/06/202228 minutes 39 seconds
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E029 Iryna Ovcharenko

Iryna Ovcharenko graduated from Kharkiv Cooperative Trade and Economic College last year where she studied Tourism, and she continues to cooperate with the administration in her college, helping the Professors and the students. She also cooperated with different singer managers and concert venues as she was involved in event organization. Iryna received a diploma from the Mayor of her city for helping and developing the brand of Kharkiv. It is a Certificate of Honor for active development of the city's brand, significant contribution to the development of volunteering and for assistance in organizing city events. In 2019, she received the Young Person of the Year Cup. Since 2019, Iryna has been doing boxing and dancing, now they are her favorite hobbies. These sports help her control her emotions. She also created a video for the Girl2Leader project, which is an amazing project for girls who want to be leaders and take control
20/06/202220 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

E028 Marina Toderash

Marina Toderash graduated with a Bachelor of Philology in 2021 and a Bachelor of Law in 2021. And she is currently getting a master&rsquo;s degree in Economics, Marketing to graduate in December 2022 and in Philology and Oral Translation to graduate in May 2023. Marina likes psychology, and she is interested in self development. She loves singing, getting together with friends, watching Turkish TV shows and Ukrainian football. She is also interested in true Ukrainian history because, she believes unfortunately, Soviet and Russian government did everything to distort it. That&rsquo;s why she wants to know the truth and to analyze the history of her country and to share her knowledge on the page of her educational project @velychnyi_narod As she studies translation, recently she has had an experience of translating the lecture of Robert F. Engle, the Nobel prize in economics in 2002. It&rsquo;s an achievement for students who study translation.
17/06/202234 minutes 17 seconds
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E027 Natasha Steel

Natasha Steel&nbsp;is originally from the central part of Ukraine but now living in Lisbon, Portugal. She is a yoga teacher and she also worked as tattoo artist in the past, and now feels the energy to come back this work too. Natasha plays the bass guitar and in the past she had her own band, where they played noise jazz. Now, she is building her new life in a new country. Her Instagram: @natasha__steel
16/06/202231 minutes 21 seconds
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E026 Elizabeth Tretiak

Elizabeth Tretiak&nbsp;studies at two universities: at National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) and at Vilnius University, on Academic mobility. Liza is Ukrainian and tries to be a fully developed person. Her motto in life is: life does not stand still and we must constantly develop and achieve our goals. Instagram: @ielizaveta_tr
15/06/202222 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

E025 Kate Scherbina

Kate Scherbina is a Champion of Ukraine in full contact karate in 2016, a FLEX alumna of 2019, and a FLEX City Representative 2020 of Kropyvnytsky. She is the founder of the educational project for youth called "ME &amp; Media," a Girls2Leaders participant, an active volunteer, an Actress of Fall season 2018 - &ldquo;The Legend of Sleepy Hallow&rdquo;, and the founder of an English Speaking Club in 2020 in Oleksandriya, Ukraine. Her Instagram:&nbsp;@adre.adorome
14/06/202228 minutes 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

E024 Lilia Minko

Lilia Minko is the Vice President of Outgoing Global Volunteer for AIESEC in Kyiv, Ukraine. She loves dancing, learning languages, discovering other cultures, and currently she is studying Swedish and Dutch at Taras Shevchenko National University (KNU). Her Instagram: @minko_lilia
13/06/202219 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

E023 Sofi Simonova

Sofi Simonova is that aesthetic girl from French streets who has always been dreaming about being a perfumer-beautician and having her own little painting studio. She started building her character and personality through sports, which increased her patience and made her able to handle hardships. Then playing piano, drawing and learning French and German. Her Instagram:&nbsp;@francais_sofi
10/06/202224 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

E022 Sofiia Kovtun

Sofiia (Sonya) Kovtun&nbsp;won a $108,000 scholarship to study in one of the best school in Canada - Pickering College. She took 1st place in Pickering College Global Leadership Program with a project for the environment in 2021. She took 1st place in Pickering College Global Leadership Program with a project about Epilepsy. In 2017, Sonya was ranked in the Top 100 most talented kids of Ukraine And she consistently ranked high in the Championship of Ukraine in Youth Entrepreneurship as well as the Championship of the WORLD in Youth Entrepreneurship Sonya loves fly dancing, frisbee, cooking, stocks, crypto currency, and fashion. Her Instagram: @sofiiakovtun
05/06/202233 minutes 9 seconds
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E021 Sasha H

Sasha H&nbsp;is&nbsp;a student of Bioscience (with a Major in Genetics) at a University in Canada. Born in Luhansk, she grew up in Kyiv as a dreamer and an active girl who was involved in many extracurricular activities: from Art to Dance to Business to IT. Currently, she is passionate about Witchcraft, Meditation, Gardening and Drawing. Her Instagram:&nbsp;@havruk_oleksandra
03/06/202225 minutes 11 seconds
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E020 Mariia Fylyppova

Mariia Fylyppova is&nbsp;a FLEX Alumna '18 &amp; a Political Science &amp; International Relations Bachelor's Student at American University in Bulgaria. Originally from Ukraine, she is currently the assistant to the CEO at, a marketplace of developers. Mariia is a #TEDxAUBG Organizer, a #pianoplayer, a #harpplayer, and a #pastalover Her Instagram: @m.fylyppova
30/05/202229 minutes 53 seconds
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E019 Sasha Vinnichuk

Sasha Vinnichuk is&nbsp;a Law Student at the Kyiv National University of Trade and Economics She loves photography, taking pictures and making short videos. Her Instagram: @lilsanechka
27/05/202217 minutes 32 seconds
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E018 Olya Kryvitska

Olya Kryvitska is&nbsp;an International Curvy Model from Ukraine who studied at the University of Culture and Art in Kyiv and has modelled all over the world. Instagram: @kryvitskaolya
23/05/202222 minutes 42 seconds
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E017 Anastasiia Bilenka

Anastasiia Bilenka is&nbsp;an international model born in Dnipro, Ukraine. After graduating from the Trade &amp; Economics College in Kyiv, she decided to travel, to learn directly from people, to travel, and to feel the special energy she can experience when meeting new people from all over the world. Instagram: @belenkayaaaa
16/05/202233 minutes 14 seconds
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E016 Olga Melnik

Olga Melnik is&nbsp;a free and open minded girl from Ukraine studying at the Faculty of International Communications, Taras Shevchenko University (KNU) in Kyiv, Ukraine. Her Instagram: @thmelnik__th
13/05/202224 minutes 45 seconds
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E015 Stasia Bartko

Stasia Bartko is an International Law student at the Institute Of International Relations (IIR), Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (KNU). Stasia is an extremely active and multi-faceted girl with 7 years of experience in dancing and 3 years of athletic activity, she is a huge football fan and Stasia is fascinated with music in all its genres, from jazz to pop, blues to rock. Her Instagram:&nbsp;@nastia_bartko
11/05/202232 minutes 7 seconds
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E014 Elisabeth Horun

Elisabeth Horun is&nbsp;a World Champion in Ballroom Dancing, a European champion and a Ukraine champion. Currently, Lis is a Law Student at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA). Her Instagram: @hhorun
09/05/202224 minutes 4 seconds
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E013 Kateryna Kievskaya

Kateryna Kievskaya is&nbsp;is the CEO &amp; Founder of Kstudio Agency, and a trainer in graphic design in the teen accelerator Ampli. She Studies International business at V.N. Karazin Kharkiv National University. And she is the PR-advisor at the NGO Platform of Public Diplomacy. Her Instagram: @kievskayaaaa Website:&nbsp;
07/05/202227 minutes 37 seconds
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E012 Anna Kontseba

Anna Kontseba is&nbsp;an exceptional Ukrainian girl, a FLEX Alumna of 2019, a former FLEX City Representative of Uman, and a student of International Economic Relations at Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU). Her Instagram: @anna.kontseba
05/05/202229 minutes 36 seconds
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E011 Anastasiia Moskalenko

Anastasiia Moskalenko is&nbsp;a student of International Relations at the Institute of International Relations (IIR), Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. She is the Deputy Chief of the Politics and Diplomacy Club "Ambassador". Her Instagram: @anastasiamoss
03/05/202226 minutes 35 seconds
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E010 Yelyzaveta Frol’kis

Yelyzaveta Frol&rsquo;kis is&nbsp;a Freshman at two Universities: Law at the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy (NaUKMA) &amp; Business Economics at Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (KNU). Currently she is studying at Science Po in Paris. Liza participated in 22 scientific and practical conferences of Model United Nations. And she is involved in numerous student clubs and organizations, such as the European Law Students' Association and she is a delegate at NMUN Club of NaUKMA. Her Instagram: @lizafrolkis
01/05/202245 minutes 53 seconds
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E009 Karina Sarukhanian

Karina Sarukhanian, aka Latin Vibes Girl, a professional Latin Dancer from Odessa, Ukraine, with Armenian roots.&nbsp; Karina is a polyflot, a French language speaker, and the Founder of English Speaking Club in Odessa. Her Instagram: @karina.sarukhanyan
29/04/202236 minutes 4 seconds
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E008 Valeriia Radchenko

Valeriia Radchenko is&nbsp;a FLEX Alumna &rsquo;19, an ex-AIESEC member and currently studying International Relations and Social Communications at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University (KUBG) in Ukraine And working as an affiliate manager at the international company Jooble. Valeriia is inspired by travel, creating aesthetic photos on her Instagram, writing poems and dancing. Her Instagram: @v.radch
26/04/202223 minutes 27 seconds
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E007 Valerie Onoshko

Valerie Onoshko is&nbsp;a student at Cherkasy Bohdan Khmelnytsky National University (ChNU), studying to become a teacher of English and German languages. Her Instagram: @leraonoshko
25/04/202229 minutes 55 seconds
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E006 Alyona Zhyvkova

Alyona Zhyvkova is an&nbsp;International Curvy Model, Social Media influencer, and proud Ukrainian currently in Miano, Italy. Her Instagram: @lo.lachka
23/04/202231 minutes 23 seconds
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E005 Yulia Shvets

Yulia Shvets is&nbsp;a translation student at Taurida National University of Vernadsky in Kyiv. Born in Kostopil, in the Rivne region, Yulia speaks French, English, Spanish and is planning to learn 2 more languages. Her Instagram: @tvoyaexx
21/04/202229 minutes 19 seconds
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E004 Olha Burdeina

Olha Burdeina is&nbsp;the chairwoman of the Education and Culture Committee of the Youth Council of Bukovina. She has organized and coordinated more than 10 successful projects that have changed the life of the community. And currently, she is an ambassador of European values ​​among the Eastern Partnership countries. As well as a scholarship winner and an International Baccalaureate student at the Eastern Partnership European School Tbilisi &ldquo;New School&rdquo; in Georgia. Her Instagram:
19/04/202235 minutes 55 seconds
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E003 Diana Shalashna

Diana Shalashna is&nbsp;the FLEX Alumni Coordinator of Central Ukraine, an English Access Micro-scholarship Program Alumna '17, and a FLEX Alumna '18 She is now an International Relations &amp; Social Communications student at Borys Grinchenko Kyiv University, in Ukraine. Her Instagram: @diana_shalashnaya
17/04/202229 minutes 15 seconds
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E002 Alika Stepanishcheva

Alika Stepanishcheva is&nbsp;a Ukrainian Future Leaders Exchange Program Alumna of 2019 and a FLEX City Representative of Vinnytsia 2020 Alika is fascinated with the IT field and is currently working as an SMM Manager in a tech company. Her Instagram: @a_l_i_k_a_______
15/04/202228 minutes 25 seconds
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E001 Anastasia Gloza

Anastasia Gloza&nbsp;is an International Economic Relations student at the Institute Of International Relations (IIR), Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv (KNU). Anastasia is a keen traveler who is also interested in diplomacy, literature, music and politics. Her life goal is to make the world a better place. Her Instagram: @a.gloza
13/04/202233 minutes 47 seconds