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Radiolab for Kids Presents: Terrestrials

English, Children-Kids, 2 seasons, 37 episodes, 15 hours 13 minutes
Uncover the strangeness right here on Earth with a family-friendly podcast from your friends at Radiolab. Hosted by Lulu Miller.
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Introducing: NPR's Life Kit

NPR’s Life Kit explains a free, simple tool for your parenting toolbox. Called 'special time,' the strategy is widely recommended by children's health professionals to help reduce behavioral issues in young children. Here's a guide on how to do it with your kids at home.This episode of Life Kit was produced by Summer Thomad. Our visuals editor is Beck Harlan. Our digital editor is Malaka Gharib. Meghan Keane is the supervising editor. Beth Donovan is the executive producer.  Our Production team also includes: Andee Tagle, Audrey Nguyen, Clare Marie Schneider, Michelle Aslam, and Sylvie Douglis. Julia Carney is our podcast coordinator. Engineering support comes from Stu Rushfield.For more LIFE KIT, check out our other episodes. You can find those at And if you love LIFE KIT and want more, subscribe to the newsl
11/01/202316 minutes 34 seconds
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Introducing: Flip and Mozi's Guide to How to be an Earthling

Mozi is about to turn... 900 years old, and he's having a tough time with it! So, Flip introduces him to some of the oldest earthlings around, the Bowhead Whales! Featuring new songs from the Pop Ups like "How You Are Old," learn more about these 250 year old swimmers in the Arctic Ocean. Support for Terrestrials is provided by Science Sandbox, a Simons Foundation Initiative, and the Arthur Vining Davis Foundations.
24/11/20226 minutes 41 seconds