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English, Talk, 1 season, 20 episodes
Each week, San Francisco psychotherapist Lily Sloane, along with featured guests, answers some of life’s tough questions. But they won’t just tell you how to get along better with your mother in law. They’ll talk about the role of patriarchy, sexism, capitalism, racism, and other kinds of oppression in our day to day personal struggles and what we need to do to fight the forces that keep us down.
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This is the final broadcast of Radical Advice as I move on to other kinds of audio work at the station and put this particular project…
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Shifting Identities

Psychotherapist, podcaster, and business coach, Annie Schuessler, is closing her practice after being a therapist for 20 years. She joined me to talk about ending Radical…
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Feasting Is Not A Problem

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Bittersweet Symphony Death March

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Doin It

Abby Volk Neuberg is a psychotherapist in San Francisco specializing in sex therapy. We talk about what that is and address a listener question about threesomes.
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Psychoanalyzing the Taxidermy Rat

Therapist and analyst Molly Merson joins me to talk about both the tension and the cohesion between social/climate justice and psychoanalysis. And we discuss a listener…
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Satan Loves Therapy

This broadcast might convert you to Satanism and that's ok. Meant to subvert arbitrary authority and help people get in touch with their inner wisdom, Satanism…
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Your Millennial Burnout Halloween Costume

San Francisco freelance reporter and writer, Nuala Bishari, joins me to discuss burnout, especially as a news journalist. And I announce the impending end of Radical…
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Reach Into Somebody and Grab Their Organs

This broadcast features segments of a prerecorded conversation with fellow radio producers, Chelsea, Emily, and Lilia. We go in depth about the intense and therapeutic process…
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Housing Insecurities

Christine joins via video chat from Seattle where it's dreary and gray like it should be in October. We discuss her new life as an official…
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Dunk Your Head In Ice Water

San Francisco based DBT therapist Marielle Berg talks about how Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) works as well as her other specialization: food and body image issues.
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Past/Present PARTY

I take the reigns solo for most of the show, talking about how the past effects us now and answer a question about reparenting. Later in…
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Activism Inside & Out

Butterfly Williams is a performance artist, Black public intellectual and community activist. In this broadcast we talk about his band OLOKUN, studying psychology, identity politics, and…
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Ventral Vagal Vavavoom!

Licensed Clinical Social Worker (and Lily's former supervisor) Elaine Chan-Scherer talks about polyvagal theory and the nervous system in the age of Trump. Additionally we discuss…
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Hole in the Ocean Floor

I get really grumpy when it’s too warm for me so instead of making a nice show about summertime and chilling at the beach or whatever,…
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Do two Lily's make one SUPER Lily?
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TFW the Art is Looking at YOU

Oakland based painter Cate White joined me to discuss her transition into being an artist and unpack the complications of being a white woman painting black…
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This Dumpster is Still On 🔥

Today Radical Advice celebrates 100 broadcasts! Fellow BFF radio host, Beatrix Gravesguard of Astral Projection Radio Hour, helps Lily talk through the past, present, and future…
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Don't Tell Me To Try Turmeric

Nurse in training and bartender/server Natalie Galatzer joins me to talk about the emotional ups and downs of living with a disabling injury the past several…