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Radiant Rest Podcast with Tracee Stanley

English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 2 seasons, 17 episodes, 13 hours, 23 minutes
Inspired by the desire to reclaim our collective birthright of deep rest, author and spiritual teacher Tracee Stanley explores tools, practices, and techniques that lead to deep rest. She shares her candid conversations with inspiring teachers and thought leaders about the power of rest, lucid dreaming, yoga nidra, self-care, napping as a path to liberation, restorative yoga, and sleep. Music Composition and Produced by Baron Rinzler
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Pause, Rest, Be with Octavia Raheem

Tracee Stanley discusses the power of rest, transition, and pause with Octavia Raheem author of Gather, and the upcoming new book Pause, Rest, Be. They discuss the moment that Octavia knew that her life of "doing" needed to change and how rest inspires her work in Devoted to Rest a rest-based mastermind for high achieving Black Women and Women of Color. 
12/11/20211 hour, 5 minutes, 2 seconds
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Listening for Spirit with Elena Brower

Artist, writer, and yogini Elena Brower and host Tracee Stanley invite you to join them for a candid and personal talk on the creative processes and connection to Spirit. They discuss Elena’s newest book Being You and her methods of writing and painting for the book. Elena and Tracee delve into the impacts of yoga on their creative practices, and the ways in which creativity,yoga , and meditation are intertwined. Elena stresses the importance of her morning meditations, as well as the ways in which she reminds herself of who she is every day. In a very special conclusion to their discussion, Elena leads listeners in an immersive and moving meditation.
7/23/202143 minutes, 24 seconds
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Creativity in Rest with Chanti-Tacoronte- Perez

In a moving conversation between friends, Tracee Stanley sits down with ChantiTacoronte-Perez to consider the pressing topic of transitions and the ways in which change encourages creativity. They speak to the power of dream space and sleep as a mode and place of creation. Chanti discusses non-dominant handwriting and journaling after resting as a tool of connecting to a community of ancestors, and the beauty of surrender. Learn some tools of inspiration from this episode of the Radiant Rest Podcast.
7/14/202150 minutes, 18 seconds
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Finding Refuge with Michelle Cassandra Johnson

Activist, author, teacher and healer Michelle Cassandra Johnson joins Tracee Stanley for a pertinent and poignant conversation on grief and healing. Michelle discusses her upcoming book Finding Refuge: Heart Work for Healing Collective Grief and her definition of collective grief. Michelle and Tracee talk through the presence of exhaustion in activist spaces in this past year following immense trauma. They also consider how to be in community to imagine hope and what is possible, and the radical gift of dreaming. They explore losing the illusion of control, and rituals for grief. Join them for a discussion on liberation in a time of deep mourning, making room for optimism and hope.
7/6/202145 minutes, 38 seconds
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Trust Your Truth with Shannon Algeo

In this episode of the Radiant Rest Podcast host, Tracee Stanley sits down with writer, teacher, and speaker Shannon Algeo. They discuss his highly anticipated upcoming book Trust Your Truth on how to reclaim your power and confidence, as well as tools to develop a deeper sense of self-worth. As inspiration and a catalyst for the book, Shannon speaks to the ways bullying has shaped his abilities to set firm boundaries and commit to a practice. Shannon shares his liberation and insight alongside his experiences of profound heartbreak and his own dark night of the soul. Shannon speaks about the role of rest in yoga nidra in his awakening and sustaining balance. 
2/25/202150 minutes, 34 seconds
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Empowering Children to Thrive with Yoga - Crystal McCreary

In this bonus episode of the Radiant Rest Podcast, host Tracee Stanley sits down with Crystal McCreary. Crystal is the author of the upcoming Little Yogi Deck, and she discusses her background in education and her new deck to teach mindfulness and yoga practices to children. She speaks to the tools and wisdom she learned and now teaches about internal peace and groundedness. Crystal and Tracee ultimately discuss the things we learn from children’s emotions about ourselves, as well. 
1/29/202128 minutes, 16 seconds
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Self-Care Rituals with Indu Arora

In this episode of the Radiant Rest Podcast, Tracee Stanley speaks with author and teacher Indu Arora. They speak to a range of experiences within yoga, including the role of true self-care as an act of responsibility, how comparison has no place in a yoga practice, and the importance of the motivations behind practicing yoga. Indu Arora also discusses her upcoming book SOMA: 100 Heritage Recipes for Self-Care. Tracee and Indu also discover the power of paying special attention to circadian rhythms and personal rituals for healing.
1/13/202145 minutes, 15 seconds
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The Power of Dream Yoga with Andrew Holecek

In this episode of the Radiant Rest Podcast, Tracee Stanley shares a conversation with author and spiritual teacher Andrew Holecek. They broach topics of the power of lucid dreaming and dream yoga, stressing the importance of the truths revealed in our sleep states. Andrew and Tracee together discuss fear and how transitions are intrinsic to the human experience. 
12/12/20201 hour, 9 minutes, 10 seconds
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Rest: A  Meticulous Love Practice with Tricia Hersey of The Nap Ministry 

Host Tracee Stanley speaks with Tricia Hersey founder of The Nap Ministry. They discuss the origins of the organization and the practice of rest as resistance. The conversation traverses rest as a portal to the wisdom of our ancestors, how to make space for rest, creating boundaries, trauma, and the importance of rest for Black women. Tricia also discusses the relationship between spirituality, creativity, imagination, and dreaming. Timely and potent this conversation was recorded on Nov 10, 2020, and holds many lessons for our future. 
11/11/202058 minutes, 34 seconds
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Yoga Nidra as Oracle with Yoli Maya Yeh

Host Tracee Stanley interviews Spiritual guide and Scholar preserving Indigenous traditions Yoli Maya Yeh. Yoli shares wisdom about Yoga NIdra as an oracle, sacred dreaming, and the power of transition. This conversation is a weaving of ancient wisdom and tools that help us to live in today's world with presence, action, and connection to the Divine.
10/6/20201 hour, 3 minutes, 41 seconds
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Moving into the Heart of Mastery with Lama Rod Owens

Radiant Rest host Tracee Stanley speaks with author and spiritual teacher Lama Rod Owens about acknowledging heartbreak, anger, and rage through practice. Lama Rod discusses the value of mourning and how it requires us to tell the truth. This is a deep and soulful conversation about lineage, ancestors, and being unconditionally held by the Mother.
9/4/202058 minutes, 6 seconds
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Lucid Dreaming with Charlie Morley

Tracee Stanley Interviews best selling author and teacher of lucid dreaming and shadow integration, Charlie Morley. They speak about their shared love of yoga nidra, the healing power of dreams, and the power of the hypnogogic state. Charlie shares tips for amplifying and remembering your dreams. If you have ever been curious about how your dreams can reveal another dimension to your spiritual life take a listen. 
7/22/202043 minutes, 24 seconds