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Tune in to the Race Forward Pod with your host, Lydiah Igweh, to be inspired by the world’s most respected D&I leaders, practitioners, and advocates to inform better decision-making and help you create a more diverse and inclusive workplace.
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Episode 47 - Crafting Football's Future with Iffy Onuora

Ever wonder how a top-tier football league plans to create a more diverse and inclusive environment? Today's discussion with Iffy, the first head of equality, diversity, and inclusion for the Premier League, offers some answers. This episode is a treasure trove of insights on leadership, resolution, and fostering positive change in the sporting world. Iffy delves deep into his convictions and his game plan for creating diversity pathways in football. He also gives us a glimpse into how the Black Lives Matter movement has stirred the football community and shifted attitudes towards diversity and inclusion. Gain an understanding of the influence of high-profile incidents and the ensuing demand on social media firms and governments to act. We also get a candid peek into the initiatives to create more opportunities for diverse individuals and what this means for the future of football. Hear from an influential figure in football as they share their vision for the f
22/12/202332 minutes 53 seconds
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Episode 46 - The Impacts of Systemic Discrimination and the Path to Equity.

Today, we invite you into a conversation that is sure to challenge your perspective and broaden your horizons. We've had the privilege of sitting down with Noémie, an influential figure at the forefront of advocating for equity, diversity, and inclusion. Her journey is rooted in her experiences in South Korea, where she first encountered significant cultural differences and misunderstandings, which inspired the pursuit of her passion. Noémie's story of self-discovery and exploration of privilege is compelling, and she brings these lessons to the daunting world of business, unravelling the often overlooked, yet impactful, office rituals that shape our workplace culture. She highlights the lack of women in leadership roles, and emphasises the necessity of a qualitative approach when navigating the experiences of marginalised individuals in the workplace. Noémie's insights are a call to action, reminding us all of our role in creating more inclusive and div
22/12/202338 minutes 24 seconds
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Epsiode 45 - Changing the DEI Landscape: Tolu's Inspirational Story

Immerse yourself in today's enriching conversation with Tolu, a passionate advocate for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Tolu opens up about his challenging journey that has been coloured with resilience and second chances, and how these experiences shaped him and his approach to DEI strategies. He shares his story of how he turned obstacles into opportunities and transformed his life to advocate for diversity and inclusion in the workspace. We ventured into a thought-provoking discussion on the role of inclusive leadership in tackling racism. Tolu elaborates on the power of understanding the nuances of our interactions and how this awareness can mold a more inclusive workplace culture. He encourages us to delve into the world of cultural activation and provides crucial insights on how organisations can transcend beyond policy changes to authentically foster diversity and inclusion. Tolu sheds light on the designing of comprehensive DEI strategies and emphasises the nee
22/12/202335 minutes 19 seconds
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Episode 44 - Creativity and Advocacy: Christina’s Path to DEI

Have you ever wondered how personal experiences can shape professional journeys? What if I told you about Christina, an accomplished playwright and performer, who currently champions diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) at Soho House? Her compelling journey from being a soccer player and opera singer to discovering her passion in acting and education is nothing short of inspiring. Her powerful one-woman show about her disabled sister not only touched hearts but also steered Christina towards the world of DEI. In our chat, we also discuss her play 'Dangerous Giant Animals,' a poignant reflection on her relationship with her sister, showcasing the often overlooked perspectives on disability, violence, and caregiving within families. Christina helps us understand the intricate process of creating such impactful plays and how they become instrumental in advocating for social change. Wearing multiple hats can be challenging. Between managing DEI at Soho House
22/12/202339 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 43 - Driving Change in Organisations through DEI Partnerships

What if the missing piece your organisation's growth puzzle is hiding in plain sight? Join us as we converse with the dynamic expert in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Nesli Ercan. From her journey that started in Turkey and took her to Dublin, she breathes life into the DEI narrative. Nesli not only carries a treasure trove of experiences shaped by different cultures but also carries the strategic chops and business acumen that help her make a real impact on DEI practices in organisations. She shares her insights on the importance of business acumen in facilitating effective learning and development sessions for DEI practitioners. But that's not all. Nesli also unwraps the tremendous benefits hidden in the simple act of prioritizing the recruitment and advancement of underrepresented individuals in organisations. We delve deep into the ethical, strategic, and innovative advantages that come along with cognitive diversity in the workplace. Nesli also
22/12/202332 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 42 - Advocating for Change: A Conversation with Dr. Mikal Manderson

Brace yourselves for a stimulating discussion with the esteemed Dr. Mikal Anderson. As a diversity and inclusion practitioner and educator, not to mention a social impact entrepreneur, Dr. Anderson brings a wealth of expertise to the table. We navigate through his riveting journey from the financial services sector to the educational field, as he has passionately advocated for marginalised groups. Get ready to hear about his impact-driven approach to fostering equity and belonging, particularly in educational spaces. We also take a moment to address the elephant in the room – the essential role of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in organisations. Dr. Anderson hammers home the importance of nurturing diverse talent, and the need for leaders to step out of their comfort zone and drive bold DEI initiatives. We also delve into the importance of representation in leadership, and why data shouldn't be feared but embraced, underscoring the integral role
22/12/202341 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 41 - Championing Inclusion in Rugby with Jatin Patel

Ever wondered how the world of sports is tackling diversity and inclusion? In today's conversation with Jatin Patel, we peel back the layers of his professional journey to uncover the critical role of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) in shaping the future of sports, particularly rugby. Jatin enlightens us about his experiences with the Rugby Football Union and their strategic approach towards nurturing a diverse and inclusive sports environment. This episode takes us into the heart of diversity data in sports, its importance, and the unique challenges it poses. Our guest from a national sports organisation drops some truth bombs about how capturing this crucial data can lead to more inclusive sports. As we navigate this landscape, we stress the significance of active listening and co-creation of solutions with those impacted directly by diversity issues. A recurring theme here is the need for sustainable and evolving strategies to make a real difference in the s
22/12/202336 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 40 - Unearthing the Roots of Inequities in Higher Education

Join us as we engage in an enriching conversation with the remarkable Dr. Lindy, an EDI (Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion) expert. Listen in as she takes us through her journey in EDI work, how she was sponsored into her role, and her development of a programme around race literacy. Discover the factors that keep her inspired, such as the alliances she forms, learning from others, and watching people grow and change. You'll also learn about Dr. Lindy's innovative approach to dealing with minority racialised identity and neurodiversity in higher education, including her unique 80-20 rule. The conversation doesn't stop there. In this enlightening discussion, Dr. Lindy reflects on the essential aspects of power dynamics in higher education. She candidly shares her thoughts on the importance of those in positions of power owning up to their roles in EDI work and how they can avoid the pitfalls of inaction. This episode also explores ways higher education i
22/12/202320 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 39 - Fostering an Inclusive Workforce at LexisNexis

Join us for an enlightening conversation with Charlene Oke, a leader in championing Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) at LexixNexis. She shares her inspiring journey in spearheading D&I strategies globally, including her experiences as a black woman navigating challenging workplace conversations. Discover Charlene's groundbreaking D&I initiatives, including psychological safety measures and Amy Edmondson's seven questions for managers. Learn about her successful programmes like the Ethnically Diverse Group of Employees (EDGE), 30 Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), and initiatives like Ignite and Accelerate for senior women. Charlene also discusses inclusive culture and diverse talent acquisition, highlighting successes in recruiting from lower socioeconomic backgrounds. She shares insights on the Immersion Evolve programme and emphasises the importance of mental health for D&I leaders, offering tips to avoid burnout. Don't miss this riveting con
22/12/202331 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 38 - Innovative Approaches to DEIB at Deutsche Telekom

Prepare to be enlightened on the subject of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in this engaging conversation with Katrin and Ayse from Deutsche Telekom. We venture deep into the world of DEI, unearthing critical insights from real-life experiences that have shaped our guests' values and propelled their careers in this vital field. We dissect the impact of inclusive systems like AI and product design, emphasising the significance of comprehending DEI in its entirety, and the transformative power it holds when effectively implemented. Our narrative takes a significant turn as we investigate Deutsche Telekom's mammoth task of fostering DEI across its substantial workforce of 230,000 employees worldwide. We lay bare their strategies, including their use of data, cultivating a sense of belonging, and blueprint formation around the seven dimensions of diversity. With a sneak peek into their upcoming global D&I eLearning programme, this episode promises a rare insight into
22/12/202340 minutes 6 seconds
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Episode 37 - The Challenge and Hope of Diversity in Healthcare

With the age-old wisdom of 'walking a mile in someone else's shoes,' we sat down with Sofi Musleh for a deep, engaging conversation on diversity, equity, and inclusion. Sofi, a woman of colour and a passionate advocate for DEI, shared her journey— the triumphs, the trials, and the transformative experiences that have shaped her unique leadership style. In our conversation with Sofi, we also explore the intricate world of feminism and diversity in the corporate realm. We emphasise the importance of respecting individual beliefs and values and discuss the challenges of implementing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives while addressing resistance and skepticism. Our dialogue underscores the role of education and global priorities in promoting allyship and advocacy for marginalised groups. Furthermore, we extend our examination of DEI to the healthcare industry, emphasising the pressing need for greater diversity in clinical t
22/12/202336 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 36 - Empowering Underrepresented Communities with Ayo Barley

Imagine growing up in an environment where you're different from everyone else. Our guest, Ayo Barley knows this all too well. Raised in a predominantly white working-class area in the UK, Ayo's experiences ignited her passion for advocating for minoritised communities. Her journey led her to establish a charity and a consultancy aimed at fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion. She also shares her personal story of reclaiming her Nigerian name, underscoring the importance of embracing one's identity. Navigating the world of higher education and employment can be challenging, especially when you're faced with deeply entrenched biases. Ayo sheds light on this, highlighting her role as the chair of the Yorkshire Consortium for Equity in Doctoral Education. This consortium has set its sights on making PhD programmes more accessible for underrepresented groups. We also discuss the complexities and layers of identity, and the importance of crea
22/12/202328 minutes 45 seconds
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Episode 35 - Exploring the Revolution of Work Style: Freedom, Flexibility, and the Future of Work

Join us on this enlightening journey with our special guests, Alex Hurst and Lizzie Penny, as we explore the revolution of work style and its potential to redefine our professional lives. Tune in to hear about our personal experiences and how the concept of "work style" was born, advocating the freedom to choose when and where we work. This discussion emphasises the importance of a digital-first, asynchronous, and trust-based work environment that fosters inclusivity while boosting efficiency and flexibility. Listen in as we stress the critical role leaders play in modeling trust for this new approach to work to be truly successful. Lizzie Penny and Alex Hirst are friends, entrepreneurs, changemakers and bestselling authors. They have been leading the Workstyle Revolution for a decade, campaigning for the individualisation of work in order to improve wellbeing, step change productivity and redefine inclusion through a
22/12/202333 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 34 - Challenging the Norm and Embracing LGBTQIA+ Identity in Education

In this engaging conversation with Dr. Shanéa Thomas, a prominent advocate for LGBTQIA+ inclusion in education, the discussion revolves around the question of whether we are doing enough to promote inclusion in schools. Dr. Thomas shares her personal journey and professional growth, highlighting the challenges faced by LGBTQIA+ individuals in the rigid binary framework of educational settings. The conversation goes beyond identifying the problems and explores potential solutions. Dr. Thomas encourages us to challenge our preconceived notions and emphasises the importance of continuously updating our knowledge about sex and gender. She suggests using platforms like TikTok as a resource for education. Dr. Thomas underscores that training and open discussions about sex and gender benefit everyone and calls for greater recognition of trans and queer individuals in our communities. About this Episodes Guest: Dr Shanéa Thomas
22/12/202325 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 33 - Promoting Workplace Diversity with Sandra Sheahan

Have you ever wondered what it takes to create a workplace where diversity and inclusion aren't just buzzwords but a part of the company DNA? Sandra Sheehan, the Diversity, Inclusion, and Accessibility Director at Merlin Entertainments, joins us to shed light on this fascinating topic. In this candid chat, Sandra recounts her personal journey navigating a male-dominated engineering industry, and the transformative initiatives she's implementing at Merlin Entertainments, including the Rising programme. A programme designed to nurture diversity and facilitate the career growth of underrepresented groups. But it's not just about diversity, Sandra helps us understand the nuances and complexities of creating a culture of inclusivity, where everyone feels seen, heard, and valued. About this Episodes Guest: Sandra Sheahan Sandra Sheahan is an advocate for diversity, inclusion, and belonging, known for her commitment to
22/12/202324 minutes 11 seconds
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Episode 32 Breaking Barriers and Pioneering Inclusivity in Recruitment.

When Sharlene, a seasoned recruitment professional, first walked into a boardroom, she was a teenage mother fresh out of college and the only woman of colour. Fast forward 25 years, she recounts her journey and unyielding dedication to diversity in recruitment, challenging stereotypes, and her quest to create equal opportunities. The conversation also loops in the significance of mental health in the pursuit of change, and a strong call to action - to consider what we can do to make a positive impact even if it's just for one person at a time! About this Episodes Guest: Sharlene John Sharlene is an award winning Recruitment leader with over 20 years’ experience in HR and Recruitment. Since joining Selfridges in 2021, Sharlene has been instrumental in making progress towards Selfridges goal of building an inclusive retail culture. She is focused on engaging and educating Selfridges leadership and management, raising awareness around DE&I, inclusive h
22/12/202342 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 31: Gender balance and LGBTQ+ inclusion with Greg Turner

In this episode, Lydiah Igweh talks to Greg Turner who shares insights about Rolls Royce and their efforts to improve gender balance and creating welcoming environments for LGBTQ+ employees. Greg graduated with a degree in Mechanical Engineering before achieving an MSc in Engineering Management. He joined Rolls-Royce in 2006, working initially within Civil Aerospace, and in 2015 he was instrumental in launching Prism, the Rolls-Royce LGBTQ+ employee network, which he led until 2021. Following the success of Prism, and combined with his passion for inclusion and belonging, Greg accepted the role of Group Inclusion Lead in 2020, allowing him to support the global Rolls-Royce inclusion strategy. He was shortlisted for Exceptional Inclusion at the 2021 British LGBT Awards and led Rolls-Royce to become a Stonewall Top 100 Employer.
21/06/202224 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 30: Including apprenticeships into your diversity and inclusion plan with Isa Mutlib

Want to use apprenticeships to make a difference in terms of diversity and inclusion in your organisation, but don't know where to begin? Join Lydiah Igweh today for episode 30 of the Race Foward Pod: Featuring Isa Mutlib, the CEO of the BAME Apprenticeship Alliance. Isa Mutlib is the CEO of the BAME Apprenticeship Alliance, whose mission is to promote apprenticeship diversity and increase access to high-quality opportunities for underrepresented talent. He has been actively involved in the apprenticeship space for over five years, working with some of the UK's biggest brands and actively engaging with senior stakeholders to increase workforce diversity.
14/06/202220 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 29: Actionable Allyship and articulating leadership USP with Jessica Rogers

How do we move from being a passive ally to an engaged force for global change? In this episode, Lydiah Igweh speaks with Jessica Rogers about achieving equity through actionable allyship, defining leadership vision, and how to articulate leadership USP. Jessica is a Certified Leadership and Business Coach who, over the last 13 years has worked with business leaders and entrepreneurs, helping them to find more purpose and joy in their work and in their lives. She has an Economics BA (Hons) and Chartered Institute of Marketing Diploma.  She started her career in marketing, working for international media and publishing organisations including Dorling Kindersley, Egmont Publishing, and Hasbro toys managing large budgets and diverse teams. She now combines practical business savvy with deep coaching skills to provide a safe space for her clients to explore possibilities to be bolder, braver, and successful in life.
07/06/202219 minutes 52 seconds
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Episode 28: Fostering a Diverse and Inclusive Company Culture with Henrique Zanin

In this episode 28, Henrique Zanin explains how to cultivate a diverse and inclusive culture that considers individual differences of employees and strives to make all feel welcome and accepted. Henrique is a Brazilian diversity and inclusion professional, lawyer, and researcher based in Berlin, Germany. Henrique is a Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Program Manager for Europe & Asia at Wayfair and a faculty member in a Postgraduate program in Diversity and Inclusion. His papers on diversity and inclusion, human rights, and labour law have already been published in over 12 journals and his past endeavours include working with NGOs in Uganda and Canada and founding one in Brazil, DEI consulting firms, and the Brazilian Bar Association Commission of Diversity.
31/05/202223 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode 27: Advancing diversity and inclusion in the Higher education sector with Sanchia Alasia

In this episode, Sanchia Alasia shares her insights about advancing diversity and inclusion in the higher education sector and how to engage staff and students with EDI strategies and initiatives. In this episode, Sanchia shares some insights about advancing diversity and inclusion in the Higher education sector and how to engage staff and students with EDI strategies and initiatives. Sanchia is a multi-award-winning specialist in equality, diversity, and human resources and has over 15 years experience working in this field across the public sector. She has worked across the public sector to help move organisations towards being truly inclusive, valuing their staff, and creating a culture where staff feels supported, appreciated, and respected. She currently works as the Acting Director of Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion at London Southbank University. She is a member of the CIPD and a fellow of the Chartered Management Institute. Sanchi
24/05/202218 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 26: Governance, framework, foundation setting for sustainable DE&I with Rachel Billington

In this episode, Lydiah Igweh talks to Rachel Billington, who sheds some light on the importance of walking before you can, setting up governance for EDI and creating an inclusive culture so that when a strategy is developed it can be sustained. Additionally - the participation of white men in the DE&I agenda is imperative for change to take place. Rachel is the Head of ED&I, Europe and India at AECOM She has developed an ambitious ED&I strategy, delivery plan and governance structure to make sure the region delivers on its aims and vision for change, partnering closely with the Executive and Employee Resource Groups. She is also a chartered CIPD member and MBTI practitioner. She is also an ILM7 advanced Executive coach and mentor who specialises in mentoring underrepresented groups including maternity and career returnees as well as positive action schemes.
17/05/202231 minutes 1 second
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Episode 25: Increasing diversity and inclusion in the music industry with Ammo Talwar

In the music industry, gender inequality is a prominent topic. It cuts across all sectors, from artists to behind-the-scenes executives, and unites the music industry with other industries around the world suffering the same problem. Lack of inclusion for minority groups is also a problem that stifles the development of talented people. In this episode, Lydiah Igweh talks to Ammo Talwar, who shares insights about increasing diversity and inclusion in the music industry. Ammo Talwar started life selling vinyl at his specialist record shop, which became a local hub for DJs and artists - His leadership and vision built the company into an award-winning music agency; working internationally and in partnership with leading private and public sector companies to support music and innovation. He received an MBE for contributions to music and young people. A recipient of the International Cultural leadership award, Ammo’s professional acumen is in demand by organisations facin
10/05/202227 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 24: Using data to foster inclusion with Melanie Eusebe

In this episode, Lydiah Igweh talks to Melanie Eusebe who shares insights about using data to foster diversity and inclusion. Melanie Eusebe is the founder of the Black British Business Awards (BBBAwards) and a Director of Strategy and Consulting at Accenture. Melanie is also a professor in leadership and management at a leading business school and has her own online financial wellness community. Alongside her leading role in the BBBAwards, Melanie was Executive Producer for the Women of the World (WoW) Festival, a global gender equality festival involving over two million women from 50 cities on five continents. Given the Queen’s honours for her contributions, Melanie has been profiled as one of the most influential women in business and the creative industries in the UK.
03/05/202219 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 23: How to measure and build anti-racist cultures with Ivié Itoje

Episode 23 brings a conversation between Lydiah Igweh and Ivié Itoje about achieving racial awareness & diversity and breaking barriers to inclusion and racist behaviours through a measured approach.  Ivié is the Anti-Racism Expert at Flair Impact, a people analytics company that helps organisations measure and build anti-racist cultures, founded on the footrail of the Black Lives Matter campaigns and following the murder of George Floyd. Ivié started as a student activist, challenging policy, discrimination courses on campus. She went on to study law with great interest in race theory. Her experience includes working with the Migrant law centre, amplifying the marginalised voices and has been at the frontlines fighting for racial and social justice, focusing on how race and gender interject. Now she champions intentional inclusion in workplaces, helping organisations use data to build informed and sustainable change towards DE&I goals.
26/10/202123 minutes 33 seconds
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Episode 22: Race Equality Matters with Javed Thomas

In episode 22, Lydiah Igweh speaks to Javed Thomas. Javed is an Executive Director at The Collaboratory & Co-Founder of Race Equality Matters, a UK initiative that aims to create positive change and tackle racial inequality in the workplace. Javed shares insights on creating collaborations that ensure everyone is represented and heard to create a truly inclusive workplace where everyone feels they belong and thrive regardless of their race. Within his work experience, Javed has developed several highly effective initiatives addressing DEI and mental wellness in the workplace, including initiatives such as the #ThisisMe and the hugely successful Green Ribbon campaign reaching millions of people and transforming attitudes to mental health.
19/10/202129 minutes 42 seconds
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Episode 21: Tackling Racial Stereotyping with Nzinga Orgill

In this episode, Lydiah Igweh talks to Nzinga Orgill, who shares insights on breaking racial stereotyping and achieving sustainable DEI in the workplace. Nzinga Orgill is the Founder & CEO of RaCExpert Limited. She is an anti-racism strategist and diversity, equality & Inclusion consultant. Nzinga is a transformational change leader in the innovation, automation and digitisation spaces. As an advocate of social justice, Nzinga believes in giving everyone the support, sponsorship and opportunity to move forward and progress. In her words, being able to “do what we say, and say what we do” is where progress can be achieved in moving things forward in the DE&I space.
12/10/202140 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 20: Improving the Black Employee Experience with Richard Odufisan

In this episode, Deloitte's Richard Odufisan shares insights on the importance of celebrating multi-racial and multi-cultural history. Richard shares the innovative initiatives and ways to achieve a cohesive multi-racial workforce. He shares how to "listen" to your employees to learn the challenges they face as a specific race and create allyship in the workplace and community. He delves deeper into how you can collaboratively drive positive change to achieve DEI goals while constantly learning and improving as an organisation. And most importantly, he shares practical insights on how to continually measure organisational progress towards achieving inclusive workplaces for all races, especially for black employees.  For Richard, Black History is about celebrating culture, background and identity and recognising the incredible contributions that black people have made across the world.  About Richard,  Richard is a Manager in the Deloitte Consu
05/10/202118 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 19: Inclusive Leadership with Jenny Garrett

In this episode, Jenny shares her strategies for inclusive leadership and the importance of equity in creating an organisation that empowers and inspires employees to be their authentic selves, to have a sense of belonging.  She shares her experiences of inequality, especially racism, and how she overcame adversity in her early career, including creating solutions to the challenges she faced.   About Jenny Garrett Jenny is an award-winning Career Coach, Leadership Trainer, Speaker & Author. Using her unique skills around gender balance, leadership, inclusion and self-improvement Jenny works with individuals and organisations to achieve career and life-changing results.  She has over 4,000 coaching hours under her belt, has designed and delivered leadership programmes to support the advancement of ethnically diverse leaders, and has reached an audience of over 30,000 through her speaking engagements.  Jenny created the first-
28/09/202123 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 18: The Importance of Inclusion for Effective People Engagement with Tiger de Souza.

In this episode of the Race Forward Pod with Lydiah Igweh and Tiger de Souza, Tiger shares his love for working at the National Trust to create a culture that values difference, includes everyone, and recognises the strength that comes from diversity.  He provides insights into the importance of strategies and initiatives focused on inclusion as a driver for effective employee engagement, and in developing inclusive work environments.  He has had a wide-ranging career in the non-profit sector and worked at the Royal Institution for Chartered Surveyors, NSPCC and England Netball.   Tiger is a passionate advocate of the power and creativity of youth, after spending five years in his early career being motivated and challenged by a host of brilliant young people at Vinspired. He has been a trustee of both Volunteering England and the National Council for Voluntary Organisations and is currently a Trustee for the Association of Chief Executives
21/09/202127 minutes 54 seconds
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Episode 17: Race, Football and Society with Michael Duberry

Rashford, Sancho, and Saka suffered racist abuse after England lost the penalty shootout against Italy in Euro 2020. Episode 17 features former professional footballer Michael Duberry. Michael talks about tackling racism in football and shares his thoughts on the role of clubs, society and social media platforms in creating an anti-racist culture and a positive experience for all. Michael had a 20-year playing career when the average football career is only 8 years. He made a staggering 500 appearances for clubs including Chelsea, Leeds United, Stoke City and Reading, to name but a few. After retiring from elite football, Michael set up Made Leaders, his own coaching company, and has forged a new career as an executive coach, facilitator and keynote speaker, specialising in Elite Performance.
14/09/202131 minutes 28 seconds
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Episode 16: Belonging and the Future of Work with Asif Sadiq MBE

Building synergies between internal and external DE&I efforts is a challenge faced by many organisations. In this episode 16, Asif Sadiq MBE, Senior Vice President of E&I International at Warner Media, explains the importance of transformation from DE&I to belonging to create future workplaces. Asif has a long and rich career in the DE&I space, with previous senior executive roles at Adidas, The Telegraph, and EY Financial Services. He is listed as one of the most Influential Global D&I Leaders by Hive Learning, the CIPD’s Top 20 Power List, and was honoured with an MBE in 2017 by the Queen.
07/09/202125 minutes 4 seconds
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Episode 15: Let’s Talk Money with Selina Flavius.

Most people do not grow up in a household where personal and business finance is spoken about. Still, Selina Flavius of Black Girl Finance is committed to making personal and business finance more accessible. In this episode, Selina shares many positive and uplifting insights into how to take responsibility for your money confidently, even in the face of adversity. Selina is the British Bank Awards Online Financial Influencer of the Year 2021, the best selling author of Black Girl Finance Let's Talk Money, Speaker and Finance Coach. Today, the Black Girl Finance Brand includes a podcast, an 11k strong social media presence, events, a personal finance book, and personal and corporate financial coaching.
31/08/202120 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 2: The Power of Belonging with Joanne Conway

Did you know that feeling connected & belonging is key to our survival as human beings? Have a listen to EY UK & Ireland’s Deputy Head of Diversity and Inclusion, Joanne Conway’s, incredible knowledge on belonging, engaging your employees and making them feel valued.
01/06/202126 minutes 4 seconds
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