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English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 23 episodes, 22 hours 14 minutes
Quitted is a podcast about quitting, hosted by Holly Whitaker ( and Emily McDowell ( What happens when you don't want to be who you are anymore? For all of us, there comes a time when in order to thrive (or simply survive!), we have to walk away from something that represents a huge piece of our identity. This could be a career, a relationship, a religion, a long-held dream, a social norm, a gender–whatever it is, it’s a massive part of who we are, and letting it go comes at great personal cost. Quitting means disappointing all the people invested in our staying; it requires giving up the security of what we know, and stepping into a liminal space where we’re not sure who we are anymore. Unlike growing and building, which our culture obsessively celebrates, endings are quiet and lonely, because we don’t talk about them. Quitting is synonymous with failure. We’re conditioned to believe perseverance is a virtue, “winners never quit,” and giving up means losing. Quitting is only acceptable when it's a waypoint to something greater, some imagined bigger and better future. But what if that’s all a lie? We’ll talk with guests who have quit all kinds of seemingly impossible things, about the decision to quit, but even more importantly, about what happens after that. Quitting doesn't mean going directly from being one thing to being another thing; in between, there’s a middle space, a transitional space, and that space is hard, confusing, and groundless. We'll talk about navigating that space, and everything surrounding it, in order to help provide insight, permission, and illumination for others seeking the courage to risk everything to find a truer north. We’ll also explore the concept of quitting itself, how it came to hold the meaning it does, its inextricable links to late-stage American capitalism, and how a shifting narrative around giving up could be the key to a different future. Become a Quitted supporter on Patreon ( Hosted on Acast. See ( for more information.
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Diane Sanfilippo Quits Diet Culture: Part 1

Diane Sanfilippo Quits Diet Culture: Part 1During the pandemic, Diane Sanfilippo got on the scale and saw a number that was more than when she started dieting twenty years before; and she realized she couldn’t make herself diet again. This isn’t entirely exceptional, it probably happened to a lot of us, except in Diane’s case she was the author of six bestselling diet books, from Keto QuickStart to Practical Paleo to The 21-Day Sugar Detox. So it wasn’t as if she was just done dieting; she was also done with her career, livelihood, an entire identity. What happens when the thing you believed in stops aligning? What if that thing is a decade’s worth of best-selling books that don’t represent your current value system? What if you’ve been the poster child of dieting and you’ve decided to not just stop dieting, but become a visible and active critic of diet culture itself? Or what about this: what if you’re career kept your life together, kept you structured,
23/06/202259 minutes 47 seconds
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The Longer Trailer

In this second trailer for Quitted, Emily and Holly discuss what they're quitting in order to make the process of making this podcast feel fun (!!!), instead of turning it into another thing to suffer through. Music: Michael Blumenfeld, mikebloomstudio.comSound engineering + edits: Michael Blumenfeld, mikebloomstudio.comSupport us:Quitted is listener supported, made possible by us and by you; you can support this podcast by joining our Patreon community at Become a Quitted supporter on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See
03/02/202221 minutes 26 seconds
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Quitted Trailer

Introducing Quitted, a podcast about quitting by Emily McDowell and Holly Whitaker. Quitted launches on February 10, 2022. Become a Quitted supporter on Patreon Hosted on Acast. See for more information.
13/01/20222 minutes 14 seconds