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Questions from the Closet

English, Religion, 6 seasons, 158 episodes, 4 days 18 hours 49 minutes
Charlie Bird and Ben Schilaty discuss questions they are commonly asked as gay members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Each week they are joined by a guest to talk about a question as it relates to LGBTQ+ topics within the context of faith. To submit a question or share a comment about an episode, you can email [email protected].
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What If a Loved One Insists I Leave the Church?

Ben and Charlie are joined by Troy Williams of Equality Utah to discuss how to handle relationship dynamics when a love one decides to leave the church.
05/12/20231 hour 3 minutes 1 second
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How Come All the Allies are Middle Aged Moms?

In this episode, Ben and Charlie are joined by Cynthia Winward to talk about middle aged moms and why they make such great LGTBQ allies.
28/11/202354 minutes 32 seconds
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Bonus: Hot Takes on Thanksgiving

In this bonus episode Ben, Charlie, and Sound Guy Mike talk about their hot takes on Thanksgiving.
21/11/202315 minutes 54 seconds
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What are you Scared to Ask a Transgender Person?

In this Episode Ben and Charlie are joined by Michael Soto to talk about some of the questions often asked about what it's like to be transgender.Content Advisory: This episode contains medical terms referring to genitalia and gender reassignment surgeries
14/11/20231 hour 19 minutes 50 seconds
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What If Staying Single Doesn't Feel Right Anymore?

In this episode, Ben and Charlie sit down to discuss life changes for Ben.
07/11/20231 hour 26 minutes 58 seconds
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How Do I Foster a More Secure Relationship With God?

Ben and Charlie are joined by Tami Combs to discuss attachment theory, and how that can apply to your relationship with God.
31/10/20231 hour 52 seconds
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What If I Feel Like a Failure?

In this episode Charlie and Ben are joined by Joey Shephard (they/them) to discuss where feelings of failure can come from and how to deal with them.
24/10/202353 minutes 12 seconds
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How Do I Explain the Church's Stance on Homosexuality?

In this episode Ben and Charlie are joined by Kimberly Teitter to discuss how they explain the church's stance on homosexuality with others.
17/10/202354 minutes 13 seconds
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Do You Ever Feel Conflicted Paying Tithing?

In this episode, Charlie and Ben discuss how paying tithing can be a conflicting experience for LGBTQ individuals.
10/10/202335 minutes 47 seconds
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What do I do if listening to Conference hurts?

In this episode Charlie and Ben discuss their thoughts and feelings on general conference.
03/10/20231 hour 6 minutes 43 seconds
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Season 6 Opener - Live Event

Join us as we kick of Season 6 - with a live event from the gather conference! As always Ben and Charlie kick off the next season with a Q&A session.
19/09/20231 hour 3 minutes 3 seconds