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Queens in a Pod

English, Social, 1 season, 8 episodes, 5 hours, 49 minutes
A podcast by two opinionated island girls @rezzz_17 and @osanika, who are dead-set on grabbing life by the ovaries and living by their OWN terms! Support this podcast:
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Hey Peasss!!! Apologies for the delay! But this week’s podcast is about Gospel! --- Support this podcast:
4/29/20211 hour, 4 minutes, 47 seconds
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Heyyy Peas!!! Happy April Fools Day! We are back sipping some good old bush tea and discussing that daunting F word!! You know the one we are talking about... and if you dont listen to find out! --- Support this podcast:
4/1/202144 minutes, 25 seconds
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Hey Peas!!! We are back! Did you miss us?? Guess what you can now find us on YouTube!!! On Therez’s channel Therezinsider! So you can now put a face to our voices! In this podcast we sipped a whole lotta tea yall! And discussed what is causing this wonderful feeling of Euphoria! --- Support this podcast:
3/17/202135 minutes, 49 seconds
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Hey Peas! In this episode we have our first ever guest!!! Therez’s fiancé Dymon! We changed it up a bit this week listen to find out how --- Support this podcast:
2/24/202154 minutes, 30 seconds
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Hey Peas on this episode of Queens in a Pod we discuss culture!! And as usual we sup in some good bush tea! --- Support this podcast:
2/10/202159 minutes, 6 seconds
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In this episode we discuss beginnings! How to start and how to over come the tiny voice inside! We have some island Tea and expand your vocabularies. So join us on where-ever Podcasts are found! Trust you won't regret Being apart of our Pod!! --- Support this podcast:
1/25/202143 minutes, 36 seconds
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Hey Peas!!! Finally The first episode is here! In this podcast we introduced our selves, chit chatted a bit about pop culture and dived right into the word of the day which is brought to you by the letter “A” for AMBITION! Hope you guys loved it! --- Support this podcast:
1/18/202146 minutes, 44 seconds
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Queens in a Pod Trailer!

Hey Peas! Welcomeeee!!! This is our official podcast trailer! Can you believe it! We are two opinionated island girls @rezzz_17 and @osanika, from the Caribbean island of Nevis who are dead-set on grabbing life by the ovaries and living by their OWN term! Join us in our peapod of queendom as we navigate this crazy thing called life --- Support this podcast:
1/10/202134 seconds