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QualityTimeWithFortune With Fortune Eddie

English, Cultural, 4 seasons, 35 episodes, 17 hours 29 minutes
Welcome to the QualityFamily. This is an inspirational lifestyle podcast that is meant to empower every individual tuning in, leaving an impact that will cause a change in levels. With the help of God, Your sister from another mister known as Fortune Eddie is excited you have found the show. Join Fortune every Wednesday, as each episode involves sharing tips and experiences on several heartfelt topics. This show enables her to express herself while changing lives for the better, one listener at a time.
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Let’s hit backspace for a quick second. In this episode, Fortune talks about the things we may have missed in 2021 before entering 2022. This is an advice that will restore the faith you may have lost in yourself. Start the new year right and take a listen. Be sure to click the link for more.
05/02/202219 minutes 31 seconds
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New year, new me?

It's 27 days into the New Year but that isn't going to stop Fortune. She's back with season 4! Tune in to find out this season's theme and a friendly advice for moving forward into 2022. Be sure to click the link for more.
27/01/202218 minutes 27 seconds