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English, Leisure/Hobby/Lifestyle, 2 seasons, 15 episodes, 18 hours, 7 minutes
Three Ag Pilots based in New Zealand, talk about their aviation adventures from around the world. Jimbo Burgess, Pete Blake, and Sam Hood
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#15 Royce Hooker - Ag Pilot

Join us on a remarkable journey through the skies with Royce Hooker, a distinguished 91-year-old (recorded 2023) aviation pioneer whose career spans the golden era of flight. From his early days as an aircraft mechanic in the RNZAF to his adventures topdressing Cessnas to the iconic FU-24 Fletcher, Royce has witnessed and shaped pivotal moments in aviation history. In this podcast, he shares stories from the industry's infancy, offering a rare glimpse into the challenges and triumphs of those who paved the runway for future generations. Tune in to hear the untold tales of dedication, skill, and passion from a true veteran of the skies. Once again big ups to Chris Hoffman for sponsoring this Episode- You're a legend!
3/18/20241 hour, 57 minutes, 55 seconds
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#14 Hallett Griffin

I'm flying solo again as we welcome Hallett Griffin, a luminary in the agricultural aviation industry with over six decades of experience. Starting his career in 1963, Hallett founded Griffin Ag-Air Ltd in 1981 with his wife Gloria, growing it into a respected family-run business. Join us as we yarn about Hallett and his amazing career as an Ag pilot. Another thanks to the Chris Hoffman, who helped fund this trip. What a legend.
2/1/20241 hour, 40 minutes, 58 seconds
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#13 Neville Worsley - Topdressing in a DC-3

In this episode I'm flying solo, having a sit down with Neville Worsley, a celebrated agricultural pilot whose distinguished career has made a significant mark in the skies of New Zealand. Neville, known for his exceptional skill in flying the DC-3 on single-pilot operations, shares fascinating insights and thrilling experiences from his time topdressing throughout New Zealand's beautiful landscape. For those eager to dive deeper into Neville's story, his book "Tiger Moths to Topdressing DC-3s" is a must-read. It's a treasure trove of aviation history, personal anecdotes, and insights into the world of agricultural flying. To purchase, email Neville directly at [email protected] We also extend our gratitude to Chris Hoffman for sponsoring this trip to meet Neville. You're the man, Chris!
1/5/20241 hour, 28 minutes, 40 seconds