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English, Sciences, 6 seasons, 194 episodes, 4 days, 3 hours, 40 minutes
This is an awesome podcast for veterinary healthcare providers about everything feline. Famous author Dr. Susan Little and surgeon, Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn will discuss medical en surgical issues of cats highlighting simple and practical solutions. If you like cats, you will love this podcast!
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Does your cat need a TikTok account with Dr. Adam Christman

After an extended holiday, the purrpodcast is back with a vengeance with a guest star, Dr. Adam Christman. Dr. Adam is a well-known social media star with millions of followers. He also has 4 wieners (Dachshund) that seem to be quite popular too. Dr. Adam's side hustle is working for DVM360 a publishing company that also organizes the famous Fetch shows. Just be ready for a good laugh with Dr. Adam.
2/5/202231 minutes, 7 seconds
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Happy NY with Dr. St-Denis

Another wonderful episode with Dr. Kelly St-Denis about the ins and outs of the holiday season. Are they as comfortable for your cats as they are for you? I think we all need a bit of respite and your cat may flourish in the next couple of days when things go back to normal.
1/2/202227 minutes
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Cat-friendly happy holidays

Our amazing co-host Dr. Kelly St Denis joins us for holiday cheers and why you should be cognizant that the holidays may not be the favorite season of all for your cats. We discuss that the holidays may cause some stress for our furry friends with all the complications associated with it. Is your cat acting weird around the Christmas tree or are we acting weird (according to the cat's routine)?
12/19/202132 minutes, 50 seconds
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In a cat's eye, anything belongs to the cat

Dr. Christine Lim is back talking about cat eyes. She has a great book with lots of cat pictures, the Small Animal Ophthalmic Atlas and Guide. We discuss what comfort level you should have treating eyes, how to do an enucleation, entropion, and infectious eye diseases.
11/27/202135 minutes, 17 seconds
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The eyes are the window to the soul

A great interview with Dr. Christine Lim, a veterinary ophthalmologist, and of course we focus on the most beautiful organs of the body: the eyes. We tend to be afraid of touching the eyes and Dr. Lim explains why it is not a scary organ after all. We also discuss if you need to have 'good' hands to be an ophtho and how you can avoid hurting your hands. In the end, we focus on her favorite surgery: cataracts.
11/17/202129 minutes, 16 seconds
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Are you allergic to your cat?

Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle discuss two new articles about feline allergies. No, not the cats being allergic to us but we being allergic to the cats. Both articles were written by Dr. Andy Sparks and give us some great tips about allergy in general and being allergic to cats in specific.
10/27/202136 minutes
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What a debit card machine and a class of six graders have in common

Dr. Susan is pretty busy these days with her clinics and has 2 things that made her smile this week. her new debit card machine and her talk to 1st graders in Texas that were asking the best questions about cats. How big is s kitten for instance? Enjoy the show with your favorite hosts.
10/18/202129 minutes, 53 seconds
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A slimy episode that will make you salivate!

We are discussing an article today from the Journal Of Feline Medicine and Surgery. 19 cases of sialocyls have been described for cats. Sialo-whats? Excessive accumulation of saliva under the skin in cats. Dr. Jolle gets really excited as this is a surgical disease (at last)!
10/11/202138 minutes, 27 seconds
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Does your cat grimace when it uses the litter box?

Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle tackle two new inventions on the internet today that affect a cat's life. The first is a litterbox that recognizes your cat and records all sorts of interesting info; the second is an app that uses AI to see if your cat's face is in pain. The internet of things has arrived in your cat's living space. The question is now, how happy will your cat be?
9/29/202137 minutes, 1 second
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Popping an inguinal hernia

Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle discuss a recent case of the clinic in which a cat was presented with an abdominal swelling near the inguinal canal. The cat had no major clinical signs but the owner thought it was odd that the swelling occurred after a bout of constipation. All you always wanted to know about inguinal hernias in cats
9/16/202143 minutes, 55 seconds
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Dog blood transfusion to a cat? No way! Way

Everything you always wanted to know about blood transfusions in cats part 2. Can you really administer dog blood to cats? What are the best ways to give blood and Dr. Jolle describes the day in the life of a dog's blood cell in detail? What a fun episode.
9/9/202131 minutes, 9 seconds
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This is bloody brilliant!

Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle, your fav hosts are discussing the new 2021 ISFM Consensus Guidelines on the Collection and Administration of Blood and Blood Products in Cats. If you are confused about blood types, do not worry, you are not the only one. After this podcast, and more importantly reading the guidelines, you can be a bloody expert too! So happy to be back in our 125th episode, hooray.
8/28/202132 minutes, 32 seconds
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Great loss and greater inspiration

Dr. Susan is back this episode and she and Dr. Jolle discuss the recent loss of pioneer D,. Alexander (Sandy) DeLahunta. As an amazing teacher and one of the first veterinary neuroanatomists, he touched so many veterinarians all over the world. dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle talk about people that really have pushed them to greater heights. We all have people in our lives that made things possible that you never thought could have happened.
8/22/202137 minutes, 31 seconds
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In a cat's eye, all things belong to cats

Happy International Cat Day. Today we discuss one of the most wonderful organs ever, the eye. Dr. Rich Sanchez, Diplomate ECVO, discusses what common eye disease do we encounter in cats. Rick explains what the difference is between cat and dog eyes and we go over all the things you can do to diagnose cat-eye diseases. What an amazing international cat day topic!
8/8/202127 minutes, 20 seconds
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Polyps galore

The great Dr. Gert ter Haar joins us from Holland to talk about Ear, Nose, and Throat diseases in cats. He is an ENT specialist for dogs and cats and the main problem we tackle today is aural polyps. Did you know that a cat with chronic ear disease may have a polyp? Gert talks about signalment, diagnosis, and therapy. Another great episode!
7/26/202125 minutes, 46 seconds
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Endoscopy of the GI tract, the nose and other orifices

Dr. Dave Twedt is back with us and we do an exploration of the internal body with the help of endoscopic tools. Dave has some great tips about using endoscopes for various procedures and we discuss the world veterinary endoscopy meeting that was recently held in Fort Collins Colorado. Did I tell you that I love endoscopy?
7/11/202128 minutes, 38 seconds
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Lights, cameras, and scopes!

Dr. Dave Twedt is a world-renowned specialist in internal medicine and he approaches the cat through complete minimal invasive techniques. He talks about the advantages of using scopes to diagnose and talks about his favorite organs, the GI tract and the liver. It is always a lot of fun to talk with Dave about one of the favorite topics of Dr. Jolle
7/5/202128 minutes, 48 seconds
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How to rebrand your well known name?

We talk again with Jackie and Steve about the rebranding of the Winn Feline Foundation to EveryCat and what things you need to know when you rebrand your logo and brand. Other topics are FIP and the birth or remdesivir, the cat-human bond, and what lays in the future of feline research and discovery.
6/28/202132 minutes, 27 seconds
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Every Cat deserves good health

This week we have a special host, the famous Steve Dale. Steve and I will interview Jackie Ott Jaakola, the new executive director of the Every Cat Health Foundation, previously known as the Wynn Feline Research Foundation. Jackie gives us a bit of background and explains her passion for feline welfare. The Every Cat Health Foundation has been active for many years and has touched every cat with their amazing studies.
6/20/202128 minutes, 48 seconds
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How to become an Insta CAT sensation?

Dr. Caitlin DeWilde is back with tips and tricks for social media this time. How do you or your cat become an instant Insta sensation? Caitlin is a Catvocate and tells how she transformed her practice and increased her cat patient numbers by 30%! We also discuss telemedicine with the pros and cons. Great episode and be ready to be BeWilded!
6/13/202133 minutes, 32 seconds
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Finding your save space with Dr. Caitlin DeWilde

We are so lucky to have Dr. Caitlin DeWilde join us on this podcast. Caitlin is an amazing veterinarian, entrepreneur, and social media expert. She describes herself as a tech geek or nerdy marketeer. We talk about how you can market yourself, how you can create safe spaces to stay mentally ok and how you can deal with curbside crabbiness.
6/8/202132 minutes, 5 seconds
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Cats flying high with Dr. Kelly St Denis

Our second episode of hot cat news with Dr. Kelly St Denis. This week we will be talking about big mosquitos, cats trying to fly, and lots of other great topics! The high rise syndrome is invented by cats jumping from great heights and the myth that they always land on their fours. Can cats truly fly? We also discuss other reasons for car trauma. What would you do if you hit a cat on the road?
5/30/202131 minutes, 49 seconds
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Hot cat news with Dr. Kelly St. Denis

We talk with Dr. Kelly St Denis that humans are viewed by our cats as completely incompetent felines and lots of other cool cat news. Kelly is not only cohosting but is also a guest today. We are surfing the internet for cool cat news. Topics vary from cat adventures to flying cats and cats on the prowl.
5/24/202130 minutes, 15 seconds
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The latest and greatest in cat research?

Dr. Kelly Diehl is back with the latest and greatest in cat research funded by the Morris Animal Foundation, a not-for-profit that stimulates cutting-edge research in companion (and other) animals. We dive into some of the amazing work that MAF has supported in the last couple of years.
5/16/202136 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

What can the Mark Morris Foundation do for you?

Dr. Kelly Diehl is Senior Director of Science and Communications at the Mark Morris Animal Foundation, a not-for-profit organization that spends a boatload of money on proper research in diseases of pets and other important animals. Kelly explains how the foundation contributes to essential research in companion animals and other critters.
5/9/202136 minutes, 26 seconds
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Grapes, fish oil, rodenticides, plants, edibles, nsaids and other dangers to your cat

The amazing Dr. Ahna Brutlag is back with a myriad of things that are bad for your cat. We answer the question, to make them vomit or not and discuss the seriousness of grape intoxication. Cats have a strange connection to Effexor pills and love fish oil even if it contains dangerous levels of Vit D. Whatever your cat eats, the pet poison hotline is there for you!
5/3/202135 minutes, 32 seconds
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Help my cat ate chocolate!

Dr. Ahna Brutlag, from the Pet Poison Helpline, adds a lot of energy to our podcast. Ahna is an experienced toxicologist and we discuss common feline toxins. What should you do, when you suspect an intoxication in one of your patients? Call the helpline!
4/26/202130 minutes, 28 seconds
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How to communicate with an owner that got a new shelter cat with Dr. Liz O'Brien

One of the pioneers of feline medicine in Canada is back on the podcast, Dr. Liz O'Brien. Liz will talk about shelter cats and what you need to do if you get a freshly adopted shelter cat for the first time in your clinic. It is a great opportunity to talk with the client about what to feed the cat en what environmental needs cats have. We really dive into how to communicate with the new cat parent and what cathealthy tools you should use.
4/21/202135 minutes, 32 seconds
Episode Artwork

A cathealthy approach to feline medicine with Dr. Liz O'Brien

The awesome Dr. Liz O'Brien, famous Canadian cat veterinarian, and member of the band of 6 is today's guest on the purrpodcast. Liz is one of the co-founders of cathealthy, a Canadian initiative to make cats healthier and provide veterinarians and cat owners, alike with useful information about their cats. We talk about lots of things to keep your cat healthy!
4/12/202130 minutes, 19 seconds
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Corrigendum and feline mastectomies

Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle discuss new research in cats. We explain what a corregendum is and review an article about chemotherapy in cats after mastectomy. Dr. Susan commends authors that publish an update on their data. There may be some indication that chemotherapy may be useful in cats with stage 4 mammary tumors.
4/4/202133 minutes, 27 seconds
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Easter is a dangerous holiday for cats! Beware the Easter Lily

Easter is a great time to rejoice in the coming of spring. Easter also comes with the famous Easter Lily, the worst plant for cats ever. Ingestion of even a little bit of this plant can cause acute renal failure in cats, and you can better not have any Lilies around if you have a cat. Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle talk about toxins in cats, and although cats are picky eaters, they seem to have a fatal attraction to Lilies. Other possible feline intoxications are discussed in their usual casual way
3/29/202130 minutes, 30 seconds
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Is declawing still a procedure that is ok??

Dr. Kelly StDenis, president of the AAFP is back talking about the AAFP toolkits. We discuss the declaw toolkit, especially because we all feel that this procedure is absolutely unnecessary in cats. You can't be a cat-friendly clinic if you still perform declaws. Did you know all toolkits are free?
3/23/202133 minutes, 6 seconds
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Cat toolkits and how to become a certified cat-friendly doctor

Today's show interviews Dr. Kelly St Denis, remember our co-host from a couple of episodes ago. Kelly is the president of AAFP and we discuss the new toolkits and how you can become a cat-friendly certified veterinarian. We have an awesome chat about how great it is to be a cat vet.
3/17/202133 minutes, 5 seconds
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You know what makes me hypertensive? 100K downloads!

Our celebratory 104th episode talking about our achievement of 100,000 downloads and, of course, the AAFP hypertensive toolkit. This time without a guest, so it is Dr. Susan and me just chatting away. We are so excited that you were there for the entire ride! This week we talk about the diagnosis of and therapy for hypertension n cats. And the fact that we love the AAFP!
3/7/202134 minutes, 44 seconds
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A celebration of 100 podcasts, 100k downloads and hypertension

Your favorite cat hosts are back with a celebration of our 100th podcast and 100,000 downloads. Yay, we are so excited and could not have done it without you. Also, we talk about the new toolkit from AAFP about feline hypertension. We start with the indications why your cat would get hypertension and next week we will discuss treatment and clinical signs. The most common causes for feline hypertension are CKD, hyperthyroidism, idiopathic (it is a cat after all), and diabetes. Send us your comments on what you like about the purr podcast! Let's celebrate.
2/28/202130 minutes, 39 seconds
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How do you become a cat techie?

Robin Saar is back on the podcast, and we talk with her about living in Canada during the winter, how to talk nutrition, and specifically obesity in cats. It is important not to judge. It would be best if you showed empathy, but you also need to be able to dissociate. We discuss feline-only vet tech education. In the end, we discuss virtual consultations for cat owners
2/22/202138 minutes, 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

Why are vet techs so important in feline medicine?

This week we host Robin Saar a veterinary technician from Canada. Robin has done a specialization in veterinary nutrition and explains what you need to do to become a specialized technician. We discuss how we can utilize our technicians better and gives some tips for veterinary technicians on how to get more responsibilities.
2/14/202134 minutes, 29 seconds
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Being an orphan is not easy!

Dr. Mikel is back for our second podcast about how to care for feline orphans and we are so excited that this is purrpodcast number 100! What a great episode it is indeed. Mikel has lots of good tips on how to care for orphans and tells us about her latest research on this very topic!
2/8/202136 minutes, 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

What to do with orphaned kittens?

Dr. Mikel Delgado, our guest, studies the health and behavior of neonatal kittens and feline orphans and currently is a Certified Applied Animal Behaviorist and a postdoctoral fellow at the School of Veterinary Medicine at the University of California, Davis. We talk about suckling neonates, feeding behaviors, and taking care of these little kittens. Do you know what Dr. Susan had to do with the start of Dr. Mikel's research? You can find more info here
2/1/202133 minutes, 12 seconds
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Are you allergic to your cat or is your cat allergic to you?

In our second episode with Dr. Ashley Bourgouis, we focus on common cat derm problems including flea bite hypersensitivity, atopic allergies, parasites, pyoderma, and lots more. Even Dr. Susan got excited about derm after this podcast! Thanks, Dr. Ashley!
1/24/202138 minutes, 43 seconds
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A podcast that will make you itch?

The amazing Dr. Ashley Bourgeois is our guest this and next week. Dr. Ashley is a board-certified dermatologist with lots of years of clinical practice under her belt. Next to that, she is a strong force on social media with her excellent 'Dermvet' podcast and other activities. We will discuss lots of cool and itchy topics and chat about why Dr. Susan is not a derm expert. Cats have lots of cool derm issues but may not show them the same way other species do!
1/18/202138 minutes, 5 seconds
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Are you a bookworm too?

Happy 2021! Yay we made it and are happy to present the first episodes of the new year, where Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle explain what it takes to write a veterinary book. We both are in the midst of editing multiple books and it always looks more fun at the beginning than at the end. It truly is a labor of love. We also discuss the new feline Covid vaccine.
1/10/202141 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

What is our most downloaded podcast episode ever?

Happy NY, happy 2021. We are going to repeat the most downloaded podcast of our young podcast history. This is podcast number 95 and we are so excited to reintroduce Dr. Sarah Boston, who will talk with us about lots of good things and one bad one, feline injection-site sarcomas. Sarah is a great surgeon and we had an awesome chat.
1/2/202153 minutes, 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

Best treatment for chronic kidney disease in cats

Happy holidays, dear #purrpodcast listeners, This week we will repeat the most downloaded podcast for 2020 and that is the one with Dr. Serge Chaloub. We discuss chronic kidney disease in cats, a topic we will never get enough of. Serge dives into the specific treatments available and gives us lots of good info. This podcast was posted for the first time in March of 2020. Enjoy and be safe!
12/27/202029 minutes, 28 seconds
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Does your cat grimace too? With Dr. Paulo Steagall

We are so excited to talk with Dr. Paulo Steagall about the feline grimace scale, one of the most exciting pieces of feline research this year. Recognizing pain in cats is tough but the feline grimace scale will help you in assessing acute pain in cats and Paulo is THE expert. He and his team developed and validated the feline grimace scale and it is now ready to be used at
12/19/202033 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to kill pain in cats with Paulo Steagall

Professor Paulo Steagall joins us today in the first podcast about feline pain. Paulo is an expert in feline anesthesia and pain management and talks with us about how important it is to use local analgesia and what you can use if you do not have opioids readily available. Paulo is a proud Canadian since he just became an official Canadian citizen. Paulo is a great guy and he is doing some amazing feline research.
12/12/202036 minutes, 27 seconds
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Cats in the news part 2

Part two of hot cat news!. Dr. Susan talks about new methods for measuring glucose in cats. The permafrost in Yukon revealed a Sabertooth cat, we talk about famous world cats and about melanocytic tumors in felines. In other words, lots of cool topics of the latest cat news discussed in a lively manner.
12/7/202033 minutes, 50 seconds
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Hot cat internet news with Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle

This is one of our favorite podcasts, where Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle roam the internet for hot cat news. We talk about famous presidential and cabinet cats, cats in Egypt and Peru, and a cat app that recognizes cat talk. A fun episode that updates you about the latest cat news.
12/1/202031 minutes, 38 seconds
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Covid & vet students and what's new in chronic kidney disease?

Dr. Serge Chaloub is back for his second episode. We are still talking about academics in this covid epidemic and how faculty and students are coping. How to educate has changed completely and also school activities. At the end of the podcast, Serge gives the latest updates on feline chronic kidney disease.
11/21/202035 minutes, 41 seconds
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Do cats get enough space to roam in veterinary education with Dr. Serge Chaloub

Renal expert and educator Dr. Serge Chaloub came back to the podcast to discuss with us what feline student education is all about. Serge works at the University of Calgary in Canada and speaks about veterinary education before, during, and after Covid. Covid has forced the system to develop better education for students that is partially off-site and partially on site. All in a safe environment. Serge is a great guy and now officially one of the few purrpodcast repeaters!
11/15/202033 minutes, 21 seconds
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Is being a daredevil genetically imprinted? With Dr. Leslie Lyons

Dr. Leslie is back for part 2 and it is going to be a hell of a ride! We start off with Cinnamon the famous cat where the cat genome was based on and her little secret. Then we talk genetics (of course), ketogenic diets, cloning cats, and tomb cats. Best of all Leslie shares her to-do list and the content may surprise you (or not when you know her a bit better). What a great episode.
11/8/202034 minutes, 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

Does personalized cat medicine start with genetics?

Dr. Leslie Lyons from the University of Missouri joins us on our 86th podcast and we of course talk about genes! Leslie is an amazing geneticist that has focused her career on cat genes and what effect genetics can have on personalized cat medicine. We talk about her 99 lives project and the important link between her work and human disease. Did you know that quite a lot of 2 legged animals have polycystic kidney disease too?
10/31/202037 minutes, 34 seconds
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How to treat feline pancreatitis with Dr. Panos Xenoulis

The second episode of the purrpodcast with Dr. Panos Xenoulis will deal with the pancreas again. We discuss if pancreatic biopsies are ok and dive into all the therapy options for acute and chronic pancreatitis. Did you know that corticosteroids may not be bad for cats with pancreatitis? Listen to the latest news of this interesting organ.
10/24/202039 minutes, 32 seconds
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How to diagnose pancreatitis in cats with Dr. Panos Xenoulis

Dr. Panos Xenoulis is one of the world's most famous pancreas experts, especially when we talk about cats (and that is all we do!). Panos lives in Greece and did most of his graduate work in the US and worked at Texas A&M for more than 10 years. We discuss how cats are different in showing signs of pancreatitis and discuss the most common tests to diagnose this disease. Whoever thought that pancreatitis is not common in the cat, listen up! The topic was requested by a faithful listener, so thank you for that suggestion.
10/18/202034 minutes, 38 seconds
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How to treat feline kidney disease with Dr. Sheri Ross

The second episode of the purrpodcast with cohost Dr. Kelly StDenis and the awesome Dr. Sheri Ross talking about feline CKD. After discussing how to diagnose a cat with chronic kidney disease, we deep dive now into therapy options. Dr. Sheri tells us how to treat early kidney disease and what we can do when the disease progresses. The good news is that cats with CKD can survive a long time with the appropriate treatment!
10/15/202036 minutes, 2 seconds
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What happens when your cat kidneys slow down with Dr. Sheri Ross

I am so excited to introduce my co-host Dr. Kelly StDenis for this podcast. kelly jumped in for Susan for 2 podcasts. We are interviewing Dr. Sheri Ross and talk about her soul cats, early renal disease in cats, and how you can recognize chronic kidney disease (CKD) and cat kidney diagnostics. A great episode, full of exciting cat news.
10/4/202035 minutes, 5 seconds
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A bone to pick with Dr. Karen Perry

Another great episode with Dr. Karen Perry, a social media star, and super orthopedic surgeon. This time we are talking specific cool cases that she published and the top five orthopedic diseases in cats. Can you guess what those are?
9/27/202036 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Breaking a bone with Dr. Karen Perry

Dr. Karen Perry is our 80th purrpodcast guest. Karen is an amazing and social media-active orthopedic surgeon that loves cat surgery. Karen is present on all social media platforms and posts great cases online. Her social media handle is @karenlperryk. We discuss clinical signs of cats with orthopedic diseases and how to score chronic pain. Karen gives some really good tips on what to use for chronic pain in cats too.
9/20/202031 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

Telling a good cat story with Dr. V

The awesome Dr. Jessica Vogalsang is back and will answer the major cliff hanger she left us with last week. How do you deal with negative reviews, don't argue specifics and keep it short and take the discussion offline? Susan explains why she is the cat police, fighting for cat messages everywhere and equal rights for cats and dogs. Dr. V explains why telling stories is so important in your practice. What a great episode.
9/13/202031 minutes, 38 seconds
Episode Artwork

How to write a book and deal with bad reviews with Dr. V

Dr. Jessica Vogelsang, a famous book author, blogger, podcaster, and storyteller, went into general practice directly after finishing vet school, where she found out that she had no surgeon’s hands. Dr. V. wrote a great book called ‘All dogs go to Kevin’ off which she did her own audiobook version in an Anthony Bourdain voice. We discuss how important storytelling is in veterinary medicine and how she got to write the book. At the end, we talk about how to deal with reviews (especially the bad ones)
9/6/202028 minutes, 51 seconds
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Lumps, bumps and taking care of yourself with Dr. Nicole Ehrhart

We talk with Dr. Nicole Erhart about oral cat squamous carcinoma and other tumors that are difficult to treat. The well-being of the cat, the owner and you are super important. An example is injection site sarcoma in the cat. We tend to see them a lot less but if they are presented they need a challenging multimodal approach. In this process, Nicole also feels that self-care is an important step. Communication and de-escalation training are important steps in your education and looking for help is ok with difficult cases and clients.
8/30/202029 minutes, 25 seconds
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Aging and tumors in cats with Dr. Nicole Ehrhart

Dr. Nicole Ehrhart is a surgical oncology professor at Colorado State University and heads up the relatively new Center for Healthy Aging where she leads a team of experts to a one health approach to aging. We are discussing stem cell therapy and focus on the good, the bad, and the ugly. We learn new terms like stem cell exhaustion a phenomenon that describes, as we age, the decrease of the number and function of stem cells. We also talk about her passion for surgical oncology and what role CSU plays in the one health approach to tumor treatments.
8/23/202030 minutes, 8 seconds
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Will we ever get feline cardiology guidelines with Dr. Phil Fox?

Another great episode with Dr. Phil Fox, the famous cardiologist from AMC in NYC. He and a great team of colleagues are working on new cardiology guidelines for cats. He talks, for instance, about the treatment of asymptomatic cats with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, are there any drugs that we should give? After this, we talk about what you should treat cats with that are symptomatic.
8/17/202027 minutes, 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

Feline Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy with Dr. Phil Fox

Dr. Phil Fox is an amazing cardiologist at the Animal Medical Center in NYC, where he sees both clients and does research in cardiac diseases. In 2018 he published a landmark paper about feline hypertrophic cardiomyopathy with over 1000 afflicted acts and 700 controls. This disease, like in humans, is most likely caused by a genetic mutation that is undiscovered as of yet. The most common clinical signs are arrhythmias, sudden death, congestive heart failure, and blood cots that are fatal. What an excellent episode and thank you dr. Fox.
8/9/202028 minutes, 31 seconds
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Talking strategy and success with Dean Lairmore

In the second episode with Dean Lairmore, we talk about how to be proud to be a veterinarian, wicked viruses, and how it is to be a Dean. He is an inspiration for people that work around him and currently is the ‘boss’ of the no. 1 veterinary medicine college in the world. He explains how he creates an environment that is supportive and where creativity is key. Behind all the success is good strategic planning. Dean Lairmore talks about one of the worst situations he had to deal with too and how he handled this situation and how he can focus on being thankful. In the end we talk about AAVMC, the Association of American Veterinary Medical Colleges. Thank you, Dean Lairmore!
8/1/202032 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

We all have our stories with Dean Michael D. Lairmore

A first of first for the purrpodcast, Dean Michael D. Lairmore from the University of Davis California. Yes, we have a real Dean in our podcast! He is famous for being an excellent academic leader but also for his social footprint. He is super active on social media. He describes himself as an early adapter. His social media career started by trial and error but after he started setting his goals for the platform he uses; he has been very successful. He is personable and has some great tips.
7/26/202027 minutes, 51 seconds
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Rank you drugs in cats with multiple problems with Dr. Ann Hohenhaus

The terrific Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, medical oncologist at the Animal Medical Center in NYC is back on the podcast talking about cats with multiple problems. Giving drugs to cats is not easy and overprescribing drugs to cats is not in the best interest of the cat and owner, alike. Limit your prescriptions and rank your drugs! Decide which one is the most important and that one should go in first. Thanks, Ann, you are the best
7/18/202024 minutes, 51 seconds
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Why cats collect diseases with Dr. Ann Hohenhaus

This podcast was taped a while ago but is still so relevant. Dr. Ann Hohenhaus, the famous internal medicine specialist and cat lover at the Animal Medical Center in NYC talk to us about how cats seem to collect diseases especially when they get older. These cats are quite a challenge to diagnose and who does not like a good puzzle? Do you know what an emerging lymphoma is? Add on a bit of diabetes, a snuff of pancreatitis, and a wife of CKD and voila here is your senior cat patient. Dr. Ann is truly a veterinary gerontologist, a person that focuses on diseases of elderly cats and how we can treat them without being a detriment to the cat and owner.
7/11/202026 minutes, 5 seconds
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Decoding your cat part 2 with Dr. Debbie Horwitz

This is part of decoding your cat with the amazing Dr. Debbie Horwitz. Cats are such awesome animals but they do come with a special job description. if you want to know more about your cat you definitely need to buy this new book: decoding your cat. We talked about normal and abnormal behaviors and what causes them. Knowing your cat is guaranteeing a better life for your furry friend.
7/5/202029 minutes, 58 seconds
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How to decode your cat

OMG, we are so excited about this new book that is coming out in July, written by lots of cat behavioral experts, called decoding your cat. After the big success of decoding your d.., Dr. Debbie Horwitz and team decided to tackle the cat this time and what a great book it has become. Dr. Susan and I are interviewing Dr. Debbie about the book and how difficult it is to write one and will have lots of great tips for vets and owners alike. A must buy and 5 thumbs up from the @purrpodcast review board.
6/28/202025 minutes, 27 seconds
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FIV and FeLV guidelines with Dr. Julie Levy

Dr. Julie Levy (and Dr. Susan) took up the task to write the new AAFP feline retrovirus guidelines and what is better to talk about these on a lazy Sunday afternoon? The guidelines give you insights in the new diagnostics and therapy of these common cat diseases and what is even better with tips on how cats with retroviruses can live a long and happy life.
6/21/202027 minutes, 12 seconds
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What happens when your cat catches a retrovirus?

Our next guest Dr. Julie Levy loves to talk about cats and is a professor of shelter medicine at the University of Florida. The AAFP new guidelines on retroviruses are out and Julie and Susan have been working on these for a long time. The new guidelines will help you explain the management of FeLV and FIV in a simple and clear way. In this episode, both Susan and Julie will try to explain viruses to Jolle the surgeon, will they succeed?
6/14/202030 minutes, 57 seconds
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Can you eat cat poop? with Dr. Michael Lappin

Another great podcast with Dr. Mike Lappin. We talk about cat snot and what further diagnostics you should do to work up these patients. Did you know that the purrpodcast is the first podcast on Mike's phone? We discuss feline diarrhea in 15 minutes and why you should not eat cat or antelope poop. As long as the cat stool is normal the risk to the owner is minimal, but you still should not eat it. Dr. Susan claims she is broad but shallow and gives her expert knowledge about animals that have square poop.
6/7/202030 minutes, 34 seconds
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Talking cat snot with Dr. Michael Lappin, what else?

Our next guest has a funny accent and is making his come back on the podcast. Dr. Mike Lappin is an amazing researcher and cat veterinarian. We are talking about cat snot and diarrhea. Mike explains what ISCAID (International Society of Companion Animal Infectious Diseases) is and why it is so important to get experts from various fields at the table to design consensus statements. We discuss the use in famciclovir in snotty cats. We also learn that anything Canadians say is true…….
5/26/202028 minutes, 54 seconds
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What is the best feline veterinary journal ever with Dr. Margie Scherk?

Dr. Margie Scherk is back and we are talking about the best veterinary feline journal, the Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery (JSFM). JSFM is Dr. Jolle's favorite journal for many reasons and Margie is the Head Editor. We discuss her awesome email name, a famous pink diamond lanyard, and what the journal can do for you. JSFM has also an open-access clinical reports with great case studies and their reviews are out of this world. Margie has been a great proponent of cat health in general and our profession in particular. Enjoy this episode.
5/16/202030 minutes, 58 seconds
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How to start your own cat practice with Dr. Margie Scherk

The amazing Dr. Margie Scherk join us and we have been waiting a long time for this. So we are celebrating during this podcast for sure! Lots of topics are discussed including a disarticulated cockroach leg laboratory and how Margie became a vet. Did you know she did mixed animal practice first? Margie is one of the first vets that opened a cat only clinic and she tells us how she became the amazing cat vet she is.
5/11/202027 minutes, 36 seconds
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Did we find the fountain of youth for FIP with Steve Dale?

The second part of the awesome interview with Steve Dale, famous radio and tv host where we will be talking about medications that are becoming available for cats with FIP. Could these also be used for coronavirus patients? It concludes our 5 episodes about the corona epidemic and FIP in cats. What a ride it has been!
5/2/202023 minutes, 37 seconds
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Exciting news about feline infectious peritonitis with Steve Dale

This is the third part of our trilogy of cats and coronaviruses. This and next week, we have the amazing Steve Dale returning to talk about FIP in cats and give us a summary of the FIP Congress that was held at UC Davis, supported by the Winn Foundation. Steve is also known because he is a radio host and experienced speaker. Most importantly, he is the voice behind our intro and exit!
4/25/202019 minutes, 33 seconds
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Covid and the Cat, an update with Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle

It was long ago that Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle hosted a show on their own and with 1000+ miles in between them, because of the COVID-19 crisis, we decide to give you an update about cats and COVID-19. This is the episode that you can not miss during these times of uncertainty!
4/20/202042 minutes, 31 seconds
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Coronavirus and cats part 2 with Dr. Severine Tasker

This podcast is the second episode of our trilogy about coronaviruses in cats. We have the fantastic Dr. Severine Tasker talk to us about the most common coronavirus in the cat, ie, the one that causes FIP. But what she says may have consequences for the virus in other species. Cats with FIP do generally not catch a lot of attention except now, as there are specific therapies that did work in cats with coronavirus that currently are used in people. She explains the disease clearly and scientifically and has been an excellent guest!
4/11/202028 minutes, 44 seconds
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Cats and coronavirus with Dr. Severin Tasker part 01

Dr. Severin Tasker is our guest of the week and she is a specialist in infectious disease in cats and will mainly focus on mycoplasma and coronavirus in cats. This episode was recorded before the big coronavirus pandemic and the news that cats could be possibly susceptible to COVID-19 but gives a great background on how common feline coronaviridae affects the cat and its environment. It is a great episode that is very timely.
4/4/202028 minutes, 23 seconds
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What if your cat has an emergency? With Dr. Chris Byers

During this podcast with Dr. Chris Byers, we find out why Dr. Susan is an EpiWeenie. Chris explains how to do an epidural in a blocked cat. Both he and Dr. Susan love that procedure and they also know some important anatomical structures, like the interarcuate ligament. Chris talks about what he does when he gets in an emergency that is really bad and explains what is important and what is not! He likes the intraosseus route in cats especially if you can not hit the vein. Then we switch over to chest tubes where Dr. Susan and Chris deviate in opinions a bit and we end with his amazing blogs on
3/28/202032 minutes, 33 seconds
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How a blocked cat can be a real emergency with Dr. Chris Byers

We have this week, Dr. Chris Byers behind the microphone or the CriticalCareDVM ( He is a double-boarded diplomate in internal medicine and critical care. We are talking favorite classes in vet school including hoof trimming. Dr. Chris tells us how you become a criticalist and why he went from university to private practice. Jolle just realizes that Chris is leaving really close to him and we reminisce how nice it is to live in the Midwest. Susan finds out that Chris's family are neighbors from her! Chris loves doing anesthesia for critical surgical cases and we talk about the approach to blocked cats.
3/22/202024 minutes, 37 seconds
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What should you do with a cat with chronic kidney disease? With Dr. Serge Chaloub

Dr. Serge Chaloub, starts our podcast like a pro in the second part of the CKD purrpodcast. Serge explains that we need to start testing our cats from 8 years and older for CKD because you want to catch the disease as early as possible. You should weigh your cats regularly as weight loss is not normal in the older cats. We talk about when should you give SC fluids and appetite stimulants, Implantable ports and tubes. Serge talks about how to control phosphorus and why it is important in CKD cats. Serge likes to take a humane ‘feline’ approach to the older cats with CKD. Last but not least we discuss CKD and hypertension, quality of life scales, dialysis, and renal transplants.
3/12/202028 minutes, 11 seconds
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Does your cat pee too much? With Dr. Serge Chaloub

We have a Canadian guest this time: Dr. Serge Chaloub. Serge lives in Cow Town, Calgary in Canada and is a natural podcast introducer. Serge has had a great career including a renal transfusion fellowship. He loves anything to do with kidneys and he loves cats (no surprise there). Lots of older cats will get chronic kidney disease (CKD) and Serge was part of a white paper about CKD guidelines. These are super practical and give lots of good tips to apply for your daily practice. We are talking about the role of blood pressure in CKD and many other topics. What a great episode!
3/7/202025 minutes, 34 seconds
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Does meconium have a microbiome? With Dr. Caroline Mansfield

And we are back with the amazing Dr. Caroline Mansfield. Part two picks up where we left with the microbiome. Caroline explains what we are looking for in the microbiome to make conclusions about the exact function. There is so much data that we often do not see the woods for the trees. One of the topics we discuss is the Hill’s Global Symposium which had the microbiome as a major topic. Did you know the microbiome is relatively stable except for the early years and when you become an older ‘animal’? Disease will affect the microbiome and according to Dr. Mansfield we need to use the microbiome to predict and track upcoming health events of the individual patient
2/29/202026 minutes, 45 seconds
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What does stress with your cat's gut? With Dr. Caroline Mansfield

Dr. Caroline Mansfield is a famous internal medicine specialist from Downunder! She works currently at the University of Melbourne but has traveled the world before settling down. She loves the area of gastroenterology and talks with us about how stress in cats can change their GI health and microbiome and we all know that the GI tract has a major influence on any organ in the body. Did you know that bottle-raised kittens have more behavioral problems? Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle explore the similarities between kittens and human babies. Love Caroline's accent by the way!!
2/22/202026 minutes, 40 seconds
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Did we really make it to number 50?

Wow, we can't believe it! Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle talk about 50 podcasts ago, how it all started and how there is no end in sight yet. 50 podcasts and 18 months later, with some cool stats and favorite podcast musings. What is better than cats, laughter and good info? It is the purr podcast!!! Thanks for making it a great success and cheers to the next 50 and the PPC celebration party in Rio de Janeiro!
2/16/202030 minutes, 46 seconds
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How to deal with a fat cat with Dr. Adronie Verbrugghe

Dr. Adronie Verbrugghe is back, at last, with the second part of her excellent podcast about feline nutrition. We were talking about morphometric analysis of body condition, dexa-scanning and starting an obesity clinic. Adronie talks about how to weigh your cat and how to stimulate cates to work a bit harder to lose weight. We need to treat each cat as an individual and look at lifestyle and the cat’s personality. Is gradual calorie restriction the way to go or do we need to go full force? Adronie gives some great tips on how to deal with owners that have problems with getting their cat back to a normal weight. Did you know that you only need to let your cat lose 5% BW to see beneficial changes?
2/6/202027 minutes, 46 seconds
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The cat miracle drug

Part two of our purrpodcast with Dr. Jessica Quimby, we pick up from where we left and answer the why FDA-approved dermal application of mirtazapine works the way it does. As pilling cats is truly difficult and we do not see as many side effects compared to the oral route, a dermal application makes a lot of sense. Jessica explains how to apply the drug and if we should worry about human exposure. Although it was originally meant to be an antidepressant in people, its current use is mainly as anti-emetic, improving weight gain and appetite stimulant. In cats, the FDA-approved transdermal mirtazapine is classified as a weight gain drug for the management of weight loss. Jessica has no problem giving the drug for longer periods. This episode is made possible by an educational grant of KindredBio.
1/29/202032 minutes, 52 seconds
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Is your cat losing weight and does not want to eat with Dr. Jessica Quimby

The purrpodcast is back with Dr. Jessica Quimby, a famous cat internal medicine specialist at THE Ohio State University. She teaches, runs the clinical medicine service and does research in her specialty, feline nephrology focusing on weight loss and appetite stimulation in cats with renal disease. Did you know gabapentin was excreted 100% by the kidney? Mirtazapine, the relatively new drug, comes in many routes of administration and dosing and can cause toxicity, including extreme vocalization, tachypnea, tachycardia, being restless and frantic. This is more common in the oral and compounded forms and less likely in the transdermal form that is FDA approved in the US. Cycloheptadiene is the antidote but weirdly enough they both seem to stimulate appetite in cats. Mirtazapine, however, is just so much better at it! This episode is made possible by an educational grant of KindredBio.
1/24/202024 minutes, 23 seconds
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Cat litter robots galore, part 2 of our CES2020 review

Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle are still in Las Vegas, running around to find the best cat tech solutions for you. This episode mainly focuses on cat litter robots, which seems to be the hot thing of this year. Dr. Susan shares her experiences and discusses what a good litter box should look like. We will also share who won the Purrpodcast Cat Tech Award 2020. An exciting episode for techies and cat fancies, alike.
1/17/202026 minutes, 33 seconds
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Do you want a cat robot? Review of cat tech trends from CES2020

Your hosts Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle traverse millions of sq feet to bring you the latest and greatest of the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020. What is new in tech for our furry friends? Did you miss CES this year? No worries we were there to find out what is hot and what is not. In their usual unscripted way, Susan and Jolle break down tech barriers for you and show you what could work and what may not. We start with pet robots and automated feeding stations in this episode and throw in some human tech too. Did you know that Dr. Jolle signs like Kermit the Frog?
1/12/202030 minutes, 56 seconds
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Is your cat too fat? Dr. Adronie Vebrugghe has some great tips

We have Dr. Adronie Verbrugghe on the podcast and this is the first time that we are hosting a nutritional expert. Adronie works at the University of Guelph Ontario Veterinary College and she is a diplomate of the European College of Veterinary Nutrition. She loves feline obesity, and this was part of her Ph.D. Obesity is a big problem in cats (up to 60% in cats). Tips for obese cats is to make them work for their food. Make sure that there is a lot of environmental enrichment. If cats are bored, they eat more. When we talk about treating disease, we need to look at diet as a drug and an essential part of their therapy. There are lots of nutrition tools available at Adronie thinks we need to do a body condition score and a muscle condition score in every patient, and she has a cool hand trick to estimate if a patient is too thin or too fat.
1/6/202028 minutes, 51 seconds
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Retrain your cat brain with Megan Brashears

Part two of our exciting podcast with veterinary nurse, Megan Brashear. Megan is talking about her two cats, one abandoned, polydactyl barn cat and a Seinfeld-character-look-alike brown tabby. Her cats are loosely domesticated as she describes them herself. In her words, cats would benefit from another 50k years of evolution. Also, if you need tips about driving around the country with a menagerie of pets, call Megan (as she has just endured and survived that adventure). Megan has a lot of responsibility for training the next generation of veterinary nurse students and loves to talk about the future role of veterinary nurses. For Megan, the most important to do is to get recognition and making veterinary nursing a true recognized profession including proper licensing and enough credentialed schools. In Megan’s opinion, there are very specific tasks that can be done by veterinary nurses with proper education. Megan shares a couple of ideas for a great future for vet nurses in your practice. Last but not least, we have to retrain our brain to be positive. That means I am always assuming good intent, remember the good things that happened and accentuate the positive in your life! You are allowed to vent but don’t do it at work! What a great episode.
12/28/201928 minutes, 27 seconds
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Assume good intent with Megan Brashear

Yay, we have another awesome veterinary nurse on our show. This time it is award-winning Megan Brashear, speaker of the year at least 2 times and in her real life a super tech at Purdue University College of Veterinary Medicine. Megan loves lecturing and she talks to us about her three favorite topics: critical thinking, acid-base balance (we did not know that there was anyone that liked that topic) and the art of nursing. She is an amazing individual and we had quite a lot of good laughs!
12/20/201925 minutes, 13 seconds
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Cat social media tips with Dr. Sue Cancer Vet

This is part 2 of the purrpodcast with Dr. Sue Ettinger. Dr. Sue Cancer Vet is a social media celebrity and produces lots of great content on her web page. Sue uses a media release for all her patients so she can use pictures and the stories on her social media sites. Not all owners are eager and sometimes it takes a bit of time before you gain their trust. Sue’s main goal is to raise awareness and most clients are happy to share their pet story. Different people, however, process things differently. Dr. Sue celebrates her patients when they finish their treatment protocol and does tributes when she loses patients. During the podcast, Dr. Sue is open about how she deals with trolling on social media and with abusive clients. She advises us to not pay as much attention to negative reviews (‘dropping the duds’). We discuss highlights in cat cancer news with Dr. Sue including inappetence, injection site sarcomas, oral squamous cell carcinoma, and mammary carcinoma.
12/12/201932 minutes, 44 seconds
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Purrpodcast talks cat cancer with Dr. Sue CancerVet

For our 40th #purrpodcast we have another awesome guest, the famous, Dr. Sue Cancervet. Dr. Sue has made it her life goal to educate pet owners about cancer and we know how important cancer is in older cats! We have to be vigilant about lumps and bumps in our pets, the earlier we find them the better we can treat them. Dr. Sue uses social media as a positive influence to educate pet owners about pet cancer. We are talking about myths and misconceptions about cats with cancer. Cats tolerate chemo the best (compared to the D-word), for instance. At the end, we talk about feline lymphoma!
12/7/201931 minutes, 38 seconds
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Are you feline social media friendly with Eric Garcia?

Another great podcast with Eric Garcia, our own digital guru, talking social media. When you begin you should start in one specific space and Eric feels Facebook is the place to be now as more than 50% of each generation is currently on FB. He further gives some great tips on starting your own YouTube channel and why it is so important to get your own practice app where you can create your own owner community. An amazing episode!
11/30/201923 minutes, 35 seconds
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The curse of the cat with Eric Garcia

Digital storytelling with the amazing Eric Garcia. And because Eric is being unplugged at the moment, we decided to publish this great podcast in his absence. Did you know that cat owners normally think cats rarely get sick and veterinarians often neglect cats in their hospital pictures? Eric is a digital guru and the most knowledgeable IT person in veterinary medicine at the moment
11/21/201923 minutes, 10 seconds
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How to be a better cat advocate with Dr. Apryl Steele

Dr. Apryl Steele explains what the American Association of Feline Practitioners stands for. The organization supports all cat veterinarians to provide the best care to cats and cat owners. We are in San Francisco, the host city of this year’s AAFP Congress focused on co-morbidities. One of the things we really like are the AAFP guidelines ( The 2 newest guidelines are zoonosis and retroviruses. Apryl explains that AAFP also has a website that is called is specially designed for cat owners. Cat-friendly practices are cat-centered clinics that as gentle as possible for cats. Soon two new programs will be launched: the professional and advocate certificate.
11/13/201933 minutes, 15 seconds
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How to set up a cat-friendly practice with Dr. Apryl Steele

The awesome Dr. Apryl Steele joins us for our 36th podcast and tells about her career as a cat veterinarian. Starting as a food inspector during Desert Storm, she quickly opened a practice in Denver Colorado and transformed it into one of the best cat practices in the state. Currently, she is President of AAFP and CEO of the biggest shelter in Colorado. Did you know that they neuter 12000 cats per year?
11/7/201923 minutes, 48 seconds
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Weighing stress versus yes with Dr. Justine Lee part 02

The amazing Dr. Justine Lee returns to our podcast talking about self-care and weighing stress versus yes. Sometimes it is better to not immediately respond to requests, think it over and weigh your options. What benefit do you get out of doing something like what is proposed to you? Improve your work-life balance by scheduling things that will relax you. Learn how to let things go and implement self-care.
10/23/201925 minutes, 14 seconds
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How to be a feline work-a-frolic with Dr. Justine Lee

The amazing Dr. Justine Lee, the co-founder of Vetgirl joins us for an exciting new podcast. We learn about being good work-a-frolics, how to use clear vodka for antifreeze poisoning (you only have 3 hours after ingestion) and how to keep a healthy balance between your private life and your work. Did you know what the 5 most common feline emergencies are? Listen to this great podcast!
10/8/201929 minutes, 48 seconds
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When do you want to see parasites? with Dr. Susan Little part 2

The when do you want to see parasite episode is all about prevention with the awesome dr. Susan Little (yes the other one). We talk about anaplasmosis and how cats seroconvert, heartworm disease (or the quiet cat syndrome) and round worms. Did you know that the cat is an accidental destination for heartworms and that the immune system is the issue? Dr Susan also teaches us why not go to the beach anymore and about antiparasitics for every pet every time all year around
9/22/201923 minutes, 30 seconds
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What do we do with 2 Dr. Susan Littles?

This week, I am so confused because we have not 1 but 2 Susan Littles on the podcast. Dr. Susan Little, the famous catvet, interviews Dr. Susan Little, famous veterinary parasitologist. We talk about the 7 differences between the Susan's, Susan Little (catvet) highlight, parasites (of course), icing, and doing lectures together. This is definitely one of our favorite podcasts!
9/8/201928 minutes, 53 seconds
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Calcium oxalate stones in cats with Dr. Joe Bartges

Part 2 of our series with Dr. Joe Bartges talking about yellow gold and the diseases that we see often in cats. We specifically discuss calcium oxalate stones because they are so tough to treat. Why do they occur? Hear the latest news. Also, we briefly discuss diabetes and chronic GI disease in cats
8/25/201923 minutes, 13 seconds
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Cat Nutrition and Urinary Disease with Dr. Joe Bartges

Dr. Joe Bartges, Professor in internal medicine and nutrition, is the guest of this exciting podcast. He talks about his own cats and their diet, their food puzzles and how they rule the house. He talks about the three main urogenital diseases in the cat, chronic renal failure, bladder stones, and idiopathic cystitis.
8/12/201926 minutes, 18 seconds
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How to be a feline radio star with Steve Dale part 2

Episode number 2 with the awesome Steve Dale in which we tackle major topics like the Winn Foundation, where they sponsor some amazing cat research, how to communicate with your cat owner and cate behavior in general. Steve is quite famous and visits many veterinary and cat shows, is an author in Susan's new book (coming out in 2021??) and he tells us the secret behind cat visit to your clinic.
7/25/201924 minutes, 29 seconds
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How to be a feline radio star with Steve Dale

Our next guest, Steve Dale, has a face for radio and is a famous writer and radio host in Chicago. His favorite topics are pets and of course the Feline Winn Foundation. We are so honored to talk to a real radio star and discuss kitten kindergarden, kitten classes, a wonder cat named Ricki, and cardiomyopathy research. Dr. Susan is still trying to perfect her perfect intro.
7/10/201924 minutes, 4 seconds
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Picky cat behavior with Debbie Horwitz part 2

Dr. Debbie Horwitz is back on the purrpodcast talking about multiple cat personalities and a cool new project called decoding the cat. Did you know that cats can learn tricks as well as the d-word? Also, cats are the only living being that we allow in the house to do nothing all day. Lots of fun cat facts with one of the best behaviorists in the world.
6/28/201924 minutes, 20 seconds
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Is your cat behaving strange? Our #25 podcast with Dr. Deb Horwitz

For our 25th podcast we have a special guest: Dr. Debbie Horwitz and we will be talking cat behavior! Why does a cat behave differently from other species? How can we adapt to their lifestyle and make them happy? And what have cats to do with lions, do they behave similarly? Happy anniversary purrpodcast!!!!
6/15/201929 minutes, 26 seconds
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Purrpodcast Live with Dr. Sue Ettinger part 2

We are talking GI foreign bodies with Dr. Susan and Dr. Sue at VMX 2019. We got a bit into trouble after we found out that the lecture time was significantly shorter than expected but after that rookie mistake, we still had a lot of fun talking inflatable cats, cat obesity, needlework, and feline lymphoma. We totally adore Dr. Sue.
5/26/201931 minutes, 39 seconds
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First Purrpodcast Live with Dr. Sue Ettinger part 1

We had the honor to host the first purrpodcast live at VMX 2019 with special co-star, Dr. Sue CancerVet. Dr. Sue Ettinger is a well-known and wonderful medical oncologist that will discuss tumor reasons for intestinal obstruction. Dr. Susan and I will discuss other causes of common cat GI obstructions, including (string) foreign bodies. Big thanks for VMX and NAVC to make this live edition possible.
5/16/201936 minutes, 49 seconds
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What to do when your cat is acting up with Dr. Terry Curtis

Did you know that there are only approximately 80 boarded veterinary behaviorists in the world? How lucky are we to catch a feline one for our podcast, Dr. Terry Curtis from the University of Florida. The amount of education you get in veterinary school definitely does not correlate with the number of questions you get in private practice about cat behavior. Behavior problems are the number one cause for cat euthanasia. We talk with Terry about litter boxes, famous Hemingway cats and xenogrooming!
4/26/201935 minutes, 30 seconds
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Laugh, love, learn part 2 with Dr. Mary Gardner

Dr. Mary Gardner first episode was so well received that we had to follow it with another one, where we will be talking about some tough situations in-home care and at home euthanasia. Mary explains that even if you are a pro, it still is emotional for you and the owner. You need to be well prepared and sometimes be able to adjust to special circumstances.
4/11/201929 minutes, 58 seconds
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Laugh, Love, Learn with Dr. Mary Gardner

In the first episode the amazing Dr. Mary Gardner, Lap of Love Partner and geriatric pet patient expert talks about her path to become a veterinarian, which includes the amazing dolphin (flipper), software development, a 'late' veterinary career, a strange addiction to excel files and at the end the awesome lap of love franchise. Come join us and learn, love and laugh with Dr. Mary Gardner. The best news is there is another episode in 2 weeks.
3/19/201928 minutes, 53 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cat leadership part 2 with Dr. Dave Nicol

The second episode with Dr. Dave Nicol talking about leadership in general but leadership for your veterinarians in particular. So you got your degree, now what? is the question he answers in his book and his new VETX Learning Academy.
3/6/201927 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cat leadership with Dr. Dave Nicol

Dr. Dave Nicol, spanning the globe with his career, talks about leadership and training young veterinarians in this awesome first episode of 2 podcasts. Being a feline practitioner is not easy, so how can you deal with stress, and work fatigue?
2/22/201924 minutes, 26 seconds
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Cat congresses with Tom Bohn

Did you know that NAVC CEO Tom Bohn is allergic to cats? We learn from Dr. Susan little that it is not the hair but protein in the saliva is the root cause for Tom's allergies. Tom is a great guest with a wicked sense of humor and we guarantee you will be laughing in this episode.
2/14/201934 minutes, 16 seconds
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Publishing feline cases with Beth Green

Our next podcast we have a special guest, Elizabeth Green, who talks to us about her initial idea to start publishing articles that were very practical and subsequently building the biggest global veterinary publishing company, Brief Media. Beth is an inspiring person that dreams about how to make our veterinary life better.
2/6/201936 minutes, 38 seconds
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Cat consensus on gastric ulcers with Dr. Katie Tolbert part 2

The second episode with the amazing Dr. Katie Tolbert, where we talk about cats (what else?) and the new ACVIM consensus paper on stomach ulcers and the medication that goes along with it. Or not? Katie is a great speaker and has been part of the long process to make this consensus paper so we are very excited to have her talking to us and answer the question: does your cat get stress ulcers in the stomach?
1/18/201925 minutes, 52 seconds
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Cat Stomach Acid Suppressants with Dr Katie Tolbert Part 1

Dr. Katie Tolbert joins us during this podcast to talk to us about the new ACVIM consensus statement about the gastric acid suppressants in our feline patients. People tend to use acid suppressants so irrationally, so it is time to find out what the scientific evidence is behind these drugs. Katie is awesome and talks with us over the next 2 podcasts how and why they made this consensus statement that took 3 years to be published.
1/10/201925 minutes, 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cat Tech with Kara Burns

Did you know that veterinary nurses (technicians) are the lifeblood of any veterinary practice? Dr. Susan and I interview Kara Burns, president of the North American Veterinary Technician Association and discuss why cats are different for nurses (they do scratch) and what amazing opportunities you have after you have finished a veterinary nursing degree.
12/28/201824 minutes, 37 seconds
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Cat poo with Dr Stan Marks part 2

The awesome Dr. Stan Marks explains how important diseases of the hindgut are for cats and how you can deal with them. He is an amazing guest and wealth of knowledge on many different cat topics. We laughed a lot, but no D-words :-( for us to cash in on
12/13/201835 minutes, 5 seconds
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Cat Biome with Dr. Stanley Marks

This week's guest is the famous Dr. Stanley Marks, triple boarded wizard in GI disease, Nutrition and Internal Medicine (did we mention oncology yet?). Next, to the fact that Stan is an awesome speaker and has a great sense of humor, he is one of the experts in chronic enteropathies in cats. Do you have a cat with chronic GI signs? This is the podcast to listen to! Part 1 of 2 exciting 30 min discussions with Stan the Man!
11/29/201829 minutes, 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

Cat skin cuts with Dr. Bryden Stanley

Yay, we are talking skin surgery with the amazing Dr. Bryden Stanly from Michigan State University! Bry is talking how to handle cat wounds, abscesses and cat skin surgery in a clear and ready to execute way. We loved this podcast for sure!
11/9/201842 minutes, 23 seconds
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Dr. Sheilah & cat anesthesia part 02

This is part 2 of our exciting podcast where we interview Dr. Sheilah Roberston, who is a treasure of kowledge in feline anesthesia and pain management. Many topics are discussed including the right amount of fluid that we should give. Dr. Susan and I are so honored to have Sheilah on the podcast with us
10/24/201837 minutes, 58 seconds
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Dr Sheilah and cat anesthesia

So excited that Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle talk in this episode with Dr. Sheilah Roberston, famous cat anesthesiologist and co-author of the new AAFP Feline Anesthesia Guidelines. Dr Sheilah has an amazing career in anesthesia and will tell us why cats are definitely not little D's when it comes to painkilling, anesthetics and fluid therapy!
10/11/201831 minutes
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Oh no, my cat bowel got stuck!

What happens when your cat has an invagination? No, not imagination, invagination! This means when one bowel gets stuck into another. If it happens, you have an emergency and Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle discuss a recent article exactly about this problem. Did you notice we are hitting a lot of surgery topics, lately? Correct, but do not worry the next ones will all be non-surgical. This one is awesome however as we discuss GI and focus on cats and what can be better than that?
9/25/201844 minutes, 3 seconds
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Cat Mammary Tumors

One of the worst tumors cats can get is mammary tumors. During this podcast we are discussing a recent JAVMA article that describes this tumor type in cats and describes 3 different techniques to get rid of them. In cats, you have to be aggressive because most of these are malignant sadly. So join us in the discussion of how to treat these appropriately!
9/12/201835 minutes, 57 seconds
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Cat Bloat

Purrpodcast number 6 will surprise you. Dr. Susan and Dr. Jolle will be speaking about a recent article about Cat bloats, yes you heard us right, GDV in cats!! It doesn't happen that often but if it does some of the signs will surprise you. Additionally they have some hot cate news and a listener question about SDMA
8/29/201841 minutes, 29 seconds
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PPC05 Fuss about Fiss 02

So excited to offer you the newest purrpodcast, with Dr. Sarah Boston talking about feline injection site carcinomas. Did you know Sarah finds the 3-2-1 rule confusing? We will talk about that and other tips for diagnosis and treatment of these tough tumors in cats. With your awesome hosts Dr. Susan Little and Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn.
8/15/201829 minutes, 8 seconds
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Fuss about Fiss 01

This newest podcast from Dr. Susan Little and Dr. Jolle Kirpensteijn hosts our first guest, Dr. Sarah Boston, the famous surgical oncologist from Toronto, Canada. Sarah talks about FISS or Feline Injection Site Sarcomas in a series of 2 podcasts. In this first one, she discusses the incidence of FISS and what we should know about vaccinating cats the right way. We all love Sarah and you will not be disappointed!
7/31/201830 minutes, 59 seconds
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Cats and stones part 3

The third part of this awesome trilogy in feline uroliths. We are talking treatment here with surgery, urohydropropulsion and laser options. Both Susan and I feel pretty adamant about using the least invasive technique if possible. No more surgery for struvite stones in cats. Take the pledge!
7/17/201836 minutes, 12 seconds