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English, Finance, 2 seasons, 16 episodes, 11 hours 3 minutes
Entrepreneurship, it's a wild adventure! Join us on the journey. Krystel Stacey, business strategist and creative director is your guide and will help you construct a roadmap to take your business to the next level. In each episode she interviews thought leaders and experts gaining an exclusive look at HOW they got to where they are. Ultimately helping you set your goals and reach your dreams. Each episode provides workshop-style content, step-by-step processes, and interactive elements. You will want to have your pen and paper ready. As they offer refueling tips, potholes to avoid, road blocks and the way around them, and some pretty spectacular shortcuts that will get you to where you want to go faster. Krystel's philosophy is "always take the high road". Her signature Purpose to Profit framework, she will help you design a life and business you love, while celebrating every tiny victory along the way. Sometimes it's just more fun to take the scenic route.
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Clarity, Connection, and Copy with Elise Hodge

Elise Hodge, founder of Connection Copy Co. walks us through how she started with profit in mind which lead her to purpose. On this episdoe we discuss how to gain clarity for positioning and copywriting in your business, how to connect with your ideal client through target research, and end with a real conversation about being a momtrepreneur and how hard it is to balance it all. Let's get real and go from Purpose to Profit. 
16/01/202349 minutes 20 seconds
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Copywriting and Mental Health with Karsen Murray

Karsen Murray is a copywriter that wants to make it easier for people to choose you. She shares her journey of entrepreneurship with us. From how it all started with Story Brand and Donald Miller to copy writing services, courses, hosting her own podcast, and more. Let's dive in! 
16/01/202339 minutes 38 seconds
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Instagram Strategy with Mandy Emerson

Mandy Emerson is an Instagram coach & strategist helping female entrepreneurs grow their business using Instagram & the Founder of The Fierce Social Society Membership, the #1 membership for Female Entrepreneurs!
15/07/202243 minutes 21 seconds
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Hustle Sanely with Jess Massey

Jess Massey, your new productivity BFF! She helps women get clear on their dreams, define their priorities, and create habits to help them release overwhelm and live a peacefully productive life. Jess is the founder of Hustle Sanely - planners, podcast, and courses. 
15/07/202244 minutes 40 seconds
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Profit and Reverse Engineering with Danielle Mulvey

Having the opportunity to interview Danielle Mulvey on the podcast was a dream come true. She is an entrepreneur currently running multiple businesses with over $30-million in annual revenues and such a geek about Profit First she is certified as a Mastery-Level Profit First Professional. She is also the co-host of  profit first podcast with Mike Michalowicz. 
15/07/202234 minutes 2 seconds