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English, Comedy, 1 seasons, 14 episodes, 5 hours 53 minutes
Comedians Meg Indurti, Vik Pandya and Tyler Fowler make fun of the weeks news. Team Us Comedy provides a hilarious take on the headlines, and interview newsworthy people in the funniest way to stay informed. Subscribe for more episodes and find more funny stuff at Produced by: Michael Heidemann
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BACKLOG: Jeff Bezos Looks Like And Is A Dick

A backlog episode from a few weeks ago, which also feels like a decade ago. Elon Musk continues living on his own planet, The NFL and MLB try to re-open, airlines are losing millions of dollars, white people wildin’ even during a quarantine, Senator Richard Burr steps down to focus on insider trading, Texas is against voting, old people won’t shut up, and Canada is banning U.S.
19/06/202013 minutes 56 seconds
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Goodbye J.Crew, Hello Murder Hornets!

Fast-food restaurants are getting experimental , J Crew, JetBlue and Sephora are suffering, Elon Musk named his child after a WiFi password, sports teams are worrying about audience turnout, RBG is the best old person while Joe Biden is the worst, the French copy Americans, Michael Flynn pulls a Beyoncé, the hoes are acting up, and the Police get worse.
13/05/202016 minutes 23 seconds
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Kim Jong-Un is Dead AND Alive

North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong-Un may have died this week, but the real news is a white woman in San Francisco annoyed the whole country to find her missing dog. Rats in Chicago are starving, so they are getting small business loans from the government. We roast 4/20 (lol) and Earth Day.
29/04/202017 minutes 9 seconds
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A Country United: National Horny Day

Thats right, more coronavirus free headlines! This week we talk Joe Biden’s running mate, National Horny Day and in related news lawyers showing up naked to Zoom court. We roast Prince Harry and the new iPhone.
22/04/202012 minutes 27 seconds
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Pandas Get Laid More Than You

Another week of non non coronavirus news! We break down pandas doing it in Hong Kong, ANOTHER new Whitehouse press secretary and virtual strippers on Instagram. We roast Easter and Sourdough (#TriggerWarning hipsters).
15/04/202014 minutes 13 seconds
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A Global Pandemic: This Is Tiger King

This week we bring you all non coronavirus news and focus on the real threat to humanity: Tiger King. We roast Joe Exotic, Jessica Batten, Zoom calls, and going live on instagram. (Ironically this episode was recorded via Zoom due to quarantine, so don't @ us about the audio quality)
08/04/202014 minutes 44 seconds
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Columbus Was A Hipster

Columbus Was A Hipster by Punchline
18/10/201928 minutes 58 seconds
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The TSA Roasts Back

This week a TSA worker called a passenger ugly, Facebook is still toppling governments, and fascism is trending across the globe. We roast Labor Day Weekend & White Claw. Finally, we chat with New York comedian Usama Siddiquee, who was recently passed at the world famous Comedy Cellar.
05/09/201933 minutes 33 seconds
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You Can't Fire Me, I Quit

This week a Disney employee got punched in the face, Instagram is trying to be less shallow, and Puerto Rico's governor can't take a hint. We roast the new Cats trailer & FaceApp. Then we chat with Chicago musician & comedian Devin Middleton, fresh off his solo show BARS.
02/08/201943 minutes 17 seconds
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It’s Easier to Catch An Alligator Than A Sexual Predator

This week, California can’t catch a break, Ed Sheeran has a secret wife, there’s a Gator loose in Chicago, and Jeffery Epstein is creepier than you can imagine. We roast Stranger Things, July 4th Fireworks, and the Bottle Cap Challenge. We chat with Chicago stand up comedian Joey Villagomez about his upcoming Comedy Central appearance.
17/07/201937 minutes 36 seconds
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Eric Trump Got Spit On

This week Lil Nas X is making music with Gordon Ramsay, Arby’s is making carrots out of meat, and R Kelly feels right at home in Trump Tower. We roast every summer movie re-make, the Dalai Lama, and Boston’s straight pride parade. Finally, we chat with Chicago artist, teacher, and co-creator of the legendary “Shithole” Zach Bartz.
03/07/201933 minutes 1 second
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The Primary Is Heating Up

This week, Facebook faces regulation but is still shady, Uber causes traffic in Chicago, T-Mobile & Sprint are having trouble connecting, Hong Kong protesters are in the news but Sudanese protesters aren’t, Drake gets kicked off the basketball court, Kylie Jenner goes too far again, Sarah Huckabee Sanders leaves the White House, and most importantly - a Florida man takes a bath at Wendy’s. We also chat with CBS's "Redline" star McKenzie Chinn on her film "Olympia" and who of the primary contenders she would fuck, marry, and kill.
19/06/201935 minutes 44 seconds
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Georgia And Alabama Ban Abortions

This week Bill de Blasio became the 23rd candidate for the democratic nomination in 2020, Steve Harvey lost two jobs, Chicago instituted a Netflix Tax and Facebook is paying Interns six figures while NASA pays $16 an hour. We also roast trending topics including Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s baby Psalm, DC making Robert Pattinson Batman, and Grumpy Cat.
03/06/201922 minutes 16 seconds
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UN Report Says World Is Going Extinct

This week the royal baby was born (into a world that is ending according to UN scientists), president Trump awarded Tiger Woods the Medal of Freedom, the Pope just now outlawed abuse and a soccer mom was arrested for CBD possession in Texas. We also roast what’s trending including The Met Gala, The Big Bang Theory and Mothers Day.
03/06/201930 minutes 19 seconds