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English, Technology, 6 seasons, 56 episodes, 1 day, 3 hours, 46 minutes
The Puppet Podcast features Puppet community members talking about the latest trends in configuration management & cloud automation as well as DevOps culture.
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When Will IT Security Escape the Cat-and-Mouse Game? with Sean Atkinson, CISO of CIS

When Sean Atkinson says that “We’re on a trajectory to have the most vulnerabilities ever identified in a single year, starting this year,” take note: As Chief Information Security Officer for the Center for Internet Security, he knows what he’s talking about.He’s referring to the ever-increasing tide of weaknesses and flaws that undermine the security of software used every single day by teams around the world. Between a more active threat landscape, demands for development velocity, and the rise of generative AI, the cat in this proverbial game of cat-and-mouse has their work cut out for them.In this conversation, Robin Tatam, Puppet’s Evangelist and Certified Information Security Manager, talks with Sean about the role of a CISO, what’s behind the unprecedented rise in vulnerabilities, and how smart integrations turn automation into a first-line defense against threats, misconfiguration, errors, and software vulnerabilities.Highlights:What a CISO actually does versus a CIO or a CTO The difference between “security” and “compliance” How compliance helps build the backbone of a long-term security posture Who really owns IT security and where IT operations fits into the security conversation What CIS Benchmarks are, what they do, and how CIS “wizards” keep them up-to-date on the latest vulnerabilities How Puppet’s partnership with CIS puts the power of automation behind CIS’s widely recognized frameworksSpeakers:Robin Tatam, Senior Technical Marketer and Evangelist, Puppet by PerforceSean Atkinson, Chief Information Security Officer, Center for Internet SecurityLinks:Learn more about Security Compliance Enforcement, a premium feature for Open Source Puppet and Puppet Enterprise that automates secure configurations hardened against CIS Benchmarks and DISA STIGsListen to Sean’s podcast with CIS, “Cybersecurity Where You Are,” wherever you get podcastsFind Us Online:puppet.comApple PodcastsTwitterLinkedIn
5/16/202434 minutes, 1 second
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The Future of the Forge: Unpacking the Big (and Small) Changes

It’s all good news, we promise! The Forge has always been the go-to spot for Puppet users to find, download, and update content and modules. On this episode, we're revealing a few of the exciting changes that are going to make the Forge even easier and more valuable for all Puppet users, like personalization, filters, and features to track module versions and updates against your Puppet file.As of today, there are 7,508 modules on the Puppet Forge – some active, some deprecated, some created and supported by Puppet Labs, some by community groups like Vox Pupuli. While it’s become a hub for all Puppet users, we've heard feedback on ways it could be even better. We see a brighter future for the Forge – one built for and shaped by users like you! Join Ben Ford as he talks to Forge Product Manager Saurabh Karwa about what the Forge is today, the subtle changes that are already in the works, the near-term roadmap, and the long-term vision for the Forge.Speakers:Ben Ford, Community Lead at Puppet by PerforceSaurabh Karwa, Product Manager at Puppet by PerforceHighlights:Introducing Saurabh, the Product Manager for the Puppet ForgeWhat the Forge is today and what it needs to become THE place for Puppet usersThe role of the Puppet Community in shaping the future of the ForgeAdding personalization, new filters, and features to track module versions and updatesWhy you should join our new Ecosystem Advisory BoardLinks:Join the Puppet Community SlackTell us what you think of the Forge and PDK with the Ecosystem Advisory Board surveyEmail Saurabh at [email protected]
5/7/202441 minutes, 15 seconds
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We Surveyed ~500 People Doing Platform Engineering. Here’s What We Learned.

The 2024 State of DevOps Report: The Evolution of Platform Engineering is live! In this episode, we’re taking you behind the scenes with the authors of the report and one of the people who helped run the survey.Download the 2024 report for free here!On this episode, join us as host Ben Ford, report authors Margaret Lee and David Sandilands, and project manager Stephanie Fairchild pull back the curtain on the 2024 State of DevOps Report.What are the characteristics of successful platforms? Why is the new practice driving a surge in security? Where is platform engineering going next? Learn more in this episode!Highlights:Why the State of DevOps Report pivoted to cover platform engineering last yearWhat we wanted to find out this yearThe big takeaways from the 2024 reportOur predictions for the next year of platform engineeringSpeakers:Ben Ford, Community Lead at Puppet by PerforceMargaret Lee, Manager of Product Management at Puppet by PerforceDavid Sandilands, Principal Solutions Architect at Puppet by PerforceStephanie Fairchild, Senior Manager at ClearPath StrategiesLinks:Download the 2024 State of DevOps Report: The Evolution of Platform EngineeringEmail Margaret at [email protected] Ben on Mastodon, Twitter, and in the Puppet Community Slack as binford2kFind David on Mastodon and TwitterCheck out another episode with Ben, Margaret, and David about how return-to-office plans are shaping platform strategiesRead the episode transcriptFind Us Online:puppet.comApple PodcastsTwitterLinkedIn
4/3/202440 minutes, 14 seconds