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English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 12 episodes, 8 hours 6 minutes
Brought to you by MOLA, Pub Talk sees Football legends Ray Parlour and Alan Brazil invite the biggest names in sports and entertainment into their pub. From funny moments to incredible stories that shine a much needed light on the guests personal struggles and what they do to look after their mental health.
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Pub Talk | Mark Selby

Joining Alan and Ray in the pub this week is four-time World Snooker Champion Mark Selby. With nine Triple Crown titles to his name, 'The Jester from Leicester' well and truly ranks amongst snooker's all-time greats. Here he discusses how childhood trauma has continued to haunt him throughout his career and how the death of his father drove him to contemplate suicide.
09/01/202340 minutes 34 seconds
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Pub Talk | Matt Le Tissier

Joining Alan and Ray in the pub this week is footballing cult hero Matt Le Tissier. Scorer of some of the greatest goals in Premier League history. Le Tissier has cut a controversial figure of late in his quest to 'uncover the truth' on everything from global pandemics to war. Here he discusses conspiracy theories, dubious betting and discusses why he was constantly overlooked by his country.
19/12/202240 minutes 56 seconds
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Pub Talk | Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett

Joining Alan and Ray in the pub this week is UFC superstar Paddy 'The Baddy' Pimblett. Perhaps the hottest property in The Octagon right now, the 27-year-old scouser has captured the imagination of fans with his unique style and sense of humour. Here he discusses how close he came to ending his own life, where it all went wrong on social media and his beloved Liverpool FC.
28/11/202241 minutes 25 seconds
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Pub Talk | James Haskell

Joining Alan and Ray in the pub this week is rugby legend James Haskell. A Grand Slam winner with England, James has now reinvented himself as a DJ and podcaster. Here he brings his unique brand of humour and storytelling to the pub in an uncensored interview that will shock, inspire and leave you unable to ever set foot on a boat ever again.
07/11/202243 minutes 25 seconds
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Pub Talk | Noel Gallagher

Joining Alan and Ray in the pub this week is guitar hero Noel Gallagher. Founder of one of the greatest bands of all time and writer of their most iconic songs; the former Oasis man pops in to talk music, football... and ghosts. Here he discusses the mysterious origin of his first guitar, the one thing that worries him and how one night in Paris saw his entire world fall apart.
17/10/202243 minutes 19 seconds
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Pub Talk | Paul Merson

Joining Alan and Ray in the pub this week is English football legend Paul Merson. Despite being a fan favourite at clubs such as Arsenal, Aston Villa and Portsmouth; Merson was battling not one, but three addictions. Here, he reveals how his demons almost cost him everything, the one moment of his career that still haunts him and why Harry Redknapp is better than Arsene Wenger.
06/10/202245 minutes 58 seconds
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Pub Talk | John Barnes

Joining Alan and Ray in the pub this week is Liverpool legend (and rap god) John Barnes. One of the finest players of his generation on the pitch and one of the most important voices off it; Barnes has dedicated his life after football to tackling inequality. Here he discusses his father's role in a cult movie classic, the one regret from his career and urges us to face the uncomfortable truth about discrimination.
06/10/202233 minutes 3 seconds
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Pub Talk | Piers Morgan

Joining Alan and Ray in the pub this week is a man perhaps more accustomed to asking the questions than answering them. No stranger to controversy, Piers Morgan has ruffled the feathers of US Presidents, the British Royal Family and Hollywood’s elite. Here he talks about how he handles his ‘Marmite’ reputation, his multiple sackings and why he owes everything to his stepfather.
05/10/202241 minutes 59 seconds
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Pub Talk | Vinnie Jones

Joining Alan and Ray in the pub this week is footballer turned actor Vinnie Jones. After years of tough tackling and notorious antics on the pitch, Vinnie took his 'hard man' reputation to the big screen in movies such as Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels and X-Men: The Last Stand. Here he offers a candid insight into a different side of his personality as he opens up about the tragic loss of his wife Tanya and dealing with alcoholism.
05/10/202243 minutes 55 seconds