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English, Social, 5 seasons, 69 episodes, 1 day, 8 hours, 4 minutes
A podcast about changing how we understand and talk about stuttering, one conversation at a time.
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Stuttering and Challenging Inadequacy

Kai Caragenis is a father of a young girl. In this bonus episode of Proud Stutter, he shares his feelings around being adequate enough to be a father, how the King’s Speech changed his relationship with his stutter, and how breathing techniques helped his speech. Host & Producer: Maya ChupkovSave the date (12/7/2023) for Proud Stutter’s 1st Annual Gala + Community Comedy Event in San FranciscoSupport Proud Stutter’s Mini Series Crowdfunding Campaign Support this podcast at —
10/6/202338 minutes, 54 seconds
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John Hendrickson And Making Peace With A Stutter

Journalist John Hendrickson spent most of his life ignoring the elephant in the room, his stutter. We talk about what it was like going back in time, dating, and ask questions from Proud Stutter listeners. His upcoming memoir is Life On Delay: Making Peace With A Stutter.The guide for this episode, with resources, transcript, show notes, and more, can be found here: this podcast at —
1/13/202347 minutes, 49 seconds
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Sneak Preview: Interview with Author John Hendrickson

Enjoy this sneak preview of my interview with John Hendrickson, author of Life on Delay: Making Peace With a Stutter, coming January 2023 from Knopf.Support this podcast at —
12/30/20224 minutes, 30 seconds
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Exploring Stuttering and Intersectional Identities (Live Interview!)

Intersectional identities overlap, connect, disconnect and can even attempt to cancel each other out. During a live interview at the National Stuttering Association's 39th Annual Conference in Newport Beach California, I talked with multiple people who stutter about their intersectional identities and how these different identities show up in their lives. Interviewees include Christian, an Asian American man who stutters and a film and TV producer, Sam, a multi-racial queer woman who stutters in the mental health field, Alicia, a Latino also in the healthcare field, and Eugene, an African American, Irish and Native American man who stutters. Mentioned in the episode:Maya and the Three (Netflix show)Once Upon A Time In HollywoodThe King’s SpeechBehind Porky Pig’s VoiceToday’s Episode:[3:56] What is Intersectionality?[8:12] TV & Film & Shifting The Stuttering Narrative[8:27] Characters Who Stutter & Examples of Representing Stuttering Right [13:46] Covert Stuttering[17:04] Creating A World Where We Stutter Freely[19:50] Mini Interview with Alicia[21:24] Mini Interview with Sam[24:12] Mini Interview with EugeneConnect with Maya and Proud Stutter: Twitter | Instagram | Website | LinkedIn | Support | Subscribe | E-Newsletter | ShopSUPPORT PROUD STUTTERSupport Proud Stutter By Signing Up on Ko-Fi [Similar to Patreon]OR Make a One-Time DonationSupport this podcast at —
7/11/202234 minutes, 13 seconds
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Communicating In A Second Language and Stuttering: An Interview with Dad

Maya’s dad is one of her biggest fans. He’s listened to every episode and now it’s time for his podcast debut. In this bonus episode, Maya talks to her dad, also known as “Aba,” about his experience moving to a country where he didn’t speak the language, what he’s learned from listening to Proud Stutter, and more!Mentions: Proud Stutter S1, Ep12: A Teenager’s Journey to Finding Pride In HIs StutterCreating a Safe Spaces for Students Who Stutter (Proud Stutter Bonus Episode)Proud Stutter S1, Ep3: Real Talk With MomThe Bachelor’s Abigail HeringerNetflix Shows That Center on DisabilitiesToday’s Episode:[1:58 - 5:26] Living and communicating in a country while not speaking the language[8:49 - 10:17] Advice for parents and fathers who have a child who stutters[10:45 - 11:45] What stuttering topics does Maya’s Dad want to hear more of?[11:45 - 15:20] Israeli Reality TV Show Features Person Who StuttersConnect with Maya and Proud Stutter: Twitter | Instagram | Website | LinkedIn | Support | Subscribe | E-Newsletter | ShopSUPPORT PROUD STUTTERJoin Proud Stutter’s Membership ProgramMake a One-Time DonationSupport this podcast at —
6/21/202216 minutes, 57 seconds
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Can 'Flow' Activities Have A Positive Impact on Stuttering?

Is there an activity where you feel 'at one' or ‘in the zone’? There's a term in psychology for this state of being called 'flow'. For this bonus episode, Maya talks to Jayne Devlin, a Community Dance Artist and Co-Artistic Director of Inner Ground Dance Company.Her research interests include exploring how participation in arts, creativity and culture may promote an enhanced sense of wellbeing and connection for individuals.Her works focus on the intersections between dance, health, and wellbeing, specifically relating to aging and neurodegenerative health conditions (Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other dementias) and Stroke.  Jayne is currently in her final year of an MSc Psychology course at Plymouth University (UK).[4:00 - 7:53] Dancing and ‘Flow State”[7:53 - 9:38] ] Releasing tension and psychology[12:31 - 24:17] Acceptance and Transient moments Mentions:Talk Live A River by Jordan ScottMihaly Csikszentmihalyi (1934 – 2021), a Hungarian American psychologistJayne’s call for interviews for her research: transient wholeness for people who stammerStamma, the British Stammering Association RESOURCESBecome A Member of Proud StutterThe Stuttering CoachProud StutterStutterNavSupport this podcast at —
5/13/202229 minutes, 15 seconds
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National Stuttering Awareness Week 2022: Be Part of It!

This year, National Stuttering Awareness Week is May 9 - May 15. Let’s talk about its history, why it matters, and how you can help spread the word.IN THIS EPISODE[1:24 - 2:59] History behind National Stuttering Awareness Week [3:07 - 3:48] How you can be part of National Stuttering Awareness Week 2022 [4:22 - 8:00] A Story from a Proud Stutter Listener LINKS:National Stuttering Awareness WeekProud Stutter Local Resolution Toolkit Proud Stutter NSAW May 2022 EventsBuy Proud Stutter MerchProud Stutter, Season 1RESOURCESBecome A Member of Proud StutterThe Stuttering CoachProud StutterHave a question or comment - Leave a voicemail for Maya at (415) 964-0140 - this is a voicemail-only line, you won't have to talk to someone in person!Support this podcast at —
4/27/20228 minutes, 59 seconds
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Introducing Proud Stutter!

Proud Stutter is a podcast series about shifting the narrative around stuttering.Support this podcast at —
10/1/20211 minute, 17 seconds