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Project Management Competencies - by Project Doctor

English, Finance, 3 seasons, 6 episodes, 3 hours, 41 minutes
Project managers will get field-tested expertise here. Looking for in-depth discussions of project management competencies, along with real-life stories from experienced project managers? Here it is, presented in light-hearted yet serious manner - business casual indeed. I'm Project Doctor, veteran project manager and passionate to share what I've learned. Find me on ( - feedback is appreciated, as well as sharing to your network!
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S3E6 - Stakeholders, with Beverly Pasian

interview with Beverly Pasian on stakeholders, including the following topics: project management research, smart city projects, categorization / model for stakeholder engagement, stakeholder as victim, representativeness, unexpected stakeholders, consequences of decision who is recognized as stakeholder, sabotage and bribery, importance of planning stage, responsible PM and knowledge of stakeholders, technique of "rich picture", legacy stakeholders.
11/15/202332 minutes, 57 seconds
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S3E5 - Plan and Control, with Richard Middelkoop

interview with Richar Middelkoop on plan and control, controls in early project phases, budgets, baseline changes, KP's, use of tools, interfaces between subteams, integration, linking pins, suppliers and supply chain, different parameters for plan and control depending on project type and setting, earned value, using statistics.
10/9/202346 minutes, 4 seconds