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Producing The Beatles

English, Music industry, 1 seasons, 18 episodes, 6 hours 58 minutes
The podcast dedicated to exploring the untold story behind producer George Martin's revolutionary collaboration with The Beatles.
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015a A closer look at the "Live and Let Die" orchestration

A little extra mini-episode examining George Martin’s orchestration for “Live and Let Die,” with a recreation of part of the arrangement.
19/06/20235 minutes 14 seconds
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015 Paul McCartney and Wings, "Live and Let Die"

Kozinn, co-author of The McCartney Legacy Volume 1, who takes us through all the details of the writing and recording process. We also learn how Paul debuted the song before the film’s release, we walk through George Martin’s Grammy-winning arrangement, and we consider Martin’s droll story about the film’s producer, as well as what Martin left out of that story.
05/06/202328 minutes 42 seconds