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English, Finance, 1 season, 11 episodes, 5 hours, 8 minutes
RK3 Designs is excited to welcome you to the Pro Artisan Podcast. This is a space for artisan professionals to discuss matters of both business and the heart.
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The Difference Between Entrepreneurship and Self Employment

Rhonda is joined by her oldest daughter Konni Williams on today’s episode. Enjoy their conversation as both offer clarifying insight on the difference between self-employed and entrepreneurship.   This will be the last podcast of this season as we will be going on a short break. We’ll be revamping in the coming months as well as tackling some new projects and we are so excited for what’s on the horizon. Thank you for tuning in to the Pro Artisan Podcast! We’ll see you soon!
4/28/202022 minutes, 36 seconds
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Navigating Business and Marriage

Today Rhonda and Kenny Dracoulis, discuss business, family and marriage with Kelle and Frank Sullivan. Hear their thoughts on self-sacrifices to pursue your spouses dream and how to navigate the ups and downs of both business and marriage.
4/14/202029 minutes, 49 seconds
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Pushing Through Insecurity and Fear

No one is immune to fears and insecurities. In this episode a Rhonda chats with guest Emily Metzgar from Metzgar Media about what every human faces at one time or another. They also dive into Rhonda’s motto “Don’t be scared. Move forward. Be creative” and what important meaning it has for Rhonda, especially this year! Online Epoxy Pro, is now available for Pre-Order! Get 50% off through April 16th. Learn more at
4/6/202039 minutes, 35 seconds
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Being a Strong Woman with Special Guest Kelle Sullivan

Rhonda discusses what it’s like to be a strong woman with Kelle Sullivan, co-founder of the Tiger Fitness Complex in Seguin, TX. Rhonda and Kelly have been friends for over 15 years and share some common misunderstandings of being a strong woman.  Men, this one's also for you as they also dive into having a mindset of high standards, focus and pursuing your why to succeed in business and life.
3/31/202025 minutes, 27 seconds
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Working With Your Spouse

Many small businesses provide opportunities for spouses to work side by side. But is this a good thing? Find out Rhonda and Kenny's thoughts on this Pro Artisan Podcast!
3/24/202044 minutes, 31 seconds
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Finding Work Life Balance

Balancing work and home life is difficult. There’s no way to sugar coat that. HOWEVER, you are not alone! In this episode Rhonda and Paul discuss struggles they’ve faced throughout the years and how they’ve learned to balance work and personal life.
3/10/202031 minutes, 2 seconds
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Setting Goals, managing anxiety and finding balance while being self-employed.

It’s no secret that self-employment can have it’s fair share of stress and anxiety. In today’s podcast Rhonda and Paul share tips on how they set goals and find a balance to keep stress at bay.
3/3/202022 minutes, 41 seconds
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Epoxy Q&A (Listener Submissions!)

Remember a few weeks ago we asked you guys to submit questions for a unique Q&A segment? Surprise! It was for our new podcast! Our production manager Emily Metzgar joins Rhonda in today's segment as she brings your questions to the table. This will be the first of many Q&A's and is mainly focused on epoxy questions. Be sure to continue to submit questions for future segments as we'll also be answering more personal topics such as ranch life, working with your spouse, and whatever else you want to know!     RK3 Designs is a learning studio focused on teaching how to create beautiful epoxy finishes using Stone Coat Epoxy. Looking for a more hands-on learning experience? RK3 Designs offers numerous classes, monthly in the San Antonio area that cater to different levels of experience.   Learn more about our Epoxy 101 Workshop:   Check out PRO Class:   Be sure subscribe to our Youtube channel and join the RK3 community on:  Youtube: Facebook:  Instagram:
2/25/202028 minutes, 30 seconds
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Knowing Your Why

Self awareness is key to success and requires you to know and understand why you do what you do. In this episode Rhonda and Paul discuss the discovery of your "why", how you figure out what is worth doing, different ways of setting goals, and accepting change.   Is your job something you’d continue to do, even if you won the lottery and didn’t need the finances?
2/18/202019 minutes, 43 seconds