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Welcome to the Print Design Podcast. The show were we talk all things print and packaging. We go behind the scenes with graphic designers and talk about the print projects they designed and produced that really rocked their world. From file prep, to holding the finished product in their hand, and all the key decisions in between. We share what's involved with creating a print project to help inspire you to get out there and produce print. So, lets talk ink on paper.
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Episode 78 - Diego Marini - Yummy Colours - Statue of Liberty + Sophy Holland Books

This week's guest is Diego Marini. He is a Co-Founder, Creative Director, and Designer from Yummy Colours out of New York. Although he is located in Copenhagen.&nbsp; Diego loves books. To put it lightly. During client meetings, he's been known to ask "Can't we do a book"? And with a drive like that, he has had the opportunity to help bring some absolute gems to life.&nbsp; In this episode, we dive into the design, creative direction, and behind-the-scenes production of two beautiful coffee table books. One for Sophy Holland, and the other for the Statue of Liberty. Be sure to check the links below to have a peek.&nbsp; The Yummy Colours team continues to put together amazing print pieces that help bring their client's goals and visions to life. Legends over there.&nbsp; Another gem of an episode for the designers and print lovers out there. Check out all the links below!! Statue of Liberty Book&nbsp;Images:&nbsp;<a href="https://www.y
22/11/202352 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 77 - Tony - Industry Print Shop

My guest on this episode is Tony Diaz from Industry Print Shop out of Austin Texas. If you haven't heard of Industry, where have you been!? I call this episode, story time with Tony.&nbsp; In this episode, we talk about: how Industry started and came to be. how he became "The Merch Guy" some of the important projects that helped Industry grow. Flatstock at SXSW and what it meant for Tony. a workshop at Nike HQ. print projects that went sideways and what happened. projects that Tony is the most proud of. the transition from doing the printing to a business owner leadership role. tough times in the history of Industry. what is really fulfilling for Tony in this stage of his life. and soo soo much more.&nbsp; Tony is an awesome human and is full of stories that help you to learn from his mistakes, successes, and experiences. You can really feel the genuine joy fro
03/10/20231 hour 29 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 76 - Connie Lui - Yummy Colours - Concept of the Year

This week's guest is Connie Lui. She is a Partner, Creative Director, and Designer from Yummy Colours out of New York.&nbsp; I saw an Instagram post that Yummy Colours shared featuring their most recent Concept of the Year print piece, Dear Future. Turns out it was their third year in a row producing the Contept of the Year projects.&nbsp;And we get to hear stories about how all three projects were brought to life.&nbsp; From the first Issue and why they decided to bring it to life, the second issue and stories of incredible collaboration at scale, to the most recent issue and how the multi-layer unique effects came to life! Another gem of an episode for the designers and print lovers out there. Check out all the links below!! &nbsp; Concept of the Year Images: CLICK HEREYummy Colours Website: CLICK HEREYummy Colours Instagram: <a hre
11/07/202355 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 75 - 3 Things Designers should do to prepare for a recession

A rare solo episode with Dave Hopkins, Founder of Print Design Academy and host of the Print Design Podcast. They say we are in a recession and it is going to get what can you do so that it sucks less? After seeing what happened in the design and print worlds during Covid, I have put together 3 things I think ALL Graphic Designers should do to prepare for any sort of economic uncertainty. FREE DOWNLOAD HERE - Print Ready Files Checklist Learn Print Design on YouTube HERE
18/04/202316 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 74 - The Print Design Summit - BTS, wins, fails, lessons, and will there be a Summit 2024?

This episode features us, Dave and Gabby, breaking down the Print Design Summit.&nbsp; We share our expectations, actual results, our wins, our fails, lessons learned, how we feel it went, and answer the big question...will there be a Print Design Summit in 2024? FREE Guide to Craft Beer Label Design:&nbsp;Download it here Learn Print Design on YouTube:&nbsp;Watch HERE
11/04/202346 minutes 16 seconds
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Episode 73 - Jonny Black - The Office of Ordinary Things - D+K Printing Promotion

This week's guest is Jonny Black from TOOOT. Also known as The Office of Ordinary Things out of San Francisco California.&nbsp; This episode is literally years in the making. So you better like it. Kidding, I know you will.&nbsp; During this episode, we are doing a deep dive into the D+K Printing promotional project. This project is an experience. It's got great print, textures, and tear strips to please your need to play with things.&nbsp; We also talk about Apple Packaging, Sustainability, and Granola Packaging project from Jonny's early design days.&nbsp; This is a fun one! TOOOT on IG: HERETOOOT Website: HERE FREE Craft Beer Label Design Guide: Get it HERE.<br
05/04/20231 hour 13 minutes 38 seconds
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Episode 72 - Mackenzie Brookshire - Landscape - Cookma Print + Packaging

This week's guest is Mackenzie Brookshire.&nbsp;She is the Creative Director from Landscape out of Oakland, CA. @thisislandscape During this episode, we talk about drawing sunshines, Koolaid points, Cereal Packaging, and more! Our deep dive is into a project she worked on for Cookma, a meal delivery service and product line for growing families. The print and packaging they created is bright, welcoming, and just makes you feel good when you see it. Really enjoyed this conversation with Mackenzie and I know you will too.&nbsp; THE LINKS: Landscape WebsiteLandscape InstagramCookma - Design WorkDOG - A project space Print Design Summit&nbsp;- Get Fro
10/01/202345 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 71 - Dan Gretta - Cigar Bands + Packaging - Dapper Cigars

This week's guest is Dan Gretta. He is a designer and illustrator who has been putting out incredibly detailed work for Cigar Bands, Cigar Packaging, high-end spirits, and more. During this episode we are doing a deep dive into his work for Dapper Cigars which includes cigar bands, packaging, and cigar branding. I dabble in the Cigar world and I have always loved the intricate designs of the printed cigar bands and all cigar packaging. It really enhances the whole Cigar experience. So I was so excited to connect with Dan and learn more about this Cigar packaging world, and bring that information to you! Dan is a great guy to talk to and I know you will enjoy this chat! Oh, we also talk about X-Men action figures. @dangrettadesign THE LINKS: Dan Gretta Design WebsiteDan Gretta Design Instagram<a href=""
13/12/202252 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 70 - Gene Portnoy - Work and Company - Cannabis Packaging

This week's guest is Gene Portnoy. He is the talented creative behind Work and Company. @genepdesign @workandcompany We did things a little bit differently on this episode. It's a couple of mini conversations put into one. When we first spoke, the project we were talking about was literally at the printers. Like "photos sent of the press sheet that morning" at the printers. A few weeks later we were able to connect for a wrap-up conversation once he had received his samples and his client had some feedback. Awesome! The deep dive for this episode is all about the Full Bloom Cannabis packaging project. We talk about the details and story that went into the packaging, the design system created across multiple pieces, as well as the details behind getting things ready for production. Gene is a very talented designer and creative problem solver and makes for a great conversation. I know you'll dig this one. THE LINKS: <a href="https://workandcom
29/11/20221 hour 27 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 69 - Julie Brannen - Monadnock Paper

This week's guest is Julie Brannen, she is the Director of Sustainability at Monadnock Paper out of New Hampshire. Monadnock is all about Sustainability in the manufacturing of their uncoated papers. @monadnock_paper They also just released a new swatch book for their Astrolite PC 100 papers. Which you guessed...are 100% Post Consumer recycled. During this episode, we also talk about Julie's unique path to the Paper and print world. She shares some interesting stuff on Gatorade Marketing Printed Collateral, working with global shoe brands, and the story of the Monadnock paper mill. If you are into paper, this episode is for you. If you aren't into paper, you really should be, and this episode is still for you. THE LINKS: Monadnock Paper WebsiteMonadnock Paper Astrolite PC 100
22/11/202249 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 68 - Macaroni Creative - CPG Packaging

This week's guests are Ron and Mackenzie from Macaroni Creative. This is their second time on the show chatting about awesome packaging they had created and put out in the world. During this interview, we talk about Hot Dogs and Sausages. But also Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) packaging. Our deep dive is all about the Millers Craft Meats rebrand. This covers logos, collateral, packaging, and more. But we are here to chat about the packaging and how they made it all work on different substrates and different products. This was a great conversation from some absolute pros in the CPG and beyond design space. @macaroni_creative THE LINKS: Macaroni Creative WebsiteMillers Craft Meats ProjectMacaroni Instagram <a href="
08/11/20221 hour 10 minutes 5 seconds
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Episode 67 - Sam O'Brien - Sample Co - Criquet Brand Book - Offset/Digital Print

This weeks guest is Sam O'Brien. He is a Graphic Designer and owner of Sample Co. out of Austin Texas. @sample_co During this interview, we talk about how he got into the design game, awesome FOSSIL Watch Packaging, and a book put out by Lyft for their Scooter rental service teaching you proper Scootiquette. Our deep dive is into a brand book he created for Criquet, an awesome apparel company with an amazing personality that totally comes through in this print piece. The book is a guide to living comfortably off the course. As soon as I saw it on Instagram I had to reach out and get him on the show to share the story. THE LINKS: Sample Co Website
Criquet Print Project
Sample Co Instagram Print Design Academy YouTube
<a href="https://www.instagr
25/10/20221 hour 4 minutes 3 seconds
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Episode 66 - Paul Haggerty - Smokers Section Journal - Riso Printing

This weeks guest is Paul Haggerty. He is a Graphic Designer, Illustrator, and Art Director out of Pittsburg PA. @paul_haggerty During this episode, we talk about some of the projects he has come across and worked on over is 10+ year design career. Packaging and Merch. Dicks Sporting Goods. Album Artwork. and more.. But our project deep dive is for the Smokers Section Journal. This amazing piece was created to document your cannabis journey through different strains and smoking methods. It was Riso printed by the amazing crew over at @risolve Riso printing was the perfect way to produce this one. This was a great conversation that I know you will enjoy! THE LINKS: Paul Haggerty WebsitePaul Haggerty InstagramSmokers Section Website
18/10/20221 hour 4 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 65 - Jack Hoffman - Millennials in Print - Arandell Corporation

This week's guest is Jake Hoffman. He is the Direct of Sales and Marketing at Arandell Corporation and the host of the Millennials in Print Podcast. Arandell is a 100-year-old printer producing award-winning work out of Wisconsin.&nbsp;@arandell_corporation During this episode, Jake and I talk about the current print environment and what we see happening in the print design industry. We also talk about the story behind the Millennials in Print Podcast and how we both believe it's incredibly important to bring young talent into this craft of printing. THE LINKS: Millennials in Print PodcastArandell Corporation Website. Arandell Instagram Learn Print Design for Free:Print Design Ac
11/10/202256 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 64 - Riso Print with Lyndsey from Risolve Press

My guest on this episode is Lyndsey Burke from Risolve Press @risolve. A wicked Riso Print Studio out of Lancaster PA. I didn't know very much about Riso print until about a year ago. Since then I've been learning all that I can and this episode was awesome for that.&nbsp; We talk about Riso Print, the dice-roll story of Risolve Press, and we dive into a couple of awesome riso print projects. If you are new to Riso, or just a huge fan of print, you are really going to love this chat.&nbsp; THE LINKS Risolve Press WebsiteRisolve Press InstagramVans x Record Store Print - Designed by Jordi Ng @whoremoneSmokers Section Book Print - Designed by Paul Haggerty @paul_ha
05/10/202243 minutes 24 seconds
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Episode 63 - Lisa Champ - UntitledEra - F1 Miami Drive Coffee Packaging

My guest on this episode is Lisa Champ. She is the cofounder of UntitledEra and also known on Instagram as @redhalftone. In this episode we are doing a deep dive into some limited edition packaging they designed for Drive Coffee and F1 Miami. Drive Coffee is the official coffee of F1. Pretty awesome. Lisa tells us about the idea, design process, and production of this project. If you don't follow F1 racing, the Miami circuit was new this year, so it's kind of a big deal. The packaging that they designed for this F1 Miami Coffee Collection is VERY Miami feeling, also automotive feeling, and is just rad! We also talk about Microsoft Zoom packaging, N64 Packaging, and our favorite N64 games. Waverace, 1080 Snowboarding? If you know you know. This was a great conversation with part of a very talented UntitledEra Team! THE LINKS Project Photos: <a href="https://untitledera.
13/09/202252 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 62 - Ultra Creative - Stranger Things Cereal Boxes

My guests today are JoEllen and Tony from the talented team at Ultra Creative, @ultra_creative. If that name sounds familiar, it's because this is their second time on the Print Design Podcast. I have also interviewed two other creatives over their back on The Quickie Podcast.&nbsp; In this episode, we are doing a deep dive into a pretty special project. Stranger Things Cereal boxes through a partnership with Netflix and General Mills.&nbsp; We talk about how this project came to be, the hurdles they needed to overcome, and just how many little 'easter eggs' you can find in the design. These boxes were for sale but quickly sold out. A really unique one for sure.&nbsp; Check out the pictures at the links below! Ultra Creative Website: CLICK HEREUltra Creative Instagram: CLICK HEREStranger Things Boxes - <a href="
23/08/20221 hour 22 minutes 15 seconds
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Episode 61 - Luxury Spirits Packaging - ThinkBold Studio - Hugo Marques

My guest this week is Hugo Marques from Think Bold Studio out of Portugal. During this episode, we talk about how he landed in the design and luxury packaging game, and when he started Think Bold Studio.&nbsp; We also talk about the beer label that was his first real print project and the learning curve that it was! The project we are diving deep into is the Grahams Port Tubes and labels for their 200th anniversary. Kind of a big deal! Hugo tells us about how some of the ideas for the packaging actually came from the Grahams Museum, and they involved some pretty fascinating techniques.&nbsp; Love these conversations about Luxury Packaging! THE LINKS: Think Bold StudioThing Bold Studio Instagram Print Design Mastery - Learn to be an expert in print and packaging<a href="https://ww
02/08/202244 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 60 - Pulp + Paper Creative - Risograph Print

This week we are talking about Risograph printing! My guest on this episode is Heather Cranston from Pulp + Paper Creative out of Thunder Bay Ontario! Fellow Canadian in the house. The project we are doing a deep dive into is the 2020 Roots to Harvest Annual Report. I should say the AWARD WINNING project. This project won an RGD 2022 So(cial) Good Design Award. Heather shares with us what Roots to Harvest is all about and why risograph was the best way to print this one and put it out in the world. We also talk about a print "oops" that really led to sparks flying! Heather is super rad and this was a fantastic conversation I know you will enjoy! THE LINKS Pulp + Paper Instagram CLICK HEREPulp + Paper Website CLICK HERE Print Design Mastery - Learn to be an expert at Print Design: CLICK H
27/07/202255 minutes 2 seconds
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Episode 59 - Britt Cobb - Pentagram - FBI Guide to Internet Slang

My guest this week is Britt Cobb from Pentagram in NYC.&nbsp;During this episode, we talk about his journey to working at Pentagram and how it all went down near the end of his internship there, as well as some early print and packaging memories.&nbsp; The print project we are doing a deep dive into in this episode is the FBI Guide to Internet Slang. There is a real document out there that was put out by the FBI, but this isn't that document. This is the Pentagram take or spin on that document. And I'm sure you will agree, it looks way better than something that came out of the FBI.&nbsp; Britt shares with us the story behind the idea, how that idea became a design, and that design became a real thing that was sent out in the world! Really enoyed chatting with Britt and I know you will like this conversation.&nbsp; THE LINKS: Pentagram IGBritt Cob
24/05/20221 hour 7 minutes 18 seconds
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Episode 58 - Allison Henry Aver - Spring & Mulberry Chocolate Box - Letter A Studio

This week we are talking about some beautiful chocolate boxes! My guest is Allison Henry Aver from Letter A Studio out of Portland OR.&nbsp; In this episode we talk about how she started her design career in NYC and some of the studios she was with there. Then we get into chatting about Vests, yes, making vests. ;) We talk about cute boxes and other great packaging as well.&nbsp; Our deep dive on this episode is the Spring &amp; Mulberry chocolate boxes that Letter A Studio recently designed and put out into the world. We talk about the ideas and story behind the design, how it all came together, and some production details too! Check the links below to find Letter A Studio and their work, as well as where to find Spring &amp; Mulberry chocolate.&nbsp; THE LINKS: Letter A Studio Website Letter A Studio Instagram <a href="
10/05/20221 hour 8 minutes 27 seconds
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Episode 57 - Drew Pautler - YETI Cycles Handbook

This week we are getting int some offset print for a legendary bike brand, Yeti Cycles. My guest this week is Drew Pautler from Good Fortune Collective out of Vancouver, BC.&nbsp; During this episode, we talk about the incredible Yeti Cycles Handbook and talk about how it&nbsp;has been visually in the making for 30+ years. We talk about how this project started and came to life during the "work from home" pandemic, and how they crafted an incredible brand experience for the cycle industry ambassadors. Check out the links below to see the incredible work that the team and Good Fortune Collective puts together.&nbsp; Also don't miss the launch of Print Design Mastery on May 12th! THE LINKS: Good Fortune Collective Work Good Fortune Collective Instagram <a href="
26/04/20221 hour 17 minutes 22 seconds
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Episode 56 - Story time and Introduction - Dave + Gabby

In this episode you are getting the full story and introduction to Dave and Gabby. We share our backgrounds in the design and print fields as well as how we first met. We also talk about our first memories of printed stuff and nostalgic print. Gabby and I also share the origins of Print Design Academy, and what we are building and creating for you over the next few months!
05/04/20221 hour 8 seconds
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Episode 55 - Make Direct Mail Great Again - Getting Creative with Direct Mail

Direct Mail...Sounds boring right? But hang tight, lets get creative with it. In this episode I'm going to share with you some ways that you can get really creative with your design and help your customer make a big impact with direct mail.&nbsp;I talk about diecutting, awesome papers, foil stamping, coatings that smell like bacon, all things to get the customers attention and create a memorable experience in print.&nbsp; THE LINKS: Print Design Academy YouTube:&nbsp;CLICK HERE Free Download "Print Ready File Checklist":&nbsp;CLICK HERE
15/03/202225 minutes 49 seconds
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Episode 54 - Nathaniel Navratil - Studio Foley - NDSU Booklet - Offset Print

This week we are diving into some offset print! My guest on this episode is Nathaniel Navratil from Studio Foley out of Fargo, North Dakota! @studio.foleyDuring this episode we talk about retro toy packaging, a redesigned and rebranded Easyriders Magazine, and a deep dive into a booklet he designed while working at NDSU.&nbsp;The NDSU University booklet project was a Dining and Residence Life guide that I first saw on Instagram. This project has 4 different covers, usings a few different papers, and is impossible to ignore. Nathaniel shares the purpose behind the piece, where the idea came from and how he decided on the format, the design and production, and all the details in between. Check out the links below to see what this book looked like.&nbsp;THE LINKS Studio Foley Website: CLICK HERE Studio Foley Instagram: CLICK HERE NDSU University
15/02/202250 minutes 39 seconds
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Episode 53 - Mike Klok - @stuffedbrain - Client Gift Box

I often say this about print, it has staying power. It has the ability to create a very memorable experience for the person who receives it or is looking through it. And the project we are talking about in this episode, definitely accomplished that.&nbsp;My guest on this episode is Mike Klok, but you might know his as @stuffedbrain on Instagram. We are doing a deep dive into the client gift box that he created and sent out. Let me tell you, this think looks awesome, and was created for much less $$ than you think.&nbsp;That is the other exciting thing about print. There are ways to make it really special, and not cost a pile of money. Mike nailed this!We also get into his earliest memory of print and the first ever project that he designed and printed. Oh, and a 3D craft beer label, complete with 3D goggles.&nbsp;Mike is an awesome guy and I really enjoyed our conversation. I know you will to.&nbsp;THE LINKS: Stuffed Brain Studio: <a hr
01/02/20221 hour 6 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 52 - Award Winning Annual Report - Chris Duchaine - Ideas by Duchaine

This week we are diving into an award-winning annual report. My guest is Chris Duchaine from Ideas by Duchaine.&nbsp; @ideasbyduchaine This Annual Report is another awesome project that I came across in the Communication Arts Design Annual. Something like an Annual Report could very easily be a boring print project, but not when Chris gets his hands on it.&nbsp; We do a deep dive into the Sarona Asset Management Annual Report but we also talk about a few other really unique reports that Chris has worked on. Including one for a suicide prevention hotline that has a really unique idea to help people visualize what the piece was all about.&nbsp; THE LINKS: Sarona Asset Management Annual Report: CLICK HERE Suicide Prevention Hotline Annual Report: CLICK HERE Ideas by Duchaine We
25/01/20221 hour 10 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 51 - Craft Beer Labels - Annex Ale - Holly Gallacher - Daughter Creative

This week we are talking about Craft Beer Labels, but with a solid design system! My Guest on this episode is Holly Gallacher from Daughter Creative out of Calgary Alberta.&nbsp; The project that we are doing a deep dive into is the beer labels for Annex Ale. Another great project that I came across in the Communication Arts Design Annual.&nbsp; We break down the idea and planning behind this beer label design system and how the team at Daughter landed on the look for these labels.&nbsp; We also talk about a cool print project that Holly was recently surprised by and it was a massive undertaking! THE LINKS: Daughter Creative - CLICK HERE Daughter Creative Instagram - CLICK HERE Annex Ale Project - CLICK HERE Print Design Academy YouTube - <a href="
18/01/20221 hour 12 minutes 42 seconds
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Episode 50 - UC Annual Report - Rob Duncan - Mucho Design

This week we are diving into an incredible annual report design. My guest is Rob&nbsp;Duncan from Mucho Design. I came across this&nbsp;Annual Report&nbsp;in a recent issue of Communication Arts Annual highlighting incredible design work from around the world, and it's no surprise because the design is beautiful. It is very typographically pleasing and is a great example of what you can do with! Rob also shares many stories from his career so far including a great one about a rejection letter from Disney. Check out more great work from Mucho on their IG @wearemucho&nbsp; THE LINKS: Mucho Design - CLICK HERE Mucho Design Instagram - CLICK HERE UC Annual Report Project - CLICK HERE Print Design Academy YouTube - <a href="
21/12/202158 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 49 - Smithsonian Annual Report - Jason Mannix - Polygraph

This week we are diving into an amazing Annual Report! My guest for this episode is Jason Mannix from Polygraph out of Washington DC. Jason is one of the first guests that I contacted who was recognized for their great design work in a recent issue of Communication Arts Design Annual. The project that Polygraph was recognized for was the Smithsonian Annual Report. With an Institute like the Smithsonian with so much history and knowledge, how do you select what you showcase or highlight? Jason shares that with us in this episode. We also talk about another great print project for the Paper and Packaging Board where they use paper and packaging to talk about the Paper and Packaging board...very meta right? @polygraphcreative @sappinorthamerica&nbsp; Project Print Specs: &nbsp; 74 Pages + Covers8.75" x 12.375" Cover&nbsp;100# Sappi McCoy Silk Cover4/4 CMYKBlind Em
07/12/20211 hour 5 minutes 51 seconds
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2021 Graphic Designer Christmas Gift Guide

HO HO HO Designer friends! Here is our list of the gifts we think should make it onto your Christmas Wishlist this year! I honestly can't believe it, but the holiday season is upon is! Costco said it was Christmas 2 months ago, Starbucks went Christmas 3 weeks ago, here we are! THE LINKS: Awesome Puzzles - 313 Gifts Gradient Puzzle - CLICK HERE Silly Gifts - FireBox Henry the Desk Vacuum - CLICK HEREBook - "100 tricks to appear smart in meetings" - CLICK HEREBook - "As per my previous email" - CLICK HERESnoop Dogg Cookbook - "From Crook to Cook" - <a href="https
30/11/202145 minutes 25 seconds
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Episode 48 - Specialty Beer Label and Custom Box - Michael Berglund

Another brilliant craft beer label design, but this time with a custom box! This weeks guest is Michael Burgland @atomicmutant who was a graphic designer with Surly Brewing. We are specifically talking about the Surly 15-anniversary beer label and custom box. The box was printed by the amazing crew over at @studioonfire using @mohawkpaper This project is a great example of why I love craft beer label design. They usually come with some much design freedom, creative freedom. Also in the episode we get into the story about how Michael came to own 3 studios at the same time, as well as some video packaging that he had the opportunity to design. THE LINKS: Craft Beer Label Design Course - Learn Craft Beer Label Design HERE Michael Bergland Instagram - @atomicmutant Surly Brewing - <a href="
23/11/20211 hour 6 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 47 - Designing an Experience - Manner Goods Subscription Box

This week we are diving into the unboxing experience printed and designed for Manner Goods - A Modern Man's Subscription Box. I'm lucky enough to have two guests in this episode, Austin Dunbar from Durham and Carlie Simoncelli from Rove Companies. Durham is the talented design team behind the branding for Manner Goods, and Carlie is a marketing pro that hustled to bring it all together. From selecting materials to getting creative on the production side to make a great unboxing experience. We also talk about some early memories of print and design and just have a great conversation! THE LINKS: Manner Goods: Durham Studio: Free Guide and checklist to prep your files for print: FREE GUIDE Craft Beer Label Design Course: <a hre
16/11/20211 hour 1 minute 21 seconds
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Episode 46 - Blake Stevenson - @jetpacksandrollerskates - Craft Beer Labels

This weeks guest is Blake Stevenson, or you might know him from IG as @jetpacksandrollerskates. A fellow Canadian!We are talking all about Craft Beer Labels in this episode. You know I love Craft Beer Label Design. During this chat Blake shares stories behind some design work for Elora Brewing and how the label design system has evolved. We also get into label design work he submitted to Collective Arts Brewing. Blake also has a great story about coming across print as a young kid, pretty cool stuff! The Links: Craft Beer Label Design CoursePrint Design AcademyJet Packs and Roller Skates WebsiteElora Brewing Co WebsiteCollective Ar
09/11/20211 hour 8 minutes 30 seconds
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Episode 45 - Jaime Evans from Foil Co - Foil Stamping + Creativity

This weeks guest is Jaime Evans from Foil Co. @foilcoltd They are the incredible minds the most diverse foil selection and options available in the market.During this episode we do a deep dive&nbsp;into the creative foil piece they created that was motivated by the Japanese concept that refers to the reason for living, Ikigai. Part of the unique looks of this project were created by happy accidents. Designed by Studio DBD @studiodbdWe also talk about Pokemon Cards, how print literally saves lives, and a bunch of other design and print stuff. Jaime is a blast to talk to and the mission behind Foil Co and their products is so brilliant, very easy to support and relate to. Also a bunch of great one liners in this one.&nbsp;Foil Co on Instagram Foil Co Website Studio DBD Instagram
26/10/202157 minutes 57 seconds
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Episode 44 - Nick Van Der Walle - Astute Graphics

This weeks guest is Nick Van Der Walle. He is the Founder and CEO of Astute Graphics. Astute Graphics has been putting out incredibly helpful and time-saving plugins for Adobe Illustrator for more than 20 years! This is not a sponsored episode or a sales episode at all. This is a bit of a selfish episode. I personally wanted to know how Astute Graphics Plugins could help Graphic Designers specifically with Print Design. Nick walks us through how the company is named after a remote control car, which plugins can help print designers and how, while also just having a great conversation about print. We also have some good laughs! Dig into this one and go check out Astute Graphics at the links below. No affiliate links at all. Just sharing a company doing great things for all Graphic Designers! Astute Graphics: Astute Graphics IG:
18/10/20211 hour 14 minutes 19 seconds
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Episode 43 - Answer MotoCross Catalogue - Jay Ferracane / AngryBovine

This weeks guest is Jay Ferracane. He is the talented graphic designer behind angrybovine and the awesome print project we are talking abou tin this episode.The episode is a deep dive into the Answer MotoCross Catalogue. We talk about how this project came to be, and&nbsp;some of the roadblocks they faced&nbsp;bringing it to life through the pandemic in 2020. It involved a number of different photographers around the US creating photo assets for products and active shots.&nbsp;We also talk about awesome action figure packaging we remember from our younger years and Jay's first print design project which resulted in a reprint. Learning right?&nbsp;You can check out Jay on Instagram here @angrybovineYOUTUBE: Click HERE Print Design Academy Learn about Craft Beer Label Design <a href="
28/09/20211 hour 16 minutes 40 seconds
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Episode 42 - 3 reasons print design is increasingly important

In this episode, I share 3 reasons print and print design is more and more important. I share with you why people are literally craving printed experiences!It could be direct mail, a great branded lookbook, great packaging, or any other type of tactile brand experience. I share why it is increasingly more important to have print design as a tool in your designer tool box.&nbsp;Mentioned in the episode:&nbsp; Craft Beer Label Design Course Print Design Academy YouTube
20/09/202117 minutes 57 seconds
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Episode 41 - Before you send that label file for print....

So your customer has approved your label design, amazing! Now you have to send it in for print. Do you know what to check for before sending that file to the printer? In this solo episode, Dave talks about the things you need to check and possibly change in your file to make it print-ready. For a detailed screenshare look at these things, check out our YouTube video here:
16/08/202119 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode 40 - Publication / Editorial Design - Simon McGowan - Glasgow, Scotland

This weeks guest is Simon McGowan. He is the Head of Design with Wolfson Brands and Muscle + Health Magazine based out of Glasgow, Scotland. This episode is a deep dive into editorial and publication design for the creation and first few issues of Muscle + Health Magazine. We talk about how the idea for the magazine actually came from some Instagram carousels they were doing. Simon shares with us the specs of the magazine, how many copies they print, the original purpose of the magazine, and where it is heading now. Plus, all the other awesome fun we have on this show. Simon is the real deal and this conversation was awesome. I know you are going to dig it! Check out the magazine on IG @muscleandhealthworld and check out Simon's IG @simon_mcg
02/08/202159 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 39 - Book Design with Jazmin Welch from Fleck Creative

This week we are talking about Book Design with Jazmin Welch from Fleck Creative out of Toronto ON. During this episode we deep dive into two different book design and print projects that Jazmin helped bring to life, along with the materials and process to make them! Jazmin's approach and work is incredible and it was awesome getting to chat with her about it. Find her on IG at @fleckcreative
26/07/202144 minutes 17 seconds
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Episode 38 - All about Pantone with Lou Presia, Sr. Product Manager of Graphics

This weeks guest is Lou Prestia. he is the Sr. Product Manager of Pantone Graphics. This episode is a dive into the world of Pantone. A bit of history as well as a look inside what it takes to create the Pantone Guides that all designers know and love. How are these colors determined? Mixed? Where are the new colors coming from? How are the books printed? How long does it take? All these questions and more are answered here. Lou was also kind enough to send me some press sheets from the Pantone Book Print process. I'll be unboxing those for our YouTube channel shortly. @pantone
19/07/20211 hour 2 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 37 - LAD Design - Lawrence Azerrad - Ode to Joy Album Design

My guest on this episode is Lawrence Azerrad. He is the Found and Principle at LAD Design Studio based out of LA. LAD Design specializes in working with Musicians, Cultural Institutions, and Enterprises looking to visualize the future. @lad_designIn this episode, we are diving into his Grammy Award Winning design for the Ode to Joy Album for the band Wilco. This piece is incredible. There are a number of different interactive features in this book!&nbsp;Lawrence shares with us where the idea for this project came from and a behind-the-scenes look at what it took to bring it to life.&nbsp;He also shares with us his journey leading up to founding LAD Design, how he got started doing creative and design for musicians, and how album artwork is an extension of the music.&nbsp;All that and so much more in this episode of the Print Design Podcast.&nbsp;
05/07/20211 hour 12 minutes 42 seconds
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Episode 36 - Brethren Design Co. - Craft Beer Labels

This weeks guests are Jordan and Jeremy from Brethren Design Co. They have been cranking out awesome design work for NFL Athletes, Cannabis Products, Breweries, and even Guy Fieri!But this episode we are diving into Craft Beer Labels. They have been working with a brewery called Slice Beer Co. for nearly 3 years now and have cranked out well over 50 different label designs for them. They have experimented with different print techniques, designs, and different label materials. We dive into 6 different labels that they designed, the story behind how they came to be, and a little behind the scenes of how it went and the lessons learned. This one is a gem! @brethrendesignco_____________________________________________________________________Don't miss signing up for the Label Design Course from June 22nd to June 26th at
21/06/20211 hour 6 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 35 - Craft Beer Label Design - Matt Kump - Vancouver BC.

This weeks guest is Matt Kump. He is a talented Graphic Designer serving the Craft Beer Industry in Vancouver BC. @itskumpy There are not many projects that can offer the pure creative freedom that comes with designing a Craft Beer label. Sure there are breweries that keep it a bit more mellow and systematic. But the majority just kick down the doors and create some awesome stuff to stand out on the shelf or flex some massive personality. In this episode, Matt shares with us 5 different craft beer label designs he created for Boombox brewing. Some with raised gloss features, some holographic, and some taking advantage of printing on a metallic label stock to create something incredible. There is a lot of great stuff in the audio of this but if you want to watch the video of this interview, it's on YouTube (link below) and you can see the labels as we talk about them. Matt is a tonne of fun to chat with and is putting a lot of great content out for you
07/06/20211 hour 9 minutes 48 seconds
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Episode 34 - Jackson Robinson - Kings Wild Project - Worlds most luxurious playing cards

This weeks guest is Jackson Robinson. He is the Illustrator and Creative behind Kings Wild Project. Makers of the worlds most luxurious playing cards. This is such a great episode where we get right into where the Kings Wild Project started and the shocking moment that led to a path change for him. We talk about retro lego box designs including one that was such an impactful experience for Jackson that he went looking for a box to go with the lego set as an adult. Jackson also shares with us some of the pitfalls with creating large amounts of print, mistakes and reprints. Specifically a Sherlock Holmes-style deck of cards that ended up being a $16,000 reprint. Ouch. Then we get into the magic of creating their best-selling deck of cards. The jaw-dropping Legal Tender V2 deck that includes superfine holographic foil details to make this deck just stand out like mad! You can see the incredible card decks they are creating at <a href="https://kin
05/04/20211 hour 28 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 33 - Todd Bennett - Offset Print - Man Behind the Maps Book

This weeks guest is Todd Bennett. He is the co-founder of Open Road Ski company who is the publishers of this incredible book. The story goes a little bit like this.... Todd was checking out some ski mountains a few years ago and noticed something. Nearly every ski mountain map he has seen looks very similar, they must be all by the same person. Well, a little bit of digging later and he found out that a gentleman by the name of James Niehues was the illustrator and artist behind hundreds of them across North America and beyond and his story has never been told!That was the mission. Todd shares with us how the book came to be, how the Kickstarter project exceeded all expectations, how they found a printer in Italy to tackle this monster project and all the details in between! Even the gut punches of worry and stress along the way. This is a great story about how great work is put together and put out in the world for all to enjoy and what it takes fro
29/03/202149 minutes 26 seconds
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Episode 32 - Ben Barry - Graphic Designer - Airbnb Book

This weeks guest is Ben Barry. He is a freelance Visual Designer currently in Portland OR. Ben was also one of the first Communication Designers to join Facebook in the early days and is the Co-Founder of Facebooks Analog Research Lab. During this episode we do a deep dive into two book projects. The first one is a different perspective on a book I talked about back in Episode 25 with Tim Belonax. This booklet had a tight timeline, a team working on it, and loads of special print effects. The second project we talk about is for Airbnb about a very special home in Japan.&nbsp; The Yoshino Cedar House. Much like the home in which it is about, the booklet was very well thought out, put together over a longer period of time, and uses incredible materials. This is a great conversation between two huge fans of print and the experiences you can create with the print medium.&nbsp; To learn more about Ben Barry you can find him on Instagram <a href="https://ww
08/03/20211 hour 33 minutes 58 seconds
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Episode 031 - Mike Nicholls - Publication with Purpose - Founder of UMBER - Illustrator - Artist

This weeks guest is Mike Nicholls. He is an illustrator, artist, and the Founder of a publication with purpose called UMBER. @thisisumberIn this episode we talk about the story of how Mike moved to Switzerland because of Helvetica and how he has always been a fan of publications and editorial design. We talk about his rad first business card, some early t-shirt designs he created, and a project that he called the Visual Mixtape for what became UMBER.&nbsp;The deep dive on this episode is into the publication UMBER. We talk about how it came to be, the meaning and purpose behind it, the kickstarter campaign that launched it, and how the color and paper choices for the magazine bring it to life.&nbsp;This is such a great conversation where you have two 'print nerds' talking about creating awesome tangible design experiences for people. A gem of a conversation!
22/02/20211 hour 23 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 030 - Chocolate Box Design - Mike Guite - Ultra Creative - Minneapolis MN.

This weeks guest is Mike Guite. He is a Graphic Designer working at Ultra Creative out of Minneapolis MN. I have now had 5 designers from the talented team at Ultra Creative and the packaging work that comes out of that shop is incredible. The deep dive project on this episode is no different. Our deep-dive project today is their Blank Space Christmas Chocolate Box. Each year they design a brilliant customer experience packaging piece to show appreciation and give chocolates away to their clients. This one used great papers from @neenahpaper and @mohawkpaper to create a space-themed unboxing experience. They also worked in foil stamping, blind embossing, and printed with only 1 color of ink while using the colored papers to help enhance the design. Brilliant!You can find some photos of this piece on our Instagram @printdesign_academy but it is tough to do this one justice in still photos. Get into this awesome episode and hear all about this great pac
15/02/202153 minutes 8 seconds
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Episode 029 - Spirit Label Design with Chris Porter - Creative Punch Marketing Group. Memphis TN.

This week we are talking Spirit Label Design with Chris Porter from Creative Punch Marketing Group out of Memphis TN. We do a deep dive into the Rye and Bourbon labels his team rebranded and produced new labels for. They are incredibly detailed labels with so much that went into them. My favorite part was when he tells us about the local musician created a guitar 'lick for one of the products and how a part of that ended up on the label! Pretty awesome. We also talk about his journey to the design field and how he used to collect magazines and catalogs. Chris and I also talk about the power of print and how it creates trust and legitimacy for a brand or product. He also shares with us the 100th anniversary poster project he was a part of and why it was such a great experience. Thoroughly enjoyed this chat with Chris and I know you will get tonnes of value out of his stories. Check out our Instagram for photos of the spirits labels we talk about in this episod
08/02/20211 hour 12 minutes 50 seconds
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Episode 028 - Macaroni Creative - New York - Packaging.

This weeks guests are Mackenzie and Ron from Macaroni Creative out of Queens, NY. In this episode we are deep-diving into the pouch packaging for Bare Bones Bone Broth. Ron and Mackenzie tell us about how this customer and packaging project came to be and some of the challenges they had to tackle along the way. From having printers on the other side of the country to trying to match brand colours across different print mediums, we really get into it. We talk about their individual paths that led to Macaroni Creative as well as the first-ever print projects they were a part of. One of my favorite parts of these episodes is the part about their earliest memory of print or packaging. That one printed thing they remember being really excited about as a kid. I had a great time nerding out about print and packaging with these two talented creatives. You'll really dig this one! @macaroni_creative___________________________________________________________
05/01/20211 hour 9 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode 027 - Craft Beer Labels and Shrink Sleeves

This week it's a solo episode and I'm talking Craft Beer Labels and Shrink Sleeves. I'm sharing the different types of print for labels and shrink sleeves, talking bottle decoration beyond just the label or shrink sleeve, and how to hack the process to create foil and metallic effects without using any metallic ink or foil! Boom. I also briefly mention that I have something exciting coming in the new year for you designers looking to get more into craft beer label or shrink sleeve print. If that is you, hit me up on IG for a tiny bit more info. Enjoy!____________________________________Do you want to start doing print design? Check out the links below.&nbsp;Print Design Academy - Where we teach designers to be experts in print. Print Design Academy YouTube - More print talk and education. <a href="http
21/12/202026 minutes 7 seconds
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Episode 26 - Two Times Elliott - Nono Courtois - Smoked Books and Deodorant Packaging.

This weeks guest is Noemie (Nono) Courtois who is a Graphic Designer and Head of Experimentation at Two Times Elliott out of London England.&nbsp;Nono shares some great stories with us during this episode. We kick it off with memories of using potatos as stamps. You remember that, cutting shapes into potatoes, dipping it in paint and stamping stuff? Maybe you used apples or other fruit. Classic.Then we get into a story about her first major book design project which was a Drag Queen Photo book where she had to have her dad drive her to the club because she was only 15, turned out pretty rad.&nbsp;Of course I can't forget to share a little bit about the Smoked Book. And thats what I'll share was a smoked book.....wild.&nbsp;The deep dive in this episode is for the packaging they created for AKT Deoderant out of the UK using foil stamping and colored uncoated paper. Beautiful!This is a great episode with a great "ask the audience" ques
07/12/202048 minutes 46 seconds
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Episode 025 - Tim Belonax - Design Director at Pinterest - San Francisco CA

This weeks guest is Tim Belonax. He is the Design Director at Pinterest and loves making things. He Tim has also been a part of printing and making things at Facebook and Airbnb. Just because these are tech companies doesn't mean they don't print and create tangible objects and experiences. This episode is absolutely packed with design and print talk. Tim shares 5 incredible print projects with us. We get into specs, the meaning, the why, the creating, and more. There is so much heart and purpose put into all of these projects and you can hear that while Tim is sharing. From a riso printed poster with a social justice purpose to a note card full of heart that he created with his mom , all unique stories with meaning and purpose. Double Issue Magazine - Little Red Book -
30/11/20201 hour 10 minutes 23 seconds
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Designer Christmas Gift Guide 2020 - Print Edition - Ho Ho Ho!

Thats's that time again. The 2020 Graphic Designer Gift Guide - Print Edition. A little something for that designer who really appreciates print, who wants to get started with print design. First up, a disclaimer, this year has been insane. As we all know. Do not feel any pressure to buy stuff for people. I will be sending Christmas Cards out to friends and family. It is something that isn't done enough, it's not that costly to create and mail a Christmas card, and that sort of connection is soooo needed right now. Start there!Buy Prints + MerchPorchlight Press - On Fire - Sauce - - D
23/11/202041 minutes 42 seconds
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Episode 024 - Pink Bike Ralph - Screen Printing for Mumford & Sons + Tom Segura.

This weeks guest is Pink Bike Ralph. He is a talented screenprinter from Philly and a gem of a story teller. A heads up for ya'll....this episode has some explicit content, but it's also a riot, so get in there.&nbsp;In this episode he tells us about his first print project ever...the highschool graphic arts class business card he printed thousands of, and why it landed him in a bit of trouble. We also talk about where the name Pink Bike Ralph came from.&nbsp;There are two deep-dive projects in this episode. Both with awesome stories.&nbsp;1. The story about how printing posters for Florence and the Machine led to two stints on tour printing posters for Mumford &amp; Sons.&nbsp;2. How he ended up with the opportunity to print merch for Tom Segura by pulling awesome one-liners from his most recent Netflix stand-up special.&nbsp;This episode is packed with fun and I couldn't get enough of Ralphs stories. Go check him out! @pinkbikeralphCheck
16/11/202050 minutes 10 seconds
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Episode 23 - Alabaster Co - Brian Chung and Bryan Ye-Chung - Offset Book Printing.

This weeks guest is Brian Chung and Bryan Ye-Chung from Alabaster Co. They explore the intersection of creativity, beauty, and faith and started that journey with The Bible Beautiful project. During this episode we deep dive into the thought process, mistakes, design, and production behind creating the first few books in this series. We talk about the paper, the costs involved, their Kickstarter campaign, and how the smell of the books is really important! We also talk about their journey to creating Alabaster Co. and the why. They also share with us their mission of bringing the bible out of the bookshelf or the bedroom and out on to the coffee table for more consumption of the word, but also to encourage you to read the bible more. Check out our instagram for images of this project. You can also find it at @alabaster_co and shop their bibles at
09/11/202047 minutes 36 seconds
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Episode 022 - Emma Fanning - Top 3 ways to 'greenify' your print design.

Today's guest is Emma Fanning from Little Fox Design Studio out of Victoria BC. Emma runs Little Fox as a design studio that focuses on environmentally friendly design. That includes decisions made when planning and producing a print project. During this episode we talk about the top 3 ways you can make your print project and print designs more environmentally friendly and why that matters. You can also hear more about Emma's journey to design and environmental design in episode 227 of The Quickie Podcast. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________***The Color Bar Challenge for Graphic Designers and Creatives is open now for the next 5 days. Don't miss your opportunity to participate in this creative thinking and design challenge. To sign up go to PrintDesignAcademy.comCheck out @printdesign_academy on Instagram for
19/10/202049 minutes 37 seconds
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Episode 021 - Bill Gardner - Branding with Print Design.

This week's guest is Bill Gardner from Gardner Design Co and the creator of LogoLounge and those beautifully printed books. @gardnerdesignusaDuring this episode, we talk about how print is often at the front lines of branding and how important that interaction and experience is to your business. Bill shares what he and the Gardner Design team have done to ensure their brand in print exceeds expectations and communicates the right message. We talk about ensuring print has "hang time".&nbsp;We also talk about a really unique piece of historical print, the cover from a 1952 issue of Fortune Magazine. Also, did you know that Bill is the owner of Paul Rands T-square? Yeah. Picked it up at an estate sale.&nbsp;Bill also talks about how the Gardner team always goes to press checks and the value that they have as part of the design process. There was 1 time when they didn't though, and the project didn't turn out entirely as planned.I always enjoy chatting wi
12/10/20201 hour 9 minutes 44 seconds
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Episode 020 - Storytime with a Printer - Chris Tipton - Fresh Impression Letterpress - Panama City Beach FL.

This weeks guest is Chris Tipton. He is the owner and operator at Fresh Impressions Letterpress out of Panama City Beach FL. In this new segment, Storytime with a Printer, our guest shares with us examples of some of the awesome things designers are doing in print right now, and why they matter. During this storytime, we talk about a unique wedding invite, an incredible business card design and concept by Jake at I will Design for Food @iwdff, Tags printed for Creative South @creativesouthga, an incredible logo and business card design created by @widakkdesign and @fresh.impression, and a few more. This episode is a great example of the impact you can have on your brand or your customer's brand, using print. Check out photos of these on our IG @printdesign_academy.Do you want to start doing print design? Check out the links below.&nbsp;Print Design Academy - Where we teach designers to be experts i
05/10/202044 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 019 - Matthew Clark - Subplot Design - Stamp Print and Design

This weeks guest is Matthew Clark. He is the Cofounder and Creative Director of Subplot Design out of Vancouver BC.&nbsp;On this episode, we are doing a deep dive into the design and production of stamps. Not lame stamps, amazing stamps. You do not need to be a stamp collector to appreciate the concept, design, and production processes in bringing one of these unique collector stamps to life. The stamp we are specifically talking about was created for the 50th Anniversary of Apollo 11 and Canada's role in that. It's a wild process! So put aside your assumptions on stamps for a bit and check this out.&nbsp;We also talk about the craft beer/craft spirits movement, comic books, and a large printed apple stand he created for SunRype products that were in the produce section of grocery stores.&nbsp;I also spoke with Matthew about his story on Episode 119 of The Quickie Podcast which is a great interview!Check out @printdesign_academy on Instagram for photo
28/09/20201 hour 2 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 018 - Austin Dunbar - Durham Branding Co. - Offset Print - Packaging

Today's guest is Austin Dunbar. He is part of the awesome team over at Durham Branding Co. @durhamstudioDuring this episode we take a deep dive behind the scenes of the folded carton design and production for Kentucky Crafted. Austin shares the story behind the company and how that played into some key design decisions. He also shares how the first go around on the boxes required a reprint and why.&nbsp;We also talk about the work for Downy detergent and Philidelphia cream cheese from early on in his career. And how CD booklets were some of his earliest memories of print.&nbsp;It was great to connect with Austin again as I also had a great chat with Austin on episode 132 of The Quickie podcast. Go check that out too. @durhamstudioCheck out @printdesign_academy on Instagram for photos of these projects.&nbsp;Do you want to start doing print design? Check out the links below.&nbsp;Print Design Aca
14/09/20201 hour 10 minutes 20 seconds
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Episode 017 - Asa Cook - Intertype Studio - Packaging and Playing Card Design.

This weeks guest is Asa Cook. He is a talented packaging designer, as well as Creative Director and Founder of Intertype Studio located in London EN. @intertypestudioDuring this episode we do a deep dive into the design, illustration, and production of the NHS Thank You playing card deck. This thing is beautiful. It swept through Instagram around a month ago and if you have seen it, you would understand why. Asa tells us the dream he had that led to the creation of this amazing fundraiser to assist the NHS in their front line efforts battling Covid. Amazing story. We also get into the packaging design that he remembers absolutely loving as a kid and how he far exceeded requirements for a print design project in Uni. Asa also shares with us his first-ever professional print project which was for a major beer brand and what he learned with that. This was such a fun conversation and I loved hearing Asa's stories. Natural storyteller for sure. If you want to see
07/09/202057 minutes 1 second
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Episode 016 - Todd and Lucian - Berger & Föhr - Offset Print - "Not for Print" Magazine - Boulder CO.

This weeks guests are Todd Berger and Lucian Föhr from Berger &amp; Föhr out of Boulder CO. Todd and Lucian were also guests on episode 71 of The Quickie podcast.&nbsp;Todd and Lucian were also co-founders of a design community startup called Ello a few years back. During this episode, we do a deep dive and behind the scenes look at the creation of a magazine for Ello that they created called "Not for Print". They share stories about the concept behind the magazine, the production and print decisions of the magazine, and about what it took to pull it all together.We also talk about why they are both big fans of the orange Nike shoe boxes and the first print projects they were a part of.&nbsp;Todd and Lucian also share a story about a screen print poster project that they created to celebrate and in memory of Massimo Vignelli and how it didn't turn out as they had hoped.&nbsp;I thoroughly enjoy chatting with these gents and hearing more about the great
31/08/20201 hour 15 minutes 25 seconds
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Episode 015 - Dave Hopkins - Top 3 ways to make more money with Print Design.

Today's guest is me. Dave Hopkins. Founder of Print Design Academy.I have been involved in the print industry for over 17 years and in that time I have worked my way backwards through the print process. I knew nothing about print when I first started in the bindery (finishing department) of a local print shop. I moved through finishing to running the presses, then into pre-press and plating work, and then spend the most amount of time in sales and customer service. Through that time I have had many experiences with designers and have seen how they conduct their business and increase their revenue through print design projects.In this episode, I want to give you the top 3 ways to increase your freelance income using print design. I have been involved with all of these and sometimes in different ways. I have also created a free PDF guide for this episode that you can download so you always have these tips and ideas top of mind. Head over to <a href="htt
24/08/202030 minutes 33 seconds
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Episode 014 - Jay Ferracane - Angry Bovine - Offset Print - Duke University - Fuqua

Today's guest is Jay Ferracane. He is the owner and designer of Angry Bovine Studio out of Boulder CO. @angrybovineDuring this episode we do a deep dive into the research, problem solving, design, and production of his design system for the Duke University Fuqua School of Business. It's not often that you get an inside like at what goes into the problem solving and research phase of a print design solution, but this one is full of the shares!We also talk about a lenticular print that he remembers from when he was a kid and the grade 7 zine he created. Jay also shares with us some work he did for a brewery and the unique thought and production that went into creating the label. Wicked insider tips there.&nbsp;Jay is a great guy to chat with who is always up to teach and share. This is a great one. Go check him out! @angrybovineCheck out @printdesign_academy on Instagram for photos of these projects.&nbsp;Do you want to start doing print design?
17/08/20201 hour 12 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 013 - Kelli Anderson - Offset Printing - This book is a Camera

Today's guest is Kelli Anderson. She is a graphic designer from New York NY who specializes in pushing the limits in what you can do with print and print design. @kelliandersonDuring this episode, we deep dive into the book she created called "This book is a Camera". And that is not a joke, it really is a working camera. You need to add this to your collection.We also talk about a wedding invitation that created that was an actual working record player with a custom recorded song. Kelli loves working with the magic that physical things have.She also shares with us a project that she was a part of in partnership with the Yes Men where they created a fake NY Times newspaper that only had good news which was then distributed all over New York on street corners. Pretty wild!The things that Kelli has created are mind-blowing. Great ideas and great print partners to help her pull them off.&nbsp;Check out @printdesign_academy on Instagram for photos
10/08/202058 minutes 2 seconds
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Episode 012 - Dan Janssen - Lincoln Design Co. - Offset Print - Lincoln Newspaper.

Today's guest is Dan Janssen from Lincoln Design Co. He is the Owner and Creative Director over at Lincoln Design Co. @lincolnbrandcoDuring this episode we do a deep dive into the Lincoln Design Newspaper project that they printed as a self promo piece. Imagine your designs and artwork taking up an entire huge newspaper spread. Awesome.&nbsp;We also talk about a DC Shoes print project that didn't turn out as planned, his first t-shirt design, GI Joe packaging, the menu he designed back in college, printed mugs and coffee bags and so much more.&nbsp;Dan is always willing to share stories from his career and the things he has learned along the way and this conversation is no different.&nbsp;Check out @printdesign_academy on Instagram for photos of these projects.&nbsp;Do you want to start doing print design? Check out the links below.&nbsp;Print Design Academy - Where we teach designers to be
13/07/202051 minutes 55 seconds
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Episode 011 - Dan Mumford - Screen Print Posters - Gallows CD prints

Today's guest is Dan Mumford. He is a very talented illustrator that has created brilliant screen print work. @danmumforddrawsDuring this episode, our deep dive is the CD packaging and poster work for the band Gallows back with when they were first signed by Warner Brothers. This was two single printed sleeves, along with a case to hold them.&nbsp;We also talk about early printed work that was inspirational to him as well as some early designs that didn't exactly go as planned.&nbsp; I also bring up one of my earliest memories of print, The Goosebumps books. Remember that cover artwork?&nbsp;I loved hearing about Dans journey with screen print and the lessons he learned along the way.&nbsp;Check out @printdesign_academy on Instagram for photos of these projects.&nbsp;Do you want to start doing print design? Check out the links below.&nbsp;Print Design Academy - Where we teach designers t
06/07/202050 minutes 47 seconds
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Episode 010 - James Martin - Baby Giant - Offset Printing - Self Promo Brand Book.

Today's guest is James Martin. He is a very talented graphic designer working as Baby Giant. @babygiantco this episode we do a deep dive into the story, design, and production behind the self promotional booklet he printed for Baby Giant. We talk about paper selection, specialty finishing, how many produced, what it all cost, and how it paid for itself within 48 hours of handing out the first copy. @mohawkpaper and @gfsmithpapers get a shoutout in this one too.&nbsp;We also talk about the Blahzy notebooks James created, the wedding invitation set that he designed for his mates wedding, and where his love for print all started.&nbsp;Check out @printdesign_academy on Instagram for photos of these projects.&nbsp;Do you want to start doing print design? Check out the links below.Print Design Academy - Where we teach designers to be experts in print. <a href="
29/06/202050 minutes 52 seconds
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Episode 009 - Nick Miner - Letterpress Printing - Packaging

Today's guest is Nick Miner. He is the Designer at Miner Design Co out of Baton Rouge Louisiana. During this episode we deep dive into the self promotional hot sauce packaging he created. This is an incredible way to introduce him and his work to prospective clients. It is on brand, shares his personality, and is a memorable gift to receive. Which is the point.Nick also shares with us an incredible direct mail that was sent to him and his wife, why it caught their attention, and how it did such a great job getting extra attention in the mailbox. We also talk about hot wheels packaging, an amazing book he has that showcases vintage match boxes and matchbooks. @minerdesigncoCheck out @printdesign_academy on Instagram for photos of these projects. FREE Video series to help you start graphic design for print at www.printdesignacademy.comDo you want to start doing print design? Check out the li
22/06/202039 minutes 43 seconds
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Episode 008 - Nick Pilon - Offset Printing - Budweiser Brand Book

Today's guest is Nick Pilon. He is an Associate Creative Director at Mosaic NA at their Toronto ON office.&nbsp;During this episode we do a deep dive into the idea, decisions, design, writing, and production of the Budweiser brand book. Fun fact - 6 weeks - 6 weeks from idea, to finished product...insane!We also talk about a recent magazine rebrand / redesign that he really appreciated. EasyRider Magazine is a magazine for Harley Davidson fans that used to have half-naked women with motorcycles on the front. It was recently acquired, redesigned and rebranded to be the GQ of Harley Davidson magazines.&nbsp;Check out @printdesign_academy on Instagram for photos of these projects.&nbsp;Do you want to start doing print design? Check out the links below.&nbsp;Print Design Academy - Where we teach designers to be experts in print. <a href="
15/06/202052 minutes 1 second
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Episode 007 - Armin Vit - Lenticular Printing - 2019 Brand New Conference Guide

Today's guest is Armin Vit. He is the co-founder of UnderConsideration and the Brand New Conference with his wife Bryony. During this episode we talk about how he really liked the original Atari box as well as the very first iPhone box. We also talk about his first design project, a printed postcard. Armin and I then do a deep dive into the design and production details, as well as the costs involved in creating the 2019 Brand New Conference Guide using lenticular printing. They wanted to mimic the movement of the lights of Las Vegas where the event was hosted. The delivery of this project was a nail biter and came right down to the wire. Check out @printdesign_academy on Instagram to see the photos of this beauty. Do you want to start doing print design? Check out the links below.&nbsp;Print Design Academy - Where we teach designers to be experts in print. <a href="
08/06/20201 hour 18 seconds
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Episode 006 - Tracie Ching - Illustrator - Screen Print - THOR: Ragnarok Poster

Today's guest is Tracie Ching. She is a very talented illustrator that does a lot of work in the political and pop culture space. During this episode we talk about specific hoarding, which is much healthier than regular hoarding. We also talk about possibly one of the earliest illustrations she did which was a poster for the DARE campaign that went through her elementary school. We talk about the GI:Joe packaging she was a part of and then we do a deep dive into the poster that she illustrated for THOR: Ragnarok. She shares with us how she decided on the materials she was going to use, the process of creating it, and the lack of sleep to finish it in time. Her screen printing shop @thehalfandhalf gets a massive shout out!&nbsp;In the intro of this episode I also talked about the systemic racism in our culture, how little I actually know about white privelage, that I'm going to be learning more because this culture doesn't feel right, society doesn't feel righ
01/06/20201 hour 3 minutes 23 seconds
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Episode 005 - Amanda Schutz - OFFSET / DIGITAL / SPECIALTY FINISHING

Today's guest is Amanda Schutz. She is a designer, illustrator, and the owner of Curio Studio out of Edmonton AB.&nbsp; During this episode we get into offset and digital printing but mixed in with specialty finishing. We do a deep dive into their self promotional print project called Tools of the Trade. This is an incredible piece that showcases the beauty of print and how it can make a huge impact now in this digital world. She also shares with us how she loved the print on one of the Pearl Jam albums, her first ever business card design, and a two colour newsletter that was an early project she was a part of. @whatiscurioDo you want to start doing print design? Check out the links below. Print Design Academy - Where we teach
25/05/202042 minutes 13 seconds
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Episode 004 - Caleb Kozlowski - Hybrid Design - Print as an Object - Mohawk Maker Quarterly.

Today's guest is Caleb Kozlowski. He is the Creative Director at Hybrid Design in San Francisco CA. They are the creative team behind the Mohawk Maker Quarterly. Caleb has a great way of looking at print differently. He shares his perspective on print as an object instead of just something that is printed. It's something that has texture and interactive components to it. He also gives us a behind the scenes of the incredible Mohawk Maker Quarterly's. What it takes to create them, how they start and view a project, the design, and the production of them. Caleb also shares a few of his favourite issues with us and a couple details on what it took to pull them off. We also talk about print project planning and how you should be building any unique papers or specialty finishing into the planning and idea of the project. Building around them to make the most of them rather than adding them as an afterthought. The Mohawk Maker Quarterly is publication that
22/05/202049 minutes 29 seconds
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Episode 003 - Scott Santoro - OFFSET PRINT - BROCHURE

Today's guest is Scott Santoro. He is design Principal at his studio called Worksight, adjunct professor at Pratt Institute, and author of the book "Guide to Graphic Design". &nbsp;Scott and I get into offset print design and do a deep dive into a brochure project he creative directed and designed for Gilbert Paper. It led to a series of brochures based on the same theme. There was... &nbsp;Honest Beauty Gilbert Paper - The first in the series with photos of the paper manufacturing. &nbsp;Darkhouse Spearing - The sturgeon spearing story. &nbsp;Branding the Great American West - all about the cowboys and cowgirls. &nbsp;<a href="
15/05/20201 hour 5 minutes 19 seconds
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Episode 002 - Chad Michael - SPIRIT LABELS

Today's guest is Chad Michael. He is the designer and founder at Chad Michael Studio.&nbsp; Chad and I talk about high end spirit labels in this episode. He does a deep dive on a label project he completed for HYWILDE Liqueur and two of their products. There was even a bit of an oops on one of them that he tells us about. He also shares with us his very first packaging design project from school and how it was actually featured on The Dieline back in 2011. Do you want to start doing print design? Check out the links below. Print Design Academy - Where we teach designers to be experts in print. Print Design Academy YouTube - More print talk and education. <a href="https://podca
15/05/202041 minutes 53 seconds
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Episode 001 - Jason Craig - SCREEN PRINTING

Today's guest is Jason Craig. He is a Graphic Designer and Illustrator out of Augusta GA. Also the man behind Crunk Friday. @jasonthe29thJason and I talk Screen Print in this episode. He does a deep dive on two posters that he printed earlier in his career and how they came to be. One was a poster for Aaron Draplin @draplin and the other was a gig poster for Bubba Sparxx. He also shares with us how he got his first design job based on a lie, how he thought the Metallica Black album was a mis-print, and the origins of Crunk Friday. Go get yourself some Crunk Friday Merch.Do you want to start doing print design? Check out the links below. Print Design Academy - Where we teach designers to be experts in print. <a href="
15/05/202059 minutes 35 seconds
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Episode 000 - What it's all about.

Just me, your host, Dave Hopkins telling you what this podcast is all about. It's pungent, and good.&nbsp;
11/05/20204 minutes 48 seconds