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English, Music, 1 season, 15 episodes, 8 hours, 29 minutes
Aussie popstar Prince Mak rose to fame as a member of Jackie Chan's K-pop idol group JJCC, and he is currently on the rise in China as an actor. He’s quite the quadruple threat; acting, singing, dancing and being friends with Jackie Chan #jealous. Now you can join him every week to hear about his life as a star. He answers your questions through the hashtag #sbspopasiaprincemak on Twitter too, so get involved in the convo!
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Ep 15. Prince Mak's HSC experience and his advice for you

This week Prince Mak talks about his HSC (year 12 exam) experience. He says it was a nightmare. He was always a last minute person so he'd leave his studying until the last minute; he'd study in the few days before an exam, which was quite stressful. He did pretty well considering. Not so well in his English and Physics exam, but nailed his Chinese and Music exam, and did pretty well in Math. His advice for students studying their final year 12 exams now is: don't stress, study study study, stay focused, sleep early, sleep well and good luck to you all.
10/18/201734 minutes, 15 seconds
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Ep 14. Culture Shock in Thailand and what Prince Mak did there

This week Prince Mak tells us all about his trip to Thailand; he got culture shock but had an amazing time. The food was great, he LOVES coconut juice. Prince Mak had two fresh coconuts everyday. He loved the food too. He got a massage everyday because they were so cheap; it cost about $10 (AUD) for an hour. The star also did a lot of water sports like snorkelling, jet-skiing and parasailing  - you can check out his trip on this week's Prince Mak Diaries! He stayed at some amazing hotels including one with its own pool and one on top of a mountain. Yeah, listen and live vicariously through him guys (we are)!
10/11/201736 minutes, 16 seconds
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Ep 13. Prince Mak's best school memory and having to deal with racism

This week Prince Mak talks about his school days. He says he got into a lot of fights, which often had to do with racism. He was a victim of racism a lot. There weren't a lot of Asian kids at his school. But he was a good kid, even though he got into fights. He doesn't have the best memories from his school days...his favourite memory? Prince Mak's dad would bring him McDonalds for lunch three out of five days and the kids looked up to him because they were jealous. The famous star also reveals a day in the life of an idol.
10/4/201731 minutes, 28 seconds
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Ep 12. Tips on learning a new language

This week Prince Mak gives advice on how you can learn a new language. He says you can begin by learning new phrases and remembering those. His biggest tip is to become friends with someone who speaks the language you are learning, and only that language. It will force you to speak that language (instead of reverting back to English). It's the best way, Prince Mak believes, to learn a new language. The pop star also has some tips for getting more YouTube views...
9/27/201739 minutes, 29 seconds
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Ep 11. The day in the life of an actor; Prince Mak

This week Prince Mak tells us about his busy schedule, and what it takes to succeed as an actor. Prince Mak goes to a class at 9 am every day; he's not really part of the class but he learns from listening and watching other actors who are part of a drama. The drama is kind of like China's version of Game of Thrones, so he watches the actors learn horse-riding, fighting, acting and script reading. He then goes to his own classes, learning martial arts. He's out until about 9 pm, and gets to bed at about 10 - 11 pm to start his day all over again. Sometimes he drives 2 hours to get to his classes. He works hard, he says you have to work hard. 
9/20/201733 minutes, 48 seconds
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Ep 10. Prince Mak shows off his rapping skillz

This week Prince Mak treats you to some rapping. He shows off his rapping, hip-hop skillz. It's pretty funny, but the boy's got skill and can rhyme like a champion. Get your ears ready for a treat.
9/13/201730 minutes, 33 seconds
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Ep 9. How to prepare for KCON

This week Prince Mak tells us how to prep for KCON 2017 AUSTRALIA!! He says to get there early; it's open for a long time and you want to try everything. Wear comfortable clothes; you're barely sitting down so you want to make sure you're comfy. Stay hydrated. Expect long lines, especially for panels featuring celebrities - get there early so you're first in line. Go to the toilet before the concert starts because you don't want to miss anything! Stay safe and enjoy your time.
9/6/201732 minutes, 10 seconds
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Ep 8. Prince Mak's advice to himself as a single man

This week Prince Mak gives himself some advice about being a single man, especially on Valentine's Day in China. China has multiple Valentine's Days and Prince Mak hates them. He'd say to himself, "Fighting" and "go for it." He wants to know, what do you do for the day of love?
8/31/201734 minutes, 15 seconds
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Ep 7. Why Prince Mak goes by the name 'Prince'

This week Prince Mak explains why he goes by the name 'Prince.' His middle name is Prince, and when he asked his Dad why, he explained it's because his Dad is the King. Prince Mak's not sure if that's true or not, but his actual name is Henry, so Henry Prince Mak. He couldn't use the name Henry when he started in the industry because there was already Super Junior's Henry. Also, Prince Mak hurt his neck this week - it's in a brace. Don't worry, he's ok but the story sounds a bit scary!
8/24/201729 minutes, 30 seconds
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Ep 6. What Prince Mak ate when he hung out with GOT7's Jackson

This week Prince Mak hung out with his mate, GOT7's Jackson (no, we're totally not jealous...), they ate Two Minute Noodles and packets of chips (still not jealous...) and spoke about what projects they had coming up, and took some funny photos - Prince Mak's going to upload one on his social media soon. Prince Mak says Jackson is doing really well in China! Plus, Prince Mak shares his tips on staying up late to study and what he'd do if he was a girl for one day...
8/16/201738 minutes, 20 seconds
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Ep 5. Prince Mak spills some facts about your fave idols that you might not know

This week Prince Mak gives us fun facts about our favourite K-pop idols. Some may surprise you! BTS' Jin has a funny story from his debut stage, Suzy and Rain have interesting audition stories, Girls' Generation's Sunny  has a crazy birthday fact and Girl's Day's insured her legs for a huge amount of money. And, that's only just the beginning...
8/9/201734 minutes, 39 seconds
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Ep 4. The life of a K-pop trainee

This week, Prince Mak spills all the deets about the life of a K-pop trainee. Each company's trainee regime is different, but every trainee will have to stick through some kind of rigorous program in order to become K-pop idols.For Prince Mak, he had to get up at 5:30AM every day and train for the whole day until 1AM. Various lessons will be packed into each day, such as vocal, dancing, acting (which is essential since this is where most money is made), and language lessons. Trainees will have to work hard at these lessons because there will be regular tests, which will gauge the progress of each trainee. For younger trainees, they will have to juggle both school and lessons.Sadly, despite all the work put in by trainees, not everyone will be able to debut as a K-pop idol. Some will quit partway through training, but on average, only 1 in 3 trainees will ultimately debut as an idol.
8/1/201735 minutes, 20 seconds
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Ep 3. How to deal with failure, and audition tips

This week Prince Mak let's us know how to deal with failure, and gives his best audition tips. Rejection happens to everyone. Everyone fails, and that's where success grows from. Prince Mak tells us what he's failed at and how he's overcome that. 
7/19/201727 minutes, 6 seconds
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Ep 2. The difference between K-pop and Western pop

This week Prince Mak talks about the differences between the South Korean pop music industry and the Western pop music industry (mainly in America). In Korea singers are known as 'idols' and they don't always have to be really good singers; they have to have a range of skills. Korea's 'trainee' system doesn't exist in America, because the Western pop industry chooses artists' on their talents, whereas in Korea they believe hard work and training is just as (if not more) important than natural skill. Talent shows are different between the two countries, K-pop groups have 'visual' members who are based on looks, and K-pop groups always have a rapper, and rapping parts, whereas Western pop groups don't always have rap in their pop music. Prince Mak has more examples...
7/12/201734 minutes, 45 seconds
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Ep 1. The life of a foreign K-pop fan

The life of a foreign K-pop fan: The songs are in Korean so you can’t understand them, except for the English parts. If you use an iPhone to translate words from Korean to English, words come out wrong, like 'oppa' become 'oops.' Your non K-pop fan friends think you must be a fan of 'Gangnam Style' because they assume it's the only song that’s ever been released in Korea. The struggle when you're waiting for subtitles; you watch a video without knowing what they're talking about until someone subs it. K-pop fans know about idols' blood types, so you have to learn them too. There's not heaps of concerts outside of Korea, especially if you're not in a big city. The time difference is difficult sometimes. K-pop changes your life. 
7/4/201737 minutes, 54 seconds