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PreOccupation: A Not-So-Brief History of Palestine Cover
PreOccupation: A Not-So-Brief History of Palestine Profile

PreOccupation: A Not-So-Brief History of Palestine

English, History, 3 seasons, 20 episodes, 16 hours 20 minutes
This podcast is a deep dive into the social, economic, and political history of Palestine. Through the narration of Palestine's history, the podcast hopes to address some of the most common misconceptions about Palestine and Palestinians.
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BONUS EPISODE - Interview with "Stories from Palestine"

This interview originally aired on "Stories from Palestine", a great podcast where the host, Kristal, uncovers the mysteries of contemporary Palestine through interviews with Palestinian experts.In this interview, Kristal and I discuss the emergence of Palestinian identity.Enjoy!Support this podcast at —
16/01/20231 hour 11 minutes 27 seconds
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S2E5 - Season Finale Part 1 - From Turban to Tarbush

The period of the Tanzimat - a time of rapid, relentless, state-sponsored modernization - ran from 1840 to 1876. In less than four decades, a highly decentralized empire that stretched across three continents made a great leap toward becoming a modern nation-state.Like all social, political, economic and technological disruptions, the modernization of Palestine came with its own set of winners and losers. This, then, is the part of the story where we finally get to see how Palestine's social classes responded to the shocks and tremors of the Tanzimat. In part 1 of the season 2 finale, we will see how the urban notables of Palestine responded to the challenges of modernity.Support this podcast at —
28/12/202244 minutes 22 seconds
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Special Announcement

A special announcement regarding season 2!Support this podcast at —
21/02/20226 minutes 4 seconds
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BONUS EPISODE - Conversation with Adar About Normalization

On July 1st I spoke with Adar, creator of the Sulha network.Adar and I have had numerous private conversations on the subject of peace, normalization, Palestinian identity, and the future of Palestine.We decided to turn one of these conversations into a live session on his YouTube channel. This is the unedited audio of our conversation.Enjoy!Support this podcast at —
02/07/20211 hour 58 minutes 47 seconds