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English, Education, 2 seasons, 18 episodes, 8 hours 25 minutes
All things Pre-K/Preschool Teacher ... Behavior management strategies, time saving tips, advice from teachers, and high quality resources - if you need it, we’re talking about it.
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7. Here’s A Quick Way To Get Your Students To Work Harder!

For Today's QUICK TIP I’m sharing a simple strategy to use with your kids to help them really WANT to FOCUS, PAY ATTENTION and WORK HARDER. It works like a charm -- SO SIMPLE, it just makes sense to our preschool students! You're gonna love this episode! Episode Links: Spongebob/Spiderman Photos 🙏🏻 Leave a Review on Itunes (Scroll Down And You’ll See REVIEWS! THANK YOU SO MUCH!) 🌿THE CALM CLASSROOM COURSE <span style= "font-we
27/10/202216 minutes 57 seconds
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6. NAP-TIME PROBLEMS SOLVED (Part 2) This Is How You Keep Them On Their Mats

In Part 1, I told you how to set the stage– I gave you specific things to do in your classroom so that your students will come in and feel calm and cozy and be ready to ACTUALLY SLEEP! Now I'm going to tell you how you're going to keep them on those mats! SPONSOR - Creative Fabrica 👉🏽 Get Your Teacher Club Card for ONLY $2.99 💌 Join My Email List (Tips, Freebies, & Behavior Support - straight to your inbox!) 🌿 Need help with tough behaviors in your classroom?<
13/10/202217 minutes 48 seconds
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5. NAP-TIME PROBLEMS SOLVED (Part 1) Your Kids Are Tired, But Here’s Why They Don’t Sleep…

I’m going to show you how to make it calm and relaxing– so that you can get your work done, because your kids will actually sleep.  I know that this is a big promise. But I really think that once I show you a few small adjustments to make that you will see a huge difference in the way that your kids respond to nap-time.  And that is how we move AWAY FROM the problems and TOWARD a much happier, calmer, more enjoyable, rest time for everyone, especially you. Episode Links: SADA Meditation on Spotify <a href= "https://you
07/10/202216 minutes 57 seconds
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4. 3 Easy Steps To Get A Noisy Class Quiet Right Now

Links From This Episode: 🛍 Shop Amazon For Classroom Lights and Decor 👀 Caylee’s On TIKTOK 🌿 Learn More Ways To Create A Calm Classroom With The Course I Created For YOU! 📷 Check Out The Photos of Student Scrapbooks From Episode 3 💚 Leave Us A Review On Itunes OTHER LINKS: 💌 Join M
22/09/202213 minutes 35 seconds
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3. Find Out Why My Students Remember Me Forever (And It Will Work For You Too!)

It's the most effective tool that I have found for building language, which we all know is a huge part of the learning goals for Pre-K. Well, this is going to be your new favorite way to do it. This is also a way to store and display your students work all year long. Links From This Episode: 🖍 Blog Post: How To Help Your Students Draw (When You Can't Draw) 📷 LOTS OF PHOTOS of Scrapbooks For YOU here! Listen To Episode 6 – Sticker Charts 🛍 <span style= "font-weight
13/09/202231 minutes 35 seconds
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2. Here’s How To Use The Rest of The Class To Help Your One Kiddo Who's Struggling

Today, we are going to talk about how you can use ALL THE OTHER KIDS, in your class to support the one kiddo who's having a hard time. (Maybe you have more than one, that's ok - this will still work!) What I'm sharing with you today is a beautiful strategy THAT I'VE NEVER TALKED ABOUT BEFORE!!!!! We are going to reset the way we think about that little buddy of yours AND the way the rest of the kids think about themselves! OTHER LINKS: 💌 Join My Email List (Tips, Freebies, & Behavior Support - straight to your inbox!) 🌿 Need help with tough behaviors in your classroom?
08/09/202226 minutes 10 seconds
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1. Take Clean-Up Time From CHAOS to Calm

Here’s a simple addition to your Clean-Up Routine that will make the entire process smooth and productive! Is clean-up time a disaster in your preschool classroom? Do all the kids finish cleaning up at different times so it becomes a free-for-all? Whether this is a big problem for you or not - you’re going to love the strategy I’m sharing today. Find out what simple activity you can have your students do when they are finished cleaning up to make it PEACEFUL and CALM... (NO MORE CHAOS!) OTHER LINKS: 💌 Join My Email List (Tips, Freebies, & Behavior Support - straight to your inbox!) <span style="font-weight: 400;
02/09/202225 minutes 21 seconds