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Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools Podcast

English, Religion, 1 season, 7 episodes, 3 hours, 40 minutes
Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools is a one season, six episode podcast from Tyler Staton. Each episode Tyler has conversation with friends and thought leaders on all things prayer, including silence and solitude, adoration, intercession, and even unanswered prayer. Join us every Monday starting at the end of October for new episodes featuring special guests John Mark Comer, Christine Caine, Pete Greig, Tim Mackie, and JT Thomas.
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Rebellious Fidelity (Unceasing Prayer) ft. John Mark Comer, Christine Caine, Tim Mackie, and Pete Greig

The ultimate discovery of prayer is intimacy.  Requests first bring us to our knees, but it’s relationship that keeps us praying.  In this extended finale, our guests throughout the season join us in a roundtable format to share the secrets of their own prayer lives.
11/28/202257 minutes, 1 second
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Ask, Seek, Knock (Silence and Persistence) ft. Pete Greig

Everyone who’s ever taken prayer seriously has been gut-punched by the agonizing silence of unanswered prayer.  So how do we make sense of the apparent silence of God in response to our cries?  How might silence deepen prayer’s intimacy and power rather than draining it?  And what keeps me praying in the face of pain and disappointment?
11/21/202231 minutes, 20 seconds
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Our Father (Adoration) ft. Tim Mackie

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray, he began with adoration—hallowing the name of the Father.  So why must our prayers begin with praise?  What did Jesus mean in the opening line of the Lord’s Prayer that might be lost in translation through the centuries?  In the end, might adoration be more for my benefit than God’s?
11/7/202230 minutes, 2 seconds
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On Earth as It Is in Heaven (Intercession) ft. Christine Caine

Prayer is the most powerful force in the world, but our experience in this world tends to make that difficult to believe.  Even those of us who profess belief in prayer’s power typically live as if productivity and action are far more powerful than prayer.  So how does God answer prayer, how do I pray for His Kingdom to come, and where do my prayers and God’s action meet?
10/31/202237 minutes, 52 seconds
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Be Still and Know (Prayer Posture) ft. John Mark Comer

Prayer doesn’t begin with speaking but with listening.  Most of us, though, were taught a way of prayer that’s more monologue than dialogue, and most of us live in a hurried world that makes stillness nearly impossible.  So how do we quiet our lives and tune our ears to God? And what happens when we do?
10/24/202231 minutes, 39 seconds