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Pragmatism is Patriotism. The goal of Practically Political is to engage and motivate citizens who are fact- and issue-oriented, invite conversation, respect differences of opinion, believe in compromise and put sound policy before partisanship. Whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or Independent, if your bottom line is to get our government working again to serve the best interests of all Americans, then please join us in making our voices heard. This is not the time to give into hopelessness, anger or despair; it’s a critical opportunity to redefine what democracy really means.
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Former Rep. Dave Brat Debates Illegal Immigration, Election Integrity and the War in Ukraine

In this spirited episode, former Republican Congressman Dave Brat debates hosts Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield on hot-button issues like illegal immigration, the integrity of the 2020 election, and the war in Ukraine. While the discussions are passionate and the disagreements are sharp, the conversation remains friendly and highlights the importance of open and honest dialogue across political divides.Subscribe to Practically Political on YouTube  
5/10/202434 minutes, 47 seconds
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Trump's Trials, Biden's Challenges: Can Either Expand Their Voter Base?

In this conversation, Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield discuss various topics including Nikki Haley's refusal to endorse Trump, Trump's outreach to voters, college demonstrations, spirituality and mental health, and the impact of the trial on Trump's candidacy. They also touch on the reputation of the Trump administration, the importance of logistics in elections, and the economic challenges faced by the Biden administration. Overall, they highlight the need for effective communication, community building, and a focus on policy and the economy in order to win over voters. Subscribe to Practically Political on YouTube 
5/1/202425 minutes, 47 seconds
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Inflation, Ukraine, and the 2024 Election Landscape with Charlie Sykes

In this episode of Practically Political, special guest Charlie Sykes joins hosts Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield to discuss the current political climate and key issues heading into the 2024 election. The conversation covers the challenges Biden faces with inflation and border security, the recent developments in Republican support for Ukraine aid, the looming US debt crisis, and the potential impact of Donald Trump's legal troubles on the upcoming election. Sykes, a prominent conservative voice, shares his insights on these topics and the overall state of American politics as the nation looks ahead to what promises to be a contentious and unpredictable election cycle. Subscribe to Practically Political on YouTube 
4/25/202432 minutes, 44 seconds
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Navigating Media Bias, Immigration, and Transgender Visibility in a Polarized Political Landscape

In this episode of Practically Political, hosts Carrie Sheffield and Dave Spencer engage in a thought-provoking discussion about the challenges faced in today's polarized political climate. They delve into the public's dwindling trust in media, examining potential biases in reporting and the impact on shaping public opinion. The conversation also touches upon the complex issues surrounding illegal immigration, its perceived impact on the civil rights of U.S. citizens, and the need for a more merit-based immigration system. Additionally, the hosts address the controversy surrounding the Transgender Day of Visibility coinciding with Easter and the broader implications for respecting religious holidays. Throughout the discussion, Sheffield and Spencer offer diverse perspectives, backed by data and examples, as they navigate these multifaceted topics. Join them as they aim to shed light on these pressing matters and encourage listeners to become more discerning consumers of media and political discourse.Subscribe to Practically Political on YouTube  
4/3/202432 minutes, 48 seconds
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Breaking Down No Labels' Strategy in 2024 with No Labels Chief Strategist Ryan Clancy

In this episode of Practically Political, hosts Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield are joined by Ryan Clancy, chief strategist for No Labels, to discuss the organization's strategy for the 2024 presidential election. No Labels aims to provide an alternative choice to the American public by potentially fielding a unity ticket.Clancy shares updates on No Labels' progress in securing ballot access across the country and their plans to select a ticket that embraces their governing values and has a chance of winning the White House. The hosts question the viability of a third-party candidate in the current political climate and express concerns about the potential spoiler effect, particularly in relation to the Trump and Biden campaigns.The discussion also touches on the challenges of building a robust campaign infrastructure, the importance of selecting a compelling and charismatic candidate, and the legal aspects of No Labels' status as a 501(c)(4) organization.Tune in for an engaging and civil debate on the potential impact of No Labels on the 2024 presidential race, as Clancy addresses the hosts' concerns and outlines the organization's long-term strategy to give voice to the common sense majority. Subscribe to Practically Political on YouTube 
3/15/202431 minutes, 48 seconds
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School Choice, Embryos, and Trump's Potential Second Term

In this episode of Practically Political, hosts Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield engage in a lively discussion on several pressing political issues. They start by examining Alabama's decision to grant personhood to embryos and its potential impact on IVF treatments, debating the ethics and political implications.Next, they delve into the topic of school choice, addressing the mixed record of charter schools and the perceived hypocrisy of politicians who oppose school choice while sending their own children to private schools.The conversation then shifts to foreign policy, as they discuss Donald Trump's stance on NATO and the importance of member countries meeting their financial commitments to the alliance.Finally, Dave and Carrie speculate about what a potential second term for Donald Trump could look like, expressing concerns about his authoritarian tendencies and the challenges of Joe Biden's age and leadership.Throughout the episode, the hosts offer their unique perspectives and engage in thoughtful, sometimes contentious dialogue on these complex issues facing the nation. Subscribe to Practically Political on YouTube 
3/6/202421 minutes, 54 seconds
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Examining Russia's Strategy in Ukraine with Maria Snegovaya

In this episode, Maria Snegovaya, an expert on Russian affairs, discusses the situation surrounding Alexei Navalny and the actions of Vladimir Putin. She highlights the boldness of Putin's actions and the impact of Russia's relationship with China. Snegovaya also discusses the incentives for Putin's actions, including the perceived weakness of the Biden administration. She explores the support for Putin among certain groups and the rise of populism. The conversation concludes with a discussion on the cost of Putin's success and the importance of addressing inequality.TakeawaysPutin acts boldly when he feels invincible and unchallenged.Russia's relationship with China plays a significant role in its actions.The perceived weakness of the Biden administration may have emboldened Putin.Populism and inequality contribute to support for Putin and the rise of right-wing parties.Chapters00:00 Introduction01:14 Alexei Navalny's Situation05:41 Putin's Bold Actions08:58 Russia-China Relationship09:56 Incentives for Putin's Actions13:21 Impact of Biden's Policies18:03 Support for Putin24:40 Populism and Inequality25:38 The Cost of Putin's Success26:17 Closing Remarks Subscribe to Practically Political on YouTube 
2/16/202426 minutes, 51 seconds
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Border Security, Ukraine Aid Debates, and Holding Fathers Responsible

Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield discuss the latest debates around border security and immigration policy, including Republican calls to impeach Secretary Mayorkas and bipartisan negotiations around a border security bill. They also cover disagreements over aid to Ukraine in its war with Russia. Additionally, they debate a proposal to financially require fathers to support a child even before birth. Subscribe to Practically Political on YouTube 
2/2/202424 minutes, 26 seconds
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Nikki Haley • Ron DeSantis • Trump Running Mate

Welcome to another riveting episode of "Practically Political" with your hosts Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield. In this episode, we dive deep into the dynamic world of American politics, dissecting the latest developments and speculating on the future landscape.Join us as we unravel the intriguing journey of Nikki Haley and explore the twists and turns of her path to the Republican nomination. From her political roots to the challenges she faces, we provide a comprehensive analysis of the rising star within the GOP.But the political landscape is ever-changing, and in this episode, we also shine a spotlight on Ron DeSantis, examining the factors contributing to his potential demise. From policy decisions to public perception, we dissect the elements that may impact the future of this prominent political figure.And of course, the burning question on everyone's mind – who should Trump pick as his running mate? Dave and Carrie engage in a thoughtful discussion, offering insights and considerations on potential candidates that could shape the upcoming political narrative.Tune in to "Practically Political" for a thought-provoking exploration of the political arena, where analysis meets speculation, and every episode brings you closer to understanding the intricacies of the ever-evolving political landscape.
1/23/202426 minutes, 15 seconds
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2023 Wrap Up

Carrie and Dave wrap up 2023 with all the news headlines they were watching this year and look ahead to 2024 that will surely be a year for the record books.
12/29/202325 minutes, 30 seconds
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Hunter Biden • Ukraine and Israel • Gavin Newsom & Ron DeSantis

In this conversation, Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield discuss various political topics. They start by discussing the refusal of Hunter Biden to testify publicly and the motives behind the Republican party's focus on him. They then move on to the debate between Gavin Newsom and Ron DeSantis, comparing the policies and performance of California and Florida. The conversation also touches on funding for Ukraine and Israel, as well as the border security issue. They discuss the Israel-Palestine conflict and the role of Benjamin Netanyahu. Finally, they talk about Kevin McCarthy's retirement and the state of the Republican party.TakeawaysThe Republican party's focus on Hunter Biden is driven by a strategy to make Joe Biden look bad and protect Donald Trump.California and Florida have different policies and performance in areas such as unemployment, business formation, personal income, taxes, and spending.Funding for Ukraine and Israel should be considered separately, and conditions can be attached to the funding.The Israel-Palestine conflict is complex, with both sides having their own responsibilities and failures.Kevin McCarthy's retirement reflects the state of the Republican party and the challenges it faces.Chapters00:00 Introduction and Hunter Biden Testimony07:14 Newsom vs. DeSantis Debate14:51 Funding for Ukraine, Israel, and the Border21:57 Israel-Palestine Conflict and Netanyahu22:11 Kevin McCarthy's Retirement
12/18/202328 minutes, 36 seconds
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Civility in Divisive Times

Hosts Carrie Sheffield and Dave Spencer are joined by author Lexi Hudson to discuss her new book "The Soul of Civility" and how we can promote respect and human dignity even amidst political and cultural divides. They cover topics like social segregation, mutual harm from incivility, reclaiming civic responsibility, the timeless challenge of "othering", and more. Lexi offers insights from historical figures like Martin Luther King Jr. and Socrates as well as anecdotes from her own efforts to build community across differences.
11/30/202327 minutes, 55 seconds
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Nikki Haley's Rise and Mike Pence's Fall: The Changing GOP Primary

In this week's episode of Practically Political, hosts Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield discuss the latest developments in American politics. Topics include Mike Pence's potential testimony related to the January 6th hearings, the exit of presidential candidates like Larry Elder and Mike Pence, and the rise of Nikki Haley as a potential alternative to Trump in the 2024 GOP primary. They also analyze the selection of Rep. Mike Johnson as the new House Speaker, including whether he was a good choice and his goals like addressing the national debt. Dave and Carrie have an engaging debate around Johnson's proposal to tie IRS funding to aid for Israel. Overall, they provide thoughtful analysis and differing perspectives on critical issues facing American politics today. 
11/6/202334 minutes, 5 seconds
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Reflections on Israel with Masada Siegel

In this somber episode of Practically Political, hosts Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield are joined by Masada Siegel to discuss the recent horrific terrorist attacks in Israel. Masada reflects on the massacre at the desert rave, calling it a planned attack on Western values and innocent civilians. The hosts condemn the muted response from universities like Harvard and Columbia, saying donors are finally withdrawing funds over the schools' failure to address rising antisemitism. Looking ahead, they discuss possible responses for Israel, with Masada arguing Arab nations should provide refuge for Palestinians if they truly care about their plight. The episode provides an in-depth exploration of the turmoil in Israel and its impact on Jews worldwide.
10/27/202321 minutes, 44 seconds
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Bill Hoagland of the Bipartisan Policy Center on the Federal Budget

In this episode of Practically Political, hosts Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield converse with Bill Hoagland, a senior vice president at the Bipartisan Policy Center, about the critical issue of Social Security reform and its impact on the federal budget. They delve into the repercussions of ignoring this issue, the potential for higher interest rates on national debt, and the inevitable 'cliffs' in the Social Security system if proactive reforms aren't implemented. The discussion emphasizes the urgency of addressing entitlements to resolve the budget crisis, making this a must-listen for anyone interested in the future of the nation's economy.
10/12/202322 minutes, 22 seconds
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Exploring Executive Powers and Government Reform

According to the podcast transcript, the hosts delve into President Biden's decision to impose additional drilling restrictions in Alaska. They argue that this move is counterproductive and ultimately benefits OPEC, Russia, and other foreign adversaries. The hosts assert that these countries will further enrich themselves through increased oil production, while simultaneously constraining American oil resources and negatively impacting American families. They believe that this decision hampers the goal of funding the war against Russia. Furthermore, the hosts highlight the inconsistency in the Biden administration's stance on drilling, noting their initial opposition, subsequent support, and now the imposition of restrictions. They emphasize the need for a consistent energy policy and suggest that fostering better relations with Saudi Arabia could be advantageous in terms of boosting oil production.In the episode, the issue of student loans and Joe Biden's forgiveness plan is discussed. The speaker argues that Biden's plan fails to address the underlying problem of inflation caused by universities. They contend that universities bear responsibility for the exorbitant cost of education and essentially hold students hostage, with the federal government paying the ransom through student loans. The speaker questions why Joe Biden does not hold universities accountable for their role in the student loan crisis and suggests that it may be due to universities being liberal donors with entrenched liberal ideology. Additionally, the speaker proposes that universities should be held liable for neglecting to inform students about the value of their degrees and for establishing lending policies based on the degree's worth. Both the speaker and the podcast host agree that universities have become bloated with excessive administration and staff, and that the funds from student loans are not being utilized effectively to benefit students. They highlight the example of Yale University, which employs over 200 individuals in diversity-related roles, raising doubts about the necessity of such a large staff. Overall, the discussion underscores the belief that Biden's forgiveness plan fails to address the root cause of the student loan problem, namely the high cost of education and inflation driven by universities.According to the episode, the Democrats are portrayed as being more transparent about their willingness to spend money compared to Republicans. The host acknowledges that "all politicians love to spend money," but suggests that Democrats are more forthright in admitting it. This implies that Democrats openly express their desire to allocate funds for various initiatives and programs.Furthermore, the host references a statement made by Senator Bob Casey from Pennsylvania, who reportedly expressed his desire for all children to be automatically enrolled in Medicaid from birth. This statement serves as an example of the Democrats' inclination to expand government spending and further supports the notion that they are more candid about their willingness to spend money.Overall, the episode suggests that Democrats are more forthcoming about their intention to allocate funds for various purposes, while also acknowledging that spending money is a common trait among politicians in general.
9/28/202334 minutes, 50 seconds
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Special Guest Shermichael Singleton: African-American Issues and the Republican Party

The special guest for this episode is Michael Singleton, a prominent conservative commentator and expert on African-American issues and the Republican Party's outreach to minority communities. Host Kerry Sheffield expresses her admiration for Singleton, noting that he has thoughtful insights to share. Sheffield also mentions that Singleton has worked in the Trump administration under Secretary Ben Carson, whom she personally admires. Given Singleton's expertise and conservative perspective, he is a fitting guest for the podcast episode.Key Moments[00:01:22] 14th Amendment discussion.[00:04:39] The timing is off.[00:09:41] Trump vs. Biden dynamics.[00:10:29] Inflation and Bidenomics.[00:14:38] Black and Latino voters.[00:19:25] Turning out voters strategically.[00:22:28] President Biden's age and perception.[00:24:48] Always great to have you.OverviewDuring the episode, the participants engage in a discussion about the potential risks and impact on democracy if Donald Trump were to be reelected. One participant expresses concern, stating that they believe there is a 5% chance of Trump being reelected, which they consider too great a risk for the country's democracy. They argue that Trump's intentions are clear and there is no ambiguity about what he plans to do if he were to win another term.The participant also highlights Trump's erratic behavior during his previous term, suggesting that it ultimately led to his defeat and was a referendum on his character. They contrast this with the possibility of the 2024 election becoming a referendum on President Biden, which is more typical for an incumbent. They suggest that if the election becomes a referendum on Biden, it could pose a significant challenge for his campaign.Furthermore, the discussion touches upon the impact of voter apathy on the election. The participant expresses concern about lower voter turnout and suggests that Biden's greatest challenge may be voter apathy. They argue that it is crucial for the GOP to focus on engaging new voters rather than solely trying to win over those who voted against Trump in the previous election. They believe that voter turnout will play a pivotal role in determining the election's outcome.Overall, the discussion highlights the potential risks and consequences of Trump's reelection, particularly in terms of its impact on democracy. The participants express concerns about Trump's behavior and emphasize the need for the election to focus on policy rather than personalities. They also discuss the importance of voter turnout and the potential challenges faced by the Biden campaign.According to the podcast transcript, the effectiveness of the GOP in associating a vote for Biden as a vote for Kamala Harris is seen as a key factor in the election. The transcript notes that the turnout and enthusiasm for Democrats is not high, as many Democrats are not excited about the vice president and hold negative perceptions of her. Therefore, the GOP's ability to successfully link Biden with Harris and highlight any negative perceptions of her could potentially sway voters away from supporting Biden. The transcript also suggests that the RNC chairwoman should advise candidates who do not have a viable path to drop out and consolidate support around a candidate who can effectively challenge Biden. This implies that the GOP needs to strategically rally around a candidate who can effectively challenge Biden and Harris in order to increase their chances of winning the election.
9/12/202325 minutes
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Digging into the Media with Alexander Heffner

Alexander Heffner, a journalist who writes for The Wall Street Journal,The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, The Philadelphia Inquirer, USA Today, and Newsday joins Carrie and Dave to discuss media in politics, government spending, and his recently released show "Breaking Bread" on Bloomberg TV.
8/18/202327 minutes, 9 seconds
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Chances for Vivek Ramaswamy • Letting Go of Hunter Biden • GOP At Fault for Credit Hit • Odds for Trump Not Being Nominee

Watch Practically Political on our YouTube Channel and follow us on Facebook.
8/7/202329 minutes
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Ryan Clancy of No Labels Discusses the Strategy for a Potential 2024 Third Party Candidate

Chief Strategist from No Labels, Ryan Clancy, joins the show to discuss the strategy No Labels is taking making the initial steps to gain ballot access for the 2024 election and potentially run a third party candidate. This has generated a lot of buzz from both political parties worried a 3rd candidate will take votes from their base and help the other party. Ryan, is here to discuss exactly what No labels is trying to do and the circumstances that would need to occur for them to hand over the infrastructure they are laying down to a 3rd party campaign.
7/20/202330 minutes, 23 seconds
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Bill Kristol on Looking Ahead to the 2024 Election

Bill Kristol, former Chief of Staff to the Vice President of the United States, joins Dave and Carrie to discuss the 2024 election. They discuss the impacts of the Dobbs decision as well as the potential for a third party candidate being offered up by No Labels.
7/13/202329 minutes
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Guardrails for AI • Trump Document Case • Importance of Traveling for Leaders

In this episode of Practically Political, Dave and Carrie are joined by Masada Siegel to discuss whether there is a need for guardrails in AI, the Trump indictment in his classified documents case, and the importance traveling is for leaders in our country.
6/27/202323 minutes, 2 seconds
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Examining the Debt Limit Deal with Rachel Snyderman of the Bipartisan Policy Center

In this riveting episode of Practically Political, hosts Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield are joined by Rachel Snyderman, Director of Economic Policy at the Bipartisan Policy Center. They take a deep dive into the intricacies of the debt ceiling, the broken budget process, and the need for a reimagined annual appropriations process. Rachel provides her expert analysis on the Bipartisan Policy Center's projections and the resultant Fiscal Responsibility Act. They also discuss the impact of the presidential cycle on these programs and the urgency of modernizing them to ensure their solvency for future generations. The conversation takes a critical look at the state of Social Security, Medicare, and the changing labor market. Tune in for a comprehensive understanding of the current economic policy landscape and potential solutions for a more secure future.
6/13/202321 minutes, 26 seconds
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Ukraine and 2024 • Loneliness in America • Media vs Trump

5/24/202331 minutes, 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

Deep Dive on the Debt Limit

5/5/202322 minutes, 10 seconds
Episode Artwork

Biden Tax Changes • Republicans Reaching Independents • Supreme Court on Abortion Bill

4/21/202326 minutes, 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

Trump Indictment • Lessons from Wisconsin • Jill Biden in Hot Water • A Trump Exorcism

4/7/202320 minutes, 50 seconds
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Domestic Energy • Moving Beyond Trump • Silicon Valley Bank • Foreign Policy

Does Biden Care About Domestic Energy? Can the Republicans Move Beyond Trump? Should Silicon Valley Bank Been Bailed Out? What is the Republicans' Foreign Policy?
3/24/202318 minutes, 18 seconds
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TikTok Should be Banned? • Republicans Supporting Trump • Are Big Cities Getting Safer? • Demise of Fox News?

In this episode, Dave Spencer and Carrie Sheffield discuss: Should TikTok be banned in the US? Republicans supporting Trump if they aren't the nominee. Are Big Cities Getting Safer? Does Fox News have any credibility left?
3/21/202320 minutes, 29 seconds
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Chinese Balloons • State of the Union • Playing Chicken with the Debt Limit • Response to State of the Union

The Chinese ‘Weather Balloon”?The State of the Union - VotingPlaying Chicken with the Debt LimitResponse to State of The Union
2/14/202320 minutes, 11 seconds
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End Game for Putin • Classified Documents? • Child Support for Unborn Children • Raising the Debt Ceiling

End Game for Putin in Ukraine?Where is the Line on Classified Documents?Should Father’s Pay Child Support for Unborn Children?Will Congress Vote to Raise the Debt Ceiling?
2/3/202338 minutes, 20 seconds
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Agenda in Congress? • Who Should Run Twitter • Comparing Biden & Trump • Associated Press Limiting Language

In this episode, Carrie and Dave dig into: What’s the Agenda for the New Congress? - Who Should Run Twitter? - Apples and Oranges - Biden & Trump - Associated Press Limiting Abortion Language
1/16/202321 minutes, 9 seconds
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2022 In Review

Dave and Carrie dig into 2022 and look forward to 2023 and the big issues approaching.
1/5/202326 minutes, 35 seconds
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Advice for GOP after Midterms • Should Biden be Impeached Over Hunter's Laptop • Moving on from Trump • GOP and Unions

Topics covered in this episode:1. Advice for GOP after Midterms2. Is the Hunter Biden Scandal Impeachable for Joe Biden?3. How Does the GOP Move on from Trump?4. The GOP and Unions
12/14/202228 minutes, 20 seconds
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Abortion Pills • Move on from Trump? • Is ‘ESG’ a Fraud? • GOP Controlled House

In this episode, Dave and Carrie get into:1. Abortion Pills Brought through Mexico2. After the Midterms, Move on from Trump?3. Is ‘ESG’ a Fraud?4. What’s the Strategy for the GOP Controlled House?
11/23/202233 minutes, 48 seconds
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Overview of 2022 Midterms • Will Herschel Walker Win in Georgia? • No Rewards for Mediocre Performance • Economic Policies to Combat Inflation

In this episode Dave and Carrie discuss:1. Overview of 2022 Midterms2. Will Herschel Walker Win in Georgia?3. No Rewards for Mediocre Performance4. Economic Policies to Combat Inflation
11/16/202224 minutes, 4 seconds
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Oz/Fetterman and Walker/Warnock• Raising the Debt Limit Ceiling • Total gridlock if Dems lose House but keep the White House? • What policies are GOP candidates pushing, if any?

In this episode Dave and Carrie get into Oz/Fetterman and Walker/Warnock, raising the debt limit ceiling, total gridlock if Dems lose House but keep the White House, and what policies are GOP candidates pushing, if any?
11/1/202226 minutes, 55 seconds
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Fetterman & OZ • Upcoming Supreme Court Decisions • OPEC Cutting Oil Production • Rock Bottom for Trump

Pennsylvania Senate Race: Fetterman vs Oz • Upcoming Supreme Court Rulings • OPEC Cutting Oil Production • Where is Rock Bottom for Trump?Watch us on YouTube
10/10/202226 minutes
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Fentanyl • Biden and Ukraine • Republican Policies? • Moving on from Trump

In this episode, Carrie and Dave dig in on several topics in the news these days: Border security and the Fentanyl Crisis, Biden's handling of the Ukraine, making sense of nonexistent Republican policies, and is it finally time for Republicans to move on from Trump?
9/28/202225 minutes, 54 seconds
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Biden Lower Approval Numbers • GOP Criticizing the FBI • Finding Better Political Candidates • Backlash to IRS Funding

In this episode, Carrie and Dave discuss Biden passing legislation despite a low approval rating, the GOP attacking the FBI despite standing for “Law & Order”, finding better political candidates, and the backlash to the IRS funding.Follow Practically Political on social media to watch the video of all episodes:TwitterFacebookInstagram
8/26/202226 minutes, 4 seconds
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ESG • Midterm Predictions • Media Bias • Biden Reelection

In this episode, Carrie and Dave discuss ESG - Environmental, Social, & Governance, share their midterm predictions, tackle media bias and the technical definition of a recession, and ponder whether President Biden should proceed with reelection in 2024.Follow Practically Political on social media to watch the video of all episodes:TwitterFacebookInstagram
8/9/202226 minutes, 4 seconds
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Corporate Welfare - Donald Trump 2024? - Solution to Cancel Culture - Not Endorsing Unqualified Candidates

In this episode, Dave and Carrie discuss, corporate welfare through subsidies, rumors of Donald Trump announcing his presidential candidacy 2024, a solution to cancel culture, and if we're at a point where people will break from party and not endorse bad candidates.
7/21/202222 minutes, 55 seconds
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California Inflation Stimulus - Fallout from Jan. 6 - A Failed President? - Abortion Exceptions

In this episode, Carrie and Dave discuss some hot issues: They examine California's stimulus to help with inflation, the fallout from the January 6th Commission in the midterm elections, the legacy of Joe Biden's presidency, and exceptions for abortions.
7/8/202223 minutes, 20 seconds
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The Left's Proliferation of a Racist USA - Criminal Charges for Trump - GOP and Admitting Mistakes - The Inevitable Recession

Why is the left proliferating the narrative that the USA is a racist country? Should Trump be criminally charged for January 6th? Never admitting mistakes continues the demise of the GOP Is a recession not inevitable?
6/22/202225 minutes, 47 seconds
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Swap Out Biden - Roe v. Wade - Inflation - Personality Disorders and Political Candidates

In this episode Carrie and Dave touch on: Whether the Dems should swap out Biden, should Roe v. Wade be overturned, is the current inflation transitory, and whether or not personality disorders should impact one's ability to run for office.
5/9/202223 minutes, 58 seconds
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‘Libs of TikTok’ - Republicans Choosing Power Over Party - Media cover for Liberals - How Bad can a Candidate Be?

Questions/Topics in this episode of Practically Political: Washington Post outs owner of ‘Libs of TikTok’ account. Why are Republicans choosing power over party? Why does the Media cover for Liberals? At what point is a candidate so bad that they lose party support?
4/25/202221 minutes, 22 seconds
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Is the Pandemic over? - The GOP and Putin - Janice Rogers Brown and Joe Biden - Herschel Walker

1. Are we still in a pandemic? Should our policies reflect that answer? 2. Should the Trump and the GOP be held accountable for loyalty to Putin? 3. Janice Rogers Brown and Joe Biden 4. Is Herschel Walker over the line as a candidate?
4/11/202225 minutes, 20 seconds
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Compromising on Fossil Fuels - GOP Love for Putin - Supreme Court and Critical Race Theory - Advice for Republicans to Distance from Trump

1. Will the Democrats ever agree to compromising policies when it comes to fossil fuels? 2. Why is the right fawning over Putin and going against President Zelenksy? 3. Should a Supreme Court nominee support Critical Race Theory? 4. What’s your advice to Republicans looking to move beyond 2020?
3/25/202222 minutes, 49 seconds
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Inflation - GOP and Obamacare - Ukraine Aid and Border Patrol Funding - Tax Changes

1. Why don’t progressives care about the negative effects of government spending on inflation? 2. Should the GOP get rid of Obamacare and what is the GOP plan? 3. $13 billion for the Ukraine but cuts for our own border patrol? 4. How should the tax system change to be more fair for the bottom and the top?
3/24/202220 minutes, 37 seconds
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US pull back from the United Nations? Conservative media siding with Putin? Trucker protest movement? January 6th Commission staying bipartisan?

1. Should the US pull back from the United Nations? 2. Why is the conservative media seemingly siding with Putin? 3. Does the trucker protest movement have potential to be bigger politically? 4. What’s a good balance for the January 6th Commission in order to stay bipartisan?
3/1/202216 minutes, 22 seconds
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Can Cuomo retake power? Does Biden deserve credit for Ukraine? Is inflation transitory? How can Trump lose your support?

1. Is there anything that can stop Cuomo from taking power again? 2. Does Biden deserve credit for his handling of Russia? 3. Is this inflation trend actually transitory? 4. What would Trump have to do to lose your support?
2/15/202222 minutes, 50 seconds
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Biden & transparency? - Republicans plans if they retake Congress - Is Biden fit for Office? - Was Trump REALLY trying to overturn the election?

1. Biden & transparency? 2. What should Republicans do if they retake Congress? 3. Why are so many concerned if Biden is fit for office? 4. Ultimately was Trump trying overturn the 2020 election?
1/31/202216 minutes, 2 seconds
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Liberals tolerance of conservatives - Who will run in 2024 - Biden and the Ukraine - Where are the pragmatic conservatives?

Topics in this episode: 1. Why are liberals less tolerant of conservatives? 3. If Trump doesn’t run again, who would you support in 2024? 4. Why is Biden not doing more to help the Ukraine? 5. Why are pragmatic conservatives hesitant to criticize the GOP?
1/5/202222 minutes, 44 seconds
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Toxic Bipartisanship? - Balanced view of Covid - Constitutional Convention - GOP 'actually' pro-life?

Topics in this episode: 1. Can bipartisanship be toxic? 2. What does a balanced view of COVID look like? 3. A constitutional convention for a balanced budget and term limits? 4. Is the GOP REALLY ‘pro-life’?
12/2/202120 minutes, 56 seconds
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Are Dems helping the Middle Class? - Build Back Better - IRS and Corporate Taxes - GOP Hypocrisy

In this episode, Dave and Carrie tackle 5 questions: - Are Dems helping the Middle Class? - What things do you like in Build Back Better? - IRS and Corporate Taxes - Should Build Back Better pass? - How can the GOP govern through their hypocrisy?
11/18/202117 minutes, 4 seconds
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China's saber-rattling - Jan. 6th just political? - Swing voters changed by Jan. 6 - Where has the legislation process gone?

Carrie and Dave dive into questions on China, January 6th and the GOP, and discuss where the legislative process has gone in the country..
11/4/202115 minutes, 38 seconds
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Are Democrats Tone-Deaf? - Is the “Big Lie” a Litmus Test for Republicans? - Independents Souring on Biden - Midterm Election Predictions

In this episode of Practically Political, Carrie and Dave discuss several issues impacting the midterm elections. 1. Are Democrats Tone-Deaf? 2. Is the “Big Lie” a Litmus Test for Republicans? 3. Independents Souring on Biden 4. Midterm Election Predictions
10/15/202115 minutes, 25 seconds
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Infrastructure Bill Price Tag - Republicans Moving Left? - California Recall Election

Carrie and Dave discuss the true price of the infrastructure Bill, Republicans moving to the left over censorship of social networks, and the reaction to the California Recall Election.
9/29/202113 minutes, 49 seconds
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Afghanistan - Inflation - Would Trump Be a Better President Right Now?

In this episode, Carrie and Dave dive into 3 topics. First they discuss the final pull out of Afghanistan and what is next for the U.S. and Biden in the region. Then they look at new inflation data and if we're in for economic trouble as more spending gets approved in Washington. And finally, the debate whether Trump would be doing a better job as President right now and consider other candidates who could be doing things better.
8/26/202113 minutes, 1 second
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Biased Social Media - Federal Reserve Inflation - SCOTUS Upholds AZ Voting - Cuba

Dave and Carrie ask whether social media companies are presenting a biased view of America in their curation algorithm. Then they discuss the Federal Reserve's outlook on Inflation and if they need to do more to curb the downside of a deluge of spending. Liberals are unhappy about SCOTUS's ruling on the AZ voting law which was passed. They ask, "why are they so mad about this?" And finally, they discuss Cuba and if the current administration is doing enough to fight communism there and promote freedom.
7/20/20219 minutes, 21 seconds
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End of Unemployment Payments - Punishing Rideshare Companies - US Two-Party System - DeSantis Ideological Curriculum

Carrie and Dave discuss the end of unemployment payments, Democrats 'punishing' pideshare companies, the possible end to the US Two-Party System, and Governor DeSantis' ideological curriculum.
6/29/20219 minutes, 42 seconds
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Manchin and the GOP - VPOTUS at the Border - Biden vs Putin - Google Docs Autocorrect

Carrie and Dave dig into 4 new topics on this episode of Practically Political. Do you think Sen. Joe Manchin might switch over to GOP if Dems keep attacking him? Vice President Kamala Harris visited Guatemala this week and said “don’t come.” Do you think this is too little too late? Do you think it’s wise for Biden to meet with Putin, given that Putin doesn’t respect America? Google recently announced its Google Docs, the popular free word-processing software, would soon be nudging people away from what it deems as potentially sexist language. Where do our hosts fall on this decision.
6/17/202111 minutes, 15 seconds
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Budget Reconciliation - Higher Food Prices Hurting Blacks and Latinos - China's One Child Policy - When You Pick Favorites, You Lose

Carrie Sheffield asks Dave his weekly questions touching on budget reconciliation, higher food prices, China's one child policy, and policies that favor certain groups.
6/10/20212 minutes, 26 seconds
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Practically Political with Executive Producer Paul Gilbert

Practically Political with Executive Producer Paul Gilbert by Dave Spencer
2/26/201916 minutes, 39 seconds
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Guest Paul Gilbert, Executive Producer Practically Political

As part of a new feature where pragmatists talk politics, Dave Spencer sits down with Practically Political Executive Producer, Paul Gilbert. Their conversation focuses on the government shutdown and an analysis of the expanding field of Democratic presidential candidates.
1/29/201919 minutes, 13 seconds
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Guests Doug Thornell and Michael Steele

Michael Steele is a former Republican National Committee Chairman, Maryland Lt. Governor and is now a political analyst on MSNBC. Doug Thornell is the managing director of SKD Knickerbocker. a public affairs agency in Washington, D.C. and a frequent political analyst on MSNBC, CNN and Fox News Channel.
12/11/201838 minutes, 26 seconds
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Interview With Scott Mulhauser 2018 11 28

Interview With Scott Mulhauser 2018 11 28 by Dave Spencer
11/30/201825 minutes, 13 seconds
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John Delaney Interview

Representative John Delaney is a Democratic Congressman from Maryland and a member of The New Democrat Coalition. He is the first Democrat to declare his presidential candidacy for 2020.
10/8/201818 minutes, 40 seconds
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Interview With Bill Galston 2018 09 20

Interview With Bill Galston 2018 09 20 by Dave Spencer
9/28/201817 minutes, 28 seconds
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Interview with Lorraine Woellert 2018 08 23

Lorraine Woellert is the White House reporter for Politico, where she focuses on federal policy.  Before joining POLITICO, she was a reporter at Bloomberg News and a correspondent at Business Week.
8/27/201814 minutes, 17 seconds
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Interview with guest Gloria Borger

Gloria Borger is the chief political analyst at CNN. She has also been a contributing editor and columnist at U.S. News & World Report and a national political correspondent for CBS News.
7/30/201817 minutes, 1 second