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English, Fitness / Keep-fit, 1 seasons, 4 episodes, 2 hours 16 minutes
Create your own realitychange anything you wanted me in your life in 21 days takes 21 to build a habit take 21 to break a man create your own reality in this world I bought some amazing things up using my mind to do so a man we can all do this man so listen to me hear me out fix things going on in your world or I'll have to do so Knowledge is power guys hey welcome to power of the mind where amazing things can happen we can do anything with our brain we just got to put the power to it we could be talking about anyting you're pretty much of my facts if not fact check me but I'll figure it outwe'll talk about laws policy spirituality how to create your own route is what it all boils down to you guys Zoe hit me up man if you weren't listening to man message me how we can discuss anything you got a problem I'll have to fix it with ypur mind you need help doing anything repair of the brain and I will help you do it all coach you 100% through just hit me up Cover art photo provided by Patrick Tomasso on Unsplash: https://unsplash.com/@impatrickt
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Changing ypur life for the better

I should be telling a little bit how to change your life 21 days guys check it out
14/03/20191 hour 17 minutes 59 seconds
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No licence eauired

What i did to beat driving on on revoked
04/02/201918 minutes 47 seconds
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No driver's license needed more facts

A little bit about laws and policies about a driver's license and what I've done and how I beat the driving on revoked peace out and share the knowledge you guys
23/01/201918 minutes 47 seconds
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The begining of a new life

What i did to get out a wheellchiar paralized
18/01/201920 minutes 33 seconds