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Shawn Wayans Reflects On The Cultural Impact Of 'White Chicks,' 'Scary Movie' & 'Don't Be A Menace'

Coming from a legendary family but also stepping into your own iconic status is something that the Wayans are all too familiar with, as each generation from the funny-bone lineage, has managed to make a name for themselves while also continuing to carry the legendary name. Ahead of his stand-up show in Oxnard this weekend Shawn Wayans came through to the Power 106 studios to chop it up with Morning Show host Letty about his upcoming performance but also reflect on his successful career with his brother Marlon and how their comedic genius continues to penetrate Pop Culture after years of impacting television and film. With unforgettable films like ‘White Chicks.’ the ‘Scary Movie’ franchise and a hit television show under his belt, Shawn speaks on how the idea of nepotism has assisted in his career but has also created a close-knit family business. Detailing his come-up in comedy, and looking to his older siblings for inspiration, Shawn admits that he wanted to create his own ‘I’m Gonna Git You Sucka,’ a classic starring his older brothers Keenen and Damon. Shawn shares with Letty that ‘Don’t Be A Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice In The Hood’ was the step into his own lane. Shawn Wayans goes on to reflect on their Wayans Bros. show and much more.See for privacy information.
8/9/202215 minutes, 31 seconds
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Ryan Garcia Addresses Canelo Álvarez Beef & Speaks On Not Being Accepted By Mexican Community

Ahead of the much-hyped and anticipated fight this weekend, Ryan Garcia checked in with the Power Mornings Show and got extremely candid and personal as he discusses his influence in the game of boxing today, misconceptions about him that are played out over social media, and even addresses the beef between him and Canelo Álvarez. Speaking with the Mornings’ host Letty, Ryan details his upcoming fight against Javier Fortuna and the experiences that have led to this moment in his boxing career. As he reflects on some of the mishaps, with the canceled match against Isaac Cruz, Garcia says he wishes he could have the same acceptance in the Mexican community as Cruz, and the fight would have served as an opportunity for many to see him in a different light, outside of his social media persona and negative narratives that have been painted of him. Garcia goes on to share who are the Drake, Kendrick Lamar, and J, Cole of the boxing world, and speaks out about his riff with Canelo, saying, " I hope he finds peace." See for privacy information.
8/9/202218 minutes, 8 seconds
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Bino Rideaux On Ty Dolla Sign Being An LA R&B Pioneer & Plans Of Releasing Joint Nipsey Hussle Album

Although it’s been two years since Bino Rideaux released his last solo project, the LA native has been crafting his latest album while putting in major work around the city and building his craft that led him to his newest body of work, ‘Sorry 4 Tha Wait II.’ Pulling up to the Power 106 studios to chop it up with Morning Show host Letty, Bino details how his album came together and the intention of quality and individuality for each track. While the rapper set out to establish his own tone and identity for the album, Bino has some strong support from his LA family which includes love from Roddy Ricch, Kalan.FrFr, Ty Dolla $ign, and the late Drakeo The Ruler. Speaking on family featured on ‘Sorry 4 Tha Wait II,’ Rideaux gives Ty Dolla $ign his flowers as he praises Ty’s ability to be a pioneer in the game and ushering a new take on the LA sound, specifically in R&B. Speaking on the close friendship and mentorship he had with the late Nipsey Hussle, Bino admits that it is hard to listen back to Nip’s music even though he’s still a huge fan of his but he also holds on to the hopes of releasing a Nipsey Hussle collab project down the line, once he reaches a point in his career where he’s finally open to releasing the music to the world. Bino goes on to speak about his great chemistry with Blxst and how Letty compares them to Shaq and Kobe and much more. See for privacy information.
7/11/202216 minutes, 24 seconds
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Quincy Stopped Overcompensating For His Talent After Mom Kim Porter Passed + Details 'Q Side B Side'

Quincy is a multi-faceted artist who is not hesitant to step outside of what people may think of him and for that reason, his latest ‘Q Side B Side’ is his step into his own authenticity in his own creativity. Coming through to the Power 106 studios to discuss his latest project, with co-hosts of the Power Mornings show Letty, Teddy Mora, and Javen Cannon, Quincy expresses the importance of finding himself more after the passing of his mother Kim Porter, where he reveals he stopped attempting to overcompensate in areas of his life so that he could just be himself. As Quincy comes from musical royalty with his late mother father singer Al B. Sure and stepdad Diddy, the New York native admits that his focus has been working to create his own lane with ties to legends to have paved the way for not only himself but for many artists today. Quincy goes on to speak about winning those over who may question his talents, repping for Gemini season, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202223 minutes, 47 seconds
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Hitmaka & Tink Talk Mustard Verzuz Beef & Getting Beyoncé To Clear 2 Chainz-Assisted "Cater" Collab

Hitmaka isn’t just a super-producer with a moniker to match, but the all-around artist has planted his feet in the industry as a business person and go-to creative as he’s recently celebrated several plaques for 100 billion streams. Pulling up to the Power 106 Studios, with his close collaborator, R&B singer Tink, the duo chop it up with co-hosts Letty and Javen Cannon, of the Letty and Teddy Power Mornings Show, about how they came together for their musical journey, detail their singles “Down Bad” and “Cater,” and more. At this point, Hitmaka is no stranger to the industry as he’s earned countless hits and the respect of artists by finding success in his many collaboration efforts. Giving some advice to the artists up out there who are focused on growing their creativity and stepping outside of themselves, Hitmaka says you must expand your circle and collab with other creatives, which is something singer Tink had to learn as she admits she was nervous to be int he studio with others until she stepped out of her comfort zone. With Tink expanding her bandwidth, the Chicago native also realized that she wanted to get back to singing as she somewhat shelved her rapping talents so that she can get back to center.  Speaking on the recent exchange between him and Mustard, which was a Verzuz disagreement that played out on social media, Hitmaka expresses that both producers are successful in their own right and shared that the confusion has been figured out.  Hitmaka and Tink go on to speak about the late Nipsey Hussle and what’s to come for the rest of the year. See for privacy information.
7/11/202223 minutes, 41 seconds
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Sean Paul Explains Decision To Not Battle Shaggy In Verzuz & Talks New Album 'Scorcha'

 An undeniable National Treasure, whose hits helped push the dancehall culture to the top of the charts, rapper Sean Paul pulled up on the Power Mornings Show co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora to discuss his new album. ’Scorch,’ his impact on music, and reveals the reason why he steers away from any Verzuz battle talk. The forthcoming ‘Scorcha’ album is Paul’s eighth studio album and it’s really a testament to his longevity and relevance as an international artist. Having secured a huge hit early on in his career, Sean details how his current perspective and life’s focus on music is ultimately why he decided to not partake in a Verzuz battle with Shaggy. As Sean details his new album, which features the likes of Nicky Jam, the rapper continues to express that his life is in a different place and his music reflects that now, so going back to do a Verzuz isn’t in the cards. Sean Paul goes on to speak about a major regret in his life, shares marriage advice for Teddy Mora, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202227 minutes, 4 seconds
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Jack Harlow Talks Being Labeled A Sex Symbol, Competing With Artists Like Doja Cat, & New Album

Jack Harlow’s come-up has been on a steady rise for quite some time and he’s now reaping the benefits of all of his hard work and progress. Coming through the Power 106 studios to chop it up with Morning Show co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora, the Louisville rapper reveals some personal perspective on how success has impacted his life, both professionally and personally. Speaking on some of the challenges he now faces when it comes to dating and doing everyday things, Jack admits that he wouldn’t change his life for anything because it’s what he’s worked to gain. Detailing the process of his sophomore album, ‘Come Home The Kids Miss You,’ Harlow explains that his approach for this project was a different caliber as he took time to experiment with samples, drum intricacies, and how he wanted to showcase his rap prowess with the Drake-assisted “Churchill Downs.” Jack Harlow goes on to speak about how he feels being known as a sex symbol, why he has a ways to go when speaking on comparisons and competing with artists like Doja Cat, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202222 minutes, 6 seconds
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Vince Staples Talks Snoop Dogg Transcending Rap & Staples Center Not Being Renamed After Kobe Bryant

Vince Staples is celebrating the release of his fifth studio album ‘Romona Park Broke My Heart’ and the Cali native stopped through to the Power Mornings show co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora to discuss his journey in music and how much of his LA upbringing inspired his take on life, the music industry, and much more. While Staples admits that he only initially got into music as a way of earning $500 and had no clear goal for the craft, the rapper details that although his background in music isn’t strong, his creativity in music led to his maturity and gave him access to think about life differently. No stranger to the iconic musical legends to come out of Los Angeles, Vince speaks on the legendary Snoop Dogg whom he believes has transcended rap music and has become more so known as an entity and not so much as a rap star. Comparing Snoop’s status to that of the late icon Marilyn Monroe, Staples discusses how Snoop’s name might not be brought up during G.O.A.T. conversations, but that is only because Snoop has become bigger than his music. Speaking on his new album, the “When Sparks Fly” rapper admits that he doesn’t try to take things too seriously or for granted, when hip-hop fixtures such as Jay-Z praise his work, as he believes he’s only doing the best he can do and that not everyone will always like his work. Vince Staples goes on to speak about the rumors that recently went around about him starring in the next ‘Friday’ film, why he believes the Staples Center should have been renamed after the late Kobe Bryant, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202231 minutes, 54 seconds
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Justin Bieber Talks 2Pac Similarities With Connection To Faith & God + Names Canadian Mount Rushmore

Justin Bieber pulled up on the Power Mornings Show to discuss his latest single "Honest" which features the assistance of Don Toliver. With new music on the horizon, Bieber tells morning show co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora that "Honest" is more of a "vibe" record that you can definitely play with your crew and ride out to. Although there isn't much detail surrounding a new project for the singer, Justin goes on to speak about his faith and his appreciation for the late 2Pac and his connection to God, and he also shares who he would include on a Canadian Mount Rushmore.See for privacy information.
7/11/20224 minutes, 32 seconds
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G Perico Talks Going Against Stereotypes & Stamping The South Central Lifestyle On New Album

G Perico set out to ensure the stamp of South Central, Los Angeles was accurately captured on his forthcoming album. Admitting that some artists may stray away from their signature sound for the sake of social media antics and trends, Perico worked to get past any LA stereotypes with beat production and his pen game, to offer a project that highlighted the authentic vibe of his neighborhood influence. Speaking with the Power Mornings show team Letty Teddy Mora, and Javen Cannon, the LA native speaks on all things South Central that he channeled on his album, which includes the local taco spots, popular streets, and late-night vibes of the South Central lifestyle. As Perico is no stranger to the game, he’s come a long way as he continues to build his expanding brand with merch pop-ups, new music, and standing out in a major way on collabs with his peers. Detailing his studio process and how the Dreamville collab “Hair Salon” came about, Perico says that he made sure to be the first one to hit the booth when he, Cozz, and Reason were recording and reveals that he didn’t think he would actually make it to the ‘D-Day’ mixtape because he didn’t hear anything back after his successful recording session. G Perico goes on to speak about his hustle come up early on, his friendship with the late Nipsey Hussle, working with LA peer Blxst, and much more. See for privacy information.
7/11/202230 minutes, 44 seconds
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Kehlani Speaks On Deep Spiritual Journey & Connection To Afterlife Inspiring 'Blue Water Road' Album

 Kehlani is officially back with her latest offering 'Blue Water Road' in which the Bay native exclusively came through the Power 106 studios to share a listening experience with some of her biggest fans and the Power Mornings show. Kehlani’s third studio album is marked with intention, purpose, and experience. Speaking about the process of creating the new project, the songstress details the inspiration behind the latest release to Mornings’ co-hosts Letty, Teddy Mora, and Javen Cannon, as well as lucky Power listeners who popped in for the exclusive interview moment. Inspired by motherhood and her continued spiritual journey, the “Up At Night” singer explains how the album came together in just two months and that much of her creativity is a result of evolving from motherhood. Speaking on the powerful and moving “Altar” single, Kehlani shares that she’s tapped in more with those who have passed on, and the song is a literal representation of her experiences with communication with those in the afterlife. As Kehalni expresses that she’s just as normal and regular as everyone else, citing her frequent trips to the grocery store, the star also speaks on the close relationships she’s developed with like-minded artists from Dreamville, such as JID and Earthgang, and even Alicia Keys. Finding connections with Dreamville and other peers in the industry, Kehalni shares her perspective on genre becoming more exclusive yet expanded with more artists being more concerned with making music that they want to make. Kehlani goes on to speak about when she first started paying attention to hip hop, why she’d be inspired to direct a movie about motherhood, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202235 minutes, 50 seconds
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Pusha T Explains Why He's Past Any Rap Beef, Talks 2Pac Inspiring His Work With Pharrell & New Album

Pusha T has channeled new energy behind his latest album release ‘It’s Almost Dry’ and while the New York native admits to consistently being connected to many controversies, his fourth studio effort highlights a new page turned, if you will, but still the signature heat that only the King can deliver. Speaking with the Power 106 Mornings Show co-hosts Letty, Teddy Mora, and Javen Cannon, Push details working with hip-hop producer legend Pharrell Williams and Kanye West. As he’s worked closely with these two over the course of his career, the work ethic that each rap staple brings out of him is different but meets the same result. As Push reveals there’s only a handful of people who can actually critique his work, which includes the likes of Ye, Pharrel, his brother Malice, Diddy, and The Dream, the “Dreamin’Of The Past” rapper shares how Pharrell pushes him to focus on memorable hooks while Ye pushes his pen game. ‘It’s Almost Dry’ clearly marks a new wave for Push, who says that as long as he’s still in rap and still competing, then he will compete to be one of the best in the game. Pusha T goes on to share his thoughts on society blaming the hip-hop genre, and even himself, for the portrayal of substance abuse in the culture, what his close relationship was with the late Nipsey Hussle, his experience losing the Best Rap Album Grammy to Cardi B, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202240 minutes, 54 seconds
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Lizzo Talks Her Persona Being Bigger Than Her Music, Food Verzuz Against Saweetie & New Tour w/Latto

Lizzo has much to celebrate and it’s “About Damn Time” that the singer, rapper, producer, and multi-faceted artist is shining in all aspects that she’s furiously worked to find success and liberation. Pulling up to the Power 106 studios to not only celebrate her birthday with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty, Teddy Mora, and Javen Cannon, Lizzo chops it up about her journey in music, self-growth, entrepreneurship, and her new 'Special' tour with Latto. It has been quite the ride for Lizzo as the entertainer took some time off from touring with the hit of the 2020 pandemic, which allowed her to focus on all new music and even an introspective look at her career and personal life. While the “Rumors” rapper agrees that she’s a leading voice in genre-bending creation, it’s her ventures outside of music that continue to allow her fans to fall in love with who she is and what she offers to many marginalized voices. Speaking on her persona and impact, Lizzo shares why she believes her fans show true support for her because they connect with her on a deeper level with her stand-up and stand-out personality. And while she’s created her own lane and voice during a time when female rap is dominating, Lizzo shares her thoughts on the camaraderie felt by the ladies in hip-hop. Lizzo goes on to speak about a food Verzuz against Saweetie, a Lizzo utopia, and much more. See for privacy information.
7/11/202232 minutes, 12 seconds
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Cali's Own Sweet Taboo Speak On Being Compared As The Latina TLC, Being Inspired By Suga Free & More

The Cali reppin' Sweet Taboo first gained their foot in the industry after their Becky G cover got in the hands of a producer for the NBC show "American Song Contest." Pulling up to the Power 106 studios, the trio of ladies, Jennifer, Sami, and Ice Cold Pimp, spoke with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty, Teddy Mora, and Javen Cannon about their experience coming together as a group after having their own struggles growing up, chasing their dreams, in the Inland Empire and the San Fernando Valley. The trio speaks on life before forming the group and how they all held down regular jobs and pageant stints, which ultimately helped their chemistry as a group. Getting to know the group a bit more, the ladies share their place in music and more specifically the rap space for Bre, Sweet Taboo agrees that they represent women empowerment. The trio goes on to speak about meeting Snoop Dogg, being compared to the history-making R&B group TLC, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202218 minutes, 55 seconds
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Blxst Says He Wishes He Could Have Worked With Nipsey Hussle & Talks Producing For Kendrick Lamar

Celebrating the release of his follow-up to his debut album, LA’s own Blxst stopped through the Power 106 studios to chop it up about the transition he’s experiencing with his sophomore album ‘Before You Go.’ While the multi-faceted artist and producer has snagged collabs with Kehlani, Rick Ross, extensive projects with Bino Rideaux, and many more, Blxst shares that his creativity and his work centered on this new album is more intentional. He reveals that his real-life situations have inspired much of his music, as he comments on his relationship and family experiences. Speaking with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty, Teddy Mora, and Javen Cannon, Blxst details how his artistry and versatility improved with his confidence in all aspects of his life, even though he’s been in the game for a while. Growing up in both South Central and the Inland Empire, the “Wait Too Long” singer says both cities gave him his signature talent and edge, citing his deep LA connection that led him to produce for Kendrick Lamar, YG, and Problem. Blxst goes on to share that he always thinks about how he could have worked with the late Nipsey Hussle, speaks on what Power 106 means to him as a Los Angels native, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202222 minutes, 54 seconds
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CKay On Running Away From Family To Pursue Music Career & Hopes To Collab w/Billie Eilish & Cardi B

Nigerian singer, songwriter, and record producer CKay’s pride in his art and musical gifts are chronicled in his latest release with “Emilliana,” but with his recent crossover success, the artist is focused on staying true to his culture and the music he creates. Pulling up to the Power 106 studios, CKay shops it ups with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty, Teddy Mora, and Javen Cannon, the Afrobeats singer explains his upbringing in Nigeria and how he ran away from his family to pursue music because his family wanted him to enter the medical field or be an engineer. Finding his musical ear with the assistance of a few friends and seeing his dad play the organ as Choir Master, CKay has much planned now and says he would hope to make a song with Billie Eilish and Cardi B. The “Love Nwantiti” singer explains how the hugely successful song came together back in 2019 and the misconceptions that come with having a viral song on the Tik Tok social media platform. As the song had gone #1 on multiple platforms, CKay dispels the notion that he may only be a “Tik Tok artist.” CKay goes on to share his opinion about Afrobeats music being watered-down now that the genre has crossed over, what it’s like connecting with Nigerian artists outside of his home country, his upcoming album, and much more. See for privacy information.
7/11/202221 minutes, 28 seconds
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Medium Tyler Henry Talks Netflix Show "Life After Death" & Discovering Clairvoyance Gift At Age 10

Notable Medium Tyler Henry has connected with some of the most famous names in the business, to offer an experience that shares his clairvoyance abilities, with those who are seeking some answers from loved ones who have passed on. Coming through to the Power 106 studios to speak with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty, Teddy Mora, and Javen Cannon, the sought-after Henry gives some insight into his new Netflix series ‘Life After Death.’ While Tyler discovered his ability at an early age, with a moment that foreshadowed his late grandmother’s passing, the 26-yeard-old shares how his journey has led him to connect with thousands but also has been met with skepticism. Addressing his gift, Tyler details how he’s worked to be his best for his talent and how he’s come to have his new show. Tyler goes on to share how his reading with Jeannie Buss and a recent appearance at a Lakers game may have contributed to their recent win, speaks on the late Walter Mercado, hints at reading Teddy’s wife after a strange and haunting moment during the interview, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202224 minutes, 58 seconds
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Olly Sholotan Talks Reinventing Iconic "Carlton Banks" Character On 'Bel-Air' & Will Smith Advice

Stepping into something legendary but completely new and of its own nature, the iconic “Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air” has been refreshed and offered in a special way that has taken 2022 by storm, and actor Olly Sholotan shares his season one experience with Power Mornings. Stopping through the Power 106 studios, Sholotan chopped it with Morning show co-hosts Letty, Teddy Mora, and Javen Cannon, about the growing popularity and love that the new Peacock show ‘Bel-Air’ has received and how his new take on the portrayal of the beloved “Carlton” character has evolved for “Bel-Air” fans. Olly details how he decided he wanted to carry out the Will Smith-backed legacy and describes what that looked like for him as an actor, and someone creating something new. Stepping away from the original Carlton characteristics wasn’t particularly too hard because Olly went into filming knowing he had to reinvent the iconic role. Sholotan goes on to share the importance of highlighting the Black luxury lifestyle, the advice Will Smith shared with the show’s cast, which moments from the original series he would like to revisit with “Carlton,” and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202219 minutes, 36 seconds
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Cory Hardrict & Geffri Maya Hope To Get Nicki Minaj On The Next Season Of "All American: Homecoming"

All American: Homecoming" stars Cory Hardrict and Geffri Maya stopped through the Power Mornings show to speak on their CW staple series which highlights the authentic look at the unparalleled HBCU experience. Speaking with Power co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora, the two stars speak on the importance of representation of the Black collegiate experience that allows fans to see themselves on television and see their stories portrayed in the Hollywood industry. The show not only represents a truthful look at the culture of HBCU’s but also shines a light on the fact of the diversity of life that is not always portrayed on screen. Hardest and Maya go on to speak on their experiences of coming up in Los Angeles, their hopes to get Nicki Minaj on the next season of their show, and much more. See for privacy information.
7/11/202233 minutes, 55 seconds
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Ateez Names Eminem, Offset As Inspirations + Says Justin Bieber's "Baby" Helped Them Learn English

Ateez is an international sensation that has created their own lane and identity in the K-Pop realm and their massive fanbase clings to every moment. With numerous accolades and millions of records sold, the 8-man group stopped through the Power 106 studios for the first time to speak with Power Mornings co-host Teddy Mora and the incomparable DJ E-man following the wrap of their tour performances at LA’s historical Forum arena. While the group’s following continues to increase over social media, Ateez is working to continue to grow their brand in every country as they expand outside of their Korean come up! The band has stayed focused on their music and their recent Fellowship tour but while they aren’t busy with work, the group reveals how they take time to themselves during their downtime but also share their appreciation for their Atiny fans. Ateez goes on to speak about how they are inspired by hip-hop greats like Eminem, Offset, and Joeybadass, share their creative recording process, how they still keep their individuality, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202227 minutes, 8 seconds
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Xolo Maridueña Talks Being First Latino Superhero In DC's 'Blue Beetle' & Netflix's "Cobra Kai"

Xolo Maridueña has possibly been a part of hip-hop history since before he was born, as his mother has great ties with our radio family and although the culture may have influenced his come up, the 20-year-old is now setting out to make his own mark in history. As the actor has already made noise with his roles as Miguel Diaz in the Netflix series "Cobra Kai," and as Victor Graham in the television series "Parenthood," Xolo is gearing up to take on a pivoting role as Jaime Reyes, aka Blue Beetle, in the upcoming DC Extended Universe film 'Blue Beetle.' The forthcoming DC offering marks the first film that highlights a Latino character, which puts Xolo as the superhero of the story. The budding actor speaks with co-host Letty, of the Power Mornings show Letty and Teddy, and admits that he had to get over his ego stepping into this role and understand that this movie is not for him, it's for the representation for the Latino culture. Xolo also goes on to speak about his experience entering acting at an early age, the origins of his unique Aztec name and heritage, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202221 minutes, 28 seconds
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Buddy Speaks On Getting Dr. Dre To Clear A Sample From A Tweet & Choosing Beyonce Over Tupac

‘Superghetto’ is the highly anticipated follow-up to the debut effort ‘Harlan & Alondra’ and Los Angeles native Buddy is celebrating his pandemic bounce back as his sophomore album carries a new life of energy following a long period of uncertainty. Pulling up to the Power 106 studios to chop it up with co-hosts Letty, Teddy Mora, and Javen of the Power Mornings show, Buddy details how his new album came together and the growth he’s experienced from his solid debut effort. With songs like “Hoochie Mama” as a reminder to always enjoy your life, Buddy’s project is a result of much music created during the covid pandemic and during the return to somewhat normalcy. The “Wait Too Long” rapper reminds the Morning Show that he’s surrounded himself with an electric group of people that allow him to explore new perspectives and have opportunities to learn new things. One of those people was the late Nipsey Hussle. Speaking on Nip, Buddy admits that the celebrated LA King helped him elevate his thinking and even shared a book list with him, which he hasn’t quite finished reading yet. Buddy goes on to speak on his love for shows like the Zendaya led “Euphoria,” why he will choose Beyonce’s deep cut ‘Resentment” over Tupac’s “Gangsta Party,” having a slight altercation during this year’s Super Bowl, getting Dr. Dre to clear a sample from a tweet, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202227 minutes, 40 seconds
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Latto Says Women Can Be The Face Of Rap For The Next 10 Years & Female Rappers Work Harder Than Men

BIG LATTO has an energy that is unmatched as the breakout southern star has been in the industry as a child star, so her journey into her current level of success is a testament to everything that has impacted her life and career. Ahead of the release of her sophomore effort ’777,’ Latto celebrated the big moment and pulled up to the Power 106 studios to chop it up with the new Power Mornings Letty and Teddy show. Speaking with co-hosts Teddy Mora and Javen, the Atlanta native exudes confidence as she details her journey creating the new ‘777’ album. While she admits that it has somewhat been a challenge pulling the final product together, the rap star says she’s in this for longevity and is taking her music career seriously before she steps into any opportunities that will further her brand outside of music. Latto has had major crossover success with her Billboard Top 20 hit, “Big Energy,” which samples Mariah Carrey, and although she admits to not knowing she had a hit on her hands, the Queen of The South does share that she was drawn to the production because of the versatility she wanted to express. Not only were fans skeptical when the song first dropped, Latto hasn’t been a stranger ago handling backlash as she recently experienced some social media hate as she promoted her new single “Wheelie” with 21 Savage. Late shares that she’s continuing to learn how to deal with the fact that she’s somewhat under a microscope and now understands that when she talks, people are tapped into what she has to say. Latto goes on to speak about being competitive and how female emcees have to work twice as hard as their male counterparts, how she deals with false narratives about herself, goals she still has to conquest, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202232 minutes, 25 seconds
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Jo Koy Talks Filipino Representation w/ABC Series & Not Having Insecurities Dating Chelsea Handler

Jo Koy has been putting on in the comedy space for years and while his place in entertainment and stand-up has already been solidified, his next career venture is something that has been a part of his passion for as long as he can remember. Stopping through the Power 106 studios to speak with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora, Koy discusses his come up in the comedy game as a young father to now being behind his own ABC pilot. Jo is no stranger to sharing his life’s experiences as a part of his stand-up act, with many sets involving stories about his son and their evolving relationship. As his “Funny Is Funny” World Tour has picked back after, following the pandemic, Koy admits that his son has helped curate special moments in his stand-up show. As Koy is readying a new ABC pilot, ’Josep,’ Jo details why the opportunity is so important for the comedian as he works to have Filipino representation in television and share the stories of so many people like him. Jo goes on to speak on his relationship with fellow comedian Chelsea Handler, dealing with the insecurities of dating, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/11/202229 minutes, 41 seconds
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Anjelah Johnson Talks Starting Stand Up Comedy Career In Church & Being Inspired By Cholo Culture

Anjelah Johnson has been making us laugh for years with her iconic comedic timing and signature characters, the stand-up professional has put her life experiences and success into her new book and current tour “Who Do I Think I Am.” Johnson unconventionally entered the comedy realm after being approached by a member of her church who invited her to a free class to work on something that she didn’t think she had. While Anjelah admits that she grew up mostly not being secure with her identity as Mexican-American but not being able to speak Spanish, learning about comedy was her way of centering her talent. Angela also shares that one of the first jokes she wrote in the comedy class, was a nail salon bit that actually put her on the map years later. Johnson goes on to share how her upbringing and religion helped shape who she is today, how she comes from a funny family and that she’s not the funniest person in her family, speaks on the impact of the cholo/chola culture, and much more.See for privacy information.
7/7/202216 minutes, 51 seconds
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Cordae Compares Himself To Kyrie Irving & Talks Pandemic Inspiring 'From A Birds Eye View' Album (128 kbps)

While he’s pacing to be one of the youngest emcees to carry the torch of hip-hop artistry, the 24-year-old has leveled up in every facet of his life and music career. Taking the pandemic to reflect and self analyze his goals and aspirations in life, the current version of the Maryland rapper has garnered some of his most critical work as his sophomore album ‘From A Bird’s Eye View’ is a testament to his transitions in life and the next level of mastery he’s working to reach. Now Cordae recently blazed his appearance on the LIFTOFF show with the viral L.A. Leakers Freestyle #126, so the “Today” lyricist naturally had to stop through the Power Mornings Show with Letty, Teddy, and Javen to speak about his experience putting together his new album, NBA comparisons, and the impact of the late Nipsey Hussle. For Cordae, he’s only focused on being the best version himself and this time around his music reflects the organic growth, intent, and focus he’s put into himself over the course of the past years. The rapper goes on to share his admiration for Mos Def, and how most of his experiences translated to his entire album. See for privacy information.
2/25/202218 minutes, 30 seconds
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Eme Ikwuakor Praises Halle Berry While Working On 'MoonFall' Film & Chooses Between LeBron & Jokic (128 kbps)

Eme Ikwuakor took a moment to check in with the Letty And Teddy Power Mornings Show co-host Teddy Mora to chop it up about the new action, sci-fi film ‘Moonfall.’ Ikwuakor keeps some things under wraps ahead of the film’s release but the actor offers up a great perspective on the meaning behind the movie as he begs the question, “What are you doing, when the end of the world happens?” He continues, “What type of regrets might you have?” Sharing his experience with working alongside Halle Berry, as he portrays Berry’s husband, Eme describes that working with the acting legend put him at ease. Eme later goes on to share his thoughts on the Lakers and more.See for privacy information.
2/25/202211 minutes, 59 seconds
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Flo Rida & Miri Ben-Ari Honor MLK Jr. With New Collab + Name Florida's Hip-Hop Mount Rushmore

One of the most pivotal figures in the fight for equality and social justice, the late Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr was recently celebrated as the activist’s 93rd birthday was the reminder of how far along society has come and the optimism and the inspiration that is felt when looking to the future, especially for Grammy winners, rapper Flo Rida and violinist Miri Ben-Ari. Traditionally with Flo and Miri have held down their spots in the secular realm, so for their latest collaboration, which is in tribute to the late Dr. King, the two artists see themselves capturing an important moment in the voice of social justice. Speaking with co-hosts of the Letty and Teddy Power Mornings show, Letty and Javen, the “Symphony Of Brotherhood Rise” duo detail how the new song came together and what their connections to a higher power and the cause of equality mean to them. The two musical veterans have had their hand in the culture for decades now and the pair have finally joined forces to deliver the song which features a moving and purposeful gospel offering and also features MLK's legendary "I Have A Dream" speech. Flo shares that coming on to the new version of the song was a complete freestyle take because he wanted everyone to feel the anointing that he felt when listening to the already Ben-Ari featured instrumental. Both Miri and Flo go on to share how they’ve learned to overcome their challenges, where music has taken them to places they couldn’t imagine, Flo also shares his Florida Mount Rushmore, and See for privacy information.
2/25/202222 minutes, 32 seconds
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Gabriel Iglesias Says Bad Bunny Is The Singer Version Of Him & Talks The Rock Having Career Burn Out (128 kbps)

Comedian Gabriel “Fluffy” Iglesias is making history and not just on the comedy forefront.  Fluffy will be the first comedian to headline the historic Dodgers Stadium as part of his Netflix is a Joke: The Festival. Not only does the long-time funnyman have a lot to look forward to with his May 7th Dodgers appearance, but Fluffy has also been putting on for the culture with a huge feature s the first real person to appear on the Tapatio hot sauce bottle, after years of the company only featuring their signature logo and character.  As the comedian has been putting in work for years, Gabriel shares with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora that he’s humbled by his ability to inspire his fans through comedy. The comedian also talks about when he realized he was funny and had something special that not everyone else did.  Iglesias goes on to speak on The Rock’s constant work ethic but warns of burnout, reveals that Bad Bunny is the comedic version of himself, and much more.See for privacy information.
2/25/202226 minutes, 15 seconds
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Ángela Aguilar Talks The Late Vicente Fernández Buying Her A Horse & Learning From Her Dad Pepe (128 kbps)

While the singer is only 18-years-old, she is the youngest artist who is absolutely killing the game and carving out her own legacy in traditional Mexican music. Having been in the industry since she was a child, traveling and learning from her dad Pepe Aguilar, Ángela chops it up with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty and Teddy about the vital lessons she’s learned along the way and how her culture and love of tradition continues to inspire her to want more out of her craft. Águilar looks to the future with optimism as she shares her hopes to travel to new countries to not only perform mariachi music, but also put her opera training to work. The “En Realidad” singer has learned from her family but the company she keeps around her understands her level of celebrity and the workload she has at such a young age. Ángela Aguilar goes on to share the bond she had with the late singer Vicente Fernández and how he bought her a horse, talks about her upcoming performance at the YouTube Theater, plans to write a book, and much more. See for privacy information.
2/25/202217 minutes
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Saweetie Says McDonald's Collab Meal Was Her Proudest Business Venture & Shares Why She Meditates (128 kbps)

The Icy Queen Saweetie has been readying her debut album 'Pretty B**** Music' and while fans have been eagerly waiting, the Bay Area native has been evolving her craft, brand, and mentality as she continues to find new ways to step into her own. Saweetie already has hits under her belt, collabs out of this world, and has established herself a force from the Nor-Cal grounds but as she ties together her album, the multi-faceted rapper is approaching her project with a new mindset. Speaking with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty, Teddy Mora, and Javen, Saweetie shares that her new single "Closer," which features the assistance of singer H.ER., is a step in the direction that evolves her artistry. The 28-year-old artist reveals that she's in a place where she wants to be more vulnerable with her fans and allow to make music that shares more about her life and what goes on behind the scenes. Now, we all know Saweetie is a foodie queen and while she's gone viral for her interesting and tasty food habits, the recent McDonald's deal mogul shared with the morning show that she's somewhat on a health kick now, even though she still has her cheat days. Speaking of her recent Saweetie meal, the rapper reveals that the McDonald's collab was the proudest business venture she's had to date. Saweetie goes on to share her hopes to collab with Rihanna, the reason why she meditates, and much more.See for privacy information.
2/25/202219 minutes, 25 seconds
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Usher On Reaction To Viral Moment Jason Derulo Was Mistaken For Him & Hopes To Perform At Super Bowl (128 kbps)

The iconic Usher has not only opened doors for many R&B singers, but the entertainer has transcended as an influence on pop culture, and his latest Vegas residency is a true testament to where his legacy stands. Speaking with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora, the diamond-selling crooner details his excitement for his Vegas return, as his residency show will expand this summer with its new home at the Dolby Live at Park MGM. Usher details how this year’s residency is different from his first run as subtle, yet important, differences in sound and performance enhance each show. Usher goes on to talk about the viral moment that went down a few weeks ago when singer Jason Derulo was mistaken for him and Ush also details his hopes to one day headline the Super Bowl halftime show. See for privacy information.
2/25/202217 minutes, 54 seconds
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YG Talks J. Cole Support Early On In His Career, Tom Brady Social Media Antics, & "Scared Money"

YG has solidified himself as a pillar not only in West Coast rap but has built a brand close to Cali but felt and understood worldwide. Coming through the Power 106 studios to chop it up with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty, Teddy Mora, and Javen, the Compton native talks new music, his growth in the industry, going up for the Rams and coming for Tom Brady on social media, and sheds some light on the late Nipsey Hussle. “Scared Money” is the new collab that is breaking the internet right now as the track sees YG link up with Moneybag Yo and J. Cole. While many would believe that the trio is a surprise match-up, YG speaks on the love and support Cole once showed him early on in his career, when many didn’t believe in bringing the “street” rapper on tour with the North Carolina emcee. The rapper first set off the West Coast with the massive anthem “Toot It & Boot It” and YG takes a moment to look back at the past decade of his career and how he believes he represents the city. Although YG does admit the single somewhat cornered his image and sound, he shares that his growth as an artist has helped him appreciate the success of the record. YG goes on to talk about his fandom for the Rams and how he connected with NFL legend Tom Brady, the similarities found in his debut album and Kendrick Lamar’s ‘good kid, m.A.A.d city,’ drops his album title, and much more.See for privacy information.
2/25/202238 minutes, 35 seconds
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Nicki Minaj Says There's No Denying Her 2010s Mount Rushmore Spot & Talks Being Provocative As A Mom

The comeback season for Nicki Minaj is all the way strong as the hailing queen is readying the new single "Do We Have A Problem" with the assistance of one of the hottest in the game right now, Lil Baby. It's been quite the decade for Minaj, as there's no doubt her pen game and megastar power helped carry female rap during the 2010s era, and while the multiple platinum artist is getting back out on the music front, Nicki is definitely shinning with a different perspective on her career. Chopping it up with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora, Minaj shares that, with the birth of her son and the influence she's had in the industry, there really isn't much to prove anymore and she's ready to enjoy the fruits of her labor. Nicki is set on being in total control of what songs she wants to create, who she wishes to collaborate with, and whether she wants to be provocative or not. Speaking on her new collab with Lil Baby, the Queen gives the Atlanta native his flowers and respect as she explains that Baby is indeed on top of the world, but he continues to remain humble and still hungry, which is why she wanted him a part of the record. Nicki Minaj goes on to speak about being an example as a mother, extending her hand to the next generation of emcees, why there is no doubt that she's supposed to be on the Mount Rushmore of the 2010s, and much more.See for privacy information.
2/25/202219 minutes, 54 seconds
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Russ Talks New Album ‘Chomp 2' & His “Favorite” and “Best” Top Five

Russ recently released his album ‘Chomp 2,’ which the rapper has been calling ‘the album of the year.’ The project dropped back on December 8th and includes features and production from 9th Wonder, The Alchemist, Snoop Dogg, Big Sean, Styles, P, Papoose, Lloyd Banks, Jadakiss, and more. ’Chomp 2’ marks Russ’ 14th studio album and is the follow-up to his November 2020 EP, ‘Chomp.’ While in Los Angeles, Russ stopped by the Power 106 studios for the Liftoff show with Justin Credible and DJ Sourmilk to discuss the new project, his “favorite” and “best” top five, the inspiration behind his hustle, and much more. See for privacy information.
12/28/202114 minutes, 49 seconds
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Roddy Ricch Talks How He Wasn't Passed The Torch To LA, But Took It & Paying Homage To Nipsey Hussle

It’s been two years since the release of his chart-topping debut, and now Roddy Ricch is back with his sophomore album ‘LIVE LIFE FAST.’ And Roddy stopped by the Power Mornings show with Letty and Teddy to talk with co-hosts Teddy Mora and Javen Cannon about the new project, his inspirations, and more. ‘LIVE LIFE FAST’ is the follow-up to Roddy’s debut album ‘Please Excuse Me for Being Antisocial’ and was created throughout the pandemic. The project includes 18 tracks with features from Future, Gunna, Takeoff, and more; and He shared with both Teddy and Javen, the album covers the period between the first album and the second. His focus this time wasn’t to re-live, or go back in time to recreate what he’s done, but to give something new and do it again. The album is being considered to have a “No Skip Policy” and although Roddy allows his fans to pick the single, he’s dubbed his song “All Good” with Future was his personal favorite. Roddy Ricch also discussed working with Ye, and how he taught him how to be a visual learner, his relationship with the late Nipsey Hussle, not being passed the torch in Los Angeles, but taking it, and even dropped his monumental west coast albums in the last 10 years. See for privacy information.
12/28/202131 minutes, 12 seconds
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PnB Rock Speaks On Calling Out Soulja Boy With Bird Chain & 2015 “High” Track Going Tik Tok Viral

PnB Rock recently went completely viral for a huge, gold-plated bird, which he deemed as the biggest chain in the game. While he also called out Soulja Boy, knocking him out of the ranks as the first rapper to ever rock the biggest chain in the game, PnB’s chain wasn’t the only topic of conversation, as his ‘2 Get You Through the Rain’ EP and birthday are all on his list of celebrations. Tapping in with the Power Mornings Show, with co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora, the Philly native had much to discuss with his “High” track taking over the Tik Tok realm. The 2015 song has lit up Tik Tok with dance challenges, which is the perfect set-up for his EP release. Speaking on ‘2 Get You Through the Rain,’  the “Selfish” rapper speaks on the vulnerability of his past relationship challenges he faced during the 2020 pandemic. PnB also explains his decision to add “High” to the EP. PnB Rock goes on to name the late hip-hop legends Tupac Shakur and Biggie Smalls and experience being a Pac fan growing up in Philly, shares what it was like being Muslim and not being able to celebrate Christmas, and much more. See for privacy information.
12/28/202118 minutes, 15 seconds
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RZA Comments On Tik Tok 'Bing Bong' Trend & Discusses Wu-Tang Clan's Legacy In Today's Generation

A true icon and pioneering legend in the hip-hop space, who has remained in a lane of his own, Wu-Tang Clan's RZA checked in with the Power 106 Mornings Letty and Teddy show to discuss his instrumental artistry and impact on crafting the staple of the hip-hop genre. With a hand in portraying the story of Wu-Tang Clan in the captivating Hulu series, RZA speaks with Letty and Javen about the challenges and rewards of producing a monumental project on his group's come-up in the game. Speaking on the art and meaning behind spirituality, as well as the debut album 'Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers),' the multi-faceted icon shares how his connected thinking changed his outlook on life and how it also inspired his own creativity. RZA goes on to speak on the viral Tik Tok "Bing Bong" trend, which is somewhat sampled by his saying, shares his musical heroes, which includes Stevie Wonder, Issac Hayes, talks his legacy, and much more.See for privacy information.
12/28/202130 minutes, 50 seconds
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Dame Dash On Importance Of Protecting Women - 'Women Create Life. That's The Closest Thing To God'

The legendary Dame Dash checked in with the Power Mornings show co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora to drop some much-needed knowledge and gems on tapping into a higher level of thinking, his incredible track record of pursuing new dreams and not succumbing to challenges, a new partnership with Fox Soul, and much more. Dash has not only created an entire legacy with the iconic Roc-A-Fella label, but the entrepreneur has entered into a new realm of entertainment with his growing resume in the film and production industry. Outside of creating his own opportunities for those he finds tremendous talent in, Dame speaks on how society has moved from supporting and protecting women, in which he further details how women are the closest beings to God. Dame Dash goes on to share his thoughts about not being controlled by an oppressor’s ideologies and his new film ‘Prince Of Detroit.’ See for privacy information.
12/28/202129 minutes, 29 seconds
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Kirk Franklin Shares His Experience Tributing Nipsey Hussle On The Same Day Kobe Bryant Passed

A complete legend in not just the gospel realm of music but in the culture of religion and its deep connection with hip-hop, Kirk Franklin stopped by the Power 106 studios to chat with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora. Currently promoting his latest venture with Lifetime, ‘A Gospel Christmas,’ which is Franklin’s first film project he has produced, the coveted force shares that he wants to showcase the genre of gospel music in a way that opens more people to the talent and the word of the genre. Speaking gems and light as he shares his experience as a gospel artist and leader of Christ, Franklin details his new film and how some of the lessons of the film have also played out in his own understanding of purpose and service. Kirk Franklin goes on to share what it was like tributing the late Nipsey Hussle during the 2020 Grammys, which was also the same day Kobe Bryant passed, says a prayer for the Lakers this season, and much more.See for privacy information.
12/28/202124 minutes, 43 seconds
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Watts Homie Quan On Importance Of Connecting Black & Brown Communities + Paying Homage To Suga Free

Hometown Hero Watts Homie Quan has made a name for himself as he authentically carries his city and passions for creativity, acting, comedy, music, and more all on his shoulders. Growing up in South Central, Los Angeles, Quan first began to find his passion in comedy and music while attending school, where he discovered his ability to comically impersonate former President Barack Obama. And while Quan first began to gain piece together his venture into the business, when Chris Brown hyped his skills as a dancer, the LA native’s success is a testament to his drive and his hopes to shine a light on the true lifestyle and community of the street culture. Quan’s series “Growin Up In LA” is a portrayal of every influence he’s been inspired by as well as his experiences growing up in the city. Quan speaks with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty and Teddy about the importance of shedding light on the connections and respect for the Black and Brown communities. Quan shares how the Latino community has not only supported his show but also understands the similarities of culture with the Black community. Watts goes on to speak on why he pays homage to Pomona legend Suga Free, shares a Nipsey Hussle impersonation, and much more. See for privacy information.
11/29/202120 minutes, 46 seconds
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Iman Shumpert Credits Wife Teyana Taylor For Inspiring His Rap Career & Talks Impressive "DWTS" Run

Former Knicks guard and title Champion Iman Shumpert has taken the sports world by surprise with his impeccable breakout progression during this year’s "Dancing With The Stars" season. Shumpert came through to the Power Mornings studio to chop it up with co-hosts Letty and Teddy about his historic run on the ABC-featured dancing spectacle. As Shumpert is in the top contender position for the coveted mirror ball, the skilled baller has put himself in a league of his own with his viral ballroom moments. While Iman admits that he’s in a new phase in his life with basketball, music, DWTS, and what is next for him, the all-around artist has a lot to offer and explains that much of his musical inspiration came from his wife Teyana Taylor. Shumpert shares with Letty and Teddy about coming up as a kid, being inspired by Michael Jordan, and how in his ball career he wanted to make sure to connect with all of his fans, in the most smallest and significant ways he knows possible. Iman goes on to discuss his close friendship with the late Nipsey Hussle, why he doesn’t like to be only seen as a basketball player, and much more.See for privacy information.
11/29/202132 minutes, 25 seconds
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Cardi B Talks Obsession With Penn Badgley & Netflix's "You" + Working With Halle Berry On 'Bruised'

One thing about Cardi B, she will always do things her way and you can always expect the unexpected! Tapping in with the Diamond-selling rapper, Letty and Teddy Mora of the Power Mornings show chop it up about Cardi's upcoming gig as the AMAs host and everything she's tackling since giving birth. While Cardi will hold down hosting duties for the anticipated awards show, she's feeling the nerves but does have any doubt she'll make history this Sunday. Speaking on her recent collaboration with Hollywood superstar actress Halle Berry, Cardi's executive production work putting together the first all-female featured movie soundtrack surprised her some as she saw a few of her peers take on the challenge of bringing their A-game. The 'Bruised' soundtrack shows Cardi in a new direction as she helps lead the vision for the project. Cardi B goes on to discuss her obsession with the Netflix show "You," how her daughter Kulture reacts to her balancing career and family life flexes all of her Presidential knowledge, and much more.See for privacy information.
11/29/202114 minutes, 54 seconds
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Rocsi Diaz On Gratitude As FOX's "Alter Ego" Host & Why She Doesn't Want Uninvited Girls In Her VIP

Rocsi Diaz has been putting on in the industry as a host, radio personality, and model for a few decades now and while she serves as an inspiration to many in the culture, her gratitude for her current position as FOX's "Alter Ego" host is a feat that she's still in awe about securing. Coming through to the Power 106 studios to chop it up with Power Mornings co-hosts Letty and Teddy Mora, the much-loved and respected, former 106 & Park host details the significance of the new "Alter Ego" show. Created as a somewhat "blind opportunity" for overlooked talent, Rosci heads as the show's host, which also features celebrity judges Alanis Morriset, Nick Lachey, Grimes, and Speaking on her personal alter ego traits, Rocsi playfully shares why she doesn't like uninvited girls in her club section, and she also goes on to speak about interviewing boxer Canelo Alvarez, growing up in New Orleans with Honduran and Chilen roots, and much more. See for privacy information.
11/29/202125 minutes, 12 seconds
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Silk Sonic Detail Debut Album & Rank Bruno Mars' Super Bowl Appearances Second To Janet Jackson's

We first got a glimpse of the new super-duo Silk Sonic when Grammy-winning artists Anderson .Paak and Bruno Mars came together to drop their hit "Leave The Door Open," back in March 2021. Followed up with their second single "Skate," a few viral moments, and an official debut live performance, and their latest "Smokin' Out The Window" single, .Paak and Mars have finally arrived with their highly-anticipated debut studio album 'An Evening With Silk Sonic.' Speaking with Power Mornings co-host Teddy Mora, the multi-faceted artists tapped in for a virtual rundown of all things Sonic debut. Featuring nine-smash records, the album proves of not only the duos' strong camaraderie but their complete unmatched musical chemistry. Mars and .Paak detail how they'd describe their debut album in three words and also share their experience hearing their music live on Power 106 for the first time. Silk Sonic goes on to rank Bruno Mars' Super Bowl appearances, which of their solo songs they'd wish they had written for themselves, and much more.See for privacy information.
11/17/202114 minutes, 23 seconds
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Chlöe Bailey Talks Kelis Inspiring _Have Mercy_ Lyrics, Booty Positivity, & Tia & Tamera Impact

Chlöe Bailey has officially stepped into her own as a young woman, as well as her own artist. Stepping back from her sister duo with Halle Bailey, Chloe's blazing solo single "Have Mercy" not only has kept the internet on fire, but her MTV VMAs performance debut solidfied the shift in her career and personal journey, so there's no way you can't put respect on her name. Coming through the Power 106 studios to speak with Power Mornings co-host Teddy Mora, the multi-talented singer and actress reflected on the emotional moment of performing her "Have Mercy" single on the MTV stage for the first time. Chloe admits that the entire performance was an "out of body" experience for her, and she's still in shock now that the moment is etched into VMAs history. Sharing how her new single and visual supports "Booty positivity," the singer goes on to speak on empowering women through her own confidence and self-acceptance, as the 23-year-old Atlanta native details why she decided to keep her stretch marks visible on her "Have Mercy" single artwork. There is no question that Chloe has studied and found mentoriship with the Queen Beyonce, but the performer also reveals her love for singer Kelis, who inspired lyrics on "Have Mercy." Chloe goes on to share her thoughts on astroology, her favorite shows to binge watch, how she and her sister Halle were inspired by Tia & Tamera, and also speaks on breaking the internet when she dropped her solo Instagram account. See for privacy information.
10/14/202157 seconds
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Lil Nas X Watches Kanye West Interviews For Motivation & Speaks On If Rappers' Opinions Affect Him

One of the biggest stars, who has completely taken over all aspects of music and of course the internet, Lil Nas X pulled up to return to the Power 106 studios to speak everything Montero with the Power Mornings co-hosts Teddy Mora, Demi Lobo, and Noah Ayala. The 22-year-old artist has evolved into the person he is now, due to the effects of the unprecedented coronavirus pandemic. As we all learned to cope and adjust to the times that the novel 2020 year put before us, Nas speaks on his humility and how the pandemic taught him to become more fearless and unapologetic. There is no doubt the stature of his stardom holds an enormous weight for the 15x platinum artist as he continues to be more celebrated and in demand. For the openly gay rapper, Nas points his confidence to his ability to be a representation for his younger self and for those who are not afraid to live in their own spotlights. Discussing his album's success, Nas X shares with the morning crew that although he was a bit sad at first, that he missed out on being number one to Drake, he knows that he will get there soon. Also highlighted on 'Montero' is the "Industry Baby" collab with Jack Harlow, in which Nas details how the record came together and how he's pushing the envelope and bringing back the importance of the music video standard. Lil Nas X goes on to speak on some of the biggest controversies he's found himself in, such as the pregnancy ordeal and comments on how the opinions of rappers in the game have personally affected him, as well as sharing his charity work, desire to enter into the television realm, touring, how he watches Kanye West motivational videos, and much more.See for privacy information.
10/1/202121 minutes
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Jay Pharoah Discusses 'Spittin Image' EP w50 Cent, Ice Cube Impersonations & Jay-Z's Lyricism

Jay Pharoah is without a doubt one of the most brilliant talents in the game when it comes to comedic relief and his accomplished career has led him to exactly where he is now. A distinguished SNL alum, the multi-talented actor went through somewhat of a re-birth after leaving the acclaimed late-night show, Pharoah currently has a new EP where he puts his talents to the next level with impersonations featured on 'Spittin Image.' Taking some of his favorite artists and utilizing his nearly perfect impersonations, Jay speaks on his upbringing and how the murder of his teenage friend helped him go after his dreams. Pharoah also tells Teddy Mora and Demi Lobo, of the Power Mornings show, that his favorite rapper's song "Beach Chair" helped him out of his depression and made him appreciate Jay-Z's lyricism. Jay goes on to speak his Top 3 sketch comedy shows of all time, shares how Kanye West, Jay-Z, and Drake would respond to a Verzuz battle, and much more.See for privacy information.
9/14/202121 minutes, 30 seconds
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Johnell Young Chooses Between Kanye's 'Donda' & Drake's 'CLB' + Talks Connecting With Wu-Tang's

The 'Wu-Tang: An American Saga' Hulu-featured series has made major noise since its 2019 debut, and although the pandemic put a hold on the forthcoming second season, "Saga" star Johnell Young lets us know that we are all in for an amazing new offering. Young is definitely in good company as fellow music co-star Dave East has helped bring life to their famed characters GZA and Method Man, respectively. The two have not only brought the hip-hop icons to life on the small screen but both Young and East have also gone head-to-head and balled each other up. While Young does admit that East and Migos rapper Quavo have some skill, they can't see him on the court. Speaking on his experience of portraying Wu-Tang member GZA, Johnell explains to Power Mornings co-hosts Teddy Mora, Demi Lobo, and Noah Ayala that the legendary rapper GZA has made himself available to him by helping him capture his true essence for the television show. Johnell goes on to share what he learned about himself during the lockdown period of the coronavirus pandemic, how Quavo was the first first to give him respect for his "Saga" portrayal, where he sees his acting career heading, and chooses between Kanye West's 'Donda' or Drake's 'Certified Lover Boy' albums.  See for privacy information.
9/8/202117 minutes, 8 seconds
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Oscar De La Hoya Speaks On Returning To Boxing After Past Traumas Of Sexual Abuse & Mother's Pas

Oscar De la Hoya announced his initial retirement nearly 13 years after he was defeated by Manny Pacquiao, and now today, the boxing legend is focused on attaining complete closure on his life and his career with one last fight. Speaking with Teddy Mora of the Power Mornings show, De La Hoya gets extremely candid about regretting his early retirement and how his emotional state didn't align with his physical stature. Oscar describes the past few years as "hell" where he explains that the sport of boxing is saving his life, since the day he decided to make his return to the ring. Passionately reminding himself that he's put drugs and alcohol behind him, Oscar reflects on his life's obstacles and where he stands in his career today. Nicknamed boxing's "Golden Boy" at the early age of 17, De La Hoya speaks on the pressures he experienced attempting to be something that people wanted him to be, while he endured his past traumas about his mother's passing and being sexually abused as a child. Oscar opens up about the clarity his life now has and whether or not he's making a return to the sport for money. The icon also goes on to speak on an upcoming 4-part series based on his life and shares his thoughts and memories of the late Kobe Bryant. See for privacy information.
9/3/202118 minutes, 54 seconds
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Rotimi Talks Tank Collab On New 'All Or Nothing' Album & Balancing Being Sex Icon While Engaged

Rotimi has been on his come up for quite some time and with his solidified success in television and film, the multi-talented artist is ready to cement his artistry in the music realm. As the actor-singer has a lot to juggle between new acting gigs and music ventures, his much anticipated 'All Or Nothing' album is due this week and it shows the artist connecting with the likes of Yung Bleu, Tank, and many more. Rotimi tells the Power Mornings co-hosts Teddy Mora, Demi Lobo, and Noah Ayala that the project took a year and a half to finally come together, and fans can expect a little bit of everything from him, including singing, rapping, wedding songs, and even songs for your family. In addition to his discussion for the love of music and his new album, Rotimi takes a moment to share how he continues to hold down his fiance, as it's a love he doesn't want to hide. Rotimi goes on to talk about his upcoming film projects, how he's focused on outworking everybody, shares his most memorable Kobe Bryant moment, and much more.See for privacy information.
9/2/202116 minutes, 32 seconds
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Bun B Speaks On Mentoring Drake Early On In His Career & Plans Of UGK + Three 6 Mafia Supergroup

The undeniable Houston hip-hop king, Bun B, stopped through to the Power Mornings show to discuss some of the iconic moments throughout his career which includes the once-formed supergroup with UGK and Three 6 Mafia, his mentoring position with Drake, to his current business ventures, and his most memorable moments of the late Kobe Bryant. Speaking with the morning show co-hosts Teddy Mora, Demi Lobo, and Noah Ayala, Bun and artist Phyzikal Da King discuss their creative relationship and how their latest collab "Hands On Da Grain" came together. While Bun B has co-signed and placed Phyzikal under his mentorship wing, the "One Day" emcee discusses the role he played early on in Drake's career and how he continues to stay in contact with the hip-hop megastar. Bun also shares how Scarface, of the pioneering group Geto Boys, inspired him during his come up with music. For Bun, the entrepreneur and rap icon has definitely had some memorable moments throughout his career, from working with Jay-Z to putting his city on with his late band member Pimp C, the rapper shared that there was once a chance the culture could have gotten a rap supergroup as UGK and Three 6 Mafia almost came together as "Underground Mafia." Although the two groups weren't able to flush out the idea, B shares that "Sippin' On Some Syrup" was the initial formation of the group, and the hit "Int'l Player's Anthem" has a version featuring Three 6 instead of OutKast. Bun and Phyzikal go on to share their memories of basketball legend Kobe Bryant, why Bun B spoke out in support of Megan Thee Stallion, and much more. See for privacy information.
8/24/202129 minutes, 2 seconds
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Soulja Boy On Tapping Out During Smoke Session With Snoop Dogg & Breaking The First-Ever iPhone

There pretty much isn't anything that Soulja Boy hasn't had his hand in or even been the first rapper to ever conquer, and this time around, the viral and controversial artist is ready to get to the bag with his latest Grizzley Peak collaboration for Soulja Exotics. Soulja has joined the ranks of many rappers who have entered into the cannabis business and the "She Make It Clap" emcee is completely hands-on with this own product. Soulja's been in the game for a minute now, so he's learned from the best smokers in rap, like the legendary Snoop Dogg, who actually made Big Draco tap out during a smoking session. Soulja recounts the Snoop moment with Power 106 co-hosts Teddy Mora and Melissa Rios and he also reflects on how he broke the first-ever iPhone doing a "Crank That" tutorial. Soulja goes on to comment on having to defend his name with receipts for what he's accomplished, shares how he wants to be the first rapper in space, and much more. #SouljaBoy #SnoopDogg #CrankThatSee for privacy information.
8/10/202123 minutes, 13 seconds
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Vedo Speaks On Debate Of Songwriting For Tik Tok Gain & Why 2021 R&B Is Different From The Past

With credits under his belt for the likes of Chris Brown, Ella Mai, Usher, and many more, multi-platinum artist and songwriter Vedo stopped through the Power 106 Studios to discuss his latest musical offering "Yesterday." Speaking with Power Mornings co-hosts Teddy Mora and Melissa Rios, "The Voice" alum has had a breakout story since leaving the hit reality television competition series. As Vedo has worked as a songwriter throughout most of his career, it took some convincing from his manager to offer up his skills to other artists because much of is his written work was always personal to him. Now that Vedo has found his own footing again, as an artist, father, and songwriter, the singer details his gratitude for success through advice he received from his father. During the novel 2020 coronavirus pandemic, Vedo's "You Got It" became an instant viral hit, and while the songwriter admits that he doesn't particularly go into a writing session to "make songs for Tik Tok," he shares that there has to be some element to a catchy song for everyone to be able to pick up on for social media use. Vedo goes on to share why he believes the sound of R&B is different in this current generation, shares the first song he remembers writing when he was just 12-years-old, names his Top 5 R&B singers list, and much more.See for privacy information.
8/2/202116 minutes, 20 seconds
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Saweetie Explains Bigger Meaning Behind Her "Pretty Privilege" & How She'll Become A Billionaire

The Icy Queen of 'PBM' makes her return to the Power 106 studios for an in-depth and personal conversation with Nick Cannon of the Power Mornings show. Saweetie embodies every aspect of what it means to lead your own life as a multi-faceted woman. Sharing her thoughts on women empowerment, the Bay area native does not shy away from the fact that she is not only one of the hottest and most talked-about rappers in the game, but she is also a college-educated entrepreneur. With sights set out on becoming a billionaire, the "Best Friend" femcee tells Nick Cannon that she has active plans of expanding her brand outside of music that will further her ambitions. Saweetie is no stranger to preconceived notions that many have placed on her, but as she continues to build and elevate her brand, the rapper has come to stand in her own growth and truth and acknowledges that her "pretty privilege" isn't exactly what everyone thinks it to be. And, just as her Icy University sets out to empower and inspire her fans, Saweetie's definition of her "Pretty B**** Music" and "Pretty Privilege" monikers all encompass a deeper definition. Saweetie goes on to speak on her forthcoming music projects, how she's putting her family in positions to win, shares important advice with Nick, and much moreSee for privacy information.
7/21/202140 minutes, 15 seconds
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Doja Cat Speaks On Misogynistic Views Of Female Rappers & How She Handled Being Culturally Canceled

There is no doubt that Doja Cat has experienced a whirlwind since infamously dropping "Mooo!" which shows the multi-faceted artist dressed as a cow, placing french fries up her nose. While Doja explains to Nick Cannon in the latest Power Mornings interview that the song changed her life, she shares that there was no mistake in releasing the record and that she hoped to reach the level of success she now holds.  Stopping through for a virtual conversation, with Mornings' host Cannon, the "Woman" singer touches on a range of topics from societal views on female rappers and misconceptions when it comes to her intelligence, her perspective on being culturally canceled on several occasions, as well as sharing her top five artists and Doja looks, plus much more.  For the 'Planet Her" femcee, being "canceled" has been a growing and learning experience as she explains she's taken accountability for her past infractions and even gives Nick Cannon advice on how to deal with the public scrutiny. Doja also shares that while society and the industry only look to women in rap to be one-dimensional, the singer dispels that women in her position are no one-trick ponies and are intelligent and free beings.  Doja also takes time to share her Top 5 favorite artists, which include the likes of Drake, Erykah Badu, and Nicki Minaj, as well as her favorite comedians, and past red carpet looks she's effortlessly conquered. See for privacy information.
7/20/202129 minutes, 2 seconds
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Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad - Criminology Is The Study of A Black Man -- How Do You Explain This Conce

Dr. Bahiyyah Muhammad joined Nick Cannon to discuss criminology in light of everything going on with police brutality. They talked about a difficult concept of “criminology it the study of a black man” and explains the concept behind it along with the theory and data on which is crime concentrated in the lower class along with theories that are deadly and dehumanizing statics.See for privacy information.
6/8/202020 minutes, 36 seconds
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Danny Trejo: We Are In A Gang Fight Now

Actor Danny Trejo shares his words of wisdom to the people regarding the protests in communities around the Nation on Nick Cannon Radio. When asked for his thoughts on the Malcolm X quote of “America only understands the language of violence”; Trejo says “We’ve come to the point where we are in a gang fight now… This is no longer about police brutality.” What are the solutions? Trejo says “now we got sit down – both sides – sit down and talk. We have got to get all them people that were protesting, get them (to) sign the petition…” See for privacy information.
6/8/202011 minutes, 42 seconds
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#SnoopDogg on #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd, Seeing People Stand Up, Next Generation of Music + More

The one and only Snoop Dogg joins Nick Cannon and discusses the #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd moment sweeping the local communities, states, and the nation. Snoop says that this is the first time in his 48 years that he’s seen “Blacks, Whites, Latinos, Asians and all people of all walks of life come together for one particular cause”.See for privacy information.
6/8/202015 minutes, 5 seconds
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Maxine Waters He's The Most Vicious Dog We Know and We're Not Afraid of Him!

#MaxineWaters joins the #NickCannon Morning show and speaks on people on the frontline during this most critical time in history for the black community. Maxine Waters talks about what we should be doing to implement change, how to lead by example, law enforcement, and more.See for privacy information.
6/8/202018 minutes, 17 seconds
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Mayor Eric Garcetti on $3 Billion to Law Enforcement, Peace Officers, George Floyd Protest + Mor

LA's - Mayor #EricGarcetti joins #NickCannon and talks about the $3 Billion on law enforcement, changing the language from law enforcement to upholding the law, mental health trainings for officers, #GeorgeFloyd protests, Chief Moore and more.See for privacy information.
6/8/202023 minutes, 34 seconds
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Herb Wesson - This Country Never Atoned for It's Greatest Sin Which is Slavery

Herb Wesson joins #NickCannon on #GeorgeFloyd. Says these are rare moments in history where we can change the world + more.See for privacy information.
6/8/202018 minutes, 37 seconds
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Rizza Islam Anyone Who Has Disagreement with Protests You are Disagreeing with Founding Father

Brother Rizza Islam joins #NickCannon for a conversation on #GeorgeFloyd, Protests, Dealing with Law Enforcement, and more.See for privacy information.
6/8/202020 minutes, 2 seconds
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Dr Melina Abdullah joins Nick Cannon on talks on #JusticForGeorgeFloyd, Creating Peace Officers and more

Dr. Melina joins #NickCannon for talks on #GeorgeFloyd, police power, and talks on eliminating police officers to create peace officers + more.See for privacy information.
6/8/202011 minutes, 17 seconds
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Lil Jon Discusses #SexBeat, Potential Verzuz w_ #36Mafia + #BoneThugs, and Top 5 Influences

#LilJon joined #NickCannon and talked about his last Verzuz #TPain battle and doing some more things together. While discussing the #Verzuz Lil Jon would like to see a potential 36 Mafia v Bone Thugz considering it was a big rival in the streets. Lil Jon also talks about his new current hit SexBeat with JD, Usher, Ludacris on how it came together + video coming out soon and more.See for privacy information.
6/8/202023 minutes, 47 seconds
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G Herbo on the #QuarantineLife, Success of PTSD + Features, Community Work, Beef Rumors and more

#GHerbo checks in with #NickCannon on Quarantine Life, the amazing things he's doing in the community, PTSD, and how he wishes #JuiceWRLD was here to enjoy the success and more.See for privacy information.
6/8/202025 minutes, 38 seconds
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Zonnique Puts Nick on DM Game, Talks New Music and Entrepreneurship

#NickCannonMornings: #Zonnique joins #NickCannon and talks about #quarantinelife, how she uses DM's and puts Nick on to the game, what other music to expect, and more.See for privacy information.
6/8/202016 minutes, 53 seconds
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#Quarantine Check-In with MITCH on How He Got His Start, Linking with #YG, New Music + more

#Quarantine Check-In with #MITCH and #NickCannon on how he got his start to linking up and producing music with #YG. MITCH goes into detail and describes his sound and talks about new music and recent collaborations and more.See for privacy information.
6/8/202010 minutes, 10 seconds
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112 on Latest #Verzuz Battle, Who They Want to see Next, Being Discovered by #Diddy and More

#112 checks in with #NickCannon on their latest #Verzuz battle against #JaggedEdge, current tours, who they would like to see next on the #Verzuz battle and more.See for privacy information.
6/8/202015 minutes
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#Ludacris on #Verzuz Battle, Presentation, How Records Age, SexBeat, Earlier Career + More.

Ludacris checked in with #NickCannon on his early career, staying grounded, humble, and not forgetting where you come from. Coming off of the main event of the #SwizzBeatz and #Timbaland's Verzuz Luda discusses his presentation, and how some hits may not hit the same today and how some tracks still bang in the club.See for privacy information.
6/8/202026 minutes, 2 seconds
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'High Talk' with #WizKhalifa on New Society Norms + #TheSagaofWizKhalifa.

Wiz Khalifa joins the Nick Cannon Morning Show remotely during #covid19 #selfquarantining and has 'High Talk' on new social norms and his newly released project "The Saga of Wiz Khalifa". See for privacy information.
4/21/202012 minutes, 34 seconds
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Blueface And Nick Cannon Argue Over Who Puts Down Better In The Bedroom

Yea...Aight! Blueface pulled up to Nick Cannon Mornings for a Close Conversation where he dropped his expectations for his debut album 'Find The Beat', takes a sex test where he gets a little candid about his bedroom behavior, which leads to a hilarious debate over who's better in bed. Blueface also speaks on his 'Friday After Next'-inspired visual with DaBaby and his appearance on "Wild N Out"!See for privacy information.
3/13/202013 minutes, 30 seconds
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Tammy Rivera Addresses Rumors That She Used Waka Flocka's Name For Her Own Success

Tammy Rivera came through to the Nick Cannon Mornings studios to chop it up with Teddy Mora and Melissa Rios about how she's staying busy as an entrepreneur, mother, and artist. With hit TV appearances on shows like 'Love & Hip Hop" under her belt, Rivera is now bringing her family life front and center for the new WeTV "Marriage Bootcamp" show with hubby Waka Flocka Flame. Speaking on their marriage, Tammy addresses the hate she's received for building her own brand behind the success of her husband, but it's definitely something she is not ashamed about. Tammy also shares that she has a new album expected to drop in April, updates on her daughter's gloss line, and what to expect from the new family show.See for privacy information.
3/9/202019 minutes
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Sean Paul Thinks Rihanna Is The Only Artist Who Gives The Most Respect To Dancehall Music

Sean Paul has been in the game for four decades now and has put Dancehall on the map with every record he's dropped. Having gained international success with tracks like "Temperature", "Give It Up", "Like Glue", and many more, Paul comes through to Nick Cannon Mornings to discuss how the popular genre stills doesn't receive all its due recognition. Sean also talks to Teddy and Melissa about wanting to mentor new artists, the caution he takes with social media and his private life, and addresses some of the old rumors surrounding Beyonce and Jay-Z.See for privacy information.
3/7/202029 minutes, 54 seconds
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Deitrick Haddon & Nick Cannon Discuss Whether Kanye West Is Making Gospel Music Only For Profit

Progressive Gospel singer, producer, and pastor Deitrick Haddon came through the Power 106 studios for a Close Conversation with Nick Cannon about his strong upbringing in church and non-secular music. Speaking on a range of topics surrounding religion and today's society, Haddon opens the discussion about rapper Kanye West and his role and impact with his Sunday Service and focus on now religious music releases. Deitrick also goes on to speak on his views of the passing of the late Kobe Bryant, why he walked away from his former label, and his latest musical project.See for privacy information.
3/4/202040 minutes, 1 second
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Bria Murphy's Art Empowers African American Community And Works To Spark Sustainability Conversa

Bria Murphy is on a mission to make art cool again and not just cool but in a way that sparks provocative conversation. Stopping through Nick Cannon Mornings, Bria might be the daughter of famed comedian Eddie Murphy but she has an impressive resume of her own when it comes to her passion. While her goal is to strike the interest of many who have never been exposed to the idea of art, Bria shares that she wants to bring more awareness to sustainability and for people to tap into their artistic abilities. Bria also talks about her biggest fear and shares that she loves pimple popping.See for privacy information.
3/2/202020 minutes, 4 seconds
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Calboy's Main Goal Is To Keep Getting Platinum Plaques For Career Longevity

Chicago-raised rapper Calboy stopped through Power 106 for a Close Conversation with Nick Cannon of Nick Cannon Mornings. The rising rapper has a lot to look forward to with a new album on the horizon and Calboy chopped it up about his journey making a name for himself and his inspiration behind his music. Since going viral with his first music offerings on YouTube, the "Long Live The Kings" rapper has been strong at music for the past 6 years and is only in it for longevity. Calboy shares that his last projects's title was inspired by losing six of his friends but also shares that his new album will have a guest appearance from Chance The Rapper.See for privacy information.
3/2/202018 minutes, 14 seconds
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Tamron Hall Comments On Her And Gabrielle Union's Experience Facing Social Injustices Working In

Tamron Hall had a close conversation with Nick Cannon about her experience facing social injustices while working for major television networks like NBC. Hall opens up about her "role" as the "token black female" in the news industry, and also shares her connection to Gabrielle Union's recent controversy with America's Got Talent. Tamron goes on to speak about juggling new motherhood while executive producing her hit talk show, shares her greatest fear, and reveals an Oprah quote she lives by.See for privacy information.
2/26/202038 minutes, 8 seconds
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YFN Lucci Speaks On Rising From The Streets To Stardom After I Wonder Why Skooly Collab (1)

Atlanta rapper YFN Lucci came through Power 106, Nick Cannon Mornings to talk all about his life before stardom and even hands over a stack of cash to Nick after a brutal game of Connect 4. Sharing his story of his come up, Lucci confesses that it was the his Skooly collab that got him out of the hood and helped him realized that he made it in the industry when he noticed he was in the company of Migos and more of his peers. Peep what Lucci lists as his guilty pleasures, his most prized possessions, and more.See for privacy information.
2/21/202014 minutes, 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

2 Chainz & T.R.U. Talk Shady Side Of Music Rights + Mase & Diddy's Publishing Feud

Atlanta discovered and #2Chainz' endorsed group T.R.U. came through the Power 106 studios to discuss how the group was formed and how Chainz has impacted the group's work ethic. While group members #Skooly, #SleepyFresh, #Cap1 have experienced life's ups and downs before signing with T.R.U. University, the group's main focus is investing in their future. Chainz also goes on to shed light on starting his own label and assisting up and coming artists, new music from the group, and much more.See for privacy information.
2/20/202029 minutes, 56 seconds
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Charlie Wilson Says Young Artists Don't Have A Support System & He Is Not A Fan Of The 27 Club

In their close conversation, Nick asked “Uncle Charlie” about his upcoming show, his career longevity and working with current and legendary artists, and expresses his empathy for younger generation rappers who pass away too soon, too often.See for privacy information.
2/11/202035 minutes, 56 seconds
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Beyonce & Rihanna Tapped In To Dancehall But Kranium Wishes More Artists Could Represent The Gen

Jamaican reggae and dancehall singer Kranium came through Nick Cannon Mornings for a Close Conversation about the impact dancehall has had on mainstream culture. Artists from Beyonce and Rihanna have all assisted in making the genre a growing phenom but Kranium wishes that more artists could bring the movement forward. Kranium also chops it up about his new project, his freestyle nature, some of his guilty pleasures, and more.See for privacy information.
2/11/202014 minutes
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Marc E. Bassy On Consumer Culture People Really Value You In LA Based On How Much Money You Ha

Marc E. Bassy stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings to talk with Nick about the Hollywood lifestyle and its impact on culture, his new independent project and song with Tory Lanez, his journey coming up as an artist and what is motivating him nowadays.See for privacy information.
2/5/202022 minutes, 3 seconds
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The Black Eyed Peas Talk New Single Ritmo With J Balvin, Taboo Overcoming Cancer

The Black Eyed Peas stop by Nick Cannon Mornings to discuss their history as a group and the path they took to get here. From Hip-Hop to Electro to Reggaeton, this group has been a creative force that seems unstoppable.See for privacy information.
2/3/202034 minutes, 53 seconds
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Rotimi On Working With Eddie Murphy On The Coming To America' Sequel

You may know #Rotimi from his role on the hit show ‘#POWER’ and he stops by for a close conversation with Nick Cannon to talk growing up in a Nigerian household, his journey transitioning to music, working with Wale and Akon on his most recent project, and his role in ‘#Coming2America’.See for privacy information.
2/3/202020 minutes, 8 seconds
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Yo Gotti Partnered With Roc Nation To Combat Inhumane Mississippi Prison Behavior

Yo Gotti sat down with Nick Cannon to share stories about his experience meeting Dr. Dre and reflect on his top 5 favorite rappers that made him the artist he is today. Gotti also details how he brought in Jay Z's Roc Nation company to use their influence for prison reform, his upcoming project 'Untrapped', his tour with his whole crew including Moneybagg Yo, Black Youngsta, Blockboy JB and more.See for privacy information.
2/3/202021 minutes, 58 seconds
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Jetsonmade On Fear After Success Of DaBaby's Suge It Scared Me Didn't Want Song To Surpass M

Tahj Morgan, better known as Jetsonmade, is quickly becoming one of the industry's budding producers with huge credits under his belt like DaBaby's "Suge", "BOP", and many more. Repping the Carolinas, Jetson stopped through Nick Cannon Mornings for a Close Conversation about the success he's had with his breakout hits, his fear of his records surpassing his talent, his fan out moment when he met Jay - Z and Beyonce after signing to Roc Nation, and his plans to put more artists on in the game instead of solo spotlight, and being inspired by Mustard and Zaytoven.See for privacy information.
1/23/202015 minutes, 29 seconds
Episode Artwork

Moneybagg Yo Says Yo Gotti Believed In Him From Day One & Inspired Bagg To Build His Own Empire

Moneybagg Yo came through to have a Close Conversation with Nick Cannon to discuss the elevation of his career. While the Memphis rapper confessed that he once began rapping only for the money, Bagg saw his passion grow for creating music, work ethic, and creating an empire. Bagg also goes on to share that Yo Gotti was the first person to fully support his music with the advice he gave him, talks the affects of social media and real life, possibly working with Roddy Ricch in the future, and much more.See for privacy information.
1/23/202017 minutes, 16 seconds
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Will Smith Persuaded Nicky Jam To Audition For 'Bad Boys For Life' Role After World Cup Collab

Nicky Jam came up in Boston and delivered his first album at the early age of 12. Gaining popularity with the co-sign of his Dandy Yankee collab, Nicky has since bounced back from experiencing a life of drugs and jail time. Jam took some time for a 'Close Conversation' with Nick Cannon to discuss transitioning to an international Spanish artist, his relationship with Will Smith that led to his role in the newest Bad Boys entry, the moment he met Denzel Washington and had a complete super fan run-in, and Nicky also shares the role Instagram and digital streaming services have built his career.See for privacy information.
1/20/202021 minutes, 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

Netflix's 'Rhythm + Flow' Alum Londynn B Had A Childhood Crush On LisaRaye

New York native Londynn B has been putting on for herself for quite some time but her appearance on the hit Netflix series 'Rhythm + Flow' has undoubtedly heightened her star quality. Coming through for a Close Conversation with Nick Cannon, Londynn talks the opportunity the rap series provided, her focus to dive into the fashion industry, reveals her childhood celebrity crush in LisaRaye, and much more.See for privacy information.
1/17/202010 minutes, 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

Jim Jones Says Juelz Santana Is In Great Spirits While Currently Serving 27 Months In Prison

Jim Jones and his Dipset family have secured their place in hip-hop history with pushing their unapologetic New York flare to the top of the charts. Coming through to the Power 106 studios for a Close Conversation with Nick Cannon, the ‘El Capo’ rapper discusses his latest album that has the streets already deeming it a classic, his return to reality television with Love & Hip Hop, his venture into the growing marijuana industry, and gives an update on forthcoming Dipset music and the status of Juelz Santana.See for privacy information.
1/15/202035 minutes, 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

O'Shea Jackson Jr. Stole Change From The Rock After Meeting For The First Time

O’Shea Jackson Jr. has been in the industry his entire life, coming from hip-hop royalty with the legendary Ice Cube being his father, O’Shea has definitely cemented his place in Hollywood with his expanding resume and building career. Chopping it with Nick Cannon for a Close Conversation, O’Shea details his acting come up and how Hollywood has type-casted him, his current role in the ‘Just Mercy’ film, which focuses on prison reform, what it was like meeting both Kobe Bryant and The Rock as a teen, and much more.See for privacy information.
1/15/202033 minutes, 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

Trippie Redd Talks About Mariah Carey’s Influence On His Music

Trippie Redd pulled up to Power 106 for a Close Conversation with Nick Cannon Mornings where he shared how Mariah Carey had a big influence on him growing up and wanting to create music that connected with people in an emotional way. Redd also discusses being a rock star in the hip-hop space, the meaning of his tattoos, and what he’s looking forward to with his career.See for privacy information.
12/16/201923 minutes, 24 seconds
Episode Artwork

Compton Rapper 1TakeJay Says His Favorite Movie Is ‘Matilda’

Coming up in the streets of Compton, 1TakeJay shares that the street life didn’t have an impact on his outlook and he never wanted to be a part of the gang culture growing up. Stopping through Nick Cannon Mornings to talk about how life has changed since focusing on music, 1TakeJay also details his rap style, breakout single “Hello”, and even shares a few of his favorite things in the Firing Squad.See for privacy information.
12/16/201917 minutes, 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

FatBoy SSE Went From “Grimy Street Cat” To Family Man

Coming up from the success of being a social media celeb, FatBoy SSE has completely switched up his life for the better. Stopping through Nick Cannon Mornings, the rapper chops it up about appearing on ‘Wild N Out’, connecting with Juicy J for a 2020 release, deciding to make it official with his girl and tying the knot, and shares some things you might not have already known about him in the Firing Squad.See for privacy information.
12/16/201917 minutes, 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

SOB X RBE Speak On Being Underdog Black Rappers & Struggles As A Group From The Bay

SOB x RBE stopped by Nick Cannon Mornings to talk about their upcoming work including a new single with Zaytoven, their struggles as a group from the bay and dealing with being the underdog again, meaning behind strictly only brothers, and reminiscence on 'Wild N Out'.See for privacy information.
12/12/201927 minutes, 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Fabolous On 'Summertime Shootout 3' Mixtape & Staying Relevant.

Fabolous checks in with Nick Cannon and talks about the importance of staying relevant in the game after releasing so many hits/ remixes, the difference between todays industry compared to a few years ago & speaks about his growth through it all.See for privacy information.
12/12/201930 minutes, 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

The Game Speaks On Getting Credit As Lyricist: “I Would Have To Die To Get Everything I Deserve”

The Game stops by Nick Cannon Mornings to discuss his new album "Born 2 Rap, reasons why he is retiring, what being a lyricist means, taking Nipsey Hussle on his first tour, album artwork and more!See for privacy information.
12/12/201946 minutes, 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

Roddy Ricch Shares Advice He Received From Nipsey Hussle And Young Thug

Rapper Roddy Ricch stops by Nick Cannon Mornings to talk about advice that was given to him from influential people in the industry, his come up and learned lessons, his debut album and more.See for privacy information.
12/9/201929 minutes, 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

Wack 100 Compares Biggie Smalls & Nipsey Hussle: “He Was Not A Legend When it Came To Music”

Wack 100 has been the topic of conversation since his recent comments about the late Nipsey Hussle. The outspoken manager sits down with Nick Cannon Mornings to explain his opinion why he believes Hussle’s music catalog does not grant his “legendary” moniker. While Wack gets into the debate, he compares the late Biggie Smalls to Nip, comments on the current T.I. riff that’s played out on social media, and Wack even drops his greatest fear in the Firing Squad.See for privacy information.
12/6/201923 minutes, 4 seconds