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English, Video Games, 1 season, 16 episodes, 23 hours, 9 minutes
The home of Post Game Lobby! Weekly video game podcast with discussion and interviews! Your weekly source of video game news and releases! direct questions to: [email protected]
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Post Game Lobby - Final Show

It's been almost 5 years since I started this show and this is it. Its coming to an end. What was initially started as an escape and a hobby had slowly become a chore. So this is it's end. But we do leave on a good note. So thank you for the 5 years of sticking around listening to my stupid ass and please continue being awesome. - Cam If you wanna watch the livestream of this show go visit
10/18/20152 hours, 4 minutes, 52 seconds
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6/09/2014 - Post Game Lobby

After a 3 week hiatus the crew has returned and are hopefully back to their weekly schedule! Crypt of the Necordancer,a new Bravely Second trailer and an elongated LoL section are all what you have to look forward to this week on the Post Game Lobby!
9/7/20141 hour, 32 minutes, 17 seconds
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16/08/2014 - Post Game Lobby

We're back at it again! Cam talks about his "wonderful" trip to the NYC, how the TMNT movie was, and if more than one Assassin's Creed game a year is a good thing! So sit back and relax while we soothe you with another great Post Game Lobby!
8/18/20141 hour, 27 minutes, 35 seconds
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26/07/2014 - Post Game Lobby

BACKSTREETS BACK ALRIGHT! The crew is here for another week of podcast shenanigans and this time its for a livestream! Bravely Default eats up most of the conversation this week, along with talks of Shadows of Mordor, and other stupid stuff! Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!
7/28/20141 hour, 9 minutes, 44 seconds
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12/07/2014 - Post Game Lobby

We're back and we're firing sick video game rhymes so fast you can't even see them! Tyler and Cam talk about how they're going to move to space, why Watch_Dogs was over hyped, and hoping for Cpt Falcon to be in new Smash! So sit down and enjoy a good 'ole listen to the Post Game Lobby!
7/13/20141 hour, 3 minutes, 16 seconds
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21/06/2014 - Post Game Lobby

We're back after a week break with our semi E3 show! We do a summary of the conferences, what games we're excited for, and what we hope for next year! Come and enjoy the Post Game Lobby!
6/22/20141 hour, 17 minutes, 18 seconds
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7/6/2014 - Post Game Lobby

Do you like podcasts? We like podcasts! So here it is, our weekly show! This week Cam talks about how he did absolutely all week, why Watch_Dogs doesn't run on PC, and our E3 prep work! Just sit back and enjoy the Post Game Lobby!
6/8/20141 hour, 29 minutes, 26 seconds
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31/05/2014 - Post Game Lobby

We're back after month long absence to bring back the best podcast around! Anime North, illegal bbq handling, and dank weed clouds are all up on the talking block this week. You don't want to miss a thing on the Post Game Lobby.
6/1/20141 hour, 27 minutes, 53 seconds
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03/05/2014 - Post Game Lobby

Cam has his computer back and is more ready than ever! Demon's Souls being not that hard, Cam's long week, and a shit ton of League of Legends news are all up for talk this week. So take a break, relax and welcome to the Post Game Lobby!
5/4/20141 hour, 19 minutes, 49 seconds
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19/04/2014 - Post Game Lobby

Blaze it and Praise it friends! Its Easter and it's time for a podcast! Cam and the crew are back from a week off and talk about Game of Thrones, League of Legends playoffs, and how OP Feral Flare is! So sit back and enjoy the Post Game Lobby!
4/20/20141 hour, 25 minutes, 52 seconds
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05/04/2014 - Post Game Lobby

We fight through technical difficulties so you don't have to! With Fraps being on the fritz all episode the crew try their best to bring you a near perfect show! Talks of Riely's retreat, trips to Boston, and inappropriate timed jokes, you'll be sure to enjoy this week's show!
4/6/20141 hour, 29 minutes, 1 second
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30/03/2014 - Post Game Lobby

Sonic is gunna SAVE THE PRINCESS! This week the crew is back and more ready than ever to give you the best show around! With talks of Dark Souls, the bot lane meta in League, and Sonic in the world of Zelda, there's sure to be something you love in this episode so sit back, relax, and welcome to the Post Game Lobby.
3/30/20141 hour, 16 minutes, 58 seconds
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22/03/2014 - Post Game Lobby

The crew returns after a 3 week hiatus but only as a 3 man show. Cam, Tyler, and Rowan are the only people awake to do the show so they take it into their own hands! Assassin's Creed Unity, hours and hours of Dark Souls, and why censorship is a burden are all up on the talking block this week! So sit back, relax, and welcome to the Post Game Lobby.
3/23/20141 hour, 31 minutes, 48 seconds
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22/02/2014 - Post Game Lobby

Sit back, relax and welcome to the Post Game Lobby. This week on the show Cam and Tyler talk about Assassins Creed and what they hope for the future of the series, discussions on Twitch Plays Pokemon, and how Strife thinks it can topple the king of MOBA's, League of Legends. So take a seat and enjoy the show!
2/23/20141 hour, 39 minutes, 15 seconds
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09/02/2014 - Post Game Lobby

Take a seat, relax, and welcome to the Post Game Lobby. This week, the crew talks about Sonic Boom and how Knuckles looks like he's on steroids, how the new Call of Duty WILL BE THE BEST EVER, and why exactly job fairs are stupid. So don't go anywhere, we're just getting started!
2/9/20141 hour, 38 minutes, 35 seconds
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03/02/2013 - Post Game Lobby

Welcome to the Post Game Lobby! Same old show, brand new name! Formally known as the "R3aper Podcast" the crew has underwent some revamping of the show and it's back and it's better than ever! Nintendo buying other companies, a new Ouya, and failing at sports are all up for talk this week on the show. So sit back, relax, and enjoy!
2/4/20141 hour, 16 minutes, 5 seconds