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English, Finance, 2 seasons, 19 episodes, 10 hours
Insights and conversation about the latest issues in indirect procurement, bought to you by CASME, the global membership community for procurement professionals.
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Be Mentored to Fast-Track your Business Skills

Business acumen training is not the exclusive entitlement of leadership; Procurement teams need it too!  Beyond gaining the essential technical skills of procurement, business skills such as effective communication, change management and relationship-building are crucial for adding value, improving purchasing processes, and gaining innovation within the organisation’s supply base.  In this episode, our special guest Malcolm Harrison and host Graham Crawshaw explore the possibilities and practicalities of being mentored as a means to broaden these skillsets through learned and lived experiences of a group or individual mentor. 
29/11/202342 minutes 34 seconds
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Mastering Digital Transformation With Jennifer Sieber

Discover the essential steps to a successful digital transformation in this insightful podcast with special guest, Jennifer Sieber, Head of Global Procurement Data and Insights at Gilead Sciences, Inc. Listen as she explains how to manage an efficient digital metamorphosis for Procurement that not only embraces technology, but also focuses on the vital components of people, process and change management across the whole organisation.
16/10/202326 minutes 4 seconds
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The Journey to Supplier Diversity with Kylie McKinley

Kylie McKinley's journey with supplier diversity initiatives began in the late 1990s when she first ventured into the field of Procurement; becoming a diversity advocate, long before it gained global prominence.  In this podcast, she emphasises Procurement’s role in actively fostering inclusion alongside other aspects of ESG. Drawing from her own experiences supporting indigenous and diverse communities, she offers valuable guidance to those starting their journey, demonstrating how to seamlessly integrate supplier diversity into their procurement strategies and supply chains. Recorded before Australia's Voice referendum 2023, Kylie underscores the importance of authentic support for diverse suppliers, as a means to showcase an organisation's values and attract employees and investors, rather than regarding it as a standard compliance procedure.
12/10/202337 minutes 53 seconds
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The Rise of Marketing Procurement

Starting her career in Procurement as a graduate recruit in 2000, Brioney Moore, now NPS Procurement Director Global Marketing at Reckitt, talks with Graham Crawshaw about the deepening influence of the marketing category. She explains why Marketing Procurement is a core business partner in driving successful business transformation and offers her advice on building relationships with other stakeholders.  Together, they review some of the latest marketing procurement initiatives, having both appeared as guest speakers at ProcureCon Marketing 2023.
17/08/202329 minutes 35 seconds
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Powering Procurement with AI

Go beyond the hype with practical examples from our special guest Sachin Kasture, Digital Excellence and Capability Director, Procurement at WPP Group. In this podcast, Sachin talks with host Graham Crawshaw about the mindset needed for an AI future, and how AI technology will streamline RFP processes to help both buyers and sellers.  They review ChatGPT’s accuracy during a live test, introducing an AI roadmap for Procurement, and discuss the added value of human sense-checking and responsible implementation.  
03/07/202323 minutes 48 seconds
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Developing Procurement’s Win-Win Mindset

As a positive high-energy sports coach, and Global Head of Marketing Procurement at Seagen Inc., Garrett Clark shares his passion for applying the principles of athletics coaching to the practice of procurement.  In this episode, we learn how he’s become a self-proclaimed ‘unconventional procurement innovator’ who has a healthy love-hate relationship with Procurement, what mentality he adopts for productive collaborations, and why he believes the balance of power in supplier negotiations needs a paradigm shift to achieve real progress. 
03/05/202341 minutes 3 seconds
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The Neuroscience of Procurement

Stimulate your brain with this fascinating ‘NeuroProcurement’ podcast!  Listen to Rob Halsall, certified NeuroLeadership™ Practitioner and CASME facilitator, as he reveals five simple and healthy habits to Graham Crawshaw for optimising your cognitive abilities, improving your executive performance, and ultimately setting you apart in the dynamic world of procurement.
22/03/202339 minutes 1 second
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Category Management: Insights and Strategies for Success

If Procurement is to add value to the business, plans need to be continuously developed to optimise spend, improve supplier relationships and boost innovation.  Nicolas Passaquin, Head of External Spend Management at Telia Company AB, discusses the key challenges of category management with Graham Crawshaw and explains how the best use of talent and technologies can generate improvements that support its future evolution.
01/02/202337 minutes 42 seconds