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The economy & politics – from waaaaay outside the beltway. Marketplace looks at what matters most to Americans, and why the frame of "insiders vs. outsiders" says more than the stale divisions of "left vs. right" and "big government vs. small." From American Public Media. Visit for more, or find us on Twitter, we're @marketplace
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Predicting Sean Spicer as White House Press Secretary

Kai and Andrea discuss if D.T.S. (drain the swamp) is D.O.A. and how appointed press secretary Sean Spicer will handle his role between government and media. Subscribe to our Marketplace's podcasts at or send us an email: [email protected].
22/12/20169 minutes 45 seconds
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The rise of the deficit hawks

Kai and Andrea discuss what the appointment of Mick Mulvaney will mean for the federal budget, and how Trump's Inaugration celebration is shaping up. Got questions about politics and the economy? Send an email to [email protected] or let us know on Twitter, @Marketplace, @KaiRyssdal and @radiobabe.
19/12/201612 minutes 45 seconds
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'No formal chain of command'

Kai and Andrea discuss what positions are left on Trump's economic team and what Trump meant when he told the country's tech leaders that his team has "no formal chain of command." Got questions about politics and the economy? Send an email to [email protected]
16/12/201611 minutes 53 seconds
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The first hundred days

Kai and Andrea talk Obama's recess appointments, the future of the filibuster in Congress (or, why Democrats may have shot themselves in the foot for the next four years) and why the stock market continues to rise. Got questions about politics and the economy? Send an email to [email protected]
15/12/201617 minutes 14 seconds
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A little less punch at the economic party

While investors have their eyes trained on the Federal Reserve, the political world is looking at something else — four gold elevators. Kai and Andrea talk interest rates, Trump's latest Cabinet picks, and which nominees the Democrats may try to block. Got questions about politics and our economy? Send us a note, email [email protected]
14/12/201616 minutes 26 seconds
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Liberal, conservative or something else

This past election has us wondering whether our political parties make sense anymore. We asked you to come up with new terms to describe your politics, and boy, did you deliver. Kai and Andrea talk to two listeners who are trying to break free from left vs. right and do something radical — listen.  
13/12/201612 minutes 27 seconds
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What's the big deal about Goldman Sachs?

President-elect Donald Trump names Goldman Sachs exec Gary Cohn as the head of the White House National Economic Council. Is banking experience an asset or a detriment when it comes to economic policy? Plus, Kai and Andrea discuss Trump taking aim at Lockheed Martin's F-35 fighter jet costs. Got a question about economics over the next four years? Send them over to @marketplace, @KaiRyssdal and @radiobabe. 
12/12/201614 minutes 29 seconds
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A steelworker's economy

On today's show, we hear from St. Louis, Missouri and Granite City, Illinois — two cities, separated by one river, with drastically different views on Trump. Plus, is it time for a new political vocabulary? Are you a liberal, conservative, populist, or something else? Tell us the terms you use to identify yourself, we're @marketplace, @KaiRyssdal, and @RadioBabe. 
09/12/201621 minutes 9 seconds
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Carl's Jr. and the Department of Labor

Trump is expected to tap Andy Puzder, a fast-food CEO, to head up the Labor Department. Kai and Andrea break down his views on robots, wages, and overtime pay. Plus, the impact of Trump's tweets on our economy. 
08/12/201614 minutes 11 seconds
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Let's get ready to rumble

We've got new appointments for the Environmental Protection Agency, the Small Business Association, and ambassador to China. Kai and Andrea talk about Trump's latest picks, where they come from, and how they could shape policy for the next four years. 
07/12/201610 minutes 29 seconds
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Trump vs. Boeing and the real cost of Air Force One

Donald Trump says the U.S. is paying too much for its Air Force One program. Kai and Andrea talk with Gregory Sanders of the Center for Strategic and International Studies about what makes Air Force One so expensive and what Trump's tweets may tell us about his views on defense spending. 
06/12/201613 minutes 9 seconds
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Trump's 35% tax

Over the weekend, Trump called for a 35 percent tax on products sold by any U.S. business that moves jobs out of the country. Kai and Andrea discuss Trump's proposal and what it would take for him to get it done. Got questions about politics and your economy? Tweet them to us @Marketplace, @KaiRyssdal, and @RadioBabe. 
05/12/201611 minutes 27 seconds
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The economy that Trump inherits

New numbers out this week point to a strengthening U.S. economy. The unemployment rate is at its lowest since the Great Recession and economic growth is ticking up. How will Trump's administration build on this? Kai and Andrea take stock of the recovery and Trump's latest Cabinet pick, retired Marine General James Mattis. Got questions about the transition, who's in and who's out? Tweet them to us @Marketplace, @KaiRyssdal and @RadioBabe. 
02/12/201613 minutes 22 seconds
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Politics mailbag: Ethics, market reactions and the Fed

Kai Ryssdal and Andrea Seabrook answer your questions on conflicts of interest, stock market reactions and what to expect from the Federal Reserve over the next four years. Got questions about the election aftermath, Trump's first 100 days or the future of the American economy? Tweet them to @Marketplace, @kairyssdal or @RadioBabe.
01/12/201615 minutes 18 seconds
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Trump's economic vision comes into shape

Billionaires Steven Mnuchin and Wilbur Ross have been appointed Treasury and Commerce Secretary by President-elect Trump. Carrier Air Conditioning announces it will keep 1,000 jobs in Indiana after originally planning to move them to Mexico. Kai Ryssdal, Marketplace's Washington Bureau Chief Andrea Seabrook and Bloomberg's Brendan Greeley discuss what that will mean for the next four years of Trump-onomics. Got questions about the economy under a Trump presidency? Tweet them to us: @Marketplace, @KaiRyssdal and @radiobabe.
30/11/201614 minutes 55 seconds
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Another day, another round of Cabinet picks from Trump

Another day, another round of Cabinet picks from President-elect Trump. Kai Ryssdal and Marketplace's Washington Bureau Chief discuss what the appointments of political veterans Tom Price, Elaine Chao and Seema Verma and a possible choice of Mitt Romney for Secretary of State mean for the political outsider-elect. Got questions about the economy under a Trump presidency? Tweet them to us @Marketplace, @KaiRyssdal and @radiobabe.
29/11/201616 minutes 49 seconds
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The echo chamber and Trump's circle of advisors

A look at the failed Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba, the resulting Cuban Missile Crisis, and good news/bad news situation of inexperience in executive office.Got questions about the economy under a Trump presidency? Tweet them to us @Marketplace, @KaiRyssdal and @radiobabe.
28/11/201612 minutes 16 seconds
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Trump lays out his economic agenda

President-elect Donald Trump outlines his plans for the first 100 days backed by "a simple core principle, putting America first." Kai Ryssdal and Washington Bureau Chief Andrea Seabrook discuss how a Trump Administration can follow up on its promises of bringing jobs back stateside. 
22/11/201612 minutes 26 seconds
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Democrats hit the reset button

Incoming Senator Minority Leader Chuck Schumer looks to rebuild the Democratic party, and Ohio Rep. Tim Ryan looks to unseat Nancy Pelosi as House Minority Leader. Both agree there's a place for blue-collar workers in the Democratic Party.Got questions over the economy over the next four years? Tweet them at @Marketplace, @KaiRyssdal and @radiobabe.
21/11/201616 minutes 31 seconds
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Repeal and replace, but with what?

President-elect Donald Trump promised to "repeal and replace" Obamacare during his campaign. Now he's saying he may keep some parts of the law. We take a look at what could stay, what might go, and what's too soon to tell.
18/11/201613 minutes 48 seconds
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Trump's Ohio and the global economy

Globalization can feel like an abstract force, or it can feel much more personal. Today, we've got the view from Dayton, Ohio. Plus, a look at the nitty-gritty of tax reform. As always, send us your questions about the economy and how it's changing post-election.
17/11/201616 minutes 51 seconds
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Infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure

We got a few questions about how Trump's infrastructure plan could get through a Republican-controlled Congress:Mike Rodgers asked, "since history indicates republicans don't want to fund anything, what's that mean for trumps ideas?"Justin Taylor asked, "how long will it take to get a $1 tril #infrastructure bill written, passed, signed, and get projects started, & $ flowing?"Marketplace's Washington D.C Bureau Chief Andrea Seabrook joins the show to discuss those questions and the Democratic Party's playbook the next four years.Got questions over the economy over the next four years? Tweet them at @Marketplace.
16/11/201611 minutes 50 seconds
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Is fiscal responsibility out the window?

You guys had some questions about how Congress will work with a Trump presidency and whether fiscal responsibility will be out the window over the next four years.We're tackling some of that today on the podcast starting with listener Jim Gordon, who asked: "How much can Trump directly affect policy with existing checks and balances? Will we see interest rates rise?"Here's Washington Bureau Chief Andrea Seabrook:One of the things we've been talking about in our editorial meetings is that the one area that Donald Trump really negotiated or consulted even with Republican leadership in the House and Senate was on economic policy, specifically taxes and spending. And so in many ways the Donald Trump tax policy mirrors the Paul Ryan tax policy, and there's a good reason he did that. Paul Ryan is a policy wonk, he is the head of the House of Representatives, and anything that is going to happen, speaking of checks and bal
15/11/201614 minutes 12 seconds
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Trump's trillion-dollar infrastructure bill

It's President-elect Trump Day 6, but who's counting? On Sunday, Trump announced Reince Priebus as White House Chief of Staff and Stephen Bannon as Chief Strategist. Marketplace's DC Bureau Chief Andrea Seabrook explains the reaction from Washington:First of all, oh my gosh. If Wednesday was a shocker for the entire Washington politician universe, having Reince Preibus move in as the Chief of Staff, it's a big shock. The man has been on the outs of the Republican party for years now. This is the guy who shepherded out the establishment fundraising platform, even post-Citizens United. This is the guy who more or less scared away every donor. Maybe he was a harbinger of a Donald Trump presidency, because the Republican party has eaten itself alive for a lot of years and was thought to be eating itself alive in this election, until Donald Trump pulled out Wisconsin and Michigan, and now it's Reince Preibus in the White House?  I think I've said this three times in this podcast, we woke up
14/11/201612 minutes 5 seconds
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Trump's tricks of the trade

President-elect Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were on the same page on one issue — infrastructure. But will Trump be able to convince Republican lawmakers to pony up a trillion dollars for his proposed plan? And if he does, how will the country pay for it?Marketplace's Washington Bureau Chief Andrea Seabrook says it puts the GOP in a bit of a quandary:For people like Paul Ryan and the traditional Republican Party that is in place for the House and Senate, this is not just a rhetorical shift. Their entire ideological base, the things they truly believe in, are based on not running up any more debt and deficit and shrinking government and frankly when you cut taxes, no matter how much they would like to do that and how much they believe in this idea that cutting taxes stimulates the economy, you drain the treasury. So how do they do it? I don’t know. I think there’s a very good case to be made that
11/11/201610 minutes 44 seconds
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Who wants a job?

On today's show, we're reading the exit poll tea leaves to see how different groups voted. Plus, President-Elect Donald Trump turns to filling out his cabinet.  Traditionally, a Republican administration brings in Washington insiders and members of conservative think tanks, but Trump is far from a traditional Republican. Here's Marketplace DC Bereau Chief Andrea Seabrook:There's a really big difference between, conceptually, rhetorically, between slowly molding the economy that should be, which is what Hillary Clinton did, and saying, "the economy that is sucks for you [and] for us," which is what Trump said. I think that the people that have already lost that insiders-outsiders battle, who already don't have access, they're the ones who voted for Trump by and large.
10/11/201614 minutes 39 seconds
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The election hangover

President Barack Obama made one public prediction before the election: That the sun would rise on November 9 regardless of who won. What he didn't say was the sun would illuminate an America that's much different than many people thought it was. Marketplace's Washington Bureau Chief Andrea Seabrook breaks it down in the latest installment of "Politics Inside Out": There is so much about this election that is shocking for so many reasons– the polls, the media and this and that – but really what we need to look at it as is a reflection of ourselves. If there are that many people in our country who didn’t know that a huge center of our population feels completely disenfranchised – like it is outside of the whole system – well then that says something about the people who thought that. It says something about how much we are able to ignore. It says something about the privi
09/11/201612 minutes 11 seconds
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Goosebumps and tears on Hillary Clinton's big night

The Democratic National Convention wrapped up last night with a speech from the party's official nominee, Secretary Hillary Clinton. We checked in with delegates about what they wanted to hear from Clinton's speech, and again afterward to see if they got what they wanted. And we share our favorite recorded moments from the DNC in a friendly competition we've been calling our "audio smackdown."
29/07/201613 minutes
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An evening of seersucker and 'malarkey'

Day three of the DNC served as a rebuttal to the pessimistic tone present at the RNC last week. President Barack Obama said that Americans embrace the future, rather than fear it, while Vice President Joe Biden described Donald Trump's ability to empathize with the middle class "a bunch of malarkey." Secretary Hillary Clinton also made a surprise appearance, sharing the stage with Obama. Plus, we asked convention attendees some questions from our listeners. One of the people who answered was dressed head to toe in seersucker — which could be an early sign of unity within the Democratic Party.
28/07/20167 minutes 54 seconds