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English, Cultural, 3 seasons, 41 episodes, 17 hours, 47 minutes
Insights, visions and truths from the end of the world - well, from an organic farm at the far end of Cornwall, UK - by Palden Jenkins, a veteran of the movement for change. About life, the world, other worlds, ancient worlds, future worlds and the rather interesting world of Paldywan Kenobi. Palden is a partially-disabled terminal cancer patient. He's also a veteran in the movement for change, with not a lot of time left, who has a few things to say before he goes. He watches the world from far away and sees a few things that many people with busy lives don't have time and space for.
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It's good to just make a habit of it - like breakfast. Not a big thing, or a discipline we cannot measure up to. Take it easy, but make a basic commitment to building it into your life - even if just once a week. Because that's fifty times in a year, and 500 times in a decade. You notch up quite a bit of experience that way. I'm not a meditation teacher or even a very good meditator, but I've been at it a long time, and here are a few thoughts and stories from my own way of doing it. On Sunday evenings at 7pm GMT a group of us in different countries meditates together at the same time, wherever we are. We each do our own thing, but together, with a simple shared intent to raise the world's level an inch by doing so. If that interests you: The podcast is 34 minutes long. Recorded sitting by the stream on the farm in Cornwall. With love from me, Paldywan Kenobi. --- Send in a voice message:
2/24/202434 minutes, 31 seconds
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This is about time. Time is what stops everything happening all at once. It stretches us out across a kaleidoscopic storyboard of life-experiences. But in the end, the seemingly lengthy sequence of days and daily life experiences melts into relative insignificance. It's what we have become by going through life that matters most. It's the burnishing and polishing effect of pleasure and pain. Our inner evolution is not something that is hooked directly into time: the progress we make depends more on willingness and openness than on time. If we devote much of our energy avoiding experiential intensity in our lives, we evolve more slowly. Our experience and usage of the time we have is very much a matter of deep choice. Living life to the full. Not just the comfortable, pleasant stuff but the grindstone, the fire and the soulquake too. It's 37 minutes long. This time the recording studio is a field on our farm, with an appearance from the migrating geese of Grumbla. With love from me, Paldywan Kenobi. --- Send in a voice message:
10/27/202337 minutes, 46 seconds
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We need to get this into proportion. It's a polarised, zero-sum issue for most people - we believe in conspiracy theories or we don't, but look at the space in between. The answers aren't straight and simple. There's truth and falsehood in the conspiracy game, and it's important not to gobble up ideas because they sound plausible, they fit your picture or they look like a conspiracy. But don't reject it all either, just because it's smoke and mirrors, it makes you feel uncomfortable, others disapprove or authoritative voices pass it all off. Here, Palden gives his own considered assessment. With background help from the springtime birds of Botrea and Betsy the farm dog. --- Send in a voice message:
6/12/202333 minutes, 44 seconds
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Healing the World 1

First of a series about my thoughts and experiences around world healing consciousness work. Over time I've gathered quite a lot of experience in this, in my own explorations and working in groups. In the 1990s I ran the Hundredth Monkey Project - camping retreats for 100 people doing inner work with world issues of the time. Afterwards I was involved in the Flying Squad, a smaller group that worked together intensively for twenty years. (Find out about these on my website.) In the podcast I'm asking questions about what we're really aiming to do, and how to go about it. If you're interested in helping the world, or if you practice any kind of meditation or spiritual work, this might interest you. Because we have a big problem in our world today, and it's all hands on deck. Love from me, Palden #meditation #planetaryhealing --- Send in a voice message:
3/26/202332 minutes, 53 seconds
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Gritty Stuff

Sometimes life is a real grinder, shoving us through things that can test us to the limits, whether or not we like it. But there's always something to learn from it all. I went down to the woods below our farm to sit by the stream, and this is what came up. A streamside chat about going through stuff - in my case, cancer is a large part of that - and dealing with this very strange sitaution of living on Planet Earth. It's a place full of goodness and badness and everything in between. When you approach the end of your life and see it a bit more from the outside, you can't help but wonder, "What was all that really for?". Short answer: the evolution of the soul, by learning from what life teaches us and making a contribution. With music by an Oregonian friend, Galen Hefferman. Recorded on a mossy log in West Penwith, Cornwall - near Land's End - with the help of some twittering birds, jackdaws, the stream and some Atlantic breezes. 24 mins long. With love, Paldywan --- Send in a voice message:
2/26/202323 minutes, 41 seconds