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English, Technology, 2 seasons, 88 episodes, 1 day 12 hours 44 minutes
Red Hat Kubernetes weekly technology podcast hosted by Brian Gracely (@bgracely) and friends from the Kubernetes community. Focused on Containers | Kubernetes | Red Hat OpenShift | Cloud Native Applications | Microservices | PaaS | CaaS | DevOps.
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DevOps for Dummies

SHOW: 75SHOW OVERVIEW: Chris talks with Emily Freeman (@editingemily, Ops Advocacy Manager, Microsoft) about the biggest challenges faced in cloud adoption and DevOps culture changes. SHOW NOTES:OpenShift Homepage - http://openshift.comTry OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comLearn OpenShift - http://learn.openshift.comEmily Freeman's HomepageDevOps for Dummies (book)SHOW TOPICS:Topic 1 - What is an Ops Advocacy Manager?Topic 2 - What are some of the biggest challenges you and your team are facing in cloud and more specifically container adoption amongst those you help?Topic 3 - You wrote DevOps for Dummies whi
21/12/201926 minutes 23 seconds
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Introduction to Java Quarkus for Kubernetes

SHOW: 76SHOW OVERVIEW: Chris talks with Daniel Oh (@danieloh30, Principal Technical Product Marketing Manager, Red Hat) about new innovation in deploying Java applications on Kubernetes, with Quarkus. SHOW NOTES:OpenShift Homepage - http://openshift.comTry OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comLearn OpenShift - http://learn.openshift.comQuarkus HomepageUnderstanding Java Quarkus (videos)SHOW TOPICS:Topic 1 - Quarkus: What is it, how does it save developers so much time, and how do folks get startedTopic 2 - Java developers are in demand across the planet and the Java language is evolving at the spee
20/12/201929 minutes
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Digging into OnCallOps

SHOW: 74SHOW OVERVIEW: Chris talks with Matt Stratton (@mattstratton, DevOps Advocate, PagerDuty) about how to better manage OnCall Rotations, integrating DevOps concepts with OnCall, and suggestions about better organizing to handle alerting and observability.SHOW NOTES:OpenShift Homepage - http://openshift.comTry OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comLearn OpenShift - http://learn.openshift.comMatty Stratton - DevOps TalksArrested DevOps (podcast) - Matty Stratton is a co-hostSHOW TOPICS:Topic 1 - Since you work at PagerDuty, how does PagerDuty use PagerDuty?Topic 2 - What are some interesting uses of PagerDuty you’ve seen out
02/12/201936 minutes 13 seconds
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KubeCon NA 2019 Contributor Summit & Event Preview

SHOW: 73SHOW OVERVIEW: Chris talks with Marky Jackson (@markyjackson5, Senior Software Engineer, Sysdig) about the KubeCon Contributor Summit, their experiences contributing to the Kubernetes community, and involvement of the military veterans in open source communities.SHOW NOTES:OpenShift Homepage - http://openshift.comTry OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comLearn OpenShift - http://learn.openshift.comKubernetes Contributor SummitKubernetes New Contributor WorkshopSHOW TOPICS:Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. This time next week we’ll be getting ready for
14/11/201925 minutes 11 seconds
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Building a Cloud-native Kubernetes Platform

SHOW: 72SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Joe Fernandes (@JoeFern1, VP of Product Management, Red Hat Cloud BU) about Red Hat's experience with Kubernetes, innovating upstream and integrating products, OpenShift 4 cloud-like architectural changes, allowing developers to be productive, and new ways to create a better customer experience.SHOW NOTES:OpenShift Homepage - http://openshift.comTry OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comLearn OpenShift - http://learn.openshift.comOpenShift Commons - http://commons.openshift.orgOpenShift Blog (Joe Fernandes) - TOPICS:Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Let’s start by t
12/11/201937 minutes 28 seconds
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The Intersection of DevOps and Kubernetes

SHOW: 71SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Chris Short (@ChrisShort, Technical Marketing @RedHat, CNCF Ambassador, writes at DevOps’ish) about DevOps 10th birthday, how Kubernetes helps DevOps, and the exciting news that Chris will be co-hosting PodCTL.SHOW NOTES:Try OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comLearn OpenShift - http://learn.openshift.comRed Hat announces Global Transformation Office -’ DevOps’ish Homepage (subscribe to the newsletter) - TOPICS:Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Let’s talk a little bit about your background and
08/11/201928 minutes 2 seconds
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Introduction to GitOps

SHOW: 70SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Alexis Richardson (@monadic, CEO @weaveworks) about the emerging concepts and technology behind “GitOps”.  SHOW NOTES:Gitops at Weave Works[video] GitOps - Git push all the thingsOperatorHubSHOW TOPICS:Topic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us about your background both at Weave and your involvement in the CNCF.Topic 2 - Weave really started evangelizing this concept of “GitOps”. For anyone that isn’t familiar, walk us through the basics building blocks.  Topic 3 - Git becomes the CMDB (single source of truth, single source for compliance). Developers push code (Git > CI/CD). CI/CD system builds containers and deploys to Kubernetes. What assumptions does this
18/06/201920 minutes 44 seconds
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Reviewing KubeCon Barcelona 2019 - Part I

SHOW: 69SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian reviews the major project-level news and announcements from KubeCon Barcelona 2019, as well as gives some feedback about the overall show. SHOW NOTES:Try OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comAll of the CNCF talks/sessions (videos) from KubeContheCUBE coverage of KubeCon[NEW] CNCF Projects - Health ChartSHOW TOPICS:Kubernetes 5 year anniversary - 7700 people in BarcelonaALL the CNCF announcements during KubeConFluentd graduatedHelm v3 - no more TillerOpenTracing + Op
24/05/201918 minutes 16 seconds
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Operators and OperatorHub

SHOW: 68SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Rob Szumski (@robszumski, Sr. Manager Product Management @OpenShift) about the evolution of Operators, the emerging capabilities in Kubernetes to support Operators, OperatorHub, Helm Operators and how OpenShift 4 is integrating the Operator experience. SHOW NOTES:Try OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comOperator FrameworkOperatorHub Maturing Operators (Rob’s Keynote at KubeCon 2018)OpenShift Commons - State of Operators OpenShift Commons Gathering - Operator Framework<a href='https:
01/05/201918 minutes 3 seconds
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Ceph Storage with Rook

SHOW: 67SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Annette Clewett (@aclewett, Senior Architect @RedHat) and Travis Nielsen (@STravisNielsen, Senior Principal Software Engineer @RedHat) about software-defined storage, managing storage with Kubernetes, and how Rook is bringing the Operator model to storage systems like Ceph. SHOW NOTES:Try OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comProject Rook - Storage Orchestration for KubernetesDeep Dive: Rook (video) - KubeCon 2018Ceph on OpenShift with Rook (video) - Commons Gathering 2019Rook Channel on SlackSHOW TOPICS:Topic 1 - Welcome both of you to the show. Before we get into discussing Ceph and Rook, can you te
24/04/201927 minutes 7 seconds
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Kubernetes Extended Authentication Model

SHOW: 66SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Marc Boorshtein (@mlbian, CTO at Tremolo Security) about trends in Kubernetes security, and how to think about the Kubernetes Extended Authentication Model. SHOW NOTES:Try OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comBeyond RBAC in OpenShift – Open Policy AgentOpenShift Commons Briefing: Securing OKD at Multiple LayersKubernetes Security SHOW TOPICS:Topic 1 - Welcome back to the show. Your focus is on security. What’s one new thing that’s really interesting to your right now, and what’s one “mundane” thing you’re seeing all the time tha
05/04/201926 minutes 12 seconds
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Multi-Cluster and Federation v2

SHOW: 65SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Paul Morie (@cheddarmint, Sr. Principal Software Engineer @RedHat, Reviewer/Approver of Federation v2) about the evolution of multi-cluster and Federation v2 in Kubernetes.   SHOW NOTES:Try OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comKubernetes Federation v2 - Federation v2 on OperatorHub - Federation v2 on OpenShift 3.11 - TOPICS:Topic 1 - Let’s start with some basics. The differences
29/03/201926 minutes 59 seconds
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Project Quarkus, Kubernetes-native Java

SHOW: 64SHOW OVERVIEW: Brian talks with Burr Sutter (@BurrSutter, Director Developer Experience @RedHat) about Project Quarkus (@QuarkusIO), Supersonic Subatomic Java for Kubernetes-native application development.  SHOW NOTES:Try OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comLearn OpenShift for FREE (Knative, Istio, Operators, etc.) - http://learn.openshift.comBurr Sutter YouTube Channel - inside Docker - Project Quarkus -
19/03/201922 minutes 44 seconds
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Understanding Project Velero (formerly Ark)

Show: 63Show Overview: Brian talks with Carlisia Pinto (@carlisia, Sr. Member of Technical Staff at VMware, OSS Maintainer of Project Velero) about Project Velero (formerly “Ark”), and backing up and migrating applications on Kubernetes.  Show Notes:Try OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comProject Velero - for Velero community meetings - Group - group -!forum
08/03/201925 minutes 30 seconds
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Ansible Operators

Show: 62Show Overview: Brian talks with Fabian von Feilitzsch (@fabianismus, Sr. Software Engineer at RedHat) and Shawn Hurley (@shawn_hurIey, Sr. Software Engineer at Red Hat) about Ansible Operators, how they work with Ansible Playbook, on-platform and off-platform usage, and examples to help people learn the new Kubernetes technology. Show Notes:Try OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comAnsible Operator (GitHub) - Operator - What is it? - Introduction to
27/02/201919 minutes 2 seconds
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OpenShift 4 Architecture Overview

Show: 61Show Overview: Brian talks with Clayton Coleman (@smarterclayton) and Derek Carr (@derekwaynecarr), Technical Leads of Red Hat OpenShift, about the upcoming architectural changes in version 4.Show Notes:Try OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comOpenShift 4 - Features, Functions, Future (Commons Gathering KubeCon 2018) - Modern Software Platform - 1 - Welcome back to the show. Let’s talk about some of the architectural concepts that will exist in OpenShift 4, and why decisions were made.Topic 2 - OpenShift has always been a flexible/composable/modular platform. How does that evolve in OpenShift 4 (e.g
20/02/201936 minutes 6 seconds
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Kubernetes Policies

Show: 60Show Overview: Brian and new co-host John Osborne (@OpenShiftFed) discuss policies in and around Kubernetes.Show Notes:Try OpenShift 4 - http://try.openshift.comOpenShift in Action - Policies - SIGs and Working Groups - Policy Agent - 1 - Welcome John Osborne to the show. Let’s talk about your background. Topic 2 - We decided to discuss “policy” in Kubernete
15/02/201922 minutes 53 seconds
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The Show is Back, 2019 style!

Show: 59Overview: Brian Gracely is back as the host of PodCTL for 2019, with some news about changes and improvements to the show. Show Notes: OpenShift 4 - New PodCTL WebsiteFeedback?Email: PodCTL at gmail dot comTwitter: @PodCTLWeb:
07/02/20195 minutes 50 seconds
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Reviewing KubeCon 2018 Seattle

Show: 58Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the announcements, trends and highlights from KubeCon and CloudNativeCon Seattle 2018. Show Notes: OpenShift 4 PreviewEtcd Donated to CNCFEnvoy Graduates in CNCFHeptio acquired for $550MCNCF Project HealthTrends: From 1500 people (2016) to 8000 people (2018) Less focus on Kubernetes, more focus up the stack (Istio, Knative)Many companies focused on developer tools - Atomi
20/12/201830 minutes 19 seconds
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Kube Security, Kube 1.13 and KubeCon

Show: 57Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about a significant security bug in Kubernetes, the recently announced Kubernetes 1.13 release, and the upcoming KubeCon event in Seattle. Show Notes: Kubernetes Privilege Escalation Flaw  - 1.13 Release Announcement -’s new in Kubernetes 1.13 - Commons Gathering Seattle (preview)- <a href='
07/12/201816 minutes 2 seconds
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Windows Containers with Microsoft

Show: 56Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Mike Kostersitz, (@huskyat, Principal Program Manager (@huskyat) in Core Networking for Microsoft) about the basics of Windows containers, the differences between Linux and Windows containers, considerations for deployments, commons questions about Windows containers and the interaction between Red Hat and Microsoft Kubernetes engineering.   Show Notes: Managing Windows containers with Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform - Part I of Blog SeriesAbout Windows Containers OpenShift in Azure<a href='
29/11/201821 minutes 51 seconds
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Kubernetes as the New Application Server

Show: 55Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about how existing application developers and PlatformOps teams can map existing applications and framework services into a more distributed set of services that run in containers on Kubernetes and OpenShift.  Show Notes: Why Kubernetes is the New Application Server (blog)Kubernetes: Your Next Java Application Server (video and demo from @burrsutter)We mentioned last week that we’re moving into the 3rd Era of Kubernetes (automated ops, automated apps), with the 2nd Era being about getting a broader set of applications on Kubernetes. Today we thought we’d talk about some design patterns, especially for anyone that’s transitioning from exis
15/11/201827 minutes 22 seconds
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Have We Reached Kubernetes-Native Yet

Show: 54Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about how well the industry has created or evolved Kubernetes-Native platforms and services.  Show Notes:Topic 1 - We’re more than 3yrs into Kubernetes, and almost at the 2yr anniversary of the 1st big CloudNativeCon / KubeCon in Seattle (we’ll be back again this year). So let’s ask a big question - how has the industry evolved to actually deliver Kubernetes-Native?Topic 2 - What is Kubernetes-Native? Is it specific to containers?Is it specific to Kubernetes scheduling?Is it specific to Kubernetes extensibility?Topic 3 - Was reading a report recently that separated the concepts of DevOps from PlatformOps. We know Developers experiences and expectations are never the same and always evolving. But should the PlatformOps side of things be standardizing on something Kubernetes-native? Topic 4 - What are some of
09/11/201820 minutes 56 seconds
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The Internal Build vs Buy Discussion

Show: 53Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about how companies rationalize a Buy (or consume) vs Build decision for a Kubernetes platform or service. Show Notes:This show is somewhat free form, but it ultimately started with a listener question that asked:&quot;We run an internal Kubernetes platform in our centralized IT group, but some other developer groups also run their own Kubernetes platform. How do we convince them, or our management team, to bring other groups onto our platform to be both more cost effective and more collaborative with developers?&quot;How do we rationalize having one vs multiple platforms (cost, support, feature differences)?How do we communicate to internal groups about the capabilities of an internal platform?How do we stop thinking like an IT group and start thinking like a product team?How do we measure success of the platform?Feedback?<
31/10/201825 minutes 45 seconds
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OpenShift 3.11 and OpenShift Container Engine

Show: 52Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about updates to OpenShift 3.11, including new Operations Console, integrated Prometheus monitoring and Grafana graphing and supported Operators on OpenShift. They also discuss the introduction of OpenShift Container Engine (OCE)Show Notes:Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform 3.11 is GAOpenShift Container Engine (announcement)Kubernetes Operators &amp; Operator FrameworkKubernetes Operators with Helm3.11 - Cluster Mon
17/10/201824 minutes 43 seconds
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Reviewing Kubernetes 1.12 Updates

Show: 51Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about updates to Kubernetes v1.12 Show Notes:Kubernetes 1.12 Updates (Official Kubernetes blog)What’s new in Kubernetes 1.12 (Red Hat CoreOS blog)OpenShift Commons Briefing on October 4 at 9 AM PT to discuss Kubernetes 1.12Operator FrameworkTopic 1 - Kubelet TLS Bootstrap moves to GA - simplify how nodes are securely added/removed into a cluster. As an add-on,  server certificate rotation functionality moves into beta, and th
03/10/201826 minutes 39 seconds
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Listener Mailbag Questions

Show: 50Show Overview: Brian and Tyler answer questions from podcast listeners, about big data and analytics, application deployments, routing security, and storage deployment models. Show Notes:Spark and AnalyticsJupyter NotebooksPackaging Applications on Kubernetes (PodCTL #37)Topic 1 - From David - Is it possible to do a show about running Spark, Jupyter notebooks and analytical workloads on k8s?Topic 2 - From Matthew - it would be interesting to hear your thoughts for how apps will be deployed and maintained in the future of OpenShift/kubernetes (covered in Eps.37 in late May).Topic
19/09/201822 minutes 17 seconds
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Security & Service Meshes

Show: 49Show Overview: In a joint show between The Cloudcast and PodCTL, Brian and Tyler talk with John Morello (@morellonet, CTO at @TwistlockTeam) about how Service Mesh technologies, such as Istio, can be used for more advanced security of containerized applications and Kubernetes environments. Show Notes:Twistlock WebsiteSecuring Istio and KubernetesMaking Istio Security Layer Easier to MonitorService Mesh TutorialsTopic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us about your background, and introduce us to Twistlock for anyone that isn’t familiar with the company. Topic 2 - One of the most p
12/09/201824 minutes 59 seconds
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Patching VMs, OS, Containers

Show: 48Show Overview: Brian and Tyler try and clarify some confusion about how much patching is still involved when moving from Virtualization to Containers. Show Notes:Lots of confusion about how to manage patching of VMs vs. Containers.Topic 1 - What do I have to patch in a VM-centric environment? Who is typically responsible for that patching?Host OS HypervisorGuest OS Application StackTopic 2 - What do I have to patch in a Container-centric environment? Who is typically responsible for that patching?Host OS Container LayerApplication StackTopic 3 - Is it possible to quantify the difference between the amount of patching that’s needed?Feedback?Email: PodCTL at gmail dot comTwitter: @PodCTL<l
05/09/201819 minutes 33 seconds
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VM Admin vs Container Admin

Show: 47Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about how the day-to-day tasks of a VM Admin would change if they adopted Containers in their environment. Show Notes:Let’s put ourselves in the shoes of a virtualization admin. How would we transition their day-to-day activities from VMs to Containers?Topic 1 - What does the virtualization infrastructure/platform vs. container infrastructure/platform consist of?Control Plane Content RepositoryData Plane (Hosts, OS, Apps) Networking, Storage, Management, Logging, MonitoringTopic 2 - How do we get an application onto each platform, and how are resources provisioned?Network Storage  Security Backups What is automated (by default vs. tooling) Availability (models)Topic 3 - Who is responsible for the different aspects of the application once it’s ru
30/08/201831 minutes 20 seconds
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KubeVirt and Container Native Virtualization

Show: 46Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Steve Gordon (@xsgrodon, Principal Product Manager @RedHat) about the intersection of containers, Kubernetes and virtual machines with the KubeVirt project and Container Native Virtualization. Show Notes:KubeVirt - Building a Virtualized API for KubernetesKubevirt-dev Google Group#virtualization on Slack#kubevirt on IRCIntro to Container Native Virtualization (CNV)CNV Demo - Red Hat SummitTopic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us about some of the areas you’re focused on these days.Topic 2 - Let’
23/08/201821 minutes 24 seconds
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Container Registries

Show: 45Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the core capabilities of container registries, how they interact with Kubernetes and CI/CD pipelines, and some design and security considerations for architects. Show Notes:Twistlock $33M in Funding - Container SecurityProject Clair - Vulnerability ScanningQuay Container RegistryRed Hat OpenShift RegistryTopic 1 - Let’s start with the basics. What does a container registry do? Is it just a glorified FTP server?Serves and stores container images Has a storage backend that should be replicated (somewhere) - usual
15/08/201831 minutes 59 seconds
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Looking Forwards and Backwards at 3yrs of Kubernetes

Show: 44Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about how Kubernetes has evolved over the last three years, from the community to the technology to new things coming down the road. Show Notes:Kubernetes 3rd AnniversaryTopic 1 - Let’s start with people and community. How have you seen the Kubernetes community evolve over the past 3 years? What’s working well, and where have there been struggles?Topic 2 - Technology-wise, where would you place the highlights for Kubernetes? This could be the technology itself, or how it’s been adopted, or maybe just the overall architecture.Topic 3 - Technology-wise, where would you place the challenges for Kubernetes? This could be the technology itself, or how it’s been adopted, or maybe just the overall architecture.Topic 4 - There seems to be a new chorus of pushback on Kubernetes, around the c
02/08/201835 minutes 57 seconds
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Istio, Knative and GoogleNEXT

Show: 43Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about Kubernetes 3rd Anniversary, Istio, Knative, and the Kubernetes-related announcements from GoogleNEXT2018. Show Notes:Kubernetes 3rd Anniversary Google Cloud Services Platform (GCSP) - Hybrid and Multi-cloud application development stack, built on Kubernetes and Istio - custom-configured, enterprise-hardened, and delivered by Google.GKE On-Prem - A core component of CSP, with GKE On-Prem, customers get the Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) experience in their data center.  The first private cloud option for deployment is vSphere 6.5 in alpha release this fall and Google will continue to look at the hardware and other virtualization environments.  In a parallel statement, Cisco Hybrid Cloud for Google Cloud will be the first GKE-certified hybrid cloud
27/07/201834 minutes 53 seconds
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Kubernetes 1.11 Released

Show: 41Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the new Kubernetes 1.11 release, the new features and capabilities. Show Notes:Kubernetes 1.11 ReleaseKubernetes 1.11 - Custom Resources, Pod Priority &amp; Preemption, and moreKubernetes Ramps Up Custom Resource DefinitionsTopic 1 - Let’s review for anybody that’s a new listener how the Kubernetes community identifies the maturity level of features and how they should consider interpreting those classifications.Topic 2 - Kubernetes release usually have a few new GA features, and then lots of Beta or Tech Preview features. What were the highli
16/07/201818 minutes 20 seconds
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Dissecting Kubernetes Survey Data

Show: 41Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about a number of data surveys that have recently been published about container usage, Kubernetes usage, and several other cloud trends. Show Notes:Cloudability “State of Cloud (2018)”DataDog - “Surprising Facts about Real Docker Adoption”Digital Ocean “Currents” (June 2018)CNCF Survey (June 2018)Topic 1 - Lots of differences between these surveys, both in methodology and results:Does the data come from surveys or actual monitoring? How do they classify various technologies (by project, by vendor, by cloud service, by both)? Do they include usage-based d
10/07/201827 minutes 28 seconds
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Scaling OpenShift Roadshows

Show: 40Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Erik Jacobs (@ErikonOpen, Principal Technical Marketing Manager, Red Hat OpenShift) about designing, deploying and teaching the OpenShift/Kubernetes roadshows for Developers and Operators. Show Notes:Red Hat OpenShift RoadshowLabs (source code)OpenShift Guides (source code)Workshops in KatacodaInfrastructure/Ops LabsTopic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us a little bit about your background, as well as some of your focus areas at Red Hat.Topic 2 - You work on lots o
25/06/201825 minutes 11 seconds
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CI/CD and Kubernetes

Show: 39Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the latest news from the Kubernetes community, the difference between CI and CD, and various considerations for integrating CI/CD environments with Kubernetes. Show Notes:OpenShift PipeinesJenkins KubernetesJenkins XSpinnakerCircleCITravisCIGitOps - Op
18/06/201825 minutes 36 seconds
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A Beginners Guide to Kubernetes

Show: 38Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk some of the basics, lessons learned and other things people could use to “fast-track” what they need to be successful with Kubernetes. Show Notes:Learn KubernetesLearn OpenShiftLearn Containers (with Docker)Learn Containers (without Docker)Learn PrometheusShow Premise: Kubernetes community now has 10 releases (2.5yrs) of software and experience. We just finished KubeCon and Red Hat Summit and we heard lots of companies talk about their deployments and journeys. But many of them took a while (12-18) months to get to where they are today. This feels
04/06/201834 minutes 56 seconds
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How to Deploy Applications to Kubernetes

Show: 37 Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the many ways to deploy an application onto a Kubernetes cluster, from the perspective of Devs and Ops. Listener Question (Matthew):&quot;I was interested to know if you guys could talk a little more about the relationship between&quot;:OpenShift templates Helm templates CoreOS OperatorsShow Notes:PodCTL Basics - How to Containerize an ApplicationPodCTL #10 - Service Broker all the ThingsPodCTL #22 - Highway to HelmPodCTL #33 - Operator Framework<a href='https://blog.openshi
28/05/201831 minutes 36 seconds
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VMs for Infrastructure or Isolation?

Show: 36Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the role (pros &amp; cons) of VMs in isolation and security, as well as the broader context of security for containerized applications. Show Notes:[Red Hat] 10 Layers of Container Security[Google] Exploring Container Security - An Overview[Google] Exploring Container Security Isolation at Different Layers[Google] gVisor<a href='
22/05/201832 minutes 29 seconds
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Kubernetes News & Events

Show: 35Show Overview: Brian and Tyler review the Kubernetes news coming out of Cloud Foundry Summit, KubeCon and Red Hat Summit. Lots of things to talk about. Cloud Foundry SummitAttendance: 1500Fragmentation of the Container Orchestrator within the Cloud Foundry community - SUSE, IBM and SAP endorse Kubernetes, Pivotal still supporting DiegoKubeCon / CloudNativeCon (all videos)Attendance: 4300PaaS is now “GitOps” Don’t run containers as root Operator FrameworkServerless v0.1 events spec is updated<
14/05/201826 minutes 30 seconds
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Unifying CoreOS and OpenShift

Show: 34Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Joe Fernandes (@joefern1, Sr. Director Product Management @OpenShift) and Reza Shafii (@rezaloo, Sr. Director Product Management @OpenShift, formerly @CoreOS) about the CoreOS acquisition and transition, how CoreOS technologies are being integrated into Red Hat platforms, new capabilities for OpenShift, updates on Operators, updates on Container Linux and updates on Quay. Show Notes:Red Hat Unveils Roadmap for CoreOS Integration with Red Hat OpenShiftRed Hat Brings Cloud-Native Capabilities to Software Partner Ecosystem with Kubernetes Operators<a
08/05/201830 minutes 20 seconds
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Operator Framework

Show: 33Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Brandon Philips (@brandonphilips, Founder/CTO at @CoreOS, Member of Technical Staff at @RedHat) about the announcement of the Operators Framework, how the Operator SDK and Lifecycle Manager will help companies, as well as his experience at CoreOS of developing etcd, Prometheus and Vault operators. We also discussed how the broader ISV ecosystem is beginning to embrace the concept of Operators.  Show Notes:Introducing Operator Framework - Building Apps on KubernetesOperator Framework (GitHub)CoreOS introduces OperatorsOperators Homepage and Overview<a href='
01/05/201822 minutes 48 seconds
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Container Vulnerability Scanning

Show: 32Show Overview:Tyler and Aaron Delp talk with Liz Rice (@lizrice, Technology Evangelist @AquaSecTeam) about what&apos;s easy—and what&apos;s not—about finding and patching security vulnerabilities in containers. This is a cross-over show with @TheCloudcastNet podcast. Show Notes:Liz’s talk at Velocity Conf - “What’s so hard about container vulnerability scanning?”Use code CLOUD to get 20% off Velocity or OSCON ticketsAqua Security HomepageLiz Rice’s Blog[Video] Kubernetes, Metadata and You (KubeCon 2017 Austin)Topic 1 - Welcome to the show Liz. Tell us a little bit about your background and the types of
19/04/201825 minutes 45 seconds
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PodCTL Basics - Windows Containers & Kubernetes

Show Overview: Brian and Tyler discuss the basics of Microsoft Windows Containers and their integration into Kubernetes. Show Notes:Kubernetes Sig-WindowsWindows Containers (Microsoft)Getting Started with Windows Containers (CNCF)Red Hat OpenShift + Windows ContainersPodCTL Basics - Linux Containers Windows Server 2019 (preview) - KubernetesTopic 1</
02/04/201813 minutes 56 seconds
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Reviewing Kubernetes 1.10

Show: 31Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the Kubernetes v1.10 release, new features and how they can apply to a broad set of application, security and infrastructure use-cases. Show Notes:(CNCF) Kubernetes 1.10: Stabilizing Storage, Security, and Networking(Red Hat / CoreOS) Kubernetes 1.10 is Here! (OpenShift Commons) OpenShift Commons Briefing: Kubernetes 1.10 Release Update with Cole Mickens and Stefan Schimanski (Red Hat)OpenShift 3.9 Released to GA<a href='https://bl
28/03/201815 minutes 7 seconds
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2018 Kubernetes Trends

Show: 30Show Overview:Brian and Tyler talk about the biggest trends that will shape the Kubernetes community in 2018, with a focus on five critical areas of stability, innovation and experimentation. Show Notes: Topic 1 - Open Service Brokers - who is delivering them, who maintains them, how are they evolving, etc.Topic 2 - Improved Ops Experiences - Operators, Fargate, Container InstancesTopic 3 - Virtualization + Containers - KubeVirt, Kata Containers, does Network Policy overlap SDN/SecurityTopic 4 - Developer Experiences - big area of evolution (Istio, Draft, SpringCloud-Kubernetes, Helm v3, Source-to-Image like capabilities)Topic 5 - Breadth of Supported Applications - Databases, Windows Containers, Serverless,Feedback?Email: PodCTL at gmail dot comTwitter: @Pod
19/03/201842 minutes 21 seconds
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Kubernetes Networking

Show: 29Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Marc Curry (@redhatmarc, OpenShift Principal Product Manager, Container Infrastructure) about the basics of Kubernetes networking, CNI plugins, managing Network Policy, granular ingress and egress routing, and how CaaS/PaaS and IaaS are being integrated. Show News:Kubernetes becomes a “Graduated Project” in CNCFShow Notes:Kubernetes Network PluginsKubernetes Cluster NetworkingKubernetes Network Policy<a href='ht
12/03/201829 minutes 53 seconds
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Kubernetes Roles & Personas

Show: 28Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about Joe Beda&apos;s &quot;More Usable Kubernetes&quot; presentation at KubeCon focused on Roles and Personas of Kubernetes environments. They look at how Cluster and Applications are separated, and how Operators and Developers distribute roles, as well as the intersection of those four areas. Show Notes:Kubernetes Personas (via Joe Beda, KubeCon 2017 Austin)Spring Cloud for Microservices Compared to Kubernetes (by Bilgin Ibryam)Topics - On today&apos;s show, we looked at the four quadrants outlined by Joe Beda in his talk &quot;More Usable Kubernetes&quot; at KubeCon 2017 Austin. He looked at each role and how well the Kubernetes community has addressed that functional area in both tool
05/03/201829 minutes 5 seconds
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The Serverless Landscape

Show: 27Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the new Serverless working group and whitepaper from CNCF, the 4 elements of serverless, the difference between serverless and FaaS, and the on-going role of Ops teams in a serverless world. Show Notes:CNCF Serverless WhitepaperServerless Working Group in the CNCFEvent SpecificationInnovate Summit - State of Serverless <a href='
26/02/201838 minutes 38 seconds
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Kubernetes Myths & Misperceptions - Part II

Show: 26Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk common myths and misperceptions about Kubernetes, container usage, Kubernetes architecture, compatibility, and OSS stats. Show Notes:This is Part 2 of a 2-part series. Part 1 was focused on the platform elements of Kubernetes, what applications are good for containers, the scale of microservices, and stateful vs. stateless apps.Myths &amp; Misperceptions - Part 1 - Operations (with Brian &quot;Redbeard&quot; Harrington, CoreOS) - 1 - Architecture - Kubernetes Mu
19/02/201835 minutes 49 seconds
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Kubernetes Myths & Misperceptions - Part I

Show: 25 Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk common myths and misperceptions about Kubernetes, container usage, and which applications are a good fit for container platforms. Show Notes:This is Part 1 of a 2-part series. Part 2 will focus on Kubernetes architecture, operations, Kubernetes compatibility and updates, open source communities.Myth/Misunderstanding 1 - Kubernetes is a platform.Myth/Misunderstanding 2 - Containers are only for microservicesMyth/Misunderstanding 3 - Microservices are always “micro” (small in size)Myth/Misunderstanding 4 - Kubernetes is only for stateful appFeedback?Email: PodCTL at gmail dot comTwitter: @PodCTL Web:
12/02/201818 minutes 58 seconds
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The Blurred Line Between Containers and Applications

Show: 24Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the differences between a container and an application, and where the lines are blurred at the platform later. What should developers care about? Should Kubernetes be the only platform technology? Show Notes:Kelsey Hightower’s Keynote at KubeConServerless is the new PaaS (via Redmonk)News of the Week:Red Hat acquires CoreOS Cisco Container Platform  <a href='
05/02/201833 minutes 45 seconds
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Microservices with Istio

Show: 23 Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Christian Posta (@christianposta, Chief Architect, Cloud Application Development at Red Hat) about the evolution of SOA and Microservices, Envoy Proxy and Istio Service Mesh, emerging application patterns, and how Kubernetes and Istio are the future of microservices. Show Notes:Istio HomepageEnvoy ProxyIntroduction to Modern Load-Balancing and ProxyingMicroservices: From NetFlix OSS to IstioMicroservic’ing Like a UnicornChristian’s Blog (lots of Micr
29/01/201825 minutes 6 seconds
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Highway to Helm

Show: 22Show Overview: Brian talks with Taylor Thomas (@_oftaylor, Software Engineer at Nike, @HelmPack Maintainer) about the architecture of Helm, how developers interact with it to deploy applications, how Helm manages ALM, Helm Summit, and the future plans for Helm v3. Show Notes:Helm (homepage)Helm - Kubernetes Package ManagerHelm Charts - - Online Repository of Helm ChartsGetting Started with Helm on OpenShiftHelm SummitHelm Emeritus Core Mai
22/01/201826 minutes 34 seconds
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Effective RBAC for Kubernetes

Show: 21Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about how Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is implemented for Kubernetes. Show Notes:Effective RBAC (video) from KubeConUsing RBAC AuthorizationAudit2RBAC ToolTopic 1 - The concept of RBAC is best described as “Can ______ (noun) ______ (verb) on ______ (object) at ______ (location)?” where “noun” is a person/service, “verb” is an action, “object” is a function of the API, and “location” is proximity to a Kubernetes cluster.Topic 2 - RBAC operates on the concept of Roles and RoleBindings, which map actors to actions, and those actors and actions are defined either globally or locally, and the actions are also defined globally or locally.Topic 3 - R
15/01/201820 minutes 34 seconds
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Gathering Kubernetes Communities

Show: 20Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Diane Mueller (@pythondj, ‎Director, Community Development Red Hat, OpenShift Commons) about OpenShift Commons the Open Source community that’s grown up around OpenShift Origin and the OpenShift ecosystem.  Show Notes:OpenShift CommonsOpenShift Commons “Interest Groups”OpenShift Commons Gatherings (videos)Upcoming London OpenShift Commons Gathering Jan 31Upcoming OpenShift Commons BriefingsTopic 1 - Welcome to the show. Tell us a little bit about your background, as you’ve been through many of the transitions in t
08/01/201827 minutes
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PodCTL Basics - Understanding Service Meshes

Show Overview: Brian and Tyler discuss the basics of Service Meshes, such as Istio, Envoy and Linkerd. Show Notes:Istio HomepageEnvoy HomepageLinkerd HomepageIntroduction to modern network load balancing and proxyingOpenShift Commons Briefing #103: Microservices and Istio on OpenShiftSidecars and a Microservices MeshVideos from CNCF / KubeConService Mesh is a layer that manages the communication between apps (or between parts of the same app, e
04/01/201816 minutes 14 seconds
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2017 Kubernetes Year in Review

Show: 19Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk how the Kubernetes community and technology have evolved in 2017, and make a few predictions for 2018 Show Notes:OpenShift Commons Gathering (videos): (videos): 1 - GETTING STARTED: People said that getting started w/ Docker Swarm was easier than Kubernetes. Kubernetes community created tools like Minikube &amp; Minishift to run locally on the laptop, automation playbooks in Ansible, Katacoda have made it simple to have online tutorials, multiple cloud offerings (GKE, AKS, EKS, OpenShift Dedicated) make it simple to get a working Kubernetes cluster.Topic 2 - ENSURING PORTABILITY: Enterprise customers wants Hybrid Cloud environment. they need to understand how multiple cloud environments will impact this decision. The CNCF’s Kubernete
18/12/201746 minutes 37 seconds
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Microsoft in the Kubernetes Ecosystem

Show: 18Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Gabe Monroy (@gabrtv, Lead Product Manager Containers @ Azure, CNCF Board Member) about a wide variety of projects and services that Microsoft is working on in the Kubernetes and CNCF communities - from Windows containers to Container orchestration to making it simpler for application developers. Show Notes:Azure Container Service (AKS)Azure Container Instances (ACI)Azure Draft (OSS project)Helm - Kubernetes Package Manager (OSS project)Azure Service BrokerVirtual Kublet
11/12/201727 minutes 1 second
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Kubernetes Everywhere, Now What...

Show: 17Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the containers and Kubernetes news coming out of AWS re:Invent, as well as a look ahead to KubeCon in Austin. Show Notes:Amazon announced its much-anticipated Kubernetes service Amazon Elastic Container Service for KubernetesAmazon announced AWS Fargate “a technology that enables you to use containers as a fundamental compute primitive without having to manage the underlying instances.”Topic 1 - AWS re:Invent happened last week. Any news about Kubernetes?Topic 2 - The concept of “Bring Your Own Container” is evolving to “Bring A Workload that Runs in a Container” (Fargate, Microsoft ACI, etc.)Topic 3 - What can we expect at KubeCon this week? 
04/12/201735 minutes 57 seconds
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Day to Day Kubernetes Operations

Show: 17Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about CNCF Kubernetes Conformance, OpenShift 3.7 GA, and some common questions about day-to-day operations with Kubernetes. Show Notes:Cloud Native Computing Foundation Launches Certified Kubernetes Program with 32 Conformant Distributions and PlatformsRed Hat OpenShift Container Platform v3.7 goes GAKubernetes and OpenShift: Community, Standards and CertificationsTopic 1 - How do you deploy the underlying compute resources that are used as Nodes in a Kubernetes cluster?Topic
20/11/201735 minutes 37 seconds
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Security: Identity Management, RBAC, Authentication and Authorization

Show: 15Show Overview: Brian and Tyler continue their focus on Security with Marc Boorshtein (@mlbiam, CTO of @tremolosecurity), discussing Identity Management, Container and Kubernetes Authorization and Authentication, RBAC, and how IT teams evolve to manage security in more agile environments. Show Notes:PodCTL #14 - Security: Hosts, Registries, Content and Pipelines[Video] Identity Management and Compliance[Video] DevOps Identity Management[Website] Tremolo Security10 Layers of Container Security<a href='https://github.c
13/11/201725 minutes 49 seconds
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Security: Hosts, Registries, Content and Pipelines

Show: 14Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk address some of the many layers of security required in a container environment. This show will be part of a series on container and Kubernetes security. They look at security requirement in the Container Host, Container Content, Container Registry, and Software Build Processes.   Show Notes and News:10 Layers of Container SecurityGoogle, VMware and Pivotal announced a Hybrid Cloud partnership with KubernetesGoogle and Cisco announced a Hybrid Cloud partnership with Kubernetes (and more)<a href='https:
06/11/201741 minutes 38 seconds
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An Introduction to CRI-O

Show: 12 Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Dan Walsh (@rhatdan, Consulting Engineer at Red Hat, container team lead) and Mrunal Patel (@mrunalp, Principal Engineer at Red Hat, OCI/runc maintainer) about the evolution of containers with Kubernetes, the creation of CRI-O, and the focus on container security and stability. We also discussed emerging projects like Skopeo, Buildah, Intel Clear Containers and Grafeas. Show Notes:CRI-O HomepageCRI-O BlogIntroducing CRI-O v1.0 (blog)Containers Project (Image, Storage)Project Buildah - A tool which facilitates building OCI imagesProject Skopeo - Work with rem
30/10/201728 minutes 54 seconds
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An Introduction to Prometheus Monitoring

Show: 11Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk Julius Volz (@juliusvolz, @PrometheusIO co-founder, founder) about the challenges that Prometheus solves, how it does monitoring and interacts with other systems, how it works with Kubernetes, and common-use cases and patterns. Show NotesPrometheus (homepage)Part II - Evolution of Prometheus, v2.0 (via The Cloudcast)PromCon and PromCon VideosPrometheus v1.0 on The Cloudcast (v1.0 launch)WeaveWorks Managed Promet
23/10/201716 minutes 43 seconds
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Service Catalog All the Things

Show: 10Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Paul Morie (@cheddarmint, Principal Software Engineer @RedHat, Lead of Kubernetes Service Catalog SIG) about the evolution of the Open Service Broker API, integrating with external services, the role of Service Brokers, and use-cases to expand Kubernetes applications. Show NotesKubernetes Service Catalog SIGOpenShift Commons - Kubernetes Service Catalog Deep DiveKubernetes Service Catalog SIG (meetings, demos)Open Service Broker APITopic 1 - Welcome to the show. Before you got involved in the Service Catalog SIG, you worked on several other aspects of Kube
17/10/201724 minutes 18 seconds
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Unclogging some Kubernetes Plumbing Issues

Show: 9Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about Kubernetes Networking and Kubernetes Storage. Show Notes:Kubernetes Network PluginsKubernetes and StorageContainer Native StorageTopic 1 - Let’s talk about the challenges of networking with containers and some of the ways that Kubernetes addresses these challenges.There’s lots of different ways to network containers together. Kubernetes does some basic networking (by default), and then there are add-on options for more complex, secure scenarios.The role of DNS in Kubernetes networking (services, etc.) Kubern
09/10/201731 minutes 3 seconds
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Managing High Performance Workloads

Show: 8Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Jeremy Eder (@jeremyeder, Senior Principal Software Engineer at Red Hat) about the Kubernetes Resource Management Working Group, scaling Kubernetes environments, extending Kubernetes for high-performance workloads (HPC, HFT, Animation, GPUs, etc.), testing at scale and how companies can get involved. Show Notes:KubeCon 2017 (Austin) ScheduleOpenShift Commons Gathering (Austin, Dec.5th)Kubernetes Resource Management Working GroupContact the Resource Management Working Group<a href
02/10/201721 minutes 58 seconds
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Digging into Kubernetes 1.8

Show: 7Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Clayton Coleman (@smarterclayton, Lead Kubernetes Architect) and Derek Carr (@derekwaynecarr, Kubernetes Lead Engineer) about the Kubernetes development process, the role of SIGs, the process for deciding what gets included in a release, as well as an in-depth discussion about the extensibility of Kubernetes 1.8 Show Notes:The early days of KubernetesContributing to KubernetesKubernetes 1.8 featuresKubernetes 1.8 features (tracking spreadsheet)<a href='
25/09/201725 minutes 49 seconds
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What's included with Kubernetes?

Show: 6Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk about the technologies in “core” Kubernetes and the additional elements needed to evolve it into a more complete application platform.  Show Notes:[TRANSCRIPTION] - coming soon PodCTL #4 - All the Tools in the Kubernetes Toolbox PodCTL #3 - Making sense of container standards (including OCI)Kubernetes by ExampleNews of the Week:Oracle joins the CNCFHeptio takes Series B round of VC fundingJaeger (@JaegerTracin
18/09/201732 minutes 26 seconds
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PodCTL Basics - How to Containerize an Application

Show Overview: Brian and Tyler discuss the basics of how an application gets into a container, how to layer OS + applications + dependencies, how a container interacts with a container registry, and how container files different from Kubernetes manifests. Show Notes:[TRANSCRIPTION] PodCTL Basics - How to Containerize an ApplicationSetting up a DockerfileBuilding an OCI-compliant container with &quot;Buildah&quot;Deploying with Kubernetes ManifestsTopic 1 - How does a Container know what application to run?MetadataImage LayersTopic 2
13/09/201714 minutes 6 seconds
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Understanding the Cloud Native Ecosystem

Show: 5Show Overview: Brian and Tyler talk with Chris Aniszczyk (@cra, CTO/COO of CNCF, Executive Director of OCI) about the Cloud-Native Ecosystem, if there is a CNCF &quot;stack&quot;, the CNCF process for project acceptance, and the growth vs. hype of Kubernetes.   Show Notes:[TRANSCRIPTION] PodCTL #5 - Understanding the Cloud-Native EcosystemCloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF) HomepageCNCF LandscapeOpen Containers Initiative (OCI) HomepageKubeCon &amp; CloudNativeCon - Austin, TX (Dec.6-8) News of the Week 
11/09/201729 minutes 7 seconds
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PodCTL Basics - Linux Containers

Show Overview: Brian and Tyler discuss the basics of Linux containers. Show Notes:[TRANSCRIPTION] PodCTL Basics - Linux ContainersAn Introduction to Container TerminologyArchitecting Containers: User Space vs. Kernel Space Segment 1 - What is a Linux Container?Filesystem + Metadata (JSON) Segment 2 - How do Linux hosts interact (and isolate) Linux Containers?Host OS vs. Container
07/09/20179 minutes 50 seconds
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All the Tools in the Kubernetes Toolbox

Show: 4Show Description: Brian and Tyler discuss the broad range of tools that are available to deploy, operate and manage Kubernetes environments. There are lots of options...Show Notes:PodCTL #4 - TranscribedKubernetes: A Little Guide to Install OptionsMonitoring OpenShift: Three Tools for SimplificationRolling Updates to Kubernetes - At MacQuarie Bank [video]Segment 1 - [News of the Week]VMware, Google and Pivotal announced a packaged version of the Kubo project, called Pivotal Container Service (PKS). CNCF continues t
04/09/201726 minutes 58 seconds
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Making Sense of Container Standards

Show: 3Show Description: Brian and Tyler talk with Vincent Batts (@vbatts, Principle Software Engineer in the Office of Technology for Container Architecture at Red Hat) about the state of container standards - OCI, containerd, Moby, Linux vs. Windows containers, etc.Show Notes:Vincent Batts on GitHubOpen Container Initiative (OCI)CRI-O: Container Runtime InterfaceRelevant XKCDA Comparison of Linux Container Images Segment 1 - News of the WeekRed Hat and Microsoft announce
28/08/201730 minutes 50 seconds
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Who has a Kubernetes problem?

Show Description: Brian and Tyler discuss some of the use-cases that businesses have for using Kubernetes. They review several public examples of Kubernetes uses, both in web scale and Enterprise environments. Show Notes:GitHub Goes All-In on Kubernetes (via TheNewStack)KubeCon / CloudNativeCon CFP is Due August 21stSegment 1 - Thank you for the great response to the initial show. Response has been very positive and we’ve already had like 8-10 people ask to be guests on the show. The challenge is to figure out what to do on show #2 or #3 since there is so much happening. So we’ve decided that for a while, we’re going to make sure that we cover all the fundamentals of containers and Kubernetes. Segment 2 - News of the Week</
21/08/201728 minutes 35 seconds