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English, Hockey, 357 seasons, 56 episodes, 2 days, 1 hour, 42 minutes
Fireside Chat launched as a podcast in January 2013 as an independent, alternate source of news and analysis for Calgary Flames fans. Since then we’ve been adding other content that our listeners have asked for to round out our coverage of the Calgary Flames. Our mantra is “For the C of Red, by the C of Red”. We are a small group of passionate Flames fans who love to talk about our team, and we want to cover our team from a different perspective. We’re not a big media company that has to appeal to everyone, we can talk about the issues that concern the serious Calgary Flames fan.
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Episode 358: Do It Like Dallas

The first season of the Calgary Flames retool is in the books. This season the guys break down the exit interviews from the Flames and what information we can gain from them (or from reading between the lines). As they do at the end of every season, Dan and Matt review the season predictions that they made in the pre-season to see how well they did. This will be the last show on our regular Monday release schedule. We'll be back to preview the NHL Entry Draft in mid to late June, follow our social media accounts for an announcement as to when the next show will be.
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Episode 357: Is Winning Good Or Bad Right Now?

The Calgary Flames had a pretty successful week, even though they didn't play very well in most games. If the NHL Entry Draft was today, the Flames would likely pick at #8. The guys discuss the good weeks for Andrei Kuzmenko and Connor Zary and answer a question from listener Al about how the decisions that have been made by the team in the past that have lead the team to where they are now.
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Episode 356: Falling Into A Top 10 Pick

Even with the three losses this week, there was still plenty to discuss about the Calgary Flames including where they may pick in the draft, whether Connor Zary can be the #3 Centre the team needs, whether Martin Pospisil's third misconduct in two months is worrisome, and what the workload for the two goalies should be for the rest of the season.
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Episode 355: Clinch!

It's been a busy 5 game week for the Flames, but they've finally clinched a spot in the 2004 playoffs! The guys look at possible playoff matchups and who we do or don't want the Flames to take on. We discuss the season Shean Donovan is having and how some of the young guys like Kobasew, Lombardi, Saprykin, Regher and Leopold are looking and other important topics leading up to the final few games of the regular season. APRIL FOOLS! We've wanted to do this episode for a while, and with April Fools' Day landing on a Monday on the 20th anniversary of the 2004 run, it was the perfect time. We hope you enjoyed a trip down memory lane. We'll be back with a regular episode (covering 2024) next week.
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Episode 354: Slipping Out Of Contention

This week Jacob Markstrom returned from his injury, but Dan Vladar is out for the season with a hip injury. With Markstrom/Wolf as the tandem for the rest of the season, what do we expect the workload to look like? The guys also discuss an interview that Craig Conroy did with Frank Seravalli this week and what the GM's comments mean for the future of the Flames. Former Flame Chris Simon passed away this week at age 52. The entire Fireside Chat team sends our deepest sympathies to Chris' family and friends. Chris was a big part of the '04 Stanley Cup run and is fondly remembered by our team and the C of Red.
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Episode 353: Dustin Wolf’s Week

The Calgary Flames won 2 of their 3 games this week with Dustin Wolf in net - but are still outside of the playoff picture. This week's discussion revolves around the roster situation with AJ Greer back, the guys discuss how the roster should be juggled up front and how the Flames should manage starts for their three goaltenders for the rest of the season with Jacob Markstrom, Dan Vladar and Dustin Wolf all showing they can play at the NHL level.  The guys also chat about Jonathan Huberdeau and how his game has improved since the All-Star game.
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Episode 352: A Very Different Defence

The Trade Deadline has passed, and the Calgary Flames now have a very different-looking defence group. The guys discuss the new additions to the team, the loss of Noah Hanifin and if the deal was good for the Flames and if they're surprised Jacob Markstrom is still a Flame. With the team now sliding further from a playoff spot Dan and Matt also give their opinions about if the Flames can be a playoff team this year.
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Episode 351: Thank You Kipper

We're still riding a high from the Miikka Kiprusoff jersey retirement game and a 2-0 week for the Calgary Flames which of course we discuss in detail. The guys give their thoughts as to who is the best Flames goalie of all time - Kiprusoff or Vernon. Then as they look ahead to NHL Trade Deadline, they discuss the Chris Tanev trade and what to expect in Artyom Grushnikov, Jacob Markstrom's comments that "I think it could have been handled a lot different from up top." and if we expect any other deals besides Noah Hanifin to be done before the deadline.
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Episode 350: So Close But So Far From A Playoff Spot

After a disappointing week last week, the Calgary Flames won all three of their games this week and still sit outside a playoff spot. The guys talk about the crazy Battle of Alberta game this week and the big roles Dryden Hunt and Dan Vladar played in the win. With Andrei Kuzmenko playing up and down the lineup lately, we discuss if he is the player Flames fans hoped for when he was acquired. To wrap up the show we share our thoughts on Miikka Kiprusoff's jersey retirement which happens this Saturday (March 2).
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Fireside Chat 349: What A Difference A Week Makes

What the heck happened to the Calgary Flames? Last week was a fantastic week for the team; this week, they look like they can barely compete. The guys debate if the pressure of the Trade Deadline is affecting the team or what else might be causing this change. While on the topic of Trade Deadline we break down some of the recent trade rumours around Noah Hanifin, Chris Tanev and Jacob Markstrom.
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Episode 334: The Underdog Advantage?

The Calgary Flames end the first week of the season 1-1. Dan and Matt recap the two games this week, including how Jakob Markstrom has done in the net so far and what the Flames should like and dislike about how the team is playing before looking ahead to next week's games. This week's main discussion is around two big questions - do the Flames go into this season as underdogs coming off last year's disappointing season. If so, how does that help or hurt them?