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English, Education, 1 season, 7 episodes, 1 hour, 59 minutes
Podcast with Eula is a fun, honest podcast fronted by Eularian who is willing to talk about anything and everything. From relationships to situationships to everything life experiences. You can expect unadulterated girl with no filter. Podcast with Eula, new episode will be available every Monday. Hosts Instagram @postcast_with_eula Youtube @podcast_with_eula. Get in touch and share a receipts with us [email protected]
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Bad Experience with men

Welcome back again to Podcast with Eula. After a long time podcast with Eula is back again and on this episode, we feature my good friend Delina. Where she talks about her not so good experience with men. We dive deep into Delina's relationship and why she hates men. Please don't forget to follow me on every social media platform. Instagram @podcast_with_eula Spotify@podcast_with_eula and all other podcast media out there.
3/20/202312 minutes, 12 seconds
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Should LGBTQIA+ Couples allowed to adopt a child?

This is by far the most interest episode of podcast with eula as we see different sides of the topic. Should LGBTQIA+ Couples allowed to a adopt? They are many interesting facts mentioned in this episode as we tackle the topic. I do believe there two sides of the coins and no sides is more powerful than the other but still they all hold weigh to it. I really hope you enjoyed this episode and hope to see you in our next episode as we talk about different social issues. Please don't forget to follow me in every other platform out there. Instragram: podcast_with_eula Youtube: podcast_with_eula
12/8/202249 minutes, 57 seconds
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Part 1: Tin Starkid, Get to know him and how he started his music journey.

Tin Starkid, an upcoming artist for Tanzania signed under a record label. He is here to explain to us how he started his music journey and getting to know him. He has recently released two official music under his new management. Please if you like this video, share, subscribe and share. Also follow me o other podcast platform. Spotify: podcast_with_eulaApple podcast: podcast_with_eulaInstagram: podcast_with_eula
11/24/202222 minutes, 32 seconds
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Why relationship don't work out?

Podcast with Eula invited guests to talk about why relationship don't work out. There are lots of factors to why relationship don't work out. We are here to listen to why theirs didn't work out?Don't forget to hit the subscribe button and like if this video got you interested Please follow me other social media platform. Instagram: podcast_with_eula Spotify: podcast with eula   
11/13/202210 minutes, 18 seconds
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What's Cheating to you?

What's Cheating to you? Different people have different definition of cheating some it's start from texting other just consider sexual stuffs. We are here to listen different people's views. What do they consider cheating? Please follow me on other platforms. Instagram: podcast with Eula Youtube: Poscast with Eula. 
11/10/202211 minutes, 19 seconds
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Overcoming my fears

In today episode we going to talk about how I overcame my fears. For a long time I was held back with my fears. Fear of Love,  Fear of Failure, and lots of other phobia. I stayed in this bubble scared to do anything cause my life was consumed by my fears, Still a working progress but I was able to get over my fears as days kept on going. Listen to this episode to know how I got over my fears? 
10/25/202211 minutes, 42 seconds
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I have always wanted to start a podcst but each time I wanted to start. I give excuses, this time I am done with excuses. Getting out of my comfort zone. It would mean alot for you to share this journey with me. I have so much things and so many people I want to invite in this podcast. Please share this journey with me.
10/17/20221 minute, 24 seconds