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English, History, 2 seasons, 19 episodes, 8 hours, 26 minutes
Plutarch’s Greeks and Romans is a bi-weekly podcast inspired by Plutarch’s ancient collection of biographies of famous Grecians and Romans. Plutarch was both a Greek and a Roman citizen living during the Pax Romana - the Golden Age of the Roman Empire. Our podcast will explore 50 persons Plutarch believed were most influential in the rise of Greek and Roman civilization, from legends such as Theseus and Romulus to conquerors like Alexander the Great and Julius Caesar, Plutarch had no shortage of great people and stories to tell us about.
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Episode 19: The life of Camillus

Furius Camillus, whom many historians, Plutarch included, say is the second founder of Rome and in my opinion is one of the greatest Roman leaders at least up until the Empire, and even then, still holds his own! Support the show
3/22/202326 minutes, 39 seconds
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Episode 18: The Life of Lysander

Lysander's importance to history begins when he is appointed as admiral of the Spartan fleet in 407 BC.   At this point Athens's navy has experienced a resurgence with the return of Alcibiades.Lysander takes command of the Spartan fleet at Ephesus and resolves to do what it takes to make it a match for the Athenian navy. A tall order - is Lysander up for the challenge?Enjoy the episodeSupport the show
9/22/202226 minutes, 43 seconds
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Episode 17: The Life of Alcibiades Part 3

After suffering a disastrous setback in Sicily the situation once again looks grim for Athens.  The Athenians would continue the fight however and the story of the Peloponnesian War would see a number of surprising twists - with Alcibiades playing a key role in each new turning point in the conflict.Thanks for listeningChris & RyanSupport the show
7/23/202224 minutes, 45 seconds
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Episode 16: The Lives of Alcibiades and Nicias - Part 2

In Part 2 of the Lives of Alcibiades and Nicias, these two polar opposites clash over Athenian foreign policy.  With Sparta still a looming threat, Athenians must choose whether to listen to the ambitious Alcibiades or cautious Nicias.Support the show
3/31/202223 minutes, 4 seconds
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Episode 15: The Lives of Alcibiades and Nicias - Part 1

For this episode it's going to be another two-for-one special as we will be covering two lives at once, and we will be picking up basically right where we left off.  To jog everyone's memories, when we last left Athens the city had just been dealt a devastating blow in it's war with Sparta.  Athens's lead citizen Pericles had convinced the Athenians to avoid a decisive land battle with the Spartans which would play to the Spartan's strengths, and instead stay behind their city walls and use their large navy to their advantage.However a plague spread within the heavily populated city and claimed the life of Pericles.  The war was not over but the city would need to find new leaders.In this episode, we will take on the lives of two Athenians who would step into the void left behind by Pericles:  these would be Alcibiades and Nicias. Support the show
3/1/202220 minutes, 54 seconds