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German, Education, 42 seasons, 52 episodes, 1 day, 3 hours, 42 minutes
A Low German (Plautdietsche) podcast about creativity, entrepreneurship, and life.
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E22 Woa Elon Musk denkj

David has been reading/listening to the new book on Elon Musk, and he shares some thoughts on how Elon designs and reasons about engineering and manufacturing.
9/25/202329 minutes, 51 seconds
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E21 De Moag utreinjen

Orlando talks about the cleanse he did. We discuss the food industry and challenges in keeping a good diet.
9/18/202330 minutes, 30 seconds
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E20 Woarom kjenn Dietsche so sea shaufen?

We talk about dogs, the Mennnonite gene, and God's hand in human progress.
9/11/202337 minutes, 23 seconds
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E19 Woat es dien Droom?

We talk about creativity and using your talents to fullfill your purpose.
9/4/202350 minutes, 41 seconds
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E18 Productiv to sen un Stress

What's the difference between productivity and creativity? We talk about some tricks we've learnt to be more productive, and how to eliminate the stress of doing alot.
8/28/202346 minutes, 5 seconds
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E17 Doft en La Crête

David talks about his time working on the fire. Orlando is learning jiu-jitsu.
8/21/202333 minutes, 42 seconds
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E16 Waut moakt daut Läwen schwoa?

David talks about his experience fighting fire in Northen Alberta.
8/14/202311 minutes, 15 seconds
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E15 Aunjewanheiten Aufwan

David is on a trip, so today Orlando talks a little about bad habits, and his advice for getting over them.
8/7/202311 minutes
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E14 De Jeschicht von Bram Siemens

We have a conversation with Bram Siemens about how he got started as the reporter for the Mennonite people. He gives advice on finding the thing you are passionate about, and even advice for writting good stories.
7/24/202338 minutes, 22 seconds
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E13 De Corredor in 10 Joa

We talk about graphic design and thoughts on where the corredor might be in 10 years,
7/10/202336 minutes, 8 seconds
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E12 Business aunfang fa Dietsche

Today we talk about starting businesses and side hustles.
7/3/202340 minutes, 25 seconds
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E11 Aufgonst, Kjoakjen un dolla horchen

Today is a more free-form conversation. We cover everything from jealousy to churches to listening what your body is telling you. To watch the video version of this episode and to give feedback, go here.
6/26/202350 minutes, 9 seconds
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E10 Wua blift de Tiet

We talk about how to manage our most valuable resource: time. The app Orlando uses to manage his screen time:
6/19/202334 minutes, 49 seconds
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E9 Investment fa junge Menschen

We discuss where young people should invest their money. Listeng on other platforms or download episode:
6/12/202331 minutes, 36 seconds
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E8 Woat es selbs Bildung?

Orlando and John talk about their journey into self-development.
6/5/202332 minutes, 36 seconds
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E7 Discipline

This is our first guest on the show. We discuss discipline with John Loewen.
5/29/202342 minutes, 56 seconds
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E6 Dating

We discuss dating. Resources mentioned: How Not to Die Alone by Logan Ury
5/22/202342 minutes, 19 seconds
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E5 Jeftiche Maunlichkeit

We discuss the rise of toxic masculinity.
5/15/202339 minutes, 12 seconds
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E4 Nich goodjenuach

Today we touch on imposter syndrome and what it's like to be your own worst critic.
5/8/202326 minutes, 20 seconds
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E3 Woat es AI?

Try ChatGPT
5/1/202353 minutes, 7 seconds
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E2 Ekj mot junt de Woarheit sajen

I talk about my struggle to express my thoughts.
3/28/202210 minutes, 28 seconds
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E1 Fing daut waut die sheen jet

Doft ret von wuarom hee lewaa videos moakt dan utschoffen.
12/30/202122 minutes, 6 seconds