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English, Music, 2024 seasons, 25 episodes, 10 hours, 9 minutes
In this eight-part podcast series called Pivoted, we talk to many of our beloved Central Florida music makers about how their creative work lives have evolved since the COVID shutdown of music venues and performance spaces. Jeff Rupert, Carol Stein, Benoit Glazer, and Sisaundra Lewis are some of the artists featured in this fascinating look at how music creation continues in their lives and communities.
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Champian Fulton

Kayonne Riley speaks with Champian Fulton about her latest album...or is it two albums?!
5/13/202412 minutes, 21 seconds
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Dave Meder

Jesse speaks with Dave Meder ahead of his Timucua Arts Foundation appearance on January 19, 2024.
12/26/202317 minutes, 59 seconds
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Bob James

Jesse Morgado catches up with legendary pianist Bob James about his latest record "Jazz Hands", his collaborations, and sampling throughout hip hop history.
10/16/202325 minutes, 49 seconds
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Ron Carter

Kayonne Rileys talks with prolific bassist Ron Carter about his legendary career.
10/2/202317 minutes, 17 seconds
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Dee Daniels

Kendra Weaver speaks with Dee Daniels about her involvement in JEN and the conference in Orlando January 2023.
9/18/20239 minutes, 34 seconds
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Jeff Coffin and Chuck Owen

Kendra Weaver speaks with Jeff Coffin and Chuck Owen about their involvement in JEN and the conference in Orlando January 2023.
9/18/202324 minutes, 36 seconds
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Socrates Garcia

Kendra Weaver speaks with Socrates Garcia about his involvement in JEN and the conference in Orlando January 2023.
9/18/20238 minutes, 59 seconds
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Carl Allen

Kendra Weaver speaks with Carl Allen about his involvement in JEN and the conference in Orlando January 2023.
9/18/202315 minutes, 53 seconds
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Les McCann and Joe Alterman

Kayonne Riley had the pleasure of sitting down with the legendary pianist Les McCann- both a masterful sideman as well as leader. They are joined by pianist Joe Alterman - who shares a special friendship with McCann as well as having him as a mentor for the past decade. Alterman's latest album features collaboration with McCann.  
9/18/202356 minutes, 59 seconds
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Chris Brubeck

Chris talks about what it was like to grow up with Dave Brubeck as his dad, his own musical projects and their family's legacy. 
9/18/202351 minutes, 44 seconds
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Judy Carmichael 2

Did you know Judy Carmichael is celebrating her 20th anniversary on the air with her show Jazz Inspired? Kendra recently caught up with Judy to talk about life, music and her future plans. Her memoir is nothing short of amazing!
9/18/202338 minutes, 28 seconds
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Mark Winkler

Kayonne Riley speaks with Mark Winkler about his album "Old Friends". (2021)
9/18/202330 minutes, 39 seconds
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Judy Carmichael

In this vulnerable and eye opening interview, Kendra and Judy talk about her illustrious career.
9/18/202344 minutes, 57 seconds
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Pete Escovedo

"We really like playing to an audience and we do have a great fan base. The people do support what I do and my family and so it's been a wonderful life for me." Hear from our Latin Jazz Artist of the Month Pete Escovedo about his new album on WUCF 89.9 HD2 Latin Jazz.
9/18/202323 minutes, 33 seconds
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Eliane Elias

Kayonne Riley speaks with the multi-Grammy winning Brazilian artist Eliane Elias about her new album “Mirror Mirror” featuring Cuban pianist Chucho Valdés and the late Chick Corea.
9/18/202314 minutes, 34 seconds