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English, Cultural, 1 seasons, 222 episodes, 2 days 18 hours 4 minutes
(Formerly Sh*t I'm 30 Podcast) Pivot with Purpose is a podcast that celebrates every step of the journey into finding our purpose. Whether you feel lost and purposeless or you are currently fulfilled, Carla documents her journey juggling being an entrepreneur, radio personality and single mother of 2! How do the people you look up to the most find their purpose and have a balanced life? Well let's chat with them and get an insight into their lives. Join Carla and her guests weekly. Grab a glass of wine or coffee if you happen to be at work and lets find our God given Purpose!
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EP 204: The Pursuit of Purpose: Navigating Activism and Advocacy feat Tiffany D Loftin

Could your content consumption habits be shaping your outlook and actions more than you realize? Join me,as I sit down with Tiffany Dean Loftin the host of "How We Get Free," for a mind-opening discussion about the power of content consumption. We dive into the creation of podcasts and the impact they have on their creators. ‌ Are you ready to navigate the complex world of advocacy, voting, and social justice? We share our personal experiences on the challenges of leaving jobs, setting boundaries, and dealing with tough dynamics. We discuss the significance of your vote and the role of elected officials in shaping our society. Furthermore, we provide valuable resources to help you stay informed, get involved, and make a difference in pressing social justice issues. ‌ Let’s go beyond the spotlight and explore the role of celebrities in the social justice movement. Join us as we disentangle the emotiona
04/12/20231 hour 26 minutes 34 seconds
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EP 203: Reflecting on Five Years of Entrepreneurship

Join me on a journey of reflection as I recount five years of entrepreneurial endeavors - the triumphs, the hardships, and the invaluable lessons. I'll let you in on the five key things I've learned over my half-decade venture, including the art of active listening, the importance of valuing all voices, and the necessity of doing your homework before stepping onto any podcast. Additionally, I contemplate hosting an in-person event for our podcast’s six-year mark – an exciting milestone that feels both humbling and surreal. As we venture deeper into the realm of entrepreneurship, I share my experiences with outsourcing, assembling a supportive team, and the often hard-learned lesson that growth sometimes requires leaving certain things behind. Listen in as I recount personal stories about the difficult, yet necessary decisions I’ve had to make. I also impart some knowledge on networking, financial literacy, and leadership. As a business owner, preparatio
09/11/202341 minutes 4 seconds
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EP 202: 7 Kids and 7 Baby Mamas Ft. Comedian TK Kirkland

In this episode, comedian TK Kirkland wants you to understand his story but learn from his mistakes. From losing most of his immediate family (parents and siblings) to creating 7 kids of his own, TK has learned to accept things as they are. This comedian entrepreneur sits down with Carla to discuss how everyone has their own journey and we all have to allow each other the space to grow wiser as we grow older.   (06:18) -  Carla introduces TK Kirkland (07:38) - “Carla On Air: Love is Blind” (Hot Take) (21:32) - The Personal Live of TK Kirkland (42:06) - Be Wary of the Company You Keep (54:52) - Lessons Through Life Experience (1:13:07) - Bible Verse - Proverbs 1:5 Watch Full Episode and Subscribe on YouTube Thank you to our Sponsors: BetterHelp - Get 10% off your First Month
23/10/20231 hour 16 minutes 22 seconds
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EP 201: It's Step Daddy Season - Navigating Parenting and Dating with Ariel B

Ever wondered how to navigate the intriguing journey of parenting while also trying to keep your personal life active? Join us as we talked with Ariel Brown, host of Too Shall Pass, who shares her Inspirational and often humorous experiences. Ariel opens up about her son's evaluation at school due to concerns about his development and energy levels, and how modern technology impacts children's behavior.   We move on to a lighter note, exploring dating life and the role humor plays in relationships. Also touching on the critical need for any potential partner to provide a safe space!   To wrap up , we discuss the wisdom that even toddlers can bring to our lives, taking note of their often funny and sometimes disconcerting remarks about their parents' significant others. We stress the necessity of resilience, faith, and positivity, particularly in challenging times. We also caution against the pitfalls of comparison, especially in tod
16/10/202355 minutes 12 seconds
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Its a Celebration 200 EPISODES !!!! Road to Redemption

04/10/20231 hour 16 minutes 37 seconds
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EP 199: I am EVOLVING Through Vulnerability

25/09/20231 hour 2 minutes 48 seconds
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EP 198: From Addiction to Motherhood with Jessica Rose

Jessica Rose (“She Really Had a Baby”)  is a woman with a successful brand that has millions of followers and reach across the internet…but it has been far from easy. Growing up, Jessica had no one to turn to. A domestic dispute with father and her negligent mother caused her to turn to a life of drug and alcohol addiction. After realizing she was going to be a mom, Jessica decided to begin the journey of turning her life around. Tune into this week’s podcast as Jessica and Carla discuss changing the cycle of mother-daughter trauma and learning to love themselves in the process.   (6:49) - ADHD and Autism (14:47) - Who is Jessica Rose? (21:43) - Breaking Motherhood Trauma (32:40) - Sobriety vs. Self-Love (39:30) - New Money and Discipline (60:46) - Letter from Fan: How to Support Partner who Co parents with their ex (70:55) - Bible Verse - Proverbs 22:6 <a href="
13/09/20231 hour 17 minutes 12 seconds
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EP 197: The Struggles of Back To School Life as a Single Mother and Creating Your Tribe

Carla and Paola are back to chat about the craziness that is back to school and many other topics. Their convo begins by discussing Carla’s tell-all on her recent guest appearance on the “Know For Sure” podcast and leads into body positivity for all body types. Finally, the ladies dive into the struggles of sending their kids back to school as a single-mom and having a license to carry in a house with children. Join the duo in this informative yet fun episode filled with laughs and understanding that you are not alone in your motherhood journey.   (11:29) - Creating Confidence in Your Self-Image (16:24) - Tory Lanez Sentencing (24:35) - Back to School as a Single Mother (32:05) - The Importance of Having a “Tribe” (42:02) - Bible Verse - 1 Timothy 5:8 Watch Full Episode and Subscribe on YouTube Thank you to our Sponsors:  
05/09/202346 minutes 37 seconds
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EP 196: Manifesting Friendships as Adults and Creating Healthy Boundaries feat May Tsehay

In this chaotic and crazily fun episode, Carla sits down with May Tsehay; her long-time friend and producer who helped take Carla’s brand and company to the next level. Their discussion leads to topics that range from setting healthy boundaries, mental breakdowns, and how much love you have for someone if you pick them up from LAX. Tune into this episode as the duo have honest dialogue surrounding what it means to be a good friend while making sure to take time for yourself.   (14:05) - Friendships and Alignment (28:24) - Creating Spaces to Be Your True Self (38:44) - Battle Between Mind and Body (48:29) - Work Life: Balancing Respect and Relatability (55:15) - Listener Question: How To Maintain Healthy Boundaries but Still Support Others (1:03:35) - Bible Verse - 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Watch Full Episode and Subscribe on YouTube Thank you to our S
30/08/20231 hour 8 minutes 18 seconds
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EP 195: AN Unexpected and Unpredictable Life from Parental Separation to Medical Diagnosis feat Kay-Lani (viva_glam_kay)

Having tried reaching out to this guest for years to join the podcast, Carla was finally able to sit down with make-up artist Kay-Lani (viva_glam_kay) at the perfect moment. Kay-Lani has been in the spotlight for years but today she sat down with us to discuss her upbringing, her start in make-up, and the life she has built for herself and her family. Throughout all of her hardships growing up, Kay-Lani and Carla shed light on how therapy and her relationship with her family and children has shaped her into the person she is today. Topics on the show: The Journey of having a child with precocious puberty Body Positivity and Internet Trolls Kay-Lani’s Journey in Make-Up Vida with Viva: Kay-Lani and Family  Therapy in Hispanic Culture Balancing Empathy and Healthy Boundaries Bible Verse - 2 Corinth
22/08/20231 hour 23 minutes 55 seconds
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EP 194: "They Always Say The Ex is Crazy" Feat. THE EX

You’ve also probably been told that THE EX IS CRAZY…Well lets talk to the ex! Now we have to navigate the tricky waters of “co-parenting” ourselves. Today's episode of Pivot with Purpose offers a raw and authentic conversation with my special guest, Erica - my son's brother's mom - as we share our personal journey towards co-parenting. Our commitment to nurturing a bond between our boys may have been fraught with challenges, but it has led to a healthy relationship that we're proud to share.   A crucial part of our journey involved healing, understanding, and finding common ground. Erica and I don't shy away from discussing the heartache that comes with a complicated family dynamic, and how setting boundaries was key to our healing process. We also break down how we consciously removed chaos from our lives, each taking our unique path towards growth and strengthening our resolve to foster a positive environment for our boys. You'll learn h
15/08/202354 minutes
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EP 193: Focusing on Self-growth After Break-ups with Mandii B.

Mandii B. (See, The Thing Is…and WHOREible Decisions Podcasts) is in Orlando and of course she had to come by the studio! Both women have been through very tough break ups that were so different yet so similar.  If you've heard the term " she wont leave him until she is ready" then you will understand why they stayed in their relationships longer than they should have. Mandii has decided to become celibate after this breakup and her and Carla discuss how celibacy Is different between the both of them because it has been over a year and Carla is still not ready to date. There is a deep talk about narcissism and toxic manipulative relationships and how they can be so similar yet so different and how to support a friend through it.   Join the conversation and laughter as these long-time friends show how growth comes in ANY form.   (4:32) - Being Unapologeticall
07/08/20231 hour 4 seconds
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EP 192: The Story of Realtor Linda Jokbengboon: Refugee Camps, Gambling Addiction, and Growing up Asian

Imagine not belongin anywhere, no real home, no identity, no country that you can legally call home. Linda Jokbengboon aka Linda Sells Orlando started life in a Thai Refugee Camp. After moving to America, she struggled to assimilate with every community including her own. In this episode, Carla and Linda discuss Linda’s upbringing filled with gambling addiction, raising her siblings during college, and how a misdemeanor stopped her from gaining citizenship. They shed light on how Linda was able to overcome her hardships and become successful in real estate.   (5:59) Carla and Linda discuss how they met (7:21) Being a refugee from Thailand (10:43) Dad’s Gambling Addiction (19:33) Troubles of gaining citizenship and traveling abroad (29:41) Growing up with Identity struggles (40:35) Aligning with your purpose (55:43) Linda and Carla answer a letter with the topic “Dumb real est
01/08/20231 hour 9 minutes 53 seconds
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EP 191: The Impact of Liars, ADHD and Bipolar Medication Struggles, and Finding Strength in Faith

Listen in as we dissect the intricate web of lies and their implications, both for the individual and those around them. This exploration also extends to the consequences of fake kidnappings, attention-seeking behavior, and their possible link to mental health issues. Prepare for a lively debate about the characteristics that define high-value men and women. We explore the importance of a strong moral code, leadership values, faith, and discipline. This conversation also highlights the dangers of an overemphasis on superficial success and material possessions, and the need to strive for internal success. Additionally, we shed light on the challenges faced by a trans woman who was refused treatment by a gynecologist and the current debate about who owns periods and womanhood.  The latter part of our discussion touches on the struggles with ADHD and bipolar medication, focusing on Carla's personal experience with Adderall. We navigate through the consequences of t
25/07/20231 hour 13 minutes 56 seconds
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Behind the Laughter: A Heart-to-Heart with Kristin and J-Rock about Marriage, Blended Family, and Children with Autism

Join us on a journey filled with laughter, real-life experiences, and powerful insights as we welcome Kristin and J-Rod, the couple behind the hit podcast 'And Then We Had Sex'. These two share an incredible story about how they launched a successful podcast, and their unique approach to navigating relationships and intimacy when you're older. This episode is a deep dive into the idea of 'Pivot with Purpose' and how Kristin and J-Rod carved their path on their own terms.   As we dig deeper, we engage in an enlightening discussion about common reasons for failed relationships. Brace yourselves as we reveal that cleanliness tops the list, even surpassing financial issues! We also touch on the negative impacts of social media overuse on relationships, illustrated by a viral video that underscores the importance of being present. This conversation doesn't shy away from exploring the challenges of dating, blended families, and the therapeutic potentia
17/07/20231 hour 4 minutes 1 second
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EP 189: Birth Doulas, Manifesting Pregnancy, and Finding Your Purpose without Kids

This week, Carla is joined by Wendy and Charlene; two doulas with a purpose to educate and support women (and their families) throughout their pregnancy journeys. Join the trio as they navigate what it means to be a doula and how to handle pregnancy as a woman of color.   (7:06) Doula Description (12:29) The trio discuss when Wendy found her purpose (14:45) The ladies discuss doula with kids vs. doula without kids (22:26) Discussion on why the education from doulas is important (39:06) Carla opens up about her miscarriage (56:36) Wendy and Sharlene explain the do’s and don’ts of finding a doula (1:06:08) Where to hire Wendy and Sharlene (1:06:36) Bible Verse - 1 Thessalonians 5:11 Watch Full Episode and Subscribe on YouTube Thank you to our Sponsors: McDonalds BetterHelp - Get 10% off
11/07/20231 hour 10 minutes 29 seconds
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EP 188: Ask And It Shall Be Given ft Fabianna Ferrarini

This week, Carla is joined by fitness mogul Fabiana Ferrarini, join them as they dive deep into their personal journeys of resilience and growth, from challenging relationships and overcoming abuse to finding strength through motherhood, they share their powerful stories of transformation. Topics like the importance of self-love, the impact of faith, and the power of embracing one's purpose were also discussed along with: ‌ (3:01) Carla gives a hack on sliding in DMs (12:10) Fabiana shares her experience as a teen mom, (21:00) Carla shares why she would rather physical abuse than verbal/emotional abuse (30:00) Fabiana shares how she escaped the abusive relationship (43:05) Carla and Fabiana talk MONEY (50:05) Fabiana s
26/06/20231 hour 36 minutes 55 seconds
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EP 187: From Crack Baby to Superstar Comedian feat Akeem Woods

This week, Carla is joined by comedian Akeem Woods. Join them as they dive into a discussion about work ethic, and the sacrifices required for success. Carla opens up about her experience as a CEO emphasizing the importance of loving what you do. Akeem shares his journey as a comedian, including his decision to come out later in life. The conversation touches on topics such as authenticity, family dynamics, and the impact of personal experiences on one's comedic style. Tune in as Carla and Akeem explore the power of resilience, and finding one's purpose amidst life's trials. (5:01) Carla and Akeem have the universal debate of green vs blue bubbles (6:38) Not all Instagram comedians deserve a podcast (9:56) Pros and cons of a 9-5 job, and why some days they would like to go back (17:04) The importance of authenticity in your content (24:21) When did Akeem know he was gay? <p dir="
20/06/20231 hour 9 minutes 13 seconds
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EP 186: Falling Into Satan’s Trap

Carla is joined by Paola for an episode full of good energy. The ladies talk about Carla’s psychic reading and how it affected her spiritually. This episode is all about trusting God and having the discipline to let toxic energy out so that the blessings can come down. Carla also gives us insight on all the new bae’s in her life. This week’s scripture of the week is 2 Timothy 3:2   5:00- Carla’s Psychic Reading 15:00- Sarah Jakes Roberts Sermon 27:00- Money Coming in and Money Coming Out 34:00- Carla was a mixy heaux 47:00- Man Likes Carla’s Feet 56:00- Scripture Of The Week. 2 Timothy 3:2       Watch Full Episode and Subscribe on YouTube   Thank you to our Sponsors: BetterHelp - Get 10% off your First Month <l
12/06/20231 hour 6 minutes 26 seconds
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EP 185: My First Psychic Reading Almost Destroyed Me

31/05/202350 minutes 56 seconds
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EP 184: Tulum, Shroom Trips, & Cougar Season

Join Carla as she recounts all the shenanigans from her Synergy Wellness Retreat! From the sun-kissed beaches of Tulum to the exhilarating highs and lows of their personal lives. This episode is packed with unexpected twists and outrageous moments. Tripping on shrooms, captivating cacao ceremonies, and heartfelt connections add an ethereal touch to their journey. After listening to this episode you’ll want to sign up for the next one! (5:40) Carla reveals her hilarious cosmetic procedure mishap (15:45) Boat party drama, steamy encounters with a mysterious 27-year-old man, and a car ride to remember (25:12) Carla shares her first shroom trip (33:35) Amidst the chaos, the group finds solace in a wellness retreat where they learn to accept their bodies and form an unbreakable bond via yoga and a beautiful Cacao Ceremony (40:29) Would you every give your friend a kidney? (48:52) Someone is tapping Carla’s work calls and st
15/05/20231 hour 3 minutes 10 seconds
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EP 183: Healers are Masters of the Darkness ft Daniela Kura

Carla is joined by Daniela Kura, a Trauma-Informed Psychic Healer & Manifestation Coach. This is recorded in the Tulum Mexico in the middle of the jungle! Daniela starts the episode by sharing her rough upbringing and how she met her husband. Daniela also explains what CPTSD is and how it makes her feel. Then, the ladies talk about Daniela’s physic ability and how she discovered her gift. Daniela even reads Carla's energy live on the podcast! 8:00: Daniela shares tragic story about abuse in her childhood 15:00: Daniela Shares how she met her husband 27:00: Daniela explains what CPTSD is 32:00 Daniela psychic ability 51:00 The ladies share their non negotiables while dating 1:02:00- How Trauma Impacts The Body ________ Connect with Daniela Kura @daniela.kura https://dan
08/05/20231 hour 22 minutes 21 seconds
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EP 182: My Therapist Ghosted Me

Carla is joined by Paola for another episode! Carla starts by sharing how triggered she is that her therapist ghosted her and Paola digs deeper into Carla’s breakup trauma. This is a venting episode where Carla gets a lot off of her chest about unappreciative friends and not feeling supported by her peers in the industry. Carla teaches Paola what CHATGPT is and they have a conversation about how dangerous artificial intelligence is. The ladies do a deep dive on relationships and Carla shares what she wants in a man. This is a jammed packed episode full of content before Carla’s Mexico trip! 5:00- Carla’s Therapist Ghosted Her 8:00- “Friends” being unappreciative 15:00- Move Back In With Your Parents 22:00- Chat GPT 26:00 -Carla joins the celebrity app Raya 32:00- What Does Carla Want In A Partner? 42:00- Carla Is Launching Two New Brands 54:00- Finding Success without your “Family’s” support 1:02:0
01/05/20231 hour 7 minutes 46 seconds
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EP 181: I Found God Through Astrology feat Gigi

This week on Pivot With Purpose, Carla is joined by intuitive Astrologist “Gigi”. They start by discussing Gigi’s background and why she decided to move to Mexico. Then, The ladies bond over motherhood when GiGi describes how she’s able to put her daughter through college. Gigi shares how a broken marriage inspired her to start researching astrology and how her christian mother came to accept her career path. Gigi even reads Carla’s natal chart live on the podcast! Today’s bible verse is Proverbs 19:21. 10:00- Gigi explains her background and how she got to Mexico 17:00- Gigi puts her daughter through college by moving to Mexico 22:10- Carla shares how astrology ruffles christians feathers 30:00- Having a stronger connection with God through astrology 38:00- The ladies discuss their natal charts 42:00- Gigi Reads Carla’s Natal Chart Live On Air 53:00- Gi
18/04/20231 hour 10 minutes 23 seconds
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NEW PODCAST ALERT!!!    Welcome to the How We Get Free Podcast, I am your host Tiffany Dena Loftin, Im a black woman living Los Angeles California and over the last 16 years I’ve organized black and brown people across the globe in their fight for racial and economic justice. I've been a lead organizer in the fight for student loan debt cancellation, the ongoing fight to end police brutality, and I've turned out over 100,000 voters throughout my career. Weekly, I will be speaking directly with the most brilliant Freedom Fighters across the globe where they will be sharing the blueprint on how you can make a difference in your community because where do Freedom Fighters like us go to learn from each other? Don’t miss an episode – Make sure you’re subscribed anywhere where you can listen to podcasts. <p dir=
15/04/20234 minutes 20 seconds
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EP 180: God Will Humble You feat. Justin Gatlin

This week on Pivot With Purpose, Carla is joined by Track-star Justin Gatlin. The duo starts by discussing the LSU Girls Basketball controversy and how Jill Biden put her foot in her mouth. Then, Justin explains how difficult it was for him to pivot from being a professional athlete and how he handles the pressure. Justin also details a time in his career that he got suspended because of a spiteful trainer. Carla describes how God will humble you in life when you think you’re the one in control. Our listener's question is, “Does finding your career heal your anxiety?” This week’s bible scripture is 1st Corinthians 10:13.   2:30- Carla asks Justin would he be a single mom? 4:00- Justin Explains His Track Career 6:24- They discuss the LSU Girls Basketball Team 9:36- Do Track stars talk trash? 14:00- Jill Biden’s Stupid Comments 18:22-Casey Anthony Debacle 21:00- Justin Talks About His Pivot From Being An At
10/04/20231 hour 14 minutes 25 seconds
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EP 179: Baby Daddy Newsletter

Carla is taking it back with an old school at home episode! Joined by Paola and Wendy, the ladies do a full Love Is Blind Recap. The ladies also discuss Lamar Odom and they share their hate for being hugged and touched. They end the episode by talking about the power of praying for others. Scripture Of The Day Exodus 1:1. 5:00- Lamar Odom acquires three rehabilitation centers 10:30- Is Carla Autistic Or Neurodivergent? 15:32-Love Is Blind Recap 31:00 Carla Wants To Host The Official “Love Is Blind” Podcast 32:00- Scripture Of The Day 33:00- Do all baby daddies have a newsletter? Watch Full Episode and Subscribe on YouTube   Thank you to our Sponsors: McDonalds BetterHelp - Get 10% off your First Month <a h
05/04/202346 minutes 49 seconds
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EP 178: It's Time To Pivot Again

Paola is back for another jam packed episode. First, Carla and Paola are both feeling a shift in their lives and think it’s time to pivot. Then, Carla shares her concern about her forgetfulness and thinks that it comes from the trauma in her life. Carla shares her Tulum surprise and both ladies do a Love Is Blind recap. This week’s scripture is 2 John 1:8.   5:45: Carla And Paola Both Feel It’s Time For A Shift In Their Lives 11:00- Carla Is Sick From A Stomach Bug 13:45- Carla Speaks About Her Forgetfulness 19:40- Paola Recants Being Pregnant And Homeless 29:15- Carla’s Tulum Surprise 30:50-Carla Reads Her Emotional Journal Entry 35:00- Would Carla Have Another Live Show? 39:20- Love Is Blind Recap 59:20 Scripture Of The Week is 2 John 1:8 Watch Full Episode and Subscribe on YouTube   Thank you to our Sponsors: <u
29/03/20231 hour 2 minutes 57 seconds
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EP 177: What Does Rest Even Mean?

This week, Carla is joined by Paola and it happens to be Paola’s birthday! First, Carla recaps her Mexico trip and the struggle she has to actually get rest.She shares all of the cool people she met and how she thought she was going to Jail for a moment. Then, Paolo gives a full breakdown on how to take PTO and study your company handbook. The ladies discuss people shaming Ashanti for being single and why people judge single women negatively. Carla also reads a listener letter about a girl sad about getting older and being single and shares a funny video of a first lady threatening people at her church.   7:30- The history of St.Patrick's Day 11:00- Carla recaps her mexico trip 18:00- How to Actually Rest 29:00- Looking for drugs in mexico 32:00- Guidelines For PTO 35:30- Being Single and Happy 50:00- Single Girl Listener Letter 55:00-Scripture Of The Week Jeremiah 31:25 57:00- First Lady Cu
21/03/20231 hour 8 minutes 17 seconds
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EP 176: He's Aware That He's A Narcissist

This week, Carla is joined by Lee Hammock aka @MentalHealness “ A self aware narcissist”. They start by talking about his upbringing and what led to his narcissism diagnosis. Lee and Carla also discussed how he navigates marriage with his personality disorder. Then, they discuss parenting and how to navigate narcissism while having kids. Lastly, the duo talks about using religion for manipulation.   9:00- Lee’s Wife Calls Him A Narcissist 16:50- How to Navigate Marriage As A Narcissist 24:20- Verbal Abuse Was the worst 32:00- Levels to Narcissism 41:00- Navigating Parenting While Having Narcissism 51:00- Do Narcissists Mourn Relationships 55:30- Using Religion For Manipulation   Thank you to our Sponsors: McDonalds BetterHelp - Get 10% off your First Month www.betterhelp.c
13/03/20231 hour 12 minutes 36 seconds
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EP 175: Airport Lounge Access Granted feat Dexty

  Dex is back in the hot seat and the ladies laugh for the entire episode! They start by reminiscing on their girl’s trip to New York and break down the rules of a successful girl’s trip. Then, they shared how they were too tired to go to “The Read’s” after party and were so happy that they were both on the same page. Next, Carla and Dex talk about Carla’s solo trip and Dex has some interesting suggestions for what activities Carla should do. The ladies also share funny stories on raising their teenagers and how this new generation has no common sense. For this week’s listener letter, a listener wants to know how to support her friend that just discovered her husband is cheating on her an
06/03/20231 hour 1 minute 14 seconds
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EP 174: Yo Quiero Dinero, a Prenup, and to be FNF! feat Jannese Torres

Today’s guest is Jannese Torres , host of “Yo Quiero Dinero Podcast". Jannese discusses entrepreneurship and how she found success as a food blogger. Then, she tells a bizarre story about her husband’s mistress confronting her mom about their affair and why she decided to get a divorce. Jannese also drops some major gems on how to start a business and the ladies connect over their love for Puerto Rico. This week’s listener letter is a question about lending money to family and the scripture of the week is Ecclesiastics 5:10. ‌ ‌ 4:30- The ladies talk about their love for bad bunny 8:10- Jannese describes how her food blog makes money and allowed her to quit her job 13:00- They then discuss separate bank accounts in a relationship 16:00- Jannese’s husband’s mistress contacted Jannese’s mom 20:00- Jannese made her husband sign a postnuptial agreement
27/02/20231 hour 12 minutes 38 seconds
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EP 173: Absent Parents, Gay for Pay, & Dismissive Mothers

Paola is back! This episode is jammed packed with juicy topics. Carla starts by discussing her new found fame and adjusting to the lifestyle change.The duo also breakdown “absentee parenting” vs. “sometimey parenting” and which is worse. Right after the break, they discuss mediocre sex and Carla gives us a script on how to tell a man he’s not that great in bed. Then,The ladies answer a listener's question about a dismissive mom and of course, Carla closes us out with a scripture! Don’t forget to hit up Paola to help you learn about your benefits and how to make the most out of them.   8:45- Carla gushes over Offset and Cardi B’s Genuine Love Story 17:00- Does Carla’s or Paola’s “boos” listen to the show? Do they care? 20:45- The ladies discuss Absent Parenting vs. Sometimey Parenting 29:00- Paola says to find your freedom as a parent. F*** them kids! 37:41- Do nice and respectful guys have good sex? Can you teach them
20/02/20231 hour 3 minutes 1 second
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EP 172: 'm Committed to Being Single AF

It's Valentine's Day and this is the first year EVER that she has been single. How is that even possible? Well this year she is making a commitment to being single and being INTENTIONAL about it.  After a heavy therapy appointment she now has a plan for finding herself and loving herself more than ever. ___________________ 5:36- Being Recognized At Church 14:00- Carla’s First Solo Vacation 23:00- Carla wants to find her sexy 35:00 Last Valentines Day Experience 50:00: Scripture Of The Day John 16:33 Vote For "Holding Court" 54th NAACP Image Aw
14/02/202353 minutes 20 seconds
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EP 171: The Family Secret - A Mother's Lie About Adoption ft Ariel Brown

This week, Carla is back with Ariel Brown for part 2. Join them as they discuss single motherhood, healing, a shocking adoption story, and the laws surrounding child support. 8:18- Overcoming Imposture Syndrome 18:17- Toxic Co-parenting/ Child Support 34:28- Giving Yourself Grace While Raising kids 47:48: Bizarre Adoption Story 1:05:40: Ariel Finds Her Birth Mother 1:20:24: Bible Verse Romans 12:12 Vote For "Holding Court" 54th NAACP Image Awards Fan
07/02/20231 hour 26 minutes 56 seconds
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Working On a Huge Project!

I am working on such a big project and need YOUR help. I couldn't be here without your support.
01/02/202358 seconds
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EP 170: Toxic Mentality, Radical Honesty & Marriage ft. Laron Profit

This week, Carla is back with Laron Profit, former Pro Basketball Player and Coach. Join them as they discuss dating for marriage, why your circle is important when it comes to your relationship, and why it’s better to be fulfilled than happy in a relationship!
31/01/20231 hour 22 minutes 20 seconds
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EP 169: Mommy Issues After Sexual Trauma ft Samia Burton

Carla is BACK! After another successful production for a few of the Idea to Launch clientele Carla is joined by Samia Burton host of Not Just Another Sex Podcast. Join them as they get down to the nitty gritty and discuss:    (2:46) Full circle moments  (6:20)  Emotionally immature parents  (8:47) Mommie issues after sexual trauma  (11:55) Why Carla thought her mother “didn't have a backbone” (18:33) Why women are more verbally abusive than men   (23:51) How Samia is getting over Stockholm Syndrome  (37:55) Why it’s important to surrender for your blessings to pour down on you (49:57) Advice Letter: A man gets in trouble for driving a lady friend home
23/01/20231 hour 8 minutes 57 seconds
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EP 168: He Left Me For Dead, Bloodied, but I Still Loved Him - A Story of Survival

*TRIGGER WARNING* This week, Carla is back with a very special episode, she is joined by Ariel, a mom of five and domestic violence survivor. Join them as they discuss:    (7:50) How Domestic Violence is normalized in our culture  (17:34) Swallowing anger after being abused  (20:39) Why Ariel “kept getting pregnant” after the abuse started  (38:49) The job that almost cost Ariel her kids’ lives   (01:09:11) Bible Verse: Romans 12:12    Guest Information  Instagram: @the_arielb LinkTree: Ariel B.   Harbour Hous
09/01/20231 hour 15 minutes 17 seconds
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EP 167: Meet The Team- Mentorship, Adding Value, and Why You’re Only As Good As Your Team

02/01/20231 hour 4 minutes 5 seconds
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EP 166: What I'm Leaving Behind in 2022 feat Dexty

On this last episode of the year we have an OG guest and Original  host of Shit I’m 30, the one and only Dexty. Join them as they discuss How Carla has the power of Life and Death coming out her tongue (7:01)  Ten things you should leave behind in 2022 (8:36) How Dexty taught Carla how to set healthy boundaries (11:30) Why Carla’s therapist told her to smoke more weed (15:10) Shame surrounding being a young mother (32:10) Why Dexty needs to “chill tf out” in 2023 (37:56) They answer listener letters (Send yours to as
26/12/20221 hour 2 minutes 58 seconds
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EP 165: Origin Story, Exposed On Social Media, And I’m The Blue Check Now w/ Mandii B

Carla is back this week with a special guest. She is joined virtually by none other than Ms. Mandii B herself, join them as they discuss their journey as entrepreneurs through their friendship.    3:08 Carla and Mandii recap how they met as a bartender and bottle girl.  7:00 Compartmentalizing your friendships  9:00 How Mandii outed Carla on her blog and Carla thinks she’s Meghan Markel 20:31 Mandii’s pivot from bartender to accountant at a Big 4 firm to making her accounting salary in one tour  35:41 Carla gives Mandii her flowers after seeing Mandii go through a low point    Part Two COMING SOON
21/12/202243 minutes 22 seconds
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EP 164: Busy, Petty and Don't Come to Me As A Woman

Busy, Petty, and Don't Come to Me as a Woman Carla is back after a crazy couple of weeks. Join her as she talks about   (2:10) Her first holiday season as a single woman (3:55) How her support system got her through this time last year  (28:17) Do women spend money on men? (40:32) Why 30 is too old to come to anyone “as a woman” (54:09) Pastors are human too!   
13/12/20221 hour 2 minutes 40 seconds
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EP 163: Mean Girl Era, Sexual Curiosity, and Tupperware Parties

This week, Carla is again joined by a PWP favorite Krysta  (@krysta.monet), founder of the tech startup Fem Speaking and Ivy’s Garden.   Join them this week as they discuss, the Tulum Retreat and how we’re expanding (1:00)  How Krysta started her journey of starting her apps (5:25) Her struggle with fighting with people reporting her support group (6:56) The demographic of people who enjoy Ivy’s Garden (13:48) What exactly is a Mean Girl Era (19:53)  <
28/11/202257 minutes 29 seconds
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EP 162: Gratitude Is My Superpower

Gratitude Is My Superpower   Happy Monday! On today’s episode, Carla is joined by her friend and criminal attorney Alisia Adamson Profit (@alisiaesq & @hawmlaw ) Join them as they discuss their journeys from standing on couches to Friday night bible study (3:35).  How a holiday could have ruined Alisia’s marriage (11:11) Practicing abstinence after marriage (20:10) An attorney’s opinion on Pre-Nups (22:53) How Carla witnessed Alisia walking in her purpose (33:08) They discuss Bible Verse Hebrews 12:11, and how discipline can be painful (39:16) <st
21/11/202244 minutes 15 seconds
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EP 161: Soft Life vs Hyper-Independence, Sassy Men, and Hinge Chronicles

This week Carla is joined by her friend and veteran Shit I’m 30 guest Krysta Monet (@krysta.monet), founder of the tech startup Fem Speaking and Ivy’s Garden.    Join them as they discuss the Yvonne Orji standup special (3:54) regarding being a strong black woman. They breakdown lyrics that brainwashed us as young adults (9:01) They ask why as women we can’t ask for help (15:30) Carla is going on her second offic
14/11/202256 minutes 30 seconds
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Ep 160: After 35 I've Become A Total Introvert Plus 16 Personalities

This week Carla gives the full rundown of the Synergy Wellness Retreat in Tulum, Mexico, she and Paola discuss their personality traits, and why having an assistant can be cringy!    Book your retreat in Tulum!   Idea to Launch Academy Launch your podcast in 30 days!    Thank you, Better Help for sponsoring the show. Click here to get 10% off your first month
07/11/202257 minutes 48 seconds
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EP 159: Hickeys, Blow Up Dolls, and IDC About Your 750k views

Happy Halloween! This week the sexy cat herself is back to discuss some halloween horror stories, scary things no one warns you about in your 30s, and why Carla plans on getting WILD at 50 PURRRR!   Book your retreat in Tulum!   Idea to Launch Academy Launch your podcast in 30 days!    Thank you, Better Help for sponsoring the show. Click <a href= "
31/10/202259 minutes 6 seconds
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EP 158: Changing Lives, Threesomes, and IDK who Ice Cube Is

This week Carla is joined by a couple of the most inspiring entrepreneurs in Orlando, Michelle Welch & Jena Melhberg. These friends could not stop laughing as they discussed the latest Ray J and Princess mess, their journeys as self made entrepreneurs, and why they don’t like the phrase “women empowerment”!    Connect with us on social media: Instagram: @carlawilmaris @pivotwithpurpose Twitter: @carlawilmaris YouTube: Pivot With Purpose Podcast (Videos release on Tuesdays)   WAITLIST - Synergy Wellness Retreat 2023 </
24/10/20221 hour 7 minutes 37 seconds
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EP 157: Time over Money, Vasectomies, and Deadbeats

This week Carla is getting a man’s perspective on fatherhood! She is joined by Lil’ Shawn her cohost on FLY Morning Wakeup Show. Join them as they discuss the challenges of being single parents, why vasectomies are on the rise, and when is “getting on your feet” no longer a valid excuse.  Connect with us on social media: Carla Wilmaris  Lil' Shawn WAITLIST - Synergy Wellness Retreat 2023  Idea to Launch Academy Launch your podcast in 30 days!    Thank you, Better Help for sponsoring the show. Click <a href= "
17/10/20221 hour 9 minutes 9 seconds
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EP 156: Toxic Positivity, Unplugging & Online Dating In DC

This Carla discusses how too much positivity can be toxic and, the hurricane she experienced before the actual storm. The question of “hoe-ing” in the mom group is also posed by Paola, and she shares why she was horny and scared in D.C.!   WAITLIST - Synergy Wellness Retreat 2023    Idea to Launch Academy Launch your podcast in 30 days!    Thank you, Better Help for sponsoring the show. Click here to get 10% off your first month
07/10/202258 minutes 7 seconds
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DON'T SHOOT THE MESSENGER - Man Asks Us to Fire His Brother's Girlfriend From High End Family Restaurant for Not Showing Up to Staff Meeting

I'm on the radio and we have a new dailt segment called...DONT SHOOT THE MESSENGER   These are your new favorite 5 minutes of your day!   Listen to all the other calls now!  
22/09/20225 minutes 30 seconds
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EP 155: Love is Blind, Imposter Syndrome, & Carla Almost Gets Arrested

This week, Carla discusses how being nice can get you in all the right places, her almost run-in with the law, and why the most expensive gifts have the lowest value.  
15/09/202246 minutes 29 seconds
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EP 154: New Job...Who's This?

This is a story of resilience, hard work, faith, and obedience. Carla this weeks tells her story from 2015 being fired from her finance to being hired to be the female voice of her city in the SAME BUILDING!!!! 
25/08/20221 hour 1 minute 31 seconds
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EP 153: Single and Ready to Mingle..MAYBE

Carla has been single for 6 months and she says she’s ready for dating and is even in the apps that the girls are using nowadays. This week Carla with Paola go over their current dating situations and it looks like carla has bae’s in every area code. 
04/08/202258 minutes 58 seconds
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EP 152: Law and Order: Blood Ain't Thicker Than Water

This week Carla is back to give you an update about where she has been and the serious Law and Order episode of her life at the moment. One thing that you will for sure take away from the episode is that No Weapon Formed Against You Shall prosper when you are obedient and truly Let Go and Let God! Launch Your Podcast In 30 Days use code 'pivot' for $100 off   Get your gummies here and use code 'Pivot" for $$ off   thank you to Better Help for Sponsoring the show get 10% oFF your first month  
21/07/202258 minutes 7 seconds
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EP 151: Why He Married and Divorced a Narcissist TWICE!

This week Carla is joined by Baron Young from Reach One Recovery which dedicated to providing the “spark” of enlightenment for survivors of narcissistic abuse. We are shinning a light into men that have experienced abuse. As a society we dont allow men to share or express their pain, yet this kind of abuse will cause PTSD so many while the numbers of narcissistic abuse keep rising.  Some of the things you will hear: Suicidal rates in men Realizing that you are being abused and its not physical How to leave a narcissistic relationship Email your questions to [email protected] Launch Your Podcast in 30 Days use code PODCAST to get $100 OFF Connect with us @carlawi
02/06/20221 hour 11 minutes 15 seconds
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EP 150: The Tarot Card Reader That Jump Started My Healing Journey

Launch Your Podcast in 30 Days This Week we are joined by Myshelle also known as My Certified Angel to discuss Carla's first time doing a tarot card reading out of desperation.  Turns out that Myshelle has dealt with her own trauma that catapulted her into finding her purpose with Tarot Cards and the spirits Book Myshelle for your own Spiritual Reading
28/05/20221 hour 5 minutes 34 seconds
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EP 149: Getting Rid of Shame & Finding My New Purpose

17/05/202257 minutes 29 seconds
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EP 148: Love Bombing and Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

We have Mac “The Therapist” back for another week to continue to talk about Narcissism. This episode delves deeper in the conversation of how this affects the one on the receiving end. We talked about love- bombing and how its an end to their means. We had moments where realizations were made and gave a different perspective. I learned that I came to terms with the fact that although this person put me through the wildest emotional rollercoaster, I lived through that, there were moments that were good, along with the dark side.    What Else You Will Hear: A narcissist will always have a supply ready before they leave you or you leave them. Enabling a narcissist, how does that look like Love-bombing, what is it? How long does it last?  How long does it take to develop a relationship? How you become an
03/05/202248 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

EP 148: Love Bombing and Co-Parenting with a Narcissist

We have Mac “The Therapist” back for another week to continue to talk about Narcissism. This episode delves deeper in the conversation of how this affects the one on the receiving end. We talked about love- bombing and how its an end to their means. We had moments where realizations were made and gave a different perspective. I learned that I came to terms with the fact that although this person put me through the wildest emotional rollercoaster, I lived through that, there were moments that were good, along with the dark side.    What Else You Will Hear: A narcissist will always have a supply ready before they leave you or you leave them. Enabling a narcissist, how does that look like Love-bombing, what is it? How long does it last?  How long does it take to develop a relationship? How you become an
03/05/202248 minutes 1 second
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EP 147: Signs You're Dating/Dealing With a Narcissist

This week Carla Wilmaris is back with recurring guest, Paola and a special guest, Mac “The Therapist”. We get deep this week, so grab some wine, a notebook, some tissues, whatever you need because we are going right into it. We are talking about Narcissism. We started the conversation with statistics and how 1 in every 16 Americans has been affected by someone with NPD, then broke down the differences between traits and the disorder. We went down the rabbit hole, and all I can say is buckle up, this is part one to a very necessary conversation we needed to have. What You’ll Hear: What is Narcissism? Or Narcissistic Personality disorder (NPD). How the rise of social media is feeding into the pandemic of nar
26/04/202259 minutes 44 seconds
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EP 146: Self Love, Expectations, & Dating Again

We’re back! We started this episode with reading some questions that were submitted by our amazing listeners. The questions were amazing and set the tone for this episode to start talking about how life is scary, but its ok to lean into asking for help. We touched on how men are now somewhat intimidated of women, they are dominating in a lot of different areas of the money-making industry. I also spoke on how God has been orchestrating the last 3 month of my life and letting him take control because he knows what is best for me. Finally, we delve into the topic for this week, practicing self-care and love. What You'll Hear: Hold on to your expectations, and do not lower them for no one. You cannot force anyone to do anything, even if its to make them better <li style="font-weight: 400;" aria-level
20/04/202251 minutes 58 seconds
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EP 145: Turning 35, Single Mom of 2, and Broken

Today we have KBJ Energy! Congratulations to Ketanji Brown Jackson on being appointed to the Supreme court.  This week’s episode we start off with my reservations of turning 35 this year. I realize that I am grieving the thought of where I thought I was going to be, and what didn’t happen or will happen based on changes that have happened in the past almost 2 months. Then dive into this week’s episode, elevating past people’s trauma.  I am now all about BOUNDARIES, at 34 almost 35 I need PEACE. What you will hear this week: Turning 35 this year Grieving loss of what was and where I am now</li
13/04/202247 minutes 42 seconds
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EP 144: I Shouldn't Be Depressed!

I’m back like I never left! And I have my amazing friend, Paola back for another episode. This week I want to talk about my journey. You have all been with me from corporate, to leaving and starting Shit I’m 30! to saying I didn’t want anymore kids, to getting into a new relationship and being in love, to not now a newly single mom and entrepreneur.   As women we are very judgmental of ourselves and I’m starting to paint a new canvas, reinventing myself as a woman, a mom, and entrepreneur. I’m learning it’s time to put myself first, the future holds happiness for me.   The saddest people always try their hardest to make people happy. -Robin Williams   What You’ll Hear: Painting a new canvas Why are women so judgmental and hard on themselves Therapy is a non-negotiable for me right now<
06/04/202255 minutes 20 seconds
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EP 143: Carla Has A Podcast Bro!

I'M BACK! With a new purpose, a new sound, a new pivot. I am finding my purpose as a single mother of 2 and I know I have been gone for a while, but I’m back with a new voice, Paola who you will get to know in this new season of pivot. She is sitting here with me, and I know I met her at just the right time. Recently some things have been circulating on the internet, I asked for privacy but if we are going to talk about it, let say the TRUTH.   What You'll Hear:  • What is tradition/ traditional marriage or relationship. • The healing I have been doing, sitting with my emotions, and discussing the different emotions we forget to name and feel when they are happening. • Things I did or do to make myself feel good vs. dealing with the emotions themselves. • Feeling emotions and observing them whether they are good, bad, or ugly. • Not everything deserves a reaction, I have gained control of my emotions/ reactions. • Learning to focus on
01/04/202248 minutes 52 seconds
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EP 142: The Highs & Lows of Mom's in Business Including the Dark Side of Wanting to End it ALL

07/02/20221 hour 12 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 141: Finding Purpose After a Loss

27/01/202228 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 140: This Feels Like A Life Sentence

My life revolves around my kids and my family and now it feels like the woman that I am is in prison. My spirit got me out of bed and told me to vocalize what I am feeling today and in the coming weeks.  Who is Carla today? Is she just a mom? Will she ever be a woman again? Tune in and go on this journey again with me. It is not pretty but it is raw.
17/11/202117 minutes 43 seconds
Episode Artwork

139. I Played Myself! - I Don't Know How to Be a Mompreneur

She's back! Pivot with Purpose is back and it ain't perfect. If she waited for perfection this episode would have never been released so LET'S TALK ABOUT IT! How do we pivot when life has thrown all these curve balls and we thought we had it all figured out but we dont! This week we will go over new segments of the show like Unconventional Side Hustles & start the documented journey of Carla's business and how she is expanding and learning from all of her mistakes. Come on and join the ride. Let's Pivot unapologetically and intentionally find our Purpose! Connect with me @carlawilmaris    
02/04/202132 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 138: Pivoting & Leveling TF Up!

It is time to Pivot. My vision has become so clear in the last 2.5 years and now I want to serve you in the new space that I'm in. Today I will share the new vision and direction that Sh*T I'm 30 is going in and trust me it is NOT for the weak!!!    
04/12/202019 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 137: My Testimony before The Beginning

This week the devil was working hard on me. When you are taking steps in the right direction he does not like it and he will attack and TRY to use you to tear everything you have built apart. My new show Whatever She Says almost didn't make it to its first episode because we were determined to bring you a WORD! Listen up and be aware of when the devil is trying to use you!
30/10/20201 hour 14 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

136: I Had a C-Section Now I Want A Natural Birth: Should I Get a Doula?

Hey there! If you have been following me on social media then you know my journey through pregnancy has been very unconventional. I’ve had to go to appointments without the support of my partner, deal with excruciating body changes, and I’ve had drastic hormonal swings. This week I am joined by the founder of Black Mom Blog and pioneer of black motherhood and self-care Shanica Boswell. You’ll hear about the shaming of single mothers sending their child to stay with their fathers, the benefits of a doula, and trying to have a natural birth after having a C-section. This episode isn’t only for women with babies or who are currently pregnant, but it’s an episode for everyone to get an inside look at the journey and obstacles or pregnancy and parenting.   Connect with us: @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @shaniciaboswe
21/10/20201 hour 19 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 135: True Confessions From The Lady Waxing Your Vagina Ft. Jena

Did you know that people of color spray tan? Yeah I didn’t either until I sat down with my friend Jenna, founder and CEO of Catalyst Salon.  When she isn't spray tanning a client, she has her face by someone’s vagina.   Oh… get your head out of the gutter, it’s because her salon offers waxing services! I sat down with Jenna to gossip about her jarring waxing stories, advice for waxing while pregnant, flawed beauty standards, and so much more!   Join us to look through the lens of an esthetician! You’ll find out what the lady giving you your bikini wax is really thinking!   By the way, don’t forget to tune in to the second season of Tyler Perry’s “Sistahs” Oct 14th 9PM/8PM Central   Connect with us: @carlawilmaris @Shitim30podcast <p class="p1"
14/10/20201 hour 9 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 134: Checking In Before Wrapping Up 2020

09/10/202055 minutes 22 seconds
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EP 133: What Happens When Your Dreams Become a Reality Feat The Ladies

Have you ever had this overwhelming sense of calm after so much anxiety, stress, and doubt? Yeah, me too... although it may take a while to get there!    This week we have a live and interactive conversation with the virtual family I have built through this podcast platform. We chat about manifestation, doubt, clarity, and intentions.<span class= "Apple-c
30/09/202055 minutes 43 seconds
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EP 132: Divine Feminine Energy & The Power of Manifestation…With a Dash of Ratchet

Manifestation is a stronger power than most of us recognize. This  weekend was a true testament of the power of manifestation. When you have an idea in mind, and it’s meant for you to accomplish it, God provides the people, resources, & dismantles any obstacles in the way of your goal. Join me as I recap the first annual Synergy Women’s Wellness retreat with Beavis and Butthead (May & Wendy). I’ve been working with May virtually and this was the first weekend that we met finally in person…luckily she wasn’t a psycho! Thank you to my Patreon community you all are amazing, empowering, dynamic women with so much to offer the world!  Connect with us on social media: @carlawilmaris
23/09/202054 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 131: Traveling While Chubby Ft. Jeff Jenkins

Preparing for a trip is already a hassle, but have you considered what that preparation looks like for people with different body types than you?   This week, I am going by Jeff Jenkins a full-time travel blogger/influencer and founder of Chubby Diaries. His passion is to make traveling accessible, affordable, and efficient for the 70 million Americans who are technically classified as “obese”.   Join us as we chat a
17/09/20201 hour 30 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 130: Phenomenal Black Boy, Rachel Dolezal 2.0, & Colorism

This week I am joined by filmmaker, photographer, mother, and now author Francesa Andre! What doesn’t this lovely lady have her hands on?! We talk about her new children’s book titled Phenomenal Black Boy, colorism, mental health, being a first-time mom, and so much more!  If you have heard of Rachel Dozer, then you have to hear about Rachel 2.0! Tune in!   Links: Rachel Dolezal 2.0 article:   Connect with us on social media:
09/09/20201 hour 46 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 129: Intuition, Astrology, & Yoga Ft. CheCheBabe

Do you ever hear this little voice in your head that tells you  “damn it, something told me to….”? Have you ever wondered what the heck mercury retrograde is or what full moons represent? This week we dive into concepts like: intuition, stigmas around tarot cards being witchcraft, spiritual alignment, and so much more. Join in as Che Che & I chat about her journey towards yoga, meditation, and  tarot reading & EVEN DOES A LIVE READING ON ME (& DAMN I WAS SCARED, BUT … I LOVED MY READING!) Connect with us on social media: @carlawilmaris @Shitim30Podcast <a ti
02/09/20201 hour 20 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

EP 128: Black People Don’t Swim, US NAVY, Defense Mechanisms Ft. Jordan Hunter

This week I am joined by Jordan Hunter, CEO of Say It Loud Media, Former US Navy search and rescue swimmer, & host of his own podcast "Say It Loud" We chat about the importance of swimming, the legacy he's trying to leave behind, and some types of defense mechanisms that we may use to protect our emotional selves.  The facts he drops about swimming will shock you.    Sh*t You Should Know article:   Connect with us on social media: @carlawilmaris @Shitim30Podcast <p
26/08/20201 hour 44 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 127: COVID Pregnancy, Threesome Homicide, and Unsolicited Advise Ft. Wax Kyng

In this week’s episode, we are joined by my baby daddy and also the love of my life Wax Kyng to give relationship advice to listeners who have written into the show! We also discuss what it was like keeping the pregnancy secret from the world, and our experience expecting during COVID. Tune in to hear our advise for: - A man who’s wife asked for a threesome with the girl she found out he’s been cheating with - A girl who is never chosen out of her pretty girlfriend group - A man that is being treated like a trick by his broke jobless girlfriend <span class="style-s
19/08/20201 hour 28 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 126: I’m In Love But Hoe Is Life Ft. Mandii B

In this week’s episode I am joined by one of my best friends and apparently the second mother of my new child  Mandii B. I am attempting to channel my inner Oprah, Iyanla, & Jada to make Mandii confess… she’s in love!   We also discuss growth in all aspects of our lives from business to health and of course….relationships. We are two women who quit our full-time jobs to pursue a career that didn’t come with a blueprint! Since Mandii is the guest for this episode, you know you’re in for a treat.  We may or may not have discussed an 8 person orgy in a sex club during COVID! Guess you’ll have to tune in to find out!   Don't forget to check out her n
12/08/20201 hour 24 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 125: The "So...What Are We?" Talk Ft. Need To Know Podcast

Why are we so afraid to have the "define the relationship" talk?   Join me as I chat with Savon & Alex from Need To Know Podcast! We talk about being petty on the internet, dating as a millennial during COVID, and so much more!    Stick around until the end to hear Alex's super vulnerable & transparent confession about his father!      Connect with us on social media: @carlawilmaris @Shitim30Podcast @needtoknowpod @balltillwefall @savonslvter  ——————————————————— <
05/08/20201 hour 50 minutes 11 seconds
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Don't Miss Out! Annoucements!

Hey Friends! I have a few announcements for us  WOOOHOOO! Ladies!! The Women's Wellness Retreat has a last minute open spot just for YOU! This retreat sold out in 48 hours before and if you would like for this to be your opportunity complete the application below. It will be open for the next 7 days! APPLY FOR THE RETREAT HERE _______________________________________ TONIGHT JULY 3OTH 8pm EST  Learn how to LAUNCH YOUR PODCAST IN 30 DAYS I will teach you how I reached my first 100K downloads in less than a year & made my podcast my full time career! REGISTER FREE NOW _______________________________________ Join Patreon for EXCLUSIVE content & get to know about our BIG ANNOUNCEMENT August 7th LIVE with Wax and I <a href= "http://www
30/07/20205 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 124: An Audio Adventure: Oldies But Goodies

This week, we take an audio adventure back to some older episodes. I used the word adventure intentionally! You won't want to miss this! EP 39: 35-Year-Old Virgin, & Recovering from Porn Addiction "Life After Freedom" ft Melodia Shekia: We dive into a conversation with Melodia Sheika about her book titled Life After Freedom. When I first read that title, I initially thought she was "free" from jail. However, I was surprised to discover she was referring to her freedom from her former porn addiction. EP 85: Foreplay Objects, Nude Rules, & Penny Flights feat Lex & Drea: In this clip you'll hear Lex P & Drea Nicole from Pour Minds Podcast talk about the craziest items they've used for foreplay. TRUST ME, YOU WON'T WANT TO MISS THIS! We also chat about the protocol while sending nudes. There are some hidden gems on ways to enhance and re
29/07/202050 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 123: Adoption & Identity W/ Jeannine McKnight

I’m Mexican, I was adopted into a white family, & I have a great relationship with my biological mother. Now, that isn’t a sentence you hear often! In this week’s episode, I am joined by my dear friend Jeannine. We talk about her story as a Mexican-American woman raised in Florida that was adopted into a White family and her journey towards discovering her identity. Sh*t You Should Know: Tik Tok is possibly getting banned in the US and has already been banned in India. Kanye announces he is running in the 2020 election race Unsolicited Advice: Has Disney brainwashed us all? Tune in to hear our response to a girl that wrote in asking for relationship advice. You also won’t want to miss our advice for a mother considering adoption. Quote from the show: “Life is the best p
15/07/20201 hour 27 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 122: True Story: Wax Is Out On Bail

Before we begin, I want to start by giving my condolences to Wax Kyng & his entire family for the loss of his father.    This week, Wax and I give you 2 hours of content with a live studio Patreon audience! We discuss the death of his father, me cooking in his mother's kitchen the very first time I go to her house, getting cussed out by his auntie, and the cherry on top to a shit week... Wax going to jail!    With the constant images and videos of police brutality flooding the internet you could only imagine my angst. Oh yeah, did I mention... WE WERE DRIVING THROUGH GLYNN COUNTY, GEORGIA! Does that city sound familiar? If it does, then you know it's the same city Ahmaud Marquez Arbery<span s
08/07/20202 hours 7 seconds
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EP 121: Food, Body Image, & Learning Patience W/ Steph Styuhls

Shesh ya'll its already July! You know what that means... Do your damn taxes! The deadline is July 15th.  July is also national culinary arts month & I think it's safe to say we all love food! Thank you to all of the chefs, farmers, Mukbangers, bloggers, pretty much...everyone & anyone involved in our food supply chain.  This week, I am joined by the smart & beautiful Steph Styuhls from The Need To Know Podcast. Join us as we talk about quarantine eating, body image, an 8-year situationship, & what it's like working with men!  Unsolicited Advice: This week, we are giving advice to a listener that wrote in asking for guidance/tips about setting boundaries with their narcissistic sibling. We also answer an email asking about how to politely decline invitations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sh*T Talk: This week, my shit talk segment was about me! Yeah, that's
01/07/20201 hour 23 minutes 20 seconds
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I Can't Do This Anymore

I am so overwhelmed with emotion. We have received yet another phone call with terrible news and I cannot handle another.  We have people in our lives that we owe it to to take care of our mental health. I have been LOW and I have been HIGH. Recently I have been LOWWWW but I have to do something about it and I cannot be ashamed of that! If you feel the way that I do and soooo many others take advantage of BETTER HELP please. The only reason I am here today is because I decided to start when I really did not want to. If you want to connect with me email me at [email protected] and tell me what you
25/06/20208 minutes 18 seconds
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EP 120: Sex Clubs, Micro-Cheating, & Porn Hub

EP 120: Sex Clubs, Micro-Cheating, & Porn Hub WTF is a micro-cheater? You cheated or you didn't, right? Wrong! Imagine this... you specifically dress up every time you know you’re going to run into a specific person. It’s technically harmless because it doesn’t directly hurt anybody, but it plants the seed of wanting someone else’s attention, who isn't your significant other. Do you consider this micro-cheating? I had mixed emotions about this scenario! I'm sure you do too! Join me and the fun, sexy, and transparent girl boss, Krysta Monet as we talk about micro-cheating and actions, we thought were harmless. <
24/06/20201 hour 11 minutes 6 seconds
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EP 119: WTF, Am I Lonely? Feat Nami

“No one could ever understand what I'm going through!” Is this a thought that you’ve had before? With everything that’s been going on in the world, it’s easy to feel… alone.  I've been trying to identify the difference between loneliness and depression. In the state of loneliness it’s easy to confuse distress and isolation as depression. As heavy as these topics feel and sound, this conversation flows very light heartedly and genuinely. I am meeting this person for the very first time! That goes to show how human we all are at the core. Join me as I talk to a master in clinical psychology about
17/06/20201 hour 19 minutes 37 seconds
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EP 118: What I Know for Sure! F*ck Fear

WOW 118 Episodes! This week Carla is solo talking to you about what she has learned throughout her podcast and entrepreneur journey. Lessons she has learned and hopes you can learn from as well. During Unsolicited Advice we have two letters 1. A younger sister is battling with comparing herself to her sister and feeling like maybe she shouldn't exist anymore. 2. A girlfriend is having a tough time fitting in with her boyfriends family. They don't seem to welcome her the way she wants into the family like the do the other partners. Sh*t Taaalk Stop telling me how I should react to what is going on with the world right now!   Connect with us on social media: @carlawilmaris @shitim30podcast <
10/06/202029 minutes 4 seconds
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EP 117: Myspace, Technology, and Our Post-Quarantine Future feat Assante

Myspace, Technology, & Our Post-Quarantine Future   Damn, Do you remember trying to customize your myspace page? It was super hard to learn how to hide your comments & change your backgrounds! I may have even paid a friend of two to help me out!   In this episode join @HeyAssante from The Friend Zone Podcast , and I as we discuss online dating, how technology affects creativity, corporations & their responsibility to the community, & advice for women dating a bisexual man.    Tune in as we remanence & look into the future!    Connect with us on social media: @carlawilmaris <span style="font-weight:
05/06/20201 hour 3 minutes 24 seconds
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EP 116: Cheating Husbands, Thumb Sucking & Narcissistic Friends

We have this idea of what kind of friend we are to people, but do our friends agree?    This week I am joined by my long-term friend Wendy as we talk about the raw & funny truth about each other! It's crazy to hear how the closest people to you actually view you! You won't want to miss this hilarious episode as we discuss confronting a cheating husband, sucking thumbs, and creating boundaries around narcissistic friends.    Connect with us on social media:   @carlawilmaris @w3ndy1321 @shitim30podcast  
27/05/20201 hour 4 minutes 24 seconds
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EP 115: Hating Friends, Fake Pregnancies, & Karens

Have you ever had a HATER disguised as a FRIEND? Is that friend you?   This week I am joined by Lex P from Pour Minds Podcast & Kiki from Cocktales Podcast and we discuss evolving friendships, fake pregnancies, & people who take their jobs just a tad bit TOO seriously. You won't want to miss Kiki's hilarious reply to a passive-aggressive email at work, Lex's surprise vocals, & you know I always have a story about how ANOTHER KAREN TRIED IT BUT DID NOT SUCCEED. ———————————— Join the Mixed Minds Monthly Book Club on Patreon! This month we are reading “Rich Dad Poor Dad” by Robert Kiyosaki to increase our financial literacy!  To make your life easier, you can listen on audible. Use my code for a FREE audiobook download & a FREE 30-day trial <a class="c-link" href="
20/05/20201 hour 29 minutes 48 seconds
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EP 114: Attachment Styles, NFL Doctors, & Bad Pussy feat WaxKyng

Have you found yourself dating the same person over and over again? Well, have you taken a moment to think about the way you attach to people?    Relationship Attachment Style Test  Take a second to take the attachment style test and see if you learn
18/05/20201 hour 25 minutes 4 seconds
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EP 113: Finding Your Purpose in Your 30's feat Charlamagne tha God

FINDING YOUR PURPOSE   Have you ever gotten fired from a job? So have Charlamagne Tha God and Carla Wilmaris!   Tune in as they discuss how being fired doesn't stop you from reaching your potential. In fact, oftentimes it pushes you towards your purpose! Join Carla & Charlamagne as the talk about purpose, parenting, mental health, and of course... "Karens". You won't want to miss this!    Ladies, It's mentioned at the end of the podcast the Women's Wellness Retreat in September! Be the first to get on the waitlist and get your chance to save your spot . Spots are limited & I would love to see you there!    GET ON THE WAITLIST   Want to join the May Mixed Minds Book Club? Click this link: <a href= "
06/05/20201 hour 13 minutes 36 seconds
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EP 112: New Hobbies & Pandemic Struggles with Medinah Monroe

Today we are joined by Medinah Monroe from Cocktales podcast and we catch up on our new quarantine hobbies and the difference of dating vs being single while isolated. We get into the drama of the reunion of Temptation Island and how her dating life is going to go moving forward. UNSOLICITED ADVICE During this quarantine the landlord is scheduling visits with potential buyers of the property and they are trying to figure out how to tell him IT IS NOT SAFE! ________________________________________ Get your free audiobook and 30 day trial at __________________________________________ You can join Mixed Minds Book Club __________________________________________ BetterHelp wants you to start living a happier life TODAY. </spa
30/04/20201 hour 4 minutes 6 seconds
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EP 111: Therapy, Celibacy, & Healing feat Hey Fran Hey

This week we are joined by the amazing Hey Fran Hey to discuss Celibacy and why Fran has decided to be celibate for the last 4 years. The importance of therapy in our lives and how we have healed from emotional trauma.  ________________________________________ Connect with us on social media: @carlawilmaris @heyfranhey @shitim30podcast ___________________________________________ Thank you to our sponsors: BetterHelp - Visit t join the over 500,000 people talking charge of their mental health with the help of an experienced professional Special offer for SH*T I'm 30! listeners... get 10% off your first month at   Audible - Get a FREE audiobook and 30 Free Trial   Idea to Launch Academy - LAUNCH YOUR PO
15/04/20201 hour 31 minutes 16 seconds
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EP 110: Speaking Out - Sexual Assault Awareness Month

TRIGGER WARNING! Jamie joins us this week to speak out for the first time about being sexually assaulted while taking a ride from a ride sharing app. As hard as it was for her to tell her full story she is hoping to help anyone that may have similar trauma speak out and start their healing process as well.   SHIT YOU SHOULD KNOW Uber Says 3,045 Sexual Assaults Were Reported in U.S. Rides Last Year   UNSOLICITED ADVICE **You can email me at [email protected] and ask for advice of any kind. Please remember to add on the subject line #unsolicitedadvice so I know what it is because sometimes your emails do go to the spam folde
09/04/20201 hour 9 minutes 20 seconds
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EP 109: Marijuana and Our Kids with Good Moms Bad Choices

This Week I am joined by the ladies of Good Moms Bad Choices Podcast and we discuss how we talk to our kids about marijuana and how comfortable we are with them knowing that we use it recreationally. The ladies talk to us about how the podcast could possibly be affecting their dating life and how Mila thought that Erica was engaged to an African Prince when she met her! (she was close...kinda..ok maybe not) Unsolicited Advice gets interesting with a married woman getting a phone call from her ex which she still says she in love with but you wont believe who her ex is and how her husband feels about it. _________________________________________________________ Get Your Tickets GET PAID THIS DECADE! I will be having a full workshop all about monetizing your podcast. _________________________________________________________
02/04/20201 hour 19 minutes 24 seconds
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EP 108: "I Wasn't Lost" feat WaxKyng Quarantine Bonus

Spending almost a week together 24/7 a lot is revealed in our relationship and our day to day and Since we are quarantined together why not get in front of the mic!  This episode Carla and Wax discuss how the relationship has changed after spending so much time together not only together but with Carla's teenage daughter. Would Wax be ok being a stay at home dad? Gender roles are real on this side of the fence! & we are giving advice to unsolicited advice letters: a womans bf is addicted to porn an immigrant is struggling with her conservative bf and his anti feminism view __________________________________________________________ If you are ready to start a podcast get your Launch Your Podcast in 30 Days Self Paced Course HALF OFF! ___________________________________________________________ Sen
25/03/20201 hour 41 minutes 59 seconds
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EP 107: Parenting Special Needs Children & Anti-Vaxx Opinions

PARENTING A CHILD WITH SPECIAL NEEDS This week Carla speaks with Stephanie and she  shares her story of finding out that her beautiful healthy son has autism. In her early 20’s she has to learn how to care for her son without prior knowledge of autism. She shares her experiences with doctors as well as the opinions and harsh words of others because they simply don’t understand what a child with special needs requires on a daily basis from their parents. You dont have to have a child with special needs to learn about the challenges others face, learn about it so ignorance is what allows you to hurt others.  SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW We are forced to become home school parents! How do we deal with it!? UNSOLICITED ADVICE</spa
25/03/202058 minutes 53 seconds
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EP 106: Rona, Dating, & Non-Supportive Friends feat Imani Blair

This week Carla is joined by Imani from the Lick the Rapper Podcast. Imani was able to bring her perspective from a 25 year old  relative in the entertainment industry and discuss how getting laid off from her current gig has her HUSTLING.  We discuss relationships that fizzle out because you outgrow them or grow apart and how to trust your significant other in a long distance relationship.  We had two letters this week and let me tell y’all some of you are having a really hard time being quarantined home alone with no boo, but we have the best advice for you.  ______________________ Take advantage of the Half off Sale of the Launch Your Podcast In 30 days Course and start your podcast Today! ——————————- Just for our listeners get a FREE audiobook and 30 Free trial on Audible
18/03/20201 hour 7 minutes 30 seconds
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EP 105: My Triggers are Changing & I think I am an Ambivert

This week Carla discusses the ever changing triggers. Did you know that your triggers change over time? With New Levels you deal with New Devils. Let's discuss triggers and realizing that in your 30's you might not completely turn into an introvert because of age, but because of certain fears. UNSOLICITED ADVICE MASTURBATION- How do can we start masturbating and what is it about it that makes it so weird to talk about in our communities? SH*T Taalk! Oh boy this Corona Virus is just doing the most! _______________________________________________________ If you already have a podcast and are ready to take it to the next level join the GROW YOUR PODCAST BOOTCAMP!  Class starts March 24th!  _______________________________________________________ If you want to join the Besties for the Virtual Pajama Party become a
11/03/202040 minutes 17 seconds
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EP 104: Do I Even Need a Psychiatrist? feat Angel Adams

This week we are chatting with Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Angel Adams and we are discussing all things mental health! My #1 question is  Can't I just talk to my friends? Do I really need therapy? Ha! Let's find out! Also lets dig a little dipper on how psychiatrist prescribe drugs for mental health and if at times they are even really needed? _______________________________________________ Connect with us on social media @carlawilmaris @shitim30podcast @angel_bonafide If you are ready to get your podcast launched and are ready to start the course beginning Monday March 9th SIGN UP TODAY You can watch the full Replay of the Launch Your Podcast in 30 Days Masterclass <a h
05/03/202055 minutes 54 seconds
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EP 103: Daddy's Girl | The Race Against Time

This week Carla sits with Ruthie Fonseca host of Unexpected Reality to discuss the importance of girls having their father in their lives. Both ladies have lost their fathers and they tell the stories that impacted them and helped them become the women they are today. SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW According to the U.S. Census Bureau, 19.7 million children, more than 1 in 4, live without a father in the home. Ruthie Fonseca Sudden Death vs Expected Death Getting married without your father Diff
26/02/20201 hour 40 minutes 31 seconds
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Mindful Mondays: There is No Testimony Without a Test

Welcome to Mindful Mondays! This week I felt like I failed in my journey. I truly believed that I took 30 steps back but it took for me to make a phone call to realize that it this too is part of my journey. I will share with you how I was reminded that there is no Testimony without a Test. __________________________________________ Join the Mixed Minds Book Club Today  For the month of March we are reading Becoming by Michelle Obama If you are thinking or have ever thought of starting a podcast join me this Wednesday and Thursday for the  LAUNCH YOUR PODCAST IN 30 DAYS FREE Webinar with Carla Wilmaris REGISTER HERE If you would like advice of any kind from Carla Wilmaris herself send an email to shitim30podcast@gm
24/02/202012 minutes 54 seconds
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EP 102: Dating, Divorce, Dropping Out of College! feat Krysta Monet

Join the FREE Launch Your Podcast in 30 Days Webinar Register Here  Feb 26th & 27th at 8pm   SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Relationships: How The Internet Changed Things Krysta Monet Divorce and how to handle it Communication in dating Being walked out on during a first date How to get over a breakup Declining Wedding Invitations UNSOLICITED ADVICE Man wants to know if he should continue relationship with Muslim girlfriend that refuses to introduce him to her family. SH*T TALK Ms. Marie has a message fo
19/02/20201 hour 22 minutes 41 seconds
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EP 101: "The Boss From Hell" Navigating the Corporate World

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Forty-four percent of U.S. adults have admitted to being financially unfaithful to their spouse Soooo do you have hidden bank accounts so your spouse can't find them? The Boss From Hell and Navigating Corporate American as a Woman of Color The Full story of the Boss from Hell Did they Hire a pedophile? How to keep your composure when talked down to Understanding how to be respected without having to cut up at work Navigating life as a single woman dating yourself UNSOLICITED ADVICE A woman feels as though she has lost herself and her passion in h
12/02/20201 hour 21 minutes 5 seconds
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Mindful Monday: Don't Fight Fire with Fire

This week join Carla Wilmaris to talk about Doing unto others as you would like done to you....THIS IS NOT EASY!! Sometimes we want to teach a lesson and give others a dose of their own medicine BUT it's not worth it.  ____________ Click HERE to Join the Idea to Launch Academy Waitlist ____________ Join me on Patreon to get updates and dates for the new Mixed Minds Book Club If you enjoyed this episode don't forget to share with a friend!  
10/02/202010 minutes 56 seconds
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EP 100: We Made It! but What Did it Take?

100 Episodes!!!!!!  Can you believe we made it to 100? Today we get to hear from our day 1 Besties giving us their most memorable moments of the past 100 episodes.  For those that joined the pod recently Carla will share her journey of how it all started and how we got HERE today! OH and for those of you that have been listening from day let's see how well you really know her! ___________ Get Your FREE Audiobook ____________ Want to be Carla's Bestie? Unlock exclusive episodes and join the monthly Virtual Party? BECOME A PATRON on Patreon _____________ Are you ready to start a podcast of your own? Tell YOUR story? Join the Idea to Launch Academy and Launch Your Podcast in
05/02/20201 hour 3 minutes 5 seconds
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Mindful Monday: Know Your Worth

KNOW YOUR WORTH No one will ever pay you what you’re worth, they will only pay you what you think you are worth. This week Carla tells a few stories about her self worth and how she is adjusting to know her worth and telling herself that she is worthy.  Add to the conversation by posting on social media your thoughts don't forget to tag either @carlawilmaris or @shitim30podcast _____________________________________________ If you are ready to Launch Your Own Podcast in 30 Days join the Idea to Launch Academy today! If you already have a podcast make sure to grab the Ultimate Podcast Planner to help you stay consistent with your content. List
03/02/202011 minutes 2 seconds
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EP 99: From Lonely Young Mother to Thriving Confident Business Woman feat Shanicia Boswell

On this week's episode Carla gets to sit down with her long time insta-bestie @shaniciaboswell creator of @blackmomsblog. They catch up on how they organically got to meet each other and discuss Shanicia's journey from being a young mother and feeling lonely in that role to becoming an entrepreneur with a community of women all over the world! SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Woman in a Georgia chik-fil-a gets told by a manager to cover up with his jacket while she breastfeeds her baby. How do you feel about public breastfeeding? TWEET ME! SHANICIA BOSWELL Being a single parent Compartmentalizing friendships in your 30's  Deciding to have more children in a new relationship We get to find out Shanicia's family nickname (you won't believe how cuuuute it is) UNSOLICITED ADVICE A mother wants advice on feeling guilty after divorce because she feels as though her children think it is her fault becau
29/01/20201 hour 21 minutes 56 seconds
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Mindful Mondays: Gratitude

This week's Mindful Monday is all about GRATITUDE. I have been experiencing self doubt and what can easily turn into ungratefulness so I have been practicing gratitude every single day. We tend to fall into a routine where we forget to give thanks and take a step back to realize that we have overcome old battles and we are now facing new ones. If there's anything about this episode that resonates with you please let me know on social media @carlawilmaris and don't forget share with your friends. Today is Good Day to Have A Good Day!
27/01/20209 minutes 12 seconds
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EP 98: "The Other Woman" A Story of Growth and Forgiveness

Have you ever dated a married man? At some point in your life you will either know someone who has or you will have experienced this BUT will you ever sit across from her and talk about how you felt during this time and what led to it? This week I am joined by Vyky to tell our stories from 7 years ago when I was "The Other Woman". It takes one hell of an incredible woman to agree to come on this show and tell HER story which is one of Strength, Growth, & Purpose! My goals with this episode is to show every woman you can choose to be brave and let go of negative feelings that are holding you back from you GREATNESS! We are women and we are more powerful together than we could ever be apart! SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Would you eat from the forbidden fruit? A GROUP OF FARMERS AND RESEARCHERS CREATED A HYBRID APPLE THAT WILL STAY FRESH FOR UP TO A YEAR VYKY</p
14/01/20201 hour 34 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 97: All My Men Get a Million Chances feat Passport Cutty

This week I get to sit with the amazing Passport Cutty the author of "The M in Man is for Money" & Mandii B from Whoreible Decisions to have a girl chat.  Grab your wine (or coffee if you're at work) & sit down with us to discuss the topics that we have when we are sitting at home with our homegirls.  SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Can you imagine having to bring a loved ones corpse to an insurance company? How far would you go to get your coins? Girl Chat 9 years of an On and Off Relationship, WHY? Dealing with a friend now dating or "talking" to your ex. Social Anxiety while being a social media influencer Why do men want to know your past when dating you? Unsolicited Advice How does my friend outgrow her loose reputation now that she has changed her life? CONNECT WITH US ON SOCIAL MEDIA @carlawilmaris <p
07/01/20201 hour 35 minutes 37 seconds
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EP 96: Mindful Mondays 1 - Hard Work, WORKS

Hard Work, WORKS! Welcome to a new segment on Mondays where I will be starting off the week with you on a positive note. NEW MONDAY - NEW WEEK - NEW GOALS! This week we will start the first Monday and full week of 2020 talking about Hard Work and how we will catapult ourselves to the next level. I also challenge you to join me on a 21 days Fast (you can choose anything that you want to give up) also go under THIS POST and finish this sentence BY THIS TIME NEXT YEAR _______________________ We are going to hold each other accountable and when you listen to this episode you will learn what my goals for for this time next year. Today . January 6th at midnight is your last chance to enroll in the Idea to Launch Intensive Course to launch your Hit Podcast in 30 days! You can watch the replay <span style=
06/01/202011 minutes 48 seconds
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EP 95: You've Got Mail! #UnsolicitedAdvice with WaxKyng

31/12/20191 hour 32 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 95: You've Got Mail! #UnsolicitedAdvice with WaxKyng

Episode Artwork

Ep 94: Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable!

On this week's episode of #ShitIm30Podcast, Carla recaps the last decade of her life and Four Lessons she has learned while taking you on a journey of her relationships throughout the last 10 years. Also Carla finally returned back to her roots this past weekend and did something NO ONE expected, find out what it was! Join Carla Wilmaris for FREE How to Launch Your HIT Podcast in 30 Days! Wednesday Dec 18th & Thursday Dec 19th at 8pm This is a virtual Webinar LIVE! So your wine or drink of choice and come learn a few things! REGISTER FREE HERE! Thank you to our Sponsor: AUDIBLE - get a FREE audiobook download and 30 day free trial at Over 180,000 titles to
17/12/201951 minutes 8 seconds
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EP 93: Marriage & Monogamy feat Lover's Quarrell

Today's episode I am joined by Dani & TJ from the Lovers Quarrel podcast! We are diving into everything marriage, monogamy, relationship conflicts, & how to keep a relationship fresh and spicy while life takes its course. SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW It's not enough to free the innocent. We must rebuild the lives that are shattered by a broken system. UNSOLICITED ADVICE A woman is considering divorce because her husband is bringing home some nasty things he is picking up at "work".   SH*T TAAALK I tried to give the sh*t talk to NYC and the traffic but somehow it all turned right back to me and I wa
10/12/20191 hour 14 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 92: Do You Have a Condom? feat WaxKyng & MandiiB

On this week's episode of Sh*T I'm 30 I am  joined by my bestie who loves to debate with me, Mandii B host of the Whoreible Decisions podcast and the new man in my life Wax from Bully and the Beast podcast. It was all kept pretty quiet until recently when a certain podcast decided to send the world on a hunt for Wax's new love! Since the cat is out of the bag we decided to l go ahead and give you the full back story of how our platonic friendship turned romantic , how we deal with a long distance relationship and the very first words Wax said to me, Trust me they were sooooo Wax's words.  You can watch the full episode on Patreon at If you would like to get advice from me and my guests send your emails to [email protected] and in the subject line include #Advice. Follow us @carlawilmaris @waxkyng @fullcourtpu
03/12/20191 hour 25 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 91: Grateful for Spicy Yams feat JustLatasha

SHIT YOU SHOULD KNOW Anal cancer rates and deaths are climbing in the US, study says JUSTLATASHA Understanding men have feelings too Not objectifying men Toxic Women Plan B for Entrepreneurship <li style="fon
28/11/20191 hour 2 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 90: Coping with Break Ups in Your 30's ft Ashley Rose

This week I am joined by the host of Dear Overthinker Podcast Ashley Rose SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW How to protect your kids from predators. We discuss the video of a young girl hiding and getting away from a car following her. Coping with Break Ups in your 30’s  Divorcing your high school sweetheart at 29 Learning how to date when you feel the clock ticking Why are breakups harder in your 30's We discuss our individual experiences on how we knew it was OVER. UNSOLICITED ADVICE Woman wants to contact an ex for closure. SH*T TAAALK Father being prosecuted for leaving 1 year old twins in hot car. You can follow us  @carlawilmaris @shitim30podcast ASHL
19/11/20191 hour 8 minutes 15 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 89: Goals Check In with a Secret Story Twist feat KPB

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Lyft Is Offering Free Rides To Job Interview - It's part of a $50 million annual commitment Lyft announced when it went public earlier this year. Checking In with the Goals You Set for 2019 How’s your progress for the year? Did you get stuck with your goals in 2019 Resetting your goals for 2020 Add more goals if you were too considerate HOW DID WE END UP FIGHTING AT THE BEACH?   UNSOLICITED ADVICE <
13/11/20191 hour 1 minute 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 88: Dating, Polygamy, and Living with Herpes in your 30's feat Carolyn Toney

New BONUS Exclusive Episode on Patreon all about  SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Student IDs list phone sex number instead of suicide hotline Carolyn Toney The feelings and reaction to finding out you are herpes positive. Different Types of Herpes How to communicate to others your status Living a polygamous lifestyle Experiences in Sex Clubs and being open about STD Status Dealing with friendships and your status UNSOLICITED ADVICE Woman wants to know how to date a man that has mutual friends and how to open up about herpes status fearing that her friends will find out. SH*T Talk How to properly approach me through DM's or emails for business purposes! GROW UP AND BE PROFESSIONAL!
05/11/20191 hour 9 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 87: Submission, Blended Families, & Not Being Black Enough? feat Leticia Marie Gardner

This week we are joined by the beautiful @leticiamariegardner! We take the conversation deep and talk about her marriage from where they started to where they are now equally yolked. Leticia opens up about her blended family and how her and her husband make their unique and special family work. Everything that glitters isnt gold, but they have their ways of making their marriage work and she gives us great tips and amazing books she has read that we should also read AND SO MUCH MORE! To get any of the books we talked about on the show FREE with your audible trial go to for your FREE Book and 30 day trial.  For more exclusive BONUS episodes you can join our Patreon community and get 2 exclusive episodes a month.   If you are interested i
29/10/20191 hour 22 minutes 34 seconds
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EP 86: To Believe or Not Believe? feat Psychic Medium Nicola

23/10/201955 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 85: Foreplay Objects, Nude Rules, & Penny Flights feat Lex & Drea

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Woman, 24, shot dead after 'using loaded gun for arousal in sex game gone wrong’ Lex & Drea Who is Garfield? & Why is she so fat? The Rules of sending nudes and videos. Older men or younger men? What do we prefer. Traveling on a Budget..PENNY FLIGHTS!   UNSOLICITED ADVICE Newly Single and I Don’t Know If I’ll Find Love She dated the same man for most of her 20’s and now is terrified that the pool of men left is trash! SH*T TAAALK Airplane exit etiquette…try me again if you want to! Follow us @carlawilmaris @lex_p
15/10/20191 hour 31 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 84: The Pursuit of Success feat Ryan Plaza

We are joined this week by Ryan Plaza  @rs_plaza the host of The NewRich Podcast SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Why Collaborating With Your Competition Can Be A Great Idea Ryan Plaza : The Pursuit Of Success Living in your purpose Starting a business & investing in other businesses Bringing your community to the table of greatness How to reach out to get your desired mentor UNSOLICITED ADVICE DO WE OWE OUR FAMILY ANYTHING? Woman raised younger half brother alone and struggled to do so, but now that he received a large inheritance he is not payi
08/10/20191 hour 3 minutes 8 seconds
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EP 83: Hating ex NFL Players, Wrong Kind of Sugar Daddies & Bitter Baby Mamas

Join us today on Patreon for Exclusive Bonus Content! When you join you will also unlock all previous episodes and receive 30% off all merch!   SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Former NFL Star Larry Johnson's Latest Dig At Megan Thee Stallion Is Reeking Of Toxic Masculinity<span style="font-w
01/10/20191 hour 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 82: Did You Say I Am Too Opinionated? feat Mandii B

THIS WEEK CARLA IS JOINED BY MANDII B OF WHOREIBLE DECISIONS! ENJOY! Join us now on Patreon for Exclusive Bonus Content and a more indepth episode regarding the recent change of the show! When you join you will also unlock all previous episodes and receive 30% off all merch! SHIT YOU SHOULD KNOW Panel approves ban on sale of flavored e-cigs in New York BEING TOO OPINIONATED with Mandii B 5 Challenges and stereotypes of being an opinionated woman (the first one being “You’re a Bitch”) Although Mandii and Carla are both very opinionated they talk about their main difference in dealin
24/09/201952 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 81: Priviledge & Dating 101

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Felicity Huffman gains favorable probation report in college admissions conviction Brooke Skylar Richardson walks free on probation in daughter’s death DATING 101 How long does the talking period last during cuffing season? Do you think a relationship can last if youre in love but no physical attraction? Would you be ok with you parent dating someone that is the same age as you? How long do you date before bringing your boo to meet your family? Is it a turn off that someone is constantly on their phone while they’re with you? <span style="font-we
17/09/20191 hour 7 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 80: Official Draft of the Cuffing Season

Join us on Patreon you will able to contribute and help us make more and better episodes. In return you can unlock exclusive content and personal stories, receive a discount on our podcast merch, and monthly Q&A Live Streams. WWW.PATREON.COM/SHITIM30   SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Oregon bill would allow victims of racially motivated 911 calls to sue
10/09/20191 hour 29 minutes 39 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 79: Pop a Molly to Treat this Anxiety & Depression?

By joining us on Patreon you will able to contribute and help us make more and better episodes. In return you can unlock exclusive content and personal stories, receive discount on our podcast merch, and monthly Q&A Live Streams. WWW.PATREON.COM/SHITIM30 SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW MDMA ( Ecstasy/ Molly) has been shown to help treat Mental ailments Such as PTSD, Social Anxiety, Depression and Alcohol addiction accompanied with psychotherapy. LIVING WITH ANXIETY & DEPRESSION <p s
03/09/20191 hour 4 minutes 45 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 78: Burning Forest, Dealing with Death, and Chicken Sammiches

EPISODE NOTES  Shit you should know Fires are devouring the Amazon. And Jair Bolsonaro is to blame   As the world watches in horror and terror as the Amazon burns, scientists have made clear that the cause, principally if not entirely, is human activity.   DEALING W
27/08/20191 hour 27 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 77: Body Counts & Boundaries In Relationships

Shit You Should Know  Donald Trump Proposes Mental Institutions As A Solution To Mass Shootings  Body Count & Boundaries in Relationships  Blueface claims he has slept with 1000 women in 6 months Do we know our body count? Little Black Book? Famous Celebs and their Body Count Does your partner need to know your body count? Privacy and Boundaries in relationships.  Unsolicited Advice My husband and I have custody of my 16-year-old sister for two years. My sister identifies as bisexu
21/08/20191 hour 19 minutes 37 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 76: The Reality of Impostor Syndrome

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW House Homeland Security Chair Lashes ICE Boss For Children Left Abandoned By Raids    Authorities hailed Wednesday's sweep at food processing plants in six cities as a record-setting operation. At least 680 undocumented immigrants were detained. IMPOSTOR SYNDROME a psychological pattern in which an individual doubts their accomplishments and has a persistent</
13/08/20191 hour 28 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 75: You're Triggering Me!

Become a Patron Today to Unlock all Exclusive Bonus Content and Full Episodes  Shit You Should Know  Trump promises Cincinnati rally that US will end AIDS epidemic and find a cure for childhood cancer 'very shortly’ 019-8 Anthony & Carla finally get to give an update on their summer
06/08/20191 hour 31 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 74: Entrepreneurship, Copy Cats, & Free Loading Brothers with Dave Anderson

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW  Pharrell Surprises 114 College Bound Harlem High School Graduates With Internships During Graduation Speech    Entrepreneurship with Dave Anderson  Is Entrepreneurship Truly for everyone? When is the right time to take the leap to start a business? Business Copycats <span style="font
30/07/20191 hour 1 minute 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 73: Phobias, Fucking Married People, & Alot of Sh*t Talk! feat WaxKyng
23/07/20191 hour 10 minutes 23 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 72: It's A Hot New York Summer

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW A Woman Shamed A Homeless McDonald's Employee Sleeping In The Restaurant And It Yielded An Outpouring Of Donations This week lets get back to the basics with Carla & Anthony. Catch up on their week together in NYC, all the parties they went to and some of their current fears and how they are overcoming them.   UNSOLICITED ADVICE Is she cursed and will never find a partner?   Join Patreon Today to get Exclusive Bonus Episodes and become a producer of one of our shows.    Thank you to our Sponsor Daily Harvest –  is the easiest, most delicious way to load up on fruits and vegetables first thing in the morning, before bed, and any
16/07/201947 minutes 22 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 71: Nala Simone Toussaint

For more Exclusive Full Bonus Episodes become a Patron today. Shit You Should Know  Afro-Latina Trans Women Layleen Palonco Xtravaganza died on Rikers Island in New York City on June 7th Living as a Trans Women of Color Our Special guest Nala Simone Toussaint shares her experience being 1st generation American Carribean Transwomen Her childhood believing she was a gay a man Her first encounter with the trans community  Coming out to her family as
09/07/20191 hour 49 minutes
Episode Artwork

Episode 2 Patreon

Enjoy a portion of the new Patreon Episode.   If you want to listen to the full episode join us on and BECOME A PATRON today!
03/07/20199 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 70: I Lost $4 Million In 24 Months

03/07/20191 hour 20 minutes 49 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 69: Colorism in America feat Ericka Dunlap (Miss America)

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW  Georgia City Councilman Pens Eye-Opening Post About Needing Food Stamps Colorism in the Black Community with Former Miss. America Erica Dunlap  Growing up in a Lightskin vs Darkskin Household Dating and being fetishize for the Color of your Skin Black women Representation in Beauty Pageant Industry Colorism between men and women  Colorism being a world wide issues, not just for African American <li style="font-weight: 400
25/06/20191 hour 38 minutes 51 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 68: Big News & Let's Talk About Sex Baby!

It's Official! Paperwork has been signed and we are a Team! SH*T You Should Know Personal thoughts on abortion Good Sex Vs Bad Sex Dexty joins us this week to talk about what we like and dont like in the bedroom. This is her favorite subject on the podcast! Favorite Sex Positions What Kinks are you into UNSOLICITED ADVICE He wants to fly me out all of the time, but only wants to be friends. SH*T Talk Lovebugs in Florida Thank you to our Sponsors Simple Health -  is all about care that fits your life - making birth control simple, convenient & affordable with online prescriptions & free home delivery. A better way to get birth control is here.  The prescription is usually $20 but you can try Simple Health for free - just go to <a href= "h
18/06/20191 hour 16 minutes 41 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 67: Black,Gay, Converting to Islam

                                              EPISODE 67 Episode Notes SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Clarksdale, Mississippi Mayor will Pay Drug Dealers and Gang Members up $10,000 to leave his City!   COVERTING TO ISLAM Guest: Daniel Downer and his story Preacher Kid raised Christian converted to Islam Common Misconceptions about Muslims Why is Islam the Fastest growing Religion in th US Explaining Ramadan and Rituals after Sex Being Gay and Muslim There are differ
11/06/20191 hour 25 minutes 40 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 66: Light It Up - "Decriminalization/Legalization of Marijuana & Prison Reform"

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW! Denver voters approve decriminalization of ‘magic mushrooms’ Marijuana History of Marijuana in this country How does decriminalization/legalization affect people of color? How to get your record expunged from Marijuana charges. Opportunities to make money off the sale of cannabis Cannabis Equity programs Prison Reform <span style="fo
04/06/20191 hour 33 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 65: I'm Not Your Cultural Ambassador

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Gucci’s $800 ‘Indy Full Turban’ draws backlash TOKENISM & CULTURAL APPROPRIATION What do you consider cultural appropriation? When have you been the token person? So tired to being the token gay guy. Being the token colored person in the corporate space. UNSOLICITED ADVICE I want to be with him but I want my own space and want to move out. SH*T TAAALK <span style="fon
28/05/201959 minutes 4 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 64: Summer Love

  SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW   Ciara Has Finally Let The World In On 'The Prayer'   Let’s get ready to pray ladies!   SUMMER LOVE 5 Stages of Love Carla & Anthony Tell Stories from their past relationships The 7 Year itch Carla is jaded by marriage Carla & Anthony’s 5 Love Languages UNSOLICITED ADVICE <li styl
21/05/20191 hour 23 minutes 11 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 63: "Take Your Ass to Sleep" Mental Health Awareness

Today's podcast is brought to you by audible - get a FREE audiobook download and 30 day free trial at . Over 180,000 titles to choose from for your iPhone, Android, Kindle or mp3 player SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW ‘Anna Delvey,’ Fake Heiress Who Swindled N.Y.’s Elite, Is Sentenced to 4 to 12 Years in Prison SELF CARE MENTAL HEALTH REMINDERS Make sure you sleep Regardless of what Steve Harvey says Instagram thinking about getting rid of likes on pictures. Self esteem vs confidence SH*T MY THERAPIST SAYS Feelings Chart<
14/05/20191 hour 18 minutes 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 62: Free The Pussy "Decriminalization of Sex Work"

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Florida Approves Bill Allowing Classroom Teachers To Be Armed LEGALIZATION & DECRIMINALIZATION OF SEX WORK WITH SASHA BENJAMIN Difference between Legalization and Decriminalization How Sasha started in the industry. PTSD from violent attack Insight into Sex Work UNSOLICI
08/05/20191 hour 25 minutes 28 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 61: Culturally Lost

Episode brought to you by Audible Get your FREE audiobook by using the code SHITIM30 or use the link   SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW High School Dress Code for Parents 2020 Census New Question CULTURALLY LOST 5 Reasons Latinos are told they aren’t Latino ENOUGH Carla tells story while in PR getting called a “nigger” by a white Latino Not being spanish enough and not being black enough. Figuring out where we belong Culturally <
30/04/20191 hour 13 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 60: Is It Trust Issues?

  SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW I know who I’m voting for next year! Heeeey Elizabeth…these loans are waiting for you to be president. TRUST What is trust to us and who do we trust? We talk about Dr. Brene Brown’s episode on Oprah’s Super Soul Podcast. Tony was cheated on but says he didn’t lose trust. Carla talks about lost friendships due to trust! Frenemies!…Are you only friends with someone because of the shared hate of a particular person or group of people? UNSOLICITED ADVICE Her boyfriend is texting other women, but she doesn’t think its physical. SH*T TAAALK Sh*tty goverment insurance now Carla’s knee will stay messed up! Nigel Shelby’s untimely passing! Get your Free Audiobook Today! Schedule you’re One-On-One Podcast Consultation Today!</stro
23/04/20191 hour 14 minutes 47 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 59: An Open Letter to Mommy Dearest

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Dwayne Wade's 11 year old son comes out at Pride Parade and the entire family supports him.   MOMMY ISSUES Carla Open Letter - This gets deep! Different Signs of Mommy Issues We give advice to a 21 year old with Mommy Issues SH*T OUR THERAPIST SAYS Anthony started therapy also and we discuss what we have been learning from our childhood. UNSOLICITED ADVICE Am I wrong for cutting off my friend of 19 years after I threw her a baby shower.   SH*T TAAALK Carla- No more picking my brain! Anthony - Tidal get it together/His close didnt go through! Oh hes going OFF! Today's Show Is Brought To You By<
17/04/20191 hour 28 minutes 7 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 58: Broke & Happy (Big Announcement)

Get your FREE audiobook and 30 day audible trial now at   Today you get to hang out with me as I update you after 6 months of leaving the corporate accounting life and pursuing my dream! Sh*t You Should Know Colorado Senator votes no on Equal Pay Bill because she would not want to do anything that is against white men.   CARLA HAS A HUGE ANNOUNCEMENT!!!! Unsolicited Advice SMH...She wants to know if the older man is playing her because of some movie tickets.  SH*T TAAALK! My fuse is short with anyone that doesnt know how to use FaceTime correctly!  
09/04/201927 minutes 6 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 57: You're Such A Narcissist

04/04/20191 hour 18 minutes 34 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP: 56 Gentrification & Stalking Drive-Bys feat @itsJameer

Free 30 day Audible Trial including 1 audiobook of YOUR choice and 2 Audible Originals.  MODCLOTH.COM use code CARLA30 for 15% off    SHIT YOU SHOULD KNOW The US Government Will Be Scanning Your Face At 20 Top Airports In March 2017, President Trump issued an executive order expediting the deployment of biometric verification of the identities of all travelers crossing US borders GENTRIFICATION What is Gentrification? How does it affect US? Buying and selling real estate because of gentrificati
26/03/20191 hour 4 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 55: Teeth, Titties, & Toes ft WaxKyng

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW There's a cure for HIV WaxKyng The hurdles it took to be able to actually have this episode (we lost an entire hour of recording) We had an outline speaking about how everything happens for a reason but Wax decided he had better things to talk about.  UNSOLICITED ADVICE Man wants to get a DNA test to find out if his ex gf 9 year old daughter is his. The mother is remarried now, but he wants to be a part of the girls life if she is his daughter. SH*T TALK How many more times are y'all going to fall into the lions den?  Huge Thank you to Loud Speaker Networks for letting us use the studio and bring our loud Floridian voices in the building.   
20/03/20191 hour 13 minutes 58 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 54: Faking Cancer, Men in Tights, & Does Money Equal Happiness? feat Justin Gatlin

This week Carla & Tony sit down with the Reigning World Champion & Olympic Gold Medalist Justin Gatlin. Today's Episode is brought to you by Audible get your FREE 30 day trial and FREE Book at just for the listeners of SH*T I'm 30! Podcast SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Kentucky woman arrested after allegedly faking cancer diagnosis, raising $10k in donations  DOES MONEY EQUAL HAPPINESS Becoming the fastest man in the world and suddenly hated and shunned by the world in the blink of an eye we find out what Justin Gatlin think about money and happiness.  Find out how during Justin's darkest times he says he actually had some of his best experiences. 
13/03/20191 hour 20 minutes 2 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 53: Start Building in YOUR City First! feat Young Scholar

This weeks episode is brought to you by Audible! Join me listening to Oprah's "What I Know For Sure" Get your FREE copy (SHARE WITH A FRIEND) Get your FREE 45 day trial to workout with DJ Townsel on the ALOMOVES app use code DAILYCRUSH CLICK HERE   SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Update on Nursing Facility where incapacitated woman gave birth Florida caregiver didnt want to stay behind and let us know HE DID IT FIRST Young Scholar & Creative Angel Where did Young Scholar come from? How we use our resources to elevate our careers. Creating an empire within your city first. Why hasnt Young Scholar moved to a bigger city yet? Is Young Scholar about to get married??? UNSOLICITED ADVICE Her husband wants her tax refund to buy a new t
05/03/20191 hour 3 minutes 52 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 52: Divorce, Personalities, and Sh*t Taaalk! ft Tony The Realtor

Today's Show is brought to you by AUDIBLE get your FREE audiobook HERE   Weekend Catch Up...Anthony and I haven't seen each other in 5 days and we have so much to catch up on while we sip! SH*T You Should Know Divorce rate at an all time low. (Fact Checks) Jussie Who? - We won't even explain what happened but what do we actually think about supporting people without the facts NYC making it illegal to discriminate against natural hair including dreads Jordyn and Tristan - WHO CARES!!!! but have you ever cheated and what we think about messing with a man in a relationship. PERSONALITY ASSESSMENTS! We break down our personalities after taking the test and WOW
26/02/20191 hour 43 minutes 35 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 51 Entrepreneurship: Parties & Podcasts feat Chris Stylezz

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Black and Hispanics youth are targeted with junk food ads, research shows   CHRIS STYLEZZ How Chris started doing parties & not being given the mic. Leaving his 9-5 as a school counselor. Grad School turning him down Tidal picking up Trappin Annonymous & More   UNSOLICITED ADVICE Co-signing for your significant other because you love them/   SH*T TAAALK Literally we dive into my shits and the awful experience I had with an asian tea. (According to Chrisl, girls dont poop)  
19/02/201953 minutes 26 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 50: Erotica, Abductions, & Bad Hygiene

Episode Brought to you by BET Boomerang premiering Feb 12th 10/9 central!
12/02/20191 hour 13 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 49: Motherhood Behind Prison Walls - 13 Years Later

Black History Month! The GOAT The QUEEN The Most Influencial Woman in the World OPRAH WINFREY!    
05/02/20191 hour 21 minutes 18 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 48: Cutty Keeps it Real "Starting Over in Your 30's"

SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Who's the pettiest man in America? Starting Over in Your 30's! The M in Man is for Money How to get a sugar daddy! Cutty is completely transparent about Starting over in her 30's. How did Cutty get into a 6 figure debt! Moving back home and leaving behind her apartment. Realizing that daddy issues have been an issue all along. UNSOLICITED ADVICE She didn't think she could get pregnant because of PCOS and just found out she is pregnant by a celebrity. She doesnt know what to do. Cutty gives her some Cutty Advice.  SH*T TALK Plane etiquette! DONT WAKE ME UP
29/01/20191 hour 7 minutes 13 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 47: There's A Thin Line Between an Entrepreneur and a Scammer

SAVE THE DATE! SPEED FRIENDING Event! FEBRUARY 9TH @ LOUD GALLERY!   SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW US Supreme Court allows transgender military ban to go into effect     Weekend  Netflix Binge and Anthony Supposedly Almost died or is he just dramatic?   27 lbs of Mac and Cheese at Costco! I want some! Who Stole my Starbucks card in Orlando?
22/01/20191 hour 5 minutes 59 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 46: Student/Teacher Confrontations, Titan Games Challenges, The R.Kelly Cover Up

Today I am joined by DJ Townsel Rasta Yogi and current competitor on NBC Titan Games and A-Rod an aspiring Fitness Trainer and most amazing high school teacher. SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW GoFundMe created by a veteran Is Refunding All $20 Million In Donations To Build Trump's Wall After The Plans Changed __________________________ Alyssa AKA A-Rod Student - Teacher fights going viral and seem to happening more often. What are kids acting out in school? Teacher gets neck snapped after being punched by student. <li styl
16/01/20191 hour 18 minutes 33 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 45: Dear Future Homeowner - Real Estate Advice w/ Anthony Bertram

Real Estate Gems with Anthony Bertram This week Anthony is taking over to answer emails that YOU have asked regarding steps necessary to becoming a first time homeowner. Topics Discussed are   credit scores paying off debt student loans  down payment if you want your questions about real estate answered feel free to email Anthony at [email protected].  Follow us on @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @tony_the_realtor    
10/01/201917 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 44: Tax Season/Scam Season & Loyalty in Friendships

Are you ready to start your own podcast?  Book  your one-on-one Podcast consultation TODAY!   SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Starting today, ex-felons can sign up to vote in Florida Woman in a vegetative state gives birth! Joined by our favorite friend Anthony Bertram! Kids Back to School FINALLY! <li style
08/01/20191 hour 11 minutes 50 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 43: Am I Becoming An Introvert in my 30's? ft Anthony Bertram

Make sure to get your Lola subscription Today Promo Code "CARLA" SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW   Letter suggesting that employees affected by government shutdown should do chores for their landlords to cover their rent! ---NO THEY DIDN’T! Tiffany Haddish says she will stop wearing fur when police stop killing black people.   Anthony Bertram our Resident is Back!   Am I turning into an introvert? Reason’s why it may feel like you dont want to be out in your 30’s. Do certain peo
01/01/20191 hour 13 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 42: Its Zoe Kelly

25/12/20181 hour 26 minutes 56 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 41: SH*T You Should Know! - AIDS is an Epidemic

Episode brought to you by LOLA  Get 40% off all subscriptions on use promo code CARLA S/O to @Sunnyseasideee For your Awesome Review THANK YOU!   Let’s start off with some Bloopers because…. WHY NOT  SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Doctors say Atlanta residents should take daily medication to prevent AIDS 7 year old Ryan is making 22M a year reviewing toys on YouTube ( his reviews reach over 17 million subscribers) Florida Student arrested for allegedly threatening to kill his professor over an early morning exam Lala Posted a picture of trina and I though she died
18/12/20181 hour 24 minutes 20 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 40: Thank You, Next 2019

Episode brought to you by LOLA  Get 40% off all subscriptions on use promo code CARLA Episode brought to you by AUDIBLE Get a FREE book with FREE trial at    SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Moroccan Woman Killed And Cooked Her Boyfriend — Then Served His Remains To Neighbors   GUESTS: @DEXTY & @TONY_THE_REALTOR 2018 Year of the Woman (Beychella, Ava Duvernay, Naomi Osaka, and more) Goals we accomplished in 2018 Goals set for 2019 <span style="font-weight: 400
18/12/20181 hour 34 minutes 3 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 39: 35 Year Old Virgin, & Recovering from Porn Addiction "Life After Freedom" ft Melodia Shekia
11/12/20181 hour 17 minutes 48 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 38: Eat Pray Thot feat Savoy   SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Couple Plunges To Their Deaths From Yosemite Cliff Featured In Viral Photo EAT PRAY THOT Are you a daredevil? Savoy working with as a PR rep and owning his own PR firm. Being around family and not being able to masturbate. What zodiac sign is best for you? Savoy doesn't like children from ages 2-12! UNSOLICITED ADVICE 29 year old woman has her first kiss and now is scared that the guy will ghost her. SH*T TALK My daughters substitute teacher yells at her and demands her to stand up during the pledge of allegiance at school. How do you think that went?! Follow us on social media @carlawilmaris @shitim30podcast <
04/12/201859 minutes 46 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 37: The Hustle Never Stops

Today I bring you into the studio with me to talk to you about what is new in my self employed business venture life.  Follow me on instagram @carlawilmaris & @shitim30podcast to stay up to date with what I have going on. Email me to schedule your One-On-One Consultation, Editing of Your Podcast, or Podcast management today! [email protected] Don't forget to Rate, Review and Subscribe - Your review might be the next one I read on the show and post on social media.   THANK YOU!  
30/11/201817 minutes 5 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 36: I'll Just Have a Baby by Myself! feat Caddy

Today I am joined by Caddy @beauflair... Get your FREE book and 30 day trial at I'm currently listening to Michelle Obama's Becoming! Get it FREE today and listen with me.   SH*T TALK  A pair of genetically edited babies might have been successfully born in China CHAT How I found out after 13 years that my friend is actually white! How does a biracial puertorican identify as? Clock is ticking in your 30's and still have no boyfriend. Dating through the holidays...Do you buy gifts? I scattered part of my fathers ashes at the beach on his birthday. Q&A from IG answered SH*T TALK Women who go for emotionally unavailable men and sleeping with married men. Follow us at  @carlawilmaris @shitim30podcast @beauflair  
27/11/20181 hour 10 minutes 25 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 35: Caught Having Sex With Your Sister? feat The Oprah Rose Show

Enjoy today's show with TT & GG from The Oprah Rose Show!  SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Google employees leave work to protest treatment of women. OPRAH ROSE GIRL TALK Loosing a friend vs bf/gf Stress Management- I personally want to hire a hit man. What about you? Embarrassing drunk stories Daycare Fight Club much more... UNSOLICITED ADVICE Man gets caught in bed with his sister! SH*T TALK I got stalked by a city worker cutting trees!!! Is this even real life?  Follow us @carlawilmaris @shitim30podcast @theoprahroseshow  
21/11/20181 hour 3 minutes 42 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 34: From the NFL to Politics - Politiscope ft Walter Powell & Jackson White

SH*T You Should Know Crack pipe vending machines found in Long Island neighborhood. POLITISCOPE! Where did Jackson White's passion for politics come from? Walter giving up professional football to pursue his passion of education others about politics. How an idea became a reality. UNSOLICITED ADVICE Dating someone who's house is disgusting and dirty! Download Polistiscope on iOS Now! Follow us: @carlawilmaris @shitim30podcast @politiscopeapp @speedkillz9 @tequieromuchopapi
13/11/20181 hour 7 minutes 9 seconds
Episode Artwork

Bonus: OH Sh*t! It's a WHOREIBLE Takeover!

12/11/201851 minutes 1 second
Episode Artwork

EP 33: Infertility, Mood Swings & Weight Gain - That Girl with PCOS ft Cash Arroyo

This week I am joined by the beautiful Cash Arroyo to learn all about PCOS and how she deals with it on a daily basis! SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW People keep scattering ashes all over Disney World and Disney Land and it is not legal to do so! Cash Arroyo POLY CYSTIC OVARIAN SYNDROME What are the signs PCOS? Cash's first reaction to learning she could not have children. Dealing with depression due to PCOS. The long list of side effects including facial hair and weight gain. UNSOLICITED ADVICE My sister is texting selfies to my husband and he deleted his message thread. SH*T TALK How can you leave a child on a door step of a stranger? Follow us on social media @carlawilmari
06/11/201855 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 32: Family Matters...Kinda ft Laura Diaz

Today's friend of the show is Laura Diaz. She is a radio personality on XL 106.7 in Orlando and host of the Face Of A Feminist Podcast!  SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Girls with knives planned to kill Central Florida classmates! --What is this even real?? FAMILY MATTERS Being Hispanic and having to pretend like abuse was normal or pretending it wasn't happening. Relationship issues with your parents How did you go from not wanting kids or marriage to being married with TWO kids? How do you try to break your generational curse? UNSOLICITED ADVICE Single mom, works from home, has no help with a toddler! What to do? Woman dislikes men from her culture. Is she wrong? SH*T TAAALK</
30/10/201853 minutes 27 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 31: I DID IT!!!! We Went LIVE & Let's Rock The Early Vote

27/10/201834 minutes 54 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 30: All the SH*T You Should Know ft Mandii B

This week Mandii B from Whoreible Decisions joins me in Orlando to talk about all the SH*T you all should know! When her and I get together there is NEVER a dull moment! SHOOK ONE Anxiety Playing Tricks On Me is out Today Get you free audible trial and get a free copy today and listen along with me.   Follow us on social media @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @fullcourtpumps
23/10/20181 hour 44 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 29: Brothel On An Army Base? ft James Smith Esq Criminal Defense Attorney

I had the honor to sit with James Smith Esq this week and discuss so many interesting topics. I literally believe he is one of the smartest people I have been blessed to have a conversation with, and his stories.....WOW! ENJOY THE SHOW! SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW   The Bodies of 11 infants  were found in the ceiling of a closed funeral home… LETS TALK LEGAL Defending a soldier for running a brothel on an army base. Defending a woman that had incest relationship with her kids. Discrimination and Racism within our judicial system behind the scenes. UNSOLICITED ADVICE 14 year old is friends with 21 year old man   <
16/10/20181 hour 13 minutes 8 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 28: How I Met My Idol Charlamagne Tha God

Audible Free Trial Tickets to the Live Show hosted by @funnybrowngirl SH*T You Should Know Register to vote! Election are November 6th! How I Met My Idol This week I am solo giving you a recap of how crazy and amazing the month of September was for me. My highlight...I went to Atlanta, met the one person I admire I wish to be one day, Charlamagne Tha God & asked him to be my mentor!!!! Find out what happened....   Unsolicited Advice 1. I want out of my marriage but I cant afford to le
02/10/201850 minutes 14 seconds
Episode Artwork

Hurricane Maria's First Flight Out with Ruthie Fonseca

It's Hispanic Heritage Month! I am joined this week by Ruthie Fonseca, my long lost neighbor from Puerto Rico. We have a list of 10 facts about Puerto Ricans about things that we say and do when raised in the island. Ruthie endured Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico one year ago and was able to get on the first flight out of PR 5 days after Maria destroyed our beautiful island. She is opening up to everything she experienced during the storm and how she feels about going back one year after. This week's episode is sponsored by  @alerslawfirm   Purchase Live Show tickets Oct 20th at Loud Gallery   Follow us @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @ruthiefonseca  
25/09/20181 hour 19 minutes 19 seconds
Episode Artwork

EP 26: Balancing Being a Mom & Having Fun w/ Jena M

How do we balance being a good single mom & still having time to work on our business, have a social life, date, and travel.   We also discuss child support & Serious Mom Meltdowns!
18/09/20181 hour 3 minutes 36 seconds
Episode Artwork

Live Podcast Show! Oct 20th Follow @shitim30podcast 
17/09/201844 seconds
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EP 25: Dream Chasin' ft. Dexty

AUDIBLE FREE TRIAL & FREE BOOK Today's episode is all about Dream Chasing! Dexty and I share our current emotional state based on where we are in our professional lives. We help each other and hopefully help you also explore some major career decisions and possibly changes. Oh! and as all good friends should do we will do some accountability checks! SH*T You Should Know: Fox News still ain't shit! (Geoffrey Owens) SH*T Talk: Avis Rental Car is getting a BIG F U Purchase your tickets to the live show in Orlando October 20th here The live show is supported by ALERS LAW FIRM Loud Gallery
07/09/201851 minutes 24 seconds
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EP 24: Girl Boss ft Ivana Cora

This week Carla is joined by her instagram bestie Ivana Cora from Brendalin & Cora ---They finally get to sit down and meet face to face! SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW Rates of Chlamydia, Syphilis & Gonorrea Break US Records 12 year old girl suffers second and third degree burn after attempting "FIRE CHALLENGE" - What the hell is a fire challenge? During our girl boss topic we talk about getting out of your comfort zone and working towards your passion even when its not all that glamorous in the beginning.  Ivana's internet trolls, and people who want her to give them all the answers without wanting to do the work. How Ivana has managed to have a successful online boutique and quit her job almost one year ago to work for herself.  This week's book recommendations Girl Boss  by Sophia
30/08/20181 hour 9 minutes 1 second
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EP 23: Mental Health "I'm Speaking Up" feat Anthony & DJ

24/08/20181 hour 20 minutes 59 seconds
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EP 22: Anger Management "Unlearning What Our Parents Taught Us"

We need to learn how to manage our anger so that it doesn't overwhelm us.  Carla is joined this week by your favorite realtor Tony and Dexty to discuss how we all deal with anger in our lives but some of us struggle with managing this normal human emotion.  We will discuss what we went through in our childhood to led us to struggle with controlling our anger and temper as adults. Listen to how we now cope with our emotions and best of all, our GROWTH! If you would like to listen to any of the books we mentioned for FREE all of SH*T I'm 30 listeners can get a free book with an AUDIBLE trial by just going to The clip at the end of the show is from @garyvee you can find the clip on IG "How To Get Rid Of Toxic People" Follow us  @shitim30podc
17/08/201857 minutes 4 seconds
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10K! Unsolicited BONUS

WE REACHED OUR 10K MONTHLY DOWNLOAD IN HALF THE TIME PROJECTED! Thank you so much to everyone that has downloaded and tuned in weekly to listen to me talk a little sh*t, with an hint of intellectual sophistication (aka tell it how it is).   ENJOY THIS UNSOLICITED ADVICE BONUS EPISODE! Its Juicy!  
17/08/201838 minutes 17 seconds
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EP 21: You're Throwing Your Money in a Fire Pit feat Anthony Bertram & Gabby Aparicio

REAL ESTATE! Join me this week with real estate agents Gabby & Anthony to discuss all the questions you guys have about real estate.  Should you rent or buy? Do you buy a home together with your bf/gf if you aren't married yet? There are so many questions about buying a home that we have no clue about and the same way we go to a doctor when we are sick we need to go straight to a realtor when we have questions about buying  home.  We will also discuss having different streams of income and not putting all of our eggs into one basket.  We are 30 y'all its time to get serious about our money and our investments, but not without doing a little SH*T TAAAAAALK!!! PLEASE DON'T FORGET TO RATE AND LEAVE A REVIEW ON YOUR FAVORITE PODCAST PLATFORM! Follow us  @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @tony_the_realtor  @thequeengbaby 
10/08/20181 hour 1 minute 24 seconds
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EP 20 Stripping: An Alternative Lifestyle - "A 9 to 5 Is Not For Everyone" feat Ekah Love

This week Carla sits with exotic dancer Ekah Love to talk about Alternative Lifestyles. A corporate 9 to 5 job is definitely not for everyone and there are many different paths to success. Ekah shares her stories as a dancer and gives us strip club etiquette as well as a few tips on how to "finesse" these men. You can get the book is Dance of Anger: A Woman's Guide to Changing the Patterns of Intimate Relationships by Harriett Lerner for FREE on audible here Please don't forget to Rate and leave a Review on your favorite podcast platform. Thank you! Follows us @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris
03/08/20181 hour 7 minutes 25 seconds
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EP 19: Making Money Moves feat Kimberly Stewart & Mandii B

Join me this week as I sit with financial advisor Kimberly Stewart to talk about financial literacy in our communities. This is a conversation we definitely dont have often enough and then wonder why 73% of Americans can't come up with $1000. Mandii B from the Whoreible Decisions podcast will be added in a phone call to join us in a very intense discussion revolving around household incomes and whether or not somethings can be labeled as MEDIOCRE.  Follow the show on IG @shitim30podcast  & @carlawilmaris   You can also reach Kimberly Stewart 407.425.9101 [email protected]  
27/07/20181 hour 8 minutes 32 seconds
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EP 18: Health, Yoga, & Piss "Fitness is for the Mind, Body, &...Sex?"

We've all wondered what goes on behind the scenes of trainers and those socially awkward  yoga instructors. In this episode we break through the stereotypes of brown & black people in the Yogi community, and how a trainer can help you jump start your fitness journey with two amazing trainers, Bert from @bodybybert and Rasta Yogi DJ @dade2shelby.  Listen until the end when we start speaking on mental health and suddenly one of the guests decide that he was going to do something NO ONE was expecting! This is frankly sh*t we cant make up.  Follow us on social media @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris
20/07/20181 hour 3 minutes 14 seconds
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BONUS EP 03: Double Standards "That's $40 P*ssy!"

Join Carla today while she sits with Jamaal the owner of Orlando's best bbq restaurant, Jesse's Rib Shack and my bestie Dexty. Today's episode introduces a new segment SH*T YOU SHOULD KNOW, and the topic is DOUBLE STANDARDS. We have a heterosexual extremely masculine male help give a different point of view on our society's double standards like the number of sexual partners, breastfeeding in public, and how many kids is just too many! All new bonus episodes will be available only to SH*T I'M 30! Patrons on Make sure to go become a Patron for your monthly bonus episode and video footage to keep supporting the show.  Follow us on social media @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @jesseribshack @dexty          
17/07/20181 hour 27 minutes 16 seconds
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EP 18: Thots on F*ck Boys "Fake Belts & Shirts Tucked in Tight"

Lets take it back to a sit down Carla had with her bestie Dexty about the infamous f*ck boys that all girls have dealt with. What is a f*ck boy and who are the thots out here also? Come join us and have a few laughs. Dont forget to rate and subscribe! Follow us on instagram @shitim30podcast
13/07/201850 minutes 12 seconds
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EP 17: SH*T! Can We Grow Up? feat Mandii aka @fullcourtpumps

WHOREible Growth! This week join the conversation between Mandii (1/2 of Whoreible Decisions Podcast) & Carla in NY revolving around the growth that we all go through from our early 20's into our Golden 30's. Mandii is not quite 30..YET..but the change in her with age is definitely showing! We will also discuss if society now days with social media even lets us grow and learn from our past mistakes that we ALL make. Enjoy! Follow us on social media @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @fullcourtpumps  
06/07/201856 minutes 55 seconds
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EP 16: Raising a Teenager "When Is This Going to be OVER?"

This week I sit with Karla G to talk about our frustrations and struggles of raising our teenagers. We were 100% not prepared for the hell these children are putting us through, but we wouldn't trade it for the world (welllll maybe for a couple glasses of wine and a shot of tequila!). Join us as we let it all out and vent to each other & we promise we love our kids hahaha! Follow us on social media  @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @karmaaaaaa.k Get your free audio book and support the podcast at  Just click on the link :)  
29/06/20181 hour 1 minute 50 seconds
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EP 15: Platonic Relationships "We're not gonna say names... *BLEEP*"

This week we dive right into the possibilities of platonic relationships between men and women with radio host/personality Ricky Padilla. We determine whether it is possible or not from the male and female perspective to have simply platonic friendships. We clearly agree on who has more will power. Who do you think that is? Please don't forget to rate and review! Thank you! Follow us on IG @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @kpb_ @rickypadilla Music by Frankie Negron - Estar Sin Ti
22/06/201845 minutes 56 seconds
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EP 14: What Does it Mean to Forgive?

Happy Friday! Forgiveness isn't weakness. It's the ultimate sign of courage and strength. Today Carla sits down with her friend Rod to discuss forgiveness and what it means to them individually. How they forgive and if they ever forget after being hurt by someone else.  We also have a listener letter about a broke baby daddy that left and cheated on her with a sugar mama nurse. (Could you forgive him?) Follow us on instagram @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris  @sherr_styles
15/06/201848 minutes 25 seconds
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BONUS EP: 02 Unsolicited Advice

Thank you so much for the support on the show. Here is a fun laid back BONUS episode! Join your host Carla and her best friend Karla (KPB), while they give advice to people who truly didn't even ask for it! Sometimes people want to hear what we have to say, other times we just tell them even if they don't care!  follow us on instagram @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @kpb_    
14/06/201853 minutes 28 seconds
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EP 12: "I Don't Want To Be Broke No'Mo!"

This week the ladies are joined by the other Karla (with a K) to discuss different ways we can all be broke and the struggles we have had ourselves in our lives and how we are still working to get out of it. Also we talk about these broke "boys" posing for the ladies now days.  You can download THE TOTAL MONEY MAKEOVER by Dave Ramsey on audible for FREE! using this link Follow us on IG @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @dexty @kpb_
01/06/201854 minutes 46 seconds
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EP 11: Shooting the Sh*t - "Living As Gay Black Man in America"

This week Carla & Dexty are joined by Rod. The group discuss the minor differences and major similarities of heterosexual and homosexual relationships, interracial dating and a bunch of other random ish!! Follow us on IG @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @dexty
25/05/201859 minutes 24 seconds
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EP 10: Starting Over "Misery Loves Company"

This week Carla & Dexty dive in to a conversation about starting over in different aspects of life. Whether it is your career, relationship, mind set, etc. Join in their conversation and email or DM your experiences starting over in your life and the hurdles you had to go through.  Download your FREE Audible Audiobook Follow us on instagram @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @dexty
18/05/201849 minutes 23 seconds
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BONUS EP: 01 Unsolicited Advice

BONUS EPISODE ALERT! It's not Friday but, we are giving you a Bonus 100% Unsolicited Advice episode.  If you want to get our advice on whatever might be going on in your life. Send us a letter and we will tell you EXACTLY what we think you should do. UNFILTERED!  
14/05/201846 minutes 43 seconds
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EP 09: Domestic Violence : Sticks and Stones Break Bones and Words Hurt Too!

This week Carla and Dexty discuss different types of domestic abuse and how it impacts our culture.  National Domestic Violence Hotline 800-799-SAFE Follow us on instagram @shitim30pocast @carlawilmaris @dexty
11/05/201854 minutes 16 seconds
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EP 08: Body Image & Self Love "Running On Crazy"

This week Carla and Dexty are joined by Christina from Running on Crazy. Christina shares her personal journey with bulimia and depression. Christina’s story is a powerful one about body image, self-love, and her road to recovery.  Follow us on Instagram  @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @dexty Free Audible Trial -
04/05/20181 hour 50 seconds
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EP 07: Conflict "I Love You So I Have To Punch You"

Join Carla & Dexty this week as they discuss conflict in the workplace, relationships, as well as friends and family. Find out about their first and only major fight as friends and how they got through it. The ladies also discuss how they have dealt with conflict in the past and how they are changing to do better and improve themselves.  Don't forget to RATE and SUBSCRIBE. Get your FREE book and 30 day trial from audible at Follow us on Instagram  @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @dexty Email: [email protected]
27/04/201850 minutes 30 seconds
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EP 06: Parenting "I Lay Down the Law"

20/04/20181 hour 7 minutes 37 seconds
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EP 05: Plastic Surgery "Can I Put This in My A**?"

This week Carla & Dexty sit down with plastic surgeon Dr.Nathan Pham to discuss arm vaginas, plasma on the face and penis, back-alley booties, and all things plastic. Audible link:  Get you FREE book and 30 day trial TODAY! Make sure to follow us on Instagram @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @dexty
13/04/201845 minutes 23 seconds
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EP 04: Breakups "What the F**k is Closure?"

This week Carla & Dexty discuss breakups, makeups, baby mama's, & break babies. Song: Cardi B - Be Careful HAPPY CARDI B DAY!!! 04/06/18 Follow us @shitim30podcast @carlawilmaris @dexty
06/04/201842 minutes 36 seconds
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30/03/201840 minutes 12 seconds
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EP 02 Dating

23/03/201840 minutes 57 seconds
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27/02/20181 minute 42 seconds