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Pit Bull Dangers Radio Live @ Five

English, Political, 1 season, 5 episodes, 2 hours, 29 minutes
The Pit Bull Dangers Online Radio Show examines the serious and growing crisis associated with pit bulls and the danger they pose to us all. We cover the issues from every angle and uncover the truth no matter how deeply it is buried. You will learn about the myths, misinformation and lies of the pit bull advocates. You will learn the truth they try so hard to hide. Pit bulls are an inherently dangerous animal who cause untold tragedy, pain and suffering to all manner of other animals and hundreds of people every year. Learn why pit bulls are not like normal dogs and why they are not safe to have in our cities and neighborhoods. Hear from the experts and researchers who study the issues, the causes and the proper solutions. Hear from the survivors and the families of the innocent victims who did not survive. Find out how hard it is on them and how it lasts for months, years even for life. Hear how the pit bull owners and advocates attack the victims as viciously as the dogs do. We will fight until we get justice for the victims; we will fight until the owners of these animals are held culpable under the law and responsible both civilly and criminally for the harm they and their dogs do.
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The Innocent Victim's Now Have A Voice

Kiersten Baker the mother of Kaylie joins us as today Far to long have the innocent victims been pushed aside, forgotten by most and viciously attacked again and again by pit bull owners and pit bull advocates after they are attacked by the pit bulls as if they were to blame for what the pit bulls did. Now those victims who cannot speak for themselves have a voice. It comes from many places and many people yet it is being displayed this year by two groups in particular. First the Pit Bull Regulation Project on facebook who is holding the pit bull victims walk on Oct 27th in Tucson, Az. and by the Pit Bull Victims Foundation being formed in Texas.   Yes pit bull advocates and owners have engaged in some of the most despicable acts imaginable when they attack and vilify the innocent victims brutally mauled by these inherently dangerous dogs. They do this and then act as if they have done nothing wrong. Yet the victims now have a voice that will also be documenting these attacks that so many see on a daily basis in the comments on the news stories, articles and other discussions of the problems surrounding the pit bull crisis we all face today.   Pit Bull Victims Walk:   Pit Bull Victims Foundation:   Boycott Pepsi:   Sign the Petitions & Help Victims Find Justice:
8/1/201230 minutes, 31 seconds
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3 Year Old Attacked By Father's Pit Bull

  Pit Bull Dangers Radio Live @ Five   July 7th pit bull attack on 3 year old Kaylie Foster   A three-year-old girl has been left scarred after her father's pit bull clamped down on her face during a family gathering. Kaylie Ann Foster, who was saved from the dog's clutches by relatives, needed 100 stitches in her face, which was left swollen and bruised. She will need plastic surgery after the attack, which occurred on Sunday at her father's home in Stockton, California.     A known dangeroud it bull with a history of aggression attacked the owners 3 year old daughter. Why was the dog even allowed around the child or anyone else with its history? How can parents risk their childrens lives by allowing them near inherently dangerous dogs like pit bulls?   “The doggie is really mean,” said Kaylie Foster.   DONATIONS NEEDED! Kaylie, who was mauled by the dog, lives with her mom who was laid off from her job.Please go to and use the email [email protected]      Join the PVA today & help save lives at:   Pit Bull Victims Walk:   Pit Bull Victims Memorial:   Boycott Pepsi:   Sign the Petitions & Help Victims Find Justice:
7/11/201228 minutes, 46 seconds
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The Pit Bull Victims Association

  Pit Bull Dangers Radio Live @ Five   Today we will be taking about a new organization being formed. The Pit Bull Victims Associations at The association os being formed to meet multiple needs. Starting with a memorial to be built honoring all of the innocent victims fatally mauled by pit bulls. The memorial itself will be built in Texas where the more victims have died than any other state.   The organization further plans to become the voice of the victims who cannot speak fot themselves in raising awareness of the horrific crimes these attacks really are. They will help to make sure that everyone has access to the truth about the pit bull problems and help to expose the deceit, dishonesty and deception of the pit bull owners groups and ther pit bull advocacy today.   Join the PVA today & help save lives at:   Pit Bull Victims Walk:   Pit Bull Victims Memorial:   Boycott Pepsi:   Sign the Petitions & Help Victims Find Justice:
7/10/201230 minutes, 3 seconds
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Tony Solesky & the Maryland Senate Hearings

Pit Bull Dangers Radio Live @ Five   Tony Solesky joins us today and speaks about testifying at the Maryland Senate hearings, about the Maryland high courts ruling, the brutal mauling of his son that is the reason for all of this and how his family is handling all the stress and having to relive the horrific experiences over and over again.   It is time to stop allowing the innocent victims to be forgotten, ignored or abused further by the pit bull owners and advocates who seem to care for nothing other than a dog. It is time to make sure the victims are remembered and their voices are heard.  Pit Bull Victims Walk:  Pit Bull Victims Memorial:  Boycott Pepsi:  Sign the Petitions & Help Victims Find Justice:
6/28/201230 minutes, 4 seconds
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Don Bauermeister, The Maryland Ruling & The Pit Bull Debate

Pit Bull Dangers Radio Live @ Five Don Bauermeister wrote the amicus Brief for that was presented to the Maryland Court and helped to win the ruling for the Solesky's and all Maryland Citizens. Today we will talk about the ruling, the brief and what the future holds for Maryland.  The Ruling by the Maryland Court has far reaching implications and has gained Maryland National attention since the ruling holds pit bull owners liable for the actions of their dogs period. This ruling has further fueled an ongoing debate nationwide due the ever increasing numbers of ruthless attacks by these inherently dangerous dogs.  Pit Bull Victims Walk: Bull Victims Memorial:http://pitbullvictims.orgBoycott Pepsi: the Petitions & Help Victims Find Justice:
6/27/201230 minutes, 6 seconds