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Welcome to the Periods & Power Moves podcast with me your host, Vianney Leigh. This show is here to inspire, empower and activate you to discover the power of your menstrual cycle and how to use your unlimited power to heal yourself on the levels of mind, body, soul, and spirit. I’m a menstrual cycle alignment guide aiming to challenge and disrupt the status quo. Join me weekly on this show where I talk about all things menstrual cycles, womb awakenings, energy healing, spirituality, human design, astrology, the subconscious mind, feminine leadership, success, sex & spirituality.
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Re-Release 2: (Ep.30) Your Ultimate Guide: Cycle Syncing With Food

I'm bringing you a re-release of an absolute value-bomb of an episode this week, where you’ll get all the details about which foods support your hormones and help you sync with the energy of each phase of your cycle. What you’ll learn from this episode: What the most powerful and effective medicine is for supporting your hormones (2:43) What to eat to create an energy surge during the first half of your cycle (6:22) The secret to getting by with less during your superwoman phase (13:57) Why it’s important to eat little and often at least once a month(20:23) Why eating comfort food is actually healing for your body (25:17) Please allow me to share with you my heart-led beautiful offerings I have for you this month that will support and guide you to love and acceptance as you journey to become your future self. 1️⃣ Save your seat at this month, New Moon, in Virgo circle
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#12 Bloody Brilliant Boss with Simone Dyer (#BLM Special)

In this episode of Bloody Brilliant Boss, I'm talking with Simone Dyer, the founder of The Most Sacred Journey. Simone calls herself a birth keeper and works as a Birth and Post Natal Doula. Simone and I have known each since we were teenagers, but our paths divinely crossed when we realized that we both are in this women's wellness and womb wisdom space.&nbsp; Simone and I also discuss the recent events in the Black Lives Matter Movement and how the racial injustices and disparities affect the healthcare access and treatment in the Black community. This is episode is sponsored by my FREE guide, The Perfect Flow Formula. How surprised would you be to feel really good about knowing your cycle? What would it be like to get really excited about understanding your cycle so that you can be free from burnout, overwhelm &amp; procrastination? The Perfect Flow Formula is a step by step action guide to know your monthly cycle.<a href="https://statusflowc
08/06/20201 hour 11 minutes 43 seconds