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English, Social, 1 season, 12 episodes, 5 hours, 52 minutes
People Like Us is a groundbreaking conversation show hosted by award winning journalist Kim Ghattas, bringing people together to connect the dots between today’s Middle East and the world, how it works and why it matters to everyone, wherever they are. In the first season of the show, Kim talks to film makers, activists, authors, refugees, politicians, a sexologist, exploring a pressing theme in every episode, from Roe v Wade to impunity in Syria and Ukraine, bringing a fresh, distinctive perspective on current events, as well as socio-economic and cultural trends. Anchored in Kim’s home city of Beirut, the show takes a step back from the headlines to push the envelope by discussing the big questions, uncovering surprising connections and the powerful personal stories of the speakers, doers, movers and shakers from across the region, as well as ordinary people doing extraordinary things. It will unpack the key issues that matter in the Arab world but resonate with a global audience, connecting the dots that bind people everywhere, from Beirut to Belfast, from Kabul to Hong Kong. From rising prices at gas pumps across America to how the Roe v Wade decision impacts the Arab world, there is an inescapable need to better understand the Middle East.. People like Us fills a gaping in the hole in the podcast world, from and about, the greater Middle East, explaining why events and trends in the region matter, challenging dominant narratives. Tapping into the renewed interest in international news, following the war in Ukraine, People like Us will step back from the daily headlines every season to reflect on larger themes, to produce episodes that are timely and timeless and speak to the concerns of a young generation both in the US and in the Arab world, as well as a global Arab diaspora. People Like Us is THE show that makes sense of the Middle East and the world. Follow People like Us on Instagram and Twitter @peoplelikeuspod Meet your host - Kim Ghattas ( Check out the show’s website (
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Free Evan Gershkovich: How a US reporter was imprisoned in Putin's Russia

This is a special episode from Project Brazen. How did Wall Street Journal reporter Evan Gershkovich end up wrongfully imprisoned in Russia, and what happens now? On March 29, Russian authorities arrested Evan and accused him of spying on Russia on behalf of the US government. Evan was imprisoned in Moscow’s Lefortovo prison, where he remains today. In this special podcast episode from Project Brazen, you’ll hear from those close to Evan — his friends, newsroom colleagues, even his former soccer coach — about his shocking arrest, efforts to bring him home, and how he became the journalist he is today. Evan is the first American reporter to be charged with espionage in Russia since the Cold War. The charge, which The Journal vehemently denies, can carry a sentence of up to 20 years. To support the campaign for Evan’s release or send him a message of support, visit
5/18/202326 minutes, 7 seconds
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Introducing Dynamite Doug

This week on People Like Us, we’re sharing a preview of Dynamite Doug, the latest investigative podcast from Project Brazen. Hosted by Ellen Wong (of Netflix’s GLOW and Scott Pilgrim), the 6-part series delves into the alleged crimes of Douglas Latchford, an art dealer who collaborated with a genocidal regime to loot Cambodia’s entire cultural heritage. Latchford’s stolen goods remain in the New York Metropolitan Museum to this day. This is the story the art world doesn’t want told. To keep listening, search for Dynamite Doug wherever you get your podcasts. You can listen to the entire series, ad-free, by subscribing to Project Brazen on Apple Podcasts, visit
4/18/202315 minutes, 39 seconds
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A mystery begins at the US Embassy in Havana

This is a preview of Project Brazen's latest investigative podcast, The Sound: Mystery of Havana Syndrome. To listen to the rest of this episode, search for THE SOUND: Mystery of Havana Syndrome, wherever you get your podcasts. In December 2016, a US official in Havana reported a debilitating and confounding  illness. The symptoms included headaches; nausea; hearing loss; problems with memory and vision. Soon, a second official came down with the same symptoms. Then a third. Then a fourth. By the time the story went public in summer 2017, dozens of US diplomats, as well as some Canadians, had come down with what was becoming known as “Havana Syndrome.” In this deep dive investigation, journalist Nicky Woolf peels back the layers of one of the most bizarre mysteries of the modern age. THE SOUND is a story about spycraft, technology, and the brain, and how the Cold War, maybe, never really ended. New episodes will be dropping in THE SOUND feed on Mondays, so subscribe there now to make sure you don’t miss an episode.
2/28/202316 minutes, 34 seconds