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English, Chat, 1 season, 15 episodes, 3 hours, 36 minutes
Winnipeg blogger Natalie Bell aka PegCityLovely brings with her an insane amount of energy, flava and fun as she reveals and showcases the awesomeness that is Winnipeg, including local businesses, foodies, musicians and more! A seasoned interviewer, Natalie also chats with influential people across the globe! Join in on the convo!
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Interview with Donald Faison - Take a #Grillfie!

Grilling Enthusiast and Actor Donald Faison To Help Grillers Turn Up The Flavor and Fun This Summer Recently, the National Pork Board (NPB) discovered that millions of Americans might be missing out on what could be a seriously tasty summer. After ranking all 50 states based on their flavor footprint - the volume of social media food conversations people had about flavor, seasonings and sauces in 2014 - NPB found that many states are in dire need of some flavor-packed inspiration. Together with actor Donald Faison, NPB is "crashing" grills this summer to inspire America to overcome its "flavor shyness" with mouthwatering pork recipes. Star of the hit show "Scrubs" for nine seasons, Faison was never afraid to take comedic risks. In his personal life, he also happens to be a not-so-clueless grilling fanatic and with NPB has been using his famously funny comedic delivery to "crash" cookouts this summer with pork. We talked about: What's happening in his TV and movie careerHis favorite pork recipes and tips he uses to cook for friends and familyWays your can boost the flavor for summer grillingHow he's planning to celebrate Father's Day  Listeners are encouraged to take a "grillfie" - a selfie of themselves with pork on the grill, or just their pork on the grill - and share it socially tagged with #grillpork. For more recipes, grilling tips and grill crashed videos, and to see where your state falls in the flavor rankings, visit
6/29/20158 minutes
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Interview with Lou Manfredini Great Ideas for #FathersDay

A hardware store is the perfect place to shop for Father's Day. Lou Mandfredini, home expert and father of four, shares what Dads really want this Father's Day and help you find the perfect gift. Manfredini will literally take you inside the hardware store to share great gift ideas including Craftsmantools, and advice for Father's Day. Highlights include: A New Tool Set Tips for finding the perfect tool set that will be there for dad when he needs it. Easy To Read Socket Set As Dad gets a little older, he may need some help reading the fine print. You can help him out with a socket set that's easy on the eyes. Bucket Bar Set Work, work, work. This gift idea lets Dad know it's okay to kick back with a cold beverage. Lou Manfredini, Home Expert, is a self-made success story in the home maintenance industry. He got his start working at a local Ace Hardware store in high school and as a carpenter's apprentice in college, which eventually led to launching his own construction company in Chicago and today, has turned into a booming career as a nationally respected home maintenance expert. 
6/18/20156 minutes
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Interview - The Metamorphosis of Mr T

Known for his witty quips and star turns in "The A-Team" and "Rocky III," Mr. T was the cultural touchstone of a generation. Now the former bodyguard and professional wrestler-turned-actor and motivational speaker is taking on a whole new role - one, as his name suggests, he may have been born to play. This June, Mr. T will be the new face of a campaign for Fuze Iced Tea. In the brand's new digital ad titled "Butterflyz," Mr. T drops some of his trademark rhymes and extolls the bold and unique virtues of flavor-charged Fuze Iced Tea while draped in his signature gold chains and newly minted Monarch butterfly wings. In addition to his work promoting tea, Mr. T also is appearing in his latest TV project, "I Pity The Tool" on DIY Network, set to debut later this year. We had such a great time chatting, it was fun, enjoy!
6/18/201510 minutes
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#SpartanRace Finally Comes To Manitoba!

Listen to PegCityLovely chat with Spartan Race alumni, Terrance who is a local Winnipegger paritcipating for inspirational reasons. I Run For Gracie Spartan Race™ World’s Best Obstacle Race. Period. Born in the scenic hills of Vermont, USA, Spartan Race was created to bring the excitement of obstacle racing to spectators and athletes alike. That means you. With 130 events in 15 countries and 6 continents in 2014, Spartan Race is available to most everyone in the world. The first ever Spartan Race in Manitoba takes place Saturday July 11, 2015 in Grunthal, MB Win a race entry on  
5/3/201512 minutes
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Taxes 101: Tips and Tricks from Patrice Washington

For many Americans, tax season is the most dreaded time of the year. Despite its bad rep, it's also the perfect chance to take the pulse on certain money habits and recommit to a healthier financial future. From making little spending changes to finding out if your family is eligible for free tax services to maximizing your refund, financial freedom is closer than you might think. Personal finance guru Patrice Washington built her own fortune, lost it in the recession and reinvented herself to find monetary success once more. I was lucky enough to chat with Patrice about tax time this year and how to change your behaviours for personal financial success! Originally posted on  
4/7/201516 minutes
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Dot-Com Anniversary Contest and Interview with Bill Rancic #InternetOfficial

It's hard to believe, but .com is all grown up. The domain we all know and love turns 30 this year. With roughly 116.5 million domains ending in ".com" - the most of any domain and more than all of the 25 next largest registries combined - .com's dominance is unquestionable. During the past 30 years, the Amazon isn't just the world's largest river, tweeting isn't just for the birds and "yahoo" means more than impending excitement. To celebrate this monumental milestone of the World Wide Web's most recognized domain-and all the brilliant, online businesses that have flourished because of it-Verisign, the global leader in domain names and internet security, is helping the next generation of entrepreneurs get their business ideas off the ground with a chance to win up to $35,000 by sharing their best and brightest .com name. I had the amazing opportunity to interview Bill Rancic, TV personality, businessman and entrepreneur and the first winner of Donald Trump's show, "The Apprentice". Bill is not only an entrepreneur, he's an accomplished author, speaker, restaurateur, husband and father. We chatted about the anniversary, his role as one of 4 expert judges in the contest, along with some sound advice from this down-to-earth man! Registering a creative, memorable and keyword-rich .com domain name through one of Verisign's registrars and entering it in the #InternetOfficial contest by April 30, 2015 could land a budding entrepreneur $35,000.    
3/18/201512 minutes
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Celebrate Valentine's Day Without Leaving The House #vdayin

I had the opportunity to interview Laura Vitale about easy ideas for Valentine's Day when you don't feel like leaving the house! Internet sensation Laura Vitale moved to the United States when she was 12 years old. As a teenager, she developed her love for cooking from her Italian grandmother, learning many of the recipes for classic Italian dishes over the phone. In 2010, Laura began a new phase of her culinary journey when she started her internet cooking series "Laura in the Kitchen." The series quickly became a hit and now boasts an audience of several million, making Laura a well-known name in the cooking community. Laura is the host of 'Simply Laura' on Cooking Channel. There's no better romantic gift than creating a home-cooked meal for your loved-one. And nobody knows that better than Millennials - to them, food is more than just food. Cooking takes on more emotional significance, and it's a way to illustrate feelings for one another.1 Taking a cue from Gen Y, this Valentine's Day, let's ditch stress and crowds, and create home-cooked restaurant-like experiences. From recipe inspiration to tools that make it fast and fun to cook at home, Hunt's Tomatoes and Alexia Foods are making it easier than ever to break the tradition of eating out for special occasions like Valentine's Day.    
2/10/201512 minutes
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#MondayAMMusings February Already? Weekly Chat with PegCityLovely

Weekly chat with PegCityLovely from Winnipeg 1) SuperBowl fun with @SubwayCanada #makeitepic 2) I'm a new #PGMom Brand Ambassador for 2015! 3) Reminder: YMCA Women of Distinction Awards, nominate a phenomenal woman today! 4) It's Black History Month! Check out the Calendar of Events for Winnipeg and nominate a community leader for the Black History Month Awards ceremony. 5) Upcoming Events: Mardi Gras in Winnipeg Feb 13 & 14, 2015Festival du Voyageur Feb 13 to Feb 22, 2015#CanolaConnect in Brandon - culinary event Feb 6th, 2015#SouperBee Challenge Feb 23, 2015 - I'm one of 8 competitors ;)Add your event to my Events calendar! Local, National, Global, Online - all are welcome! Happy 60th birthday to my awesome dad, Tony Bell! WEEKLY QUOTE Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there. Will Rogers Stay tuned weekly for more updates! l next week folks!
2/9/20159 minutes
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Ford Consumer Trends 2015 - Interview with Sheryl Connelly #FordNAIAS

I am so excited, honoured and blessed to have had the opportunity to interview Sheryl Connelly, Futurist for Ford Motor Company! What's a Futurist? Well, Sheryl has a pretty amazing job! Her goal is to better understand what's going on in the outside world so she can predict trends and gain  insight on how they can influence the automotive industry. Sheryl and I took some time to discuss some highlights in consumer habits and behaviours with focus on exploring Generation Z. As we chatted, Sheryl referenced the 2015 Looking Further with Ford Trend Book. As I head to Detroit this weekend for the North American International Auto Show (NAIAS) Media/Press Preview thanks to an exclusive invitation from Ford Canada, I hope to meet Sheryl in person and pick up where we left off! Enjoy and head on over to my blog to read about my NAIAS journey! @pegcitylovely@sherylconnelly@ford@fordcanada@NAIASDetroit #FordNAIAS
1/9/20159 minutes
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School-Year "Checkpoints" Help to Monitor ADHD #ADHDAwareness

With school back in full swing across the country, children and parents are both adapting to new teachers, new classes and new activities. For children with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (or ADHD), the condition can add increased complexity to an already challenging situation. ADHD is one of the most common childhood neurologic disorders and can continue through adolescence and adulthood.1 As of 2011, 6.4 million children in the U.S. had ever been diagnosed with ADHD. 2 Symptoms of ADHD may include difficulty paying attention,impulsivity and hyperactivity3. Data shows that children with ADHD may have difficulty succeeding in school, problems getting along with other children or adults, and challenges finishing tasks at home. Leading ADHD expert Adelaide Robb, M.D., Chief, Psychology and Behavioral Health, Children's National Health System,is available during ADHD Awareness Month (October) to share tips with parents of children with ADHD to help monitor their child's progress during the school year.
11/3/201414 minutes
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Audition Tips from MasterChef Canada Winnipeg Finalist Mike Green

The first season of MasterChef Canada was a huge success and CTV has announced that they have ordered a second season of this hit culinary competition series. Casting for Season 2 is open right now at Are you on the fence about submitting your application? Perhaps your application is 80% completed and you need that extra push?  Natalie from PegCityLovely chats with Mike Green, top 5 finalist from Season 1 of MasterChef Canada about the audition process and his experiences. Mike gives some fabulous insight on the mindset home cooks need to have in order to audition. Mike Green's website: Mike Green's Twitter:: Mike Green's Instagram: Home cooks from Western Canada (BC, AB, SK, MB, YK, NU, and NT) are encouraged to apply by June 8, 2014 for an opportunity to be interviewed in person by producers. MasterChefCanada Twitter: @MasterChefCDA MasterChefCanada Facebook: MasterChefCanada Instagram: @MasterChefCDA
6/6/201421 minutes
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Audiologist Tips For Maintaining Safe Noise Levels In Your Household

Beverley Wolfe, MA, Audiologist, Reg’d CASLPO discusses National Speech & Hearing Awareness Month including statistics and tips for how to maintain safe noise levels in your household. Beverley is one of many thousands of professionals participating in this month's public awareness campaign to encourage early detection and prevention of communication disorders. Natalie (PegCityLovely) asks Beverley a variety of questions related to her own family especially her tween and teen, unknown or lesser known noise irritants, as well as how to recognize safer appliances via their label(s). Be sure to check out the accompanying blog post for further resources and infographics.    
5/24/201420 minutes
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PegCityBiz Series: Buy A Cup, Give A Cup with DAVIDsTEA #cupofwarmth campaign

A quick impromptu interview with Bradley Grill and Renee Frisina, spokespersons for DAVIDsTEA. I spoke with them about the new #cupofwarmth campaign, raising awareness across North America about the various hunger relief organizations in local communities.  This interview shares details about the campaign and share some behind the scenes tidbits.
1/25/201411 minutes
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PegCityBiz Series: Linen & Lace Photography

After a brief summer hiatus...Interview with the lovely Alyssa Dueck, co-owner of Linen & Lace Photography. Alyssa will chat with me about her new biz, its successes/challenges and specialities!
8/24/201329 minutes
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PegCityBiz Series: dconstruct jewelry

Interview with the funky and dynamic Lisa Pointon-Reico, owner of dconstruct Jewelery.  She’ll chat with us about her eco-friendly biz and upcoming events!  
6/8/201327 minutes