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[Case Study:] What To Do When No One Wants Your Stuff

The first offer you put into the world might not work. Neither might the second. Nor the third. Sometimes, you’ll put out 10 different iterations of your offer before you get it “right”. As demoralizing as it can feel in the moment, each “no” you get from a potential client is steering you away from a version of your offer that the market doesn’t want… And towards an offer that your market very likely needs. Want to hear how from someone who’s been in that exact scenario? Listen in on this client spotlight we did with Callum Armstrong to discover what he learned about finding the right market for your offer…after having gone through 10 different iterations of it before it finally started gaining traction. Connect with Callum here: How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: <a href="
01/03/202430 minutes 16 seconds
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[Team Spotlight]: When Nothing Is Working, Try This

What do you do when you’ve done everything to build a good offer… When you’ve tried all the strategies you’ve learned to help you get clients… When you’ve tried to build systems into your business to remove yourself from the day to day… …And nothing is working? What do you do? We asked a couple of our coaches here at Peaceful Profits the same question. Suzanne Burns and Zaida Hager are part of the coaching team that help our clients to answer this same question week in, week out. In this insightful podcast episode, they share their thoughts on what they wish every client knew about hitting the brick wall of change, despite all their efforts. This lesson applies whether you’re at Chapter 1 of your business, or Chapter 100. Listen in to hear what Zaida and Suzanne have to say! How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: 
06/02/202429 minutes 20 seconds
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[CASE STUDY]: A Sacrifice No Business Owner Should Make

After selling his software company for 8-figures, Alexx Leyva saw firsthand the strain that building a business can put on people (and what can happen if you don’t prioritize your health alongside that.) That’s why Alexx’s next pursuit after his exit was to become a performance expert, helping entrepreneurs optimize their health and performance without sacrificing the growth of their business. We recently did an interview with Alexx, and he shared some really important ideas about aligning your health with your business that every business owner ought to know before starting a company. Listen to this podcast to hear what he has to say! Connect with Alexx here: @alexleyva on Instagram How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures:  How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months:<
26/01/202426 minutes 46 seconds
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[TEAM SPOTLIGHT]: This Is What Makes a Bestselling Non-Fiction Book

We recently invited our own expert Book Coach, Tina Konstant, onto the Peaceful Profits podcast. She shared her valuable insights on exactly what any author needs to do (new or seasoned) to write books that people love to read, love to share, and love to actually engage with. That doesn’t just come from Tina’s extensive work before joining us as one of our experts at Peaceful Profits, but also includes her expertise from having helped us ghostwrite and launch very many of our own clients’ books. Rarely do I consider something a “drop what you’re doing and do this instead” kind of thing, but this podcast is definitely one of those things (if you’re interested in writing a non-fiction book). Listen to this podcast as soon as you can. Connect with Tina here: How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures:
18/01/202434 minutes 53 seconds
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[CASE STUDY]: How to Get Clients Through Facebook (Without Paid Ads)

You might have 5-10 clients in your Facebook friend list that need your help right now. The best part is, you don’t have to spend a cent on your marketing to reach them. But how do you find those people and get their attention in a way that feels authentic? We’ll let our resident Facebook expert and coach, Amanda Kijek, tell you all about the strategy you’ll need in this exciting interview we did with Amanda. Discover the big difference between marketing through your own Facebook profile using organic strategies (i.e. no paid ads), and why those differences are important to take note of in your approach. You’ll see too just how simple and authentic that approach can be – as well as how effective it is as a client-getting tool, in that chat we did with Amanda here. Connect with Amanda here: How I Turn Short Books Into 7 F
10/01/202424 minutes 50 seconds
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[CASE STUDY]: How To Take A Completely “Unplugged” Vacation From Your Business

If you had to step back from your business for a week tomorrow – with no ability to check in on it in the meantime – could you do it? For most business owners, the thought is anxiety-inducing.  That’s how a client of ours, Dan, admitted he felt when he had to take the first major “unplugged” vacation away from his business a few months back. Dan is a filmmaker and business owner who helps other creatives put together mini-movies around messages they want to share, then uses the power of simple advertising to create movements from those mini-movies. Before joining us, Dan confessed that his business felt chaotic and unpredictable. And it wasn’t until Dan went away on vacation and couldn’t check on his business that he had a breakthrough moment that changed the way he operated his business for good (and for the better, too).  To his surprise and delight, he came back to find that everything had been running smoothly in his ab
20/12/202331 minutes 27 seconds
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[CASE STUDY]: Can AI Build Your Business For You?

If copywriting isn’t your strong suit… Or if you don’t have a bunch of time to write a book… Or if you’re just much better at coming up with ideas than putting them into words… Then you might land on AI as the solution to do all of that ^^^ for you. But can it? Perhaps even more importantly, should it? We asked Mike Connolly, a seasoned copywriter, marketing strategist, and Peaceful Profits client, for his opinion. Mike is a former Colorado State Fiddle champion turned business owner in the Direct Marketing space, and he recently shared his thoughts on what AI can (and can’t do) for any business owner. Specifically, how to use AI as a productivity tool and “helper” for your marketing, without it becoming a massive time-suck that you have to endlessly feed prompts until you get the info you want. Check out this recent interview with Mike to hear exactly what he had to say! Connect with Mike Connolly here:
12/12/202330 minutes 23 seconds
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[CASE STUDY]: How to Get Clients On LinkedIn (Without Annoying Everyone)

LinkedIn is an incredible tool to get clients and build a consistent stream of leads into your business. It’s also an easy way to annoy people – if you’re not careful. So how do you strike the balance between using LinkedIn as an effective sales tool, without being like every other marketer you see in your “connection requests” list on your own LinkedIn? Mildred Talabi, our resident LinkedIn Coach at Peaceful Profits, is here to show you how! Connect with Mildred here: How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures:  How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months: P.S. Want Mildred and my team of other experts to help you turn your LinkedIn into a source of consistent clients? Step 1 is to build a premium offer that helps you stand out from competition without having
07/12/202329 minutes 29 seconds
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[CASE STUDY]: How to Fix a “Broken” Email List

Natalie had been burning herself out trying a bunch of different marketing strategies, trying to figure out how to fill her premium program with more students. And despite building an email list of 5,000 subscribers (and potential buyers), she was having a hard time actually turning those subscribers into buyers of her premium program. It was almost like her list was tapped out, with nothing else left to buy anything else she had to offer. …That was until she followed the email nurture process we outline inside the Peaceful Profits Implementation Program. And from that “tapped out” email list, came 8 new student enrollments in her course in just 2 months. Wanna see how Natalie did it? Listen to this exciting interview we did with her here! Connect with Natalie here: How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures:  How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months: <a href="
01/12/202330 minutes 35 seconds
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[Case Study] The Curse of Genius (& How to Meet People Where They Are)

Is “the curse of genius” preventing you from being able to connect with your ideal prospects? If you’re having trouble getting your marketing to land right with your people, you might just be talking about the wrong thing. Our client, Rachel Duffy, shares her advice and experience for correcting this issue in her own business.  As a divorce lawyer turned parenting coach, Rachel knows the importance of effective communication more than just about anybody else. Her coaching business is helping parents have stronger relationships with their kids to improve family dynamics and raise the next generation on a solid emotional foundation.  Whether you’re a parent of young children or not, there’s a ton of wisdom to be gleaned in this episode. Don’t skip this one.  P.S. Want my team and I to help you clarify your message and create an offer so irresistible your clients will think it was made just for them? Send an email to <a href="mailto
26/09/202329 minutes 18 seconds
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[Case Study] The Reality Star Who Built a Business Without a Team

Is it really true that you need a big team to run your business if you want to go hands-off? Amber Renae is proof that it’s not. In this client case study, she’s telling us how she’s managed to build a business that gives her the freedom and ease she’s always wanted, without requiring a huge team to pull it off.  As a serial entrepreneur, Amber has been through extreme highs and devastating lows. Now she’s achieved the kind of stability in her business that allows her to pursue her dreams – including multiple reality TV shows!  Whether or not your goal is to hit 7 figures, build a big team, or even be on TV, there’s a lot you can learn in this interview.  P.S. If you want our help in writing a book, selling 50 – 150 copies per day, and turning readers into clients for your premium programs and services, we should chat. Send an email to us at [email protected] and we’ll let
20/09/202329 minutes 29 seconds
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Why You Should Build Your Business BACKWARD

If you’re considering launching a high-ticket program, this episode is for you. Every day at Peaceful Profits, we help our clients build, grow, and scale high-ticket programs filled with their ideal clients. In this episode, we will dive deep into what it takes to launch a successful program with Jessica Berlin, Peaceful Profits’ Head of Program Fulfillment.  She’ll be sharing her best tips about: Where to start when you want to launch a program.  How to make sure your clients are getting what they really need.  How to nail who your offer is for The fastest way to go from idea to money-making program.  She is even going to be talking about the steps you need to take to deliver a program successfully and make clients VERY HAPPY. Jessica has helped hundreds of Peaceful Profit clients launch 6- and 7-figure programs, so you definitely want to listen up. 
15/09/202328 minutes 36 seconds
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Scaling a Business Without Giving Up All Your Time

Can creating and marketing a course actually SIMPLIFY your life? It certainly did for Ashton Levarek. After finding substantial success in the vacation rentals business, Ashton was getting questions left and right about his methods… to the point that it was interfering with his ability to maintain a family-first approach to his schedule. He needed a way to communicate with people at scale, to answer all their questions while still maintaining the kind of time freedom he wanted. He found the solution in the Peaceful Profits methodology, and he’s been building it out ever since. Now he’s able to share his knowledge at scale… at a profit… and without having to get into the dreaded “grind” to do so. This generous interview shares how he made it all happen… with valuable lessons for any expert running any kind of business. You’ll love it.  P.S. If you want to simplify your marketing with the help of a book, just like Ashton did, send us an email at <a href="mailto:su
12/09/202322 minutes 19 seconds
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[Case Study] Turning a 1:1 In-Person Service Into an Online Program That Serves Many

How do you take a 1:1 service and turn it into something you can deliver online? Our client Amanda Plevell was wrestling with that exact question when she first came to us. Is it even possible? Will clients be willing to pay the same rates for online services? How will the demands on staff time work with a shift to online services? As a trauma-informed naturopath with many years in holistic health, Amanda understood the damage her overloaded client schedule would cause if she tried to keep up the pace. At the same time, she was frustrated by the limitations of 1:1 client work. But with some intentional redesign of her offering and an openness to shift some of her work to an online, more scalable model, she’s able to serve 3 times as many people as before, with at higher rates, working fewer hours.  If it can work for Amanda, it can work for you, too.  P.S. If you want to learn how to create an irresistible offer that sells in your sleep, send an email to us at <
08/09/202325 minutes 4 seconds
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The #1 Question to Ask BEFORE You Spend a Dime On Ads

Ready to crank up your business growth? Get ready to dive into actionable insights with Pete Manktelow, Chief Growth Officer at Peaceful Profits. We&#39;re talking about supercharging your Facebook ads with spot-on marketing messages that truly hit home. But before we get to that, here&#39;s the big question: Why do I want these leads? He talks about the art of laser-focused traffic strategies that are tightly woven into your core business functions. And that&#39;s not all – Pete spills the beans on how to smartly position your products or services for sales success, drawing in a crowd that&#39;s genuinely interested. Let&#39;s talk about the nuances of messaging – it&#39;s not just words, it&#39;s the magic key to attracting the leads that are primed to buy. But it&#39;s not all magic; numbers matter too. Pete breaks down the real world numbers you need to watch to pump up your growth while keeping your acquisition costs in check. Plus, Pete debunks myths surro
05/09/202333 minutes 10 seconds
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3 Key Elements That Need to Be In Any Business Book (if you want it to be successful!)

If you’re writing a book or you think you might write one someday, listen up. Every day at Peaceful Profits, we help our clients write books and build businesses with them.  Anyone can write a book, but if you don’t write the RIGHT book the right way… it’s going to be a painful process, my friend. So how do you avoid the pitfalls and make sure you’re not wasting your time on a dud? This interview with Meredith Trunkett, one of our ghostwriters, will help. In it, Meredith gives her best insights and proven advice for writing the best possible book without getting caught up in the same problems most new authors do.  Take her advice to heart, and your book-writing journey will be much more enjoyable… and much more profitable.  Meredith and the rest of the Peaceful Profits team can help you put together products and services that are useful, profitable, and easy to scale. Go to and let’s cha
31/08/202332 minutes 26 seconds
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[Case Study] How to “Fall Back In Love” With Your Business

Is it possible to run your business just by doing the fun stuff? Raquel Deville thinks it is. In this client case study, she’s telling us exactly what she does to keep the fun level high while avoiding things she doesn’t like doing. The key to making it work might surprise you.  As a person with neurodivergence, Raquel has optimized the Peaceful Profits system to work for her brain and her business, with great success. We’ve learned a lot from Raquel, and we hope you will, too. Connect with Raquel on Facebook and LinkedIn. P.S. If you want an irresistible offer that sells in your sleep, go to and let’s chat.
28/07/202325 minutes 25 seconds
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How to Build a Following (And Get Clients) on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is full of your ideal people, but it can be difficult to build a platform there. But our coach, Mildred Talabi, can tell you! We recently brought Mildred onto the Peaceful Profits team to help our clients build a thriving audience on LinkedIn, and we’re so excited to offer these insights to the Peaceful Profits Implementation Program. But you don’t have to be in the program to benefit from what Mildred is teaching… because she breaks it all down in this insightful interview. Enjoy! P.S. Want Mildred and the rest of my team to help you grow your business? Book a chat here: http
17/07/202325 minutes 47 seconds
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[Case Study] How to Sell Your First 1,700 Copies of Your Book

Sue Choi sold her first 1,700 books at a profit! For Sue Choi, it was a struggle for a long time. But once she committed to following the Peaceful Profits system taught inside our Implementation Program, everything changed for her.  Today Sue’s business is easier and more enjoyable to run than ever. She’s working with her ideal clients, she’s spending less time on “orientation” thanks to her book, and to make things even better, her ads are selling her book and profitable! Enjoy! Connect with Sue at How I Use Books to Get Clients:
13/07/202322 minutes 42 seconds
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Not Getting Enough Clients or Customers? Here’s Why…

If you’re having trouble selling your products or services, this one’s for you. Every day at Peaceful Profits, we help our clients with something called offer development: the process of creating products and services that are exactly what your ideal buyers want and need.  If you haven’t put together the right offer, it’s going to be really hard to sell. So what do you do if you’re in that situation? This interview with Alex Moore, one of our expert coaches in the Peaceful Profits, will help. In it, Alex tells you what not to do, what to look out for, and how to approach the process of developing an offer that is exactly what your ideal buyers want and need… so that they’re easy to sell. Alex and the rest of the Peaceful Profits team can help you put together products and services that are useful, profitable, and easy to scale. Go to and let’s chat.
10/07/202330 minutes 17 seconds
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[Case Study] Build a business that lets you LIVE

After working with us, Yinka Ewuola has a business that’s well on its way to running without her. What would it be like to have that kind of business for yourself? If you could have an offer that doesn’t require you to do anything to deliver it… and marketing that runs on autopilot… what could be possible? Because that’s the kind of business our clients are building every day inside the Peaceful Profits Implementation Program. Connect with Yinka on LinkedIn. P.S. If you want your own business that very nearly runs without you, go to and let’s chat.
06/07/202329 minutes 29 seconds
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[Case Study] Is Worth it to Hire a Ghostwriter for Your Book?

Is it ever worth it to hire a ghostwriter to write your book for you? It’s certainly less expensive to write it yourself… and if you hire it out, how do you know the book will be any good when it’s all said and done? These are the questions Penelope Lane asked herself before she decided to hire Peaceful Profits to write her book. Hear what it’s like to work with a ghostwriter, how she’s spending her time right now, and what she’s most looking forward to with the upcoming book launch. Connect with Penelope at P.S. Would you like help finally getting your book idea over the finish line, published, selling and bringing in clients?  We can help! To hire us to help create your high ticket offer and write a book to sell it, book a planning session with us right here. 
03/07/202316 minutes 24 seconds
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[Case Study] Organic Traffic Not Enough? Try this…

What happens when you need more leads than organic social can bring in? Uriah Guilford was asking himself this exact question when he came across the One Book Millions Method… and the rest is history. He used our training and coaches to write, publish, and launch the Productive Therapist, a book that generates new, highly qualified leads for his business. And what’s even better is, he’s stopped trading his time for money and is working fewer hours as a result. See how Uriah used our One Book Millions Method to build a business he loves without overloading his calendar or wasting money on ads. Check out Uriah at: P.S. If you want an irresistible offer that sells in your sleep, go to and let’s chat.
29/06/202319 minutes 32 seconds
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[Case Study] This Nutritionist Gets Clients with a Book

See how Brenda is using our One Book Millions Method to build a thriving business that’s changing the lives of her clients while giving her a lifestyle she loves. Check out Brenda at: If you’re ready to use a book to grow your business or if you’d like help creating your own offer or service and gettin&#39; clients, go to and let’s chat.
27/06/202328 minutes 31 seconds
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$10,000/Week On Ads…And Still Breaking Even

How would it feel to be able to spend $10,000/week on ads – and have the confidence that you’re going to get all of that back (and then some)? Just ask our client, Chris Von Wilpert. You might know him from his business, Content Mavericks, that helps people scale up their blogs through a strategy called “The Ski Slope Method.” …But reaching the point where Chris could spend $40,000/month on ads and still break even didn’t happen overnight. So what was his secret sauce? We recently did an interview with him to find out. (Spoiler: The method we teach inside the Peaceful Profits Implementation Program was a huge help!) You can learn more about Chris’ work here: How We Use Books to Get More Clients: How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months:<a href="https://
22/05/202326 minutes 59 seconds
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[Team Spotlight] The #1 Marketing Mistake That Kills Growth

In this interview, we speak with the person who has basically been Mike’s second brain for the past 15 years when it comes to marketing, offers and business growth: Pete Manktelow, Chief Growth Officer at Peaceful Profits. Here, he reveals to us the biggest mistake he sees coaches, service providers, agencies, and freelancers making over and over again in his 15 years in the industry. Not a small “This is going to cost us a couple extra thousand bucks this month.” kind of mistake. More like a “We might have to shut our whole business down.” kind of mistake. Want to avoid making that mistake yourself? Check out this week’s episode! How We Use Books to Get More Clients: How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months: Want Us To Grow Your Business? Book A Chat Her
18/05/202338 minutes 49 seconds
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Kailey Green On Being the COO of Peaceful Profits

In this special episode, we managed to carve out some time in our ah-mazing COO’s schedule to get an insight on what it’s like to run a 7-figure business from an operations standpoint. Her name is Kailey. She is an incredible person, and even more incredible at what she does. She’s also been one of the main reasons that Mike has been able to step away from Peaceful Profits more and more over the years. And if you’ve ever wondered what that process looks like of going from being the “chief doer” of everything in your business… …To being the actual business owner who has something that runs almost entirely by itself… Then all that good stuff is revealed in this exciting interview we recently did with Kailey. How We Use Books to Get More Clients: How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months:
15/05/202321 minutes 48 seconds
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The $9,000 Week That “Felt Effortless”

Sue had been running her book coaching business for a number of years already, and was doing very well with it. Lots of clients. Popular events. Amazing results for her clients. The problem? She was exhausted by the sheer amount of stuff she had to do in her business to keep the revenue coming in, and trying to juggle marketing and offer fulfillment that was starting to burn her out. It was about that time she started working with Peaceful Profits. Just recently, Sue was telling us about the $9,000 dollar week she had in her business that – in her words – “felt so effortless”. The difference was night and day. Sue now has more confidence in her ability to charge higher prices, attract the right clients, and balance “offer fulfillment” and “client-getting” duties without burning the candle at both ends. Check out the latest podcast to listen to Sue’s story! You can learn more about Sue’s work here: <a href="https://www.wr
13/05/202328 minutes 9 seconds
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[Case Study] 4 High-Ticket Clients in 4 Weeks…After 6 Months Off

If you had to take 6 months away from your business… …what would happen? Would you keep attracting ideal clients? Would you keep nurturing and serving those clients at a high level? Would you come back to pre-booked appointments with leads who love what you do, and are excited to buy your high-ticket offer? That ^ actually happened for our client, Dr. Tonia Winchester, just last year. She took 6 months away from her business to navigate a challenging season in her personal life. But because of the client-getting book she’d written and launched through our Peaceful Profits Implementation Program… Tonia came back to her business after 6 months away… …and enrolled 4 pre-qualified dream clients into her high-ticket offer.  (The most she’d ever enrolled in 1 month at that point!) To
03/04/202334 minutes 48 seconds
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How to Turn Your Unique Skills Into a $3,000+ Offer

How do you take that one special skill that feels like second-nature… …and turn it into a process that other people can learn, implement, and get incredible results with? We’ll show you how Ros Place did it in this episode of the Peaceful Profits podcast. From a period of homelessness caused by the 2020 pandemic, to now consistently enrolling clients into a premium offer based around her unique talents, Ros has an incredible story to share. As a result, Ros has been able to: Identify exactly kind of offer her ideal clients wanted to see – and more importantly, what they wanted to actually pay for; Write a book based around her offer that has afforded her new speaking opportunities, podcast invitations, and faster business growth; Start having radically different conversations with clients who now show up to sales calls understanding exactly what she does
28/03/202324 minutes 13 seconds
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[Case Study] He’s Scaling an “In-Person” Biz Online

Ever feel like it’d be impossible to scale the type of work you do online? Maybe you offer a service that’s typically:  Hands-on… One-on-one… Location-based… Really technical… Or it requires a specific environment, equipment, materials, etc? All of that ^ was true for our client Mark Feldman. But he pivoted away from the “grind” of trying to grow a business offering private drumming lessons. He knew scaling in-person drumming lessons would require an “extraordinary” amount of capital, physical spaces, and general complexity. So Mark worked with our team to come up with a model for scaling his drumming business online, and… — He’s already launched his first offer. (It made a profit in month 1!) — Those sales have given him confidence that his online model is working. — He can finally see a clear (and
21/03/202323 minutes
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[Case Study] Peaceful Growth as a Helping Biz

Our client Suzanne Burns is the Founder and Executive Director of Foundation House Ministries, a maternity home program for mothers in crisis. She’s incredibly passionate about what she does. But… She needed systems to overcome the “unsustainable structure” of the non-profit world. The Peaceful Profits System has helped Suzanne: — Provide housing for over 120 mothers in need. And support over 500 women through non-residential services. — Develop a trauma-informed approach she teaches to other ministries. This trauma training helps her business grow sustainably, without relying on exhausting fundraising methods. — And she’s taught skills she learned through Peaceful Profits to her team. So she can delegate and ensure everyone has energy to support this vital work. Learn more about Suzanne’s non-profit here: And the trauma training
16/03/202326 minutes 1 second
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[Case Study] A $30,000 Sale After 6 Weeks

When event planner Marsha Battee came to us, she had just done a full 180 turn from the coaching business she was running…towards the niche she felt she had much more passion for: Event Planning. She spent the first 6 weeks of the program crafting a brand-new, premium offer for her event business. At the end of those 6 weeks? …She’d made her first sale – for $30,000, paid in full! By working with the Peaceful Profits team, Marsha had been able to: Put together an incredibly valuable, $30,000 offer that she feels supremely confident in… Move away from the anxiety of approaching clients on social media…and instead market her business in a way that feels easy, natural, and peaceful to her… And overcome the imposter syndrome that often comes from a business pivot like hers… Now, Marsha is looking to continue selling her Premium offer – and using the cash that it generates to hire people that can do outrea
31/01/202321 minutes 53 seconds
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Signs Your Offer is Failing You

If you’re like 85-90% of the business owners I talk to… …scaling your current offer isn’t a good idea. Of course, we all want the benefits of scaling: - More income - More freedom - A more valuable business - The ability to help more people But. Scaling the wrong offer can result in negative outcomes instead: - More work - Slower growth - A business no one else can run but you - Attracting more of the wrong kind of client, etc. Luckily, there are several symptoms you can detect today… …to determine if scaling your existing offer will give you the business and life you really want. Listen to the latest episode of the Peaceful Profits podcast to find out. P.S. Want our help creating a new offer or fixing your current one so scaling will bring the outcomes you really want? Go to and book y
13/12/202235 minutes 5 seconds
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[Case Study] From <$5k/month to a $5K WEEK

When holistic health coach Amanda Diamond came to us, she was already doing great work helping women create supportive habits in their lives. But she wasn’t quite giving herself the support she needed inside her business yet. In working with our team, Amanda experienced a huge perspective shift that helped her get set up to grow faster. — She got more comfortable selling - and saw leads and sales go up. — She doubled her prices. And sold her first high-ticket offer the next day. — She broke through that $5k/month ceiling with a $5k week. And now? Amanda has a solid foundation to keep growing in a way that works for her. You can learn more about Amanda and her work here: How We Use Books to Get More Clients: How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Mont
08/12/202227 minutes 19 seconds
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A Formula for Hands-Off High-Ticket Sales

We recently helped Brandon simplify his client-getting by following the Peaceful Profits System and using a One Book Millions Method-style book to automate his marketing. Before he discovered Peaceful Profits and The One Book Millions Method, Brandon was getting clients for his coaching programs and offers through social posts and a lot of “hands-on” work. Now, Brandon’s ideal prospects purchase his book, read the book, and then reach out to him and ask to become a client. Take a listen and discover how a book has transformed Brandon’s client-getting. How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: Want My Team To Grow Your Business? Book A Chat Here: How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months:
02/12/202222 minutes 20 seconds
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I Stopped Making New Content, and Revenue Grew By 60%. Here’s How…

If you’ve ever run a coaching business or agency, you know that content creation alone (really just coming up with the ideas alone) can be a full-time job. Recently, I took a “break” and stopped making new content for 6 months. Listen to this episode to see what happened (positives AND negatives). How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: Want My Team To Grow Your Business? Book A Chat Here: How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months:
29/11/202220 minutes 29 seconds
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Why I Don’t Do Black Friday Sales

Have you ever thought about the true “cost” of a Black Friday sale? Or, really, any type of sale or promotion that you run in your business. Listen to this episode of The Peaceful Profits Podcast and discover what your business might be losing by running a flash sale or promotion (even if that promotion brings in huge numbers). How I Turn Short Books Into 7 Figures: Want My Team To Grow Your Business? Book A Chat Here: How We Built A $2.2 Million Business In 12 Months:
25/11/202218 minutes 1 second
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How Doing Less Can Help Your Business Scale

We recently helped one of our clients, Katie Bell, adjust her premium offer to increase conversion rates and scalability. Katie came to us with an online program that helps health and wellness practitioners grow their businesses. Her business was established. But growth had stagnated. Clients were no longer signing up for the program. We helped Katie optimize her core offer to increase conversion rates and attract more of her ideal clients. During the process, Katie actually got rid of some of the things inside the offer. Finding creative ways to help her clients without having to do all the work herself. The result? Katie can now better serve her clients while doing less work. And she’s back to scaling her business too. You can learn more about Katie at her website here: How We Use Books to Get More Clients: https://ww
22/11/202221 minutes 52 seconds
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The #1 Lie About Raising Prices

This is a popular lie that gets tossed around in marketing circles often. You’ll see this in courses, programs, in ads on Facebook or YouTube. It’s out there all the time because it’s such an easy “angle” to get your attention. But, it’s still a “lie.” Does that mean you shouldn’t do it? Take a listen to this new episode of the Peaceful Profits Podcast to discover the truth behind what almost everyone is telling you to do. P.S. Want help raising your prices and getting more of your dream clients into your business? Go to and let’s chat. We have multiple options to help you bring more clients into your business with more consistency and less work.
16/11/202213 minutes 35 seconds
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Using “Mini-Movies” to Change the World

We recently helped one of our clients, Dan, grow his membership program and launch his book. Using insights from the Peaceful Profits Program and coaches, he grew his membership from just 50 people to over 6,000 members. Now, he’s launching his book, Mini Movies To Millions. Take a listen and discover what he’s learned along the way. If you’re interested in Dan’s work, check out his book, Mini Movies to Millions, right here: P.S. If you’re ready to grow a following, create a movement, and make an impact in a sustainable and peaceful way, go to and let’s chat. We have multiple options to help you reach more people with your message and grow your business.
09/11/202223 minutes 13 seconds
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Renee the Equestrian Coach - Raised Her Prices and Earned 85k with One Email

A good offer is worth its weight in (online) gold. All the best copywriting and top-notch sales tactics in the world pale in comparison to a compelling offer. It’s your biggest asset in moving the needle towards better clients and sales conversions. Our client, Renee Tucker (DVM), improved the quality of her online offer and launched her business into a new chapter (and 85k in revenue) with just one simple email.&nbsp; Check out Renee at
24/10/202218 minutes 14 seconds
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How an Etsy Illustrator Had Her Best Day of Sales Ever

Live vs. Evergreen? Kajabi vs. Clickfunnels? Use a book vs. a webinar vs. a course?&nbsp; Building a business is filled with so many decisions of “this or that?” with everyone telling you they’ve found the right answer.&nbsp; Our client, Mhairi Morris, Scottish illustrator and creator of The Etsy Accelerator, will share how she came to find the answers that led to her largest sales day to date.&nbsp; P.S. Want to build a premium offer that actually changes lives? Go to and let’s chat. Check our Mhairi Morris: and
17/10/202214 minutes 56 seconds
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This Entrepreneur’s 4hr/Month Business

There is a genuine promise of “less work, more money” - without sleaze and slime.&nbsp; It involves 3 simple elements: a high value offer, a reliable system for delivering that offer, and a strong audience/offer fit.&nbsp; Take it from my client, Bjorgvin Benediktsson, who worked 4 hrs/month during the summer while on holiday and made 25k in one week (without running a single paid ad).&nbsp; Check out Bjorgvin Benediktsson: P.S. If you want to work less and earn more, let’s chat.&nbsp; We have a streamlined system to add these 3 elements into your business.
10/10/202221 minutes 34 seconds
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How to Master the Mental Game of Growing a Business

Business growth is a mental game. Sure. You’ve got ads, assets, and testing to facilitate growth… But your ultimate success relies on internal grit and wisdom. That’s why we brought on Kelle Sparta, Spirit Doctor and High Performance Coach, on the key to mastering your inner world while growing a profitable business. If you’re unsure when to pivot or push through, this episode is for you. P.S. If you want more dream clients than you can handle, go to and let’s chat. I have multiple options for how my team can help you set up filtered automation in your business.
03/10/202231 minutes 22 seconds
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Our Client Ros Successfully Sold A New Coaching Offer To A Brand New Audience In Less Than 2 Weeks Using This Method

Know the difference between failure and feedback. If your offer isn’t selling, don’t get caught in the constant cycle of readjusting without traction. Our client, Ros Place, a Guardian Angel Communicator, shares her simple pivoting process that broke the code on radio silent sales and profitably launched her business into its next chapter. Check out Ros at: P.S. If you want an irresistible offer that sells in your sleep, go to and let’s chat.
26/09/202234 minutes 56 seconds
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Randy Makes Hands-off, Consistent Sales

How do you get your business to grow without you? Randy used a book. In this episode, discover how our client, Randy Pryor, was able to start making hands-off sales, double his program fee overnight, and start bringing in highly qualified buyers for his Premium offers thanks to the launch of his book funnel. Randy is a relationship expert who helps separated husbands to overcome the pain after divorce, and find reconciliation for the next chapter of their lives. Get more info about Randy at and
15/09/202218 minutes 56 seconds
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The Easiest Selling System I Know

Here’s how I sell 2x my competitors with 10x less headache. It’s a little lesson I learned from working with and watching clients doing $20,000,000+ a year.
17/05/202243 minutes 9 seconds
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How To Work Yourself Out Of Your Business

In today’s episode I show you a simple exercise you can do to work yourself out of the day-to-day of your business so you can stay in your zone of genius and let the business grow on its own.
10/05/202248 minutes 51 seconds
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How To Build An 8-Figure Sales Team

In today’s episode I want to show you what I’ve learned from building 3 x 8 figure sales teams in the past 15 years. I’ll show you: Who to hire What to look for Where to find them And how to prepare yourself and your business to support the kind of team that can pull these numbers
03/05/202235 minutes 17 seconds
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Why I Raise Prices 2x Per Year

I raise my prices at least 2x per year. Here’s why. Want to lock in current prices? Book a call here:
21/04/202214 minutes 14 seconds
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How To Close Sales Faster

Lots o’ training out there on how to: Fill calendars with leads that will close Close a high percentage of your sales Earn more per closed sale Etc. But there isn’t a lot of info on how to close sales FASTER. How do you get a lead to buy from you sooner? Can you really accelerate the lead to close time in today’s competitive market? Of course you can, you silly goose. All it takes is a little understanding of Sales Cycles, need vs. want, and changing the power dynamics of the selling environment.
19/04/202211 minutes 55 seconds
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How To Beat Inflation With Your Business

Headline from an article I read last week: “U.S. inflation surges to its highest one-year price hike in over 40 years” Want to know how to deal with (and beat) it? Today’s episode of the Peaceful Profits Podcast will show you how.
16/04/202217 minutes 29 seconds
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Cut Work Hours In Half With One Simple Exercise

About 6 years ago I stumbled upon this little diddy of an exercise: The EODD System. Since then, I’ve been able to fully exit the day-to-day of more than 4 different companies I’ve started. Hasn’t always been easy, but if you’re looking to reduce the amount of hours you put into your business I’d recommend trying this exercise out. Takes about 2 weeks, costs nothing, and doesn’t require hiring to make it work.
15/04/202214 minutes 15 seconds
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3 Ways To Attract Better Clients

The fastest way to make business easy is to work with people you like. Better, more sustainable energy… Easier to be productive… More positive feeling and vision for the future… Bigger results for your clients because they’re easy to get results for… Better testimonials, case studies, etc. which makes selling easier… Etc. and etc. The hard part is actually finding those dream clients. In today’s episode I’ll show you 3 ways to attract the kind of clients that make work fun.
12/04/202217 minutes 32 seconds
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3 Mistakes When Building A Sales Team

Over the years I have built a dozen or so sales teams for myself and my clients. I’ve learned 2 things: Most business owners are ready to hire sales people NOW but their business is still 6+ months away from being ready. Don’t hire until your business is ready even if that means you have to wait beyond when you think you are ready. Hiring and retaining good sales people is a result of a healthy business more than it is about a “hiring process” or “filtering talent”. Today’s episode is for anyone in that phase of building a sales team and the 3 mistakes to avoid. Without hesitation I can say that hiring and building sales teams for myself continues to be one of the lynchpins for creating freedom in my own companies. If your goal is freedom, you’re gonna have to learn how to hire for sales. This episode can help. P.S. If you’d like me to fill your sales team’s calendars with the best quality prospects in the industry, <
08/04/202223 minutes
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2x Any Business In 12 Months Or Less

Next week is my annual call for private consulting clients. In that offer, you’ll work directly with me to accomplish these 4 things in the next 12 months guaranteed: Double your revenue Double your margin 3 months of emergency cash reserves for the business Work 15 hours less per week Whether you and I get to work together or not, I wanted to share with you the exact process of how I’ve been doubling companies since 2012.
07/04/202223 minutes 49 seconds
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The “#1 Hack” To Improve Marketing Sales…

Want the “#1 hack” to significantly improve your marketing and selling? Here it is… Get really good results for your clients. If you can do that for your clients, it’ll have a huge domino effect on the effectiveness of your marketing and client acquisition… But unfortunately, this is what every business owner struggles with the most. (even the biggest and most successful gurus don’t always get good results for every client) That’s why today, I’m going to share the 4 reasons why your clients don’t get results so you can know how to better help your clients, and make your marketing and your business so much easier.
05/04/202231 minutes 17 seconds
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How To Sell A Bad Offer

In the perfect world, our offers are so compelling by themselves that we don’t even need sales and marketing. People see what we have for sale and come flocking in droves to fill our pockets with the green stuff. Unfortunately, that’s not the real world. Sometimes, we’re stuck with having to sell a bad offer. Maybe we’re selling it for a client. Maybe we don’t know how to make good offers. Maybe we’re just so stubborn about our offers we refuse to improve them so we have to figure out better ways of selling. Whatever the situation, if you’ve got a bad offer, here’s how to sell it. DISCLAIMER: It’s ALWAYS smarter/faster/more profitable to just make a bad offer better than trying to find sneaky ways to sell bad stuff. However, I’ve been doing this for 15+ years… I’m a realist. Sometimes you just gotta sell what you have. This episode will help you do that BUT promise me you’ll at least try and improve the offer you have. <p
01/04/202220 minutes 38 seconds
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9 Things I Tell My Kids About Business

There are 2 types of advice out there: The stuff you tell your clients and the public The stuff you tell the people you love in private Today, I want to share with you the advice I give to the people I love. Some of it might surprise you (like: I tell my kids NOT to start a business). Some of it might help put this business stuff into better perspective. Some of it might just confirm what you already knew. All of it is advice I give my kids as an entrepreneurial father.
29/03/202230 minutes 37 seconds
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How To Get Clients Today (If You Have an Audience)

If you’ve got an existing audience, here’s a quick little client-getter we’ve been using with clients that brings in qualified prospects quick. This is ultra-simple which is why it works. No funnels. No paid traffic. Just a straightforward application of a “call-and-response” &nbsp;strategy that works. P.S. If you don’t have a big enough audience to pull that ^^^ strategy off, read this. It’s the fastest and least expensive way I know to scale audiences quickly.
25/03/202213 minutes 24 seconds
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5 Books Every Business Owner Should Read

There are 5 books every entrepreneur needs to read if they want to make their business as simple and as profitable as possible. While they aren’t necessarily the best books I’ve ever read or my personal favorites… They have a ton of valuable lessons that’ve helped my business grow. And I bet if you haven’t read these books you’re more than likely missing core principles to become successful as an entrepreneur. I reveal all 5 books and the key takeaways in my new podcast episode below.
22/03/202221 minutes 52 seconds
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How To Fix Broken Nurture Content

Here’s an easy question to ask yourself to see if your nurture content in your business is broken: Do you get zero booked calls or product sales whenever you send out your content to your audience? If you answered yes, then you have broken nurture content. In my newest podcast episode, I reveal 6 reasons why your nurture content isn’t performing and how you can easily fix it. So that every time you send nurture content to your audience, they’ll always book a call or purchase your products.
18/03/202225 minutes 1 second
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The Easiest Way To Become #1 In Your Niche

Want to know how I’m able to help my clients become #1 in their niche? And as a result, receive benefits like: Elastic pricing… (AKA: very little price resistance on sales calls) Strong organic marketing and sales systems… Inexhaustible audiences… (Meaning, you can have fewer offers and relaunch them time and time again without degrading KPIs) And authority figure status… I reveal the unknown truth about becoming #1 in any niche and how you can achieve it in my new podcast episode. Here’s a little hint: Becoming #1 in your niche has nothing to do with your marketing, your team or your product…
15/03/20228 minutes 57 seconds
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How To Sell Without Discounting

If you own a business, you’ve more than likely used discounts on your offers to get more sales. I mean that’s just marketing 101 right? But most people don’t realize that using discounts too often in their business brings a long list of negative side effects that’ll harm your sales… In my new podcast episode, I reveal a new strategy you can use to replace discounts in your business and avoid their negative side effects. While still enjoying the appeal of discounts and continuing to sell your offer in an evergreen fashion.
11/03/202218 minutes 59 seconds
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Simple Strategy For High Performance

You’ve probably heard before how the “less is more” philosophy is a good idea to follow in your business, but the reality is… It’s only partially right because… Most people pursue this philosophy in their business the wrong way. People think that following the “less is more” philosophy means they need to be doing fewer and fewer things in their business. But by doing so they end up doing less of the things that make their business profitable and make scaling harder than it has to be. That’s why I want to show you how you should view this ideology in a new light. So you can apply it in a way that gives your business growth, gives you peace of mind, and helps you build a business that’s worth running.
08/03/202221 minutes 45 seconds
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3 Easy Ways to Make Content That Sells

Struggling to create enough content for your business? If so then I don’t blame you, there’s a lot of junk information out there on how you should create content. But after 15 years of doing exactly that for both big-name businesses and beginners, I can say that most people overcomplicate it. It’s actually waaaay easier than most people think. In fact, I lay out 3 easy ways you can quickly start making content that sells today…
04/03/202226 minutes 2 seconds
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Is Your Business Prepared For The Worst?

The world continues to get serious… There’s a lot going on around us right now. And today I want to share with you how these events are going to unknowingly affect every single business out there very soon. (including yours) But I’ll also share how you can prepare your business for the worst and… How to overcome each of these problems based on the lessons I’ve learned from past historic times so your business can continue to grow and be profitable.
01/03/202242 minutes 16 seconds
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How To Make $10k Quick

Need a quick revenue injection? Here’s what I do for myself and clients when real life hits and you’re left with more month left at the end of the money.
08/02/202230 minutes 3 seconds
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Simple Plan to $100k/Month

Today, I’d like to show you a simple plan to reach $100k/month in your business. Simple. Not easy. Just simple. Big difference.
04/02/202238 minutes 47 seconds
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3 Ways To Double Revenue In 6 Months

In today’s episode I’d like to share 3 things that consistently work for me to double revenue regardless of niche, offer, or even business model. The upside: These are very simple to execute. The downside: They do take work and realistically it takes about 6 months before you see the revenue doubling take hold. P.S. If you’d like my help to double your business in the next 6 months, go to to book a call before all client slots are filled.
01/02/202240 minutes 7 seconds
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3 Ways To Sell More Without Selling

I hate short sighted sales tactics. I’m long game all the way. That’s why I prefer to sell without selling. It’s why my sales teams outperform most in my same industries by 2x or more. It’s key to selling the right things to the right people. And if you’re good at what you do, it’s the easiest sales “system” in the world. P.S. If you want more dream clients than you can handle, go to and let’s chat. I have multiple options for how my team can help you set up filtered automation in your business.
28/01/202231 minutes 4 seconds
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These Clients Will Ruin Your Business

You are only as good as your client allows you to be. If you want to grow you need to pick the right clients who will let you grow quickly and avoid being burdened by clients who slow you down. In this episode we’ll chat the 3 most common clients to avoid and how to avoid them. P.S. If you want more dream clients than you can handle, go to and let’s chat. I have multiple options for how my team can help you set up filtered automation in your business.
25/01/202232 minutes 43 seconds
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How To Fix Broken Profits

If your business has less than 58% pre-tax profit margin, this episode of the Peaceful Profits Show can help. P.S. If you’d like my help to get your business sorted financially, go to to book a call before all client slots are filled.
21/01/202223 minutes 54 seconds
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Your P&L Should Look Like This At 7 Figures

Ever wondered how much profit actually exists in a 7-figure business? In today’s episode I break down the realistic details of a properly functioning 7-figure online business. Use this as a metric to measure your business against and see if you’re on track or not. P.S. If you’d like my help to get your business more aligned with the numbers I outline in the podcast episode, go to to book a call before all client slots are filled.
19/01/202243 minutes 7 seconds
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These 2 KPIs Helped Make Me 9 Figures in Sales

In today’s episode of the podcast I share 2 numbers that I track in my business which are responsible for more than 9 figures in sales over my career. No shiny schmooroo tricks here, just simple business fundamentals you can implement today. P.S. If you’re planning on growing your business in 2022 and want some help launching a book with a book funnel, go to to book a call before all client slots are filled.
14/01/202241 minutes 4 seconds
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New Book One Year Later

In the very beginning of 2021 I launched a new book funnel for a brand new business. 12 months later here’s the results (plus 7 things I learned along the way).
10/01/202249 minutes 19 seconds
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The Difference 0.2% Makes

Wanna know how to scale your business fast? It’s not about marketing, sales, or the financials. This 0.2% rule is central to how I think about growth for myself and my clients. For help with your business go to:
29/10/202115 minutes 29 seconds
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A Simple Exercise For 20 to 1 Returns

In this podcast episode I’ll be breaking down a simple exercise you can do today to get a 20 to 1 return no matter your current revenue levels. For help with your business go to:
27/10/202124 minutes 33 seconds
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Long Term vs. Short Term Marketing

In this episode you’ll learn how to 7x your marketing return without actually doing more marketing, how to balance the need for “sales now” vs “profits later”, how to fix profit/margin issues through marketing, and more. If you’d like help growing your business, book a call with us today:
18/10/202137 minutes 35 seconds
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3 Steps to Irresistible Offers

Wanna know how to create an offer nobody can resist? Here’s the first 3 steps.&nbsp; If you’d like the rest, or want my team to help you create offers for your business, shoot me an email and let’s chat: [email protected]
19/07/202126 minutes 33 seconds
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Biggest Waste of Money in Business

Eradicate these 2 massive expenses from your business and experience record growth with healthy margins.&nbsp; Want us to do it for you? Book a call:
17/07/202125 minutes 55 seconds
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5 To 1 Rule

If you don’t have a tool for making consistent decisions you’ll never have consistent growth.&nbsp; Here’s what I’ve stumbled across that has helped me tremendously over the years.
14/07/202120 minutes 9 seconds
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Myths of High Ticket

High ticket, in the digital marketing space, has myths and misconceptions. Discover in this episode where it should fit in your business as a strategy to scale and at what stage would you need one. Want our help? Book a call:
12/07/202140 minutes 8 seconds
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State Of The Union 2021 (Part 2)

A continuation of Sunday's episode, learn the special precautions and strategic decisions business owners in the help industry need to make to weather coming challenges.&nbsp; Want our help? Book a chat here:
14/06/202144 minutes 19 seconds
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State Of The Union 2021 (Part 1)

What’s the best way to survive (and thrive) the next 6 - 12 months? Mike Shreeve answers these questions in today’s podcast episode. Want to work with our team? Book a call here:
13/06/202140 minutes 57 seconds
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Knowing When To Hire

Mike Shreeve has been hiring, firing, and growing teams for the last 14 years.&nbsp; Here’s how to know if you’re ready to start firing yourself from the day-to-day, and how to get ready if you aren’t.&nbsp; Want to work with our team? Book a call here:
12/06/202123 minutes 30 seconds
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3 Unusual Symptoms Of A Bad Offer

Mike Shreeve doles out the 3 symptoms of a broken offer and how to fix them.&nbsp; Get our comprehensive implementation guide here&gt;&gt;
07/06/202135 minutes 38 seconds
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Case Study: New Book Funnel Month 1 Results

How we built a profitable book funnel, complete with Mike Shreeve's signature transparency.&nbsp; It all starts here:
16/02/202124 minutes 53 seconds