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English, Children Stories, 6 seasons, 110 episodes, 1 day, 1 hour, 8 minutes
Short stories that help children calm down and relax by guiding them through visualisation and breathing exercises. Perfect for parents or teachers who want to teach mindfulness and self-regulation.
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Peace Out Presents: Big Bad Goes Back To School: Overcoming New School Year Anxiety

I'm excited to share an episode from one of my podcast friends, Dorktales Storytime Podcast! This is the perfect story right now because it's all about going back to school and the worries that might come up during this time.  Enjoy and keep your ears open for a familiar voice! :)  BIG BAD GOES BACK TO SCHOOL Dorktales Podcast: Episode 74 Big Bad Goes Back To School Overcoming New School Year Anxiety A new school year has begun, and Big Bad Wolf is experiencing back-to-school jitters. He’s worried his wolf classmates will continue to make fun of him over his embarrassing incident during last year’s howl-at-the-moon final exam. Enter his Folktale Forest friends, including Serena the Capybara. They talk him through his new class nerves and guide him back to his calm, cool and collected canine self—sending him off with the confidence he needs to become a Master Howler! PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: As back-to-school season approaches, it’s not uncommon for young minds to be filled with a mixture of excitement and anxiety. In Big Bad goes Back to School, these worries take center stage, only to be met with empathy and understanding. The lessons that emerge from this story provide comfort, encouragement, and tools for navigating the overwhelming feelings that can happen when a new school year begins. The episode includes two guided mindfulness exercises. Read more about the 5 social-emotional lessons kids will take away after listening to the episode. If you liked this story with Big Bad and Serena the caring capybara, you may also enjoy episode 49, Big Bad’s Big Feelings, where you’ll discover more mindfulness exercises to help kids self-regulate their anxious feelings. Podcast Episode Credits Narration, Voice Over and Podcast Host: Jonathan Cormur Scriptwriter: Amy Thompson Script Editor and Show Producer: Molly Murphy Sound Production, Audio Editing and Mastering: Jermaine Hamilton Podcast Episode Illustration: Arthur Lin Title Design and Layout: Jeri DeMartini Special Guest Storyteller Our caring capybara, Serena, is performed by Chanel Tsang, host of Peace Out Podcast, mindfulness stories for kids. Chanel is a Montessori educator, family supports practitioner, and yoga and mindfulness meditation guide. Her book, Peace Out: Calm Down Workbook for Kids has more than 40 creative mindfulness practices and gentle yoga exercises to help kids understand and express their feelings
9/7/202319 minutes, 43 seconds
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Calm Down Workbook for Kids by Chanel Tsang

[Season Finale coming soon. Winners of the Red Panda Ranger Challenge are posted now on!] I wrote a book! Peace Out: Calm Down Workbook for Kids is available now! The book includes 40 small sections, with each section including a two page story designed to help kids calm down, relax and think creatively about various interesting subjects, followed by a yoga relaxation exercise and a mindful "moment" to help them manage their thoughts and emotions. Just in time for back-to-school, and a fun addition to your bedtime (or anytime!) routine.  You can buy the Calm Down Workbook for Kids at: Barnes & Noble  Indigo  Amazon  BAM! Get updates on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as our Peace Out Podcast Mailing List.      Peace Out Podcast Producer, Writer, Host                                            Chanel Tsang Sound Editing                                                           Noah Glenn at Perpetual Motion   Music credit: “Odyssey” Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License "Easy Lemon" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License Questions? Please e-mail [email protected]
8/16/20239 minutes, 16 seconds
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Peace Out Presents: The Ten News

We're taking a little break, but don't worry, I'm sharing an episode from one of my podcast friends! But first... RED PANDA PLUSH TOY PRIZE DRAW DEADLINE EXTENDED! Yes, you can still enter our lucky draw for a red panda plush toy from our collaborator the Red Panda Network until August 10th! Go to our entry form here for all the details.  Don't delay because you'll need to complete the Red Panda Ranger Challenge and there are 5 to do.  And now, to today's guest episode... Presenting The Ten News: Movies & More: 'The Little Mermaid', 'The Super Mario Bros', & 'Hailey's On It!' 🎥 🧜‍♀️ What we're watching at The Ten News: Disney's, 'The Little Mermaid' and Ten'er Mia gives her review 🎥 Ten'er Vincent shares his pros and cons of the Super Mario Bros movie 🎙️ Actor, Gary Anthony Williams, of Disney's, 'Hailey's On It!' shares a sneak preview of the new show 🐙 Trivia with Tessa: Do you know how many tentacles Ursula the sea witch has? About The Ten News 🗞️ The Ten News podcast explores topics that kids care about most including events, sports, science, gaming, pop culture, entertainment, and more! 🌎 It’s a great way for you and your family to stay connected with what’s going on in the world. 🤩 The Ten News also features some pretty awesome guests; LEGO Masters Judge Amy Corbett, America’s top doctor Dr. Anthony Fauci, Sarah Natochenny, the voice of Ash Ketchum for Pokemon fans, and many more. 🤔 Our episodes are all about staying kind, cool, and curious. 🎧 We hope you enjoy listening to The Ten News! 👋 Say hi at [email protected] Instagram -
7/25/202318 minutes
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Peace Out Presents: Kids Listen Summer Sampler 2023

IReady to find your new favourite podcasts? It's Summer Sampler time! Peace Out is a proud member of Kids Listen, a non-profit organization advocating for great children's podcasts. Beacause summer is a great time to try out new things, I thought you might enjoy trying out a selection of different Kids Listen member podcasts. This epsiod features small tastes of shows to pique your curiosity, stretch your imagination, tickle your funny bone, and help you find your calm.  Learn more about Kids Listen at   Girl Tales: Book Club for Kids: Like You: Power Dog Adventures: Unspookable: Stoopkid Stories: Peace Out: What If World: Dorktales Storytime Podcast: Fina Mendoza Mysteries:   Kids Listen audio transitions by Dan Saks of KL Summer Sampler 2023 produced by Lynn Hickernell of   Thank you, Dan and Lynn! 
6/18/202347 minutes, 55 seconds
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Presenting Dorktales Storytime: Big Bad's Big Feelings

I'm excited to share "Big Bad's Big Feelings" from Dorktales Storytime Podcast. I love their fun and funny take on fairytales and their original characters and stories too. Check out their other stories in the links below!  Thank you to the whole DT team with special thanks to Jodi, Jonathan, Molly, and Amy for being so welcoming and kind. Some Peace Out updates and news in the intro. You can also keep in touch by subscribing to our mailing list.  Hope you enjoy this story as much as I enjoyed being part of it!  Peace out and peace within, Chanel  From the Dorktales Storytime Podcast show notes: Annoyed and anxious and angry, oh my! Looks like our friends from the Folktale Forest are on an emotional roller coaster, especially the Big Bad Wolf. He's so upset, he just wants to howl at the moon! Luckily, they encounter a caring capybara who patiently helps them sort through their big feelings and calm themselves down. Join Jonathan, Redge, and Big Bad as they learn how to understand one another, and huff and puff their stress away.  PARENTS, TEACHERS AND HOMESCHOOLERS: Recognizing overwhelming feelings is one of the first steps towards feeling better and managing stress. This is an original story that helps kids learn how to self-regulate. It covers many coping strategies and ends with a mindfulness exercise that will help young people move through their anxious feelings. We have a special grownup companion guide for this episode, “Are You Feeling Big Feelings?” It’s FREE when you sign up for our community mailing list:  Go to the episode webpage:   Visit the Dorktales Storytime Podcast website: SPECIAL THANKS: Our caring capybara, Serena, is performed by Chanel Tsang, host of Peace Out Podcast, mindfulness stories for kids. Chanel is a Montessori educator, family supports practitioner, and yoga and mindfulness meditation guide. She created the Peace Out Podcast as a resource for parents and educators to promote social-emotional skills and introduce yoga and mindfulness to children:  CONTACT MR. REDGE HOTLINE Grownups, have your kids contact us for a chance to appear in a future podcast Episode: FOLLOW US: If our storytelling brings you some joy…and a few laughs, please follow us in your preferred podcast app so future episodes will automatically show up in your podcast library. We’d be so grateful if you helped us grow, by letting others know about our geeky tales too. Now, go be the hero of your own story and we’ll see you next once-upon-a-time! KIDS LISTEN MEMBERS: advocates for quality podcasts for kids: WE LOVE FEEDBACK:  CREDITS: This episode has been a Jonincharacter production. Today’s story was written by Amy Thompson and edited by Molly Murphy. Jonathan, Mr. Redge and the Big Bad Wolf were performed by Jonathan Cormur. Special thanks to Chanel Tsang from Peace Out Podcast who voiced Serena. Sound recording and production by Jermaine Hamilton at Hamilton Studios
6/16/202216 minutes, 47 seconds
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Guest Episode! Cool Facts About Animals

During our recent Ocean Adventure season, we talked about some very awesome and unique creatures and plants that live in the ocean. One thing that any animal lover (or anyone living on earth) needs to learn more about is how to stop plastic pollution. Plastic pollution not only hurts ocean life, but it hurts the whole earth. So I am sharing my podfriend Cool Facts About Animals, a podcast by kids for kids! This is their episode called “How Kids Can Stop Plastic Pollution.” I love how the kids talk to experts about everyday ways we can help! Since Peace Out is in between seasons right now, for updates follow us on social media, subscribe to the podcast on your app, and join our mailing list too  Subscribe to Cool Facts About Animals for more fun episodes about animals! From their original episode description: In this episode, we learn about how much plastic is in the ocean, why that’s a problem for animals, how it all got there, and, most importantly, how you can help.   We talked to so many experts to make this episode. Thank you to: Senator Jeff Merkley Dr. Jenna Jambeck, University of Georgia Christopher Joyce, NPR Rachel Giles, Chelsea Rochman’s lab Shaye DiPasquale, Terracycle David Clark, Amcor   We have a lot of show notes on this one:   Want to do a waste audit? Here’s the link to the waste audit Rachel mentioned:   Here’s a link to Terracycle’s website, where you can figure out what to collect and recycle:   Learn more about Senator Merkley’s Break Free from Plastic Act:   Don’t know whether it’s recyclable? Check out:   And be sure to download the Marine Debris Tracker app:   Please let us know what steps you’re taking to battle plastic pollution and we can share our progress together! Send us an email at [email protected] or tweet us at @coolanimalspod   Spread the word about this episode! The more kids helping, the more of a difference we can make.  
4/18/202243 minutes, 53 seconds
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Guest Episode! Stoopkid Stories

Today I am sharing an episode from the awesome Stoopkid Stories Podcast. It’s called Black History 365 and is a great introduction to why it’s so important that we learn about Black history and culture all year round, recognizing the amazing things that Black people have accomplished and the great and important things they're doing today! Did you know that listeners love Stoopkid Stories so much that it’s been turned into a live musical? Check out her newly update website for more info on the podcast and musical, and subscribe to Stoopkid Stories on Apple Podcasts or your favourite podcast app!   For news and updates on Peace Out, please subscribe to our mailing list. Peace out and peace within, Chanel 
2/14/202217 minutes, 4 seconds