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English, Freeform-Eclectic, 1 season, 61 episodes, 4 days, 4 hours
Pattern Recognition is a novel by William Gibson. Pattern Recognition is a song by Sonic Youth. Pattern Recognition was a radio show that I did at WSUM in Madison, Wisconsin, 2009-2015. Pattern Recognition is an internet-radio-show-podcast-type-thing that I do now on . I don't understand how a heart is a spade But somehow the vital connection is made. If you have questions or feedback, hit me up. Email: djwikiben at gmail dot com
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PR308 - Night Owls

Music this week from Justice, Logic1000, Cadence Weapon, Tom Vek, English Teacher, Gustaf, Ibibio Sound Machine, Francis of Delirium, Corridor, Blushing, Mary Timony, Salt Cathedral, Dehd,…
5/14/20242 hours
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PR307 - Meow Bitch

Music this week from: Ibibio Sound Machine (!!!), Nia Archives, Mary Timony, Tom Vek, Bodega, Salt Cathedral, Ducks Ltd., Corridor, Justice, Radiant Baby, English Teacher, IDLES,…
5/7/20242 hours
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PR306 - Mojo

Music this week from Nia Archives, Gustaf, Salt Cathedral, Boeckner, Chastity Belt, gglum, Logic1000, Cadence Weapon, Erick the Architect, Mount Kimbie, English Teacher, Bodega, A Certain…
4/23/20242 hours
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PR305 - Ms. Pac Man

Music this week from Logic1000, Mount Kimbie, Torrey, Chastity Belt, Mary Timony, Beockner, Ride, Sinkane, gglum, Gustaf, Salt Cathedral, Chicano Batman, Waxahatchee, English Teacher, Bodega, and…
4/16/20242 hours
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PR304 - Keep Out

New music this week from Shabazz Palaces, Erick The Architect, gglum, Torrey, Chastity Belt, Salt Cathedral, Julia Holter, Sinkane, Logic1000, Francis of Delirium, Gustaf, Chicano Batman,…
4/9/20242 hours
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PR303 - Board Shop

Music this week from gglum, Torrey, Mannequin Pussy, Chastity Belt, Real Estate, Ducks Ltd., Julia Holter, STRFKR, Boeckner, Gen and the Degenerates, Sheer Mag, Meatbodies, Shabazz…
4/2/20242 hours
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3/19/20242 hours
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PR301 - Burro

3/5/20242 hours
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PR300 - Golden Hour

Music this week from: Omni, Bodega, Parquet Courts, Blonde Redhead, Ducks Ltd., Wishy, David Holmes & Raven Violet, DJ Shadow, Torres, Ty Segall, A Certain Ratio,…
2/20/20242 hours
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2/6/20242 hours
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1/30/20242 hours
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1/23/20242 hours
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1/16/20242 hours
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PR295 - Time For A Break

1/2/20242 hours
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PR294 - Pretty Good Year

Some of my favorites from 2023, including: Slowdive, Nabihah Iqbal, Dawn Richard, Debby Friday, Yves Tumor, Genesis Owusu, NNAMDI, bar italia, feeble little horse, Indigo De…
12/19/20232 hours
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PR293 - Los Angeles

Songs in the first hour about the city of angels. Music from Lol Tolhurst x Budgie x Jacknife Lee (feat. James Murphy), Frank Black, X, Bad…
12/12/20232 hours
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PR292 - The Architect Epoch

Lots of hip-hop this week. Starting the show with new music from Dawn Richard, Jujulipps, H31R, Aesop Rock, and Atmosphere. Even more hip hop from Kool…
12/5/20232 hours
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PR291 - Midnight Maurauders at 30

We are celebrating 30 years of Midnight Maurauders by A Tribe Called Quest this week. We'll pepper some tracks throughout the show.
11/28/20232 hours
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PR290 - Rhymes With Pavement

11/14/20232 hours
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PR289 - Spooky, Scary

10/31/20232 hours
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PR288 - Speakerboxx

New music this week from Polo & Pan, Leisure, Blonde Redhead, Vanishing Twin, Mirror Tree, Night Hikes, Slow Pulp, Cherry Glazer, Chai, Jeff Rosenstock, Sufjan Stevens,…
10/24/20232 hours
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PR267 - Tell Your Mom

10/17/20232 hours
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PR286 - Big Beat

Kicking off the show with some late 90s big beat: Chemical Bros, Prodigy, and Fatboy Slim. Live music preview of concerts this week from Slowdive, The…
10/10/20232 hours
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PR285 - The Name of This Broadcast is Talking Heads

I saw Stop Making Sense a couple of times last week. I had never seen it before and I cried tears of joy more than once.
10/3/20232 hours
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PR284 - Stawp

9/26/20232 hours
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PR283 - It's Like That

Starting off the show with a stone-cold classic from RUN DMC (remixed by Jason Nevins). New music this week from Mercury Prize 2023 winners Ezra Collective…
9/19/20232 hours
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PR282 - True Love Will Find You In The End

Found this version of "True Love Will Find You In The End" by Daniel Johnston featuring Lucius, Ben Lee, Mike Watt, and a bunch of other…
9/12/20232 hours
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PR281 - Stop Collaborate Listen

Starting the show with a series of collaborations. A friend turned me on to the Shygirl remix album Nymph_o. Woe (I See It From Your Side)…
9/5/20232 hours
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PR280 - Mark It Zero, Dude

New music this week from Osees, Aphex Twin, Jessy Lanza, M.A.G.S., Jungle, Disclosure, Georgia. Britpop from The Stone Roses, Blur, and Pulp. Post-Punk/weirdness from Bar Italia,…
8/29/20232 hours
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PR279 - GATS

OMG Y'ALL, BOSSANOVA BY PIXIES JUST TURNED 33. That means I'll have to play at least one song. And while we're at it, let's do a…
8/15/20232 hours
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PR278 - Do Not Slay

Music this week from: Aphex Twin, Golden Features, French 79, BAMBII, Disclosure, Odesza & Yellow House, Georgia, Girl Ray, Snooper, M.A.G.S., Charm School, Palehound, Vanishing Twin,…
8/8/20232 hours
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PR277 - Gentleman

Music this week from Beach House, Disclosure, Odesza & Yellow House, Name Sayers, Blondshell, Palehound, Geese, Snooper, Blues Lawyer, Mandy Indiana, Jenny Lewis, Grouplove, De Lux,…
7/25/20232 hours
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PR276 - Purple Dolphin

Music this week from Palehound, Dream Wife, Girl and Girl, Feeble Little Horse, Protomartyr, Yves Tumor, Arlo Parks, Killer Mike, Little Simz, A Tribe Called Quest,…
7/18/20232 hours
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PR275 - Boo

New music this week from Kelela, Blondshell, Nabihah Iqbal, Smokey Brights, Arlo Parks, Feist, Grouplove, Bully, Indigo De Souza, Feeble Little Horse, Geese, Spirit Award, Yves…
7/11/20232 hours
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PR274 - Rooster

Music this week from Protomartyr, Spirit Award, Dream Wife, WITCH, Squid, Girl and Girl, Indigo De Souza, Feeble Little Horse, Temples, Bully, Alex Lahey, A Certain…
6/27/20232 hours
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PR273 - Blue Dragon Mural

Music this week from Protomartyr Squid, RVG, Girl and Girl, Dream Wife, Spirit Award, Bully, WITCH, Arlo Parks, Salami Rose Joe Louis, Mega Bog, Killer Mike,…
6/20/20232 hours
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6/6/20232 hours
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5/30/20232 hours
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5/23/20232 hours
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5/16/20232 hours
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4/25/20232 hours
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4/4/20232 hours
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3/21/20232 hours
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Music this week from Death Valley Girls, Shame, Quasi, Miss Grit, Django Django, Steve Mason, Clinic, Superorganism, Automatic, Ruth Radelet, Odesza, Tanukichan, Blues Lawyer, Bodega, Stars,…
3/7/20232 hours
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Music this week from Little Simz, Sampa the Great, Danger Mouse & Black Thought, Daniel Avery, The Range, Kelela, Young Fathers, Pink Mountaintops, The Go! Team,…
2/28/20232 hours
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Music this week from Th Mountain Goats, Porridge Radio, Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Confidence Man, Hot Chip, Bass Drum of Death, Blues Lawyer, Quasi, Django Django, Sonic…
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Music this week from Working Men's Club, Editors, Bass Drom of Death, Hot chip, Young Fathers, Sudan Archives, Little Simz, Film School, Preoccupations, Ladytron, Sofi Tukker,…
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Music this week from STR4TA, TSHA, De Lux, Bass Drum of Death, White Reaper, Momma, Blood Orange, Warpaint, Sampa the Great, Little Simz, TVAM, Weyes Blood,…
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PR259 - White and Black Keys

Music this week from Sampa The Great, Little Simz, SAULT, Bibio, TSHA, STR4TA, Sunflower Bean, Sleigh Bells, Tobacco, TVAM, Billy Nomates, Sorry, Fontaines DC. Also, a…
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PR258 - Three Reefs Deep

Music this week from TVAM, TSHA, STR4TA, Actress, Sofi Tukker, Warpaint, Weyes Blood, Vigara Boys, Billy Nomates, Sorry, Kiwi Jr, Sampa The Great, Little Simz, SAULT,…
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PR257 - Found Art

More favorites from 2022 including Wild Pink, Working Men's Club, Hatchie, Alvvays, The Beths, Destroyer, Gold Panda, Wolfram ft. Desire, Yard Act, Teenage Sequence, TVAM, NNAMDI,…
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PR256 - Super Employees Only

Some of my favorites of 2022: Little Sims, Dangermouse & Black Thought, Bob Moses, Deserta, Bonobo, Daniel Avery, Aidan Noell (and Nancy Whang), Santigold, Shygirl, Sudan…
1/3/20232 hours
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PR255 - Holiday Bear

New music this week from Little Sims (sooo good), SAULT, Metric, Viagra Boys, Cheekface, Gold Panda, Daniel Avery, Mount Kimbie, NNAMDI, Shygirl, Sudan Archives, The Black…
12/27/20222 hours
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PR254 - Just Like Christmas

I haven't done a Christmas/Holiday show in a few years, so here we go. Lots of Indie Rock from Sufjan Stevens, The Magnetic Fields, Eux Autres,…
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PR253 - RIP

Shout out to some friends who supported during our off-air fundraiser in November. Max gets Denegey by Serengeti, Nate gets Satori in Denver by The…
12/13/20222 hours
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PR252 - Tom VVerlaine

Molly Rankin from Alvvays said they wrote a song called "Tom Verlaine" because Tom Verlaine wrote a song called "Always" I figured the two would sound…
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PR251 - Same As It Ever Was

Episode Artwork

PR250 - Red Leaf

New music from Blessed, Editors, Automatic, Daniel Avery & Kelly Lee Owens, Dry Cleaning, Wombo, Drugdealer, MorMor, SAULT, Mount Kimbe (feat. Slowthai & Danny Brown), a…
11/8/20222 hours
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PR249 - I Need A New Body

11/1/20222 hours
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PR248 - No One Sings Like You Anymore

Covers and Originals this week. Call and Response. Shad and Prince. Shad and The Breeders. Lou Reed and A Tribe Called Quest. Curtis Mayfield and The…